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The Re-education of Sofie

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“Be seated, my dear.” The woman indicated an armchair in front of her large oak desk. The young woman sat, legs primly together, her green eyes glancing around, taking in her new surroundings.

“You have been sent here by your family for training,” the woman said. She had a kind face, and her lips curved naturally into a slight smile.

“Yes,” the girl answered.

“Yes, ma’am,” the woman corrected. “While you are here you will address me as ma’am, and the males will be addressed as ‘sir.’ This is how you will show respect. Understood?”

“Yes…ma’am…” the girl responded.

“Good. Now, I am sending you for your first session with Master Ian. He will conduct your orientation, and explain the rules to you. Are you wearing undergarments, dear?”

“Ah, yes ma’am…I am…” the girl blushed.

“Then please go into the changing room there,” she nodded towards a door at the end of the room,” and remove them. The rest of your clothing you may keep on, for now. You will see another door leading out of the changing room. Once you have removed your bra and panties, please go through that door. Master Ian will greet you there. You are dismissed. And good luck to you, dear girl.”

And with a nod the girl got up and did as she was asked. Stepping into the changing room, she quickly removed her brassiere and panties. She wore a white blouse and black skirt, which she kept on, as instructed. Finding the door out, she went through and found herself in a large room, furnished with one chair. The walls were a soft blue, and windows looked out on a tranquil garden. The room had an open feel about it, but she wondered at the lack of furniture.

A tall man stood at one window, his back to her as she stepped into the room. When he turned, she saw he was a handsome, older man with grey hair, wearing a fine suit and tie. He looked rather stern, which frightened her a bit. But when he saw her he smiled, and his eyes sparkled with humour and intelligence, which put her somewhat at ease.

“Hello, my dear. Sofie, is it?”

“Y-yes, sir…Sofie.”

“Ah, good. I am Master Ian. You may address me as ‘sir.’ Elaine did explain this to you?” The girl nodded. “Fine, fine. Now, have you removed your underwear?” Again, she nodded, head bowed, eyes cast down.

“No need for shame, my dear. Please…take a seat.” He indicated the lone chair, which was wooden, with wide legs and a padded seat.

The girl sat.

“No, no Sofie. Please, rise and try again. When you sit, you must raise your skirt, and place your bare bottom against the surface of the chair.” He watched as she obeyed slowly, uncertain why this was required. She felt very exposed as she pulled her skirt up in back as he watched her. She sat again, this time her bare skin on the chair.

“Good. Now, please raise your skirt to your waist, and part your legs.” She looked at him in trepidation, unsure…”Yes, dear….I need to have you exposed fully. I allow you to keep your clothes on as this is your orientation, however you must allow me full access to your body. The natural position for a woman’s legs to be in is open. Males must always know that they may use you at any time. We will discuss this further, but for now, please do as I ask.” And he waited as she slowly raised her skirt, exposing her most private area. She moved her legs apart slightly and blushed more deeply.

“No, no my dear that will never do.” He moved to her and placed one hand on each of her knees and pushed them open widely. “Like that. Wide open, dear. Now you are in the correct position for our instruction.”

She felt great confusion, and asked him, “Sir…why must I do this, please?”

“Sofie, I appreciate such a respectful question. You must do it because you are here for instruction–training, in fact, in how to be a suitable mate for a man. Your father sent you to us for this express purpose. Did he tell you nothing of what to expect, then?”

She shook her head. “No, sir. He said only that I was to come to you, and that this was an important part of my education. I feel…”

“Yes? Go on…you may tell me what you feel. In fact, I require it. Tell me.” It was an order, but put so kindly that she felt a bit more comfortable, and she answered honestly, “I feel confused, sir. I am not sure what to expect…here…from you.”

“Ah, of course. Well–please, dear, keep your legs open. If you cannot do so, I shall have to bind you to the chair. Shall I do that? Would that be helpful to you?” He paused for her answer.

“No…sir…” and she corrected her position. “I will try harder, sir.”

“Good! Now, Sofie…here you will learn how to please males. Think back…have you ever seen your mother sit with her legs crossed, or completely together?”

Sofie thought about this. As she searched her memory, she realized that he was right. She never had seen her mother sit with her legs closed…had she? No…she did not think so…

He saw her thoughts in her expression.”That’s right. And that’s because your mother was also trained here, by us. She is a wonderful woman, your mother…and has made your father a very happy man. Now it’s your turn to learn the same skills. Now, I’m going to begin touching you, and I am also going to ask you some questions. You must answer me honestly. If you don’t know the answer, simply say, ‘I don’t know, sir.’ All right?”

Sofie nodded, but felt the fear returning. What would be required of her in this strange place? What did he mean about ‘pleasing males?’

He moved to a place behind her chair, and, reaching down with one hand, he began to stroke the lips of her cunt.

“Tell me how that feels to you, Sofie,” he said.

Strange feelings of pleasure had begun to go through her, and she answered, “It feels…good, sir…it…feels…quite nice, thank you…”

“Excellent. Good girl. And this?” and he pressed one finger deeper, touching her small clitoris. He stroked gently, making tiny circles around and around. Waves of a new kind of pleasure shot through her.

“Sir…I’ve never felt anything…like that before…it’s very…nice, sir…” and she instinctively moved her legs wider apart, to give him better access. When he withdrew his hand from her she made a small noise of protest.

“I approve of your response, Sofie,” he said. “But we need a bit of aid, here…” and she heard him opening a jar or a bottle, turned her head to see him applying liquid to his fingers.

Once again he reached down to stroke her clitoris, moving his fingers across and around her cunt as well. It felt wonderful to her, his fingers slippery with the lubricant now, and she sighed. Perhaps this ‘school’ would not be so bad after all…

“Sofie, are you a virgin?” he asked.

Startled, she said, “Of course, sir! I…yes!”

“Good,” he said. “And you are….how old?”

“Eighteen, sir. Just turned.”

“Excellent. Perfect.” His fingers continued their stroking, moving all around her cunt lips, touching now and then on her clit, sending thrills of pleasure through her body. She was sure to keep her legs open wide, to allow him full access. “Sofie, do you know what this is?” he asked, touching her labia, one finger slightly pushing into her opening.

“It’s my…vagina, sir,” she answered.

“No, Sofie. This is your cunt. We do not say ‘vagina’ here. Say it: say, ‘this is a cunt,’ please. I need to hear you.”

She obeyed, almost whispering, “This is a cunt, sir.”

He stroked her some more, moving his fingers to her clitoris. “And this? What is this called, please?”

“I-I don’t know, sir…I…”

“That’s all right, sweet girl. This is your clitoris. We call it your clit. Say it. Say, ‘this is a clit’ please.”

“Sir, this is a clit,” she said softly.

“Very nice.Yes, Sofie, this is a clit.” He used more pressure, circling faster now. “Tell me, does this feel good to you? Tell me the truth, now.”

“Y-yes sir…it does…it feels very good…” Sofie felt her heart begin to race, as she experienced the interesting, new sensations.

“All right. Good. Now, Sofie, there is something you need to understand. You are a young woman now, and it’s time for you to learn about men and women and what they do together, yes?” She nodded. “Good.” And he again moved his fingers to her tight opening, pushing into her slighly, “Your cunt is designed for three things; do you know what they are?”

“Well, I know that I…I bleed from there, of course…and I know that is where babies come out. We had all that many years ago in school.” Her tone was somewhat disrespectful–for the first time she showed some of the typical young person’s disdain for a dumb question from an adult. Her reward was a swift smack to her cunt lips. She flinched in shock.

“Keep a civil tone, young lady. I require your respect, even if you feel my questions are out of order. I am your elder, and a male. So mind your manners or I will bind you to this chair, and you will not enjoy what ensues.”

Chastened, Sofie blinked and nodded…”Yes, sir…sorry sir!” she said.

“That’s better. Now, your answer left out one important function of your cunt. The most important, really. And that is this: God has designed your cunt to be the perfect receptacle for the male’s semen. Men have great need of this cunt. It is your job to allow any male here to use it for that purpose, any time, any place they require.While you are here, you may not refuse any male the use of your cunt. Do you understand me?” And he pushed his finger further inside of her, making her squirm at the new invasion.

“Not really, sir…I…don’t know much about that at all…” she felt as if she would cry with confusion, and began to tremble a bit. As she felt his finger enter her, she again began to close her legs.

“Sofie, I’m afraid I shall have to bind you after all,” he said, and swiflty moved to her left ankle, pulling a velvet cord from behind the chair leg and tying her firmly with it. Moving to the right leg, he did the same. She now sat, her legs spread wide, bound by both ankles, her hands still free.

“Do not feel bad, Sofie,” he said, stroking her hair softly. He could feel her fear and confusion, and soothed her with his words. “Most new trainees need this kind of help; it’s perfectly natural. Think of the bonds as a teaching aid, nothing more…” He felt her calm beneath his touch, and could see the effect of his words on her psyche. She nodded, and relaxed slightly in the chair, not fighting against the bonds.

He stepped back and surveyed her. He saw the young woman, skirt hiked up around her waist, naked cunt glistening with moisture, the lips pulled slightly open, legs bound firmly to the chair. Seeing the problem, he quickly moved to open her blouse.

“We do need the breasts as well, Sofie…” He pulled the material apart, exposing her sweet young tits to his gaze. The nipples were hard already, pink and lovely. He did not bother to resist reaching out to tweak one.

“Do we need to bind your wrists as well my dear? Or can we leave your hands as they are, and will you allow me to do this…” and he leaned down to take one small nipple into his mouth, tonguing it and biting gently at it.

She gasped in surprise…and in pleasure…”No, sir…I think…I can manage…sir…” she stammered. Sensations she had never felt before were shooting through her nipple, down to her belly. A small moan escaped her lips.

“Good girl,” he said, standing again, watching her small breasts rise with her breath. “You really are lovely my dear…” and he again began to feel her cunt with his fingers, entering her further now, until he felt her barrier. He pushed harder…and one finger found its way inside. Kneeling in front of her, he moved his mouth close to her sweet cunt, inhaling deeply, relishing this first taste. He placed one hand on either side of her cunt, and opened it as wide as he could, stretching her gently. He began to lick at her outer lips, his tongue working softly at her flesh, moving now and again to her clitoris, he gauged her responses carefully…

Letting go of her cunt lips, he moved his mouth over her clit and sucked at it while using his finger to enter her again. She grew wetter with these attentions, and he heard her soft moan of pleasure as he sucked and licked her tiny bud. When her legs began to shake he stopped abruptly, causing her to shudder and say “No, please! Don’t stop sir please!”

He laughed softly at her distress.

“Ah, Sofie. You are a treasure. Have you ever had an orgasm, dear girl? No? Well, then…we’ll be sure to give you one…eventually. For now, however, we’ll need to dilate that cunt of yours. Virgins are no good to us here, I’m afraid.” He rang a bell pull which she had not noticed before, and soon a man entered the room carrying a small suitcase. He bowed slightly to Master Ian, handed him the suitcase, and left as quickly as he appeared. Placing the suitcase on the floor, Master Ian removed an object from it, then showed it to Sofie, again assessing her reaction. She grew pale at the sight of this new device.

“For you, Sofie…to help stretch you open for our use,” he explained. He smiled at her discomfort and thought, this is definitely going to hurt you more than it hurts me, my dear…

The phallus was not large, but had hooks on either side of the base. It was made of a pliant yet firm material. He held it in front of her eyes and said, “I am going to push this into you, dear, and I advise you to try to relax. If you resist, it will only hurt more. Now…” and he began to enter her cunt with it, slowly inching it inside. He felt the resistance, pushed past it, ignoring her cry of pain, and then it was inside her. He heard her panting with her effort at control, but ignored this. Small whimpers escaped her as well…but he was unconcerned and unmoved. Taking another item from the case, he showed it to her as well. It was a type of harness, designed to fit around the thighs, with corresponding carabiners for the hooks on the dildo.

“To keep your first cock in place, sweet girl,” he said, smiling.

He fastened it around her, using the straps to cinch it tightly in place, then stepped back again to view his work.

Now held firmly in place, the phallus filled Sofie’s cunt, stretching it nicely, he thought. She looked lovely, cunt so wide open, painfully filled with the dildo, her little clitoris twitching with lust. Perfect, he thought. Just perfect…He flicked at her clit with his finger, laughing as she cried out with the unexpected sensation. Taking pity on her, he knelt again between her legs…

“Ah, Sofie…this is only the beginning. You are going to be well used here, lovely girl…” and ignoring the tears that had begun to flow from her, he again bent his head to her cunt, licking at her clitoris, sucking it into his mouth, flicking it with his tongue, and then circling around it, teasing her to a greater level of frustration. He tapped hard on the bottom of the dildo sunk deep in her virgin cunt, enjoying her surprised gasp, and her tears. This was going to be such a pleasure, he thought, as he felt the shudders of her very first orgasm begin in her belly…and moved his other hand to her smaller opening, circling it with one finger…so many things to learn, and explore…

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