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I Pay For A Pie

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I have been married for fourteen years now, and have never been unfaithful to my wife. I love my wife dearly, however when it comes to sexual matters in our relationship she is quite a prude. We do make love with each other, and she tries hard to please me. However because of her strict religious upbringing she will not participate in anything that she considers ‘kinky’.

So what may be considered quite normal to most people is probably considered ‘kinky’ by my wife. For example lovemaking is always done in the dark, she would never dream of shaving, or trimming her pussy hair. And never in a million years would she let me lick my own creampie out from inside her pussy.

For most of our married life I have fantasised about creampies. I have wondered what it would be like to come inside my wife and watch my fresh sperm trickle out from within her pussy. I have imagined poking my tongue out and running it along her freshly fucked pussy scooping up the sperm and swallowing it all down. I have even imagined what it would be like to play with and suck another mans cock.

I could never discuss these fantasies of mine with my wife, let alone carry them out. If I mentioned them she would undoubtedly think that I was some sort of sexual deviant and would probably think that she would have to divorce me. So for years I have just put up with the situation and done nothing about it.

Recently my fantasies about creampies and a bisexual experiences have been getting stronger and stronger. I still could not mention my sexual feelings and desires to my wife as it really would distress her. However I think that the older I get, and as middle age approaches I need to do something about my fantasies. So this is the story of how I recently lived out my fantasies without the knowledge of my wife.

Once or twice a year my wife has to go away on a training course for her work. This is usually held in a hotel about two hundred miles away that caters for conferences. The course usually lasts two days and the overnight stay is used as a team building exercise. I realised that this year when she went away I could try and use the time that I had at home alone to my advantage.

A couple of weeks before my wife was due to go away I contacted a number that I found in the personal adverts towards the rear of our local free paper. The advert stated that a couple would discreetly come round to your own home to give a ‘massage’ I rang the mobile number that was printed and spoke to a pleasant lady who informed me that her name was Sue and that she worked with her partner, who was called Barry. I told her that I was very nervous and that this was the first time that I had done anything like this before. She sounded very pleasant on the phone and was very chatty. She asked if I wanted just a massage, or whether I had anything else in mind. I tentatively asked her what was on offer and she bluntly replied that just about everything was at a price!

I talked with Sue for some time. She eventually prized out of me what I was really wanting and I told her that I had a creampie fetish and was bi -curious and possibly wanted to experiment with another man’s cock. I described to her my domestic situation and how I loved my wife dearly but that she couldn’t give me the things that I desired. Sue seemed to accept this situation and in fact said it was very common and that many of their clients were in a similar situation to me.

Sue explained to me that she and her partner had some basic rules that had to be adhered to. She explained that if I wished to have sexual contact with her I would need to wear a condom, although she was happy to for her partner not to use a condom with her. She also explained that Barry would engage in bisexual activities but would not go as far as anal sex with another man. She also told me that if I were to agree to their services that they would be extremely discreet. She said that when they visited clients they always dressed very smartly and even carried a briefcase. So if they were seen approaching a house the neighbours automatically assumed that they were most probably sales persons. Sue told me that she and Barry would charge £200 for a session that would last for approximately an hour, and that they would be able to cater for all of my sexual fantasies. We agreed that I would think about what we had discussed and phone her again if I wanted to go ahead and make an appointment when I knew the exact dates that my wife was planning to go away.

A few days later my wife told me about her training course and asked me if I minded if she went away for a couple of days. I told her that I would manage with out her and that she should go away and enjoy her conference. Now that I knew exactly when she was away I made my own plans and phoned Sue to arrange for her and Barry to visit me as we had previously discussed.

My wife left in a taxi early in the morning to catch a train to her training conference. I had taken the day off from work so that I could get ready for Sue and Barry’s visit later on. As soon as she left I started tidying the house. I even changed the sheets on the bed in preparation for the visit of Sue and Barry later on that afternoon. Sue and Barry had agreed to arrive at three o’clock, so after my lunch I showered and made sure that he bedroom curtains were tightly closed.

A couple of minutes after three the doorbell rang. I answered the door to see a very well presented couple standing in my porch. I quickly ushered them inside and closed the front door behind them. Sue looked fantastic. She was much younger than I expected, as she looked to be only in her mid twenties. She was wearing a burgundy coloured business jacket and smart black dress. She had a very slim figure and wore her dark hair in a short bob. I noticed that she was carrying a smart leather briefcase. Barry looked to be roughly about the same age as Sue. He was a little more casually dressed in a light cotton shirt and trousers. He again was slimly built and clean shaven.

“Hi,” Sue said.

“Hello,” I nervously replied.

“Can we have the money please,” she said quickly in a very business like way.

I gave her an envelope with two hundred pounds in, which she carefully counted then placed inside the leather briefcase that she was carrying.

“Right then, you show us the way to the bedroom then and we’ll get on with it shall we?”

I told Sue and Barry to go up the stairs to the first door on the left which was our bedroom. I quickly followed behind them up the stairs. Once we were in our bedroom and no sooner than I had closed the door Sue said:

“I expect that you want to get on with it then. Shall we make a start and then you can join in when you are ready?”

I watched as Sue slipped out of her black skirt and business jacket. As she unclipped her black lacy bra to let her breasts swing free, Barry slipped out of his shirt and trousers. I noticed that sue was wearing matching black lacy briefs. She stepped toward her partner and started to kiss him. As they kissed I watched as his hands cupped and kneaded her soft buttocks.

Sue broke from their wet kiss to say “Do you want to start getting undressed then?”

I nodded back to her and started to slip my clothes off. Although Sue and Barry were still partly clothed I decided to make things easier and take all of my clothes off. As I slipped my pants down my cock sprang free. I was nearly at full erection just watching Sue and Barry kiss.

Sue moved over to the bed and lay down on it, while Barry remained standing by the side of me. Sue was clearly in charge of the proceedings as she said to me “would you like to make Barry hard for me?”

I looked at her spread out on my marital bed not realising at first what she meant.

“You know what you want to do, so suck him and make him hard for me.”

I realised what Sue meant now and I turned to look at Barry.

I heard Sue say “kneel down in front of him then” from her position on my bed.

I moved so that I was in front of Barry then I did as Sue had said and knelt down on the floor in front of him. My face was now the same level as his crotch. I stared at his tightly fitting underpants and looked at the curved shape his cock was making as it pressed against the thin material. I reached forward with my hands and using my fingers gently traced the outline of his already stiffening cock. He visibly hardened as I caressed him. I pulled his pants down slightly and the tip of his hard cock sprang out into my view. I noticed that his foreskin was starting to pull back and that the head of his cock was deep purple in colour.

“Pull his pants down and suck him for me if you like.” Sue whispered to me from her position in front of us on the bed. It was clear that Sue like to be in charge and control things.

I looked up at Barry and pulled his pants down. He kicked them off from his ankles. He was now totally naked standing in front of me. For the first time in my life I was about to experience the taste and feel of another mans cock. Barry’s cock was sticking out hard and erect from his belly. He was probably about the same length as me, which would be about six inches. I reached my hand out and touched his cock circling it with my fingers. I realised then that his cock was thicker and wider than my own as my finger and thumb had difficulty in meeting as I grasped him at the base. As I held him his dark bushy pubic hair brushed against my sweaty hand.

The instincts that I had imagined in my fantasies took over and I moved closer and for the very first time in my life opened my mouth and placed it over the head of an erect cock. As I opened my lips Barry thrust forward very slowly and pushed the end of his cock all the way into my mouth. I pushed his foreskin back with my lips and tasted his salty hardness. Above me I heard Barry moan gently as I swirled my tongue round the tip of his sensitive cock.

As I sucked on Barry’s cock and took it deeper into my mouth I looked over to our bed. Sue had now slipped off her black panties and was lying back propped up on the pillows watching us. She was rubbing her hand over her pussy. I noticed that she was neatly trimmed and shaved. Her love lips were completely smooth of hair and her fingers were gently rubbing up and down between them.

“Does he taste good?” Sue asked as she watched me suck her partners cock. “It does turn me on and make me wet to see a mans lips wrapped round Barry’s cock.”

I nodded back at her with my mouth still full of hard cock. Barry was gently rocking his hips back and forth forcing his cock to move rhythmically in and out of my wet and willing mouth, while his hand was placed on my head guiding me forward and backwards.

“Don’t make him come.” I heard Sue say. “You want him to come inside me don’t you?”

I released Barry’s cock from my mouth and turned to answer her.

“Yes please.” I replied. My voice had become no more than a throaty whisper with all of the excitement.

“Do you want Barry to fill me up with sticky sperm now while you watch?” Sue asked.

Even before I had time to answer Barry moved to the bed and quickly positioned himself between Sues open thighs. I moved to the side of the bed to watch as with a long slow thrust he buried his cock all the way inside of Sue’s smooth wet pussy.

Sue was very vocal as Barry fucked her. She urged him on to fill her up deeper and fuck her harder. It was quite a revelation listening to their uninhibited lovemaking, when I compared it to the silence that my wife usually responded to my own deep thrusts. Sue lifted her knees and held her legs wide apart so that Barry could penetrate her pussy deeply. As they fucked I could hear the rude slurping noises that her wet pussy made as Barry rammed his hardness into her.

“Kiss my tits,” Sue said to me in between her grunts as Barry thrust into her.

I did as she commanded and placed my mouth over her bouncing breast. I teased on her large erect nipple with my lips and teeth, gently nibbling it.

As I sucked her large nipple into my mouth and swirled my tongue round it I heard Barry grunting loudly. His thrusting was not as vigorous as it had been and as he uttered a long guttural moan I realised that he was ejaculating his sperm deep inside Sue.

Barry moved away from his position between Sues open thighs. As he moved I noticed that his cock was starting to soften and that the mixture of their juices that was coating it made it shiny.

“Barry seems to have made my pussy a sticky mess.”

I stopped staring at Barry’s shiny cock as I realised that Sue was talking to me.

“I’m all sticky inside and need cleaning up.” Sue looked at me and said.

Slowly I moved to the end of the bed and looked at Sue. She was lying back in the middle of my bed. Her cheeks were a little flushed. Her legs were splayed open and I could see her open pussy. Her lips were long and puffy, framing the pink hole which had just been filled by her partners’ hard cock. As I looked at her Sue must have used her internal muscles to push, as a trickle of sticky white sperm suddenly appeared at the entrance to her pussy.

“Would you like to eat me?” Sue bluntly asked me.

I looked at the scene before me and realised that another part of my fantasy was about to be made reality. My cock felt as if it was as hard as it had ever been. I moved into position between Sues open thighs. I was so close to her slippery pussy that I could smell her arousal. I inhaled deeply and savoured the musky smell that came from between her legs, I could also detect a slightly bleachy smell and realised that I could also smell Barry’s sperm.

“What are you waiting for?” Sue almost impatiently said.

I moved my face closer to her smooth pussy and poked my tongue out. With one swift movement I licked from the bottom of her slit up towards her clitoris. As I made contact with her sensitive flesh Sue gently moaned above me. As I lapped at her smooth juicy slit a sticky mixture coated the inside of my mouth and I swallowed it down, savouring the metallic taste of Barry’s still warm sperm mixed with her own slippery juice.

I began to probe inside her pussy with my tongue. As my tongue slipped deeper inside her Sue placed her hands behind her knees and pulled them apart and upwards. This spread her pussy even wider apart and gave me easier access to her wet, hot, sticky depths. As I lapped my tongue deep inside her hole my mouth filled with the slippery mixture of both of their juices. The taste was fantastic and I greedily gobbled down the sticky mixture. I could easily taste Barry’s sperm as I scooped it out from deep inside Sue’s pussy. I felt his warm stringy sperm coat the inside of my mouth before I swallowed it down.

I concentrated licking the juices out from inside Sue’s pussy. As I licked at her she urged me on telling me eat her out and get all of the sperm out from inside her. Hearing Sue talk to me like this really turned me on and made me lick at her more vigorously. I lapped at her wet slit before concentrating on the hard little nub of her clit. As I circled her clit with my tongue she thrust her hips up to meet my mouth, and as I nibbled on her sensitive bud she shuddered as an orgasm spread over her.

As sue quickly recovered from the orgasm that I had given her with my tongue I moved away from her open thighs.

“Stand up now and let Barry get you ready for me.” Sue forcefully said.

I did as I was told and stood beside the bed. My cock was so hard that it was aching. It stood out proudly from my belly, pointing upwards. Barry came round to where I was standing. He cupped my balls in his hand and kissed me. This was the first time that I had ever been kissed by another man. His face felt rough on mine and he roughly parted my lips and pushed his tongue into my mouth. I realised that Barry was tasting the juices that were left on my lips after licking his sperm out from his partner.

Barry broke off from the kiss and dropped to his knees in front of me. Suddenly his warm wet mouth engulfed the tip of my cock. As I looked down and watched for the first time as another mans lips wrapped themselves round the tip of my cock I nearly came. Barry must have sensed my excitement as he pulled away from my stiff cock. He reached out behind him and grabbed a condom. I watched as he ripped open the packet and pulled the rubber out. He unwrapped it then I felt his hands as he rolled the rubber down the length of my cock. When the condom was on I heard Sue say,

“Come and fuck my used pussy then.”

I turned towards the bed with my rubber clad cock sticking out rudely in front of me.

“Stick it in me then.”

As Sue commanded I placed myself between her open thighs and plunged myself inside her. She was so wet and sticky I easily thrust deeply inside her. Sue opened her legs and I pushed my cock as deep as I could inside her. As Sue thrust her hips up to meet mine I soon built up a rhythm. I was so turned on that I realised it would not take me long to come. With a final thrust inside her I grunted and moaned as I felt my orgasm building in my balls. I reached the point of no return and moaned loudly as I ejaculated my sperm into the condom. Sue used her pussy muscles to almost milk the sperm all out of me.

When I had come I rolled off Sue with my cock beginning to soften inside the condom. I noticed that Barry had started to put his clothes on and was almost dressed. Sue also reached for her lacy knickers and pulled them up over her used pussy. I lay back on the bed still wearing my condom and watched a she dressed.

“We’ll see ourselves out if you like.” Sue said to me. “The hour is just about up.”

I thanked them both and as they left the bedroom Sue turned to me and said

“Don’t forget you have our number if you feel like doing it again.”

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