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The Ride

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10. Sometime in late July, the first year.

My hair splayed out around me as the trickling flow of the stream lifted and carried it. Soothed by the water, my body warmed in the desert sun. I held Tom’s hand and squeezed with love. We had been lying in the creek for nearly half an hour, letting our tired bodies come back to themselves after fucking so so hard.

Sighing deeply, I filled my lungs and felt my chest rise. We were both naked. I raised my head and looked down at my body. My breasts were flattened across my chest, nipples soft in their areolea. With a little sigh, I swept my fingers over them, curling my nails across my flesh.

I was sure I knew how to make them perk up. I got my coltish legs under me and gingerly made my barefooted way to the Jeep, where I got the bottle of Dr. Bonner’s soap from under the seat and wash cloth and a tube of lube from my bag.

Returning to the creek, I wet the cloth and drenched it in the soap before bringing it to my pussy and bottom and washing gingerly. The soap stung delightfully on my tender ass and around the new ring in my clit hood. Sitting in the water, I spread my legs up-stream and made a dam of them catch the water and rinse off as I lifted the cloth and soaped up my breasts and under my arms before I lying down in the rush, letting the flow wash me clean.

Fresh again, I moved to Tom and washed him up too. He crossed his hands under his head and relaxed as his woman ministered to him. I liked bathing him. We’d have to do this again.

I returned to the Jeep and got the bucket from between the seats to use to rinse him off. Tom is a big guy, and where the stream itself might wash little me off, there was no way I could rinse off Tom without help. Once he was cleansed, I knelt between his legs and took his peppermint smelling cock into my mouth, sucking him lovingly, making him hard for me.

He stiffened wonderfully. The long, smooth shaft of him pressed to the back of my throat as I drew my lips along the length, sucking gently. Hard and powerful, I felt him pulsing on my tongue as I plunged my head down onto him. As my lips held him close in me, I laved him with my tongue, sweeping it over him and around him as I bobbed my head up and down. My wet hair clung around my back and shoulders and fell in wet tendrils to his stomach as my face moved on and off. I inhaled deeply as I sucked him in, loving the sensation making love to him with my mouth. It was heavenly to have him inside of me.

I lifted my mouth from him only reluctantly, but with eager anticipation too as I uncapped the tube of lubricant. Looking Tom in the eye, I swabbed my bottom with it, touching the tips of my fingers inside to push it in. We’d done this only a short time ago, but I thought I could take him there again. I opened to the touch of my finger, pushing the lubricant up and into me, readying. I filled my palm with it too and daubed the slippery stuff onto Tom’s cock.

“Again,” he asked, a little surprised.

I smiled. “I like it.” I was pretty sure I would be a bit sore. But I wasn’t lying. I do like it.

Moving over him, kneeling astride him, I held his cock up to my ass and brushed the head of it between my cheeks. Touching it up to my hole, I rolled my hips and felt myself open for him, and I slid down.

I cried out. But I rose up again and came down harder.

“Fuck my ass, Tom, I love that you fuck my ass!”


That Lindsay and I were going to turns dropping Tom off and picking him up from his river trips that summer had started as fun. A laugh. I can’t even remember which of us suggested it, but it seemed so risqué and daring at the time. No, that isn’t true. I do remember. It was me. Me and my silly romantic ideas. Lindsay was to take him to the company warehouse, wearing some revealing little outfit, looking all blonde and gorgeous, and make a big deal of leaving him for two whole long weeks, and I would pick him up clad in something just as provocative and gush about seeing him again and how much I had missed him. And since we would be using his own Jeep to do so, we knew his fellow guides would be full of questions. What was up with the two girls? It was supposed to be funny. And if he had back to back trips, we were both going to go down to spend the night with him. Seems dumb now.

When it actually came down to it, aside from the very first time, Lindsay was always kept from making the trip. There was a trip to see her parents, and, after that, the schedule of the volleyball camps she was coaching never seemed to allow her go. So I went.

The Jeep doesn’t have air conditioning, so I never wore much. I draped a bath sheet over the vinyl of the driver’s seat and striped down to next to nothing for the journey across the desert. It was a hot drive. Very hot. And this particular time, after Lindsay had moved out, I was also so miserable still that she had left me. Left us. I wanted to see Tom so much. I wanted to love him and have him love me too. I needed his touch. I needed to hear his voice and just talk with him. I hadn’t even been able to call him because he was in the wilderness.

When I got to the warehouse, it was obvious Tom’s crew was not back yet. I was wearing a retro blouse I had found at a thrift shop that was blousy and gauzy and totally revealing if I moved. So I moved a lot. The sateen strips parted to expose pleated sheer inserts and as much of me as anyone cared to see. My little denim skirt was an unconstructed tube. It was short. If I lifted it up around my waist and let it drop, the silly thing just barely snagged on my narrow hips, and that cling was all that kept it on me. I hadn’t bothered with anything under it. For one thing, I liked being kind of daring like that, especially away from home. For another, I found it just a little uncomfortable wearing panties just then. Not that wearing them was so horrible, but going without felt better since my little modification operation. I couldn’t wait for Tom to see it.

I was up on the front bumper of the Jeep, waving and dancing with delight and anticipation, when the crew truck rolled in. They all whooped and hollered when they saw me, so I blew kisses. Hopping out, Tom loped to me, and I jumped right on him as he came close. Our first kiss went on for five minutes, as I held to him and just refused to let go. My legs were wrapped around his waist, my arms around his neck and my body pressed so tight to him. My skirt must have bunched at my hips in the embrace, exposing a lot of Kelly to the other guides. Oh, well.

But suddenly I was crying in Tom’s arms. I had told myself I wouldn’t. I was over it. Over her. But there I was, crying and holding on to Tom. He asked me why, concern heavy in his voice as he shifted his hold on me, trying to get me to look at him, clasping me again until I just told him. The woman we loved, Lindsay, didn’t love us. We were dumped.

He held me even tighter. He wrapped his strong arms around me and just held on. For a long time. He just held me. I loved him for that.

I quieted at last and he let me down again, my legs wobbly under me then.

When he finally spoke, his voice was calm and reassuring, deep and low and soothing and true. “Jan really hurt her, you know? Just graduated and left.” he said softly into my hair. “Linds never was over her. Their break-up was hard on her.”

I sniffled. “Didn’t sound hard. They were really fucking noisy about it.” My voice sounded shrill. I hated that it did.

Tom held me tighter and kissed my cheek. “Jan was her first love, honey.”

I sputtered, “She was my first! Why is that more important for her than for me?”

Tom almost shrugged, then redeemed himself by hugging me instead. “She is still in love with her. More than she loves you.”

I sniffed again. “More than she loves you too?” I hid my face in his shirt. It was an old worn one, so very soft, the ones I liked to wear myself when lounging around our home. It kind of smelled, but it smelled of Tom, so that was okay. I bunched it under my fingers and held on.

“Lindsay was never in love with me.”

I nodded into his shirt, affirming my reply. “She was. She loved both of us.” I still wanted to believe it myself.

Tom kissed the top of my head. “No. She wanted to be in love with you, and I think she tried. I was only allowed to be around because of you.”

I didn’t want to believe him. I had seen the two of them making love. They cared for each other. The way they touched, the way… it occurred to me abruptly that they had touched very little lately. When we made love, I made love to both of them, but more and more they each only made love to me. Why hadn’t I seen that? Why hadn’t I understood that?

No. I blindly thought they were as much in love with each other as I was in love with them. I wanted that to be true. I needed it to be true.

“How do you know all this,” I demanded in exasperation. “It isn’t fair you know things I don’t.”

That time he did shrug. “She was honest with me when we went out last winter, before you came along. She was open about being lesbian and that we weren’t going to get involved, she just wanted to…”

“Fuck?” I finished for him.

“That was what she wanted,” he continued. “Once she understood I was fine with that, she opened up a lot. We weren’t supposed to get involved.”

I stamped. “That makes no sense. She opened up to you because you weren’t going to get involved?”

He nodded. “Some people are afraid to let others know them too well. Sometimes they run away if they even think someone understands them.”

“Why,” I wanted to know. I needed an explanation. “I have always been looking for someone who understands me, who knows me without having to be told.” Like you, I meant to say. I wish I had.

“Come on,” he said. Taking me by the hand, he led me around and into the Jeep. With a wave and a shout to his crew that he would be back in the morning, we roared out of the warehouse yard and into the desert to the north, driving for over an hour as Tom let me cry as much as I wanted to as we talked. I thought I had cried before, but I was wrong.

Finally, he pulled onto a side road that looked like it had not seen traffic in years and slowed to a crawl that actually made me enjoy the scenery. The view was fantastic, rocks all fluted and scored by the passage of wind, water, and time, and taking a good look soothed me. We finally stopped beside a barely running stream and turned to kiss again. Tom’s hands found my body, teasing and tempting me as he caressed me and discovered my bare flesh under my clothes.

I squirmed hotly as his hand rose up my thigh. “Tom,” I breathed, “I have something I need to show you.” I had barely said it when his fingers grazed over my lips, touching my pussy so lightly and lovingly. Touching me teasingly, rolling a finger up and…

He stopped, moved his finger again and made sure he found it. I shivered a little at the touch. Drawing back a little, he looked at me hard.

Turning in my seat, I pulled up my skirt and showed him.

“Wow,” he said. “When did you do this? His fingertip reached to touch the ring through my clit hood delicately. “Has it healed?”

“I had it done almost two weeks ago and no, it hasn’t.” His finger drew back carefully, afraid of hurting me.

Tom stared at the ring, almost unable to do anything but look at my pussy and her new adornment.

“I was depressed about Lindsay. I just did it. But I have been thinking about it for a long time.”

He laughed and took me into his arms and hugged me close, pulling me to almost into his lap as he wrapped me up and held me. “I love you, Kelly.”

My whole body trilled when he said that. I came up kissed him so hard.

“I want you so,” I murmured into our kiss. “We shouldn’t fuck until I heal. I ccan suck your cock. And then…”

“And then?” he repeated.

I pressed my body hard to his, hanging on to him tight, before slipping out of the Jeep. “I want you to fuck my ass.”


We met when I was 19 years old, a sophomore. I thought of myself as so mature and sophisticated then. I’d had lovers, and I’d had sex with boys who weren’t my lovers. I could get into bars like the one where Tom was playing the night we met. I can’t say I noticed him right away though. Boys with guitars are everywhere, aren’t they? During a break, he sat down at the table I was sharing the table with some people I barely knew, but which was better than standing alone. After greeting them, he looked at me like he’d never seen a woman before. There was wonder in his eyes, and hunger. No man had looked at me like that before. Certainly, I had had guys come on to me. And I had flirted with boys too. But there was something entirely different in the way Tom admired me. It was not at all safe. I liked it. I flirted back, but I held him off. Playing hard to get was fun for me just then. I’d discovered control and was enjoying it.

But I went back to see him play the next week, taking two friends along for company. They gracefully vanished when he sat down and asked me out. I knew he would. I’d seen his eyes. That hunger I saw in them must have been contagious though, because I slept with him on our first date.

I had slept over on our second and third dates too. We were at his house on the morning after the third one, on a Wednesday, and all I had on a little blue tank top and nothing else, fresh from the shower, with Tom shuffling around trying to figure out what to do with me. We were both ditching class, something rare for me. Drying my hair in his tiny little bathroom, feeling self-conscious and bold at the same time, I knew that my pubic hair and ass were exposed every time I lifted my arms. Tom complimented me, but I dismissed it, saying I had a guy’s ass. Way too skinny. Not full and round like the other girls. I had been naked with boys before, of course, but not running around and staying that way naked, like I was then. I’d rarely just been naked.

But I liked that he had complimented my ass.

For some reason I can’t recall now, I led us out into the backyard. Chilly, barefoot, wearing only that little blue tank, flouncing around past the woodpile, trying to make sure I didn’t step into any of the remaining piles of snow or on anything else, feeling—knowing—that my top had come up and exposed my bottom to Tom’s eyes as he stood by the back door and watched me. My nipples were very stiff too, in the winter air. I felt, perhaps for the first time I my life, that I looked sexy. Not just kind of pretty. Not cute in some outfit. Sexual.

I was still newly sexual, really. Tom was only the 13th guy I had done. (I don’t know if that is a lot. I sometimes think that it is. Is it? I’d love to know. I tried looking it up and couldn’t find the answer.) I didn’t go around broadcasting my more confident sexuality, it just seemed to show. As a freshman, I had been a bit of a wild child, and some of the guys I dated may have known I would go to bed with them when they asked me out. I liked sex. I went down on all of them before we fucked, because I like to have a cock in my mouth. As a sophomore though, I only dated two guys. I’d broken up with the second around Christmas. And then there was Tom.

I wasn’t used to being looked at the way that Tom looked at me in his backyard that day. I knew some boys thought I was pretty, but there was something heavy and intense in the way Tom followed me with his eyes. I kind of felt, and this may sound silly, that while those other boys liked me, thought I was attractive, fucked me and whatever it is boys do about the girls they sleep with, Tom appreciated me. He made me feel gorgeous.

None of those other guys exhibited an undue interest in my bottom either. And Tom’s interest wasn’t really undue; He seemed interested in all of me: my hair, my breasts, face, neck, tummy, legs, feet, pussy. And my ass.

He took me inside and back to bed. We fucked after I blew him a little. I love giving head. Giving head makes me wet. It makes me feel so powerful too, to be giving pleasure to a man. Tom always took care with me as we made love, learning how to respond to my body, the sounds I made and what they meant. I had really known a lover like him before. I had heard other girls talk about sex like that, but I hadn’t experienced it. Certainly I’d never known one who fucked me until dawn. I came and then came again.

I moved under Tom’s weight as he rode atop me, absorbing the sublime ecstasy of his cock driving in and out of my sex. I squirmed each time he pushed the full length of it all the way into me, feeling it pressing to me, almost too deep, then the flex of his hips as he rubbed the base of his cock on my clit. When that happened, my body shivered as little shocks swept through me.

My wrists were bound to the corners of the bed, and I wrapped my fingers around the straps that secured me and pulled. I’d never been tied up for sex before I met Tom either. He had bound my wrists with my own panties the second time we had made love, and I had liked it. Just then, the dynamic tension in my muscles met the flood of electric sensation radiating outward from my clit and I cried out. I’ve always been a loud girl, but I was certain I was louder than ever then.

Raising my legs, I bent my knees and tugged at Tom’s hips, fucking him as that marvelous cock slipped in and out of me. Wisps of my long hair caught on the damp skin of my face and neck as I thrashed my head back and forth. How I loved fucking Tom. Could I have been falling in love with him? After three dates? Yes.

I was sweaty and limp from multiple orgasms when Tom untied me and urged me onto my tummy. Dipping his head, he licked me between my cheeks, something no one else had done, and he ran a finger over my dark star. I shivered as he did, vaguely aware of what he was thinking. My body didn’t seem to mind, but my head had questions.

He didn’t ask me. He just aimed his cock into me and before I could even suggest we have a nice, long, rational conversation about butt fucking, he was inside of me. God, it fucking hurt. He held still, stroking my back and bottom gently, letting me get used to the shock of having his thing in me there.

He told me, reassured me, promised me that he would stop if it hurt me. But he had already hurt me, hadn’t he? I focused on the feeling of him in my butt and then he moved, slowly, gently, deeper, then out again.

The sensation was alien and uncomfortable and I wanted him out of me. He kissed me, not moving for the longest time, just letting me relax and… and what? Enjoy it?

He moved again, and it wasn’t so bad. The sting was gone. My ring throbbed dully but not painfully. He just felt so weird in me.

Slowly, he began fucking me. He cock seemed so much longer and thicker than when it went into my cunt. It felt different. His strokes were slow and deliberate as he let me get used to this new and horrible sensation. I hoped he would come quickly. I had already sucked his cock and fucked him. How long could the man go on? But Tom can last a long time when he wants to. One night, we fucked until I came as many times as my age. I think he knew he should hurry though, that first time he fucked my ass.

He did, and I was glad.

On our next date though, he asked what I wanted to do after we had dinner, and I surprised him by saying, “I want to do what we did last time.” I’d talked to some of the other girls in the dorm and thought about it a long time (two days), before I got some special purpose lubricant and planned my answer, should the subject come up ever again. I came that night, from being done up the butt. We rollicked and rolled, and I came so delightfully.

Then, after five more dates, spring break came and I didn’t hear from him anymore. I couldn’t believe he just dumped me like that. No call, no anything. And I was far too proud to find out.

Pride sucks.

Nearly a year later, he and Lindsay had shown up to go on a ski trip with me and the guy I had dated a few times. I thought they were a couple. It really hurt to see them together, knowing she was getting to do the things I liked so much. I wanted them both, even though neither was my date, so I arranged to have them, have them all, in a snowed in motel room. And then I seduced Tom and Lindsay at a special dinner. Or they seduced me. It doesn’t much matter, does it? We became lovers, the three of us.

Seven months after that ski trip, Lindsay was gone, but I understood finally that Tom really loved me and I loved him because, damn it, he knew me and understood me and that was what lovers do.

And just then, I wanted him to fuck my ass.


In the Utah desert, I sat on the bumper of the Jeep and pushed Tom’s shorts down. His hard cock was standing up, wet stuff leaking out of it already. I reached for him with my tongue and licked him, tasting the pre-cum. He sighed as I licked the tip, but moaned a moment later as I slipped his cock past my lips and took him in my mouth. My hair danced wildly as I bobbed up and down on his cock, and he wrapped his fingers around my hair and gently held it out of the way for me as I savored the sensation of his being in my mouth, proud of what I can do as a cocksucker.

Reaching between my thighs, I dipped fingers carefully into my cunt, wetting them, and smeared my ass with my cream. Again and again I did so, pushing my wetness up inside of me. A finger went in easily. I looked up at Tom, letting his cock drop from my lips as I turned around, getting up onto the bumper again, lowering into squat as I turned my ass toward him. The front bumper on old Jeeps like Tom’s are like a flat shelf. I had plenty of room to stand, or crouch there.

There are two little hook things on the hood, and I slipped my fingers through them and hung on as my skirt rode up higher and exposed my ass. My feet, in the wedgies I was wearing, slipped into the corners just below the bars over the radiator.

Tom grasped my hips under his heavy hands as he slid his cock up and down between my out-thrust cheeks. He was insistent, urgent and driven, our two week separation making him hard with desire. I lifted to him, feeling my pussy lips score his cock, before I came down again and almost took him inside of me. He stopped just in time, being careful of the new piercing. Lining up the head of his cock with my star, he pressed into me, pushing forward slowly, letting me accept him.

I rose up again, pulling on the hook things, letting myself down, my weight pushing my ass onto his hard cock. Oh, how I love the feel of that cock inside of me. It stung, as it always does, for a moment, before I relaxed and opened to him, breathing slowing and carefully, and he came right up inside of me. I held fast to the hookie things and bounced lightly up and down on my feet as he fucked me. It felt good, being fucked that way, in the middle of the desert, no one around for miles, being taken by the man I loved in that purely physical union.

So I told him I loved him at the top of my voice. I screamed it into the wilderness. Whipping my hair around, I turned to look at him, panting, eyes searching him out, feeling his hard flesh driving inside of me. I gulped, seeing how handsome he looked, straining above me, naked and tanned.

“I love you to fuck my ass.”

“I love fucking your ass, Kelly,” he said. “Your ass is beautiful.”

His big cock stretched me and pummeled me. My body shook each time he slid all the way inside. I shivered and shook when he did. One of my hands raked my breasts hard, the stiff tips of each standing up so hard. I barked, urging him, telling him to fuck me.

“Fuck my ass, Tom.”

I slammed down onto him, filled by him, crying out loudly again as I came. I was hot, dripping sweat in the desert heat, dripping cream from my pussy as he took my ass again and again and I came.

We had one night together. Just driving to meet him and then driving back took me longer. In the morning, he would be outfitting another two-week trip. I didn’t care. In that moment, I needed him, wanted him. I was a slutty bitch, holding on the hood of his Jeep as he fucked me, fully clothed, with my skirt up around my waist and my unbuttoned blouse flopping around me with each thrust of his cock into my ass.

He came, spraying into me and calling out, telling me he loved me and meaning it. I fell over the hot hood of the Jeep, the metal hotly burning on my poor little tits and tummy. I couldn’t move though. I was just too too done.

Tom eventually went soft and my ass released him. He undressed me gingerly and led me over to the stream to cool me off. The water was only inches deep, and we lay there together, holding hands, as the stream swept around us. We kissed, then held hands some more.

I was naked in the wilderness, but everything was going go be all right. Tom and I were alright.

The water soothed and calmed. The sun heated me. I liked being naked in the wilderness. I was going to spend a lot more time being nude, I decided. I already posed that way. We’d hiked nude once. I was going on many more nude hikes. The idea made me laugh. I needed to laugh.

We lay, hands joined, but more.

Hot, needy, horny for my lover, I rose from the stream to get the soap and bathe us both. I needed to fuck again, because this was love.

And then, there I was, after the bath, saying, “Fuck my ass, Tom, I love that you fuck my ass!”

My knees dug into the gritty sand of the stream bed as I rose and fell on his cock.

“I love you, Kelly,” Tom murmured. I shivered and quaked as he did. His cock in my ass, going in and out as I made love with him, was so divine.

Leaning over him, my hair once more fell to tickle his bare chest before our lips met. I felt a tug in my new piercing as I shifted. What would it feel like when he fucked my pussy after it had fully healed? I was dying to know. And what about when he licked me? Or… what if someone else licked me? I thought of Yana, my best friend and shook away the very idea. Jeni? Yum! Or Amy, the tall, black-haired pre-law major who posed for me?

Tom’s big hands clasped my ass. He can actually get my whole ass in his hands. Makes for amazing spankings too. As he held me, we moved together, my bottom sliding on and off of his hard penis. Knowing he likes for me to, I cupped my breasts and fondled myself, his eyes following my hands and watching me as I did. My nipples were stiff and pretty in the sunlight.

I shifted, the grit of the streambed beginning to grate on my knees. Getting my feet under me, I gingerly moved until I squatted atop of Tom and once more slid up and down on his cock. I don’t always cum when we make love that way. Sometimes it is just fun to be so full. That is how I felt just then. The sensation was nice, loving, but not as intense as it can be.

Raising my hands from my breasts and their oh, so pointy tips, I fanned out my hair, letting it fall in calico waves across my back and chest. I did it again, the feel of its half-damp wet weight mingling with the softness of its texture to delight me. I whipped it forward, letting Tom feel how wonderful my hair felt too as I swept it across his chest.

Inside of me, his cock moved. In my ass.

Flowing up on top of him again, I came down hard and felt a stirring. Now, that was wonderful. I bounced harder, wanting to intensify that feeling. Tom gripped my hips to help me come down harder still, and the bloom of sensation erupted.

Gasping beneath me, Tom smiled and moaned as my ass milked his cock as I spasmed around him. I fell forward, just catching myself on my hands as they found his chest. My lips parted in a silent scream before my ecstasy split the quiet air of the desert.

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