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Home from Bootcamp

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I was 18 and we had been fucking like rabbits. I had been home only 3 days since my return from MCRD (Marine Corps Recruit Depot San Diego). (AKA “Boot Camp.) My little girlfriend, the also 18-year-old “Katie,” had been more than accommodating. I was definitely enjoying my first gays of freedom after the hardest 13 weeks of my life. Plus, she didn’t mind at all my new body. I was now a 5’11” 165 lbs. Body of steel. Definitely worked off my baby fat.

This day, I came to get her, and I wanted to do something for Katie. I had some serious money in my bank for a kid…you don’t spend much in boot camp…so I took Katie to my local mall. Katie is cute. A little blonde at about 5 foot and 98 lbs. I really enjoyed all the fruits my little girlfriend had to give.

We walked all around the mall. Especially the sports stores, the novelty stores, all the usual. Finally, she wanted to go to a woman’s clothing store. Well, I already knew which one that would be. I won’t mention the name of it, but it was the one “Mrs. Tote” (as I’ll call her)…worked.

Marge Tote…I knew her since I was 12…she lived across the street. My mother knew her well…. a good friend of my mom. Used to come over, smoke and drink coffee and talk. Man, did she ever turn me on, as well! She always had these long nylon clad legs, summer skirts, raspy whisky voice, and a sexual innuendo just drifting about her. She made me so hot from a very young age. Her son graduated with me. Her husband…who I also knew well…a nice guy…actually my baseball coach in little league. They used to come over all the time. Marge Tote was every thing Katie wasn’t. About six foot tall, and dark haired. A reddish brown dye job…and dark brown eyes. She was at least, by now, about 50, and you could tell it…especially in the eyes and neck and hands. Somehow, although, her sexuality was always exuberant. Tall, and thin…no tits to speak of…she was always dressed hot. She had legs, baby, and she used them. Her emaciated looking body, although not really my type…to be honest, neither was Katie’s…I really prefer bigger women…especially tits wise, but Ill get to that later…Marge’s over heavy use of make up and that short, page boy type hair cut…wow! Did it turn me on or what? I masturbated to her vision many nights, although few of my peers would have agreed with me. She was my personal fantasy, and for a young teen, with my tastes, it definitely worked.

Back to the story. Off to Mrs. Tote’s store. I gave Katie $100.00.

“Baby, this is my gift for you. I want you to get anything you want.” Especially for 1979, this was a lot of money. But I had it, and I really wanted to do something for Katie. Mrs. Tote knew us. Everyone knew us. We had been boyfriend-girlfriend since 1976.

The minute we walked in to the store, Mrs. Tote saw us. “Paul!” (my aka for this story, ok?) “Paul!’ she repeated, ‘you’re home! Why didn’t you come over?!” She literally ran over and hugged and kissed me. I really did not mind. I hugged her this hard body against me. She was clad in a short one-piece red mini skirt with her black nylons and spike red heels. I mean, she was looking hot…too hot for a middle aged mom to look I thought!

She left her red lipstick on my cheek…. She was hugging me and jumping up and down. Meanwhile. My cock was swelling! Katie wasn’t thrilled, I could tell. Finally, she broke off.

“Hi Katie. How have you been, dear?” She said this while still hugging me, and by now, I’m fixing’ to burst out of my jeans! If she noticed, she didn’t stop squeezing me.

“I am fine. How are you, Mrs. Tote?”

“What are y’all doing’ here,’ Mrs. Tote said. ‘Y’all didn’t come just to see me?” Actually I did…but I tried to play cool….”Well, Katie has a hundred dollars, and I want her to get something nice!”

“Marla!”, Mrs. Tote yelled, “Come here please!”

A very nice looking, voluptuous blonde with dark eyes…(obvious giveaway to her dyed look)…approached us…Marla was a bit heavy, but I like that in a woman…how I keep scoring these skinny things, I don’t know.

“Yes, Margie?”

“Please help Miss…uh, I’m sorry, honey,’ Marge said, ‘please help this young lady, Katie, with some selections!”

“I’d love to. Come on, honey!” Off they went. Now Mrs. Tote and I were alone. She just kept up chitchat about both of our families, all the while keeping pretty close to me. Until…Marla escorted Katie to a dressing room. Marge whispered something in Marla’s ear. Marla seemed a bit taken aback.

“You got to be kidding!” Marla said. “Just cover us.” Marge shot back.

” Cover me. Come here, baby!” Marge took me by the hand, and led me to the opposite side of the store, from the dressing rooms. We went into a small room, with a stove…this is 1979…and table, some chairs, a radio and a couch. Marge shut the door and locked it. This wasn’t a big room. In fact, the walls were only about 8 feet tall in a 10-foot room. More like a big cubicle. No sounds were covered.

Marge walked up to me and put her arms around my neck, and whispered in my ear.

“Can you keep quiet, baby?”

My head WAS LITERALLY SWOONING. Can this be real? I couldn’t believe this, as Mrs. Tote licked my inner ear.

“Yes, ma’am.” Was all I could manage. “Good. I don’t want a divorce and I don’t want fuck you up, either. Understand?”

With that, Mrs. Tote placed a hard kiss on my lips. Her tongue went deep into my mouth. I pulled her close. Her arms went behind my neck and a hand pushed my head closer to hers

“I’ve wanted to fuck you along time. Looks like you’re legal now, baby!”

“I’ve dreamt of you for years!” I whispered in her ear.

She was already undoing my belt. In a moment they were off and Mrs. Tote dropped to her knees.

I am not the best looking guy ever. I am not bad, either. And, at the time, I wasn’t into weights. I was skinny and just out of boot camp. I was lean and hard though. But I had one thing going on. She found it. When my hard cock sprang free, all 10 inches shot out. It was my grace .Not really thick, but it is long.

“Damn, baby,’ Marge muttered, “Nice!”

With that, I watched her long dark red nails begin to rake my shaft. Then she cupped my balls, and her dark red lipstick mouth covered the head of my erection. She began to suck it long, slow and lovingly. I looked down. Seeing my friend’s mom…my mom’s friend…a woman more than twice my age…married…sucking my cock, was the ultimate turn on! I thrust forward…about then, I heard my name called out! It was Katie!

“Where is Paul?” she asked Marla.

“Oh, uh….’ Marla stuttered, “Ah, Mrs. Tote took him with her on her lunch break! You know…Paul said to get what ever you want…he will be right back!”

“Shit! I wanted to ask him about this… here…Ok, then, can I try that on too?”

“Sure, dear! Here…there you go!”

All the time, Mrs. Tote never took her eyes off mine as she sucked my cock. It was too much for me. As Katie was talking, and Mrs. Tote’s hot 50-year-old mouth was giving me the best blowjob I ever had, I shot a huge load into my buddy’s mom’s mouth. It was the biggest load I ever blew. She just kept swallowing and swallowing like it was nothing. She opened he mouth and gulped. She whispered, “All gone!” I wondered if she drank Mr. Tote the way she swallowed me. Katie was still talking something I could no longer hear as Mrs. Tote was squeezing the last drop from my balls. It was all I could do to keep quiet.

Katie was still chattering to Marla. Mrs. Tote looked me in the eye. Stood up. Flicked the spaghetti straps and suddenly…. except for the thigh high stockings and the red heels…. Mrs. Tote was standing before me totally nude. She sat on the couch. Spread her legs. Began to finger herself. I was regaining my hardness real fast. She motioned to me to draw near. “Watch me, baby.”

My eyes were glued to her crotch, as I watched her long red nails go in and out of her crotch. I pulled her left shoe off. Then reached up and removed her black stocking. I began to suck her red painted toes. Kissed her foot all over. The same for the other foot. All the rush was coming on. A woman I have known for years…my family respects…I am now sucking her toes, gazing at her shaved cunt…. which I want to fuck. But I must lick first.

Katie is out, talking very clearly to Marla by the time I have worked up to sucking Mrs. Tote’s clit…my fingers are deep in her pussy…one is up her ass…I flatten my tongue and drag it over, and over, and over her clit…she explodes in my mouth…. I suck it up…I swallow her cum…. I love knowing this married mom’s cum juice is down my throat…. my girlfriend is paying for her clothes…with my money…. and heads out to look for us as I penetrate Mrs. Tote…

“Oh, Baby…’, she says ‘Fuck me…C’mon baby…Fuck me!”

I did. Hard. I did not wait to penetrate. I slid right up her wet cunt with no problem. I slipped into her cervix area. Right up that top little spot…her long legs gripped my back.

I started talking.

“Like this, baby?”

“Oh, yeah?”

“Am I bigger than your husband?”

“Baby,’ she growled, ‘you’re huge! YES!”

“Are you going to call me tonight? With your husband and son in the next room? Are you going to be my married little slut?”

She exploded. She came. I mean I felt a gush all over my balls. I felt my cock expanding. Her pussy suddenly tightened, drawing me in…I exploded in her as well. I felt I would never stop cumming…I shot a huge load deep into her womb…we lip locked and kissed deeply.

We finally came out. Mrs. Tote did look a bit disheveled. Marla simply said, “You better come back tomorrow. It is my turn!”

I did. I fucked Marge and Marla the entire two weeks. Somehow, Katie still got some. I was pent up, I guess!

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