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Girl’s Night Out

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Kim and I have been friends for a while. She’s a cute brunette in her early 20s, kind of petite and small framed. She had just broken up with her boyfriend of 2½ years and wanted to go out and really raise some hell. Well, I’m always up for some fun. Friday night – party time! I decided to invite my girlfriend Michele to go with us, though she and Kim had never met. I knew we were in for one wild evening.

I met Kim at her apartment and we took her car to collect Michele. Kim looked absolutely stunning in her mini skirt, crop-top and heels. She’s about 5’2″ and weighs maybe 110 lbs soaking wet. Her breasts are a perky 34B and her dark brown – almost black – hair is cut way short in that Roman style a lot of people are wearing. Her eyes are as dark as her hair. Gorgeous girl. I had on my favourite green silk ‘nothing’ dress – you know, spaghetti straps, very short, deep cut front and back, can’t wear a bra if you wanted to type – black silk t-back panties and a sexy pair of heels. I got to Kim’s door and I thought we were both going to drop our jaws. I know my nipples were standing at attention, and a quick hug from Kim made them try to rip through the silk of my dress.

We climbed into Kim’s car. She didn’t mind driving, besides, mine’s only a little two-seater, so the three of us would be very uncomfortable in that car. Excited about the evening, Kim and I rambled on our way to Michele’s house about how much fun we were going to have. I had a few extra plans in my head that Kim knew nothing about.

Michele answered her door wearing her black silk dress that is almost exactly like my green one. I almost came right there. We exchanged a quick kiss before I introduced her to Kim. Michele is about 5 foot 6 inches tall, 36D – 28 – 34, blond hair, beautiful blue eyes and such a kissable mouth. (BTW, I hadn’t told Michele of my dress choice for the evening.)

After a few minutes of the “Where Should We Go” game, we first decided that Kim needed a silk dress. Since neither Michele nor I had anything that would fit her, we decided to take Kim to the store where we had purchased our dresses. It was early enough, we had plenty of time to shop.

Once at the store, we found the perfect dress for her – exactly the same as our dresses, but in electric blue. She went in to try it on. Michele and I exchanged another kiss while standing next to the dressing room door. Kim was cooing while she was trying the dress on. She stepped out to model the dress and Michele and I agreed she should have it. “Don’t bother to get your other clothes on,” Michele smiled. “Pull the tags, you’re getting this one. Are you wearing panties?”

“Yes…” Kim answered.

“Anything special or just undies?” was my question. Without waiting for an answer, I offered “Mine are black silk t-backs – see?” and I raised the front of my dress to reveal my pantie covered mound, then turned and raised the back to show off my cute little arse.

Not to be outdone, Michele added “I’m not wearing any” and lifted the front of her dress to show off her gorgeous blond pubes and obvious lack of tan line. I could feel my mouth water and pussy get wet looking at that beautiful sight. But Michele dropped her dress after just a flash.

Kim smiled at the both of us then turned to Michele and said “We both need to buy some black silk t-backs,” and skipped out to the sales floor. She found the panties and picked out two pair and handed one to Michele. They made their purchases and we were on our way.

Once in the car, Kim slipped her original panties off. I caught a glimpse of her neatly trimmed black haired patch while she adjusted her new t-back. I turned to say something to Michele and saw her blond pubes disappear under her new panties. I licked my lips and blew her a kiss.

We went to a few different bars/night clubs, had a drink or two, danced some, teased some guys. The same old scene in the same old town on just another Friday night. I was out for a lot more fun than this. So were Kim and Michele. We decided to drive over to the hot spot partying part of town – “The Area”. Besides, we were certainly dressed for it.

The Area was jumping. The main street through is blocked off at either end on Friday and Saturday nights and the bars stay open until 4 am. We parked the car, paid the attendant, locked arms and skipped towards the central part of The Area. Tits bouncing, dresses flinging – we turned a few heads, both male and female. We wandered through the crowd, the electricity of fun crackled in the air. Music of all kinds poured from the open doors of some of the clubs. One doorman saw the three of us and waved us over. The music was a live Top 40 band. The doorman insisted we go inside and refused to charge us the $5 cover.

Inside we got our drinks and played with some of the boys there. You know, girl stuff. We danced some, drank a little more, teased some more guys. A few guys sitting a couple of tables over from us were just staring. Dressed the way we were, it didn’t surprise us. I was sitting across from Michele and Kim was between us. I tapped Kim on the shoulder and when she turned to face me, I planted a kiss right on her mouth. She didn’t back away, but really didn’t put herself into the kiss. She thought I was just teasing those guys. I was, some. We were out to have fun, and we were.

We left that bar and decided to go to the other end of the 8 block long strip. As we wandered through the crowd in the street, we received several approving looks from the people we passed. Some lawyer types with cigars sticking out of their faces on the balcony of an upstairs bar were shouting “Show us your tits!” Michele and I did without hesitation. Kim saw the guys’ reaction and that Michele and I were really enjoying it, so she aired her’s, too. The three of us were a sight! Me with my red hair and green dress, beautiful blond Michele in her black dress and dark haired Kim in her electric blue dress, all standing in the middle of the street exposing our tits. Like I said before, Kim’s about a 34B, but because of her small frame, they look just right on her body. Her nipples were a little erect and you could see a bit of a tan line. They were very nice.

Kim blushed and covered herself, Michele and I covered up, too. Walking away, Kim was giggling all along “I can’t believe I just did that!” Her grin was a mile wide. “I can’t believe I enjoyed it, too!”

“You’re a beautiful woman,” I said to her, cupping her breast, “and people love to see these.” I gave her breast a little squeeze.

This time it was Kim who kissed me. I kissed her back, some. I didn’t want to overdo it and attack the poor girl right there on the street. She then turned and kissed Michele. As we continued down the street through the crowd, Michele gave my arse a quick pinch and flashed me a devilish smile.

We continued through the crowd and wandered into another bar. The doorman here waved us on through without having to pay cover. It’s nice to be a woman. Once inside we noticed that there weren’t many women there. Then it hit me – just before the dancer came out on the stage. A strip bar! Sorry, ‘Gentleman’s Club’. Michele’s eyes flashed as I’m sure mine did, too. We took a table.

The waitress, who introduced herself as ‘Honey’, came over, dressed in a lime green g-string and took our order. It was obvious that this woman didn’t wear a top when she went out to tan. She was really giving Kim the eye and when she returned with our drinks, she purposely leaned right in Kim’s face. She practically pushed her nipple to Kim’s mouth. Had it been me, I would have licked it. Kim just smiled at her and thanked her for the drink.

That’s when the dancer noticed us. She was already down to her g-string and decided she needed to hump the pole right in front of us. The audience was certainly enjoying the show and Kim’s eyes were wide open and her smile almost lit the room. The dancer stopped her humping long enough to remove her g-string which she flung right at our table. Women patrons do get noticed in a strip bar. She then rolled over a couple of times and landed right in front of Kim, giving her a perfect view of her clean shaven pussy. Michele and I shot a pleased look to each other, especially when we saw Kim lick her lips!

Kim stood up, pulled a $5 bill from her purse and walked toward the stage. The audience cheered to show their appreciation as Kim slipped the bill under the dancer’s garter. Their eyes were locked as Kim’s hand gently lifted the garter that was way up on the dancer’s thigh. The dancer’s fingers traced along Kim’s arm up to her shoulder and it looked as if she were waiting, open mouthed, for a kiss. Kim edged a little closer, but when the bill was secure, she turned back to the table, visibly flushed.

“Wow that was incredible!” She giggled when she sat back down. “I wonder if they make a lot of money, ’cause that sure looks fun.”

“Get her to show her tits in public once and suddenly she wants to be an exotic dancer,” Michele laughed.

The dancer – Faith – finished her set and stepped off the stage, still nude, and walked over to our table.

“Like the show?” she asked as she leant in between Michele and Kim. She smiled, licked her left nipple and winked at Kim. A “big hair” blonde, she’d had her tits done, there was a bit of a scar under each one, and she had a tanning bed all over tan.

“That was so hot!” giggled Kim, who had maneuvered herself to where I could see right down her dress without any problem. Her nipples were as hard as rocks. I knew mine were, too, and aching to be sucked. Kim proceeded to excitedly tell Faith about what had happened earlier on the street. As she talked, the left strap of her dress was slowly inching itself off her shoulder until it finally fell and exposed her breast to us at the table. Kim did nothing to cover herself, in fact, she turned to me and kissed me. This kiss was the one I had hoped for the first time.

Another dancer took the stage. I was still kissing Kim, Michele smiled and reached over and cupped my tit in her warm hand. Faith put one hand to Kim and one to Michele. Kim reached up and let the other strap of her dress fall, dropping her dress into her lap. Honey returned asking if we wanted another drink before her set. She rested her hand on Kim’s shoulder and Kim’s nipples grew harder. Kim broke our kiss. I was feeling a bit light headed – and it wasn’t from the drinks. Kim patted Honey’s hand and turned down another drink.

“I’m due back on after Honey. I need to go get ready,” smiled Faith. “You guys want to come in back?”

“Sure!” answered Kim. She fixed her dress as she stood up. “Come on, you two, let’s have some FUN!” She followed behind Faith.

It didn’t take but a second for Michele and I to get up and follow. I was already so wet I needed to do something – anything – soon. I whispered in Michele’s ear “I so want to eat her pussy.”

“I can see that,” Michele answered. “I wouldn’t mind joining in.”

“I was hoping you’d say that,” I said as we got through the door. I turned and took Michele’s face in my hands and kissed her with a strong, passion filled kiss. I felt her arms close around me as our tongues danced together. Our kiss ended with an almost audible pop as we stood staring into each other’s eyes. At this point, I was more than ready to take her right here, right now. Michele and I had a short but wonderful history of having really hot sex in public places. But Kim grabbed my arm and pulled me towards the dressing room. She grabbed Michele, too, “Come on, you guys!”

Faith, Honey and one other girl with absolutely enormous tits were all getting ready for their dance sets, they were nude. Michele and I sat down on a bench and Kim propped herself on a stool. Honey was also clean shaved, but the other girl with the huge tits was letting her’s grow wild. She was next up. She was running her fingers through her thick brown bush. “Fluffing,” she smiled and slipped her garter on and walked out to get on stage.

“Do you think your boss would mind if we got out there?” Kim asked. “He wouldn’t have to pay us.”

“Can we go out there together?” I asked.

Honey and Faith shared a kiss. “Hang on,” smiled Faith. “I’ll find out.” And she got up and left the room.

“You guys ever do this before?” asked Honey, still focused on Kim. We all shook our heads “no”. “It can be such a turn-on to have the guys watching you. Knowing they’ve got a hard cock throbbing in their pants.” She straddled a chair, giving us a clear view of her shaved pussy. “But when women are out there watching,” her hand dropped to her wet slit, “that’s when it really gets me off.” She inserted a finger into herself and smiled at Kim.

“You guys….” Kim looked at me and Michele “……I can’t stand it anymore!” She stood and pulled her dress over her head. “I know you two are lezzies or bi or whatever – I don’t care. I’m so fucking horny right now! You’ve been coming on to me all night…….” Her voice trailed off as she dropped her panties and started masturbating right there! “…………pleeeeeaaaasssseeeeeeee……..”

Honey went behind Kim and cupped her beautiful tits. Michele and I got out of our dresses and leaned over Kim, licking her nipples. She whimpered and moaned as we touched and licked and kissed and sucked her tits. I felt one of her legs wrap around my waist and her arm hug my side and her fingers claw my back as her moans grew louder and more forceful. None of us were touching her pussy. Michele and I were sucking her tits while Honey held them and kneaded them. Her legs were wrapped around both Michele and me, her pussy was wide open, her grip with her arms and legs tightened. She was panting – trying to talk “…Please…don’t stop….. OH!…… yeeess….. plleeaaaasseeeeeeeeeee…. cummmmmmmmmmiinnnnnnnggggggggg … OOOOOOOOHHHHHH!!” I’m sure some of the patrons sitting closer to the door could hear her scream. And still none of us had touched her pussy – yet.

Faith returned wearing a big smile and toting along some big burley dude. He saw what we were doing and just said “Don’t get me busted.” as he chuckled on his way back out the door.

“You want to be up next?” asked Faith. Kim’s eyes were wide open and glowing, huge grin on her face as she nodded “yes”. Faith smiled “Okay, you’re next.”

Michele quickly put her dress and panties back on. I was just going to go on out there nude, but she convinced me we’d make a better show if we actually stripped. I got dressed and Kim did, too. We quickly made a plan for our little “show”.

The music started and Kim went out first, like a model on a runway. She strolled to the end of the stage and back, lifting her dress here and there as a tease. She had her panties back on. As Kim was headed back, Michele and I walked out doing the same routine. Kim was on her way back to the front and passed between Michele and me. All the while, Bob Seeger’s “The Strut” was playing. Loud! When Kim was between Michele and me, we both turned and lifted her dress over her head. The people in the audience went nuts. We bent down and each gave her nipples a lick. Then Kim and I removed Michele’s dress and then they removed mine, all in the same way. It felt so good when they finally licked my nipples! I almost came right there. All three of us were on ‘high beams’, standing there in our matching black silk t-back panties. We danced around some, taking advantage of the two poles on the stage. A few of the guys even came up and gave us money. I was really liking this.

The DJ had a great selection, and a warped sense of humour. “The Strut” ended and went immediately into the Beatles’ “I Want You (She’s So Heavy)”. I thought Michele was going to scream. She really loves the Beatles. We started hamming it up. Our panties were removed one by one in the same manner as our dresses were. By the time the lead guitar part was playing, we were far more focused on each other, touching and feeling each other in front of a mainly male audience. I was soaked! My thighs were getting wet I was so hot. When the instrumental ending started, we were kissing and touching more. I felt a finger enter me. It felt so good I almost bit Kim’s nipple right off! She wrapped both her arms around me. I looked up and saw a very wicked look on Michele’s face. She removed her finger and sucked it deep into her mouth. I don’t know who was more excited, the audience or me.

The next song started up – a loud, rocking, guitar instrumental. We danced some more and hovered around each other. Kim whispered in my ear “If you were trying to seduce me, it worked. I want you. I want to fuck you and suck you and then I’m going to do it all with Michele.” She kissed me – hard. It was time to get off the stage.

I collected our dresses, and the money, wiggled my arse in front of a few guys and walked to the back of the stage. Michele wiggled and jiggled and stepped back next to me. Kim stood in the middle of the stage. She turned around, spreading her legs with a stomp, bent way over showing her cute arse to the audience, and stuck a finger up her drenched pussy. She removed it, turned back around, licked her finger and then waved ‘bye to the audience. She was beaming! The three of us stepped off to the back of the stage and to the back hall. The audience went crazy!

Michele went to the dressing room to retrieve our purses while Kim and I, still nude, sucked face in the hall. Michele returned with our purses. She kissed us both, handed us our purses and dropped her dress and soaked panties in her purse. I did the same. Kim giggled “My panties are still out there! Shit! Let some guy have ’em, they’re soaked.” Then she noticed Michele and I were still nude. “Aren’t we leaving?”

“Yes,” Michele and I answered in unison.

“You’re not dressed yet,” returned Kim.

“And neither are you,” I smiled and put Kim’s dress in her purse. Her eyes were as wide as saucers and I don’t think her nipples could get any harder.

“I’m going home and having sex,” smiled Michele. “Are you two coming with me, or are you just going to do it here?”

“Here would be fun,” I smiled. “Actually, here would be a lot of fun, but home would be better.”

We each thanked Faith and told her to thank her boss for us, too, and then slipped out the back door, still nude except for our heels. We made a mad dash the two blocks to Kim’s car and piled in. I know some one saw us, as loud as we were laughing, some one had to have seen us!

Michele was driving and Kim and I were in back, making out like high schoolers. The 20 minute drive to Michele’s house seemed to take no time at all. When we arrived, we got out of the car and went inside Michele’s house. It was 2 am and we were all horny as hell. The front door was barely closed when Kim dropped to her knees in front of me and dove her tongue deep into my soaked pussy. I screamed as I came all over her face. From then it all melted together – who’s fingers were where, who’s tongue was in which pussy…the three us just ate and fingered and sucked each other to orgasm after orgasm for what seemed like forever.

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