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The Release of Our Mind…

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She lies there on the bed, bound and in such ecstasy. Her body quivers as He watches her. She feels his eyes gaze upon her and as she lies with her eyes closed, the throbbing and desire flows through her.

He sits at the end of the bed, His eyes on her He speaks to her now, in a low voice, gravely and with such lust she moans softly herself. He talks to her, taking her mind over, making her feel as if His hands touch her, but He lays not a finger on her yet.

He tells her to follow Him, He tells her he is reaching for her hand… The tone of His voice, the words he utters to her so softly, takes her on a journey. One not many find, one that brings her closer to him than anyone ever before.

He enters her mind casually as if He were on a stroll in the park. She welcomes Him in, the tingling sensation traveling through her in waves. A deep throbbing between her legs makes her cross them and hug the hunger that she feels there.

He asks her “Are you ready to go with me?” She speaks, her voice low and monotone, “No, please not yet.”

She wiggles seductively on the bed, her hands bound over her head, the soft red fur inside the cuffs sensuously caresses her wrists. Her breathing noticeably coming in shortened gasps, her moans soft as she exhales. He tells her to reach for his hand and they will walk the ledge together, she answers Him, “yes…” soft and low.

They continue on together in mind, in body they do not touch. To look at her lying on the bed one would think the hands of a ghost must be upon her. Her body moves as if she is being caressed, fondled by the hands of someone unseen.

It is Him, deep in her mind, taking her to a place only they share. The bond between them special, spiritual they have transcended to a place only few ever find.

He asks her again “Are you ready to go with me? To fly with me into the darkness? To feel the power….come with me now…come with me….” She tells Him now, “Yes” her voice weak her mind on fire with the passion He has stirred in her.

She is bound to Him with more than the chains he places on her wrists, her heart feels Him, she knows Him, and He is inside of her now. She leaps with Him from the ledge into the abyss beyond.

He talks to her in hushed tones, asking her what she feels now, asking her what she wants…she answers Him, in a low voice, husky with desire. “I want to cum Master”

He tells her now, “Yes you may cum for me now, cum for me….” She moans now, with more urgency, her body moving as if in motion with another.

Her hips swivel about on the bed, her wrists chained to the bed, her hands clenching and relaxing time and time again. Her fingers feel as if they touch his skin and yet touch nothing.

She moans the chains that bind her making a soft clanking noise as she rubs her wrists against the red fur inside the cuffs she wears. She feels the wetness between her legs growing, her hips arch up as she moans and her breast sway as she moves to a rhythm that seems to be shared but with no one’s hand touched her.

She floats in her mind down and down and the blackness holds her, makes her safe. She feels no fear, no hurt, no anger, only an incredible lightness in her chest, one of desire.

She shudders and tells him, “Yes Master, I am…for you …Yes Master I cum for you…”

She spasms her whole body in a tremor, she moans and cums, again and again, her orgasm’s come in waves after the first one. She feels the wetness as it comes from her, Again and again her moans come, her body twitches on the bed. She trembles now lightly, as the passion seems to subside slowly. Her breath finally coming slow and easy once more.

He watches her and decides when, and then, He touches her… He places one hand on her, he gently lays it on her thigh. She gasps as she feels the touch of it. Her body instantly ready for more, she feels erotic excitement so intensely.

The one touch… One touch … and she feels the explosion of power shift between them, from one to the other they share.

His one hand touches her, the other holds His own swollen manhood. He moans as He looks at her his swollen crotch aching for attention.

He closes His eyes and His head leans back slightly as he moans once more. She wants to beg Him to touch her. But she knows He will appease her craving for Him soon.

She waits, the energy draining from her, ebbing away as the moments pass. He sits, His one hand on her and the other on Himself, it is as if the power flows between them this way.

An electric currant filling the air around them as the connection between them deepens, they are becoming… becoming as One, together, locked in a vise of power they created with passion and desire and lust. She lays there, her body still once more, her breathing shallow and even…her wrists twist slightly, the soft clink of the chain and the rattle of the buckles music to her ears as well as His.

They sit in the silence, the sounds, smells, and feel of erotic pleasure wafts through the air about them they sit and recuperate. The next pleasures will be more physical in nature, the touching, and the feeling… Oh yes the physical lust comes soon…

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