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Shopping for Shoes

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What I’m about to relate happened last week. In a sense it was the result of a dare, sort of. Let me explain.

I made a new friend recently who I’ll call Jean. Jean and I hit it off right away; we are so much alike, it’s scary. Although we differ somewhat in age — I’m fifty-something, she’s thirty-something — it turns out we both share a wild and naughty aspect to our personalities … and, we both love cock.

As we got to know one another better, I confessed a penchant for exhibitionism. I told Jean how I’d more than once been to a coffee shop — one of those connected to a big bookstore — and while there enjoying a nice latte, I told her how I’d intentionally exposed myself to men at nearby tables. I’d wear a mini-skirt and no panties and I told Jean what a thrill it was to see the expressions on men’s faces when they noticed my shaved pussy under the table.

My new friend told me that she knew exactly what I was talking about. So, Jean shared a story with me about an exploit she’d had when shopping to illustrate how much she too shared the same little perversion.

Jean told me that not long ago she had been shopping and feeling very frisky. She said she was wearing a short wrap around skirt and found herself in a shoe store wanting to try on a couple of pair of shoes that she saw and liked. She said that it occurred to her as she sat to try the shoes on, that the salesman would surely be able to see between her legs; this thought thrilled her. When he sat in front of her to help her into the first pair of shoes, she could tell by the look on his face that he had had a clear view of her most private parts. Jean told me that he was blushing and trying not to let her know what he’d seen. Though, she said it was clear to her that he wanted to keep looking so bad. Jean told me that she had had so much fun with the shoe store clerk and that she intentionally gave him several opportunities to get a nice long look between her legs as she tried on the shoes. At the check-out when she bought one of the pairs of shoes, she said he was obviously trying to hide an impressive erection that despite his attempt at concealment, clearly bulged from his pants.

Jean finished her story by telling me that she had so much fun, and she’d been so turned on by her encounter with the man that she had to rub herself to an orgasm as soon as she got back to her car.

After she finished her story, I told Jean how titillating her little escapade was and confided to her that it had me so excited that I just knew my panties were getting moist.

“Oh Jean, that must have been so exciting. I’ll bet you were all wet by the time you got to your car. And you actually sat in your car and rubbed yourself to a climax?” I said to her.

“Yes, I did. Thankfully, I’d parked pretty far away from the Mall entrance so there wasn’t anyone close by. But, I wasn’t able to drive for a long time. I had to wait until I’d calmed down; when I cum my whole body turns to mush.”

“Oh my gawd, I can’t believe you did that. That makes me so hot! I’ve got to try it myself. Next week … I’ll go shopping … for shoes. I can’t wait!” I said.

“Oh Joan, you are so naughty!” Jean told me; we both laughed.

I could scarcely believe what I was planning to do. Aside from my coffee shop panty-less exposures I’d never done anything so brazen … so slut-ish … in my life. Yes, I’ve fantasized many times about chance encounters and having wild sex with gorgeous young men, but to actually go out and seek … nay, to provoke an encounter … in my wildest dreams I never would have thought I’d actually do it.

But Jean’s example was all it took to inspire me to take the first step.

So, last Wednesday I drove up to the mall. When I dressed for the trip I selected my shortest and most daring mini-skirt. And, I decided to wear thigh high stockings, even though the weather was still very hot and humid — I never wear stockings during Gulf Coast summers; but, for the adventure I was planning I thought stockings would be essential. I wore my sexiest black lace bra and a sleeveless fire engine red silk blouse that buttoned up the front so I could show a generous amount of cleavage. Also, I made sure I wore a pair of shoes that buckled; I wanted to make sure that the shoe store clerk who waited on me would take the maximum amount of time kneeling in front of me. Fumbling with the tiny buckles would insure maximum exposure. Oh, did I mention that I wore no panties? OMG, I can be so wicked sometimes!

When I got to the Mall, it was as I suspected it would be; the place was almost deserted early on a week day morning. I scouted out a shoe store that I knew would have “wide widths” in a lot of their styles (and I have rather wide feet). I watched the store for a few minutes from across the way until I was able to determine there were no other customers in the store. Then I casually wandered over and into the store. But to my dismay the person who came over to ask if I needed help was a young woman, so I said “just looking” and left the store after giving the shoes on display a quick “once over.”

It was such a let down for me as I had “psyched” myself up to even go into the store. So, I wandered aimlessly around the mall awhile until I came across another shoe store which I recalled sometimes carried shoes in a wide width.

As I walked past the store, I noticed it too was empty, so I turned back and went in. A young man – he looked to be of college age and very cute – came over to help me and my heart started pounding.

“I’d like to see something in 9w.” I told him.

I knew better than to ask for a specific shoe in a wide width — over the years I’ve come to realize that for some strange reason there are very few wide width shoes produced, so I have to pick from whatever a store carries in “wide” in my size.

“I prefer something with at least 3 inch heels, preferably in black.” I said. “But bring me whatever you have in 9w, even if it’s not black or with that high a heel.”

So he disappeared in the back and returned after a few minutes with about six shoe boxes. While he was gone I sat in a chair and waited and made sure my skirt just barely covered my thigh high stocking tops.

“You’re in luck.” The sweet young man told me. “I have black and high heels in that size, several pairs actually.”

The store clerk opened the boxes and showed me the styles he’d picked in my size. I chose a black pump to try on first – of course, I didn’t really care which shoe I tried on. The young man pulled one of those little shoe store stools over in front of me and he sat on it.

“OK ma’am, if you’d just put your foot up here, we’ll see how you like these pumps; its one of our most popular shoes.” He said to me.

I put my right foot up on the angled part of the stool as he requested so he could unbuckle my shoe and put the other shoe on my foot. With my right leg raised there was no way that I could hide my naked pussy from him, given that I was wearing my mini-skirt; but of course, that’s exactly what I wanted. That’s when I knew for sure that he was looking at my bare moist pussy – I saw his eyes go wide and instantly my heart pounded so hard in my chest that I thought it was going to explode. Scott (I noticed his name tag) fumbled with the buckle on my old shoe for what seemed like forever, but he eventually got the shoe off me and slipped the new one on my foot with a shoe horn. During this whole process his eyes constantly glanced in the direction of my swollen pink pussy lips. His hand on the back of my calf as he guided my foot into the pump sent shivers up my spine and resulted in strong tingling sensations ‘you-know-where.’

“So Scott, what do you think?” I asked him in my softest sexiest voice.

He started stammering. I think he thought I was asking him about my bare pussy – and of course, I was – but for the sake of decorum I had to say something else.

“How do you think this shoe looks on me Scott?” I rephrased the question.

He recovered and replied with something like: “Oh, ah fantastic. Do you want to walk around in it?”

So I got up and walked up and down the aisle – at first I wasn’t sure my legs would hold me; I was so freaking excited! I returned to my seat. When I sat down I did not try to pull my skirt down which left my thigh high stoking tops fully exposed.

“I think I’ll try another pair, Scott.” I pointed to a pair that had straps with buckles like my own heels that I’d worn into the store.

Scott’s jaw sort of dropped as he turned to me to help me into the next pair of shoes. I put my foot higher on the shoe stool to give Scott and even better look at my pussy. As he helped me out of the first shoe I felt myself trembling. He placed his hand on the back of my calf again as he slipped the next shoe on my foot and I thought I was about to swoon.

“Would you like to walk around in this one, too?” He said with a shaky voice after he finished buckling the shoe. His face was as red as my blouse.

I stood and walked a short distance away from Scott who remained seated on the stool. I suspected he dare not stand lest the bulge in his pants from his hard cock cause him much embarrassment. Then I had the naughtiest idea ever … and I walked back to where he sat on the stool and I put my right foot up very high so the toe of the shoe was up over the top edge of the stool – right between Scott’s legs.

“Scott, this strap feels too tight. Could you loosen it for me?” I said.

Here’s the naughty part … I tilted my foot forward until the toe of the shoe was pressing against Scott’s hard cock that was so clearly bulging through his trousers. And, since the shoe was an open toe style, I was able to feel the hardness of his stiff cock with my toes. I couldn’t believe I was actually pressing my toes against his hard-on right there in the store!

Scott looked up at me with an incredulous look on his face but he didn’t say anything – and I think when he looked up he could see under my skirt too since I had my leg raised so high and I was standing so close that I almost had my naked crotch in his face. He eventually re-buckled my shoe, though his fingers were clearly shaking as he did so.

I walked around in the shoe again and returned to my seat – again letting my skirt ride up very high as I sat down. As Scott was about to remove the second shoe I asked him a provocative question.

“Scott, as a man, do you think thigh high stockings are sexier on a woman than pantyhose?”

I really don’t know what got into me – I’ve never come on to anyone like that before – I guess I was getting more comfortable with having him see my naked pussy and I just wanted to have some fun with him.

“Uh, uh, yeah, I guess so.” Poor boy … I was putting him on the spot.

Then I did something that even shocked myself – I leaned over and took his hand away from the shoe he was trying to unbuckle and I pulled it up and placed it on my inner thigh where the stocking ended and my bare skin began – just inches away from my wet pussy lips.

I whispered, “Don’t you think they feel sexier that pantyhose, too?”

We both simultaneously did a quick look around the store even though it was obvious no one else had come in. Then I spread my legs wider as I pulled his hand up higher until I felt his finger tips on my pussy. I started moving his fingers up and down over my swollen clit and I was moaning softly.

“Oh Scott, your fingers feel so good there.” I whispered.

Scott said something like; “oh shit” or “holly shit” when I first pulled his hand up my leg.

I kept manipulating his fingers over my clit and moaned louder.

“I, uh, I don’t think we should be doing this, what if somebody comes in …” Scott was clearly flustered as he spoke.

“Oh Scott I need you so much. I want you to fuck me! Would you like to fuck me, Scott?”

“Oh gawd yes!” He said.

“Can we go in the back … where you keep the shoes?” I said; breathing in rapid little gasps.

Scott looked around the store again and then nervously took my hand. We both stood up — Scott had an enormous hard-on protruding from his ‘dockers.’ I grabbed my purse and he quickly pulled me into the back room which was filled with high shelves; all of which were loaded with shoe boxes. In the corner there was a desk with a computer monitor showing the wide-angle security camera view of the store from where the camera was placed behind the check out counter.

“If someone comes in I’ll have to go out.” Scott said, indicating the PC monitor.

As he spoke I knelt and unzipped his fly. I had his marvelous cock in my mouth before he finished his sentence. He tasted so good and he was so very large — much larger than my husband. As much as I would have loved to suck his gorgeous tool for hours, I knew someone could walk in the store at any moment and I really had to have him inside me. So, I stood and pulled my mini-skirt up over my hips, and then I turned and bent over desk.

“Fuck me Scott! Hurry! Fuck me hard!” I whispered.

Scott did not disappoint me. He entered me from behind and slammed his rigid piece of meat into my wet pussy and I yelped. Then he began to pound into me as fast as he could manage.

“Oh gawd, oh Scott, oh shit … so good … so good … don’t stop!” I said breathlessly and as softly as I could mange under the circumstances.

I quickly felt a climax coming on and so slapped both of my hands over my mouth — I’m a screamer when I cum. I did my best to muffle the sound as wave after wave of bliss carried me away. I went weak all over and I’m sure my legs would have buckled but Scott was griping my hips tightly as he continued to pump wildly into my wanton pussy. My hands over my mouth did suppress most of my screams as I came and I heard Scott let out a series of grunts and groans. His climax was just seconds behind mine. For a few moments I just lay on the top of the desk unable to move; I felt so weak.

Scott continued to pump slowly in and out of my well satisfied pussy; then he finally pulled out. I managed to turn around and I squatted in front him and his rapidly shrinking cock which I took into my mouth. I wanted to savor the blended flavors of his cum and my pussy juices. I put one hand under my pussy and collected some more of his thick cum as it dripped from my pussy; then I licked the salty ambrosia from my fingers.

“Oh shit!” Scott exclaimed. “Someone just came in. I’ve got to go out there but you have to stay back here until they leave … or, or, I’ll get fired.” He quickly stuffed his semi-rigid cock back into his “tightie-whities” and zipped up his pants; and then Scott hurried out to the front of the store.

I watched Scott on the security camera until he returned looking for shoes for the two women who’d entered the store. When Scott was about to return to the sales floor carrying a load of shoe boxes I stopped him and placed my hands on each side of his face and gave him a hard passionate kiss. I still had some of his cum in my mouth and I’m sure he must have tasted it.

“Hurry back, sweetie.” I whispered.

It took almost twenty minutes before Scott returned.

“OK, they’re gone. You can sneak out now.” He told me.

But I wasn’t ready to leave. I knelt before Scott and unzipped him again. His cock was semi-flaccid when I extracted it.

“Oh geez, we can’t do this again … we’ll get caught.” He said as I engulfed his cock.

I just love feeling a cock growing and getting hard in my mouth as I suck on it and Scott’s was no exception. When I had him hard again, I returned to my ‘fuck me’ position over the desk. In spite of his trepidations, Scott did not hesitate to insert his stiff rod in my dripping pussy once more.

“This time when you’re about to cum, tell me. I want to take your load in my mouth, baby.” I said as I turned my head back toward him.

In no time, I was cumming again with my hands clamped tight over my mouth. Scott took longer to cum the second time which afforded me the luxury of having three orgasms as he slammed his hips into my plump ass cheeks. I was just coming down from my third mind shattering climax when I heard Scott speak.

“Oh shit! Hurry, I’m gonna cum … quick!”

Scott pulled out and I turned around and sank to the floor in front of him offering my open mouth as his first spasm forced a thick white stream of cum from the pink slit in the head of his penis. Most of it splashed all over my face and hair, so I leaned forward and took him in my mouth and felt the rest of his hot cum surge into and fill my mouth. OMG, it felt and tasted so fucking marvelous. Scott also surprised me with the quantity of his luscious load; I had to swallow twice to keep it from spilling out of my mouth and dripping onto my silk blouse.

I continued to suck gently on Scott’s softening member until he pulled it out and tucked it back in his pants.

“We really have got to get out of here before someone else comes in.” Scott told me.

“I need to clean up a bit first.” I said as I searched my purse for tissues.

I removed most of Scott’s cum from my face with my fingers and sucked the tasty stuff into my mouth; savoring every drop. Then I wiped my face with a few tissues.

“Scott, could you help me get your cum out of my hair?” I said. Scott graciously took a tissue and did his best to remove his semen from my hair.

“Ok, we gotta get out of here.” He pulled me out through the doorway and back into the store. A moment later three young women walked in. So young, in fact, I presumed that they were skipping school.

“I’ll be right with you ladies as soon as I’m finished with this customer.” Scott called over to them.

“No hurry.” One of the girls replied. “He’s cute.” I heard another girl whisper a little too loudly.

I realized I still had the new shoe on my right foot so I couldn’t just walk out of the store.

“I think I’ll take this pair.” I told Scott, trying to sound normal.

We went back over to the stool and Scott sat down and removed the new shoe from my foot. He put my old shoe back on me and packed up the box with my new pair of shoes. I got up and started over to the check out counter to pay for the shoes when I noticed a wet spot on the chair that was quite clearly cum. I wondered wickedly if one of the giggling girls who’d just come in might sit on it.

I followed Scott to the check out counter and paid with my credit card. As I signed the slip, Scott took one of the store’s business cards and wrote something on the back.

“I’m so happy I was able to help you find what you wanted.” Scott said and he actually winked at me. “If you have any problems at all with these, just call me.”

He handed me the card and I saw a phone number on the back.

“Yes, I surely will.” I said, and then I turned to leave.

As I left the store, I walked past the three girls and I heard one of them whisper; “Look at her legs, oh my gawd … I think that’s …”

I didn’t catch the last part of the sentence and couldn’t imagine what they were talking about.

I hurried back to my car. When I got in and locked the doors, I looked at my legs to see what had so titillated the girls and was flabbergasted to see streaks of Scott’s cum that had oozed from my pussy and run down both thighs all the way down past my knees.

“Shit! I just walked through the Mall with cum running down my legs.” I said out load.

But as I thought about how thrilling it had been coming on to Scott and how utterly awesome it had felt to have him fuck me in the back of the store, I realized I really didn’t care what the girls, or anyone else, had seen. I was thoroughly sated and satisfied and if a few stares were the price I had to pay … so be it. It also occurred to me as I sat in the parking garage that I’d just cheated on my husband for the first time in my life. But the thrill and excitement had been so overwhelming and so satisfying that I didn’t care; and I knew I would do it again – soon.

The next time I saw Jean and told her what I’d done she was stunned.

“Oh my gawd, I don’t believe it. You didn’t! You just made that up.” She exclaimed.

“No, it’s the truth.” I said. When I showed her Scott’s card, well, that convinced her.

“Holly shit, Joan. I’ve got to try this myself. Oh honey, you are so so naughty.” Jean said.

“Hey, next week we’ll go shopping together. Maybe we can double Scott’s pleasure … or some other shoe store clerk’s.” I suggested.

Jean and I are meeting tomorrow morning at the Mall. I can’t wait!

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