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Jeremy’s Fantasy

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Jeremy and I had been dating for several months now and we had a stable and loving relationship as well as a vigorous sex life. We were pretty open to try new things in that department and considered ourselves open-minded individuals. Jeremy had recently talked to me about a fantasy that he had. Like most guys, Jeremy wanted to have a threesome.

This would involve him, another woman, and myself who’s yet to be decided. Jeremy had been eager to talk to me about it, because he knew how I felt about being with another woman. He and I had a great time watching two women playing with each other in a porn video.

Jeremy decided to approach this in a unique way. Although the idea of watching two women together was exciting for him, he would find it just as arousing, if not more to have all of the concentration focused on him. One night we were talking and Jeremy asked me once again to think about what he had told me. Before I could reply, Jeremy told me that I didn’t have to do anything with the other woman. I didn’t agree to his request but told him that I would consider it. Although he would have wanted me to say of course right away, he understood that I needed to think seriously about it. I went to visit my best friend Donna during the week.

Donna and I had been friends since the summer of 97. We talked about everything together and had no secrets. I told her about Jeremy request and how I was perplexed as to what I should do. Donna knew how much we loved each other and that his demand was purely sexual. There would be no feelings implicated here, just sex. Even though I did not ask Donna to participate, I knew that she would do what ever she could in order to assist. I also knew that Donna found Jeremy to be very good-looking and that she had been attracted to him for quite some time. I felt that if there were anyone I could trust with my man, it would be her. I could see that she was very occupied thinking about this and knew what was imminent. Before I could even ask, she said yes. She wanted to make it clear however that this would be a one-time deal only. Once the choice was made, both of us were anxious and excited to begin this adventure.

Donna and I went to the mall the next day. We started off at Victoria’s Secret and picked out something hot and sexy. Donna picked out a matching bra and thong set. It was a dark wine color and was covered in lace. The bra unclasped in the front and the panties were a thong type. I was identical except in a green color that matched my eyes. We both then proceeded to Express and each picked out a sexy new outfit. I bought a short mini skirt that fit tight to show all of my curves. The matching shirt I bought was white and made of a sheer material and was v-cut in the front and back. It showed a lot of cleavage. The bra I bought was perfect for this top. It was thin, sheer and non-padded and even made my 36 C chest appear larger then what it already was. You could see my nipples protrude through the shirt and bra. I bought ankle length shoes so that it gave the outfit a schoolgirl look, which Jeremy loved.

Donna bought a 2-piece outfit in black. The skirt was a short skirt and the top was low-cut that zipped down the front. Both of us had black thigh-hi laced stockings and high-heeled shoes to match our new outfits. Donna and I decided that we would not tell Jeremy about our decision and would surprise him instead. I told her that Jeremy and I would be at the dance club on Friday night and for her to meet us there. She agreed to that and when I left to go to the bathroom, Donna would make her appearance. The plan was now in place. Well Friday night came fast and Jeremy and I arrived at the club shortly after 9:00 PM. We had already been dancing quite a bit and very intimate together.

Our movements were very sexual and erotic. I kept telling Jeremy how hot I thought he looked tonight and how I couldn’t wait till I had him at home. I noticed Donna enter the club and that’s when I told Jeremy that I wanted to get some air and would be right back. Donna seeing her signal walked up behind Jeremy at the table and kissed the side of his face. He thought that I had returned already. When he turned around and noticed that it was Donna, he didn’t exactly know what to say; he was so shocked. Donna walked around to the front of him and sat down on his lap. She danced on him and was thrilled to feel him becoming hard against her thighs. Donna leaned inward and kissed Jeremy on the cheek, making sure her body was hard-pressed against him. Just then, I walked back into the room. Jeremy didn’t know what to do or say. I walked up to Donna and kissed her on the cheek. “Glad you could come, Donna.” Jeremy again was left speechless and didn’t know what to say or do. Just then Donna asked him if he wanted to dance.

Jeremy looked over at me to make sure that it was all right with me. I told him to go ahead. The sound of the music was stimulating. It was not too fast or slow but just right. It allowed you to hold your partner but still move around as well. Donna was a great dancer and seductively rubbed herself against his package. Her hands were all over him. She acted as if she and Jeremy were the only ones on the dance floor. I sat there for a while just watching them dance together. It was almost like watching them have sex; however, they were still clothed. I was surprised at how turned on I was by just watching them. I could feel the moistness beginning between my legs beginning to increase. I went and joined them on the dance floor.

Donna was behind Jeremy and I in the front. He was caught between us. I pressed myself up against him and started to kiss him passionately. He asked me what was going on but I silenced him with my fingers. Relax and have fun was all I told him. I could see how much Jeremy was enjoying this. It was apparent by the look in his eyes and the obvious swelling in his pants. All three of us were totally unaware of the stares that we were getting from the rest of the people in the club. The song finished and we returned to our seats. Donna and I got up and excused ourselves as we got up for a minute to go to the ladies room. Jeremy was left there to mull over his situation. In the bathroom, we talked about how things were going and both admitted to being extremely turned on by the circumstances.

We both looked at each other and the only words we spoke were…”I’m ready if you are.” We smiled at each other and returned to locate Jeremy. “Let’s get out of here,” I said. We left the club with each of Jeremy arms around each of our waists. Donna and I had our hands on the muscular cheeks of his ass, delicately squeezing of course. We proceeded to my truck. It had already been decided that Donna would be the designated driver for the night. Jeremy sat between us. It was a brief ride back to the apartment; however, both of us did not waste any time to place our small, delicate hands on his massive thighs. I slowly inched my way up to the front of his pants and aggressively grabbed his already swollen cock.

Once at the apartment, we couldn’t keep our hands off of each other. Donna and I took turns undressing and kissing Jeremy overpoweringly. I removed his shirt and gently placed hot, wet kisses where each button laid against his flesh. Once the shirt was removed, I began to kiss and lick his left nipple and Donna licked the one on the right. We each started to remove his pants. I kissed his cock through the thin, translucent fabric of his underwear, which had a huge bulge in it. We each took turns teasing him.

Once his pants were removed, we once again began to play with his stiff rod. While both of us were stroking and squeezing him, Donna began to lick and suck on his balls. I took the head of his 8inch cock into my mouth and started to lick around the tip. From the screams and moaning that were coming from Jeremy, it was evident how much he was enjoying this. This was all the torture he could take and he came in my mouth. I made sure to take it all, not wanting to miss a single drop. The girls then decided that it was their turn to get undressed and this would give Jeremy an opportunity to regain some composure. Jeremy sat down on the sofa and was surprised to see that there was still life in his cock and began to slowly began to masturbate as he watched us both undress. Donna reached for the edge of my skirt and caressed my thighs. As she did so, she instructed me to lift my arms and removed my skirt for me. She made sure that her hands touched my body as they lifted the dress. I then stood there in only my lingerie. I then reached for the zipper on Donnas’ vest and slowly began to unzip it. While doing so I made sure that my hands brushed against Donna’s breasts. I removed the vest and then undid her skirt and now both Donna and I stood there in only our undergarments. We then leaned closer to each other and kissed, to Jeremy complete amazement and surprise. He could see our tongues touching. It was such a turn on for him to watch.

As he watched us kiss, his cock once again became hard as a rock and he continued to stroke it. We then began to timidly explore each other’s bodies. My hand had returned to Donna’s breasts and began to massage them. Donna caressed mine as well. I then undid the front clasp of the bra exposing Donna’s breasts. My nipples were already hard and she took one in between her fingers. She then bent over to kiss the nipple. It felt odd to have it in her mouth but at the same time very exciting. She began to gently suck on the nipple. Moving back and forth from one breast to the other. The noises coming from Donna were evidence enough for me as to how much she was enjoying it. She then undid my bra exposing my full ample chest.

Donna was very eager to taste them and began to suck on the nipples, moving from one to the other. I loved the feel of her tongue against them. Jeremy just sat there in total shock and disbelief. This was more erotic then any fantasy he had ever dreamed of and his fantasy was becoming a reality. It was turning him on more then he could believe especially since he knew how much I was into this in the first place. As Donna was busy suckling on my nipples, I became a bit more aggressive and reached down to touch the front of her panties. I could feel the wetness through the thin fabric. I did not reach inside of the panties but kept massaging her throbbing, wet, pussy. I continued rubbing my finger vigorously over her clit. Jeremy could not endure any more of this and wanted to get in on the act. He told the both us to come and join him in the bedroom.

Once there, he reached down to caress our pussies and was pleased to see how soaking wet they were. He wanted to taste our sweet juice. He had Donna lay down on the bed flat on her back and legs spread apart. He then moved in between her thighs to lick her pussy. His tongue rotating around her clit and diving into her hot hole. Jeremy had placed himself in such a way that he was on all fours. I lay down underneath him and took his cock into my mouth and began to suck on it. There was so much pre-cum around the head of it that I couldn’t help but lick it. I just loved the taste of him. In this position it was also possible for Donna to touch me as well.

We were pretty much in a triangular shape, all of us being able to touch and please each other. Donna’s fingers touched my clit, which was so hard and swollen. The touch of Donna’s finger sent tiny orgasms through my body. She then took her index finger and slid it into my hot, swollen pussy. It felt so wet and tight against her finger. She then slipped a second one and then a third and began to finger fuck me. Jeremy continued to eat Donna’s pussy. He could feel her raising her hips to meet each shove of his long, wet, tongue. He was also enjoying the blow- job that he was getting from me as I was teasing him like I never had before.

Jeremy could hear and feel Donna beginning to climax as he continued to lick and tongue fuck her. At the same time he heard me cum with the touch of her fingers. This was not the end for Jeremy though as he desperately wanted to fuck the pussy he had just eaten and he lay down on his back. He told Donna to sit on his hard cock. Jeremy was bigger and thicker then most men she had been with and she loved the ‘full’ feeling she was getting with his cock buried deep inside of her. She could feel each thrust of his hips as he fucked her and his cock slid in and out of her cum soaked pussy. She kept riding him, up and down, in and out, faster and harder. I at this point I went and sat on Jeremy face and had him go down on my pussy. He was very good at this and tonight was no exception. As Jeremy was fucking Donna and eating my pussy, we both moved in closer and shared another fiery kiss. All of us were glad with the decision they had made to go through with this. Donna and I felt our bodies approaching another orgasm. Jeremy was amazed that he has lasted this long but he wanted to make sure that both of us enjoyed ourselves. Both of us came again. Our screams became even louder then the first time.

Jeremy body was beginning to ache with the need for his own fulfillment. He began to kiss me and told me how much he wanted to fuck me. Donna at this point was lying on her back with her legs spread apart. She was rubbing her clit and pussy as she was lying there. I got on my hands and knees and climbed above Donna and began to kiss her inner thighs and then moved towards her pussy. At first I just kissed her swollen lips, amazed at the taste and wetness. I then got more aggressive and allowed my tongue to skim over her clit. The minute my tongue touched Donna’s clit, I knew that I had Donna under my spell. Since I knew just how and where she enjoyed being touched and kissed, I made sure that Donna was experiencing the same thing.

As I was eating Donna’s pussy, she began to kiss and lick mine as well. The sensations that we were both experiencing were so intense, so erotic. Seeing both of us together like this was so exciting for Jeremy. I was in the perfect position for Jeremy to fuck me on all fours. He climbed up behind me and took his cock and guided it to my waiting pussy. In one quick motion, Jeremy was deep inside of me. I continued to kiss and lick Donna’s pussy. Donna at the same time continued to eat me out and I continued to lick her clit. She was also sucking on Jeremy balls and would run her tongue against the shaft of his cock. As he pulled back, she would lick his cock and as he was deep inside of me, Donna would lick my clit. This continued for several minutes till neither of us could take it any more.

Donna began to cum and so did I. Jeremy hearing and seeing this pulled his cock out and continued to play with himself till he came all over my back and my ass. All three of us then collapsed together on the bed totally exhausted none of us able to speak. Soon after, we all drifted off to sleep. All of them somewhat in shock over what had just happened. It was like a dream. All of a sudden I jumped up in bed. I was awakened by the sound of the alarm clock. 7:00 A.M. already? I looked around and only saw Jeremy in bed beside me. Donna was nowhere to be found. I leaned over to wake Jeremy. “You know what you asked me the other day sweetie? My answer was YES!”

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