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The Neighbor’s

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The day began like any other, hot and uneventful. Steve was away for another month-long business trip to Saudi Arabia. Aramco must have thought they were doing all the wives and girlfriends a favor by taking our men away from us for extended periods of time. But all it did for me was give me time to get better acquainted with my vibrator and the few porno videos we had. Not that I wasn’t already more than familiar with either. My ten year marriage to Steve had left me with two wonderful children and a very intense longing for something more.

For a thirty-two year old woman, my body was still in great shape, kept up by exercise and careful dieting. My breasts were still a firm 34C, and my tummy and ass, were tight as when I was nineteen. Steve was also quite a handsome man although he was lacking in the bedroom – caused by his inability to think of my needs and his recognition of only his own. Our sex life began to wither after the birth of Justin, my second child. I suppose the Freudian idea of a mother/son relationship was true in the sense that I did tend to show more affection for my son at times than I did for Steve and I believe subconsciously he resented me for it.

As I cleaned the remains of the dishes from my breakfast, I heard a car door shut. This was something peculiar because we live in a very secluded upscale neighborhood with only one neighbor, who had moved over a year ago. We had become good friends with the neighbors Jan and David. We enjoyed parties in their back yard and quiet nights in their hot tub, where the idea of wife swapping had jokingly been brought up but to my dismay, never came to pass. Jan and I would often discuss our sex lives with one another and I was secretly jealous of the amazing lover she bragged David to be. Before we had the opportunity to make the idea a reality, David was transferred, leaving me unfulfilled and bored once again.

I walked to the window, expecting to see a realtor showing the house and was surprised to see a very beautiful woman walk towards it. She appeared to be about twenty-five and was absolutely stunning – well-dressed in a crème silk blouse that was stretched by ample breasts and a plaid brown skirt that came to just above her knees. Her long blond hair was tied in a ponytail and she had a golden tan that appeared natural. She was driving what seemed to be a newer model Mercedes convertible, so I assumed she was a realtor. I admired the car as she walked back out towards the yard and began to struggle with the realtor’s sign, obviously trying to remove it. As I watched this woman, I knew that if she had ever expressed a desire for me I would probably entertain the idea. I had never been with another woman, but had girlfriends that had and often wondered what it would be like. Seeing this as an opportunity to meet someone who might be a new neighbor, I walked to the front porch and called to see if she needed help.

“Yes, would you mind?” she answered.

I walked down the driveway and about fifty feet to her yard and introduced myself.

“Hi, I’m Cynthia Reynolds, are we going to be neighbors?” I asked.

“Yes. Hi, I’m Vanessa Stewart. And yeah, I’m moving in tomorrow. Well actually, my boyfriend and I.”

“Oh, is he at work now?” I inquired, kicking myself for being nosy.

“No, he’s been away on business but coming back in today”.

”How nice, mine’s away for a whole month. It’ll be nice to have some new friends”.

We removed the sign and brought it into the garage. I smelled the intoxicating aroma of her perfume, which was also a scent that I wore. Well at least she has class, I thought to myself.

“So you say you’re not moving in till tomorrow?” I curiously asked her.

“No, I’m just here to make sure things are in order and wait for Devon to have a look at it.”

“So your boyfriend hasn’t even seen the house yet?”

“No, I picked it out, he just pays for it,” she giggled.

“Well that sounds like my kind of arrangement,” I agreed.

“Yes, it’s the best arrangement I could ever hope for,” she replied.

Curious, I offered her a get-acquainted drink beside the pool, hoping to ply her with alcohol, and find out more about her arrangement. She agreed. Then without thinking I devilishly suggested she wear a swimsuit if she had one. She said she did and would be right over.

I was surprised by my brazenness and almost guilty as to why I would be aroused at seeing this woman half-clothed. But the thought of it did make me tingle in places that surprised me. I walked up the stairs to my bedroom and began to undress. I admired myself in our full-length mirror, thinking, not a bad frame for a mother of two. I double checked my pubic area to make sure my early morning shave had left no visible razor burn and retrieved my one piece French cut bathing suit. I had bought the colorful suit while on vacation in Brazil and it accentuated my hips while showing off plenty of cheek and my breasts. Overall, I thought I looked great and could compete with this younger, obviously better endowed woman.

I walked down to the kitchen where I began to mix margaritas, making them extra potent with the addition of Grand Marnier. I fully expected Vanessa to spill the beans on just what kind of ‘arrangement’ she had. After pouring the mix into the pitcher, I withdrew our bottle of Patron tequila from the cupboard, reserved for special guests (not that we ever had any). I called my mother, who had been keeping my children for the weekend, to make sure I wouldn’t have any unexpected visitations and she said they were leaving for an outing at the zoo.

Just then I heard Vanessa at the door. I invited her in and apologized half-heartedly.

“I hope you don’t mind, I made a pitcher of margaritas. I don’t know about you but I could use a good buzz on a hot Saturday by the pool.”

”Oh noooo, that sounds great” she exclaimed.

When she entered the kitchen, I almost dropped the pitcher. She was clad in only a tiny two-piece bikini with a top that barely concealed her breasts – breasts that appeared to be at least 34D and seemed to be natural. Her legs were toned and muscular and she had an ass any woman would kill for, round and firm. She was definitely a complete package. She did have the modesty to wrap her hips in a sarong that was quite lovely and appeared to also be silk.

“I’m so embarrassed, all I had was this tiny suit,” she apologized. “Devon usually doesn’t let me wear anything else”.

“Oh that’s fine, and I hope I’m not being forward but you have a stunning body,” I told her.

“Thanks, I work hard for it and Devon wants me tight and toned, so it’s worth it. So, do you prefer Cynthia or Cyndi?” she quizzed.

“Oh, either is fine,” I responded.

We walked to the pool and sat down on our chaise lounges. I poured us both a shot and offered a toast.

“Here’s to new friends, great success and great arrangements”.

We then began to drink the first of what became quite a few margaritas, as we made small talk about the neighborhood and common interests. We were both feeling heady when I decided to get to the meat of the subject.

“So tell me Vanessa, I have to know. What is it you do exactly to have such a fabulous arrangement with Devon?”

As she took another drink she began. “You promise you won’t judge me before you hear the entire story right?”

“Of course, who am I to judge? I’m just a bored, sexually frustrated housewife,” I complained.

“Well, my past is not what you’d call uneventful. I’m a formally educated woman who has made her own decisions and mistakes. I used to hold normal jobs but couldn’t get past the boss wanting to have me on his desk, or the sexual innuendo and remarks from every male employee. The jealous backstabbing hens, with their romance novels and spiteful looks and gossip. So I quit the corporate world, and decided if I can’t join em’, beat em’. So I decided to use my body to earn my living. I danced, I did nude modeling and even made a porno in which I discovered I had an uncanny talent for oral sex.”

At this point I was falling over in rapt attention – or was it from the booze? I couldn’t remember.

“Oh my God, what did you do?” I exclaimed, nearly falling off my chair.

“I somehow managed to take an actor with a nine and a half inch cock down my throat without gagging, until he came in my mouth”.

Upon hearing this, my crotch began to tingle. I imagined her sucking off this well-hung stud and yearned to be the one in her place.

“You didn’t gag at all? You took him the way down to his, to his balls?”

“Yep, all the way down Cyndi. And you know what else? I loved it. I felt so powerful and in control for once. I had this man at my mercy. I had never done anything like this before but it opened a whole new world for me sexually.”

“Oh my God! So what did you do after that? You said you only made one film?”

“Yeah, the people in those movies are the worst, it wasn’t for me. I went back to dancing and became a feature performer touring the states and Canada. But even though I made a lot of money the men were the same and so were the women. I was lonely, Cyndi. I dated, but most of the guys were losers and cheap, and I had had enough. I decided to take matters into my own hands. I had heard of video dating but I looked online and found an adult personals site. I knew that people with money were the ones having sex so this is where I went. I knew exactly what I wanted, knew what I could provide and placed an ad. It read:

Gorgeous, bi-sexual, blond, tanned, articulate, educated woman, 26, 5’3, 36dd-24-34, submissive, with excellent oral abilities seeking very attractive, well built, well-hung, very financially secure men to be my keeper, my lover, my friend. You provide me the lifestyle to which I’ve become accustomed and I’ll provide you anything and everything you need, whenever and wherever.”

“Cyndi, the responses rolled in like a flood”, Vanessa gushed. “I had a date lined up nearly every night of the week. Of course I had to cull the crème of the crop, which left about five percent. But the remaining few were champions. I went places and did things I’ve never done before. Then I was dating this one guy Paul, who was by far my favorite of all the guys I had gone out with. Well, one night I was dancing at the club and he comes in. He’s got this friend with him. Cyndi, you could have knocked me over with a feather. He was gorgeous, tall, muscular and definitely into me. Paul introduced Devon and said he had told Devon all about me and wanted to know if I wanted to enjoy them both. I was so excited about the prospect; I almost came on the spot.”

“So what did you do?” I asked excitedly.

“Well to my disappointment, Devon declined. We had been drinking til almost three A.M. and Devon said he had to make a business flight at ten A.M. that day, so he left. But guess who decided to show up at the club two nights later? And the rest, I guess, you could say is history.”

“So what makes this Devon so special?” I asked, downing the rest of my drink.

“Well, first, he’s incredible in bed. And he’s hung like a horse,” she giggled. “And his stamina is phenomenal. He has his own import-export business and makes more than enough for the both of us to live on anywhere we desire for as long as we want. He is gone sporadically but stays with me when I need him. And he makes me do the most delicious things that I would never do for anyone else. I guess you could say I’m his concubine of sorts.”

“But doesn’t that make you feel used?” I asked.

“Why? I can leave anytime I want and so can he. We are using each other to fill our needs.”

“Do you love him Vanessa?”

”I suppose I do, in a way, but it’s a business arrangement. Sure, we care about each other tremendously. I give him his space and he gives me mine.”

“But don’t you wonder if he sleeps around?” I asked, puzzled.

“Cyndi, he’s an attractive, very successful man who happens to be a stud in bed. I share him and he shares me. But we do it together or we don’t discuss it.”

“You share him?” I stammered.

”Cynthia, we share everything when we’re together. We’re both very open sexually; that’s our glue. He’s very busy and when he works, he works hard – but when he plays, oh my God, does he play hard.” “Cyndi,” she said as she paused, looking at me seriously. “Would you like to find out exactly what I’m talking about?”

I couldn’t believe what she had just asked me as I searched for an answer, fidgeting in my chair.

“What do you mean? I could never cheat on my husband, Vanessa.”

“Cyndi,” she said, rolling her eyes. “You’re a beautiful woman. You deserve to be treated like one. You’ve already told me how frustrated you are sexually.”

“But… but, I couldn’t, Vanessa.”

At that, her cell phone rang.

“Hi baby, where are you? I’m at our beautiful new neighbor’s house, waiting for you,” she told him, sounding like a young girl with a high school crush. “Come over and wear your swimsuit”.

“Vanessa, I simply can’t misbehave,” I told her.

“Just meet him and then decide,” she responded.

I couldn’t believe what Vanessa had asked me, but my pussy tingled at the idea of being serviced by this hot stud.

“I think I need another drink,” I stammered as I quickly poured another for both her and myself. About thirty minutes later, a knock came at the patio door and a husky deep voice called out to us.

“Right here baby,” Vanessa squealed as she jumped up, her sarong falling to reveal a firm, round ass visible in her thong.

When Devon stepped through the patio door, I was floored. He was a sight to behold. All of at least 6’2 and the tanned muscular body of a swimmer, jet black hair and crystal blue eyes. But as I gazed at his body my jaw dropped as my eyes fell upon his nearly see-through black boxer cut swimsuit. His cock was magnificent. It had to be at least six inches long flaccid and almost as thick as my wrist. It bulged out of his swimsuit like a large sausage.

Vanessa walked up to him, wrapping one leg around his body and kissing him deeply.

“Hi baby,” she said, taking his hand and bringing him over to my chair.

I stood up as he offered his hand and shook it, his soft manicured hands taking mine gently but firmly, melting me.

“This is Cynthia,” Vanessa told him.

“Pleased to meet you. I’m Devon Armstrong.”

“I’ve told her all about you, baby,” Vanessa declared.

“Well only believe twenty five percent of what Vanessa tells you, the rest I’ll make up for in goods and services,” Devon chuckled.

“It’s your goods and services that I told her about,” Vanessa laughed.

Devon blushed, but was good humored about his girlfriend. And I was completely ready to surrender my body to him.

“Would you care for a drink, Devon?” I offered.

“Yes, I would,” he said, taking the glass. There was a moment of uncomfortable silence until Vanessa spoke up.

“Hey guys, you feel like going to sit in the hot tub so we can get better acquainted?”

“Well, I don’t know”, I stammered.

“I think I’d love to get to know my new neighbor better,” Devon interrupted.

”What do you say, Cyndi?” Devon asked, holding out his hand as I took it without even thinking. I grabbed the bottle of tequila as we walked to their back yard, Vanessa leading, holding Devon’s hand as he held mine. I think he knew by the way I looked at him that I desired him with every fiber in my body. I felt totally helpless as to what was going to happen and really didn’t care. I deserved to explore the limits of my sexuality and needed it with an intensity that made me wet.

Devon was the first to step into the heated water as Vanessa flipped the switch, turning on the jets causing the tub to bubble. As Vanessa got into the water, Devon grabbed her pulling her onto his lap and kissing her.

“It’s good to see you, baby,” he cooed in her ear.

I began feeling like a third wheel and started to get out.

“Think I’ll leave you two alone,” I said as Vanessa grabbed my hand, stopping me.

“No wait”, she begged.

“Devon, Cyndi is having problems with her man satisfying her and I was thinking that maybe we could show her why were such a good team.”

I was completely shocked at her comment.

“Well, Cynthia, what exactly have you two been talking about?” Devon asked.

“Well, she tells me you’re quite the lover.”

“Cynthia,” Vanessa interrupted, “I have to admit I find you very attractive and I apologize for being so forward but I could see the way you looked at Devon. You find him attractive and you did say you’ve been doing without.”

“Well, yes, that’s true,” I stammered, “but I’m married and shouldn’t mess around without Steve here.”

“Well then, why don’t you watch how I suck Devon’s big, beautiful cock and then you can decide what to do.”

I couldn’t believe Vanessa’s forwardness but when she removed his tremendous cock from his shorts I was filled with desire. His cock was beautiful. Even half erect he was as big as Steve was hard. I had never seen a penis the size of this man’s, not even in movies. It was extremely thick with a plum sized head and as long as my forearm. And his crotch was totally shaved which made it look even more the monster. Devon slowly stroked his awesome manhood until it was completely hard. It hung down slightly from the weight of it. I couldn’t take my eyes off of him. Noticing this he asked me if I enjoyed watching him stroke his dick.

“Uh um yes, yes I do,” was all I could stammer.

Vanessa didn’t waste any time wrapping her hands around Devon’s ass and stuffing his muscle into her mouth like a woman possessed.

“Yeah, suck that cock baby,” Devon commanded.

She stroked his huge member with her hands, her lips tightly around the shaft, moaning, never taking her eyes from his. He pushed her head down on his huge cock making her take more of it slowly until he was buried down her throat. I was amazed at Vanessa’s abilities as she held his cock down her throat, digging her fingers into his ass, pulling him into her mouth as far as he could go. I couldn’t believe she could fit so much of his thick cock in her mouth as Devon moaned, throwing his head back as he leaned on the edge of the tub. As she slid her lips back up his cock, she grabbed his shaft, and stroked him. As I watched the scene before me, I was unconscious of the fact that I had slid my hand beneath my swimsuit and was rubbing my wet pussy furiously. Vanessa was pumping his dick rapidly as she sucked the head, moaning all the while, watching him. She pulled his cock from her mouth and rubbed and slapped it against her cheek, savoring him as she looked over to me smiling. The two of them mesmerized me. She made love to his cock like he was the last man on earth and he totally dominated her, forcing her to take all of it, fucking her mouth, talking dirty to her all the while.

“Yeah, that’s a good girl, suck my cock, come on baby, take it down your hot little throat,” he demanded.

She slid her tongue down the length of his shaft sucking one of his smooth balls into her mouth, moaning, jerking the shaft.

“Look at me, don’t you look away or close your eyes,” he demanded.

She took his cock in both her hands stroking him as she sucked one then both of his balls into her mouth gently, never taking her eyes from his.

“Do you like watching Vanessa suck my cock, Cyndi?” Devon asked me as Vanessa licked his balls.

“Uh yes, yes I do.”

“Why don’t you come join her then? I’d love to see those beautiful lips slide over my cock.”

I was frozen in shock. My pussy was throbbing and dripping from watching the two of them. I wanted to desperately but didn’t know what to do.

“Mmmmm, come on Cyndi, try him,” Vanessa beckoned, holding his huge pole in my direction.

“No need to be nervous darling,” Devon responded. “Let me help you decide.”

He stood up and walked over to my side of the tub. Before I could say a word or offer any resistance, this gorgeous man had his fully erect cock in my face ordering for me to suck it.

“I can tell by the looks of that swollen pussy that you want to suck my big dick. Now, put it in your mouth, baby.”

He took my head in his hand sand slid about four or five inches of his thick tool in my mouth, almost causing me to gag. I whimpered in mock resistance as his amazing cock completely filled my mouth, my lips stretched around it. At that moment, I was consumed with lust. I would let him have me any way he wanted. I sucked his cock like it was the last. He stroked his hands through my hair as I took him in both my hands. I sucked as much of him as I could without choking, stroking his shaft with my hands slowly, milking him.

“Yeah, that’s good Cyndi baby, suck it good just like that,” Devon moaned.

“I think she likes it, baby,” Vanessa cooed removing the left strap of my suit and exposing my breast before taking my nipple in her mouth and sucking gently.

I was overwhelmed by the feelings flooding my mind. A woman sucking my breast and the strange beautiful man I was going down on mixed with my guilt for what I was doing. But I didn’t care. Steve could have walked in at that moment and I would have been oblivious to him. Then a jolt of electricity shot through my body as I felt Vanessa’s fingers find their way into my pussy. She worked my G-spot while rolling my clit with her thumb, sucking my nipple hard into her mouth. I began shaking in the throes of one of the most explosive orgasms I had ever felt as Devon leaned over me, his hands wrapped around my head. He fucked my mouth with his mighty cock. As I begin to cum, my body on fire with pleasure, I screamed. My cries were muffled by his cock in my mouth. I dug my nails into his hips as I came and could feel Vanessa’s tongue on my hot pussy sucking my clit into her mouth. I began to gag as I felt Devon try to force his cock down my throat, which wouldn’t fit. I was going out of my mind with pleasure as Vanessa went down on me. My suit pulled to the side as she sucked my lips into her mouth fingering me deeply, my pussy throbbing.

“Take your suit off, honey. Let’s see that beautiful body,” Devon said as he began to strip me.

I couldn’t get out of my suit fast enough. I stood up, while Vanessa pulled it off of me. Devon then wrapped his arms around me, kissing me, his tongue exploring my mouth. I stroked his cock with my hand as I wrapped my hand around him and pulled him to me. He then wrapped both of his hands around me and cupping my ass in his hands, lifted me up off the ground. As he did, his huge prick stabbed my pussy. The head pierced my lips, stretching them wider than I had ever felt. I screamed in pleasure and pain, burying my face in his neck as his gigantic pole split me apart. I was whimpering as his cock drove me out of my mind, my nails deep in his flesh as he filled me completely, deeper than anyone had ever been inside me. I clung to him, my legs wrapped tightly around his back as my pussy consumed all of his cock until I could feel his balls against my ass.

“Oh my God,” I blurted over and over as he held my hips pushing me back up his shaft, my labia clinging to his cock tightly.

With my eyes closed tightly, he began to fuck me beyond belief. I was like a doll in his arms as he bounced me on his cock, moving me up almost all the way to the end of his shaft then back down. It was then that Vanessa again surprised me as I felt her hand slap the cheek of my ass. After only about ten or twelve strokes of Devon’s magnificent cock and Vanessa’s spankings, I felt waves and waves of pleasure consume me again. My entire body shook as I was racked by another mind shattering orgasm. It was different this time however. I was flooding Devon and myself with my juices as my juices ran down my legs. I had experienced my very first vaginal orgasm and was swept away, kissing this man all over his neck, his lips, sucking his tongue deep into my mouth.

When my body began to return to normal, Devon laid me on my back, his cock never leaving my body. He then pushed my legs against my chest as I readied myself for what I knew was to be a mind numbing fucking. As he began to stroke his meat in and out of me, Vanessa lowered her pussy onto my face. I grabbed her lips and pushed my tongue deep inside her, eating her pussy like I had done it all my life. While Vanessa rode my face, Devon was driving me out of my mind. He showed my tender pussy no mercy as he fucked the living daylights out of me.

Rolling his hips, he was slamming his huge cock deeper than I could imagine, working into every inch of me, and filling me beyond belief. I was screaming in pleasure, in what seemed like one continuous wail. I tried to concentrate on licking and sucking Vanessa but every stab of his tremendous tool left me breathless. I could tell they were kissing as he fucked me because they’re moans were muffled as they leaned into one another. I was sucking on Vanessa’s clit as she began to grind her pussy into my mouth, moving her hips round and round.

“Oh yes, oh yes, ohhhhhh,” she cried flooding my mouth with her juices.

Her excitement and the pleasure of Devon’s cock, his balls slapping against my ass, triggered an almost instantaneous orgasm within me. He must have felt I was close because he lifted my ass off the chair and buried his prick all the way inside me. I could feel him throb and as I came, he shot his load, which seemed like liquid fire, deep inside me. He held onto me tightly, his nails pressed into me as I shook and whimpered. I was consumed with passion for him as he filled me with his seed. I could feel his cock jerk and spasm within me as he continued to pump his honey into my tingling pussy. As I lay there delirious Devon withdrew his prick, tugging my lips as he pulled out.

“Come suck my cum out of her pussy, slut!” he demanded of Vanessa.

Like an obedient slave she was between my legs in an instant, lapping at my tender pussy like a dog. As I began to enjoy her tongue on me, Devon stood above me, ordering me to clean his cock off. Without hesitation, I stuffed his semi-erect cock in my mouth. He bent his knees as he leaned over, his balls resting on my face, offering his cock to me. I was possessed by this man as I reached around him pulling his ass into me as I took as much of him as I could into my mouth, sucking and licking.

Unbelievably, I could feel him start to harden in my mouth. I was grinding my pussy onto Vanessa’s talented mouth and my new stud’s cock was getting stiff again. I couldn’t believe the situation I was in as he ordered me to lick his asshole. I had never done that before but I slid my tongue deep into his ass as he lowered himself to my face. My hand held him tightly as I tongue- fucked his ass, my other hand stroking the giant shaft above me.

As I was sucking his lovely balls into my mouth he notified Vanessa that he was ready. Not knowing what to expect, I began to rise up.

“Just stay there, baby,” he told me his hand pushing me back down.

Before I knew it Vanessa and I were in a 69 position and he was rubbing his huge erection up and down her pussy and ass, making her shiver with delight. With one powerful stroke he slid his giant cock all the way inside her to his balls, making her scream aloud. As she did, his large hand cracked her ass like a whip and he ordered her not to scream. I then watched in amazement as Devon dug his hands into her ass and began to plunge his huge prick into her so hard and so fast that I could hear her trying to catch her breath. Devon fucked her with such intensity that her body shook with each thrust. He continued nonstop for at least ten minutes. She had her face against my pussy and her ass in the air as Devon hammered her relentlessly. She was completely helpless and I could hear her whimper, her nails digging into the skin of my thigh. All of a sudden she began to wail, her body virtually vibrating, as she was rocked by a tremendous orgasm.

With that, Devon withdrew his cock from her swollen pussy and pressing against her back, lowered her to my mouth. I licked her gently as Devon began to push his cock into her ass.

“No! Baby, Nooo,” she cried.

“I’m fucking’ your ass slut” he growled slapping his hand hard against her ass and yanking her head back, her hair wrapped in his fist.

“Oh yes, fuck my ass baby. Give me that big cock in my ass NOW,” she demanded.

My head was swimming in a mixture of lust, desire and awe at their master/slave relationship. I continued sucking her labia and clit when Devon told me to lube her butt hole with my spit. I did so as he pushed two then three fingers into her tight ass, fingering her. Vanessa gripped the lounge chair tightly moaning and crying, trying to catch her breath as he worked her over. His big balls hung over my face I sucked them as best I could into my mouth, while caressing Vanessa’s thighs as he began to force his cock into her tiny ass.

“Ohhhhhhhgaaaaawdddddmmmmm,” Vanessa cried out in a low guttural moan as Devon worked his huge cock in her ass forcing about half his shaft into her butt.

“Yeah that’s it, Cyndi. Eat her pussy while I fuck her ass, she likes that.”

“Ohhhhhhyesssss give it to me yesss fuck my ass baaaaby,” Vanessa squealed as Devon cracked her ass with his palm, once more shaking the cheeks of her ass with his hands as he worked his muscle into her.

“Back that ass up on this cock slut” Devon demanded

Vanessa began to breathe heavily as I sucked her clit. Devon slammed into her rear.

“Yeah that’s it, baby. You like my big dick in your ass don’t you?” Devon questioned, spanking her ass repeatedly as he stroked in and out of her.

“Yesss yesss bab…by…oh giveee…it….. to…. Meeeeeeee.” Her words were broken by each thrust of his huge organ.

As he fucked Vanessa, I felt her body began to tremble, her cries a constant moan as Devon slammed into her ass and I sucked her swollen pussy. She then cried out loudly, her body racked with a powerful orgasm, her juices flooding my mouth. Devon continued to fuck her mercilessly, withdrawing his shaft to the head then plunging the entire length back into her. Devon then withdrew his cock from her ass as he smacked her again.

“Come take it baby, he ordered, eat your master’s cum.”

Vanessa turned around and began to stroke Devon’s shaft with both hands hard, milking him.

“Mmmmmm yeah. Come on baby and fill my mouth,” she begged.

I rose up to take Devon’s balls in my mouth, sucking both of them as she stroked his cock. Vanessa then laid on top of me, our pussies touching as Devon grabbed the back of her head, sliding his cock into her mouth, Vanessa sucking him, coaxing his load.

“Ahhhhhhyeahhhhh,” Devon cried out as he erupted.

“Mmmmmm,” Vanessa moaned as he filled her mouth. His cum dripped from the corners of her lips as she brought his cock to my face. I rolled over onto my knees and took Devon into my mouth as he continued to cum, giving me my first taste of his cream. I sucked every bit of his seed into my mouth, swallowing, savoring the bittersweet taste. Vanessa and I took turns making love to his semi erect cock, licking, kissing, and stroking him. We shared a kiss as our tongues wrestled in each other’s mouths, my pussy tingling with excitement.

Devon lowered his head to Vanessa and I, kissing us both, as I continued to slowly stroke his cock in my hand. I was in total disbelief when I could feel him begin to swell in my hand.

“Oh my God, Vanessa, he’s getting hard again,” I exclaimed, shocked by Devon’s stamina.

“Mmmmmm, I told you Cyndi. He can’t get enough pussy. Can you baby?” she responded, giggling.

“You ladies want some more?” he asked devilishly.

By this time at least two or three hours had elapsed and while I was completely aroused and ready for more, I didn’t think my body could take it. His magnificent tool had left me sore and exhausted. But I didn’t want to stop. I was totally absorbed by Devon. I wrapped my lips around his prick and took as much as I could into my mouth, wanting to feel him in my throat as Vanessa had. Wanting to give him the pleasure that she had given him. I was actually competing with her. Wanting him for myself. Needing him to satisfy me. Like he had done her so many times before.

My husband no longer existed for me at this time. I had never had a man make love to me, fuck me, like Devon had. I wanted him to use my body, to take me any way he wanted. As I sucked him, devouring his cock, I envisioned ways to have this man whenever I could. Vanessa sucked my nipples into her mouth while I lavished Devon’s beautiful cock. I stroked his shaft and sucked the head, my lips tight around him. He held my head in his hands, moaning at my oral ministrations.

“Here, lay down baby” he then instructed me.

As I layed down on the lounge chair, he had me hang my head off the edge.

“Mmmmm, that’s it baby. Give it all to her,” Vanessa cooed.

Devon then bent down, his long prick filling my mouth.

“Just relax Cyndi, take him down your throat,” Vanessa offered as I felt the head of his cock push into my throat.

I held my breath as he then slid the remainder of his cock into my hungry mouth, deep into my throat. I overcame the feeling to gag as Vanessa began licking my pussy, sucking my clit between her lips, her fingers sliding inside me. Devon held his cock in my throat and the feeling of his thick tool overwhelmed me. I grabbed his ass, pulling him into me, not wanting to ever release him. He began slowly sliding his cock in and out all the way with his balls resting on my face. I was actually swallowing Devon’s huge cock, sucking him so good. I then began to feel the warm waves of my orgasm enveloping me.

As my body began to shake and tremble, Devon began to swell in my mouth. He held my face jamming his cock down my throat as he moaned out, his hot cum shooting down into my belly. I was lost in pleasure as my orgasm ripped through me and Devon’s heavy cock spurted into my mouth. He pulled out of me as he continued to pump his load onto my lips and my tongue, and I licked all around his shaft, not wasting a drop of his precious nectar.

“Ahhhh yeah, Cyndi baby, that was wonderful” he praised, stroking my face with his penis, as he ran his fingers through my hair.

All I could do was smile, totally satisfied. Vanessa lay on top of me, kissing me, sighing softly. We then sat in the hot tub, relaxing our tired bodies and talked about what had just transpired and our future plans. I would never be the same after that day and I admitted my desires to share Devon. They welcomed me whole-heartedly and also invited me to become their playmate for other extracurricular activities.

“Absolutely” I agreed.

“Well, what about Steve?” Devon asked me.

“He works a lot,” was all I could offer.

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