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The Short Skirt

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After my rather drunken night, I was a little apprehensive about going down to breakfast and seeing James the young waiter or Henri the barmen, with whom hubby Tom had shared me the previous night. All sorts of thoughts went through my mind – that it would be all over the hotel, that having had a bit of fun with an older woman they would treat me as a bit of a joke or a slut.

Hubby had reassured me that he had been up for it as much as I had and he had really enjoyed himself – perhaps even too much as he was more dead than alive.

For myself, when I woke, I was tired and my body felt as if it had been trampled by a herd of elephants. I was still in my garter belt and stockings although the latter were laddered and the former covered in dried cum as were my breasts, hair and pubic hair. The memories came flooding back of a night when for the first time in my life I had set absolutely no limits and really let myself go.

As I showered, the memory of taking cock after cock in all my orifices came flooding back and how after Henri had really buggered my virgin rear, the other guys had also taken turns there and how I had ended up being triply penetrated and loving it!

I couldn’t help reflect on how the impulse purchase from a mail order company of a red miniskirt had been the catalyst to the sexual adventure of my life.

I have been married to Tom for 25 years, and the mother of two teenage sons. Before meeting Tom , whilst I was no prude and had lots of boy friends I mainly gave oral, hand or boob jobs. I had only had full sex with one other guy. Since I have been married I have been tempted but apart from the odd drunken fumble at parties no other sexual experience. Although as a busty blonde I still see guys interested especially if I go braless or wear shorter skirts.

This red skirt was the shortest I had worn for over 20 years and it just about covered my rump and skimmed my stocking tops. Tom’s reaction when I modeled it was immediate and I enjoyed one of his best erections for quite a few years. I think what turned him on most was that I said I would wear it in public for him when we went for a short country house break.

He had booked us into a large country house hotel, in the lake district, that we had stayed in some years ago and I could see his disappointment when we arrived, that with a number of tourist buses it was not as quiet as it had been previously, as he saw visions of the public display of the red skirt disappearing.

The first night we agreed that it wouldn’t be appropriate to wear the skirt in a restaurant and bar full of pensioners, but he was pleased when I said I would wear a white rather transparent top without a bra albeit with a jacket over it for discretion. I teamed this up with a pair of very tight black trousers – Tom loves to see my buttocks and pussy lips defined in my trousers!

When we went for a pre dinner drink, I noticed the young barman, a tallish dark skinned guy in his early twenties, give my breasts an appreciative look over have a look at my breasts as I climbed up on a stool at the bar. When I saw this I made sure he had a better view when he came back with the drinks by adjusting my top and pushing out my breasts.

After a few large drinks I was getting fairly merry and was quite happy to take my jacket off when we went in the restaurant. This seemed to excite Tom especially as the waiter , a young English guy also in his early twenties seemed to take a bit of an interest.

Tom commented on the fact that both of the guys seemed really interested but I said it was probably because they didn’t see too many women of my age go braless. He asked me ” If you were on your own would you fancy either of them?”

I said “The waiter is cute but the barman would be my choice – I’ve always had a thing about dark skinned guys.”

He seemed really turned on by the young guys ‘interest in me so when we went back out to the bar I suggested sitting at the bar and I took my jacket off to tease both Tom and the barman. When Tom went to the car to get a bottle of water , the barman introduced himself as Henri and I found out his dark arab looks were Moroccan. When I asked him what young guys did for fun, he said that with the hotel being on the moors and usually having a pensioner clientele, James ( the waiter) and he found things in the hotel were rather dull but as the bar usually closed at 11 o clock they were able to seek their fun in the nearby town of Kendal.

Just after 11.00, the waiter James joined us for a drink , and to be frank, I was enjoying being the centre of attention of three very attractive guys – I noticed that the two younger guys paid close attention to my unbraed breasts. Tom who was tired from a long drive suggested that we go up. He looked a bit surprised and the guys looked delighted when I said ” Darling, I want to finish my drink, you go up and I’ll be up in a few minutes”.

When Tom went up James and Henri insisted on buying me another drink and I said ” well just one more” as I excused myself to go to the loo. On my way to the loo I heard the guys discussing me – ” do you see the tits on her” ” she couldn’t half take a length” and how they would like to ” f*** the ass off me” .When I came back I told them I had heard them discussing my figure, and both had flushed – even Henri with his dark skin. I told them not to worry , that I was no prude and it was highly good for my ego two such attractive young guys finding me attractive. They both readily admitted to finding me really attractive.

They tried to persuade me to have another few drinks but I thought it wiser not to and after I finished my drink as I got up to go James stood up and as he helped me on with my coat, Henri moved close and kissed me on the lips. As he did James moved close behind and turned my head round to kiss me. I was briefly sandwiched between the two guys and I felt their two hard young erections against me. I knew I was moving into dangerous territory and quickly broke free ” Thanks guys that was fun – I’ll see you tomorrow”.

When I got up Tom asked me what had happened and when I told him he asked me what would have happened if I had been in the hotel on my own. I smiled and said “I don’t honestly know but it might have been fun”.

When he queried “with both of them” I grinned and said “possibly”. To my surprise he wasn’t jealous but was obviously extremely aroused at the thought me with these two young guys and when he said ” so you would have let the two of them f*** you,” I admitted that the thought of ” taking two young cocks” did turn me on. For the first time in our married life our sex was fuelled by ” dirty talk” as we fantasised about me being with two young guys.

The next morning we both felt a bit awkward and our conversation wasn’t mentioned. Although I have to admit that I was quite intrigued about what the next night might bring.

That night I wore a pair of tight black suede trousers and a tight black almost completely transparent top with a lacey bra beneath. By the time we came out of the restaurant after a good meal and a couple of bottles of wine, at just before 11, the bus crowd had rather disappeared and I was a bit disappointed when Henri informed Tom that as he was doing night porter as well would we mind him closing the bar as he wanted to do some paperwork in the office. If we wanted anything further to drink he could always get it for us. Tom ordered a couple of doubles and we settled down to drink them at a table overlooking a superb moorland view.

I was disappointed that the guys hadn’t joined us and I thought ” well , if you are no longer interested, I’ll show you what you’re missing”.

I asked Tom to get another drink from Henri , as I wanted to pop up to the room. When I got their I quickly lost the bra, and trousers and put on my garter belt, lace top stockings , gold trimmed g string and my red skirt and tallest heels. I felt dangerously exciting as I looked in the full length mirror, at an outfit that left very little to the imagination.

Tom was at the bar chatting to Henri and I was pleased at both their reactions as I walked across the bar with virtually all my assets on show and said” darling get me another large G&T I feel like a few drinks tonight.”

While Tom carried the drinks across to the table and Henri went back to open up one section of the bar, I sat down, and crossed my legs and ” carelessly” let the skirt ride up to show my lacey stockings tops and a bit of thigh. When Henri brought the drinks I saw his eyes flick over me and he lingered to say he had some work to finish off but he would come back to check if we wanted more drinks. When he went, I smiled at Tom and said ” well how do you like your anniversary present”

He smiled and said “probably about as much as he did!!” He was very turned on and asked me ” did you realise the two guys would be about when you came down.”

I told a little white lie and said “no – but do you mind me wearing it?”

He said ” definitely not, but do you not mind the guys seeing what you have”. I said that I hadn’t thought I would but had to admit that I had enjoyed seeing the guys lust over me the previous night. He muttered ” and what about more” and I grinned and said ” that’s up to you”. When he pushed and said “would you really think about doing something about it.”

I said ” your anniversary present, you decide what you want to do with it.”

I was pleased when Henri and James joined us and with the drinks the conversation flowed around everything but the obvious thing on all our minds – what was going to happen. It appeared no one else was going to make the first move so when I got up to go the loo again I stood up and rubbing the skirt down to just skimming my stocking tops I said ” Guys I bought this skirt as Tom’s anniversary present – what do you think of it?” As they looked slightly embarrassed I said ” but its only the wrapping, the real present is inside and what he wants to do with it !

By this time I came back I could feel the effects of the large number of doubles I had consumed and was feeling seriously ready for anything. When Henri suggested more drinks , Tom got up “to go to the car.”

I learned subsequently that Tom had done this to see how far things would go in his absence but when Henri brought the drinks back and leaned down to kiss me I wasn’t sure whether to respond or not. However he persisted and as our tongues entwined I felt his hand take the weight of my breast. I was initially shocked but then very excited when I found James hands on my other breast and when I finished my kiss with Henri his mouth closed on mine. As we kissed I felt Henri’s hand go up my skirt and close on my pussy mound.

I felt myself being pulled to my feet and the two guys moved me over to the darkened entrance to the restaurant and I could offer little resistance as my top was pulled up to release my breasts and my skirt rucked up to expose my g string and rear. Their hands were everywhere and as my naked breasts and rear were groped I gasped as a couple of fingers were roughly shoved up my pussy.

I had quite forgotten about Tom and think I would have let the two guys have me there and then if he hadn’t broken in by casually asking “does anyone want another drink”. As we broke apart he moved forward and kissed me and said ” it appears you’ve decided I’m going to share my present but lets do it in comfort in our room”. As I pulled down my skirt and top, he asked Henri to get a bottle of Gin and some tonic and come up to our room.

He said to James ” don’t be shy lets take her up” As I walked up the stairs ahead of them , I remember thinking “this skirt is so short that they can see my rear” but as I pulled it down Tom and James were on to me and pushed me against the wall beside our room and my clothes were once again pushed aside as they kissed and groped me.

By the time Henri joined us we were all virtually passed the point of no return and I remember being rather roughly tumbled into the room and on to the bed by the three guys whose hands were everywhere. Tom rather roughly spread my legs and was soon between my thighs and as he rode me I saw the other guys drop their pants with Henri pushing a very long thin curved rod into my mouth and James a hard erection into my hand.

I recall that Tom climaxed before me and was quickly replaced between my thighs by James before I nearly lost total control as I gave myself up completely to the rhythm of the two young cocks in my body. James was doing all the right things down below and I was soon so completely lost in trying to keep with him as he brought me to climax that I was almost oblivious to Henri using my mouth. However just before I climaxed Henri climaxed and shot a massive amount deep into my throat. I gagged slightly as he pushed his oddly shaped cock almost right down my throat but then I was lost in a screaming orgasm as James brought us both to climax.

Tom was pouring drinks as I recovered my composure and went to the bathroom to tidy up my dishevelled clothing. I was pleasantly surprised when I came out wearing only my garter belt and stockings to find a large G&T and three very erect cocks waiting for me. I said ” easy guys that was fun and I really enjoyed it but lets take it easy we’ve all night”.

I felt fantastic at having three guys really desiring me and once I swigged down my drink, I pulled Tom down on to the bed and lowed myself on his erection. As I got to work on Tom, James jumped on the bed and pulled my head back forced his cock into my mouth . As the two of them thrust at me in unison I was almost oblivious to Henri until I felt my buttocks being parted and a finger go into my anus. I tensed because Tom and I had tried anal sex before but he hadn’t persisted when I said it hurt . However with Tom and James thrusting at me at both ends the minor intrusion seemed somehow just a little bit more exciting.

I was nearing my climax ,when I realised that the finger was mainly a prelude and I felt him gently enter something in me . It wasn’t an unpleasant feeling but then I experienced one of the most excruciating pains I had had since childbirth as he rather roughly rammed his full length into my rectum. I screamed but this was muffled by James pulling my head down again to his cock . I was lost in a mixture of pain and sexual stimulation as I was taken roughly, by all three guys at once. Tom climaxed , followed by James and I was left sprawling on all fours on the bed as Henri buggered me.

Grabbing me roughly by the rear -I had the finger marks to prove it the next day – he roughly and very violently thrust his rod home time after time as I moaned from experiencing alternating waves of sexual pleasure and real pain. His violence and the obscenities he was mouthing about how he knew I had wanted ” my big ass f*****” was strangely exciting and when I experienced the blessed relied of him cumming off in me, I realised that I was almost unconsciously pushing my hips up to meet his diminishing thrusts.

As he withdrew I fell forward on the bed but had hardly time to recover when James mounted my rear. Although I was ripped a little from Henri’s violent possession of my rear, James was smaller and I had been ” lubricated” by Henri , so although James also was quite violent in his thrusts I found I quite enjoyed the new sensation and remember thinking “this is what guys really want”. James also soon climaxed and was replaced by Tom .

As he mounted me Tom muttered ” I’ve been wanting to f*** this big ass for over 20 years” Soon he too climaxed and I remember thinking ” I had better get used to this- I’m going to get a lot more of it.”

As Tom rolled off Henri was on me again really ramming himself into me and telling me that they were going to give me ” the ass f****** that I had been wanting.” Over the rest of the night both James and Tom also sodomised me again and my pussy, breasts and mouth were also well used by all three of them. Most exciting of all was when I was triply penetrated and had unbelievable climaxes at the thought of being totally wanton and the sensation of two cocks almost touching between the thin wall of my vagina and rectum.

My wantonness really turned all three guys on and it was not until after 5.00 am that they left and only because James was on breakfast duty.

When I woke to the overwhelming smell of stale semen, I was really embarrassed, and worried that I had let herself go too far and that Tom would think I was a slut. But I was also strangely excited and fulfilled at having had an unbelievable night of passion and sex. When Tom reassured me that he had been as up for it as me. I admitted that I had quite enjoyed the experience although my rear and bowels felt that I’d had had major surgery.

When I got ready for breakfast I thought I would go for a cool but sexy look in a crisp white tee shirt with no bra and a pair of tight pink knee length trousers.

There were only the non bus tour guests in the restaurant when we went in and James had a big smirk on his face when he approached our table and asked “what can I get you this morning madam” before leaning over and whispering ” you were absolutely fabulous last night”. Tom said ” wasn’t she just” and when James left said ” see they enjoyed it as much as us”.

I asked him was he up for it again and he murmured ” its up to you but I needed at least five or six hours sleep before I could do anything”. Reflecting I answered “well I wouldn’t mind experiencing some of it when I wasn’t drunk but I certainly couldn’t take a cock up my rear for a while.”

When we got back to the room about 10.30 am we were going back to bed when the phone rang and I picked up. I laughed when I realised it was Henri and he asked was I up for coming to his room. I laughed and said “you guys are quite insatiable, Tom’s too tired”

He whispered ” That’s Ok, I’d love to have a session with you on my own”.

Putting my hand over the phone I said ” Henri has invited me up to his room for a session – what do you think?”

Tom said “what do you want?”

I said teasingly ” well it might be fun”. When he nodded I confirmed with Henri but warned him that my rear was totally off limits.

On my way to the staff quarters of the hotel as you can imagine I had a wide range of emotions – including what on earth I was doing leaving my husband for the morning and going to a young guy’s bedroom with only one objective in mind – to have sex.

However the memories, albeit slightly surreal, of his lean muscular body , the long slim excitingly curved cock and the energy with which he used it made me put all other thoughts aside. His white teeth smiled a welcome when he came to the door dressed only in a pair of red y fronts that were struggling to contain a very large erection. Leaning down he kissed me at the same time feeling the weight of one my breasts. ” Mmmmmmm you really have a fantastic figure and you were really, really sexy last night”. Pulling me against him I felt the huge erection against my mound as he pulled me on to the bed.

He was surprisingly gentle as he pulled of my trousers and top and laid me down to get to work on my clit with his tongue and hands. His gentle touch, the sight of his dark muscular body and the memories of his energy the night before all combined and I was soon writhing in climax as my thighs gripped his head tight to my sex.

As I lay quivering from my climax he gently pushed my thighs apart and mounted me and very deftly and gently brought me to another – this time voracious climax. As I gripped his buttocks to hold him tighter in to me he also clenched mine and as I relaxed I felt his probing fingers separate my hips and seek my anus. I squirmed away from him saying ” I told you that was off limits you really hurt me there last night”. But he persisted gently easing his finger in and assuring me it would not hurts so much as I had been “opened up”. As his finger gently probed me he kissed me and his other hand , was busy at my clit and I relaxed and was soon enjoying being penetrated front and back by his fingers. Once again , I enjoyed the sensation of both the stimulation and the very sexy feeling of them moving independently through my vaginal wall.

He murmured ” you really have the lot – great looks, fantastic breasts, great legs, awesome thighs, a lovely ripe pussy but that rear is something else – its made for ass f******. Gently turning me over he took some cream from the bedside table and rubbing it in to his now glistening rod gently parted my hips and gently entered its head in my sphincter. When I tensed he said ” relax – I’m not going to hurt you – I know I hurt you last night but that’s because I have been wanting as ass f*** that big ass of yours, since I first saw you.”

Reaching between my legs one hand closed on my pussy and did exciting things to my clit, whilst the other gently encouraged me to ease back on to his rod. The clitoral stimulation seemed to relax me enough to let him enter me without too much discomfort and I soon felt him lift me up by putting is fingers in my pussy until his balls met my rear with his cock fully into my rear. He whispered “that wasn’t too bad now – was it?” and when I murmured my assent he rather roughly pushed me forward and with one hand grabbing my breasts and the other my rear, muttered ” Bab’s you’re really built for ass f***** and I’m going to give you the best f****** you’ll ever get”.

With that he pulled his cock half way out and plunged it really deeply into me again and my moans only seemed to drive him wilder as he thrust vigorously in and out of my rear. It was a rare mix of pain and pleasure and a feeling of wantonness and shame at letting this young guy treat me as he wanted.

However the combination of breast and clit stimulation soon had me heaving back to meet his thrusts and as I climaxed , he did too and his warm ejaculate deep in my bowels acted as a soothing salve to my well used rear.

As I fell forward on the bed he roughly rolled me over and putting his semi hard cock straight into my mouth he instructed me to hold his balls and suck him hard again. He soon stiffened and once again turned me round and mounted my anus again. In total he buggered me twice more before lying down and taking me off orally.

As we lay cuddling he admitted that whilst he loved all types of sex what really turned him on was having anal sex with big assed mature married women like me.

I went back to my own room at about 1.30 after one of the most torrid sex sessions I am ever likely to have, I knew my sex life would never be the same again.

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