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The Nurse Practitioner

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I hate doctor’s visits so much so that it had been six years since my last exam. They always liked to poke and prod in places I’d rather have not explored, at least by another man. So when they scheduled me with a female nurse practitioner I figured I’d give it a shot.

But when she walked in I started having second thoughts. She was not at all what I expected.

She had wavy dark hair that framed a striking face with deep blue eyes that smiled at you even when her full lips were all business. Her white coat was open revealing a body to kill for. Her firm breasts swayed under her blouse as she walked in and she moved with an erotic elegance that made me picture her making love.

I thought I was in pretty good shape for a 44 year old. I was down to 200 which isn’t too bad for 6′ 1″ and I felt great.

I watched as she reviewed my chart, nibbling on the eraser end of her pencil, and saying, “Hmmmm” here and there, and occasionally looking up at me and smiled as she flipped the pages. “We really should do something about your blood pressure,” she said with a concerned look.

She looked into my ears, my throat and my eyes, leaning so close that I could smell the faint lavender scent of the soap she used. She ordered me to look left then right then up then down. I complied and especially enjoyed the view of her cleavage from that angle. She listened to my heart and my lungs careful to warm the stethoscope before placing on my bare skin under my shirt. I was starting to think that having a female doc wasn’t so bad.

“Please strip to your underwear. You can wear this paper gown if you like but you don’t look like the overly modest type.” She smiled at me.

“Umm, ok,” I said and unbuttoned my shirt. It was a little unnerving having her watch me, almost as if she was enjoying the show, but I knew she was a professional. I turned bashfully, unbuttoned my jeans, slid them down and stepped out of each leg. When I turned back, I realized that she was looking at my ass, before looking away quickly.

“Up you go,” she patted the exam table. “Lie down now and relax,” and when I complied she started pressing my side under my ribs looking for god knows what. I was self-conscious lying there in front of her in my gray cotton boxers. They didn’t do much to hide my manhood, which was still firm from thinking about her sexy body.

Just as I was starting to relax, she caught me off guard by lifted the front of my cotton boxers for a quick check. She was very professional about it, but had to notice the firmness and way my cock jumped as she gently touched my balls. I was so embarrassed. She lifted my now semi hard cock up and peered at my balls for what seemed forever. I looked up at her and realized by the faint smile that she was enjoying a private fantasy before snapping out of it and covering me up.

“All normal,” she grinned at me.

“Good thing,” I muttered in embarrassment. I sat up and swung my legs over the table as she wrote some notes.

“Ok, now I want to check your prostate. It’s a good idea for men your age to have an exam every year, you know… ”

“Ahhh, no thanks,” I said thinking of her pressing her finger into my ass.

“It’s really important,” she pressed.

“No way doc,” I said flat out.

“Don’t be such a baby about it, woman have to go through much worse!”

“Ok then you get up on the table and let me embarrass you the same way,” I said thinking that would get me off the hook.

“Deal,” she said with a grim, “but you first. Now turn around and bend over like a man.” Before I could say anything else she had me turned and my shorts down and a lubricated latex finger pushing into my anus. “Now just relax. That’s a good boy,” and her small finger was slowly sliding up my ass. I was totally humiliated.

To my surprise, it didn’t feel as bad as I thought. Her finger slid into me easily once I relaxed, and she probed for my prostate. But as I thought of her and what she was doing, my cock started to get firmer and firmer. I tried to think of something else, but her breasts kept coming to mind, and my cock lifted and tented my boxers out. She just had to notice. How would I explain this?

“See, this is not so bad, is it?” She pushed deeper and twisted her finger inside me. I swear she was prolonging this on purpose. My cock got harder and harder and started to drip precum from the slit on the tip. “Umm, you seem to be enjoying it.”

“Ahh sorry doc.” My face would have turned beet red if all my blood had not flowed into my rigid cock already.

“Don’t worry, it happens all the time,” she was definitely enjoying this as she slowly pulled her finger outward, then pushed it back. “But may I release the tension so it’s not painful?” I was not sure whether she meant releasing my cock from my boxers or releasing the cum from my balls, but I nodded just the same.

She pulled my shorts down, and my cock sprang up straight when it was no longer confined. She was looking over my shoulder at it, finger still working my ass. “You know, this may be a good opportunity to test your semen and reproductive health. May I do that?” She pushed deeper into my ass. At this point I was putty in her hands, and would do absolutely anything she wanted. I nodded.

Reaching down with her other hand, she applied lubricant and then wrapped her fingers around my hard cock. It felt wonderful. She slowly slid her fingers up along my shaft pulling the skin up over the head and then back down all the way to my balls all while continuing to push her finger in and out of my ass. It was a strange and wonderful sensation.

She knelt at my feet to get a better view. She was really into watching my cock and balls as she stroked it. Every few stroked she would push her finger deep into my ass and twist it. Her lips were parted and she was slowly licking them without thinking. I looked down at her and realized her top was unbuttoned and I could clearly see her erect nipples pushing out over the top of her bra.

Her pace gradually accelerated until there was a steady squishing sound of her strokes over the head of my cock and a slapping of my balls against her palm. My legs started to quiver and I could feel my balls rise in anticipation of orgasm. She pushed deeper and squeezed my cock tighter while stroking. She moaned softly.

My pelvic muscles compressed and I could feel the pleasure radiate from my cock through my pelvis, before my body spasmed. My ass squeezed her finger erratically as she watched the white globs of cum spurt from my cock landing on the exam table. She slowly slid her finger from my ass and slowly stroked my cock as my body shuddered with aftershocks.

She watched one last stream of cum drip from my cock as she continued to milk it slowly before she reached over and collected the sample for her tests.

“Doc I’m starting to like this exam,” I said with a laugh. She grinned at me as she took her latex glove off. “So how’d I do?”

“Above average,” she said with a smile and then “Very healthy! But…” she said with a flirtatious grin.

“But what?!” I asked.

“A promise is a promise,” she said with an impish grin. Then she stood, took off her jacket and handed me the tube of lube. I could not believe this was happening. She turned her back to me and proceeded to unbutton her slacks and slide them and her pink panties down her long legs. Her ass was beautiful, sexy and round. Then she parted her legs and bent over the exam table, resting her heaving breasts on the surface.

Standing behind her, I could clearly see her swollen pussy lips spread beneath the parted cheeks of her firm ass. I noticed she was very excited, as there was a trail of clear juices running from her lips and trailing down her inner thigh. She looked over at me and smiled. I quickly spread some lube onto my index finger and touched it to her pink bud of an anus. She turned her head away and arched her back moaning in anticipation. Her skin felt so warm and electric as I finger-painted the lube around her ass and over the bud.

She gasped as I pushed the tip of my finger into her and lifted her hips before relaxing again. Slowly, I pushed deeper. It felt wonderful. She was so warm and tight and it was as if her ass was sucking my finger into her. Up to the first knuckle when felt her squeeze and let out an animal moan. I pushed deeper to the second knuckle before turning inside her. She groaned now pushing back against me.

Deeper still until my finger would go no further. Then I slowly pulled outward and pushed back into her. It was a wonderful feeling: a mix of intimacy and taboo and pure animal sex. It turned me on so much that my erection never left my cum covered cock.

She groaned. “Deeper! I need more! Fuck my ass now!” I watched as I pulled my finger out of her, leaving her ass gapping wide, waiting to be plugged by my cock. I quickly reapplied lube to my cock before inching forward and touching the head to her open ass and pressing it into her.

It felt so wonderful sliding it in. Her ass pressed my hard cock from all sides as I pushed, slowly, relentlessly in. I watched as first the head and then the first few inches of the shaft disappeared between her round cheeks. I left it there as she groaned and suddenly squeezed hard forcing my cock to retreat ever so slowly. I pushed forward overcoming her effort and sliding it deeper and deeper until my cock was entirely engulfed by this sweet beautiful ass.

She moved her hips side to side and moaned a low guttural lustful moan of desire. This made my cock move inside her, rubbing all sides of it at once. This was punctuated my periodic contractions that squeezed it hard. I could tell that I was not going to last long like this even if it was the second time within 15 minutes.

I placed a hand on each of her hips and slowly pushed, drawing my cock outward, almost its full length, before pulling her hips back and sliding back into her. The sensation of her surrounding my cock’s entire length as it slid in and out was awesome. And she was clearly enjoying herself as well. She had reached under her hips with her arm and had her two middle fingers buried deep in her pussy as she rubbed wildly, breathing hard.

Then her whole body tensed and she held her breath as she rode the wave of pleasure over the waterfalls edge. This was followed by a tremendous convulsion and bucking of her body as she cried out into the padding on the exam table. The muscles of her ass grabbed at my cock, milking it violently, urging me to cum deep inside her. I thrust deep, knowing that I could no longer stand this assault on my cock, and prepared for the inevitable. At that point she pulled her fingers from her spasming pussy and I felt a warm gush of her juices splash off my balls and thighs. My eyes rolled back into my head as my cock pumped cum deep into her pulsing ass. I collapsed on her back, cock buried deep, totally spent.

When I regained my senses, I slowly pulled out of her trailing a white string of cum from her ass. I said, “Wow!”

She smiled and took a towel to my cock, balls and legs before wiping herself, the table and the floor. We both dressed with grins like teenagers before she pronounced me fit and healthy as a stud horse. I thanked her profusely for taking such a personal interest in my health.

I do so hate the doctor, but I quite literally love his nurse practitioner.

My follow-up appointment is next week.

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