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The Rabbit

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I’m the wife of a successful businessman and we share a $3m mansion in Beverley Hills. But as he travels a lot, most of the time I have no one to talk to apart from the housekeeper or the cook.

So to avoid rattling around in our big house by myself, I spend my days shopping and having lunch with my friends. Apart from organising the odd charity event, the hardest decision I ever have to make is between a Gucci open toe sandal or a strapless Jimmy Choo.

It’s a blissful existence I know, and up until recently, I didn’t think life could get any better until my friend Kitty gave something…

Kitty and I meet every morning. We have a facial, get our hair and nails done and have brunch before heading off to do some shopping.

After one of our busy days, we were at my house having iced tea when Kitty produced a gift-wrapped box.

“What’s that?” I asked.

“It’s a present. Open it!” she enthused.

I loved receiving gifts so tore open the box only to discover a pink vibrator!

“It’s The Rabbit” she gushed, “Everyone has one darling. It’s simply divine! You just have to try it!”

I was horrified, as I’d never even used a vibrator before let alone been given one. But after Kitty left, curiosity got the better of me and I disappeared upstairs with my new present.

I was apprehensive at first but after I got used to how it worked, I realised why everyone had one. On my first attempt, I was cumming after less than a minute, writhing around on my bed moaning loudly as The Rabbit worked it’s magic on my neglected clit.

I came hard, allowing one hand to slip under my white silk nightgown so that I could caress my all-too-perfect breasts. After three orgasms, I called Kitty and thanked her profusely, vowing to return the favour.

The Rabbit and I soon became best friends and I actually started getting up earlier so that I could use it before I met Kitty.

On one such morning, after half an hour and two orgasms, I met Kitty who suggested that we have massages and I reluctantly agreed.

I’m not a huge fan of massages but when I walked into the treatment room to see a blond haired Swedish masseuse called Hans, I changed my mind.

I removed my bathrobe and climbed face down on to the massage table as he covered my naked body with a towel. I closed my eyes and sighed as Hans massaged my neck and shoulders. It was wonderful! The last massage I had was at the hands of a woman so it was hard to fully relax, but with Hans I had no problem at all!

I groaned as he worked his strong hands down my back, avoiding the towel before moving over my toned legs, down to my feet and back up again.

“Would you like me to go a little higher?” he asked quietly.

I wasn’t sure what he meant but I agreed, enjoying the rare feeling of a man’s hands on me.

My eyes widened as his young fingers slipped under the towel and he began massaging my inner thighs avoiding my pussy by inches. I could feel my clit begin to throb painfully as he caressed my thighs and I wondered if he realised how aroused I was by his touch.

“Would you like me to go higher?” he asked again.

“Yes,” I whispered, wondering just how high Hans was willing to go.

Sure enough, his hands found my ass, squeezing it and rubbing it, as I made no attempt to stop him.

“Is that OK for you Mrs. Reynolds?” he asked.

“Yes. Don’t stop,” I breathed as he continued to caress me.

Knowing that he had me where he wanted me, he pulled away the towel and threw it on the floor so that I was completely naked. I shivered as the cool air hit me and I could feel goose bumps erupting all over my body as his hot hands squeezed my ass. My pussy was soaking wet as his strong fingers pressed into my skin and I silently begged him to rub my aching clit.

As if reading my mind, he ran his fingers over the moist lips of my pussy and I groaned as he began circling my asshole with his wet fingers.

No one had ever touched me there before and I could hear myself moaning softly as he did it. My whole body stiffened and I lifted my head off the table as he dipped his index finger into my tight hole and I winced in a mixture of pleasure and pain as he began slowly moving it in and out.

I’m not going to say that it was the most enjoyable experience but when he eventually withdrew his finger, the feeling of relief was so intense that I nearly came.

I shivered again as I felt his hand move over my ass and between my legs. I let out an involuntary moan as his young fingers slipped between the wet lips of my pussy and he began slowly massaging my swollen clit.

“Oh baby…that feels so good…” I moaned as my pussy melted all over his thick fingers. “I’m gonna cum…”

Hans fingered me like no man had before. Somehow he knew what I wanted more than I did, and the fact that I usually relied on a vibrator to make me cum like this, only made me want it more.

Holding on to the edge of the massage table for support, I began rocking my hips in rhythm with his probing fingers, moaning loudly as my hard nipples brushed against the soft towel beneath me, heightening my pleasure.

Just as I was about to cum, he removed his fingers and told me to turn over. As I lay on my back, I watched him lick his lips as he reached for a bottle of massage oil.

Holding it in the air, he squeezed it firmly and I gasped as the warm oil ran over my nipples and between my breasts. It trickled all over my chest and I imagined that it was his cum as I closed my eyes and waited for what he was going to do next.

I sighed as Hans began rubbing the oil into my soft skin, expertly caressing my full breasts, concentrating on my nipples and rolling them between his index finger and thumb as a bulge grew in his trousers.

With one hand still playing with my tits, Hans stood beside my head undoing his crisp white trousers and releasing his hard cock. I made no move to stop him as he took it in his hand, running it over my soft lips as I licked away the drop of precum ooze from the head before eagerly accepting it into mouth.

Hans groaned loudly as I swallowed his young cock, sucking him hungrily and running my tongue all over it as he throbbed in my mouth. I moved my head up and down, as he held onto my face with both hands, pressing his fingers into my cheeks as I tried to suck the cum out of him.

He felt so good in my mouth and as my tongue ran over the thick veins of his dick and darted over the head, I could hear him moaning loudly, spurring me on more. He stroked my face with his hands, moving his hips back and forth, fucking my face as I let him inch his cock down my throat, my nose pressing into his sweaty pubic hair.

Suddenly, he pulled his cock out of my mouth but I didn’t want to stop sucking him so I grabbed it with my hand, sticking my tongue out and licking the head like it was an ice cream before taking as much of him in my mouth again and sucking as I looked deep into his big blue eyes. He stroked my face and smiled at my desperation to taste his salty cum before taking a step back, forcing me to release his stiff cock.

I watched him move down towards my feet and I started breathing heavily, my pussy soaking wet and begging for his hard cock. Although The Rabbit was great fun, there was no substitute for the real thing and it had been a long time since I had cock buried in my cunt.

“Fuck me…” I begged looking desperately into his eyes as I spread my legs.

Hans moved between them and I closed my eyes and groaned loudly as I felt the head of his hard cock pushing at the entrance of my tight pussy. He entered me with a sigh, lifting my legs and resting them on his broad shoulders as he eased his cock deeper into my tight cunthole.

“Oh yeah! Come on! Fuck me harder!” I demanded as he fucked me hard and fast, using every inch of his young cock to send me over the edge.

I started cumming immediately, savouring the delicious feeling of a man’s dick inside me. It felt wonderful…even better than I remembered. I could feel my pussy juices running all over him and I shivered as his heavy balls slapped loudly against my ass.

He picked up speed and began thrusting his hips back and forth, spearing my tight pussy with his thick cock and forcing my tits to bounce up and down.

“Oh…please…don’t stop…fuck me…please I’m cumming…oh fuck yeah!” I cried out as my orgasm hit me like a freight train. I had never cum during sex before so this was a new experience, especially when Hans kept going!

As he continued to fuck me hard and deep, I could feel myself cumming again when he suddenly withdrew and told me to turn over.

In a post-orgasmic haze, I did as I was told, my pussy begging for more as he grabbed my hips, separated my ass cheeks and began pushing the head of his cock at the entrance of my asshole.

“Oh God!” I managed as I realised what he was doing. But it was too late; the thick head of his cock was already penetrating my tight ass forcing me to cry out in pain.

I had never been fucked in the ass before and I wasn’t sure I wanted to be. It hurt so much that I thought I was going to pass out as he inched his cock into my reluctant ass and I begged him to stop. I thought his finger was bad enough earlier, but this was too much!

“That hurts so much…please stop!” I pleaded as he carried on regardless, telling me to relax and enjoy it.

The muscles in my ass resisted as he used the weight of his body to force his cock deeper inside me. I tried to relax like he told me to but I couldn’t and I sobbed in agony and discomfort as the muscles eventually relented and accepted the length of his young cock.

Once he was completely inside me, Hans showed my virgin ass no mercy, fucking me for all I was worth as he grunted loudly. I winced with pain as he buried his right hand in my long blonde hair and pulled my head off of the massage table. My scalp stung as he yanked at my hair and I cried out with pain as he rode my ass, grunting loudly with each deep thrust.

As he forced my body back and forth on the table, the towel beneath me rubbed against my swollen clit and nipples and before I knew it, I could feel myself cumming. I soon forgot about his hand tangled in my hair, and his hard cock pumping in and out of my ass began to intensify my orgasm.

The table shook violently beneath us as Hans fucked me with deep, hard strokes, our moans of pleasure filling the empty room.

“I knew you fucking wanted it! Fucking take it!” he said through gritted teeth as he sensed my impending orgasm.

“Oh Jesus!” I cried as I came again, his words sending me over the edge as my pussy juice soaked the towel beneath me.

Hans withdrew suddenly and roughly turned me over so that I was on my back, with the head of his cock aimed at my face. I instinctively accepted it into my mouth and began sucking it hungrily as he fingered me to another toe-curling orgasm. I didn’t think I would be able to cum again so quickly but I was so aroused by sucking this stranger’s cock as my asshole ached after being fucked so hard.

“Come on. Suck it you filthy slut,” Hans ordered as he inched his young cock down my throat.

Holding onto my face with both hands, his hips bucked and I gasped as he let flow a throatful of thick cum. I swallowed it greedily, struggling for air as his big cock throbbed against my tongue. I could feel his sticky orgasm seeping out of the corners of my mouth as I tried to swallow it all, dripping down my chin and onto my neck as Hans withdrew his softening cock with a sigh.

I wanted more, but my hour was up so I got dressed and tipped Hans generously for his “massage” before taking a shower and meeting Kitty for lunch with a cheeky smile.

“Why are you looking so pleased with yourself?” she asked as I sat down.

“Well,” I said lighting a cigarette, “Remember when I said I would return the favour for recommending The Rabbit? Wait til you hear the recommendation I have for you…”

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