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Two Weeks at the Family Reunion Ch. 02

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Shrugging it off as a mood swing, May went up to her room and threw on a sundress, one of the only things she could wear without a bra and get away with it.

“Maya! Dinner’s ready!” she heard her mother call. “Coming!” she replied, making her way downstairs.

She sat down at the kids table with her other cousins, noticing that Ryan was missing. “Was he really that upset?” she wondered. Serving the younger children before herself, she grabbed a hotdog and some potato salad and sat down. Finally, Ryan came downstairs, and awkwardly ignored Maya. However the only seat left was in the far back corner next to Maya, so it provided a little bit of privacy for her to ask him what was wrong.

“Did I do something wrong..?” she asked Ryan.

“Nope.” He answered, short in temper and in words. Despite his hurt feelings, he couldn’t help but notice she wasn’t wearing a bra. “Pull up your dress, you look like slut.” He told her, hoping to hurt her a little bit. The words stung, but she felt a tingle go through her, knowing that he was looking at her tits in front of the whole family turned her on. Without saying a word, she took a bite of her hotdog, and suddenly put her left hand on Ryan’s thigh, making him jump. “What are you doing?” he hissed. She just carried on her conversation with their younger cousin McKenzie while rubbing his thigh, dangerously close to his dick.

Despite his anger at Maya, he couldn’t help but be turned on. As his cock started to swell, he tried to pretend that nothing was going on and continued eating. To the family, they didn’t notice anything, but to Maya, she knew it was working. Feeling a little guilty for turning him on, she decided to help him out. She began to run her hand over his cock while carrying on a conversation about college with her little cousin. As Ryan felt her hand touch his cock, he sucked in his breath.

“Are you okay, Ryan?” McKenzie asked.

“Yeah, Kenz, I’m fine.” He said, pinching Maya’s arm.

“Ouch! What the hell was that for?” she exclaimed.

“Ryan, stop that! You’re being so rude!” Ryan’s mother, Luann, yelled. Angry, he adjusted himself and took his plate to his room. Maya continued to eat and pretend nothing happened, but she was annoyed that he left before she could start anything.

After finishing dinner and heading out to the bonfire for s’mores, Maya decided to call it a night. Kissing her relatives, she headed upstairs, exhausted from the day. After changing throwing on an old t-shirt for bed, she settled in, instantly falling asleep. A few hours later, she woke up, startled. Looking above her, she noticed Ryan angrily positioned to fuck her.

“Ryan, what the fuck are you doing?!” she whispered.

“Shut up. You want this.” He rubbed his steely-hard cock up and down her clothed pussy. “You made a fool of me. Acting like you want me, and then saying we can never fuck again? Than jacking me off at dinner?” he accused her.

“Ryan, I’m sorry. I didn’t know what to do!” she pleaded. As upset as she was, she could feel her pussy get hot and wet, and she knew Ryan could to. “Just. Shut. Up.” He hissed, as he tore her panties off. “Ouch, Ryan!” she said, as he ignored her.

He roughly entered her, beginning to fuck her with a ferocity that she wasn’t expecting. After adjusting to his speed, she began moaning into his shoulder and tried to kiss him.

“Fuck you, Maya.” He insulted her, flipping her over like a whore. Grabbing her hair and pushing her face into the bed, he tore into her pussy, not knowing if he was doing it out of lust or rage. Plunging two fingers into her pussy, he began circling her asshole.

“Oh fuck!” she exclaimed, feeling him enter her ass as he fucked her pussy. “Yes, oh my god!” she moaned. Turning him on even more, she began bucking her hips as she had her first orgasm. Fucking her harder, he pulled her hair hard enough to jerk her head back. He kissed her roughly, feeling her cum for a second time. The squeeze her pussy had on his cock was too much – he flipped her over and jerked his cock until he came all over her face. “What the fuck, Ryan?” she sputtered, wiping the cum from her eyes.

“I’m…I’m sorry, Maya. You just hurt me real bad. I’m sorry.” He wiped his face with his shirt. She turned over, rubbing her sore ass and pussy.

“It’s fine. I’ll talk to you tomorrow I guess.” She said flatly and he left and closed the door.

Maya woke up the next morning slightly sore. After peeing and then deciding to go back to bed, she woke up to a pleasant feeling happening in her ass. Moaning a little, she stretched and looked behind her, noticing that Jim, her mother’s boyfriend, was rimming her asshole. Shocked, she pushed him off of her. “Jim! What are you doing?!” she exclaimed.

“Morning, princess. I’m eating your ass. What does it look like?” he chuckled and pushed her down again.

“Stop! Where’s my mother?! Where is everyone?! I’m going to tell!” she freaked.

“Mm, I don’t think so. They’re all down at the lake. Your mother decided to let you sleep in, and I said I would come check on you. And please, you’re not going to tell. I saw you with Ryan at the lake. You guys were at it like rabbits.” He laughed at her.

Feeling herself being pushed face down into the mattress, she felt Jim’s tongue on her asshole again. As disgusted as she was, she found herself moaning at his entrance into her asshole. “mmmm…” she moaned, curling her toes. “Fuck, that feels nice.” He began to fuck her asshole with his tongue, slobbering all over her. Suddenly, he plunged two fingers into her pussy, feeling her pussy clench around them. He spat again on her asshole, positioning himself at her tiny entrance. When she felt the head of his cock at her asshole, her eyes flew open. “No, not there! I’ve never had a cock in my ass!” she begged, screaming into the pillow when he didn’t listen.

“Shh, Maya. Just relax. It’ll hurt less.” Jim rubbed her back as he pushed into her tiny asshole. “Agh… you’re fucking tight, Maya. Who would’ve thought I would be the first cock you took up that sweet ass of yours?” Jim said between slow pumps in her ass.

“Jim, please…” Maya begged as she circled her clit with her left hand.

“Please what, princess?” Jim asked, pausing in her ass.

“Can you warm me up first? More, I mean.” she asked, turning around and flashy her baby blues at him.

“Only cause you asked, princess.” he responded, flipping her over. Getting down between her legs, Jim slowly licked his way from her asshole to her clit, pausing to blow little puffs of air over her most sensitive parts. Sucking on her swollen clit, Jim asked his step-daughter how she liked it.

“Fuck Jim, this is so good…” she breathily moaned. “Don’t stop daddy…” she begged, curling her hands through his hair. “Oh fuck, oh fuck!” she screamed as she came into his waiting mouth. “I need you to fuck me, Ji-daddy…” she asked, batting her lashes. As he positioned his hard cock at her tiny pussy, the heard a door slam.

“Jim? Maya?” they heard her mother’s voice float into the room. Jim jumped up without thought and ran into one of the bathrooms, pretending to use the toilet. Maya rolled over in bed and pretended to be sleeping still.

“Mom?” Maya asked sleepily.

“Maya, are you awake? It’s 10 am! We’re all going down to the lake for a swim. Get ready!” Maya audibly sighed in relief as she realized her mother wasn’t going to come into the room. Maya got up, threw her new teal string bikini on, and headed down to the lake.

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