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Lactating Lesbian Lady

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I lay on the bed, my small son at my breast, feeding quietly. His small mouth sucking on my nipple, drawing milk from my swollen and hard breasts. God, it felt wonderful. I felt a little guilty because it did feel so very sensual. My pussy began to tingle. I had to make myself not reach down and stroke my clit.

Damn, I was horny. I’d had little Jimmy four months ago and he was fit and growing every day on my plentiful supply of milk.

I really loved to feed him. My pussy was over his birth and I wanted to be fucked. Jim, my husband had seemed to loose all interest in sex since his birth. I had heard that sometimes happened. I tried everything to excite him. I’d wear sexy nightgowns, but he just wasn’t interested. I’d lean over and take his cock to suck on it, to get him in the mood but he’d pull away, roll over and pretend to go to sleep. It was driving me out of my mind.

I switched little Jimmy to my other breast to give that nipple a rest. It got sore if he sucked on it too long. The room was semi dark and I just had on a pair of sexy French cut thin panties, nothing else. It was my way of trying to keep my self-esteem up. I wanted to at least feel sexy. I saw a little hint of motion out of my eye and turned to see Rosita standing quietly in the door. She stood looking at us and smiling. I motioned for her to come and sit on the bed. The dark haired beauty slipped into the room and sat beside me. She reached over and stroked Jimmy’s head. I reached over and stroked her arm.

We had hired her just before he was born. We had met her in Mexico City on vacation. She was a schoolteacher with a Master’s degree in teaching. She was a friend of a friend and we learned she was not happy there. When she told us how little she made, we were appalled. I was three months pregnant at the time and we told her if she came up just before the baby was born, we’d give her a job as housekeeper and nanny. The salary we offered her was almost three times what she was getting, plus she would stay in the house, and have no living expenses. We made all the arrangements for her “Green Card,” the legal immigration work papers, and plane fare. We would give her the weekend off to do what she wished.

She was fantastic with Jimmy, a good cook as well as a very hard worker around the house. The house was always spotless and her company was wonderful. I loved her Spanish accent when speaking English. She was smart and beautiful as well. She looks like she could pose for a statue of an Inca Princess, tall, stately, and carries herself erectly. She is well proportioned with full, rounded breasts, a true Latin beauty.

Jimmy stopped sucking and I pulled him away from my breast. My nipple pulled out of his mouth and a little white rivulet of milk ran down my swollen breasts. Rosita took him and went into the nursery and put him down. I sat up and put my finger under my nipple. I squeezed the nipple gently with my other hand. A small amount of milk dribbled out and the wet warm milk transferred to my finger. It hung there white and gleaming. I put my finger to my lips and slid the drop to my tongue. It tasted so sweet. I milked the nipple again, letting it run to the end of my finger. I licked it off again. It was erotic to taste my own milk.

I reached for the breast pump. I hated this part. It was so cold and mechanical. I put the plastic bulb pump up to my breast and pressing it, began to suction the milk out. I had far too much milk for the baby, and if I didn’t drain it, it would make my breasts hurt and dribble out. I had nursing bras with pads inside, but I produced so much milk they couldn’t soak all of it up if I didn’t empty them, and it would make quite a mess.

Rosita came back in and watched. I emptied the pump in a jar, and then went back to pumping it again. Her beautiful dark brown eyes were glued to my puffy nipples.

“Senora, you have such lovely breasts.” She said softly.

“Thank you, Rosita. They are so full of milk, they hurt sometimes.”

“May I ask a very personal question?” Her dark eyes held mine, a lovely deep brown, so expressive.

“Certainly.” I smiled, wondering what it would be.

“I have heard that when a baby suckles, that sometimes the woman is excited by it. It feels so good, and she gets sexually excited. Is this true? ” She asked so seriously I laughed softly.

“I’m afraid so. When he feeds, my nipples get so hard, and the sucking of his mouth gets me excited. I have to make myself not touch myself below. I have heard other women say the same thing.” I said looking into her lovely dark eyes.

She smiled and watched as I finished one breast. I caught her eyes drop to my crotch from time to time. My pussy hair had begun to grow back, but the thin panties were pulled up a little, the thin material outlining my pussy lips. I imagined there might also be a wet spot there from my excitement.

“Would Senora like for me to pump the milk from the other breast?” She asked looking at my breast.

“Oh, I can do it.” I said, and then wished I hadn’t refused.

“I would be careful. I am sure your arms must be tired, from holding little Jimmy.” She said.

He had lain on my chest, but why not? I almost wanted her hands on my breast. I was glad she had asked again. I nodded and handed her the pump. She took it and put it over my nipple and squeezed the bulb. She watched closely as the milk squirted out due to the suction and after a number of pumpings, filled the little reservoir. Her hand moved under my breast and held it steady. There was no need of that as my breast was so firm. It felt so good though, I didn’t say anything. The suction wasn’t erotic at all, but her hand was. I loved the feel on my skin. I closed my eyes and sighed.

All to quickly she finished. She took the jar of milk and the pump and went to wash it. My pussy was in fire. She had pulled the door almost closed and I slid my hand under my panties and slid a finger into my pussy and felt the slippery wetness of it. I took my wet finger and moved it upward to my clit. I groaned as I felt it’s firm head, just peeping out of its sheath. I moved my other hand down and put a finger on either the side of my clit sheath and began to rub up and down, jacking my clit off. God, it felt so good. I rolled my finger around and around over my clit head till I cried out and came. My hips shot up off the bed and with a cry I fell back on the bed spent and now very relaxed.

I saw motion to the side, and Rosita was just outside the door watching me. Her eyes were wide when she saw that I had caught her watching.

“Oh Senora, I am so sorry, I did not mean to spy. I heard you moan and thought you were in pain. My most humble apologies. I did not mean to, how do you say it – ‘peep'”. She said very seriously.

I patted the bed and she sat down beside me. “It’s perfectly all right. You were right; it does get me sexually excited. I have to make myself wait till Jimmy is through before I let myself masturbate. I don’t think it would be a good idea to masturbate while he’s in my arms.” I said stroking her brown arm. She put her hand over mine. It felt so good.

I reached over on the bedside table and picked up a jar of cream. I used it after each feeding. My nipples and breasts got chaffed and dry. I took a little and rubbed into my nipple, working it into the erect brown tip. I spread it over my areolas, then put more on my breast and smoothed it over the skin. Rosita watched. I did the other breast.

I lay back and closed my eyes and fell asleep, when I awoke she was gone. We didn’t mention my masturbation after that.

That evening Jim and I had an argument. I wanted to know why he wouldn’t make love to me. He said he didn’t know, but that the thought of sex with me turned him off. I asked if he had a mistress and he denied it. I didn’t think he did, for I knew his schedule and knew there just wasn’t time for another women. We wound up yelling and he went and slept in the guest bedroom.

The next afternoon when I took Jimmy to bed to feed him, Rosita came into the room and sat beside me. We talked quietly, and she watched as Jimmy sucked away.

” I am so sad for the Senora. I could not help but hear you and the Senior argue last night. I hope nothing is very wrong. Is there any thing that I may do for you?” She asked, her hand stroking my arm softly. Her touch felt so wonderful.

“Thank you Rosita, but he just does not want to make love to me since the baby has been born. I don’t know why.” I said enjoying her stroking warm hand.

“Yes, I have heard this is sometimes true. I am sure he will want you soon. You have such a lovely body, and such magnificent breasts. How could he not want to make love to such a beautiful wife?”

Tears came to my eyes at her concern for me. A drop rolled down my cheek and she brushed it away. She leaned over and kissed my lips very very softly. Her kiss was so tender I felt like I would melt away. I pressed back against her soft lips. She pulled back and smiled at me. Jimmy finally finished and she took him to his bed then came back rather quickly.

Without asking she took the pump and began to milk my breasts. Her hand pressed a little firmer up against my under breast. She suctioned my breast dry then moved to the other side of me. I leaned forward. She surprised me. Instead of taking the pump she put a towel under my breast and took both hands and caught my breast between them and stroked from the base to the tip. A little stream of milk ran down my breast. She looked at me with wide brown eyes, grinned impishly, and did it again.

“Does that feel good to the Senora?” She asked. I nodded. She did it again and again.

“It will come out easier this way”, I said as I took my fingers and put them behind the nipple. I squeezed and pulled outward. Several jets of milk sprayed from my nipple. One jet hit her in the face and she jumped back a little, and then laughed. The droplet ran down and landed on her lip. Her pink tongue slid out and licked it off. She laughed delightfully.

“That tastes funny. Different from the cow’s milk. Do it again. Please?” She smiled at me. I obliged and as she leaned closer, mouth open, two jets spurted into her mouth. She laughed out loud, and a smile spread from ear to ear. I continued to pull on my nipple and my pussy became very wet. I’d never done this before. I was caught up in the spirit and laughter. We were like schoolgirls laughing. Her lips were only inched from my jutting nipple.

“May I try it, Senora?” She said smiling up at me.

I couldn’t talk I only nodded. I showed her where to place her fingers and how to pull, and how much pressure to use. Her hand and fingers felt so erotic on my breast, on my nipple, pulling. It took several tries, but in a minute or two she had mastered the touch. She laughed as milk spurted out onto her face, into her mouth, and onto her uniform. Her fingers were warm and exciting. I closed my eyes letting the feeling of her fingers on my nipple run down to my pussy. Her fingers were gentle as she pulled over and over. I felt her other hand move to lift and weigh my breast. It felt so hot against my skin. I held still, enjoying the feeling.

I felt her shift slightly and them I moaned aloud. Her lips were on my nipple. My eyes popped open and her liquid brown eyes were looking up at me. Her lips were wrapped around my nipple, and I watched as her cheeks bowed inward as she sucked. God, it felt fantastic. I felt her tongue move around over my nipple then she sucked again. I reached over and ran my hand behind her head through her shining black hair, pulling her a little harder against my swollen breast. I cried out as she sucked again and again.

I couldn’t help myself and I slid my other hand under the waistband of my panties and down to my sopping pussy. I slipped my finger into my crevice, down further till it slid into my wetness. I was drenched. I moved it up a little and touched my wet slick finger to my swollen clit.

Rosita continued to suck on my breast; her hands kneaded it, pulling forward on my breast, almost as if helping my milk flow into her mouth. My finger moved faster and faster over my turgid clit till I cried out and climaxed violently. Her lips left my breast and her lips moved to my spread gaping mouth. I felt her tongue slide over my lip and she sucked on it while her tongue played over it. I was spent and fell back on the bed. She kissed my lips for a while, and then I felt her hand move to cup and gently squeeze my pussy through my panties.

“Oh Senora, did I excite you?” I could only nod again. “I am so glad. I love the Senora. I am glad I can make you happy. I want to see you smile.” She kissed my lips again. This time her sweet tongue slid into my mouth. I could taste my milk on her tongue. Our tongues slid and gently probed. She pulled away and moved back down to my breast.

She looked up at me. “Rest Senora, and I will empty your sweet breast. I love to do this for you.” Her lips went back to my nipple and she sucked slowly and softly. It felt so wonderful. She stopped on that breast when it was empty, then moved to the other breast. It felt so wonderful to have her soft lips sucking on my nipple. The nipple became hard and erect and I felt the twinges in my pussy again. I reached down and pulled my panties down. She stopped for a moment and slid them down further. I moved my legs till she could pull them all the way off. Her hand went to my thigh and she pulled gently, indicating she wanted my thighs apart. I obliged her.

She moved around and then bent over sucking on my nipple, but this time she was situated so she could see my fingers moving in my pussy. Her hand stroked my stomach and down to my thighs. I get very excited having someone watching me masturbate, and her lips on my breast added to my excitement. I rolled my hard clit slowly, wanting to prolong the pleasure. Her hand moved to mine, and her fingers moved over mine, following their every movement. I loved it.

She moved her hand down lower and I gasped as I felt a finger slide along my wet slit, down to my vaginal center, then gently probe till it slipped up inside me. Oh God, that felt so good. I couldn’t control myself any longer and cried out as I climaxed. Her lips sucked harder and my finger was a blur as I stroked myself to a fantastic orgasm. My cries of joy filled the room as I came again and again.

I went limp, and her finger slid out of my pussy. I pushed her head gently away from my breast. “Rosita, Darling, I absolutely love your lips on my breast, but I can’t climax any more. If you suck on it any more, I’ll go crazy.”

She smiled up at me and kissed my lips softly, not trying to excite me. “Senora likes Rosita to make love with her?” She smiled coyly.

“Oh yes, I absolutely love it when you make love with me,” I moaned. We both laughed. I pulled her up to me and held her close. I could feel her firm breasts under the uniform and the wetness of the cloth where my milk had wet it.

“Rosita,” I said with mock severity. Her head tilted to the side slightly, a coquettish smile on her face. “Your uniform is a disgrace. It’s wet and messy. Remove it immediately.” She slipped off the bed and slowly unbuttoned it. She let it slide off her lovely body and stepped out of it. She had on a plain white slip and I could see her white bra and panties under it. I motioned for her to take off her slip. She stood in her bra and panties.

Her body was full and lush. I motioned for her to come closer. I slid to the edge of the bed and she moved between my thighs. I pulled her against my body. My head was against her bra-clad breasts. Her bare stomach pressed against my breasts. He skin was hot and so soft. I could smell her faint perfume, and the slight odor of my milk on her skin. I reached back and found the catches to her bra and unfastened them till it fell away. I pulled back and she shrugged the straps off her shoulder. My hands pulled her bra aside and her breasts were bare and lovely, inches from my face. I leaned forward and buried my face between them. She moaned and her hands went to my head pressing it harder against her body. It felt so wonderful.

I had never thought I would actually make love to another women. I had thought about it many times, wondering what it would be like. Here I was with my head against her splendid, bare breasts. I moved my hands and cupped each full breast in my hands. I could feel her hard nipples against my palms and it felt so erotic. I squeezed her breasts gently and kissed her soft skin. Moving my mouth, I took one dark chocolate colored nipple between my lips and sucked on it. She sighed and I sucked harder feeling the nipple stretch and harden.

I ran my hand down to her hips and pulled her panties downward. She reached back and pulled them off. Her body is lovely. Her bush is black and glossy, kept trimmed close. I scooted forward and pulled her hard against me, my hands pulling her hips hard against my body. I stroked her back and lower down over her firm ass. God she was a sex goddess. I sucked on her nipple feeling it harden and become firmer. My hand slid downward to cup her pussy. It was wet against the palm of my hand. I slid a finger up inside her wet sex and she sobbed out.

“What the hell is going on here?” An enraged voice said from the door. Jim stood there, his suit coat over his arms. He usually didn’t get home till almost two hours later. Rosita turned to move away. I caught her and held her firmly. She looked down at me, her face stricken. I mouthed that it was ‘all right.’

“Well exactly what it looks like! Rosita and I were kissing and I was holding her. She’s a lovely lady and she loves me. ” I said my voice even, never raising it at all.

“Damn! Rosita, you are fired. Get out hell out of this house immediately!” Jim yelled.

“Bullshit, you may be the master here, but I’m sure as Hell the mistress, and if Rosita goes, little Jimmy and I go too.” I said evenly, my voice quiet. “You won’t make love to me. I’ve asked you over, and over, and you refuse. I’m not cheating with a man. Rosita and I haven’t made love to each other. We were hugging. But if we were making love, then it’s your fault for abandoning me – your wife – and the mother of your child. If anyone is leaving it’s you. Go to the ‘Y’ if you don’t want to stay here. I’d advise you to see Walter, your counselor buddy. Let him help you figure why you won’t make love to me. You fucked me and got me pregnant, you sure as Hell enjoyed that! Now you don’t want anything to do with me sexually just because I bore you a son. Get out – get out of this house. Now!” I said, still not raising my voice. Jim hung his head and turned and walked out.

I pulled Rosita closer to me and held her. I was trembling despite my calm tone I’d used on Jim. The mood was certainly spoiled between us. I kissed her skin, and then we separated. I realized that one breast was uncomfortably full, got the breast pump and sat pumping the milk out. There was no desire now. I finished and wiped my breasts off with a wet washrag then began to put the cream on my breasts.

“Please Senora, may I do that?” Rosita said. I looked up at her and saw tears in her eyes. I put out my arms to her and she slipped into them. We just held each other for several minutes then she soothed my nipples and breasts with the cream. I felt better after she had finished. Her soft hands stroked my breasts gently. It felt so wonderful. Her nude body was a thing of beauty, but gave me no erotic feelings now.

That evening I decided that we would eat out. We took little Jimmy with us in his car seat to a restaurant and had a splendid meal. I would have liked to have a drink or two, but didn’t because of little Jimmy breast-feeding. Rosita had a couple of drinks and we held hands under the table. She cheered me up with tales of her childhood in Mexico.

I fed Jimmy before I put him to bed. His sucking made me a little horny, but my mood dampened any desire I had that night. Rosita pumped the milk from my breasts, and we didn’t say much. She washed my breasts of with a soft washcloth then spread the cream over my nipples and breasts. We kissed lightly as she finished.

Later I climbed into an empty bed, feeling alone and abandoned. I was almost asleep when the door opened quietly and Rosita slipped into bed with me. She wore a simple long gown. She snuggled up to my back spoon fashion, slid a hand around my waist and kissed me gently on the neck. I patted her hand and pressed my body back against hers. I felt warm and loved. I went to sleep quickly. I awoke much later during the night and she was gone.

The next day I was in a better mood. Rosita and I ate breakfast together laughing and joking. I pulled her to me and kissed her gently on her soft lips telling her how much her comfort of the previous night meant to me. She hugged me back and her soft body pressed against mine. It felt so erotic.

The morning feeding went quickly and I felt almost no excitement as he sucked my breasts almost dry. I used the pump and this time Rosita didn’t come in. She was busily working around the house.

After lunch I slipped into the shower and bathed. The water felt so sensual streaming down my body. I washed my breasts and they were firm and hard. I soaped them, running my hands over and over the full mounds. It felt so wonderful. I ran a soapy hand down to my sparse pussy hair and slid a finger up in my slot, then rubbed my clit around and around. For some reason, I couldn’t get excited enough to have a climax. I rinsed off and got out a little frustrated. I put on only my sexiest panties as Jimmy’s next feeding was soon.

I lay down on the bed naked except for my thinnest panties. My pussy lips showed through the filmy material. I pulled upward slightly so they rode up a little in my pussy. As Jimmy lay comfortable on my chest, sucking away. Rosita came into the room. She smiled down at me and cupped my breast Jimmy had just left. Without a word, she slipped out of her clothes, and beautifully naked, got on the bed. She kissed my lips and stroked my face lightly. Jimmy finished and I started to get up, but Rosita pushed me back and took him. She was gone a few minutes and came back and got into bed with me. We lay for a moment side by side then I turned and kissed her. She came into my arms and we pressed together. I stroked her beautifully naked body. Her breasts felt so good against mine. My nipples were hard and I knew made dents in her soft flesh.

We kissed and caressed for a long time. Her hands felt wonderful on my hot breasts. Her breasts were only slightly smaller, yet full, firm and lovely. She moved down a little and began to suck my breast. God, it sent ripples of lust through my body. I stroked her hair and cheek. She emptied one breast and moved to the other, bending over me. I reached down and stroked my pussy, playing my fingers up and down over my thinly clad slit.

Her hand caressed my body, moving down. I moaned softly as her hand stroked my rounded stomach then moved to cup my pussy. Slowly her finger traced the furrow of my pussy ever so lightly. I shivered with delight. She continued sucking the milk from my breast. She used her hands to knead the flesh, softly. Her tongue would slide over my nipple from time to time until she had emptied my breast. She got the washcloth and wiped my breasts down, then put the cream over them. This time she played with my nipples, pulling on the gently and rolling them. Once in a while the nipple would have a drop of milk on it from her manipulation and she would lick it off. I was excited, and she could tell.

She moved down and kissed my stomach and pulled my panties down. I lifted my hips and she pulled them completely off. She stroked my pussy lightly then bent and kissed my thighs. Her lips were light and soft against my flesh. I reached down and stroked my pussy mound and realized the hair was prickly. I wanted to be soft and smooth.

“Rosita, is my pussy prickly? Rough to the touch?”

She smiled up at me and nodded. “It is of no importance, I love your body it is so – how do you say it – sexy.” She grinned impishly. .

“Yes, but it is important to me. Would you help me get rid of the hair? Shave myself. I have tried it in the past and liked it. Would you help me?” Her grin told all.

I went into the bathroom and finally found the depilatory cream. I prefer it, as it makes the skin soft, and there is no prickly stubble after you shave. The cream dissolves the hair below the skin line and even when it grows back it isn’t as prickly as it is if you shave.

The hair wasn’t long enough to need clipping, and Rosita got happily between my thighs and spread the cream carefully on my pussy. We set the timer and sat talking while the cream did its work. My pussy was wide open, with her gazing up at it. I knew my pussy was drenched from her looking. Rosita lay looking down on it as if to memorize every line and fold. I have always gotten very wet when anyone looks at my pussy. The little bell rang and she carefully wiped the cream off, washed my pussy carefully and put lotion on my newly denuded flesh. I looked down and it did look very sexy. I slid my hand down and it was as smooth as a newborn baby’s butt. It also makes the skin feel so much more sensitive to the touch after the hair is gone.

“Now see how smooth it is.” I told her. Instead of feeling of it, she bent forward and rubbed her cheek against my pussy mound and nuzzled it. I almost came it felt so good.

She looked up at me and smiled. “Has the Senora made love to another woman before?” I shook my head. “I have a lovely lady friend in Mexico and she and I make love many times. I like to make love with another woman.! Would the Senora like for me to make love to her?’

“Oh God, yes Rosita. I’m so hot. My pussy is on fire from having you look at it, while you were using the depilatory. I have never made love with a woman before. When I was young, another girl and I looked and touched, but that was as far as it went. I don’t know how to make love to you. Will you teach me?” I asked looking down at her lovely face.

Her deep brown eyes sparkled and she nodded. She bent down just a little and planted a kiss on my bare mound and ran a finger up and down my wet slit. I cried out it felt so exciting. She took her wet finger and brought it to her mouth and licked it, then sucked it between her ruby lips.

I moaned the image was so sensuous. She had actually tasted my pussy juices! I reached down and caressed her face. She smiled at me and burrowed her face into my sex. I spread my thighs wide and pulled my knees up to touch my breasts. I was wide open for her, spread, and waiting. She looked at my spread pussy and slipped her tongue out. It was deep red and very long. I shivered at just the thought of her long tongue slipping inside me. Her hands moved and stoked my thighs, then she caught my inner lips and pulled them wide. She looked up at me and pulled just a little harder, to see my reaction. I love a little pain and cried out and sighed a long ‘Yessss,’ to her. She pulled a little harder her nails digging into my flesh delightfully.

“Ohh, that feels so wonderful, just a little harder, pull them more, and stretch them. Hurt me a little darling Rosita.” She obliged and I cried out it felt so good. Then I screamed as her tongue pressed suddenly into my vagina, quickly, deeply, and wonderfully. Her lips came down on my center, sucking hard. I had never felt anything like it in my entire life.

Jim never wanted to go down on me but expected me to give him head. He had licked me half-heartedly a number of times but never really seemed to get into it. I had finally given up on asking him. His idea of foreplay was to suck my breasts a little, play with my clit, stick a finger inside me then fuck me till he came then pull out. Sometimes I was so dry I had to use K-Y jelly to make it comfortable for me. I usually waited till he was asleep to bring myself off quietly, or wait till the next day and use my trusty vibrator – a girl’s best friend.

Rosita’s mouth was fantastic, her long tongue slid inside me, wiggling and probing, and her lips sucking on my pussy. I imagined she was drawing my juices out. I didn’t know, as I never seemed to produce much lubrication when Jim and I fucked, as I never got very excited. I had been getting wet while nursing though. I was excited now almost beyond belief. I watched as her head moved and bobbed as she sucked and licked my pussy. It seemed I could feel my pussy lubricating – literally flowing. My whole body seemed to be liquid, my center molten, and so hot.

I screamed out as her lips went to my clit and she sucked it hard and rubbed her tongue over and over the head. I exploded, coming so violently my hips shot off the bed, my back arching up. Rosita kept her lips and tongue glued to my pussy, an arm behind me, holding on, keeping her face buried against my spread pussy. I seemed to explode – I saw stars! Never in my life had I climaxed so hard, never! It went on and on till I blacked out and fell back limp. I came to moments later to find Rosita’s worried face near me. I managed a weak smile and her face burst into a smile that was wonderful to see.

“The Senora fainted, it was so good!” She said, a statement, not a question. I smiled weakly, and nodded. She came up and kissed me. I tasted my juices on her face, and smelled the pleasant odor of my excitement on her face. I held her face between my hands and kissed her softly and licked her lips and surrounding area, letting her know how much I loved the thought of her making love to me.

I pulled her beside me and we wrapped each other in a wonderful embrace. Her soft body felt so wonderful against mine. I loved the feel of her softness against me, her breasts against mine, hard nipples pressing, bellies pressed together, pussy against pussy. We kissed and our tongues met and her long tongue felt so good slipping against mine. I experimented on her and her little hugs and moans told me when I did something she liked. I cupped a full breast and stroked and fondled it as we kissed. Our hips moved, to press our pussies harder together. I pulled gently on her nipple, making it hard and erect. I loved the feel of it between my fingers, and rolled it between them.

Slowly I made love to her fantastic soft body. My first woman! Her skin tasted and smelled delicious. I’d never realized how wonderful it was to kiss, lick, and caress another woman’s body. My pussy tingled as I made love to her. Her breasts were so soft skinned yet firm. I wrapped my lips around her erect nipples and sucked them, wishing I could draw milk from them. Her sucking of mine gave me so much pleasure; I wanted to give it back to her. She stroked my head and murmured soft words in Spanish that I imagined were words of love and affection.

This had never happened to me before and I was beside myself with wonderful erotic emotions running through me. My body was on fire again, so soon after we had made love. My love life had been so limited and never in my life had I been so excited sexually.

Slowly after a long interval of kissing and licking her magnificent breasts, I moved downward kissing as I went. My tongue slipped into her belly button and I sucked on it. She wiggled and laughed delightfully at the tickling sensation.

Finally I wound up between her spread thighs, her beautiful pussy was staring at me. Her pubic hair was trimmed close, and was jet black, glossy black. I ran my fingers over and through it. My first pussy to make love to. She spread her thighs wider for me and I looked at her sex. Her lips were darker than mine, the inner lips brown tipped and beautiful. My hand actually shook when I reached to touch her pussy. I took each swollen inner labia between my fingers and pulled them apart. I actually gasped as I opened her up. She was beautiful

“Oh, Rosita, I never knew a woman’s pussy could be so beautiful. Yours is like a dark rose. So lovely!” Her vagina was gorgeous, deep pink almost red in color. Her opening lined like a flower, leading into her depths. She was gleaming wet, and I watched fascinated as a droplet of her juice came out, rolled slowly downward over her neat brown puckered asshole. It too was beautiful. Pale brown and beautifully rounded.

My eyes took all of this in minute detail, going over every gleaming inch of her wet pussy. My fingers still held her inner lips, I pulled them a little, spreading her wider. The opening into her center opened just a little, bulged slightly around the center. I bent forward, I had to kiss it, lick it, and I was powerless. It drew me like a magnet to her.

My lips came in contact with her sweet wet flesh and she moaned above me. Slowly my lips opened of their own accord. I had no control over them. My tongue slid out to touch, to taste her wetness. It was my turn to moan, as I tasted my first woman, my first pussy, my first woman’s sex! The taste flowed up over my tongue and I swallowed and licked again. The smell of her delightful clean, excited sex, filled my nostrils and enhanced my taste buds. I licked and her rich wet salty juices flowed over my tongue again. Salty, sweet, slightly viscous, wonderfully rich in a sexual way. Why had I never tried this before? It was delicious; wonderful! I licked it over and over. I had heard some men say they loved to kiss, lick, and suck their wives and lovers pussies. Now I knew why! She smelled and tasted so wonderfully erotic.

My head came up and I looked up at Rosita, her lovely face looking down at me, a smile on it that would have done honor to the Mona Lisa. Her dark eyes sparkled.

“Oh, God, I never dreamed a woman’s sex could taste so wonderful. It is delicious, so tasty. It makes my mouth water at the thought. Do you feel the same way?” I asked incredulously.

Her hands came down to touch my face and stroke it. “Senora loves the taste of Rosita’s private flesh? I too love the taste and smell of a woman. It is special, so wonderful as you say. Yes, very much, I love the taste. I love the smell.” She said smiling down at me.

Bending forward I began to lick and suck her. I had no experience except tonight with her. Jim had made clumsy attempts at kissing and licking me, but had never really made me excited by his attempts. I knew by his actions he didn’t like it and was only doing it to try to please me. I knew where I liked my fingers to play, where I liked to slip a finger, stroke my clit. I imagined how it would feel to have a tongue there. Rosita had done that wonderfully to me earlier and the sensations were so overwhelming I couldn’t remember exactly what she had done to me.

Sliding my tongue out, I licked and probed her wet opening. I licked her pussy from top to bottom slowly and gently. I burrowed my tongue into her body, slipping it deep as I could inside her vagina. My lips came in contact with her opening and I sucked gently. I cried out against her, as her savory juices flowed out into my mouth. I sucked harder and was rewarded with more of her pussy nectar. My eyes were closed and I just felt with my lips, my tongue, as I made love to her dripping flowing center. Her hips wiggled and thrust against my mouth and I knew I was making her happy. She was certainly making me happy just being there for me to make love to her. My own pussy seemed to be on fire too, my clit burned and swelled.

I don’t know how long I sucked and licked her pussy before I realized that she was very excited and her hips were thrusting upward and her breathing was heavy and fast. I looked up at her, I’d had my eyes closed for a long time, and saw her fondling her breasts and pulling at her long hard nipples. I remembered her sucking and licking my clit and I moved upward to find it. The hood over it was prominent and long and I put a finger on each side of it and pushed upward. Her clit is pink and larger than mine, pencil eraser sized in diameter. The head is rounded and it was beautiful like the rest of her sex.

I moved her hood upward letting it peep out more. I used my wet tongue to rub over the head and she cried out when it touched her. I sucked it into my mouth and began to suck in and out, in and out, over and over, pulsing my mouth. I don’t know why I did it. I’d never done this before, but guessed the alternating sucking would feel good to her.

It worked because she began to moan and cry out. I made my tongue slip along the underside of her clit, as mine is most sensitive there. Rosita cried out and her body shook and her hips came up off the bed. She screamed out and I was glad the door was closed or she would have awakened the baby. I kept up my attention to her clit while I suddenly thought about it, and slid first one then two fingers up inside her slick pussy. I could feel her vaginal muscles spasm around my fingers as she climaxed. I fucked her pussy hard, the way I love to when I’m masturbating. God, it felt so good to have her climax and know that I was the cause of her cumming. The liquid sounds of my fingers thrusting up inside her made little squishing noises and my lips made sucking sounds, as she moaned and cried out over and over.

I almost climaxed I was so excited by my own actions of bringing a wonderful woman off, my first woman. She gave one last quavering cry and pushed my head away, gasping. “No, please, Senora, please, no more!” I slid my fingers out of her and gave her pussy one last soft lick on her wet opening. As I pulled back I could see that her pretty little asshole was wet and there was a wet spot on the bed under her cute little ass. I grinned at it and moved up beside her to hold her close and kiss her cheek while she gasped, catching her breath.

I was still grinning when she finally calmed down. She asked why I was grinning so as her face lit up with a grin too. I told her I was so happy to have made her so happy and that she had made a large wet spot on the bed when she climaxed.

She shot up and looked down, and began to apologize and said she’d change the sheets immediately. I calmed her down and told her how wonderful I thought it was that I’d gotten her so excited and that she’s produced so much pussy juice. She colored and told me that that sometimes happened when she became very excited. I assured her it was OK and that I thought it was very wonderful. We began to giggle at the thought, and lay laughing and hugging. We talked for a while feeling mellow after the lovemaking.

We kissed and she told me what a wonderful lover I was. I asked her to teach me how to make love to her better and she assured me she would. We kissed over and over and lay holding each other for a long time. She got up and checked on little Jimmy, he was still asleep. I got up and we took a shower together. It was so wonderful. I loved the feel of her wet slick body against mine. We wound up making love in the shower, standing under the water mutually masturbating each other till we came almost at the same time. We got out weak kneed and lay down for a while, just holding together, kissing softly, non-sexually.

The rest of the day seemed to float by for me. I had made love to a woman for the first time and loved it and had made her climax! I felt like I was walking on air. I felt like telling Jim to go to hell. I had Rosita and little Jimmy, and he could fuck off for all I cared! I’d begged him to make love to me and he wouldn’t, and now I’d found that I really loved making love with a woman. Damn him! He could fuck his fist for the rest of his life. He’d deserted me when I really needed him.

I came to a decision after feeding little Jimmy in the afternoon. He lay on my chest, his little mouth sucking my hard nipple. My pussy seemed to come awake again. Rosita looked in on us and smiled and bent over and kissed my lips. God that made me so hot. She went out and came back a few minutes later when Jimmy had drunk his fill and closed his eyes. Rosita took him gently and took him and put him down for his nap

When she came back I had taken my panties off and lay thighs spread, my fingers playing with my pussy, pulling my lips wide. She grinned and shed her clothes in record time and slipped into bed with me. We kissed passionately, and I told her to turn around. She turned and we moved into a 69. I had gotten Jim to try this a couple of times, but he was always finding excuses to end it and just fuck me.

“Teach me how to make love to you Rosita!” I begged her softly. She moved, turned and came back up to kiss me. I was somewhat surprised at her movements.

“Senora, must learn to take the time to make love. Not to rush the wonderful feelings of making love to a woman. Kiss, Rosita’s face, neck, and ears slowly and passionately before moving to the breasts. ” She said smiling at me. Her brown eyes almost sparkled and I felt myself drawn into their depths.

I did as she asked, kissing her face, eyes, neck and ears, places I wished Jim would kiss when we made love. I kissed lower coming to her beautiful breasts licking and sucking her nipples.

She pushed me away for a moment, turned, lay back and motioned me to begin kissing her again. This time we were turned. I got above her and smiled down at her as my breasts, still full and swollen hung above her mouth. I leaned down and sucked and licked her nipples, licked her hot flesh as she went from one breast to the other sucking my milk from my swollen breasts. It was so erotic and exciting to be kissing her breasts while she suckled mine and drank from them. My pussy was on fire. She sucked the last of my milk from my breasts and by a gentle pressure indicated that I should move downward. I laved her stomach smelling her wonderful pussy so near, it’s excited scent, along with the odor of her exotic perfume filling my nostrils.

She was kissing me all the time and by her little nudges, told me where she wanted my lips and tongue to move. I bypassed her pussy and kissed her thighs, lapping her sensitive skin while she did the same to me. Finally she spread her thighs wide for me and I looked again at the dark petals of her womanly flower. Again I marveled at how perfectly lovely it was. Deep pink, almost red, and at the center, was her vaginal opening, puckered and almost pouting. I spread my thighs wider for her as she stroked them, pushing gently for me to open them wider for her.

Her vagina beckoned me and I kissed her wet intimate flesh lightly and heard her gasp. I sucked gently and her juices slid deliciously into my yearning mouth. I kissed it over and over sucking harder with each kiss. Then I slid my tongue out and into her center, probing her, plumbing the very core of her femininity. She cried out, her voice muffled by my body.

Then it was my turn to cry out as her lips covered my center and she sucked on me. Her hot long tongue slowly slid it into me, parting my flesh wiggling inside me. I pushed my face down hard, almost trying to burrow into her center. Her hot thighs and flesh surrounded me and the scent of her excitement seemed to fill my while body till I thought I would burst from the sensual overload. I pressed against her body and felt hot liquid from my breasts run down between us.

I looked at her sex, and saw it red and open before my eyes, then looked at her brown anus, a lovely rosette. I put a finger into her slick pussy, wetting it and slid it slowly and carefully inside her ass. She cried out and her hips thrust against my face. I watched as my finger slid into her back passage, till my finger was swallowed completely by her bowels.

Rosita moved her lips slightly and I cried out as her lips sucked on my swollen clit and she slid two fingers up inside my aching wet pussy. She seemed so knowing, as if she could read my mind, wanted her fingers deep inside me, deeper than her tongue could possibly reach. Her fingers slid deep inside me, curved and found my g-spot. I cried out as her fingers pressed against it, kneading the small spot, pressing against it. She was the first person who had ever touched it except for me when I had masturbated. I felt so wonderful to have her press against it and it gave me a feeling like no other. Her lips sucked my clit pulsing with her suction in and out, over and over. Her fingers kept up their rubbing on my g-spot. It felt so wonderful and added with the suction on my clit made me gasp with excitement and my body became almost explosive.

I sucked her delicious pussy and slid my finger in and out of her lovely ass. She moaned and cried out as I moved my head just a little and found her large firm clit and began to suck and tongue it the way she had done mine earlier. I simply could not get enough of her delicious pussy or making love to her wondrous sex.

I felt her fingers move out of my pussy and I cried out against her sex as her talented slick fingers played over my throbbing clit, her mouth covered my pussy, and her tongue slid into me. She sucked my opening hard, as her fingers danced a magic spell over my clit. I screamed out as I climaxed. My body seemed to turn inside out against her sucking mouth and her tongue sliding in and out of my pussy. What I did not know, until later, was that she had anticipated my climax and moved her mouth over my core. Her fingers inside me, rubbing my g-spot had made me climax like I had never done in my life and my juices gushed out and into her eager mouth. She told me she could feel the juices pulse out and into her waiting mouth.

I screamed out my pleasure against her wet flesh over and over as I seemed to explode again and again. I shook and twisted, my face against her wet pussy. Finally I came down, and lay panting, till I regained my senses and devoured her sweet sex with a renewed vigor. My finger slid inside her ass and I sucked her clit and moved my other hand to her pussy and slid two fingers inside her. I sucked her clit, tongued it and finger fucked her with both hands as fast as I possibly could.

Rosita screamed against me and climaxed, her body bucking under me as she came. I sucked her clit and tongued it as the dark-haired beauty came under me. I held on as best I could as her body writhed and her hips thrust against my head. I felt her nails dig into my ass as she held onto me in the throes of passion. Her juices flowed out around my pumping fingers and the squishing sounds filled the room punctuated by her cries of ecstasy. Her climax seemed to go on and on, much to my delirious delight. I was making her scream with passion – me, who my husband had spurned as a lover. I moaned my own pleasure against her pussy as I tried to make this wonderful woman escape the world through the pleasure I was bestowing upon her. Her pussy muscles clamped down on my fingers, as did her rectum as she came again and again. No one can climax forever, and finally she pushed her hand down between my face and her pussy to stop my eager mouth. I kissed her thighs and then we fell apart.

I turned around in the bed and pulled her to me, holding her. She lay panting for a while then turned her head and we kissed softly and gently. Our bodies moved closer and I felt wetness against my stomach. I pulled back a little and laughed. In the throes of passion, we had pushed our bodies so tightly that my breasts, though she had almost emptied them, had expelled milk all over her stomach. She laughed and leaned over and lapped at my wet flesh, licking my milk off of my stomach. She went back and sucked my breasts again, going from one to the other till she had emptied them completely. She came up to kiss me and when she did, her tongue slid into my mouth and she expelled some of my own milk into my mouth. We let it slide from mouth to mouth back and forth till we swallowed it finally. The feeling of intimacy and love for her was so intense that I had never felt anything like it for anyone in my life, my husband included. I began to cry I was so happy.

It took a while before I could relay to her the feeling and intense love I felt for her, and that my tears were not of sorrow, but of love, joy, and happiness. Then tears of joy slid down her cheeks too, and we lay kissing and whispering terms of endearment to each other. We lay together for a long while till we finally heard cooing noises from the nursery over the monitor beside the bed. We laughed and said it was a good thing that the noises only traveled from the nursery to the bedroom instead of the other way around. I looked into the nursery, put Jimmy’s pacifier in his mouth and checked his diaper.

I went back to the bedroom and Rosita had already stripped the bed. I took her by the hand and pulled her into the bathroom and we took a quick shower together. I loved the way her slick body pressed against mine and we washed each other quickly and then got dressed again.

I made a quick decision and called a good friend of mine and asked her if she could take care of little Jimmy that evening. She agreed quickly as she loves him, and had begged me to let her keep him any time I needed her. She knew nothing of the trouble I’d been having with Jim.

Later that evening I took Jimmy to my friend’s house and dropped him off. I went in quickly and returned to the car before she could ask any questions except to tell her what time I would pick Jimmy up. I slipped back into the car with Rosita beside me. She looked absolutely magnificent. We had dressed simply but elegantly for the evening. I was taking her to dinner and dancing. We had both put on our best evening clothes, and I had lent her some of my jewelry that suited her darker complexion. We had piled her long black hair up in a very flattering and elegant hairdo. I wore a simple low cut dress that showed off my bosom and a simple pearl necklace. I knew her dark beauty would turn heads wherever we went. I pulled into the parking lot of a small but elegant club I had only heard of. We went in and Rosita’s eyes went wide when she saw that there were only women in the club. All were dressed well, and obviously of means. No bull dykes allowed here. Looking around, I actually knew some of the women there and they seemed startled to see me there with another woman, and one so obviously exotic and beautiful as Rosita. She was a raven-haired temptress tonight. She turned heads as we came in, as did I with my full breasts displayed tastefully. I loved the stir of attention we caused. A beautiful young lady whose breasts were scarcely covered by her top seated us. When she bent over to hand us our menus, we could see the jutting tips of her nipples as her low cut top bowed away from her body. Her eyes looked us both over and she smiled her approval. We ordered drinks. I pulled Rosita close to me and put my arm around her waist. She smiled at me and kissed me on the cheek.

One of my acquaintances came over with her lady friend and said ‘hello.’ She seemed very interested in my dark exotic companion. I just introduced Rosita as a “very good friend,” and let her wonder where I had acquired such a stunningly beautiful Latin lover. They drifted away as our drinks arrived and we sat sipping them and talking, holding hands above the table. Slow music started and I asked Rosita to dance with me. I took her onto the dance floor and pulled her close to me and led her around the room. It was a little strange for both of us at first, but we quickly adjusted and our bodies melted together and I found she was a very good dancer.

We returned to our table and sat close, hands moving under the table caressing and growing bolder in the dim club light. Several drinks later we were almost lost in each other, our hands had reached high to press against thinly clad pussies exciting us both. Finally, I could stand it no longer and pulled her to her feet and toward the ladies room. Once inside we came together passionately and I dropped to my knees and pulled her dress upward, slid under it, and literally attacked her. I slipped her panties to one side, too much in a hurry to pull them down. I pushed her back against the counter and slid my tongue into her steamy pussy. She gasped and cried out as I devoured her pussy.

I dimly heard the door open and could have cared less, as her dress covering my head. Her pussy was dripping and her excitement was evident as she thrust her hips forward and spread her thighs for me. I sucked her clit and thrust two fingers up inside her fucking her with a vengeance till she screamed her ecstasy and came. Her juices flowed out into my mouth and I sucked them up with relish. After only one climax she pushed my head away and I pulled her dress off of my head.

When I stood up, two of the women I knew were standing there watching us. Mavis, a judge’s wife stood behind Bea, a doctor’s wife holding her close, her hands covering Bea’s breasts, and pressing her hips against Bea’s hips as if fucking her. Their eyes were wide with excitement and lust at finding us making love. I just nodded a silent hello to them and quickly rinsed Rosita’s juices off my face while she adjusted her panties, much to the amusement of the two ladies. I winked at them as we moved past them.

We went back and had a couple more drinks. Mavis and Bea came over to our table and Bea asked me to dance and Mavis asked Rosita. Rosita looked at me for guidance and I nodded and gave her a quick kiss on her lovely red lips and told her to enjoy herself. Bea took the lead and guided me around the floor, her body pressed against mine. She couldn’t take her eyes off of my breasts, commenting on how much they had developed since I had last seen her. I told her that I was nursing little Jimmy. She had a million questions about that and also about Rosita. I just told her that she was a good friend. The lover part was obvious!

Mavis and Rosita seemed to be having a good time dancing together also. Mavis’s hand stayed on Rosita’s trim ass holding her close. At the end of the dance we swapped partners and Mavis and I danced together. She complemented me on my choice of a lover and tried to ply me with questions about Rosita. I demurred answering her questions, letting it be a mystery that seemed to consume her. I found that she and Bea had been lovers for a few years without their husbands knowing about it. I didn’t volunteer any information, making her more desperate to find out about my relationship with Rosita.

We went back to the table and declined several invitations to dance and slipped onto the floor together just enjoying each other for the rest of the evening. We had a delicious meal and left feeling wonderful. I drove carefully, not wanting a ticket. We picked up Jimmy and decided we had both enjoyed a wonderful evening.

I undressed and fed Jimmy from my full breasts, then put him to bed. Rosita came in and we slipped into bed together. She moved to my aching breasts and drained them slowly, teasing me, and fingering my pussy that was drenched from the evening of teasing. I came explosively once as she sucked my breasts slowly, kneading them sensuously while she fingered my swollen clit, taking the edge off of my passion. My breasts now empty, she moved down to suck my pussy, slipping her fingers deep inside me and finger fucking me to another explosive climax that ended a wonderful day and erotic evening with my wonderful lover. I smiled as she cuddled against my back later, her warm wonderful naked body spoon fashioned against me, her hand lightly cupping my breast.

We ate breakfast together wonderfully nude. I loved seeing her naked in the kitchen and she felt the same way about me. I fed jimmy and again after I had finished with him, my breasts were still heavy with milk. Rosita came and delightfully milked them with her sweet lips. I had almost become addicted to her wonderful lips wrapped around my hard nipples and the wonderful feel of her sucking the milk from them as we caressed.

It excited us both and we turned and slid into a fantastic 69 and were deep into making love when I heard a gasp from the doorway. I looked up from beneath Rosita’s thighs and saw Jim standing in the doorway watching us. His eyes were wide. He didn’t move away but stood there. I put my head back down and returned my attentions to Rosita’s delicious and very wet pussy. Knowing Jim was there made it all the more exciting and erotic. I raised me head slightly several times to find him still there. Now I could see a bulge in his trousers and knew he was becoming excited from watching.

I moved Rosita’s thighs slightly, spreading them so he could see her beautiful pussy, and my tongue slipping deep inside her, my lips sucking her red center. I slid one then two fingers deep inside her and moved my lips up to suck her firm clit. My fingers disappeared inside her, thrusting deep inside her. The little liquid sounds of our lovemaking were evident to him. I found Rosita’s g-spot and kneaded it firmly as she had taught me over the last few days. I concentrated on bringing her to an explosive climax and when her moans and cries reached a fever pitch, pulled my fingers from her pussy and slid one slick finger deep inside her beautiful anus. My lips sucked hard on her clit and my tongue rapidly moved over here hard nub till she screamed against my pussy and came.

Her open pussy exploded and a jet of her abundant juices shot out. I let it squirt out this time for Jim’s benefit and heard him groan. I looked over and he had his cock out, his hand flying up and down it’s length and as Rosita climaxed and her juices shot out, he followed a moment later and his thick cum jetted out to fall on the carpet. I put my face back against her pussy and sucked her pussy till she exploded again, this time I caught her juices in my mouth and drank the sweet salty nectar from her depths.

She lay limp for several minutes catching her breath and then her lips and fantastic tongue worked their magic on my pussy till I exploded and screamed her name out, over and over. When I finally regained my strength minutes late and looked, the doorway was empty, Jim was gone. Rosita had never realized he was there watching us.

“Well, good!” I thought. Now he knows his wife is a real sexual being and can have an explosive climax as well as bring another woman to a screaming climax also. I didn’t mention his being there to Rosita and after she had left the room, took a wet washrag and cleaned Jim’s cum up off the rug.

That evening I got a call from Walter, Jim’s psychologist buddy and counselor. He and Jim wanted to meet me for dinner at a quiet restaurant. I agreed hedging just a little so as not to seem too eager. I dressed elegantly but sexy too. I wanted Jim and Walter to know that I was still a desirable woman. I wore a dark colored shift with a low cut top that accentuated my bosom and showed a lot of cleavage. A single strand of pearls and pearl earrings set off the dress. My wedding ring and one simple cocktail ring were my only other ornaments. Simple and sexy!

The table Walt had chosen was in the corner, away from others. I gave Jim a quick kiss on his lips and one on Walt’s cheek. Both men had a hard time keeping their eyes off of my creamy, well-displayed bosom. We had drinks and then a wonderful seafood dinner. The lobsters were superb. After we had finished Walt told me that he and Jim had been having long talks about our marriage and he had helped Jim get over his aversion to sex after the baby. He explained the reasoning behind it and I had heard bits of it before. The baby was almost like a rival and he had trouble reconciling that it had come from the place he loved to make love to. There was more, but that was the gist of the explanation.

Jim had been very quiet during the dinner and I knew that seeing Rosita and I making love had both excited him, and probably disturbed him also. Finally he opened up. “Honey, I’m sorry, I was a fool. I should have seen Walt when I first had an aversion to making love to you. I was all mixed up and I hope you can forgive me. Today when I walked in and saw you and Rosita were making love, it was the most erotic thing I had ever seen. I don’t know if you knew it, but I got off watching you two. Walt and I also discussed that too.

“I was wrong. I admit it. I will try to become a better husband, father, and lover. If you will take me back I will do anything to make our marriage work. I promise to cut back at work and spend more time with you and Jimmy. What you and Rosita do together is your own business. She is certainly a beautiful and desirable woman and I know you two have a special love for each other. I will do absolutely nothing to spoil that. Can you forgive me and take me back?” Jim said, his voice quavering slightly. I thought for a minute he would cry.

I thought back to all the good times we had together, and this was just one small ripple in the flow of life’s water. He had admitted his mistake and knowing Jim, would make good on every promise – that was his way of life. I leaned over and kissed him and he pulled me to him and we hugged. Before I agreed to let him come back, I told him he had to go to a marriage sex counselor and get rid of his objections to oral sex with me. I had found that oral sex was very pleasurable and that I wanted it to become an integral part of our lovemaking.

I could see Walt’s head nod at my reasonable demands. Jim agreed and said he would certainly follow a counselor’s advice. He had found Rosita’s and my lovemaking very exciting, more so than he had ever thought possible. We held hands and kissed. He began to grin, his old charming grin that always endeared me to him. He reached in his pocket and pulled out an envelope. In it were three airline tickets to the island of Bora Bora in the South Pacific – my dream Paradise Island. I looked up at him and smiled and spread the tickets out – one, two, three!

He grinned. “I checked – Jimmy flies for free. I wonder who would like to go with us on a second honeymoon? I only booked one room; double beds and they have a nursery in the Hotel Bora Bora too! Rosita will have lots of free time on her hands while we are there. Think she’ll be interested in going with us?

My smile almost lit up the whole end of the restaurant. I knew that the three of us would have a very sensual, sexual, erotic, lusty vacation. I began to think what kind of clothes to pack! Rosita and I would need new bikinis, new negligees, new ———-!

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