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The New Slave

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Vanessa stood patiently as the maid tugged the straps of her dress tight. She watched in the mirror as the clear vinyl clung to her body, tightly wrapping around her curves. As the last strap was finally adjusted perfectly she turned and examined her reflection.

The hobble dress began just below her full 36C breasts. She was still young, only 21, so they were high and firm. There was a strap across her back holding the dress together. The back was open, a full seven inches wide from top to bottom. There was another strap at the small of her back, another just below her ass, one just above her knees and the last, which was kept a bit slack, across the back of her calves.

She bent over as best as she could in the restrictive dress and felt the maid lube her ass and slide in a butt plug. Vanessa felt the familiar surge of wetness in her shaved pussy every time her ass was penetrated.

A collar wrapped around her neck and leather bands adorned her wrists. She slipped her feet into her red seven inch high platform shoes. She was a petite 5′ 2″ in flat feet so the shoes only raised her to 5′ 9″, still a good six inches shorter than her Master.

She swung her long auburn hair, her large green eyes flashing in the mirror. She always loved the BDSM parties her Master took her to, but tonight was even more special. Tonight there was going to be a slave auction and Master had promised to buy another slave…a male slave.

Carefully she applied another coat of red lipstick as the maid approached with the second and larger butt plug. The first one was gently removed and the second lubed up and slid in. It would continue like this several more times until she was fitted with a very large plug, preparing her for the party. At these functions Master liked to share her with anyone who showed an interest and she had to be open to avoid getting sore quickly.

Her Master would do the final penetration as it was sure to be painful. A chill ran down her spine just thinking about it.

Finally he called for her and she walked down the hall as fast as she could in her dress, taking short little six inch steps, her breasts bouncing as she went. She knocked at his door and entered at his summons.

With delight dancing in his eyes he watched her breasts jiggling as she walked across the room. He reached out and grabbed the soft flesh as she approached. “Mmmm…I love these,” he said, nuzzling his face between them.

Raising his head and stepping back , he said, “Turn around, let me see.”

She did a slow turn for him.

“You look amazing,” he said softly, wrapping his arms around her, reaching down and squeezing her bare ass.

“Thank you, Master,” she replied shyly.

“Are you ready for the final plug?” he asked.

It really wasn’t a question and she again bent over as much as she could. He slowly withdrew the plug she was currently wearing and she took a deep breath, readying herself for the even bigger one. She gasped with surprise at how much it was spreading her. She cried out softly as the widest part penetrated her ass and then it was in.

She stood unsteadily, adjusting to the pressure inside her. She clenched her ass tight around the plug and a wave of incredible pleasure surged through her. A deep sigh slipped through her lips as her eyes closed.

“How does it feel?” he asked, a smile on his face.

“It feels wonderful, Master,” she replied, returning his smile.

The plug had a large head on the end, elaborately carved and decorated. He gripped it in his fist and jiggled it. “Nice and tight,” he murmured.

He was dressed in an immaculately tailored tuxedo and was just having his own maid adjust his bow tie and he was also ready. Offering her his arm, he slowly walked with her through the house to the garage.

The vintage ’66 Lincoln limousine was polished and waiting for them, the driver standing by the door. Master helped Vanessa settle into the back seat, smiling as the plug pushed in deeper as she sat, causing her to gasp loudly before he sat next to her.

Even though the car’s windows were tinted, the couple were still visible and the occasional motorist would catch a glimpse of her naked breasts as they passed. They soon pulled up in front of the private mansion that was housing the party and they alighted from the car. The sun was just beginning to set and she glanced about, admiring the lush gardens.

She stood patiently as her Master attached the leash to her collar and then hurried to keep up with him as he entered the house. He walked slowly with her at his house, but here, at the party, she was expected to match his pace. Her breasts bounced and jiggled as she practically ran behind him, taking her tiny steps.

They had just entered the ballroom when an old friend of the Master’s greeted him. “Good evening, Nicholas,” the man greeted her Master. She kept her eyes lowered as was expected of her and studied the man’s shoes.

“Good evening, Andrew,” she heard her Master reply.

“I see you’ve brought your lovely pet with you,” he lifted her chin, but she kept her eyes lowered. “She’s lovely as always,” he commented.

“Why thank you,” her Master responded, as usual taking credit for her appearance.

“May I?” Andrew asked, his hands poised above her breasts.

“By all means, please do, help yourself however you wish,” Nicholas generously invited.

Vanessa felt his rough hands gripping and squeezing her large breasts, rolling her nipples between his fingers. He turned her around and caressed her butt, jiggling the plug in her ass. “Feels tight, must be a big one,” he said with a smile.

Master only silently returned the smile.

She felt his fingers slide through her wet pussy and she gasped. She was allowed to respond physically, but not in any other way.

“As usual she is splendid,” Master’s friend praised. “If you ever tire of her and wish to sell her, do let me know,” he continued before saying goodbye and continuing on his way.

She meekly followed along behind him, being occasionally groped and fondled by her Master’s friends and acquaintances until a young man named Marcus approached. He had a lovely little slave with him and the two men stood admiring each other’s pets much in the same way men admire each other’s vehicles at car shows.

Marcus’s slave was blond and tiny, with small breasts topped by large, dark nipples.. Her face was very pretty, with large blue eyes and lush pouty lips. Marcus jiggled at Vanessa’s plug and asked, “May I?”

“Of course, go right ahead,” her Master cheerfully agreed. He was invited to do the same and he was soon behind the petite blond, removing her plug. Vanessa noticed with smug satisfaction that her own plug was much larger.

Marcus slowly pulled her plug out, marveling at the size, before squirting some lube on her ass and pushing in. She tried to bend over a bit, but he grabbed her breasts and held her tight against him. She cried out as he plunged in deep and began immediately thrusting roughly into her. His hands pinched her nipples as he drove into her, grunting loudly, his hips slapping against her ass. “God, she feels good, such nice big tits,” Marcus called to her Master. With a loud groan, he quickly pulled out of her and with a few strokes, came into one of the large brass containers liberally scattered about the room. Each was attended by a liveried servant and Marcus’s cock was quickly cleaned off after he finished, followed by Master who also had cum into the container.

The slaves’ butt plugs were pushed back in, the two men shook hands and parted ways. The party continued on like this for the next two hours, Vanessa getting ass fucked five more times, pussy fucked six times and mouth fucked three times. Each time her Master was complimented on how wonderful she was.

He noticed she was getting weary of the sex and led her outside. “Would you like to view the slaves?” he asked.

“Yes, Master,” she answered eagerly. He had told her that she could choose the next one and she wanted a male.

“Remember, take a good look and ask any questions you may have,” he reminded her.

The area was brightly lit by torches and he walked slowly so that she could get a good look at the offerings. The slaves for auction were kept in large cages, most of them naked or very scantily clad. A few men caught her eye, but she had something specific in mind. She paused before one cage and looked over a young man. His wavy blond hair hung to his shoulders and his large green eyes, full lips, high cheekbones and square jaw sent a shiver down her spine. He was tall, taller than she in her high heels and muscular. He was wearing a loin cloth and she asked that it be removed. The slave’s owner looked at Master questioningly.

“I told her she could choose one,” he explained indulgently.

The man nodded and barked an order to the young man in the cage. “William, remove the loin cloth, the lady wishes to inspect you.”

William stared at Vanessa, his eyes boring into hers as he slowly removed the small article of clothing. She gasped as her eyes dropped to his cock. Even soft it was big. She could only imagine what it would look like hard and erect.

“Drop your eyes,” she attempted to order in a stern voice, but it came out as a polite request. The corner of his mouth turned up in a smirk before he dutifully lowered his eyes.

“Why are you selling him?” she asked William’s Master.

“He is very willful, he disobeys frequently. I do not have the time nor the inclination to give him the discipline he needs,” he explained, a note of regret in his voice.

“Turn around, bend over and spread your cheeks,” she ordered him.

He complied and she saw his nice, tight hole. She knew some slaves, especially males had their asses so abused, that their holes were permanently stretched or scarred, or even both, so she was happy to see that his still looked like a small rosebud.

“How old is he and how long has he been a slave?” she asked.

“He is only nineteen and has been a slave for a mere eight months. I am his first Master,” he replied.

“Is he in good health?” she asked.

“Yes, yes, as you can see, he is in very good health,” he replied eagerly, indicating the young man in question, whose eyes were discreetly roaming over Vanessa’s exposed body. She noticed with a thrill of excitement that his cock was no longer flaccid and was starting to rise and thicken.

“Thank you for your time,” Master said, giving her leash a gentle tug. When they were out of earshot, he said to her, “I can tell you like him, but I think he may be a bit too much to handle. Perhaps we should find someone a little more broken in.”

“Yes, Master,” she reluctantly agreed.

Slave auctions were a rare occurrence so there were many slaves available for viewing. She saw a few other men and even one very luscious woman who caught her attention, but her mind kept going back to the rebellious young blond. They passed by his cage again and she felt a rush of excitement as he boldly stared at her.

Could her Master tame him, she wondered. Would he obey? Would he allow her to help him? She imagined him tied to a bed, face down, spread eagle, with a large punishing dildo in his ass as she paddled him until he begged for mercy. Her pussy surged with wetness as the image danced in her mind. She sucked in a shaky breath and she had to grip her Master’s arm for balance.

“What are you thinking of, my pet?” he asked, smiling at her obvious arousal.

“I was imagining if you allowed me to help you break him, Master,” she whispered, still staring at the young man. He had put the loin cloth back on but it was tented in front of him, his large erection visible beneath the scrap of fabric as he returned her lusty stare.

“Would you like that, my pet?” he asked her, his surprise showing his voice.

“Oh yes, Master, I would,” she answered eagerly.

He looked down at her, into her eyes and saw a spark there that he had never seen before. She had always been such a willing sub; this new desire for dominance caught him off guard.

Giving her a small push towards the slave’s cage, he whispered, “Give it a try.”

She stepped up to the cage. “Lower your eyes,” she demanded in a harsh whisper, a dangerous gleam in her eyes.

Without hesitation he obeyed. “Yes, Mistress,” he murmured.

“Would you obey me? Would you serve me?” she demanded.

“Yes, Mistress,” he again replied, his voice respectful.

She looked up at her Master hopefully. “We’ll see how the bidding goes,” he relented.

“Thank you, Master,” she said, a smile spreading across her face.

As they walked back to the house she glanced over her shoulder at the slave. The defiant look in his eyes contradicted the humble manner he had just displayed. She knew her Master could dominate him but would he really obey her? She knew she would be the senior slave, but would this reckless newcomer honor her standing in the household?

Ten minutes later she was being fucked up the ass by a man who, between grunts, was casually discussing the various slaves with her Master. “Yes, I know of that blond one, troublesome, I hear,” he panted, driving his cock into her.

“Do you think he can be broken?” her Master asked.

“By someone as talented as you, most definitely,” the man replied, roughly pinching her nipples.

“My pet here has expressed a desire to assist in his breaking,” Master said.

“Her?” he asked, his voice incredulous. “I can say she has a most delicious ass, but you would have to be the judge on whether she has what it takes to help tame that lad,” he gasped, pulling out and shooting his cum into a brass container. “Quite a surprising number of slaves can be both submissive and dominant,” he continued as a servant cleaned his cock for him. “The question you have to ask, is she one of them. Otherwise you could have a messy situation on your hands.” He playfully slapped her bottom. “But if it will keep a spectacular slave such as she is happy, it might be worth the risk, assuming you always keep the upper hand with both of them. She’s fantastic,” he said before saying goodbye and walking away.

“Well, what do you think?” he asked her. “Do you think you could handle him?” he considered her for a moment. “Perhaps that black haired fellow would be more appropriate for your first attempt,” he suggested.

Her mind went back to him. He hadn’t looked any higher than her knees. She was told that his eyes were blue and even though he was well endowed, with a lean, muscular build and a nice tight ass he didn’t stir anything in her. “I’m afraid I might easily get bored with him,” she replied.

“Except for a short learning period, you’ve always been dutiful and obedient and I haven’t grown bored with you,” he answered, a slight teasing note in his voice. “How about the female?” he asked. “I’ve always enjoyed watching you with another woman.”

The woman’s lean body, lush breasts and firm ripe ass atop long legs came to her mind. “I would prefer a male,” she answered.

He stopped and looked seriously at her, “Now, pet, really think about this. Do you feel you have what it takes to dominate someone like that young blond slave? I think you might, but I’m not one hundred percent sure.”

The announcement that the auction would begin in fifteen minutes was made and they went to take their seats. Most slaves knelt on the ground at their Master’s feet, but the hobble dress made that impossible so she was seated next to him. The auction was strangely exciting. How would she feel if she was up there, being treated like an object, so exposed, so vulnerable, she wondered. A slight thrill of excitement ran up her spine, watching the men and women changing hands.

Then it was time for her slave. He was being uncooperative and surly. A murmur went through the crowd as he boldly stared out at them. His eyes found hers and held. She stared back and mouthed ‘lower your eyes’ at him. To her great surprise he obeyed. Several doms turned to see who he had been staring at and assumed it was her Master.

“What will you give me for this challenging young man?” the auctioneer called. “Look at his fine body, his tight ass and his large cock!” The last was exclaimed as his loin cloth was pulled away. He was fully erect and a gasp of appreciation went through the crowd. He was turned and bent over, his ass cheeks pulled apart, every part of him exposed as his attributes were shouted out by the auctioneer. After a few minutes of being manhandled, the slave’s patience wore thin and he pulled away, shrugging off his handlers, glaring at them.

Murmurs once more rippled through the crowd. He again stared at Vanessa before standing still and lowering his eyes, holding his hands behind his back. “I think he has decided for us,” her Master whispered to her. “He seems willing to submit to you.” He raised his hand as the bidding began.

Master smiled as he won the auction. The slave had behaved so badly on the block that the price was quite low and he had saved a lot of money. “Thank you, Master,” she gushed as the auctioneer announced the next slave up for bid.

The others that she had considered ended up going for quite a high amount, due to their submissive behavior and good looks. “Your choice saved me quite a bit of money,” he told her. “Perhaps we’ll buy some extra toys for your new pet. What is his name again?’ he asked.

“William,” she replied.

“Will you call him Slave?” Master asked.

“But, Master, that’s my name,” she said quietly.

“I’ve been thinking of changing it to Pet. I call you that most of the time anyway,” he said.

“I’d like that, Master,” she replied shyly. “Then I will call him Slave,” she told him.

After the auction ended, the party really began in earnest. She was constantly bent over, getting fucked in either the ass or pussy, having her tits roughly squeezed. She lost count of how many times she was taken, how many times her Master was complimented on her beauty or the pleasures of her body.

It was four in the morning by the time they arrived back home. He slowly undressed her and they showered together before crawling into his large bed where he only held her close, too weary to fuck her.

“Sleep well Pet, we have a big day tomorrow with your new slave,” he murmured to her. A smile curled her lips as she thought of Billy arriving tomorrow before she drifted off to sleep.

Elsewhere in the city, Billy lay in his bed, not bound to prevent from masturbating for the first time in months. He hadn’t cum in weeks and was taking advantage of the rare opportunity. He recalled the view of his new Mistress from behind with that ornate butt plug in her ass. How sweet it would be to fuck her up the ass he thought, stroking his large cock.

Images of her beneath him, her ass high in the air floated through his mind, of her straddling his lap, impaled by his cock, riding him with wild abandon. He pictured her with her butt red from a spanking, hands bound behind her back, submissive to him, begging for his cock inside her ass. With a groan he came, shooting ropes of cum up over his chest.

He was hard again almost immediately, and a new scenario entered his mind. How would she dominate him, he wondered. Would she tie him up, on his knees, head down, ass high in the air and sodomize him with a long, thick, strap on? The picture of it was sweet, a riding crop in her hand, his ass covered with fresh welts as she plunged into him, calling him a dirty bitch, a filthy slut, making him call himself those names, shouting them out loudly. Perhaps her Master would be watching, waiting to do the same to her afterwards. Another, louder groan filled his small room as he again came, showering his chest with cum.

He was soon hard again for a third time and then a fourth. He preferred fantasies of his new Mistress being dominated, of either he or her Master degrading and humiliating her. Being in a household where his Mistress was also a slave was going to be interesting.

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