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Just My Size

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The other night, I was at the department store in the mall, buying some clothes. As I was leaving, I walked by the shoe department and I decided to see what this year’s women’s shoe styles were like. As I perused the designer’s spring collections, the saleswoman approached me.

She was a petite brunette in a silk blouse and long skirt. Her figure pleasingly rounded her clothes out and I caught a glimpse of suede boots as her toes brushed past the hem of her skirt as she walked.

Her nametag read Lyn, and she asked, “Is there anything I can do for you, sir?” As she cocked her head and looked up at me with liquid brown eyes, I thought I caught a mischievous glint.

“As a matter of fact, you can, I said, I’m looking for some shoes for a friend of mine.”

“What kind of shoes does your friend like?”

“I was thinking of something along the lines of those over there,” I said, pointing to a pair of beige high-heeled sandals.

Lyn walked over and picked one up, running her fingers over them. “These are an excellent choice sir, Italian leather and very soft on the feet.”

I looked into her eyes and said, “I don’t know how they would look.”

Lyn’s pupils dilated as she replied, “I’m sure your friend will love them, sir.” She teasingly slid the ankle strap around her finger as she looked up at me, an unspoken question in her eyes.

“I’m still not sure; could you try them on for me, so I can see how they look?”

“Well sir,” Lyn said, biting her upper lip thoughtfully, “we’re not exactly supposed to….”

“Don’t worry, if anyone says anything, I’ll tell them you are helping me pick them out.” I reassured her.

“In that case,” Lyn gave me a coquettish look out of the corner of her eye, “I’ll go get a pair in my size.”

As she went into the storeroom, I sat down to wait. After a few minutes, she reappeared and I could see she was wearing the shoes. As she walked toward me, I glimpsed her feet as they appeared beneath the hem of her skirt, her toenails glistened with the same pearly white color as her fingernails, and she had a silver ring on the third toe of each foot. I felt my cock stir as she stopped in front of me and slowly raised the hem of her skirt.

“What do you think now?” she asked, eyes flashing a challenge to me. Her bare feet, strapped into the soft beige shoes were beautiful, and the heels accented the delicate arch of each foot perfectly. I felt my cock stiffen as I saw the straps circling her ankles.

“They’re gorgeous, “I said, entranced, “simply gorgeous. Can I see them a bit closer?”

“Of course, sir,” she said in a husky voice, “whatever the customer wants.” Lyn walked over and planted her left foot on the edge of the chair between my legs, skirt pulled up to just below her knee.

I thought my cock was going to tear through my pants as she flexed her foot up and down on the edge of the chair. A tiny beaded gold chain clasped her ankle, glinting as shapely calf muscles moved luxuriantly beneath her smooth tan skin.

“Anything the customer wants?” I asked, captivated by her lovely leg.

Lyn dropped her foot to the floor and bent her head close to my ear, “Maybe I should show you a different pair, sir? Why don’t you sit over there, make yourself comfortable, and I’ll go get a pair I know you’ll like,” she whispered, indicating another chair behind some discount racks. She turned and walked back into the storeroom. My cock throbbing, I moved over to the other chair as Lyn returned.

She stopped in front of my chair, bent down and breathed into my ear, “I couldn’t help, but notice your discomfort, sir. Here, let me help you….” She deftly pulled my zipper down and released my stiff cock from its confining fabric. “My, my, aren’t you a hard shopper?” she said playfully as her hand stroked my shaft. Pre-come dripped down onto her hand and she let go of me, brought her hand to her lips, and licked it off. “Mm, you need some help with that. Let me see if I can do something to make you more comfortable.”

Lyn lifted her left foot on the edge of the chair between my legs again and my cock jumped as I saw she was wearing cream and black peep-toed pumps. “These are just my size and I can see you like them as much as I do,” she said, taking my cock in hand again, “Let me show you why I like them so much.”

She dropped her heel back and slipping her foot partially out of the shoe, directed the head of my cock into the toe. I felt the soft leather rub the sensitive underside of my cock as it slowly slid into the shoe. Lyn slipped her foot back into the shoe, rubbing her toes on the pre-come soaked head and then gripping my shaft firmly between her big toe and second toe. She straightened up and began to slide her shoe back and forth.

The sensation was incredible as my cock slid in and out of her shoe, trapped between her foot and the warm leather, her toes stroking my shaft. Lyn looked down at me, smiling as she slipped her skirt up over her knee. I could now see all of her lovely thigh and a view of a tiny white g-string barely covering her pussy. I saw it was soaking wet and the sweet aroma of her arousal filled my nose. Lyn moved forward until her knee was beside my head and continued to slide her shoe back and forth along the shaft of my cock.

I moaned as I felt my orgasm nearing.

She bent down, put her lips to my ear, and in a sexy voice, whispered, “Come on my toes sir. Fill my shoe with hot come. I want to feel your hot come between my toes!”

The combination of the incredible sensation of her shoe sliding back and forth over my cock, the smell of her perfumed lust, and her suggestive words; sent me over the edge. I groaned as I exploded into Lyn’s shoe. I felt spurt after spurt shoot into her shoe. Lyn continued to stroke my pulsating shaft between her toes as I coated them with hot slippery sperm.

Lyn licked my ear and cooed, “Oh sir! I think you filled my shoe up with come. It feels so hot on my toes. I’ll bet it tastes as good as it feels!” The thought of her drinking my come sent three more quick spurts into her shoe.

“Are you done now sir?” Lyn breathed into my ear.

“Oh yes.” I shuddered as I sighed breathlessly.

She reached down, pulled my softening cock out of her shoe with one hand, and held it off the chair, as she grasped the shoe with her other. She pulled out her dainty foot and placed it over my cock, propping it up between her toes. Her foot was covered with come and my cock began to harden again as I watched globs of come ooze from between her toes.

Lyn lifted her shoe up so I could see the puddle of semen that half-filled it. She lifted it to her mouth and licked her lips suggestively. My cock surged to full stiffness and began to throb as she tilted the shoe up and poured the come over her lips. She swallowed twice and then I could see her little pink tongue slide into the toe of the shoe to lick out the last drops.

She licked her lips, “Mm, sir, your come tastes good. May I have some more?” She lifted her foot away from my throbbing cock, and slipped her shoe back on.

I watched, entranced as come oozed out from between her toes and onto the floor.

Lyn held out her hand and led me into the storeroom.

…what you gonna do in those shoes?

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