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The Sea Siren

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Life on The Sea Siren was not an easy one, to be a hard core fisherman on the Bering Sea you had to be tough and willing to work hard. October and January are the best times for fishing for king crab.

Joel was the son of the captain of The Sea Siren, he had worked last season as a greenhorn, this season he was working as a full crewmen.

They were on their third night out on the crab, they had just set 300 pots out to soak the captains plan was to let them set for 36 hours because he had a hunch that the crab would be plentiful here, since the pots they had just brought up were pretty good, so the crew was due for some needed rest. They had just had a great meal fixed by Mikey the cook, and Joel decided to hit his bunk for a short nap.

Entering the cabin Joel noticed that Raff (short for Rafferty) was already in his bunk sleeping away so he tried not to wake him, he took off his gear and slipped into his bunk. After a short amount of time he went to sleep, but he had only been asleep a short time when he awoke to sounds equal to someone having a really good time, but since there were no women on board he turned on his overhead light and looked over at Raff’s bunk, he was moaning and writhing in his bunk.

Raff must have been having one hell of a dream because the air in the room was becoming intense and making Joel hot, and not for a woman. What Joel had not told anyone was that he was gay, working along side die hard hot men for days or weeks on end was a constant challenge, no one knew and especially not his father. He would never accept him for who he was he would only see what he was and he would be lost to his family forever, so Joel kept things to himself. But Raff was making it really hard and I mean hard to keep himself under control.

Joel couldn’t take too much more so he slid his hand down his body and into the waistband of his long johns, his cock was hard, he could feel precum seeping from the head, he used it as lube and slid his hand up and down the shaft of his hard cock. His hips began bucking with his hand, he was so enthralled in his erotic state of mind that he hadn’t noticed that Raff had stopped making noise, he looked over and Raff was watching him.

Mortified Joel looked away, he couldn’t believe he had just been caught red handed as it were.

“Look man, its alright. No harm done.”

“What were you dreaming about if I could ask?”

“Well, I met this real hot chick last month in Anchor. She was a real ball breaker, she rode me like a cowboy, hard and put me away wet. You know what I mean kid?”

“I wish, my dad keeps me so busy when were not fishing and when were fishing its hard to meet anyone.”

“I understand that kid, I see how hard he rides you and your brothers, it must have been something else growing up in your house.”

“You got that right, if your life’s ambition wasn’t to be a fisherman or something related to it, he don’t want to hear it.”

“Why you don’t want to be a fisherman?”

“No, not really. I wanted to go to college in New York, I had even applied to the NYU and got in. But he wouldn’t hear it,” he said as he got up from his bunk and walked over near Raff who had gotten off his bunk to sit on the step up.

“You kidding, that’s a great school. What did you want to study?”

“Art, I love to draw and paint. To make beautiful pictures and see them come alive on canvas or paper is amazing.”

“Oh yeah, I seen some of your drawings up in the wheel house. If he didn’t want you drawing why he let you keep them up there?”

“Well those are of our house and the boat it helps him when he’s out here and missing my mom. If it weren’t for that he wouldn’t. I really wanted to go to New York too, someday when I make enough off working on the boat I will make it there with or without my fathers approval.”

“I understand kid, you got to do what you got to do. Don’t let anyone or anything get in your way.”

“Please don’t tell my father what I told you, I will tell him as soon as I have earned enough money to make it on my own,” he said stepping close to Raff.

“Don’t worry kid your secret is safe with me.”

“Thanks Raff.”

“Well I think I am going to try and take that nap again if the hottie will let me anyway.”

“Me too, or else it’s going to be time to get back at it.”

Just then the boat lurched and sent Joel into Raff’s lap, they were chest to chest and face to face, the violent movement wouldn’t allow Joel to right himself right away. Joel didn’t try too hard to get up all he could think about was that he was so close to Raff and he could smell that male scent not fish which meant he had showered before lying down. It seemed like forever but it must have just been a moment or two, he came to his senses and tried to rise but then he knew Raff must feel his arousal. He looked Raff in the eyes and knew that he could feel on his leg the rising hardness of his cock. His face went instantly red. He quickly tried to get up and then realized his hand was on Raff’s cock, it was hard.

Joel look Raff in the eye and he smiled back at him, Joel took a chance and began rubbing his hand up and down Raff’s rock hard cock. He figured about 8″ and about 3″ wide.

“You like what you feel?”

“Only if you do, if not I’m a dead man aren’t I?”

“I don’t mind it.”

“Go lock that door.”

Joel got up and went over to the door and pulled the latch across. He turned around and there sitting on the step up was Raff naked. His hard cock pointing upward, and he had been right 8″ and 3″ wide. Joel slowly walked over to Raff, he put his hand on his waistband pulled his long johns down and kicked them away.

“Still okay with this?”

“I’d be better if you were on your knees.”

Joel took that as a yes and lowered himself to his knees, taking Raff’s cock in his right hand, he lowered his mouth to it and licked the tip. He heard a moan from Raff and knew he was just as excited about the prospect as he was. Joel pushed more of Raff’s cock down his throat, he began sucking on it intently as his other hand ran up and down it’s length. Joel felt Raff’s hands start exploring his body, first his shoulders, arms, his hands on his head giving Joel encouragement.

Raff’s labored breaths were telling Joel that he was doing a good job. Raff moved his hands over Joel’s back and down the crack of his ass, trying to rub his hole, it was hard at this angle. Raff stood up, leaving Joel on his knees, he walked over and pulled the mattress off the top bunk and tossed it on the floor and laid down on it. Joel took the invitation and went to go back to work on Raff’s cock when Raff grabbed him and turned him around so that they were in a 69 position.

Joel was grateful, his cock was bursting, and begging to be touched. Raff then tentatively touched Joel’s cock, testing the waters by licking the tip of it. Then licking his fingers he rubbed it over Joel’s hole, Joel’s moan of pleasure as good as any invitation. Raff sucked Joel’s cock into his mouth, then pushed his finger into Joel hole. Raff’s mouth and finger found a rhythm together, when one finger didn’t seem to be enough Raff added another. In the mean time Joel was all about Raff’s cock, pushing it deeper into his throat, he would gag every now and then, but he relaxed and it became better and better.

Each of their hips began to buck into the others mouth, a third finger was added to Joel’s hole and Raff couldn’t take to much more of Joel’s mouth or he was going to explode.

Raff pushed Joel off his cock and moved out from under him, leaving Joel on his hands and knees. Raff moved up behind him, spit on his hand and then rubbed in on his cock, he held his cock to Joel’s hole and inched his cock into Joel’s hole.

Joel was ready he hoped, Raff push the head of his cock into Joel’s hole, it hurt like hell. Then more, Raff began pulling out and going deeper with each movement. Then at last his cock was buried deep in Joel’s hole and he was jetting his cock in and out. Joel was amazed at how good Raff’s cock felt in his ass, he had tried dildo’s before but he had never had a real cock in his ass. He had sucked cock before when he went away to camp once but that’s as far as it had gotten, that’s when he realized that he was gay.

Raff was driving his cock hard into Joel, reaching around and jerking his cock at the same time. Joel stood up on his knees reaching behind him putting his arm around Raff’s neck, while still pumping Raff’s cock in and out of his ass.

Raff leaned back and took Joel with him, now Joel was riding Raff’s cock, his feet planted on the floor he dipped down and drilled Raff’s cock into his own ass, Raff held onto Joel’s ass for support and watched as his cock disappeared into Joel ass.

Joel had no idea it could feel this good. He stood for a moment and turned around to face Raff, he wanted to watch the expression on his face as they fucked. Joel went down to his knees on Raff’s cock to get better penetration, he also leaned forward with a hand on either side of Raff’s head, Raff had his hands all over Joel’s body exploring as they went, they looked into each others eyes as Joel lowered his mouth to Raff’s. He kissed him lightly at first, then after a few short kisses, Raff buried his tongue in Joel’s mouth kissing him passionately.

Raff jetted his cock up into Joel as they kissed, he held on tight to Joel as he came deep within his bowels. Raff’s ragged breath in Joel mouth as he came pushed Joel over the edge and he came, spraying cum between them all over their chests.

Joel collapsed on Raff’s chest, both fighting to bring their breathing under control. He didn’t know what to do next as he caressed Raff’s skin.

“That was fucking amazing,” Raff finally said.

“Yes it was.”

“Don’t tell anyone, I’m not gay. I was horny. It’s okay if your gay I understand Joel.”

“I wouldn’t tell anyone, no one knows that I’m gay, please keep that our secret.”

“Another secret I will keep for you, I promise.”

They laid there wrapped in each other until sleep took over, they were safe the door was locked. They slept a good 3 hours when a knock sounded on the door, startled they looked at each other then the door.

“Yeah,” Raff shouted.

“Fifteen minutes.”

“Okay, were up.”

“We had best get moving.”

They stood up, Raff grabbed the mattress and put it back in it’s place. They dressed quickly and unlocked the door and headed back out to what would turn out to be 20 hours of hauling pots then resetting them, the count in the pots was excellent and the captain knew we had our hitch. So we sat the pots back to soak for another 36 hours, which meant more down time, which excited Joel to no end. He showered quickly when it was his turn, got a bite to eat, swapped storied for a little bit when he noticed Raff heading to the cabin, he sat for a short time more then started yawning intently, giving a tired excuse he headed to the cabin.

Walking into the cabin it was dark, the light from the hall shown over the room showed Raff in his bunk, Joel shut the door behind him, locking it. He walked over to his bunk and started undressing when he felt a hand wrap around his middle and lips on his neck. He reached behind him and felt Raff’s hard cock was pressed against his ass cheek. Raff turned him around then took his mouth in a deep longing kiss, while he finished undressing Joel.

Once again Raff pulled the mattress off the top bunk and tossed it on the floor, they laid down beside each other, caressing each others skin, teasing each others cock, sucking on each others balls and cock while in 69. Joel then decided to put his fingers to Raff’s ass, he didn’t protest so he continued. He pushed first one then two finger’s into Raff’s tight ass, after the third finger was inserted Raff began bucking wildly on Joel’s fingers, Raff pushed Joel off then turned around putting his ass up in the air, for Joel. Joel moved up to Raff’s ass poked the head of his cock into it. He was tight, Joel pushed harder and pop it was in, Raff moaned in pain or pleasure he didn’t know which. But he kept going, pushing more and more of his cock into Raff’s ass.

Joel slammed his cock in and out of Raff’s ass, Raff was wildly and roughly pounding his ass on to Joel’s cock. Raff pulled off Joel’s cock and laid on his back, putting his legs on Joel’s shoulders, Joel shoved his cock back deep into Raff’s ass. He leaned down and kissed Raff while he plunged his cock in and out of Raff’s hole, it was so amazing. He was driving his cock hard when he felt Raff cum between them, it sent him over the edge and he came deep within Raff’s ass.

They laid together as before hold up in each others arms caressing each other, kissing, and talking quietly. They again fell asleep but woke several times, and again made love before they finally fell into a deep sleep.

Again they were awoken by a knock on the door telling them 30 minutes and they were hauling pots. They rose slowly, pausing to kiss, then right the room, get dressed and head up to the deck.

On deck the waves were crashing pretty hard, it was rough hauling in the pots. Joel’s dad was yelling warnings over the speaker when to watch out for a wave. They were hauling a pot over at the same time a huge wave crashed into pot sending it flying off the crane, it slammed into Joel sending him sailing across the deck hitting his head on the other side.

The men rushed to Joel’s side, Raff was frantic looking for signs of injury on Joel, he was unconscious and bleeding from a deep gash on his forehead. Tiny and Joe picked Joel up carefully and carried him below deck, Captain Tom came bounding down the ladder to the galley to check on his son. Mikey was busy examining his wound.

“How is he?”

“He’s unconscious and this head wound looks bad. I’m pretty sure I can sew it up, but he might have internal injuries and head wounds are bad especially since he’s not woke up yet. Get the first aid kit I think there are some smelling salts in there.”

Mikey held the bottle under Joel’s nose and he began to stir.

“Raff,” Joel said in a low voice.

“He’s fine Joel, all the guys are fine. You got hit by a pot. Are you okay son?”

“I think so dad, my head hurts is all.”

Joel tried to get up, but he fell back on the table. Mikey had brought some water and put on gloves. He mopped the blood from the wound, and held some gauze on it.

Raff came into the room as Joel was waking up and heard him say his name, he hoped that his father took it as concern for his welfare.

“Maybe we should call coast guard and have him airlifted off to the hospital,” his dad said.

“No, no I’m fine really, just let me lie down for a while it’s not that bad.”

“Are you sure son.”

“Yes, I’m fine dad.”

“Alright, as long as your sure, but if you start feeling bad you need to tell us right away.”

“I don’t feel right about this Captain, what if something happens,” Mikey said.

“I don’t like it either, but he said he’s okay.”

“Let’s go back fishing guys.”

Raff was so concerned for Joel he stayed behind after the others had gone back on deck, he helped Mikey put Joel to bed. When Mikey had left the room to go get an extra blanket Joel looked up and Raff’s face was wet with tears.

“I am so sorry Joel, it was my fault, the pot swung away before I could get the dogs on.”

“It’s fine Raff, I am okay and its not your fault, a wave hit at just the wrong time it happens. Really I am fine.”

“When I saw you lying there unconscious I didn’t know what I was going to do if I lost you, is that weird to hear?”

“No, not weird. Wonderful, but I understand the position it puts you in.”

“Yes, a precarious position. You’re my bosses son, and I have feelings for you but I’m confused about them.”

“I know, I feel the same way about you Raff.”

“Well I best get out there before someone comes looking for me and hears something they shouldn’t. Do you need anything before I go?”

“I could use a couple dozen aspirin.”

“I’ll get you something, I’ll be right back.”

Raff went out into the galley and asked Mikey where the aspirin was, finding it and getting a bottled water out of the ice box Raff returned to the cabin. He held out the aspirin and opened the bottle of water for him. Joel took the medicine and laid back down. Joel rolled onto his side and Raff tucked the blanket around Joel’s shoulders, kissed him on the forehead and went back out on deck.

After 12 hours of hauling pots they had a 45 minute break while they headed for the next round of pots. Raff went below deck to check on Joel while the others took naps where ever they could find somewhere to throw themselves down.

Raff opened the door and the light shown over Joel still in the same position that he had left him in, shutting the door behind him he rushed to the bed. Laying his hand on Joel’s cheek found it warm to the touch, his even breathing told him that he was just sleeping. He looked over the room and saw that he had had something to eat and saw his sketch book at the foot of the bed. He opened it and looked through the rough drawings, he had drawn an intricate drawing of the deck hands hauling up a pot. It was so unbelievably beautiful, he knew that Joel had a rare gift.

At that moment he felt Joel touching his lower back rubbing it. He turned and smiled, “This is so fantastic, you really belong at that school Joel.”

“Yeah, but it will be another year before I can go this really messed things up for this year,” he said pointing to his head.

“You never know, something might happen between now and then.”

“I wouldn’t count on it, the money I get from this trip won’t be what it would have been if I hadn’t gotten hurt.”

“I’m really sorry Joel.”

“I told you it’s not your fault, please stop blaming yourself. I am fine no real damage. How long of a break do you have?”

“Not long now, were heading to the last string. I really need to grab something to eat and head back up.”

“Alright, please stop worrying about me,” he said stroking Raff’s back lovingly.

“I come check on you again in a while,” he said kissing him on the lips sweetly.

Raff left the room and Joel was left with his thoughts. He knew that this whatever it was with Raff was just a brief thing, he knew that Raff would not want to carry on with this off the boat. That hurt but he knew it to be so.

Joel was tired of lying about his bunk and so he headed up to the wheel house to see what was happening out on deck, his father greeted him with questions about his health and he assured him he was fine. They were near the end of the string about 50 more pots to be loaded back on board and they would be headed back to port to off load the crab. They were close to full about 150,000 pounds of king crab, money, money. Money he wasn’t going to be getting because he wasn’t working for it. He knew his father he would cut his share because he didn’t work the last two strings. It was money he needed to be able to go to New York, and begin his new life away from fishing.

The men hauled the last pot on board, sorted the crab and strapped down the pots for the return trip back to port. The overall mood was high because the count was high which meant high pay for everyone. Joel took a turn in the wheel house so his father could get some needed rest himself and a good meal, there was nothing to do but watch the instruments and keep them on course. The deck boss came up a little while later and told Joel to go get some rest, he gladly left the wheel house feeling a bit battered and ready for some rest.

Walking into the cabin he heard Raff’s even breathing and undressed and climbed into his bunk. They both slept most of the way back into port, arriving home his mother was waiting to take him to the hospital to be checked out, it was horrible not being able to talk to Raff before he left, but by the time he woke up Raff was on deck helping to off load the crab and his mother was insisting that he go to the hospital. Well he intended to make it a quick trip so he could get back to the dock.

The doctors agreed he was fine, a concussion is what they had all thought. He would be fine just needed some off the sea rest and he would be fine in a few days.

When he arrived back at the dock they were finishing up the tally and his father was in the office. The deck hands were waiting impatiently on the deck of the Sea Siren. Raff seemed happy to see him as he boarded.

“Well kid what did the doctors say.”

“A concussion, but I am fine.”

“That’s good it could have been a whole lot worse you know.”

“Yes, I know. What are we looking at did pop say?”

“About 25 or 30.”

“Yeah for you guys, not me.”

Just as he had thought his dad came back and he was getting about 18, less than what he had thought to pay bills and then to pay tuition. He would have to save most of it, and do another season, perhaps he could go in the summer after the January season. This bummed Joel to no end, along with this he had yet to deal with Raff.

The hands collected their pay and their gear and headed out, Joel was standing outside the wheel house when he saw Raff on the dock with his gear over his shoulder, he looked up at Joel with the biggest smile on his face, he pointed to his bag then turned and walked away. Joel had no idea what he had meant but found out when he got his gear from below a note was stuck in his bag.

Meet me at my place, Saturday at 8 p.m. signed R.

Joel’s spirits soared at the thought of being with Raff without fear of discovery by someone on the crew. Saturday came and he drove to Anchor, stopping outside Raff’s house it was a small house just outside town, it was log cabin style with a large deck all around it, there were hardly any houses around. It was perfect.

Joel walked up to the door but before he could knock the door flew open, there in the doorway was Raff with a big smile on his face. Joel walked in and he shut the door behind him. At once Raff was behind Joel nuzzling his neck, Joel cried out with pleasure. He grabbed Joel’s hand and led him to the living room, once there they unceremoniously stripped themselves of all obstacles.

They laid down on the floor in front of the fireplace, the fire was burning brightly and cast a golden light over there hot skin as they sucked each others cock furiously, there fingers enticing each others holes. The moans filled the room, as Raff came up behind Joel he was begging him to fill his ass with his hot cock.

“Go on, fuck my ass, I want you so badly.”

“You sure you want me,” he said as he teased Joel’s hole.

Joel pushed a finger of his own in his hole to show Raff he was ready, Raff pushed Joel’s hand out of the way and pushed his cock in side. Joel moaned with delight as he was getting what he had wanted. Raff buried his cock deep in Joel’s ass, jetting in and out with labored breaths. Raff moved deep within Joel while his hands roamed his body, stroking his cock and kissing him deeply, lovingly.

They made love long into the night, holding each other, kissing, touching and talking. Raff held onto Joel like he didn’t want to let him go. They talked about NYU and how Joel should go.

“I can’t Raff, I didn’t make enough to cover everything. At least not now, I could possibly go in the summer after the January season.”

“Yes you can go,” he handed Joel an envelope.

“What’s this?”

“Your future.”

“What are you talking about,” he said as he opened it. Inside was a check for enough to cover his tuition for at least half the year.

“No Raff I can’t.”

“Yes you can and you will, I won’t take it back. It’s what I want to do for you and for me as well. You have in this short time given me such happiness that I want you to be happy, and going to art school is what you want most and what will make you the happiest. I love you Joel, please take the money.”

“You love me.”

“Yes, more than I thought I could love any woman. I still don’t believe I’m gay, just bi I think,” he said laughing.

“I love you too, how can I leave now knowing how we feel about each other.”

“You can and you will for us both, I don’t want anything to spoil what we have had. It would be if it were to come out about us, I have to be able to work with these men and it would be too hard if they knew. I’m not ashamed of being with you Joel, that’s not it. Like I said, I’m not gay. I’m just in love with another man, in a relationship that can’t go any further for both our sakes because I want you to have the life you have dreamed of, and this here fishing and being here in Alaska is my life I dreamed of. I don’t want to do anything that would jeopardize that for either of us. You may one day want to come back to fishing I want you to have that chance but it wouldn’t happen if it came out your gay or that we were in a relationship.”

“I understand, you are being selfless and I love that about you. Would you be able to come to New York someday to see me or see me when I come home on visits if your not out on the boat?”

“Of course, it’s not like we will never see each other again, internet, phone, planes are wonderful inventions you know.”

“Yes I know. If your sure this is what you want?”

“It’s what I want, your what I want,” he said fondling Joel’s rising cock.

“I love you Raff, I will miss you.”

“You haven’t left yet,” he said leaning down and sucking Joel’s cock deep within his mouth.

Joel lovingly stroked his head as he sucked on his cock, tears streamed down his face thinking about the love he felt for this man and the sacrifice he was making for them both. Raff caught him up in his arms as his cock found it’s home in Joel’s ass. He wiped the tears from his cheeks as he drove home his love for him.

Joel left for college 3 weeks later, much to his father’s anger and his mothers pride. He and Raff spent as much time together as they could, making love and making plans for visits. Raff was sad and happy all at the same time as he watched Joel leave his house for the final time. He knew, he was gay, he just wanted to keep it to himself. He would forever long for his love, but it was all for the best and he knew it.

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