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The Nor-Tea Club

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Eighteen months had passed since Jack Trengate and his wife, Sherri had become swingers. First with their long-time friends, Glenn and Wendy then James and Valerie were added, a black couple they met at a party. The three couples met at each other’s home once or twice a month and everyone looked forward to the encounters.

Jack had long overcome his initial concern of seeing Sherri with other men and looked forward to watching her with Glenn and James.

She enjoyed being with the two men so much that he had made the odd, casual comment that she might enjoy more. Sherri had not actually said she would want to have more than two men paying attention to her but she never said she wouldn’t either and Jack had the feeling that the tone of her non-committal answer hinted that she thought it might be fun.

He also liked looking down at Wendy and Valerie on their hands and knees on the bed, the perfect combination of black and white. It was so erotic to fondle their bottoms and pussies, so different yet ultimately the same. Wendy’s lovely pussy lips were always slightly open and inviting, topped by a neat blonde bush. He particularly enjoyed her in a sixty-nine; she would suck his cock while he tongued her pussy until she was very wet then he would spread her open and play with her clit while James had her from behind.

He liked Sherri in this position also and the sight of James’ super large black cock assaulting his wife’s pussy from so close usually resulted in a powerful ejaculation into her mouth. Then there was Valerie; with her large clitoris and a patch of jet black, silky pubic hair, he and Glenn had spent many hours enjoying the considerable assets of this black beauty.

The idea of seeing his wife with several men lingered on in Jack’s mind and while surfing the web he came across an adult sex club in a city about 100 miles away. The club, named ‘The Nor-Tea Club’, was exclusive and expensive, a very up-scale couples-only club that boasted a varied array of special events for members enjoyment. One in particular captured his interest; it took place every third Friday of the month and was just what he had in mind for his horny wife. He was excited to find the club but wished it was closer and less expensive. He reckoned it was mainly highway driving so it shouldn’t take that long to get there and nothing of value was inexpensive these days.

It was something he wanted just for Sherri and himself, at least to begin with, and never mentioned it to the other couples. He kept it from Sherri also for he wanted it to be a surprise. With his libido surging he paid the $1200 membership fee by credit card (still somewhat reluctantly) and immediately wondered if he had just wasted the money. He was relieved when a few days later when a fancy, plastic membership card with electronic chip and a sumptuous, detailed welcome package arrived by courier extolling the virtues of the club. He found the package impressive and abandoned his feeling that he had made a rash, hasty decision and wasted $1200 in the process.

“I want you to dress very sexily on Saturday night; I’m taking you somewhere special,” Jack told his wife.

“Oh, that sounds interesting, how sexy do you want me?” she replied with a broad smile.

“A bit slutty, very short dress, stockings, heels and expose a lot of your lovely tits, that little black dress should do nicely. I want you to look like you are available.”

“Umm, it’s getting more interesting, where are you taking me?”

“That’s for me to know and you to find out on Saturday, my horny slut,” Jack replied as he pulled her close and fondled her ass with both hands.

She felt his erection pressing against her tummy, “Well whatever it is, it has you very excited,” she said and turned towards the stairs, exaggerating the sway of her hips and she started up the stairs. Her fantastic backside looked even better than usual in the tight jeans and Jack followed it willingly upstairs, his cock throbbing violently, waiting to be released.

Sherri spent Saturday morning at the spa and came home with a new hairstyle that was a little shorter than usual but framed her face beautifully. She planned on adding a little to the make-up that was professionally applied at the spa later to give her a slutty appearance requested by her husband. Saturday afternoon seemed to drag like no other day in her life, she was curious to find out where Jack was taking her but he still wouldn’t say; she knew it would be something sexual and it made her horny.

She looked at her image in the mirror and had to admit she looked really good; there was no doubt of that. She was an extremely attractive and desirable, sexy, mature woman and she looked very hot in her outfit. The black dress barely covered her stocking tops and the garter belt straps showed if she bent over even a little. The stilettos and fishnets highlighted her shapely legs and the push-up bra exposed a lot of cleavage, almost revealing the tops of her areoles and her firm nipples were visible, straining against the material.

She pondered the finishing touch and decided on the decorative, gold waist chain that Glenn had bought her when they went with their spouses on a Jamaican vacation. It brought back memories of those eight sex-filled days and in particular one afternoon when she and Wendy were given a surprise treat by their husbands. They were stripped naked and directed to sit on the end of the bed where they were blindfolded.

Sherri heard movement about the room then her hands were placed on someone’s hips. She moved her hands across the tummy and down onto a very hard cock. She caressed it and the heavy ball sack and knew it wasn’t Jack or Glenn. This was exciting and she moved forward and began to suck it and from the sounds next to her Wendy had been given the same treat.

She was pushed back on the bed, her legs spread wide and a tongue lapped her vagina and clit. It was not until she had been fucked for several minutes that Jack removed the blindfold and she looked into the face of a handsome, black man in his twenties thrusting vigorously into her. Wendy was receiving the same treatment from another black man of the same age.

At first she felt shocked and embarrassed that she was in this position with such a young man, young than her own children, but he sure felt good inside her. She looked over to her friend, who was clutching her man’s buttocks and moaning loudly as he repeatedly thrust hard and fast causing the bed to bounce wildly and realized that it was too late to worry so why not just enjoy it.

The two mature wives did enjoy the young men who stayed all afternoon. They were certainly energetic and virile and each had ejaculated twice before leaving around 6:30. Jack and Glenn had gone to great lengths to find the two young studs and ensure that everything was safe for their wives and took many photographs of the encounter.

She opened a drawer of her dresser and under her panties and thongs (which she thought was a very appropriate place) was the small photo album. She opened it and looked through the photos taken that afternoon. They always made her horny and she could feel herself becoming wet and put it back quickly.

Sherri retrieved the chain from her jewellery box and ran it through her hands and cast her mind back to when she last wore it. Glenn had bought two chains; one for Wendy and one for her at a local market. It was mid afternoon and they had just finished playing cards in the shaded garden outside their chalet. Glenn got up and asked with a cheeky smile if anyone fancied a walk along the nude beach. Wendy and Jack declined saying they wanted to go back inside for some afternoon delight in the cool of the air-conditioning. Sherri smiled that sexy smile of hers and said she would love to go for a nude walk.

She wore only the chain around her waist as she and Glenn held hands and walked naked for a while along the sand where the waves finally lost their energy and lapped back from whence they came. They went into the ocean and splashed and played like a couple of kids then they embraced and kissed. Sherri wrapped her legs around Glenn’s waist and his erection slipped into her as the waves rushed about them and finally knocked them over as they clung to each other and laughed.

They continued walking until they came to a secluded area with a clump of palm trees close to the beach. It was the perfect spot and Glenn was soon on top of Sherri with his cock buried between her legs. It was not until he turned her onto her hands and knees and mounted her from behind that they both saw two local, black men standing about 15 feet away. The only clothing they wore was shorts and they were down around their knees. They were watching and jerking off. No one spoke and Glenn continued to thrust into his friend’s wife, the chain around her waist jiggling. The men, encouraged, ventured closer until they were 3 feet away.

Sherri’s eyes fixed on the two big, black cocks just off to the side; she could see the foreskins moving back and forth over the heads of their cocks and their balls shaking as they stoked their veined shafts. She imagined them fucking her pussy filled with Glenn’s cum, especially when they began to quietly moan as they closed in on ejaculation. The situation was very erotic and she could feel that Glenn thought so too, she knew he was about to explode and so was she. She began to scream, “Yes, oh yes, yes, yes, yes, give it to me, cum in me,” as she watched the black cocks jerk faster. Her orgasm coincided with Glenn’s ejaculation and as both cried in ecstasy the two black men shot their semen into the air; some hit her on the left cheek and right shoulder. Glenn withdrew and the two black men pulled up their shorts, smiled and walked away without one word being exchanged between them. Sherri lay down next to her lover and when they looked at one another they burst out laughing.

Sherri ran the chain through her fingers, the memories had made her very wet and she wished Glenn was with her right now to take her from behind, just like he had among those palm trees.

Jack stood and admired his wife as she came downstairs. “Very nice, you look like a lovely slut who is very available,” he said.

“Well thank you, kind Sir, and may I ask who I will be available to?” she replied with her legs apart and hands on her hips.

He couldn’t resist grabbing her, lifting her dress and mauling her ass, “You’ll just have to wait and see, you horny slut.”

“I’m very horny and very available,” she said and they kissed passionately.

Sherri redid her lipstick in the car as they sped down the highway. The club was discreetly located in a nondescript building several stories high. They took the elevator to the sixth floor and found the door at the end of the corridor with the small brass plaque and black lettering announcing that they had reach their destination. Sherri read the sign and looked confused, “The Nor-Tea Club?” she inquired.

“It’s a play on the word, ‘naughty’,” Jack said as he inserted his membership card into the electronic slot beside the heavy door. There was buzz and the door opened.

“Are you a ‘Nor-Tea Boy’ for bringing me here?” she asked with devilment in her voice as she stepped inside.

“I certainly hope so and I want to see you being a very ‘Nor-Tea Girl, tonight.

She laughed and said, “I do believe there is a very good chance that you will.”

They found themselves in an elegant foyer, there was erotic but tasteful artwork on the walls and the young lady who greeted them was wearing only black nylons, heels and a tiny thong.

“Good evening and welcome to ‘The Nor-Tea Club’, my name is Tanya. I saw from my computer when you buzzed in that this is your first time here; allow me to give you the 50 cents tour.”

She turned and Jack refocused his gaze from her ample breasts to her delicious bottom swaying from side to side as she led them down the hall. The door at the end opened into a large open space. To the right was a bar behind which a beautiful figure of a nude had been etched into the mirror. Besides bar stools, there were sofas and easy chairs surrounding a dance floor. About 20 couples stood and sat at and around the bar and a half dozen were slow dancing. All the men were casually well-dressed and the ladies wore a variety of sensual and provocative outfits. Sherri looked around and thought she could compete with any of them and noticed many men giving her the once over.

Tanya led them around the dance floor and up a flight of stairs to a seated viewing area that overlooked the large room below. “Our special events take place on the dance floor and many members like to view from up here,” Tanya informed her guests as they leaned on the rail and watched the erotic goings-on of the dancing couples.

Tanya showed the couple to a series of private rooms and opened one that was vacant. “These rooms are perfect for those times you meet other couples and wish some private time. As you can see there is everything here that you might need.”

She went on to point out the huge bed, sex swing, large sofa, loveseat, two large easy chairs and two hardback chairs. “We endeavour to ensure your complete enjoyment, note the mirrors on the walls and ceiling.” She went to a bank of drawers and opened one of the six. “Here you will find a wide selection of sex toys for both men and women and a variety of lubricants and lotions. They are washed and disinfected after each use but we recommend you use condoms over the dildos and vibrators.”

She pointed to the top left drawer, “Condoms can be found here in every room. You may, of course, bring your personal toys if you wish. The sheets and pillowcases are changed after every use and all furnishings are disinfected, we are very concerned and conscientious about your health and safety. The rooms are electronically linked to our control centre, the computer records when rooms are engaged and when they become vacant. The vacant room cannot be accessed until cleaning has taken place.”

The next room was large and dedicated to Bondage and Discipline. It contained a lot of equipment but it was the several styles of machines designed to deliver a dildo at various speeds that caught Sherri’s attention. Tanya explained that it was predominately light B&D that most members indulged in, tying up, blindfolds and spanking etc. “The machines are popular,” Tanya replied in response to Sherri’s question, “and a variety of dildos is available for use on them in the bank of drawers against the wall.” Jack looked at his wife and smiled, she liked to be tied-up, blindfolded and spanked occasionally and they both eyed the machines with interest again.

“This area is very popular,” Tanya said as she opened a door that led into a substantial-sized space with three hot tubs, a large Roman tub big enough for twenty people and a small swimming pool. “It’s empty now but in a couple of hours there will be plenty of action in here,” she said

Next was a visit to locker rooms and showers and the ‘Free Rooms’. Tanya explained that anyone entering a ‘Free Room’ understood that they would submit to the desires of whoever came in, males or females. “It’s the ultimate sexual adventure,” she added, “and its okay to go on your own if your partner is otherwise engaged. You can see that all the ‘Free Rooms’ have viewing galleries for voyeurism if actually participating is a little too wild and crazy for you.”

Tanya concluded her tour back at the bar, “Before I leave you I remind you to read the welcome package you received in the mail, it will explain all the do’s and don’ts of the club, our special events and our commitment to a safe and healthy environment here. You are free to engage in kissing, fondling and oral anywhere in the club but please reserve sexual intercourse for the play rooms.”

While Tanya was explaining this, Sherri noticed that several couples on the dance floor were engaged in foreplay. She could see naked breasts, hiked skirts and cocks being caressed. It was making her increasingly horny and when Tanya left Jack asked if she would like a drink.

“Yes, please,” she said, feeling a little flushed and they headed for the bar.

Sherri sensed that men’s eyes were following her as they made their way to the bar and it made her feel sexy. Every look was laced with sexual innuendo. Although this was a high-end club and the members were respectable, professional people, they were all there for sex and she knew that all of the men, and probably some of the women, would view her as fresh meat, ripe for the picking. She was acutely aware of the sexual atmosphere all around, she liked it and it made her horny. Men lusting after her had always made her horny. She passed a lady giving her partner leisurely fellatio while he sat in an easy chair and a short distance away what appeared to be a wife caressing her husband’s large and very hard erection as another couple looked on admiringly. When Jack had to stop to negotiate through a crowd of people she heard the admiring husband say, “Do you like it, Hon? Do you want it?”

“Yes please! Let’s go to a room now,” the wife answered and the foursome departed

It excited Sherri immensely to know they would shortly be having sex and that woman would be enjoying a big cock. She was wet and when she followed her husband through the crowd of people gathered near the bar she felt hands fondle and squeeze her bottom. It sent tingles up her spine at the thought of these men – strangers – feeling her, she imagined their hard cocks straining against their underwear, waiting for the opportunity to break free and plunge into a wet and willing pussy. . .her pussy. She breathed a silent sigh and felt herself tremble as Jack handed her a glass.

She took a large swallow of her drink, it did nothing to quell her sexual arousal but it was welcome and served to calm her trembling a little. Jack directed her along the bar and they sat on the high, swivel stools. They faced away from the bar and observed the groups of people. She crossed her legs causing her short skirt to ride up and expose her naked thighs and garter straps. She started to adjust her skirt but Jack stopped her, “Leave it,” he said and caressed the bare flesh just above her stocking tops. His fingers crept over her thigh then nudged between her legs. She relaxed her crossed legs just enough for her husband to rub two fingers over her damp thong. She took another deep swig from her glass and looked at her husband. “You’re ready for it aren’t you?” he said.

“Yes,” came her quick reply.

“Have you picked someone out or shall I choose?” he asked.

Before she could answer a tall, distinguished-looking man of about 60 was extending his hand to Jack. “Hi, my name is Julian; I don’t believe I’ve seen you and your lovely wife here before.”

“No, this is our first time, checking the place out,” Jack answered as he shook hands.

“Forgive me,” Julian said, half turning and putting an arm around a strikingly beautiful, dark-haired woman of indeterminate age, “This is my wife, Sonia.”

“Very nice to meet you, I’m Jack and this is my wife, Sherri.”

“Pleased to meet you,” Sherri said extending her hand.

Julian took her hand but instead of shaking it he kissed the back of it then raised his eyes to meet hers and said, “Believe me, my sweet thing, the pleasure is definitely all mine,” and he gently kissed her hand again.

With introductions over Julian continued, “You will enjoy it here, nice class of people from different races just to make it interesting, if you like that sort of thing, of course, and Sonia and I certainly do. There are a lot of talented women, if you catch my drift and Sonia has never been disappointed with any of the men. We have a wonderful staff here and there is never anything to worry about. It’s a damn, well-run establishment, no riff-raff. Let me buy you folks a drink,” Julian offered and in short order the first-time members were drinking from fresh glasses.

Jack gave up his bar stool to Sonia and, as she perched on it he couldn’t help but notice her short dress and shapely, stocking-clad legs that, like his wife, revealed a lot of naked flesh and garter straps.

“I say, old man, I do believe we have the finest examples of exciting, erotic femininity in the whole place, that is why I introduced myself. I must say you are a sight to behold, Sherri, quite lovely!” Julian exclaimed as he made no attempt to ogle her cleavage and naked thighs.

She blushed, fidgeted on her stool and quietly thanked him. She was so horny she wanted to scream and she glanced at her husband. He smiled and raised his eyebrows, silently sending a message of approval. She uncrossed her legs and spread them a little and stared sultrily at Julian.

“Oh my, that is beautiful, you have the most lovely legs” Julian commented. He turned to Sonia and said, “I think it only proper that you should do the same for Jack, my Dear.”

Sonia did but she spread her legs as wide as her tight skirt would allow and Jack saw she wasn’t wearing underwear. Her pussy looked very inviting. The labia were slightly parted and there was a neat wedge of dark pubic perched just above her clitoris. He felt his erection pulse as he looked from Sonia, to his wife, then back to Sonia’s waiting pussy again. Seeing this, Sherri spread her legs as wide as she could also.

Julian moved closer and Sherri smelled the intoxicating aroma of his cologne. He placed a hand on a thigh and gently caressed it then moved to the other one and did the same. He leaned over and whispered in her ear, “You are so lovely, may I be so bold as to go further?”

She quivered, “Yes, please do,” and she took his hand and placed it between her legs.

His fingers moved onto her damp thong, softly rubbing up and down between her pussy lips. She moved forward on the stool and spread her legs wider. Julian’s rubbing became more intense and she was so wet that he was an inch inside while his fingers were still on the outside of her thong. No longer able to stand it she pulled her thong to one side. Two fingers were quickly inside her and a thumb stimulated her clitoris. Julian’s free hand was grasping at her cleavage and it didn’t take a lot of effort to expose both breasts. His mouth clasped onto one nipple then the other as his hand squeezed the large, fleshy mounds. He continued to feel her breasts but his mouth moved to her lips and their tongues entwined passionately.

She broke away from Julian’s lips for a few moments and let out a series of restrained cries as an orgasm that had been simmering ripped through. Her tongue then went back inside Julian’s mouth. His fingers were like no others she had ever felt as they deftly stimulated her vagina, labia and clitoris. She was vaguely aware of people watching and the excitement of that combined with Julian’s fingers rapidly brought her to another orgasm. She clutched Julian tightly against her and jerked her pussy onto his fingers as the orgasm overwhelmed her. She could feel his erection pressing against her thigh; her face rested in the crook of his neck and she gasped, “Oh, I’m so horny!”

“Yes my lovely, sweet thing, I know you are, I am too, can you feel it?

“Your cock feels so hard pressing against me,” Sherri panted in little more than a whisper.

“It’s very hard and I know you want it and you will get it, but first . . .” He knelt between her legs, the bar stool providing the perfect height for his talented tongue in her soaking wet pussy and on her clitoris.

Sonia had brought Jack to the verge of ejaculation several times with her skilled fingers only to stop just at the right moment. His cock was super hard and his fingers and tongue had sampled her pussy. He fondled her boobs and pinched the erect nipples while she lazily teased his cock slowly to the brink again.

Sherri rested her legs over Julian’s shoulders as he lapped expertly on her pussy and clit and she shook again with orgasmic bliss. A small crowd had gathered to watch and the comments made were from experience. “Julian never fails to make you climax,” one lady noted and, “There’ll be more for her when she has his cock inside her, I wish it was me tonight,” from another.

She heard these comments and wanted to be fucked right now. She clasped Julian’s head with both hands and pulled him up, she kissed him then whispered, “Oh, please fuck me; I want your cock in me now.”

“Patience, my pet, all in good time, he replied nonchalantly as he caressed her cheek. “Perhaps you would like to see and feel it first?”

Julian stood between her legs up against the bar stool and she reached out and unzipped his pants. She slipped her hand in and after a few seconds exposed his cock and jerked it back and forth.

“You’re going to enjoy that,” one of the onlookers yelled causing a ripple of laughter and agreement among the crowd.

“Some of my fans,” Julian said apologetically, “but they do speak from experience and you are going to enjoy it, my sweet and horny pet.”

“I’m sure I will,” Sherri panted as she gave the cock a few tentative strokes, pulling back the foreskin to reveal the engorged, purple head.

“Yes, that’s it my Dear, rub your fingers around the head. Oh, you are good!” Julian said and looked over to his wife and saw Jack with his face buried in her pussy. Sonia was caressing his hair and moaning softly. “Sonia, darling, time to go to a room.”

She reluctantly pushed Jack away from her pussy and they stood. Julian helped Sherri down from the bar stool and she put her tits back under her dress as best she could and Julian struggled but finally managed to return his stiff member back inside his pants and zip up. He put his arm around Sherri and Jack did the same with Sonia and the four went across the dance floor toward the private rooms with words of encouragement from the crowd. Julian half turned to the crowd, smiled and gave Sherri’s bottom a couple of playful pats and squeezes.

Julian placed his membership card in the slot and the green light signalled that the door was unlocked. He pushed it open and Sherri went through first followed by Sonia and Jack. Immediately Sherri felt her breathing and heartbeat quicken a little as she looked around the room; large bed, big sofa, easy chairs, hard-backed chair, swing, mirrors and the dresser full of toys, they all meant sex and she was lightheaded from the stimuli. She took a few deep breaths and told herself to calm down, that helped but it didn’t stop the sexual rush she was feeling. There was a full bathroom in the room and Sonia, sensing Sherri’s state, put her arm around her and suggested they freshen up for the men and would, no doubt, have a chat as they did so.

“What do you do for a living?” Jack asked Julian idly, trying to kill time until the ladies returned.

“Did, old chap . . . did. I’m a retired diplomat. Spent time in the Middle East, South America, Eastern Europe, that’s where I met Sonia. And what about you and where did you meet that ravishing wife of yours?”

“I spent some time in the Security business and as an Entrepreneur, now I devote my time to making sure Sherri gets all the cock she needs,” Jack answered with a laugh.

“And very commendable too, my good man, she is certainly a beautiful and sexy lady and very horny if you don’t mind me saying so, old chap.”

“Not at all,” Jack responded, “She does like sex a lot. We see two other couples on a regular basis, one couple are old friends and the other is black couple we met at a party. The black guy is extremely well endowed and Sherri loves his big cock. By the way, you’ve done pretty well for yourself with Sonia, she is quite the lady.”

“Yes, she is rather lovely isn’t she and likes cock as much as your good lady by the sound of it. I can tell you this, my friend, without any doubt whatsoever, your wife will be in high demand here, all the men and some of the women will be after her. If you come here often enough she will be used heartily by all the men sooner or later if she wants. Trust me, Sherri will get all the cock her little heart and sweet pussy desires. But you haven’t told me how you two met.”

Hearing that was encouraging for Jack; he hoped that meant he would see her take on several men on a regular basis. “How did we meet? We lived in the same neighbourhood and I saw her a lot. She was into highland dancing and when I saw her in a little tartan skirt that exposed a lot of her lovely legs I just knew she had to be mine. We soon realized that we both loved sex and have had a very active life in that regard.

Sherri and Sonia came out of the bathroom and had shed their dresses, bras and thongs. They wore only a garter belt, stockings and heels.

“By Jove, what a magnificent sight, that’s what I like to see, two lovely ladies ready for some action,” Julian commented exuberantly, “I think we should oblige them, don’t you, my friend?”

“I most certainly do,” Jack replied enthusiastically.

To say that Sherri was horny would be a gross understatement; she was completely seduced by ‘The Nor-Tea Club’; the sexual atmosphere, the attractive men, any of whom she might be with at some time or another, if not tonight maybe another night, and the pretty women for Jack. She was enamoured with Julian, this tall, laconic man with old world vocabulary and charm that came from a time now lost to history.

Her head was also filled with the memory of the tour and what Tanya had said. Would Jack, or another man or men, take her to the B&D room and introduce her to new and exciting pleasures? The ‘Free Rooms’ intrigued her, but did she have the courage to submit herself? She imagined lying on the bed in next to nothing, her legs spread wide as she played with herself, waiting for a man or men to come and take her as they wished or maybe it would be a woman. That would be a new experience and she wondered if she would like it. Who would they be and how many would find her attractive? It was all certainly exciting and her head spun with numerous erotic thoughts.

Jack took Sonia over to the bed and sat her on the edge, she lay back and he knelt between her thighs. Sherri approached Julian and asked him to remove his shoes and socks. “I’m going to take the rest of your clothes off,” she said. Standing close to him she began to slowly unbutton his shirt with fingers that trembled slightly. Once his shirt was open she unbuttoned the sleeves, slipped it off his shoulders and it fell to the floor. Admiring his lean but nicely toned chest, she leaned forward and licked and kissed first one then the other nipple. Julian fondled her tits and pulled on her nipples until she knelt down and unbuckled his belt. She could see the bulge in his pants but forced herself not to rush.

Slowly, she inched the zip down and helped his pants to the floor where Julian kicked them aside. His briefs were bright red and very brief; his hefty manhood strained against the material and was barely contained by it. The outline of his huge, purple helmet was clearly visible and Sherri lightly rubbed her hands over his balls, up the thick shaft and over his knob. She then placed her hands on the front of his briefs and slowly pulled them down. His cock sprang up and down several times before coming to rest in front of her face. It was very erect and it excited her immensely. She took hold of the shaft and pulled the foreskin completely back off the head and stared at it for a few moments before opening her mouth and taking it in. The spongy hardness felt good in her mouth and she jerked on the thick shaft as she swirled her tongue around and over it, lingering to flick the hole at the tip.

Julian held the back of her head and began pumping into her throat. He held both of her hands so he had total control of how much cock he gave her and he gave her more with each stroke. At one time she would not have been able to take this deep thrusting but James had taught her well and she could control her breathing to prevent gagging even with James’ massive black tool halfway down her throat. She enjoyed sucking cock and she was good at it.

“Oh, that is sublime,” Julian gasped in his unique and charming manner and thrust deeper.

Jack had shed his clothes and had mounted Sonia. Julian lifted Sherri to her feet and she glanced briefly over to her husband as he slammed hard into Sonia. She turned back to Julian and they kissed, tongues darting and flicking as their mouths locked onto one another, her hand jerked his erection and he fondled her ass then moved to her pussy and felt her swollen labia and slipped two fingers into her hot, wet box, “You’re ready,” he panted.

“I know,” she gasped, “I want you to take me now.”

“I know you do, my sweet but first I want to taste you.” He took her to the bed and laid her beside Jack and Sonia who was now on all fours being pounded from behind. Julian spread Sherri’s legs and began feasting on her pussy. His tongue was just talented as his fingers and it wasn’t long before she was writhing and moaning towards an orgasm. As she was recovering, Julian got up, leaned over and mouthed her tits and gently bit her very erect nipples. His cock rested between her labia and he moved back and forth over her clitoris.

“Fuck me, Julian, stick your cock in and fuck me!” she pleaded.

“I will, my sweet, I most definitely will, but not here.”

He helped her up and into the sex swing. He adjusted the straps so her pussy was at the same height as his cock. Her legs were spread very wide and her pussy gaped open, begging to be filled. Julian looked lustily at her spread open for him and his very erect cock twitched with excitement. She felt the bulbous knob between her pussy lips and sucked in air sharply as he pushed his hefty purple helmet into her tight vagina. Julian knew she could take it and kept pushing deeper. After a half dozen thrusts he was all the way inside her and his cock shone with her juices that flowed freely.

Being suspended in the swing was something new for Sherri and she found it extremely enjoyable, particularly due to the fact that Julian could pound her pussy very hard with little expenditure of energy and therefore keep going much longer than if he was in the missionary position. He rubbed her clit and mauled her tits and ass as his big knob came almost all the way out before thrusting easily back in all the way so his balls slapped against her ass. She climaxed quickly and was so aroused that she squirted for the first time in her life; the feeling was tremendous and she cried out loud as she coated Julian’s cock and tummy. He pulled out and turned her over in the swing, resting his super hard cock between the cheeks of her ass.

“What a beautiful bottom you have, my darling, quite positively one of the finest I have ever seen! You must remind me to take you over my knee sometime and give it a jolly good spanking,” he chuckled as he fondled it then bent over to lavish kisses on both cheeks. He gently moved his erection back and forth along the cleft between her buttocks then pulled back slightly and separated them and saw that her pussy was open for more business. He slid into her and fucked her harder than she had ever had been before, using the swing to drive her back onto his erection. Sherri could feel his huge knob getting bigger and knew he was close. It brought her close also and she began to moan, “Yes, yes . . . now, now, oh, oh, give it to me now,” then she screamed.

Julian squeezed her ass as he slammed into her and let out a loud groan. She felt his hot semen splash deep within her again and again, filling her with a comforting glow.

Sonia was on top of Jack now and they climaxed together. Sherri and Julian looked on as cum ran down Jack’s cock and onto his balls and Sonia licked it up.

They showered and when they were dressed and about to leave, Julian said, “Sherri, my darling, you are a beautiful, sexy, sensual and erotic woman. When the other members see the smile on my face you will be in high demand. I can guarantee you that every man here will want to be with you. If you’ll pardon the pun, the members’ members will all want try that lovely pussy of yours out.”

Sonia hugged Jack, fondled his crotch and said happily, “There will be more than a few ladies after you when I’m through telling them about your performance.”

Jack and Sherri felt good about the club and back at the bar, Julian introduced them to a group of other members. Sherri quickly became the centre of interest with the men and several women fawned over Jack. There was much erotic talk and on someone’s suggestion and much support for it, Jack exposed his wife’s breasts and she was passed around. The men didn’t just content themselves with feeling her breasts; her dress was hiked up, her ass mauled and smacked and her pussy fingered as she went from man to man. It made her very horny and she wanted to get fucked again but it was time to leave. Jack would have liked to stay also to watch his horny wife get fucked by this group of men, who clearly wanted to have her.

She enjoyed being passed around and would have gone to a room with the men in a heartbeat but Jack reminded her that it was late and they had a 100 mile drive ahead of them. There would be other opportunities, lots of opportunities, as Julian had predicted and tonight had proved; she could have as many men as she wanted.

On the way home Sherri removed her thong and Jack fingered her as they drove along the highway. The car pulled into the driveway and Jack removed the keys and looked over to his wife. She was toying with her clit and she turned to him and said, “I want to go back there again . . .soon!”

“Me too, me too,” he replied, knowing they would be going back the following Friday; he had entered her in the special event when she was being passed around and fondled.

Would you like to go to ‘The Nor-Tea Club’ on Friday?” Jack asked Sherri casually.

“I’d love to,” was her quick response.

“Okay, wear something really horny and slutty.”

“No problem, I have just the outfit in mind,” she chirped happily.

“Is this horny and slutty enough for you?” Sherri asked Jack when she came downstairs on Friday evening.

He gazed at his lovely and very horny wife and smiled, “You are so sexy, I think that outfit just might get some attention tonight, you look ravishing.”

“Oh good, because that was my plan,” she replied with a sexy laugh.

She had no idea that Jack had entered her name in the special event at the club and if things developed the way he hoped, she would receive all the attention she could handle and be thoroughly ravished.

Her outfit consisted of a white, silk blouse that had stud snaps instead of buttons. Several were undone and there was a lot of exposed cleavage, she had lovely, full breasts and the push-up black bra showed them off to perfection. The shiny, bright red skirt was so short it didn’t cover her bottom and her black garter straps and red thong were visible. Black fishnet stocking, red stilettos, black lacy, fingerless gloves and a black collar completed her very erotic ensemble.

The drive to the club was uneventful and once inside they saw it was very busy. The dance floor had been filled with 5 super king-size beds and was surrounded with tables and chairs that were all occupied. The upper level viewing area overlooking the dance floor was also standing room only. Scantily-clad servers were busy at the bar and tables with trays of drinks.

The sexually-charged atmosphere captured Sherri immediately and her heart raced with excitement and sexual arousal. She caught the eye of many men as she and Jack manoeuvred their way to the bar, serving to heighten her arousal. She liked men to lust after her and want to fuck her.

Jack knew she looked tremendously erotic and wanted to see her in tonight’s special event but that was not guaranteed. He handed his wife a drink and she said, “Wow, I wonder why it’s so crowded tonight and what are those beds doing on the dance floor?”

“There’s a special event and it’s very popular.”

“What is it?”

You’ll see; I’ve entered your name in the draw so you may get to participate.”

Sherri looked at him for a moment then smiled that very sexy smile of hers, “You naughty boy, am I in for it.”

“I sure hope so, you look like a horny slut and I’d like to see you treated like one.”

“Ooohh, sounds like fun, I’d like to be treated like a horny slut.”

Sherri gazed around the room and at the edge of the dance floor she spotted Julian and Sonia. They were looking in her direction and she waved. They both waved back then Julian gave her a thumbs-up sign and the expression on his face was one of approval for her outfit. She wondered if she would have his cock inside her tonight, she hoped so but there were many attractive men present so it wouldn’t be the end of the world if they didn’t meet up.

A hush rippled through the audience as a man in a tuxedo walked onto the dance floor with a microphone.

“Good evening, ladies and gentlemen, I’m Johnny D and I’m your emcee for tonight’s special event. It’s nice to see such a great crowd for one of our most popular events, ‘The Nor-Tea Club’s Wife Bingo’.

Trudy had a puzzled look on her face and wondered what on earth he was talking about.

Johnny continued, “You know how this works, 5 names will be drawn from the entries and those lucky ladies will come onto the dance floor with their husband and stand by one of the beds. As you can see, each bed has a letter designation, B – I – N – G – O and the first name drawn will stand by Bed B and so on. Like a regular Bingo game there are 75 numbers, B1-15, I16-30 and so on. When the 5 names have been drawn and the lucky ladies are standing by their beds, any horny gentlemen out there may purchase a ticket for a lady of their choice.

The husbands will draw numbers and those lucky enough to have the corresponding ticket will come up here on the dance floor and spend time with the wife while her husband looks on and gives suggestions and encouragement. There’s always a lot of interest in this and there has been a lot of names entered, so let’s get started. Tanya, please bring the cage out and we’ll draw the names of the five lucky ladies.”

The tension and excitement in the room was palpable as Tanya strode onto the dance floor with a circular cage that appeared to have a least sixty balls inside. She placed it on a table and the Johnny turned the handle rapidly sending the balls spinning. When the cage stopped Tanya opened the small door and took out the first ball. She opened it and took out a small piece of paper, “Beth R.” she announced into the microphone and there was a shriek from the audience and a tall, busty lady in a tight silver mini dress with matching heels hurried out with her husband and stood beside Bed B as the audience cheered.

Next it was Anita S. then Paula H. Tanya delved into the cage for another ball, “Sherri T.” she called out. She put both hands over her mouth in shock as Jack directed her beside Bed G. The last name out of the cage was Lara J.

“Now, gentlemen, you can see all five lovely ladies and one can be yours tonight if you buy a ticket and your number is drawn. Each husband will draw five numbers at intervals so by the end of the drawing each lady will have five men to entertain. Gentlemen, there are only 75 numbers, 15 tickets for each lady, so get yours now and we will begin in ten minutes,” Johnny placed the microphone on the table and headed for the bar with Tanya.

“What have you got me into?” Sherri exclaimed.

“What you’ve wanted since the night of the invitation . . . more cock and tonight you are going to get it. I’m going to tell the men I pick to fuck you silly and leave you exhausted and totally satisfied,” Jack said with an impish grin.

“Don’t be silly! It would take more than five men to do that and besides, maybe there won’t be five men who want me.”

Trust me, the way you look tonight every man in this club wants to have you.”

“We’ll see,” she said with a big grin and then added, “but I hope you’re right.”

“You Greedy Horny Slutty Tart,” Jack joked just as the Johnny and Tanya returned to the dance floor.

“Right, ladies and gentlemen, all the tickets have been sold and sold faster than ever before so there’s a lot of interest in these 5 lovely ladies. Tanya will now distribute the bags to the husbands and we will begin the draw.”

A loud cheer came from the audience as Tanya gave a different coloured bag to each husband. The emcee went to the husband beside Bed B and asked him to draw a ball. “B12,” the emcee cried and a man came hurrying out of the audience and gave his ticket to Johnny.

Beth was all smiles and held the man by the shirt sleeve. The emcee asked the husband what he would like the man to do and placed the mike close to his lips, “Fondle her then have her kneel and suck his cock before he fucks her on the bed.” There was a cheer from the audience and the man pulled the straps of Beth’s dress off her shoulders and mauled her braless tits then lifted her skirt and played with her ass and pussy.

Johnny moved to Bed I and, after the husband gave his opening instructions, went to Bed N. Sherri was next and she could hardly contain her excitement. She saw the activity at the other beds and wanted some of her own. Johnny asked Jack to draw a number and Sherri held her breath as the emcee called out, “G51.”

A tall, very good-looking man of about 50 approached Bed G and Sherri gave him a big, nervous smile. It was not as big as the man’s however, who seemed overjoyed to have been drawn. He gently rubbed her arm which sent tingles spiking through her.

Johnny asked Jack what he wanted the man to do to his wife and placed the mike close to his lips, “Bend her over so her hands touch the floor, pull her little thong to one side and finger-fuck her then when your cock is nice and hard, stick it in and fuck her until the second man joins you.”

The crowd cheered loudly and the emcee and Tanya moved to Bed O. Jack watched as the man bent his wife over as instructed. She felt her thong being pulled aside then the man’s fingers on her labia and clit. She was soaking wet and his fingers slipped in easily and began pumping back and forth, hard. His other hand felt her ass and Jack told the man to spank her if he wanted. He did and each cheek of her bottom received 4 firm spanks.

There was action at all five beds now and as Johnny went back to Bed B for the second round draw the man with Sherri removed his shirt and unzipped his pants. His cock bounced into view, very erect and ready for his next task. “That’s it,” Jack encouraged, “stick your cock into her and fuck her hard, she likes it hard.”

The man followed Jack’s instructions and Sherri never heard the emcee calling any more numbers. She was being fucked really hard by the energetic stud and was lost in her private world of lust. She never heard Jack tell the second man to strip off and lift her head up so she could suck his cock but she felt the hands on her armpits and came face to face with a big, black cock. She placed her hands on his hips to steady herself as she was pounded from behind and took the black cock into her mouth. Before she knew it, a second cock was near her mouth and she vaguely heard her husband saying, “Get both cocks in there.”

Sherri had long since lost track of time but when all three cocks withdrew and she was finally allowed to stand upright a fourth man was beside her. They surrounded her, mauling, fondling, feeling and probing. Her hands were kept busy jerking two cocks at a time; she alternated frequently keeping them all very erect.

“Get rid of her shirt,” she heard Jack say and the man in front of her pulled all the studs open and someone behind pulled it off her shoulders fully exposing her lovely, big tits. They were instantly assaulted, lifted, squeezed and her nipples pulled and twisted. Other hands fondled her ass and fingered her pussy and clit. She looked at Jack and he could see by her half-closed eyes and open mouth that she was totally turned on and lost to lust. One man stood in front of her and locked his mouth onto hers. The man behind fondled her tits and rubbed his cock along between her butt cheeks while the other two, one on either side lifted her legs allowing the man in front to enter her. She jerked the cocks of the men beside her and they changed places so all had a turn inside her as Jack had instructed.

The noise coming from the audience was loud and raucous, they were enjoying the special event and it was still in its early stages.

“Get her on the bed and give it to her,” Jack said. Sherri lay back and instinctively spread her legs wide, her pussy was instantly invaded by a hard cock. Two more forced their way into her mouth while the fourth man straddled her chest and thrust his erection between her tits.

She was being stimulated liked never before with four men working on her and orgasms came one after the other. The noise of the audience seemed distant to her but she knew that many eyes were watching her being fondled, mauled and fucked and that caused her great excitement.

She had fantasized about being on a stage with a large crowd watching her have sex. The idea of being a porn star and having thousands of men jerking off and ejaculating as they watched her being fucked on film and wishing it was them had been a frequent fantasy when she masturbated with a dildo, vibrator and even a cucumber.

This was better than all that and now a tongue had replaced the cock in her pussy and was alternately delving into her vagina and flicking her clitoris. Fingers spread her labia wide open exposing her erect, sensitive little nub and the tongue when back to work on it. Her hips writhed as it sent wonderful sensations streaking through her body and she sucked the cocks in her mouth with increasing excitement and purpose.

Suddenly she was turned and lifted onto all fours. Someone entered her from behind and began a steady thrusting. There were 3 cocks in front of her face and they took turns fucking her mouth in short bursts while Jack encouraged all four men to keep giving it to his wife as much as they could.

“Fuck the slut, keep her wet cunt and mouth full of cocks, fuck her hard, punishment her, use her, use her!” she heard him call out excitedly. It turned her on to hear him talk about her like this and the men responded by ramming into her from both ends as hard and fast as they could.

As the sexual activity on the beds increased so did the lewd behaviour in the audience. The normal rules of the club were relaxed for special events and many in the audience were engaged in intercourse. Some ladies were sitting on laps being fondled and fucked while others jerked and sucked cocks.

Jack drew the fifth and final ball from the bag and the emcee called out, “G55.” He smiled when he saw another black guy jogging to Bed G. Not only was his horny little wife experiencing her first three-plus gangbang but now she had two black dicks for the first time. By now the men with her were naked and had positioned her on all fours on the edge of the bed. Her face was buried in the sheets with her ass high in the air and the men were lined up behind her, waiting their turn. Each drilled her hard for about a couple of minutes before letting the next guy take his turn. She whimpered as one cock after another fucked her over and over again, her pussy never free of a cock for more than a second or two.

The fifth man, was well-built and in his mid 40’s and kept glancing anxiously over to the bed as if his prize of a lovely, white, mature woman whose lovely ass he could see and whose pussy was being relentlessly fucked would suddenly disappear if he didn’t get to her immediately. “Just get your clothes off and get your cock into her,” Jack said, seeing his impatience.

He stripped off and Jack nodded with approval. The man had a large endowment and it was so hard it stood almost vertical and twitched convulsively. He went to the bed and was allowed to push his cock into Sherri right away. He sank to his balls and Sherri let out a heavy sigh then moaned as he slammed into her making loud slapping sounds as his loins smacked hard against her lovely bum cheeks.

Jack watched the 5 men as they fucked his wife continuously for almost two hours in every combination and position they could think of. When she sat on top of one of the men, facing away, and leaned back, he saw that her pussy was so engorged from constant use that he thought this was his best chance of seeing something he’d wanted for a long time.

He went to one of the black guys and said something to him. Sherri had never been able to take two cocks in her tight cunt at once but now, Jack believed she had been loosened up so much that tonight might be another first. The black guy got into position and Sherri looked at him with disbelief and concern on her face but he went ahead and forced his cock in beside the one already there.

“Oooohh!” she cried and threw back her head and closed her eyes. The two cocks, one white the other black, moved in opposite directions and judging by the moans and cries she was finding it a most pleasurable experience. Both men ejaculated inside her almost simultaneously and cum ran from her pussy and onto the man’s stomach below. One of the men with his cock in her mouth lay on his back and Sherri was positioned over him on her hands and knees and he thrust up into her.

“Get another cock in her pussy, there should be lots of room,” Jack suggested and the second black man knelt behind her and forced his big, thickly-veined cock in deep and her pussy was crammed two cocks again while the third rammed down her throat. Two more loads of cum were deposited in her vagina and one spurted down her throat causing her to gag there was so much of it.

All the men on the beds had ejaculated and the special event was at an end. Sherri gathered her shirt and headed with the other four ladies upstairs for a shower. They had been fucked for almost 3 hours and were a little shaky on their feet at first but there were smiles all around and other members applauded as they made their way upstairs.

“I’ll meet you at the bar,” Jack told his well-fucked wife.

She smiled her sexy smile and brushed a hand across her forehead, “Phew, I need a drink after that,” she said with obvious pleasure.

Sherri showered and had to pass the ‘Free Rooms’ on her way to the bar. She stopped at one of the viewing windows and looked down at a lady on the bed. She was by herself and appeared to be a mature woman like herself. She was on her hands and knees and using a big dildo and, as she watched, two men came in, both naked and stroking their erections. One took over the operation of the dildo and the other tied her hands behind her back. The dildo was removed and both men took turns with her from behind then beckoned towards the door that was out of Sherri’s view and a huge, naked black man appeared. He must have been 6′ 5″ and weighed more than 300lbs. Protruding well beyond his big belly was a gigantic, very hard, thick cock. Sherri gasped when she saw it and thought he must be bigger and thicker than James.

The two men stood on either side of the woman and spread her pussy open and held her still. The big man dwarfed the woman and used all of his considerable weight to ram into her. The woman screamed with delight as she took more and more of the massive black prick. He didn’t last long and pulled out at the last second. Sherri saw his ejaculation spray all over the woman’s back then he wiped his cock on her bottom. She was untied and the men left.

The woman didn’t move and Sherri was just about to move on when two more men entered the room. One man unceremoniously mounted her while the other lifted her head and began fucking her face. They both came, one in her box and the other over her face then they left. The woman lay on her back, opened her legs wide and slid the dildo back into her well-screwed box.

Sherri found watching this woman waiting for men to enter the room and use her very erotic and wanted to stay longer when a man and a woman entered the room but she needed that drink and Jack would be waiting so she, somewhat reluctantly, made her way down to the bar to join her husband.

Walking through the crowd near the bar she received many positive comments about her performance and lots of invitations to go to a private room but she declined politely saying maybe another time, which she really meant, there were so many good looking men she was attracted to. She spotted Jack and was pleased to see he was with Julian and Sonia. After hugs and kisses Julian said, “Absolutely wonderful show, my darling. You were well and truly shagged by those chaps, are you up for some more by chance?”

“I’m always ready to be . . . shagged,” she responded, liking this new word and Jack handed her a drink.

“Marvellous! Let me introduce you to Jeremy, everyone meets Jeremy sooner or later.” How Sherri had missed him she did not know but standing behind Julian was the huge black man she had seen in the ‘Free Room’. Julian placed an arm around his massive shoulders. Up close he was larger than she had first thought yet his handshake was gentle and she spoke softly. “And this is his lovely wife, Amba,” Julian added.

Amba was taller and heavier than Sherri with very large breasts that threatened to explode out of her skimpy top. Her tight mini skirt showed off her shapely legs and nice, round ass. She knew that Jack would be attracted to Amba and Jeremy held a fascination for Sherri since she had seen him in action just a short while ago and although she was a little intimidated by the sheer bulk of the man, it was also strangely erotic being next to him and wondering if she would see his large endowment or feel it, suck it and be fucked by it.

“If you are up to it we could go to a room, the six of us that is.”

Sherri flushed and her heart thumped in her chest as she visualized Jeremy’s erection and if her wonderings were about to become a reality. She looked at her husband who nodded enthusiastically. She knew he was eager to be with Amba. “Sure, let’s find a room,” she replied and drained her glass.

Once in the room Julian suggested, “Jack, I’m sure you will be happy to take care of Sonia and Amba, Jeremy and I will see to your lovely wife, I can tell she’s in need of another good shagging and Jeremy and I will oblige with the utmost pleasure.”

Julian stood behind Sherri and directed Jeremy to stand in front. He towered over her and she gazed at his immense bulk, from his shaved head sitting atop massive shoulders and chest to his huge belly, thighs and bearlike hands. She also had a mental image of his giant tool and that’s what was causing her the most excitement at that moment.

Julian pulled her shirt open and lifted it off her shoulders, exposing her full, beautiful tits, the nipples of which were already aroused. He squeezed them and held the forward, pointing the nipples toward Jeremy. “Here, suck on these beauties, Jeremy,” Julian said and offered her big, fleshy mounds to the huge black man. He leaned forward and went back and forth sucking on one nipple then the other. Sherri could feel Julian’s erection pressing against her bottom as Jeremy pulled her thong aside and inserted two long, thick fingers into her wet pussy for an exploratory feel then concentrated on her clitoris. She was getting hotter by the second and she held Jeremy’s head onto her tits with both hands as her continued to kiss and bite her nipples while Julian squeezed them.

“Jeremy, my good fellow, I’m sure you will agree that Sherri is lovely to look at. I can also attest that she is a very enthusiastic shag and enjoys plenty of the one-eyed trouser snake. She’s rather partial to the black snake also. You have seen her get it from two black men this evening but she has a regular liaison with a black fellow with a veritable monster appendage so she won’t be intimidated by yours as most specimens of the fairer sex are when they first cast eyes on it. Now, kneel down, darling let’s see you suck on Jeremy’s liquorice stick,” he said.

Neither man knew that she had seen Jeremy in the ‘Free Room’ earlier and knew what to expect. She knelt down and Jeremy dropped his pants. His boxers were already grossly distorted from his massive, semi-erection and Sherri started at his balls and worked both hands up the shaft to the knob. She let out a sigh as she squeezed the bulbous head; he was much bigger than she thought, longer and thicker than James and she had to see it.

She grabbed the boxers on his massive thighs and pulled them down. “Oh my god, yes, ooh yes!” she muttered as the gigantic, thickly-veined, black cock bounced into view and hardened quickly in her hands. He was uncut and as she pulled back the foreskin she looked at the massive head of his penis with its large pee hole and thought of the semen she had seen spurting out of it earlier. It was curved slightly upwards, a rich, chocolate brown, helmet shaped knob. It excited Sherri to know it was destined to be in her wet, hungry pussy soon.

She was far less nervous than when she first saw James’ huge, black horse cock at the party eighteen months ago and wanted to explore every inch of it. Although she had been vigorously fucked by five men she was still horny and ready for more cock. She also knew that Jeremy had recently cum all over the back of the lady in the ‘Free Room’ so he would probably last a lot longer inside her and she liked that. Sherri opened her mouth wide and took the top half of his knob in. Her tongue licked and flicked around Jeremy’s helmet and probed into the pee hole.

Jeremy eased more of his giant phallus into Sherri’s compliant mouth while she continued stroking the shaft and fondling his balls with both hands. Meanwhile, Julian had stripped and knelt behind her and slid his cock all the way into her and thrust steadily. Jeremy also thrust his hips cramming her mouth with his cock. Her cheeks bulged, first one then the other as he pushed in at different angle, there was nothing subtle about now, he was just fucking her face like he would soon fuck her pussy.

Julian grabbed her arms and held them behind her back; her mouth was now at Jeremy’s mercy. He held her head and began a slow, deliberate back and forth motion, seeing how much of his dick she could take. He was surprised that she could take so much before choking and gagging, a result of her experience with James.

Julian moved quicker and his strokes became short and jerky. He let out several cries, let go of Sherri’s arms and grasped her tits. She felt several spurts of hot cum splash inside her vagina as Julian buried his face in her neck and cried, “Arrgh, yes, yes oh yes!” She could only manage a stifled moan as she felt Julian’s seed filling her and the beginnings of her own orgasm.

Julian kissed her neck and ear and whispered, “That was marvellous, my Dear, you are a great shag and your pussy is wonderful but now it faces a bigger challenge with Jeremy. I’m sure he wants to be in your pussy as much you want him to be there.”

Sherri took Jeremy’s cock out of her mouth but continued to fondle it with both hands. She turned to Julian and kissed him, “I want Jeremy to fuck me while I suck your cock,” she gasped.

Julian lifted Sherri to her feet and placed her to the bed. Jack didn’t notice; he was lying on his back with Sonia sitting on his face and Amba bouncing up and down on his erection. She lay on the bed next to her husband and Julian lay beside her. He kissed her breasts and inserted two fingers into her cum-filled pussy. He coated them with his sperm and put them in her mouth. It was a familiar taste – sperm blended with her own juices – it was always erotic for her and she sucked the fingers then took hold of them and put them back inside her and the process was repeated.

Jeremy stood on the bed at her feet with his hands on his hips. His huge cock stood straight out from his body, it was fully erect and twitched up and down as he looked down at the sexy, horny white woman he was about to fuck. It excited him to look at her mouth and pussy, both ravaged by hard cocks yet still eager for more. She was his kind of woman, a slut wife who loved plenty of cock and could take what he had to give her. Already he was contemplating the different ways he would have her in the future.

“Oh don’t stop, your fingers feel so good,” Sherri moaned as she ruffled Julian’s hair and pulled his head harder onto her breasts. She looked up at Jeremy’s massive black cock and wanted it between her legs.

Suddenly she thought of the B&D room that Tanya had showed her earlier and wild ideas flooded her brain. She imagined herself tied and blindfolded with Jeremy having his way with her helpless body. She thought of him tying her to one of the machines and watching the dildo ram into her mercilessly, preparing her for his giant cock until she squirted love juice everywhere and begged him to stop it and fuck her. She imagined him taking her over his massive thighs and spanking her and bending her over chair, tying her up and slamming his cock into her from behind. She moaned, “Yes, yes, oh, yes, do it, do it,” as Jeremy sank to his knees between her legs and Julian removed his fingers.

The head of Jeremy’s cock rubbed along her pussy lips and over her clitoris. Julian, now kneeling at Sherri’s head with his flaccid cock resting on her forehead, reached over and took her legs behind the knees and pulled them back as far as he could. Her fully exposed position offered Jeremy lewd and unobstructed access to her pussy and ass to do with as he wished. For now he was happy to tease her with the head of his cock but she knew it wouldn’t be long before he would want to see how much of his dick she could take. She fondled Julian’s cock in an effort to bring it back to life but she was looking at Jeremy’s cock on her pussy, anxious to feel him push his giant knob into her.

Sherri’s fingers were having the desired effect on Julian’s cock and he moved to the side so she could take him into her mouth. As he thrust his stiffening member passed her lovely lips and felt her tongue dancing over his knob he looked at Jeremy and gave a slight nod. “Well, my sweet, it’s time for you to get shagged by Jeremy, are you ready for some big, black cock, my horny little darling?” he said.

“Yes, open my pussy for him, I want to feel his big cock deep inside me,” she said, almost pleading.

Her labia were swollen through arousal and from the hundreds of thrusts cocks had made into her pussy during the last few hours. Julian teased her engorged clit with his thumb and forefinger then spread her pussy with both hands revealing her dark pink, wet vagina that gaped ready and eager for another hard prick. Jeremy smacked the helmet-shaped head of his cock onto her clit several times the rubbed up and down over it causing her to moan.

Julian wondered how Jeremy would ever fit his huge cock into such a small hole but knew she would stretch quickly to accommodate him and would enjoy the fucking she was about to receive. She was one of those rare women whose pussy could take cock after cock for hours on end. Sherri was the perfect candidate for a gangbang and Julian made a mental note to arrange it in one of the ‘Free Rooms’ in the near future. His cock stiffened considerably as images of a dozen men with her as the centre of attention flooded his brain.

Jeremy moved the head of his cock over the small hole of Sherri’s vagina, instinctively she spread her legs as wide as she could and the goliath head forced its way in. Jeremy knew she needed time to adjust to his girth so he remained motionless with just his two inches of knob inside. Julian kept her labia stretched to the limit, tweaked her engorged clitoris and watched as Jeremy eased a little deeper. This went on for a couple of minutes until he had about six inches buried. “Fuck me,” she moaned, “Fuck me . . . give it to me.”

Jeremy pulled back a little then pushed in deeper and she moaned, “Oh, uhh, uhh, ooh,” with each thrust.

Julian let go of her labia and watched as Jeremy gave her more and more cock. He kissed her and asked, “Do you like that, my sweet, does that big cock feel good?”

“Oh my god yes, oooh yes,” she cried frantically and kissed Julian passionately.

Jeremy thrust ever deeper and faster as Sherri continued to moan with pleasure. Julian knelt at Trudy’s head again and pulled her legs back towards him. “There you are, Jeremy, my friend, she’s as spread as she can be and her pussy is in a better position for you to really give it to her and see how much she can, let her have it, she wants it and I’m certain she can take it, can’t you my sweet?”

“Oh, yes . . . yes . . . yes . . . yes,” she cried desperately, “give it to me, fuck me hard and deep.”

Jeremy moved over Sherri and she was almost hidden by his immense bulk. His big hands grabbed her bottom and he began to give her his black dick hard and fast. She screamed and whimpered through several orgasms as Jeremy fucked her with long, powerful strokes that sank twelve inches of his fifteen inch cock into her willing pussy until the last half dozen slammed into her and filled her ravaged, horny cunt with hot sperm. She cleaned his cock while Julian entered her again and enjoyed her cum-soaked pussy without ejaculating, he just loved being in there.

Sherri was unusually quiet on the way home and Jack wondered if she was deep in thought or had been fucked to exhaustion. “A penny for them,” he said at length.

“Umm, I was reliving the evening and thinking about the next time,” she replied absently.

“The next time!” Jack said sounding surprised, “You’ve just spent the four hours with your pussy full of cock and already you are planning the next time?”

“A girl has to do what a girl has to do,” she said with a laugh.

“You mean a Greedy, Horny, Slutty, Tart of a wife has to do what she has to do,” he quipped.

“Well, that too.”

She went quiet again and looked out the window for a few moments before Jack said, “Okay, tell me.”

She looked over at her husband then a smile split her face, “I was thinking that if Jeremy is there next time I would like him to take me into the B&D room. I’ve never been submissive before and I think he would be the perfect person to dominate me. He’s big and strong, he has a huge cock and he’s black. I want a black man to dominate me and thinking of him taking me over his lap and spanking me before he fucks me is very erotic.”

Jack smiled and shook his head, “You are a slut aren’t you?”

Sherri laughed in agreement then after a long pause said, “And afterwards I want to go into a ‘Free Room’. You can watch from the viewing area then maybe we can go to the Roman tub.”

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