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The Mother of Invention

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“I think my diets would work a whole lot better if the food I ate went to my ass and not my belly,” Dawn mused, “Then I could starve this booty into submission.”

Next to her, Maria chuckled.

“Honey, I don’t want to hear about how big you think our ass is,” she said, “Especially when you’re standing next to this!” Dawn giggled as her she watched her mother give herself a little smack on her big bottom, sending ripples across her cheeks.

The two women stood in front of a large mirror together, surveying their nude bodies. The light was dim and the heat on high, making their sultry and voluptuous Latin curves, out of place in their tiny coastal Alaskan town, glisten with sweat. Outside, horizontal rain and sleet blew ferociously against the large, thick windows that looked out over the rocky islands in the bay. Darkness reigned, as it would for the next five months. Maria stepped away from the mirror and folded her arms under her large, heavy breasts. Her dark nipples stiffened at the look and sound of the wind and rain, in spite of the 80 degree heat of their small home. Behind her, her daughter Dawn jumped up and down on her toes in front of the mirror, watching how her breasts responded to her movement. She turned and looked at her mother by the window. Maria was watching her reflection in the the window, and looking though it to the blackness of the day. Dawn sidled over next to her and mimicked her pose.

“Damn this hellish place,” Maria muttered, shaking her head, “How’s a girl supposed to get proper exercise when it’s dark and cold and pouring water in some sort of form out of the sky every minute?”

Dawn didn’t answer for a moment.

“I can hardly remember New Mexico,” Dawn said with a dry laugh. Her soft body moved delicately as she chuckled. Both women were what many would class as ‘pleasantly plump’. Shallow rolls of soft, smooth baby-fat ringed their bellies. Their breasts, already natural D-cups, had grown since their move to Alaska, so much so that they had had to buy new bras. They almost looked as though they were nursing, they were so ripe. “At least our thongs will still fit. They don’t have to stretch over our butts!” Maria had laughed as she dressed one morning as the string disappeared between her soft buns. Dawn had nearly split her sides.

Since moving to Alaska from their home in Las Cruces five years earlier, the climate and hardships of life in Alaska had taken what the two women saw as a “toll” on their bodies. Dawn had been only 14 years old when they moved, but had quickly blossomed into a beautiful young woman of 18 almost before her loving single mother had even noticed. Dawn’s father had been killed by a drug overdose shortly after she was conceived. Maria never mentioned him, and after a few aborted conversations Dawn knew well enough not to ask about that chapter of her mother’s history. However, this was perhaps the only secret there was between them. Living cooped indoors most of the year, the mother and daughter had become as close as the best of friends in every aspect of their lives; from schoolwork and gossip to sex and men. Sex was something Maria had begun to talk to her daughter about early on, as she herself had been only 17 years old when she had given birth to Dawn. And at 18 years old in a nearly-deserted oil town on the Alaskan coast, Dawn, like her mother, had become well-versed in all manners pleasing herself by her lonesome. Not until Dawn’s 18th birthday did Maria include her in any of her own techniques and advice, however.

“I still can,” Maria said, nodding, “But it’s hazy.”

A long pause was punctuated with hail punching at the reinforced glass.

“Mom, when are-” Dawn began softly.

“I told you,” Maria sighed, “Five more years. I’m under contract here, and that means we’ve got to stick it out. This is your last winter here anyway!”

Dawn rolled her eyes. “Yea, and then I get to go to oh-so-sunny Anchorage.” Dawn was off to college in the spring, and had been cheated of other universities abroad by many institutions’ jitters about accepting a home-schooled student. Because of her mother’s job at the oil company, Anchorage was nearly free, and she could return home on weekends with little hassle.

Dawn turned from the window and stood in front of the mirror again. She turned to the side and straightened her spine, sucking in her tummy and running a hand over her smooth, baby-soft skin. A tiny jewel sparkled in her belly button, and a tattoo, a Zuni symbol of the Sun and a New Mexico state emblem, glowed brightly in oranges, reds, and yellows an inch or so above her vagina. On her back, just above her bum, an intricate pattern of flowing lines made a beautiful symmetrical “bull’s-eye”. Maria had called it that when Dawn had gotten it the month before, on her birthday.

“What do you mean, ‘bull’s-eye’?” Dawn had asked.

“Never you mind,” Maria said, stifling a laugh, “It looks sexy as hell. I love it.” Dawn had gotten the Zuni Sun above her pussy two weeks later, and at the same time electrolysis on her pubic hair, leaving her skin as smooth as that of her breast.

“Bulls-eyes on both sides, now!” Maria said when Dawn showed her that evening.

“Mom!” Dawn had said, open-mouthed with mock incredulity, realizing what she was referring to.

“Well, now you can take a pop-shot from either hole, and he’s got something to aim for! At least it won’t end up in your eye,” Maria had said. They both laughed uproariously, miming getting shot in the eye with a surprise load.

“I was more thinking of something interesting to look at while he went down on me,” Dawn corrected, “And thank you, I won’t be taking any pop-shots from the butt!”

She and Maria had laughed some more at her incredulity, but a seed of curiosity had been planted in Dawn’s mind. She tried penetrating herself in her “little hole” as her mother referred to it, but found it painful to go in more than a couple inches, and gave it up for fear of hurting herself. But curiosity was ever Dawn’s driving force.

Maria continued to look out the window as Dawn looked over her lovely young body in the mirror. Her mother’s back turned, Dawn furtively turned her own back to the mirror in spread her cheeks. Her tiny pink pucker peeked from between her soft Latin buns, and her pussy became involuntarily moist. It had only been two weeks before, Dawn recalled, that she had finally popped a question on Maria.


“Mom, have you ever had sex in your, um, ‘little hole’?” Dawn had asked. Maria took a sip from her glass of wine, her fourth of the evening, and looked at her daughter with a dreamy, alcohol-hazed expression. Dawn took a drink from her own glass of wine. Each was curled up on opposite ends of the couch in front of a roaring fire. They were dressed only in bras and panties.

“Once, yes,” Maria said, “Before you were born.”

“What’s it like?” Dawn asked nervously, watching her mother take another swallow of wine.

“Well…it’s kinda hard to describe, really. If you want to know if it feels good, I’d have to say yes, but only to a point. It’s a completely different feeling that taking a man in your pussy. It’s much more…full? You just feel stuffed right to the brim, so stuffed that could swear your boobs are swelling up. Every time he would go into me, it felt like…[Maria bit her lip as she thought of a description]…it felt like my belly was just getting tossed all around, like he was opening me up each time.”

Dawn was in awe, her mouth dry. She swallowed hard. “Did it hurt?” she asked.

Maria nodded vigorously around another sip of the strong wine. “Oh yes. Terribly!” she answered. She watched as Dawn’s face fell, but the curious light remained. She continued. “I did it more for him, because he said he wanted it so much. Luckily for me, I was a virgin in my little hole, and so tight that he only got in about ten pumps before he squirted in me.”

“Could you feel it?” Dawn asked, taking another big swallow of wine and pouring herself another full glass.

“Yes! That really surprised me about it. I suddenly felt really warm and wet up in the bottom of my belly, and I could feel him sorta…flexing…with my little hole, right at the base. I dunno, it was like I was being pumped full of fuel or something. Hehe! Really weird feeling. That was probably the best part, though.” Maria said, gesturing and holding her belly for emphasis.

Dawn paused and took another drink. “How did it hurt?” she asked. Maria swallowed again before answering.

“Well, you and I both have a nice big bottom, so it really isn’t the stretch that hurts, like it is for most girls,” Maria answered easily, pouring herself a 5th glass and polishing off the bottle, “It’s the depth. He could go about three inches into my ass before it felt like he was driving his penis right up into my throat, from the bottom up! And I don’t mind saying, he was long. Even with only those ten pumps, I had to bite my hand.”

Dawn shuddered, her anus puckering under her lacy pink thong. “Would you do it again?”

Maria shook her head. “Why put it in my ass when there’s a perfectly good pussy next door? I’m as tight as I ever was!”

She and Dawn laughed drunkenly. It had been an eye-opening conversation for Dawn. Since she trusted her mother’s word completely, she decided not to attempt anal sex. But the curiosity lingered still.


A gust of wind blew against the window, driving the sleet like nails and making Dawn jump back to the present. Maria stepped back and pulled the curtains, joining her daughter at the mirror.

“I’ve had about enough of looking at that,” she said, making a disgusted face. She stood facing the mirror and hefted her large breasts in her hands, touching her sensitive nipples lightly with her fingertips. She sighed. Beside her, Dawn was still checking out her ass, bouncing her voluptuous cheeks in the mirror. “I think I’m going to have to go up another cup size,” Maria said, turning sideways for a profile look at her enormous rack. “36 DD?” she asked Dawn.

Dawn nodded. “I’m up to 36 D myself, and you’re plenty bigger than me,” she said, looking enviously at her mother’s breasts. Maria turned exasperatingly from the mirror and padded over to the couch, her soft, supple, and very healthy body jiggling slightly as she walked.

“Enough of this,” she said, flopping down on the couch and switching on the television, “I don’t need to look at my big butt in the mirror anymore. I know it’s there.”

“Well put,” Dawn laughed, following her mother over to the couch and flopping down beside her. The nude pair flipped through the channels rapidly. “Oo! Wait, go back!” Dawn said.

“What? What did you see?” Maria asked as she stopped surfing.

“Just go back a couple channels,” Dawn said, pointing at the television. Maria flipped back two channels and stopped. It was an infomercial, showing an attractive blonde espousing the virtues of owning and using the new state-of-the-art stationary bicycle that she was hawking.

“This?” Maria said, looking at Dawn.

“Yeah! We could put them over there, and exercise inside! It also works the exact muscles we need to work! What do you think?” Dawn said excitedly. Maria gave her a skeptical look.

“I dunno. I’ve used those in gyms before, and I can’t shake the hamster-wheel feeling. Riding those bikes in a room is worse than doing nothing at all, at least psychologically. Give me the outdoors if I’m going to ride a bike! That’s exercise,” she said. Dawn nodded and shrugged.

“Well, it’s an idea,” she said.

“And a good one, if only we could find some decent motivation,” Maria mused, “But when you said go back, I thought you meant this…” Maria flipped one more channel, and the screen exploded into a hot sex scene. A big-breasted brunette was on her back, her legs spread wide, a cock as thick as a baby’s arm plunging in and out of her vagina. The girl screamed and moaned, bucking her body against the man, taking every inch.

“Mom!” Dawn laughed, shocked and excited. They had watched porn together before, but it had always been a little awkward.

“Oh be a sport, c’mon! I’m so fuckin’ horny I’m about to die,” Maria said, pulling her legs up to her tits.

“I’ll get the wine,” Dawn laughed, bouncing off into the nearby kitchen.

“Grab me a glass, too!” Maria called after her, putting the remote down on the coffee table.

“Done,” said Dawn, returning in a flash. She popped the cork with the finesse of a pro and poured them each generous glasses. Both downed each of theirs in one long gulp.

“Fill’er up, babe!” Maria said, just barely finishing her swallow before she began to speak. Giggling and flushed, Dawn poured another glass for each of them. This one was gone almost as fast as the first. Before either of them knew it, the room was swimming slightly in the dim light. Both of them were flushed from their boobs on upwards. They watched on screen as the couple switched positions, the man now pounding the screaming girl’s pussy from behind.

“Mmmmm…” Dawn heard Maria softly moan. She glanced away from the screen to see her mother sitting propped against the corner of the couch, her knees bent and her heels up on the cushion. Her legs were spread just slightly, and a hand was busy between her legs, moving in small circles over her clitoris. Dawn blinked and looked back at the television, the room continuing to move for a split second after she had stopped moving her head.

“God am I drunk,” Dawn thought to herself, her own hands beginning to run over her body. Her left moved over her chest and roamed aimlessly until her fingers found her nipple. She squeezed and tugged firmly as her right hand slid down over her belly. She moaned to herself and closed her eyes with pleasure as she sank her middle and ring fingers into her pussy and ground her palm against her little button. She looked over at Maria, whose mouth was open with pleasure as she watched the couple fuck on screen. The two girls’ soft moans mixed with the overt screams of the girl on screen, and as they watched she pulled away from him and took him into her mouth, sucking fervently before removing her lips and gasping, “Why don’t you put that big cock in my tight little ass?”

“How did I know that was coming?” Maria said through slightly labored breathing. As drunk as Dawn, Maria was now reclined against the arm of the couch, her legs spread wide. Dawn watched Maria as much as the couple on screen, even as they prepared for the act about which she was most curious. On the couch, Maria’s long fingers, with nails carefully painted sparkle-pink, were delving deep into her bare pussy. She had had electrolysis along with Dawn, both of them tired of the hassle of waxing and only too happy to have more intimate contact with their own bodies. Maria swore it made her more sensitive as well. Dawn leaned against the other couch arm, her own legs spread wide as she worked herself towards orgasm. Suddenly, Maria pulled her glistening fingers from her wet pussy and bounced of the couch, swaying drunkenly as she scampered into her bedroom.

“Hold that thought!” she slurred. She returned with her favorite dildo and jumped back onto the couch, nearly falling off and bouncing Dawn around in the process. Dawn laughed as she righted herself.

“You’re just in time,” she said to her mother, returning her fingers to her clitoris, “This little white girl’s about to take it in her ass.”

“And I’m about to take it [uhhhhGodyes!] in my pussy!” Maria moaned, plunging the thick pink penis deep into her vagina. Her juices carried it effortlessly, and she pounded her pussy with deep strokes while she rubbed her clitoris. On screen, the girl groaned deeply as the thick penis speared into her bowels. She cursed and her fingernails scratched at the sheets as the man, taking her from behind, held her hips tight and plunged his cock into her ass a second time. The girl screamed and cried out, clearly in pain but egging him on for the camera. She proceeded to scream and groan as the large, faceless cock pounded her ass. The camera moved for a close-up, showing eight inches of hot glistening cock sliding in and out of the girl’s butt, the clear lube dribbling over her empty pussy.

“Fuck that looks hot!” Dawn moaned, rubbing her clit faster. She was getting really close. Oblivious to the other people in the room, the two women watched their avatar on the television, her anus clutching around the invading shaft, screaming and moaning as it drove up her tight butt again and again.

“Oh fuck I’m gonna cum,” Maria barely squeaked out through gritted teeth, “Fuck!Fuck!Fuck!” she grunted uncontrollably, her thrusts faltering as her legs seized up. Dawn watched her mother wracked over and over by the waves of a powerful orgasm, her entire body shaking from head to toe as she held the dildo deep in her pussy, her fingers rubbing her clit furiously. Just then, Dawn felt the familiar feeling begin in her toes and race up her spine. She squealed with pleasure, her legs clenching tight around her hand as her fingers followed her over the edge, her little body shaking uncontrollably, her eyes pinched shut and her mouth wide open. Dawn was still catching her breath when she looked up and saw the cock pull quickly out of the girl’s butt and pump a thick white load all over the small of her back.

“Just where my tattoo is,” she muttered drunkenly. “That doesn’t look so bad,” she laughed out loud, breathless. Maria laughed with her and switched off the television. She slipped the big dildo from her spent pussy with a soft slurp and stumbled unsteadily to the sink to rinse it off. Dawn remained on the couch, still a little dazed, not only from her amazing orgasm, but for the fact that it was the first time she’d ever cum in front of her mother.

“You cum just like me,” Maria said, flopping down onto the couch and offering Dawn a glass of ice water. Dawn accepted gratefully and downed half the glass before answering.

“A million thanks for those genes, Mom,” she said breathlessly, “I usually can’t even see straight after I cum.” Maria laughed, taking a swallow of water and gesturing towards the screen.

“Did you hear her screaming? That was no acting; she was taking it WAY too deep,” Maria said, shaking her head, “They get triple pay for those scenes, I’ll bet.” Dawn nodded. For some reason she was still as horny as hell.

“Did you scream like that when it was done to you?” she asked, trying to catch her mother off guard. Her hormones and the alcohol were talking for her. Maria nearly choked on her water.

“If only I had a recording!” she laughed, a hand on her breast, “I nearly brought the house down. He thought it was pleasure. Men are idiots.” Dawn laughed and nodded in agreement. “It was mostly grunting and groaning, though,” she continued, “You don’t have the mindset to say much else with something jammed eight inches up your tush.” They laughed hard, spilling water in their alcoholic mirth.

“Well,” said Dawn, downing the rest of her water and standing unsteadily, “I’m off to bed. I need some rest after that one!”

“Ditto,” Maria said, standing and padding off after her nude daughter. “You know,” Maria continued, “It’s a shame anal hurts so much. I think we’d both look sexy as hell with a cock up between our buns!” They barely made it to bed, they were laughing so hard.


Under the covers, Dawn lay on her side, sliding one hand down the front and the other, with a dollop of spit, around the back. She pressed on her slick anus as she rubbed her clit, bringing herself to a second crashing orgasm. She fell asleep almost immediately thereafter. Images of her big, round bum, jiggling tantalizingly and getting pumped deep by a thick cock, danced through her head all night.


One wall away, Maria dreamed too. First came a disturbingly sexual vision of rubbing her pussy while she watched her daughter, on a bed nearby, getting her rear end penetrated by a long, thick penis, screams of pleasure and pain filling the room. Next…she dreamed of exercise bikes. She awoke in a sweat several hours later, her mind swimming with blueprints and drawings.

“Holy shit,” she gasped to herself as she sat up in bed, her breasts glistening with sweat in the hot room. She pulled on a nightshirt and slippers and scampered down the steps into the cool basement where her light table and workshop were. “They don’t pay me to be an engineer for nothing.” she muttered, taking out a pencil and examining the end. Satisfied of his sharpness, she began to draw.


“What have you been working on down there for so long?” Dawn asked, coming in the an arm-load of groceries, “You’ve been practically living in the basement for two weeks! Why can’t I go down there?” She stamped the snow off her boots and handed the bags to her mother before unlacing the heavy rubber shoes and putting them on the drying rack in the mudroom. Maria wore a tight-fitting t-shirt and red lace panties. In her book, “fully clothed” was something for the outdoors. Dawn followed suit, and kept shedding her warm winter clothes until only a bra and panties remained. Maria gave a naughty smile.

“Well,” she said in a soft voice, “Why don’t we step into the living room, and I’ll show you?” Dawn gave a suspicious smile.

“Alright,” she said slowly, looking sideways at her mother as they walked into the living room, boobs bouncing heavily. Two large forms that had not been there when she left for the grocery store were situated in the living room in front of the windows, covered with sheets. Maria was plainly very excited, and bounced around the room like an excited little schoolgirl.

“OK, you know that night we got drunk and got ourselves off to that porn a couple weeks ago? The one with the girl getting it in the butt?” Maria said.

Dawn laughed. “How could I forget!” she giggled.

“Well that night…I had a dream. It was some crazy combo of all that stuff that happened that night…plus the alcohol…[Dawn laughed and blushed]…and I woke up with all sorts of ideas in my head. I knew I just HAD to build what I had dreamed of!”

“So that explains all the welding,” Dawn said, peering over her mother’s shoulder at the sheet-covered forms.

“So I remembered that anal hurts. But some women do it and they love it! So I figured I might have been doing something wrong! Then I remembered how much you seem to love the idea, and how much you seem to want to try it. And, I’ll admit, how sexy I thought you would look with a cock in your culo.” Maria said quickly. Dawn laughed hard.

“OK, OK, get to the point!” Dawn said excitedly.

“And then!” Maria said, getting there, “I remembered the exercise bikes!” She seemed to have lost Dawn, who shot her a quizzical expression. Maria rolled her eyes.

“Just look,” she said. She bent and took hold of a handful of sheets. In one quick flourish, she drew the sheets off of two shiny new exercise bikes. But these were no ordinary bikes. Maria watched with a broad smile as her daughter’s face broke into a sparkling grin of excitement and understanding. Maria had modified the bikes. A lot. A second sprocket and chain, apart from the fan, hooked up to a small, chain-driven compressor. This, in turn, was hooked up to a small hydraulic ram that had a heavy, cylindrical lead weight sitting on top of it. An arm and lever system attached to the ram head powered the movements of a long dildo, which emerged through a hole in the specially-remodeled seats.

“Mom…oh my GOD!” Dawn said, rushing forward to examine the apparatus.

“See, you pedal the bike,” Maria began, pointing out various parts, “And depending on where you set this dial (the numbers are depths, in inches), the ram will descend to a certain point, pushing the dildo up, and-”

Dawn didn’t hear the rest of her mother’s complicated engineer’s jargon and explanations. She only had to understand one thing.

“So the faster you pedal, the faster you get fucked in the ass?” Dawn said, eyes wide with excitement. Maria smiled.

“Precisely. And you can set how deep you want to get it, so you can work your way up! This way, we get pleasure, exercise, and anal lessons all in one. I even added these things here [Maria indicated some apparatus attached to the frame and handle bars that Dawn didn’t recognize] so that it has a sort of “challenge mode”; you have to keep a pace for a certain amount of time, and if you start to slow down, the dildo starts to go up, and doesn’t stop going up unless you pedal faster. That’s 10 inches of cock up your butt!” Maria said excitedly. Dawn laughed nervously.

“I think I’ll start out on the lower settings, thanks!” she said. Maria was still musing out loud about her design.

“I was thinking of attaching the drive arms straight to the main sprocket, but it would have created too much friction on your little hole, even at slow pedaling speeds…” she said.

“Can we try them out? Now?” Dawn broke in, a bright, eager grin on her face. Maria grinned back.

“I’ll get the lube, you get naked!” she said, running off into her bedroom. She returned carrying a box, on top of which was a large bottle of Astroglide Gel. Dawn’s belly was full of butterflies as she peeled off her panties and unhooked her bra. Making sure the curtains were closed, she turned to Maria.

“What’s in the box?” she asked.

“Cameras!” Maria said excitedly, opening it and pulling out some apparatus.

“What?” Dawn laughed, watching as her mother quickly attached the small webcams to little metal mounts near where the rear tire of the bike would have been.

“Cameras! I’ve set it up so we get a split-screen on the television of our butts getting pumped. What do you think?” Maria said, smiling. Dawn just shook her head in disbelief.

“Hot,” Dawn said without sarcasm, “Fucking hot. I can’t wait to see your little hole gettin’ stretched!” Maria laughed, hurriedly pulling off her own sparse clothing.

“God I’m so fucking wet,” Maria giggled, touching her smooth pussy. She held up her glistening fingers with a giggle. “Here, bend over babe. I’ll lube you up.”

“Alright. Then I’ll do you,” Dawn said, bending over on the arm of the couch, her knees straight and her big juicy bum stuck high in the air. She felt her mother’s hand part her thick buttocks, and the cool kiss of a huge dollop of lube. “Whoa, ya think that’s enough?” Dawn laughed, her little pucker flinching at the cold.

“We don’t want to have to get off halfway through, do we?” Maria said, pouring on another dollop. Dawn squealed and laughed as Maria pushed her finger into her daughter’s bum up to the second knuckle, lubing her up inside.

“Or do we?” Dawn giggled. They both laughed as Maria finished lubing up her daughter, then handed the bottle to Dawn and bent over, her hands on her knees. She too flinched as the cool lube kissed her rosebud.

“My, what a cute little pucker you have,” Dawn giggled, “I can’t believe it could stretch to take anything bigger than a pin!”

“You just wait till you see yours in that camera, girl!” Maria giggled. Lubed sufficiently, Maria bounced over to the dimmer switch and lowered the lights a bit. Their smooth, tanned Latin skin shone like gold in the combination of the soft incandescent light of the bulbs and the flickering orange of the roaring fire in the hearth. Their buttocks glistened with the smeared lube, and positively reflected light where the two soft buns descended into the tight trench between. They both looked apprehensively at Maria’s creations, sitting side-by-side, facing the television. The flapping of butterfly wings was almost audible from each belly. Maria bent down and flipped a small switch on her video apparatus, and a perfect view of the underside of the bicycle seat, looking up through the hole, flickered onto the screen. She smiled over at her beautiful nude daughter, already breathing heavily, nerves overtaking her.

“Ready?” Maria asked, biting her lip. Dawn nodded, trance-like, then broke into a wide, sparkling, excited grin. They both climbed onto the bikes, their wet pussies smearing on the seats, then watched each other’s little rosebuds come into view, perfectly centered for the camera over the hole in the seat. In the bottom of the view, they could just see the tip of the long dildo on each of their bikes, resting at its retracted setting. Maria had affixed a stiffened silicone rubber model to each mount, bright translucent pink, complete with veins, balls, and a bulbous head. She had figured it would be best to practice with something akin to a real penis. Strong as a tree trunk, but still soft to the touch, they were perfect.

“Oh my GOD!” Dawn squeaked, looking at her own little hole in the camera, “Are you sure anything’s going to be able to fit inside of me?” Maria laughed.

“You’ll be surprised how much you stretch,” she said, looking over the little dials she had mounted on her handlebars, “Have you ever played with your ass before?”

Dawn blushed a bit. “Well, I’ve used a soapy finger in the shower before while I was getting off, and I tried one of my little vibes in that hole, but only got in a couple inches before I got scared. That was before I talked to you.”

“You naughty girl,” Maria said wantonly, making sarcastic kissy lips at her and winking, “Well in that case, you should probably start it out really low and work your way up.”

“Alright,” Dawn said, moving the dial to two inches, the lowest setting.

“Now remember,” Maria said, arching her back and sitting up straight, pressing her booty down tight on the seat for the camera, “The biggest thing is to relax. If you clench up tight, especially when it’s deep inside you, it’s going to hurt. If you have problems stretching to accommodate the girth of it, use the muscles in your bum to push out just a tiny bit. That will open you up, and it’ll just slip right inside.” Dawn grinned.

“This from the girl who nearly ‘brought the house down’ screaming when this was last done to her?” she giggled. Maria blushed.

“Well, take the advice anyway, smartass,” she said, smacking her daughter lightly on her juicy rump, “I’ve been around longer than you.”

“Alright, alright,” Dawn giggled, “So how do these things work?”

“OK, for the regular ‘fuck mode’ [Dawn giggled excitedly], you press this button here. That’ll release a catch…” Maria explained. They both pressed the button on the handlebars. There was a soft, well-oiled clicking sound, followed by a hiss of escaping fluid pressure in the ram. “Now remember to relax, and push out just a little with your muscles,” Maria said quickly, taking a deep breath as she said this.

“Oo!” Dawn squeaked. She obeyed her mother’s suggestions, and jumped at the electrifying sensation of the tip of the dildo popping past her sphincter. Her tight muscles settled around the ridge of the dildo’s head, flexing comfortably.

“How’s that?” Maria said with a smile. They looked up at the screen, both breathing hard at the sudden, even if slight, penetration of their private holes. Both their anuses stretched tightly around the tips of their respective dildos, flexing with excitement.

“God that looks so fucking hot,” Dawn gasped, shaking her head.

“How does it feel?” Maria asked, shifting her butt on the seat to get comfortable.

“A bit of a stretch,” Dawn admitted uncomfortably, “But I think I just need to concentrate on relaxing.”

“Breath deeply,” Maria reminded her. Dawn began slow, deep breathes, her heavy breasts heaving. “Alright then,” Maria said with finality, “Whenever you’re ready, babe. We’ll start together.”

“What setting are you starting at?” Dawn asked her mother. Maria looked down at her dial.

“It’s goes up to ten inches, but I’m starting myself out at five,” she answered.

“Ooo, five inches of cock in the ass, huh? Feeling ambitious?” Dawn giggled.

“Why, what are you starting out on?” Maria blushed.

“Just two.”

“Two inches?” Maria said with mock incredulity, “Any daughter of mine can take more than two inches of dick in her tush, even if it is the first time. I didn’t give you that big beautiful bum for nothing, babe. Crank that sucker up!”

“OK, OK!” Dawn giggled, turning the dial up to five inches, “There, now we’re even. Happy?”

“Mmm, yes, but I’ll be even happier when I see the look on your face after you’ve taken those inches,” Maria said devilishly. Dawn stuck her tongue out at her and giggled.

“Ready?” Dawn said.


At the same time, both girls began to pedal slowly. The mechanisms below forgotten, they watched each other’s screen, transfixed by the clear, sexy image of their butts getting penetrated for real, each for the first time in 18 years. Gradually and gently, they watched the shafts begin to slip silently up their tight butts.

“Oh my God…” Maria muttered, closing her eyes and breathing deeply.

“Oh my GOD,” Dawn echoed, groaning deeply as the inches slid into the uncharted territory of her tight, teenage rectum, “Wow!” Dawn gasped, lost for words.

“Nnnggg!” Maria groaned piteously, her own dildo finishing its five-inch journey and beginning to withdraw. Dawn’s followed suit. Both girls were already breathing hard. Dawn flinched and whimpered as she involuntarily clenched her bum when the dildo was deepest inside of her. “Just breath, baby,” Maria said, half to herself and half to her daughter. Dawn nodded, watching her mother’s screen as Maria’s dildo stopped with the head just inside her tight hole, then began to plunge back into her bowels.

“God I love it!” Dawn moaned, relishing the full, stuffed feeling, twinged with a tiny bit of aching pain, as the dildo slid in to its full five inches again.

“So do I!” Maria gasped, “All these years I had no [unng!] idea!”

“Do I have to stop before I can adjust the depth dial?” Dawn asked breathlessly, pedaling faster. Maria shook her head, leaning over her handlebars as she pedaled faster herself.

“No. Think you can take another inch?” She said, smiling over at her daughter, her face and heavy, swinging breasts glistening with sweat.

“Can you?” Dawn said with a wicked smile. They simultaneously cranked the dial up to six inches, just as the dildo was beginning its in-stroke.

“Poooeewww!” Maria gasped, the breath driven from her as the dildo slid into her ass an extra inch.

“Uhhhhnnn!” Dawn groaned beside her, and began breathing deeply again.

“Too deep for ya?” Maria taunted, watching her daughter’s anus clench around the invader on the screen.

“Not nearly! Just need to keep breathing, that’s [awwwhhh!] all!” Dawn gasped, her breasts heaving as she sat straight up on the seat of the bike, pedaling at a steady clip. They both watched the split television screen as they pedaled, the dildos sliding soundlessly in and out of their butts. They had come off synchronization, and as Maria’s dildo was withdrawing, Dawn’s was sliding inside. In and out, in and out the dildos went, plunging up and down in the moaning, groaning girls’ bottoms. Their tight, unused little holes gripped the pink veined shaft tightly, getting pulled in and out slightly with the merciless machines’ thrusts. Next door, their pussies positively drooled, gleaming pearls of their sweet juices clinging to the lips of their jealous holes.

With a challenging look over at her daughter, Maria cranked the dial up to seven inches. Dawn, her eyes wide with excitement, smiled broadly and turned up her dial as well.

“Ooooo fuck!” Maria groaned, gritting her teeth. Dawn watched her mother’s tight hole clench hard on the shaft just as it was deepest inside of her.

“Relax, Mom,” Dawn cautioned, breathing deeply as the full seven inches welled up in the bottom of her belly. She kept her bowels slack, letting the machine do its work, and took the length easily. “Sit up straighter,” She suggested. Maria complied, her breasts bouncing heavily as she pedaled, her chest heaving with her deep, cleansing breaths. Dawn took her eyes off the screen for a moment and looked over at her mother, where the dildo was sliding up and down underneath the seat. It was almost just as tantalizing to not be able to see the action and simply know exactly what was happened at the other end of the dildo. Maria gasped and groaned again as the dildo went deep up her butt. Dawn felt her insides being tossed out of the way of the gleaming pink shaft as it speared up into her rectum.

“Mmmmm fuckthat’sdeep!” Dawn groaned, taking a hand off the handlebars and pressing on her abdomen to calm her innards.

“Seven inches all that big butt of your’s can [nnnnnnggg!] handle?” Maria gasped. Sweat poured off their bodies, running down their shining backs and over their quivering buttocks, divided now by the thick dildo that plunged in and out between them.

“You wouldn’t [oooohhhh!] dare!” Dawn gasped back, her eyes widening as she watched her mother crank the dial up to a full eight inches. Not to be outdone, Dawn followed suit.

“Let’s slow it down,” she suggested, breathing hard. They slowed their pedaling to a crawl, their dildos now synchronized. They watched each others’ invaders on-screen as they pulled out until only the head remained within them, then slowly began to slide back up their butts.

“There it goes!” Maria groaned, sitting up straight and breathing deeply. She looked sideways at her daughter. Dawn was watching her mother’s screen intently, a smile on her lips. Sweat glistened on every inch of her body and beaded off her brow and petite nose. Maria looked down at the dildo underneath her daughter’s seat, slowly disappearing up into her booty on its way to that coveted eighth inch. She looked back up at the screen to see Dawn’s anus stretch around the dildo, flexing slightly as her daughter fought to control her spasming muscles.

Dawn closed her eyes and let loose a slow, breathy whistle, marveling at the sensations coursing through her posterior, sensations she never thought could have existed. She relished the feeling of the hard, yet soft, slick shaft, slowly sliding up between her slippery, sweaty buns, disappearing up into her most private hole and deep into the heat of her body. She could feel each and every one of the smooth veins in the shaft, and even the ridge of the head, pushing inside of her, deeper into her rectum than ever before. As the dildo passed the seven-inch mark, a dull, heavy, aching pain swept through her body from her anus to her throat.

“Uuuuunnnggghhh!” Dawn groaned, her brow furrowing and her hand quickly going to her belly. Next to her Maria’s mind was calling back the night she lost her anal virginity to Dawn’s father, remembering the feel of his hot cock up inside her tight, teenage bum. Him grunting with pleasure, she with pain. For some reason, she now found the image incredibly exciting, imagining her face contorted as he plowed her ass, and imagining what he saw as he looked down at her hips as they bounced against his. The image was suddenly swept from her mind as two things happened: first, she felt the dildo pass that seventh inch. And just a split second later, as though Dawn was feeling exactly what she was, Maria heard her daughter let out a long, painful groan.

“Ohhhhhhhhh!” Maria choked out, the dildo matching the depth of her anal deflowerment.

“Fuck, that’s a-”

“-lot of cock in my ass!” Maria gasped, finishing her daughter’s sentence.

“God I couldn’t take another millimeter!” Dawn said in a gasp. The dildo began its long journey out of her asshole, relieving the pressure on her belly and filling her booty with the smooth, gliding, full feeling that she loved. She let out a cooing sigh and continued to pedal slowly, holding tight to the handlebars and watching her screen as the dildo pulled out to the tip, paused slightly, and slid back inside her bum. Next to her, Maria kept pace.

“Mmmm…it wasn’t so bad that time,” she sighed, feeling full, but not bursting as the dildo bottomed out in her butt.

“Nnnngg! Speak for yourself!” Dawn groaned, pushing her butt up off the seat a bit, shying away from the invader as it reached its zenith. Maria giggled and shivered with pleasure as the dildo pulled out once again.

“Relax, baby, relax!” she moaned, giving advice through her haze of delight, “You’ve got to keep breathing! Your butt will adjust if you just relax.”

“I’m trying, Mom, but it’s hard to relax with a [goooooodfuckingChrist!] cock eight inches up my butt!” Dawn moaned. Maria breathed deeply as her own dildo drove into her ass.

“Ohhhh Godyes…” she moaned. Sitting up straight, she held onto the handlebars with only her fingertips and pedaled at an even pace. “Do it with me, Dawn. Breath when I do, and pedal at my pace,” Maria suggested as their dildos withdrew.

“Alright,” Dawn moaned. She watched her mother’s feet and synchronized herself, then did the same with Maria’s deep, even breaths. The two women pedaled in unison, watching each others screens.

“God, baby, your ass looks sooo fucking hot getting drilled,” Maria gasped, shaking her head. Dawn giggled.

“Don’t, you’ll mess me up!” she said, reaching over and playfully smacking her mother’s breast. Maria giggled back.

“OK, here it comes, keep breathing with me,” Maria said softly between breathes, “Now, when there’s just that last inch, push out with your muscles, and your butt will just swallow it up. Keep breathing!”

Dawn nodded vigorously, nervously watching the balls of the dildo come into view. God, she thought, and there are still two more inches left on that monster! What kind of woman could take ten inches of cock in her ass if my mom can’t?

Suddenly, she was jerked from her thoughts as the last inch began to delve into the depths of her ass. She let out a long, deep breath and pushed out gently, and watched, transfixed, as the last inch slid smoothly and easily up her tight, teenage bottom. The pleasure was exquisite! Bells and birds went off all over her body, and her hair veritably stood on end. As the dildo slowly withdrew, she longed that it could stay so deep in her forever.

“Oh! OhmyGod!” she gasped, swallowing hard and beginning to pedal faster.

“MMmmmmnnnn!” the girls moaned in unison, their bodies filled to brimming from the bottom up. Maria kept up with her daughter’s increased rate of pedaling, and soon the pair were pedaling mightily, the pink cocks pounding their butts with long, deep, one-second strokes. They watched on the screen as their buttholes flexed and spasmed around the shafts, swallowing and expelling inch after inch of thick rubber cock, their tightness making their sphincters pull in and out with the thrusts.

“Ohhhhh Gaaawwddd!” Dawn cried, her mouth slack with rapture. She had reached her seventh heaven, and it was with a cock eight inches deep in her ass. She pushed her muscles out on the in stroke, breathing deep and relaxing, forcing her butt to swallow every inch the dildo had to give her. Then, having developed her own style, she clenched her muscles down just as the shaft reached the eighth inch, as if attempting to pull it deeper within her. The result was a tremendous shot of 50/50 pain and pleasure, a mix that equaled pure heaven as she felt each and every contour of the dildo slide out of her ass, only to plunge back in and repeat the glorious feeling of cock penetrating her hidden hole. The pain made her feel dirty, wanton, and used, and it excited her. She closed her eyes and pedaled faster, sweat pouring out of her body, her breasts swinging heavily. Her legs burned like fire but all she could feel was the pleasure as the dildo plumbed the depths her teenage booty, in and out, up and down, back and forth, seemingly deeper and deeper with every thrust. She opened her eyes to look briefly at her screen, the dildo stretching her hole, so tiny only 15 minutes before, now tightly hugging the slipping, sliding shaft of the dildo as it pushed inside of her. Next to her, Maria held to the handlebars with only one hand, the other rubbing quickly between her legs, her thighs pumping hard as she drove her own dildo to new speeds. Dawn looked at the shaft under her mother’s seat, plunging up inside of her over and over, in and out, in and out.

Suddenly, almost as if she had never thought of it before, she felt the dildo plunge deep into her one last time and the idea suddenly reached her: I’m getting fucked in the ass. And with that thought she suddenly began to cum like she’d never cum before. When she touched herself fingers like normal, the feeling started in her toes. This started in her head, and felt like she was melting like a candle in fast-forward. The feeling was so powerful and so foreign that she was suddenly overcome with fear!

“Mom! Mom-mom I think—I think I’m cumming! Oh God! Oh God! I’m cumming!I’m cumming!I’mcumming!Oh!-Oh!-Oh!-Oh!” Dawn squealed. She kept pumping her legs mindlessly, oblivious to the pain as her bum clamped down spasmodically on the shaft over and over. Forget waves; this was a tsunami! Lights and fireworks danced and exploded before her tightly clenched eyes as she wailed with uncontrollable pleasure, her body quaking like an aspen in a thunderstorm. Her legs and arms curled in on themselves and the energy she had left to push her legs was suddenly extinguished, all the blood in her body trapped in her loins. Her pedals faltered and came to a stop, the dildo still halfway in her butt. She clung to the handlebars of the bike like a drunk to a lamppost, doubled over with a stitch in her side. Tears of joy ran freely down her face as the tide of her first ever anal orgasm gently ebbed away. Over the rush of blood in her ears, she dimly heard Maria gasping and squealing through her own orgasm. Her knees clung to the bike and her free hand was white-knuckled. Her juices ran down her thighs, and her own legs finally stopped pumping with the dildo still eight inches deep.

For long minutes, neither girl said a word. Maria reach over and flipped a switch on Dawn’s bike, and Dawn took a sharp breath as she felt her dildo slowly slide out of her butt, the head slipping past her sphincter with a soft *pop*. She had barely the strength to raise her head to look at the aftermath of her first assfucking. On the screen, her sweet little pucker, now flushed and pink, was stretched out of shape slightly, hanging open a pencil-width. She clenched her buns and closed herself up, her rosebud returning to its tiny, tight, virginal look. Next door, her mother’s anus took slightly longer to recover, but soon closed so tight you couldn’t fit a toothpick inside. Slowly, gingerly, Dawn slid a leg over and hopped down off the bike to the soft carpeted floor, only to collapse as if she had no legs at all. Maria managed to stumble a few steps before collapsing beside her on the floor. They laughed and laughed, the room suddenly cold as their sweat evaporated off their glistening bodies. Their laughter slowed and ebbed away, fatigue and a vast sense of fulfillment overtaking them.

“I had no idea,” Dawn said softly, her breath having finally returned to her, “That I could cum just from getting fucked in the butt! I seriously thought I was going to die or pass out or something about midway through. I couldn’t breath!”

Maria giggled in response, her breasts shaking as she lay on the floor. “God, I’ve never cum so hard in my life,” she moaned, rolling over onto her side to look at Dawn.

“It was different this time, though,” Dawn said, rolling over to look at her mother, “I mean, the orgasm wasn’t centered in my pussy, like it is when I touch myself there. It was like…I dunno! Whole body!” She ran her hands down over her torso for emphasis as Maria looked on, nodding. She rolled onto her belly, pulled her legs under her, and somehow managed to drag herself to her feet and help her shaking daughter to stand.

“Ohhh my God, my legs!” Dawn laughed, collapsing again on the couch with Maria, “We’re going to be soooo sore tomorrow!”

“Our asses are gonna be sore tomorrow,” Maria laughed, rubbing her abdomen, “We just took a whole lot of cock in there.”

“Yeah,” Dawn said, shifting her weight onto her hip, already feeling the dull soreness of her little hole and insides. She looked over at the television, where the screens were showing the blank holes, smeared with lube. Dawn nodded towards the cameras.

“Did you record that?” she asked. Maria grinned sheepishly.

“I wanted to make sure we had a good record as you lost your anal virginity,” she said with a smile, “There are a couple more, up there…and over there,” she said, pointing out cameras that Dawn hadn’t noticed before, recording different angles.

“Mom!” she said, giving her a playful smack, “Why didn’t you tell me?”

“Didn’t want you to be self-conscious!” she said, laughing. They stumbled to the kitchen for some water, then padded back into the living room.

“We could sell this, you know,” Dawn said, gesturing towards the bikes, “You could make a fortune. I’ll bet there are thousands of women who would pay a lot of money for an assfucking like that whenever they wanted exercise!”

“Maybe later on,” Maria mused, grinning, “There are still so many modifications I have ideas for. How about vibrators? And maybe a matching probe in the front? I’ve never been DP’ed before….and we’ve still to try out the challenge mode!”

Dawn’s face lit up with the possibilities that lay before them. The next five months were going to be paved with anal pleasure!

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