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The Stars Are Ours Tonight

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“Reception to Tom, over.”

The radio on his belt squawked softly, and his friend Gina’s voice beckoned to him from his reverie.

“This is Tom. Go ahead, Gina, over.”

“Tom, I have a guest request for an unusual repair, over.”

“What do I need to bring up, Gina? Over.”

“I don’t really know, Tom. Can you come to the front, please? Over.”

That was unusual for Gina; she’s a great communicator, so it must have been something “Personal” that the guest needed.

Working maintenance at a 4 star hotel usually brought a different class of guests, but not necessarily better ones. Rich people tended to be assholes, in his experience.

“I’ll be up in ten, Gina. Tom out.”

He normally would have gotten a clue about the problem from Gina, and could have gone by his little shop in the basement to gather some tools, but it looked like he was going into this blind. Tom walked into the desk area from behind and caught Gina’s attention. When she finished with her front desk guest, she came to the office where he was waiting and have him a hug and a soft kiss on the lips. They were ‘friends with benefits’, and it was a great relationship for them.

“Hey Tom, I have a guest in 1714 who is having an unusual problem. She’s here with a part-time caregiver, who has the next couple of days off to hike the Kalalau trail. The lady is an amputee, and apparently one of her hooks is broken. Would you mind helping her out if you can, Tom? She sounds pretty desperate. Please?” Gina looked up at him from her diminutive five foot viewpoint and pouted. Her Polynesian face was glorious, and her nicely augmented 28 D’s weren’t bad, either.

“I’m helpless when you do that, you know, sweetness?”

“I know. I also know some other things that I do that leave you helpless, but that’s for another day.”

“Now you’re just teasing me. I’ll get right over there, Gina. Have a great morning. By the way, how far over 80 is this guest?”

“She’s about 38, if I had to guess, and not bad looking, if you don’t count the hooks and stuff.” She blew him a kiss.

A cleverly placed clipboard prevented Gina seeing the erection that surged into being when she mentioned guest 1714’s status as an amputee. Tom had a thing for amputees, but it’s not something he’d share with many people.

Suddenly his day looked even brighter, and that’s hard to imagine for someone who’d retired at 36, with fee-simple property in Kauai, doing a job for fun. He strode off toward room 1714 with a light heart and a throbbing cock.

Unit 1, seventh floor, room 14 is an end condo in a time-share complex. It is a two bedroom unit with a couple of flat screen TV’s, a King bed and a very quiet woman. When Tom knocked, she said softly, “Come in, please, the door’s open.”

He pushed the door open and entered the kitchen. The guest was in the bedroom adjoining the kitchen/living room area, sitting on the bed in near darkness. Tom called out, “Hello, my name is Tom and I’m here to see if I can help you with your prosthetic devices if I can.”

“Thank you very much, Tom. Please forgive me if I don’t come out. I’m shy, and I’m not comfortable being seen without his arms, if that’s okay with you. The arms are on the coffee table near the window. Do you have experience with prosthetics?”

“Not specifically, Ma’am, but there’s not much I can’t fix. What seems to be the problem?”

“The terminal devices are both broken and I can’t open them. I guess you’d call them the hooks. One broke on the plane and the other one broke a few minutes ago. I can manage without one, but to be without both is nearly impossible. I’ve been told that the cables should last for years, but these are only about 18 months old; that’s how long I’ve had them anyway.”

A quick scan of the operating cables showed that they had not worn out. Aircraft grade stainless steel cable is really, really tough, and these had both been severed about two inches behind the hooks, just before they entered the cable sheaths that guide them. They appeared to have been cut nearly through with the type of pliers that are meant specifically to cut them, called ‘parrot beak’ cutters. This looked like sabotage to him, but he didn’t want to tell her that for fear of scaring her to death.

Tom was trying to decide what to tell her when she spoke up from the shadows. “It wouldn’t surprise me if my ex-fiancé had messed with them. This was supposed to be our honeymoon trip, but we called it off. I decided to come by myself along with my friend Melissa. Can you fix them, Tom?”

“That depends on whether I can round up some cable here on the island. If you are okay, I’m going to go to town and see if anyone is open who might have this stuff. Can I do anything for you before I go?”

“No, Tom, you go ahead, I’m just peachy here. I’ll be waiting for you.”

“I’ll be back whether or not I can find the cable. If I can’t find anything, I may be able to find a splice that I can use. How long are you here?”

“I have the room for two weeks from yesterday, why?”

“Well ma’am, it’s Hawaii, specifically Kauai, and we will probably have to order these parts from one of the prosthetic shops in Honolulu.”

“I understand. Thank you for your help. You’re a lifesaver.”

As he walked out to his pickup, Tom had the most amazing feeling that he somehow had heard this woman’s voice before. There was something going on, but he didn’t know what it was, at least not yet.

Back at the hotel, Cassandra Elliot knew exactly what ‘it’ was. As Tom Samuelson left the room, she sank to the edge of the bed, shaking like a leaf. As she sat in the dim light of her bedroom, she looked into the mirror on the wall and sighed. ‘Just when I thought nothing else could possibly go wrong’, she thought to herself.

In a few moments, the shaking had subsided, except for the typical random jerking of her arm stumps. It wasn’t so much the fact that her arms were mostly gone that embarrassed her in public; she actually much preferred not wearing her nearly useless prosthetic arms. What she found unsettling was the incessant twitching that she found so difficult to control. Her right stump was the worst of the two; only about four inches long, it had a mind of its own, twitching and flapping like a tiny wing nearly all the time. Mostly, it merely quivered and jumped a little, but sometimes she would look over and it would be apparently straining to reach the ceiling, and she had to mentally force it down. Her left stump was somewhat longer, retaining about two inches of forearm, just enough to make her prosthetic arm bend, but not enough to give it any real strength. It, too, seemed electrified and twitchy at times, sometimes becoming unusable for short periods of time.

Dangling out of the bottom of her shapeless Hawaiian dress were the remnants of her feet, both modified into Symes amputations. Her forefeet were gone completely, and her ankles were fused permanently, so that she walked on her heels. It was better than using prosthetics by a long shot, and after the initial healing, walking was relatively painless, although far from graceful. Unless she took tiny steps, she tended to stomp as the weight of her body transferred to her rigid heels. She missed wearing shoes, and she missed her shapely calves, made hard and sleek by years of rigorous exercise. Atrophy had withered her lower legs to the point where she could nearly encircle them with one hand from top to bottom. When she first began to attempt walking, it was not the amputations which gave her the most problem, but rather the balance issues due to the removal of most of her feet compounded with the jerking of her arm stumps.

With the passage of time comes practice and acceptance, and her balance was much improved now, although she still was unable to stand still for long, since her stilt-like legs needed to shuffle about to keep her upright. She’d actually taken an Aikido class for a while, which taught her to fall without hurting herself. It also helped her self-confidence a lot, and if it hadn’t been for her fiancé holding her back by insisting that she stay at home for a year, she wouldn’t feel as nervous as she felt at this moment.

As their last fight proved, he was both disgusted by her amputations and embarrassed to be seen with her. She had called off the wedding and thrown him out, and he had gone nicely which surprised her. She’d found out later that he had tried to cash in their tickets and cancel the hotel reservations, but had been unable to since they were in her name. Cass had no doubt that he had damaged her hooks, and couldn’t decide whether to be angry or just feel pity for him.

Right now she was feeling something, but it was for the man who’d just left her room to attempt to salvage her vacation. She’d recognized him immediately as the man she had loved from the time she’d known what love was. Tom and she had grown up on the same street, gone through school together, and been best friends their whole lives until she’d screwed it up when she was 19 and a freshman in the same college as Tom. She’d not only stood him up for an important social event; in a drunken moment, she’d mocked him in front of his friends and embarrassed him so badly that they’d never spoken again.

She’d been mortified when she’d realized what she had done, but by that time he’d dropped out of school and moved away. She’d actually hired a private investigator to try to locate him, but had finally resigned herself to the sad reality that she’d lost her best friend forever. She’d moved on eventually, but most days found her wondering about him, even after 15 years.

“I’m a freak of nature now,” Cass said out loud. “Even if I hadn’t broken his heart 15 years ago, why would he have anything to do with me now? He’s even more handsome than I remembered, and besides, I saw the ring. Of course he’d be married, he’s amazing. I’ve fucked myself again.” Even as the words left her lips, she thought, ‘Even fucking myself would be pretty good, I guess. These fucking stubs are too short to even do that.’ She looked down as she pawed at herself with her left stump. It missed the rigid bump of her left nipple by three inches, just making her pendulous breast mock her by swinging in a languid arc.

Tom was driving down highway 51 toward a marine supplier in Nawiliwili, and his mind was buzzing with disjointed thoughts, from the excitement of working with prosthetics, to the nagging voice in his head that was trying desperately to connect distant memories to the events of the last hour. “Peachy! She said ‘peachy’! Holy shit, it’s Cassy!” Tom yelled out loud, hurting his own ears a little in the cramped confines of his little Toyota pickup. He drove into a parking lot and turned around, the tires on the little truck squealing their protest as he flew out the driveway. It took him about ten minutes to return to the condo, and he stood bouncing in the elevator as it made its ponderous progress up the shaft.

Tom ran down the hallway and almost slid to a stop at the door. A crack of light showed that it was not closed. He burst into the empty kitchen just in time to see Cassandra starting to climb over the railing of the lanai. She was going to jump!

Before he’d had a chance to think it through, he bellowed “Cassandra Elizabeth Elliot! You get your ass back on this side of that railing right now!”

To his astonishment and relief, she did exactly that. By the time he reached her, Cassy was beginning to sag, her face a rictus of anguish. Tom took her in his arms and carried her back to the couch and sat, cradling her in his arms. The enormous, racking breath she’d taken as they crossed the room came out as a moaning sob, and she began to weep in earnest. Tom held her head to his chest and patted her, soothing with his hands and his voice as she wept. Her short stump quivered and jumped against his chest, and she clung to his arm with the other.

After perhaps 20 minutes, she calmed. Tom continued to cradle her in his arms, and soon she looked up and said, “I couldn’t even kill myself right. I was scared of what you’d say, but I was more scared to die, Tommy.”

He looked down at her, and the tears in his eyes began to fall onto her face. His voice was hoarse with emotion as he said, “The only way you’re going over that rail is if I go with you, Cassy. I just found you again. To lose you would surely kill me.”

“What chance do I have with you, Tommy? I broke your heart with stupidity, and I’m a monster.”

“NO!!” He roared. “You are NOT a monster, Cassandra!” He said fiercely. “You are damaged, through no fault of your own, but you will survive this, I guarantee it. It will be my pleasure to see to it that you are cared for and loved for the rest of your life.”

“But you’re married now, Tom!”

No, I’m not, Cass.”

“But, the ring…?”

He took a deep breath and appeared to try to compose himself. “I was married, Cassy, to a wonderful woman named Josie. The last time I cried was when I held her as she died from breast cancer 5 years ago. She was a wonderful friend and lover, and I miss her very much, but she could never be my very best friend. Only you can be that person. Whatever happened is past, and forgiven. I never stopped loving you. ”

Cassy’s eyes were impossibly wide, and she began to cry again. “You still love me?”

“Never stopped, silly girl; I believe I mentioned that.”

“But my hands, my feet? How could you still love me?”

Tom slid out from under Cassy and turned to kneel before her on the couch. He took her scarred feet in his hands and brought them to his mouth. He kissed the length of the scars on each foot, and then went over the tops and around the bottoms, bending her legs gently as she stared at him openmouthed. His hands went to her knees and caressed down the length of each withered calf, rubbing the soft skin against his face. Smoothly moving to sit beside her, he took her long stump and held it to his face, caressing himself with it, then kissed the tip and the scars lovingly. With only a little hesitation, Cassy leaned forward and offered her short stump to Tom. He leaned toward her and she stroked his face with the soft saggy tip where the bone didn’t quite reach the end.

“I’m sorry this, all of this, happened to you, Cass, but in a way, I’m also overjoyed because the fates used it to bring you to me when I needed you the most. I was finding less and less enjoyment in life, and I was seriously considering suicide myself. A part of me was injured that night so long ago, in fact I thought it was dead, but it seems to be back and very healthy right now. Maybe it’s naïve to believe that we can pick up where we left off, but I’m enough of an optimist to imagine that it can happen.”

“I guess I’m a believer too, then, Tommy, because I can’t see anything other than my handicaps standing between us, and for some wondrous reason, it seems that you don’t mind a defective girlfriend. So let’s take this as it comes and see what happens, okay? Your first test is coming up very shortly though, because I have to pee like a racehorse.”

“Ha! I haven’t heard that in years! Remember when we were kids, and we had the ‘pee for distance’ contest?”

“Of course I remember it. You cheated.”

“I did not! It was fair and square!”

“Was not! You had a six inch advantage!” Cassy smiled.

“Well, I guess I’m still gonna win, because I was only eight years old then. I have a bigger advantage now,” Tom said with a wink.

They both burst into laughter at that, although Cassy began to wonder how much of an advantage Tom actually had, and the thought made parts of her tingle that had not tingled in a long while.

“Have you had lunch yet, Cass?”

“Actually, I haven’t had breakfast yet, Tommy. I was just starting it when my cable broke. By the way, did you even have a chance to look for cable?”

“I’m sorry, Cass, I didn’t. I turned around and raced back here when I put two and two together. In fact the Kauai county sheriff is probably looking for the Wildman in the Toyota pickup as we speak. I can go after I fix you breakfast, though. Will you come with me?”

“Can I tell you something, Tommy? I really hate the damn hooks. I only got in the habit of wearing them to please others. They’re hot, heavy and they don’t really work very well. Would you mind if I took some time off from them?”

“As far as I’m concerned, we’ll throw them in the truck and forget you ever had them, Cass. I prefer skin to skin contact anytime.”

“You better watch talk like that, mister. I haven’t had skin to skin contact for a couple of years. You don’t want to start something neither of us can contain!”

Tom stood up and took Cass by the shoulders and helped her up. As her face came near his, he enveloped her in a kiss, which she eagerly returned. As they kissed, his hands found her arm stumps and caressed them both. Cass felt her large nipples jump to rigid attention, and for a moment, the old insecurity rose, and she fiercely pushed it away from her mind. Tom felt the grape sized bumps through his light shirt and looked down as he stepped back.

“Oh man, I don’t remember those, Cassy!”

“I had forgotten them myself until just a few minutes ago, Tommy. Could you help me use the bathroom now?”

“Sure thing, Cass. Lead the way,”

As she walked to the bathroom, Cassandra concentrated not on just walking, but on attempting to make her awkward gait more appealing. She allowed her hips to drop from side to side as she stepped forward, and for the first time, she also noticed how her hard heel-strikes made her breasts jiggle, and the rubbing of her nipples against the soft fabric of her dress made her pussy pulse. She smiled to herself, and wondered how Tom found the view from behind.

Tom found the view from behind to be entrancing, to say the least. As she walked, Cassy’s ass swung with a metronome- like rhythm that made his dick feel like exploding. He couldn’t decide what to look at the most, he ass, her stumps, or her unfettered boobs trying to escape from the dress.

When they reached the toilet, Cass turned to face him and said, “Please lift my dress up Tommy. Oh, I’ve waited a long time to say that,” She said with a crooked smile.

“And I’ve waited a long time to do it, sweetness,” he replied. Tom reached out and took up her dress near her knees and began to slide it up her thighs. Cass stared at them, transfixed and slightly amused to see that they were plainly shaking. When they cleared her hips, tom found himself staring at a truly beautiful smoothly shaven pussy. In the center of the view was a long, fat clit, its pink head protruding half an inch out of a fleshy sheath. Beneath it hung two large brown wrinkled labia, just beginning to unfold with the increased blood flow of passion. Cass sat and the unmistakable hissing of long held urine filled the room. They both had to laugh at the absurdity of the situation. When she indicated that she was done, Tom wiped her carefully, front to back, and resisted the urge to continue wiping for about a week.

Tom washed his hands after he lowered Cass’s dress, and giving her a soft kiss which threatened to become more. It was apparent that both of them wanted to prolong the lovemaking that they both felt was inevitable.

“Let’s go to breakfast, okay? I’ll buy and everything.”

“I’d like that, but can you help me change? This thing feels like a sack, and I’d like to look nice for you.”

“Point me to the closet, love, and we’ll get you presentable to the crew at the diner down the street.”

After looking through what Tom thought to himself was an exorbitant number of outfits, Cassy settled on an ankle length broom skirt and a linen top styled somewhat like a gypsy blouse. Cassy stood before Tom, shifting slightly from foot to foot to keep her balance and said, “I could probably manage this by myself, but I was hoping you might like to help me change?”

Tom lifted the Muumuu over Cassy’s head and stood back, transfixed.

Mouth open, he whispered, “You are the most spectacular woman who has ever walked this planet. I don’t know what to look at first. You are Venus de Milo brought to life.” Cassy’s shoulders, already delicate due to her thin frame, were atrophied from lack of use, just making them more appealing to Tom’s particular sensibilities. Her hips swelled gently and voluptuously around her slightly rounded, muscular abdomen. Her mound protruded, her slit very high, so that her clit and inner labia joined above the curve of her pubic bone, her clit reaching out toward him, nearly parallel to the floor. Her inner Labia were enormous and dark brown, hanging a full 2 inches below her vulva. Her thighs, thin and shapely, descended to her calves, completely atrophied and tube-like, the same diameter from her knees to her truncated feet. Her arm stumps fluttered restlessly, the left one reaching in vain to cover her large, pendant pear-shaped breasts, the smaller right one waving slowly in mid-air.

But, Oh, her breasts! The right somewhat larger than the left, they were full and the rounded bottom hung level with her navel, while the nipples point slightly upwards just below the crease of her remaining elbow. They swayed heavily as she moved from foot to foot hypnotically. Her nipples, dark brown and the size of large grapes, were pebbled and hard, a small round dimple in the center of each. There appeared to be no areola at all, the breasts smooth white skin just stopping at the base of each swollen nipple.

“Suddenly breakfast is the furthest thing from my mind, Cassy. Are you sure you couldn’t make do with a soda cracker and a sip of water for now?” he said, only half kidding.”

“No way, mister, you are taking me out of this hotel room and feeding me. I know what’s on your mind, because it’s on mine, too, but we are going to wait. I have waited a long time to give up my virginity, and it’s not going to kill either of us to wait a little longer.”

“What did you say?” Tom blurted, astonishment on his face.

“Relax tiger, there won’t be a long convalescence after my first time; if I ever had a hymen, it’s long gone. A variety of plastic lovers has seen to that, but I wanted the first cock in my little puss to be yours, and it almost didn’t happen, so let’s take it easy, okay?”

“Okay, okay, I get it, darlin’, so tell me where the underwear is and let’s get this show on the road.”

“I am not letting you off the hook that easily, Tom. I am no more a fan of underwear than I am of plastic arms. If you don’t mind that my big boobies are going to make a show of themselves, I’d just as soon go ahead and put that blouse on without anything underneath, and the same with the skirt.”

“Only a fool would turn down that deal, Cass.”

In a few moments they were in the elevator, and as they descended, Cass turned to Tom and said quietly, “Would you mind giving my nipples a nice slow tug and twist, Tommy, I’d do it myself if I could.”

Tom reached up and found the rubbery nubs easily. He gave them each a good tug, and then held tight and rotated them a quarter turn. Cassy’s eyes fluttered closed and her knees sagged a little. She stood erect and kissed him deeply, pulling back just as the doors opened. As they walked down the hall to the lobby, he put his arm around Cassy’s waist and held her to him; her formerly awkward walk had become sensuous, smooth and languid, although her breasts still shook and shimmied inside the blouse, to Tom’s delight. As they walked, Cass slid her left stump up and down tom’s back, the touch a new experience for both of them.

“I love to touch you with my stump, Tom. I didn’t realize how much I missed touching someone. It’s very sensitive, but it’s weird that when I touch you with the front of my elbow, I feel it like it’s the back of my missing forearm.”

“I love it, too, Cass. I never want you to stop that, ok?” He reached up and took her tiny right stump in his hand and held it. After a couple of jerks, it stopped moving.

“It likes that, Tom. And I like it, too.”

Tom sat her in his pickup, and they headed North down the Kuhio highway. She slid over to him on the old vinyl bench seat and put her head on his shoulder. “I knew it was a good idea to save this old truck.” Bucket seats suck for sitting close to your girl.”

“Am I your girl, Tom?”

“More than any woman in this world has ever been somebody’s girl.”

She put her face into his neck and smiled.

She woke up when the truck pulled off the road and Tom shut off the motor. In the windshield was the most spectacular view she had ever seen; to the right and the left was nothing but low trees, sand, and the most perfect blue ocean she had ever seen.

“Oh my God, Tom, this is so beautiful! I have never seen anything like it!”

“I like it too, love. It’s called Tunnels Beach, and it has some of the best snorkeling and sunbathing anywhere in the world.”

“Is it okay for us to be here?”

“Sure it is, since all the beaches in Hawai’i are public.”

She got out after he opened the door and looked over the cab of the truck at the perfect cottage they’d parked beside. It was neat, shaded by the beach trees and had a huge porch facing the sea.

“What a great little house. Do you know the person who owns it?”

“Yup, and so do you. It’s mine. This is the diner I told you about; it’s the best place to eat in town. May I show you around?”

“Oh, please. But the sand is a little hard for me to walk on without a little practice. Could you help me in?”

“It would be an unimaginable pleasure. Welcome to my home, after all these years.”

They walked up the two short steps to the porch and stepped inside. The place was definitely Hawaiian in theme, and had high open windows which allowed the Trade Winds to blow through. As a result, it seemed cooler inside than outside. There was a living room in the front, with large windows on each side of the entry door. Toward the center of the house, the kitchen was on the left side and has finished in bamboo flooring and teak counters with stainless appliances. To the other side was a small guest bedroom and the rest of the house was a master suite. A glorious King-size bed was the centerpiece, with a tall soaking tub in one corner and a huge stone multiple head shower in the other corner. On a bedside table facing the bed was a 5×7 picture of Cassandra and Tom in a wading pool. They appeared to be about 5 years old. Cass felt tears spring to her eyes for the third time in a day, but these were happy tears.

“Oh my God, Tommy, I almost killed myself today. What a mistake that would have been.”

Making light of the situation, Tom picked up the picture and smiled at Cassy. “I don’t know Cassy, it almost seems creepy, like I was stalking you or something.” She smiled and lunged for him, much faster than he thought she could move. “Don’t say that! This is the sweetest thing anybody has ever done for a girl!”

He picked her up and swung her around four times. When he put her down, he let go to see her stagger dizzily, laughing all the while. “That’s not nice Tommy! You shouldn’t treat a crippled girl like that!”

“Maybe I like my crippled girl off-balance a little. It makes my chances better!” he laughed. “Besides, you’re not crippled; you’re perfect in every way, my Venus. Would you like to have a shower while I make dinner?”

No, thank you. I don’t want to be away from you, Tommy.”

“Good. Let’s make some Garlic- buttered Tilapia, with Mango Salsa and pineapple spears. How does that sound?”

“Crap, it sounds like I could eat the table, Tom. Let’s go!” Tom let Cass lead the way to the kitchen, and she sat on a stool while he cooked. She said she was nearly full from all the samples he’d fed her during the cooking process, but managed to eat heartily when the main course came on the table. When they were nearly done, Tom went to get some wine. As he turned to return to the table, he watched in fascination as Cass used the corner of the table to pull her blouse down under her breasts, leaving them exposed for his view. When he placed the wine in front of her, she locked her eyes with his, slid forward and rubbed her nipples across the cold wine glass until they were stiffly erect. Taking the wineglass in the crook of her stump, she drank. When she was done, she said, “I just wanted you to have a preview of the dessert I made. I think you’ll like it…I’ve worked on it my whole life, and I’d like you to have it.”

The meal was delightful, and not just because of the view inside and outside the little home. Tom gave Cassy’s breasts lots of attention during dinner, and she fed him papaya and pineapple from her mouth and once, balanced on the tip of her stump. Several times it seemed that dinner would be forgotten altogether, and by the time they were truly done, Cassy was squirming on her seat, her hips pumping at an imaginary cock. Her eyes were glazed a little, and Tom was painfully hard.

Finally, when they could stand no more teasing and flirting, Tom helped her off the chair and backed toward the shower, leading Cass by firm tugs on her plump nipples. By the time they’d reached the shower, she was panting with lust and little whines of passion escaped her lips with each breath. Tom slid her skirt down to the floor and was stunned to see fluid literally dripping from her fat, engorged pussy lips. The inside of her thighs were shiny with her lubricant, and her cunt was making erotic squishing sounds.

He looked into her half closed eyes and said, “Fuck the shower.” He led her to the bed and laid back, helping her onto the bed with him. Knowing what to do immediately, Cass straddled Tom and as he slid his length along her lips, spreading them wide, she began to lower herself. “OOooohhhhh fuuuuuckkk!” she said as she slid him inside her body. Her eyes were fluttering, and her stumps waved frantically, her senses too overloaded to control them. The sight of her shuddering breasts and flapping stumps almost put Tom over the edge, but he bit back his orgasm and took her dark red clit in his fingers, pulling and pinching at the same time.

“AAAAHHHHHHFUCK! Oh.. Ohhh oh oh oh oh oh mygod oh oh ohMmmmmmmuuuuhhhh!” Cass exclaimed wordlessly, her stumps even more frantic, and collapsed on top of him, her pussy spasming almost painfully around him. The sight was more than he could bear, and he exploded in her pussy with a coarse shout of joy.

“Ohh, Lord! That was the most wonderful feeling I have had in my entire life, Tommy. Can we do it again?”

“In a few minutes love, I think you have pinched my cock clear off, you are sooo tight.”

Cassy allowed her head to fall onto Tom’s chest, and he was quite content to stroke her stumps and head until his cock slid out of her sodden pussy. Suddenly her head snapped up and she said, “I have to get to the bathroom, tom, I’m leaking all over the bed!”

“Don’t worry about it, love; I have the situation handled.” And with that, he rolled them over, slid down Cassy’s body and slid his face between her legs. “Whoa, Tommy. Are you sure you want to ooohh! That’ feels so goooooogod!

Soon Tom found her prominent G-spot just behind her delicious clit, and within minutes, she’d shuddered to a squirting orgasm that nearly drowned him. Getting to his knees, he took her foot stumps in his hands and pushed her knees toward her hips. She looked between her legs and strained with her arm stump to touch him. “I can’t reach your cock with my little stump, Tommy, it’s just too short!”

In moments, though, the object of her frustration had buried itself into her body, and she watched, mouth open and panting, as Tom’s cock slid in and out of her pussy, driven by his powerful body. Her fat labia spread like wings on each outstroke, and the top of his member slid across the bottom and tip of her huge clit as tension pulled it into direct, slippery contact with the plunging organ. He started out slow and shallow, but after watching Cassandra’s tit roll and her stumps twitch, he was soon pounding her pussy with wild abandon. Cassie’s eye were wide, her mouth was open in an erotic grimace, breath panting in and out as she focused on the sight of Tom’s penis raging in and out of her vagina. Her heels drummed on his back and hips, and her stumps flailed as primal directions from her brain told her missing hands to grab his ass, his hair, his arms, anything to use to lever him in tighter. A sheen of sweat covered them both and as his hips tightened with his impending orgasm, Cassandra began to babble incoherently as her own orgasm started from the base of her spine and roared through her, her pussy and uterus shivering as they went into blissful spasms. As his orgasm arrived, Tom stopped pumping his hips; he had no choice, as Cassie’s vagina had locked down tightly on his cock. He bellowed in lust and satisfaction as Cass yelled out his name through clenched teeth. After her cunt released him, he crawled up and lay next to Cassy, breathing heavily through smiling lips. Soon, she laid her head on his shoulder and smiled as they fell into slumber.

Tom awoke hours later in the darkness of early night alone in the bed. For a moment, he thought perhaps the day had been a dream, and then he saw Cassy’s silhouette on the porch swing. He walked naked through the front door to find her nude as well. He sat beside her without a word and pulled her into his shoulder.

“Want to go for a dip?” he said, quietly.

“Not at night, it’s a little scary for me.”

“Okay, we’ll start out in the daylight.”

“Tommy, I have something to tell you about me, and I want you to listen carefully before you judge me. I want to be here with you forever, but I have to tell you a secret.”

“Your amputations have nothing to do with an infection do they? You had them done or started them yourself. Am I right?”

“Oh my God, Tommy; how did you know?” She exclaimed.

“You keep forgetting that we have known each other nearly all our lives, Cass. You talked about this when we were ten years old. Remember Susan McDonnell, the girl in grade school with us who was missing her left arm just below the elbow? You used to stare at her and sigh. One time in high school when we were both drunk, the time you were getting kind of raped by Alex McCloskey and I beat him up? You told me all about how you’d like to have a missing part. I never forgot it; in fact I began to fantasize about it. In my dreams and in my masturbation session ever since, my mind has seen you as an amputee. So, you see, I wasn’t surprised when I saw you this morning.”

“You mean you knew all along and you let me sweat bullets thinking you’d throw me out once you found out what a freak I was?” She half- shouted, pretending to be angry. She punched him in the shoulder with her long stump.

“We’re both freaks, then, because there’s no doubt in the world that you turned me into a devotee. Yeah, you’re a freak, Cassy, but make no mistake about it, you’re MY freak.” He said. “And just for the record, I hoped with all my heart that you were a voluntary amputee, but I would love you anyway.”

“You love me? My stumps don’t bother you?” she said quietly.

“I love you with every fiber of my being, Cassandra, and your stumps set me on fire. I’d marry you in a heartbeat if you’d have me.”

“Did you just propose to me, Tommy?”

“No, but I’m going to right now. I don’t want you to feel bad, but I’ve had this ring for 15 years.” He held up a lovely solitaire ring on a beautiful gold chain. “15 years?” she whispered. “That would have been right about…”

“Shh! Let me get through this, okay?”

“Okay,” she said meekly.

He got down on one knee and took her short right stump in his hands. He looked into her eyes, which were blinking rapidly and tearing up.

“Cassandra Elizabeth Elliott, would you make my dreams come true and consent to be my wife?”

“Oh, yes, a thousand times, yes, Thomas.”

He laid his head on her lap in relief, and she stroked his hair with the stump that would reach.

He looked up and stood, pulling her up by her shoulders. “Let’s go for a dip in the sea.”

“Oh, I don’t know, Tom, I thought you said we’d go in the daylight; I’ve never been in the ocean at all,” she said hesitantly.

“No time like the present, and no place like here; this beach is famous around the world! I will hold you tight Cassy, don’t you worry.” He took her by the waist and pulled her close, and they headed toward the beach. The sand made walking awkward for her, since her post-like round feet sank into the sand as she walked. She draped her long stump around his neck and rubbed the back of his head with it as they walked naked in the moonlight. She caught him looking at her breasts as they walked, and said, “Please stare at my tits all you want, Tom. They belong to you, after all. Wow, I’ve never called them tits before, do you like that?”

“It sounds so hot when you talk a little dirty like that, Cass, and yeah, I like it a lot.”

“Just for further reference, dearest, I can cum when my nipples are played with.”

“I’ll keep that in mind, Darlin’,” he said, giving the nearest one a soft pull and twist.

“I’d do it myself, but I’m crippled, see?” she pawed at her chest with both stumps, one missing the mark by nearly a foot, the other able to pull vainly on her left breast, only to lose traction and slip off. She looked at Tom with an expression of helplessness. “Can I be your poor, crippled quad amputee wife, Tommy?”

“Oh, Cassy. I have missed you so much. I know how you can use your pitiful little stumps to play with your magnificent tits.” With that, he picked Cassy up, speared her with his aching cock, and then backed into the warm waters of the Pacific Ocean. As they reached waist level, the warm water began to float Cassy a little, and finally she was coupled to Tom only by the deep penetration of his cock into her body. He allowed her to float in the water a little at a time, and the calm waters of the reef-protected inlet supported her body as he moved languidly inside her. Her legs slid slowly up Tom’s, and soon, she was pulling herself snuggly onto his member by herself. Tom looked down at the otherworldly scene before him.

Cassy lay on her back in the pale blue light, supported by the comforting waters, floating freely with an expression on her face like that of a newborn as she looked up at the enormous sky, so thick with stars. Her giant breasts bobbed freely in the water, moving weightlessly in the swirling liquid as she nudged at one nipple with the slim stump of her left arm. One hand under her hip, Tom used the other to strum Cassy’s protruding clit lightly as he used his PC muscles to pump his cock every few seconds. Cass began to answer his pulse with one of her own, and shortly, they orgasmed precisely at the same time. Tom felt a jet of warmth as Cass squirted her orgasm onto his pubic bone, and her high keening wail sailed out over the gentle swells and into the night air as the most intense orgasm she’d ever experienced boiled through her body. Her eyes were wide open as she came, and the starlight images penetrated her soul and spilled out into her rediscovered soulmate. Tom’s orgasm had nearly swept him away as well, but Cassy’s vagina had clamped down so tightly as she came that he was temporarily unable to slide his cock inside her at all.

He eventually slid out of Cassy’s body, and as he did he spun her around and stepped into slightly deeper water, until she rested gently in his arms like a baby. Her eyes were still open wide and staring into the stars above them in the Pacific night, and then they looked at him, penetrating into his heart and soul.

“I have never, in my life, been as happy as I am at this very minute. I can’t even believe that this is happening, Tom. On one hand, and I use that term loosely, everything I have ever wanted in my life has suddenly come to me; on the other, I have no idea what I have done to deserve it. I just worry that I have no right to put a claim on you and your little place in paradise.”

Tom kissed her on the forehead and hugged her to him.

“I know what you mean about this state of bliss I find myself in, and I agree completely. You are the only element that was missing from my life. As to your claim on my place in paradise, the reason it is paradise is that you are here. Let’s go have a shower. Okay?”

He carried her to the shore and put her down. She stumbled a little as her round feet slid in the sand, and her stumps flailed appealingly.

“This is really hard to walk in. My little pods sink right in, and it’s all I can do to keep my balance.”

“Well, it is sand, after all, Cass. It’s not that easy for me to walk in either, besides, it’s soft. If you fall, it won’t hurt. I thought the views of your stumps and tits were exceptional, but your ass is really wonderful to watch.”

“Not cutting the crippled girl any slack, are you Tom? I’d almost swear you like to see me struggle to do things,” she said, weaving from foot to foot.

“Never doubt it, Cass. Your stumps are absolutely fascinating to me. The more you use them to tease me, the sexier you get.”

“It may lose its fascination eventually. You’re going to have to help me in the bathroom if I’m not going to wear my hooks; you know that, don’t you?”

“Are you kidding? I can’t wait to have an excuse to touch your pussy and ass, even if it’s to wipe you after you pee.”

“I bet you’re the kind of pervert who likes to watch girls pee, aren’t you?”

“Got it in one guess, lady. I think most men are fascinated by the mysteries of the female form, and peeing is just one manifestation of the form.”

“Too bad it’s so dark out here,” she said, as a stream of hot urine began to slide down Tom’s shin. Cass stood normally, knees nearly together, and a stream of pee was shooting almost straight at Tom’s knee.

“Now that’s a nice trick!”

“My pussy is so far up on my pubic bone that I can Jill off with just about any vertical surface, since my clit sticks straight out the front. That also puts my pee-hole way up in front too. Even without hands to direct the flow, I bet I can pee as far as you can, maybe farther, or have you forgotten our contests again?”

Her piss dribbled down to a few drips, and Tom helped her back to the sea for a rinse. Afterward, though, he left her on her own to struggle up the sand to firm ground. Blissfully aware of his fascination, Cass accentuated her stumbling a little for his benefit. Inside the house, Tom filled a glass with ice and water and held it out to Cassy. She attempted to grasp it between her stumps, falling short by two inches and finally clamped it to her right breast with her long stump to take a drink.

“I think it’s my turn to spill some beans here, Cass. I own property on possibly the most desirable beach in the known universe, and I own it free and clear. I don’t work at a hotel for the income; I do, or did it for the interaction I get with people. Do you remember the electronic tinkering I always did when I was little? That became one of the world’s largest electronic companies, which I sold three years ago for a little over 2.1 billion dollars, so we don’t need the money, to say the least.”

Cassandra’s mouth dropped open at the mention of the money, and she blurted, “I’ll sign a pre-nup if you want!”

“The hell you will, lady. ‘For richer, for poorer’, I believe the old saw goes. I prefer richer, and I think you will too. Now get in the shower, my little amputee, and let’s see what those stumps can do when they get all wet and slippery.”

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