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The Morning Story

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The sunshine is peeping through the windows, I’m curled up against you, my head nestled in your shoulder, your arms wrapped around me, and one of your hands is cupping my breast. We are deep in slumber.

My soft ass presses up against your groin, it wiggles gently rubbing you, and I can feel you getting hard against me.

Even in my sleep I want to feel you inside me. My breathing changes as I begin to awaken, you are still snoring, so I know you are sleeping soundly.

Your cock however is awake and lightly teasing me. I rock my hips towards you allowing it to glide between my ass,and between my legs.

I move slowly as not to wake you, turning my body around so that my head is now nestling near your cock.

Somewhere in your mind you can feel my hot breath, my tongue finds your fat cock head, as I lightly trace around it with my tongue, followed by sweet kisses, down the shaft.

I make a trail of wet glides and soft kisses, kissing your upper thighs then my face wanders back to where my mouth is wanting.

Soft moans express the desire my mouth has for the feeling of your hardness.

I open my mouth taking in your swollen mushroom head, suckling and twirling my tongue around it, soft kisses going on, suckles gliding off.

Each time taking more of you into my mouth, your legs and hips move to accommodate me.

I can hear your breathing start to change, but you are still snoring, so I suspect you are having a very sweet dream.

My mouth takes you in, deeper and deeper, louder moans as I suck harder on you now, up and down the length of you.

For me this is heaven, my lips soft around you, suddenly I feel you reach down and caress my hair, gently pressing against my head as I take you even deeper into my mouth until my nose is breathing against your furry balls.

I hear your sexy voice telling me how good you feel, how you want me. My pussy is instantly wet hearing you, knowing now you are awake and soon I will feel you inside me. You continue to guide your cock head in and out of my mouth.

I look up at you and say in between my head bobbing on your throbbing cock.

“Fuck my pretty face.”

I hear you moan as you sit up and as you do you bring my face up to yours and kiss me deeply.

Your tongue dancing with mine, then whispering in my ear.

“Good morning princess.”

Reaching out to find my nipples, you tug and pull them, twisting them in between your thumb and forefinger.

“Be a good little cumslut and spread your legs.”

You’ve turned me onto my back, and now you are laying on top of me, your lips kissing my breasts making a trail to each one of my nipples taking your time to suckle on each.

Feeling your very hard cock rubbing between my legs, up and down my slit, my pussy wet and ready for you, my moans telling you how much I want to feel you.

Naturally I obey, spreading my legs giving you full access to me, more moans escape my lips.

I start to tell you what I want, and you quiet me with your passionate kisses, probing my mouth with your skilled tongue, taking my breath away.

Then another trail of hot kisses and sexy whispers of how you are going to please me.

My back arches, my pussy so hot now, so ready for you, you know this and smile, your tongue gliding down my soft body, stopping to tickle my belly button.

Soft sweet moans of passions are heard. My hips try to reach out to you, calling you down.

“I want you, I love how you please me,” I say with passionate pleas.

Hot breath can be felt on my pussy lips, hard flat tongue finding my little clit with your first probe, your hands spreading my pussy open, suckling on my clitty.

Then your tongue licks down to my entrance back up to my little nub. Firm tongue circling around the hardening pearl, my legs drape over your shoulders.

My left hand on laces through your dark red hair, pressing your head against my mound, moaning out as you pleasure me so artfully with your tongue, suckling and twirling, pleasuring me.

Your fingers find my wetness, gliding into me so swiftly, thrusting two then three inside me. My hips meeting each thrust.

Minutes pass and I moan out again.

You can feel me totally relax. You enjoy my sweet taste, and continue to make circles around my now hardened love button until you feel me getting really close. My moans broken up now, faster intakes of breaths.

“Oh Master, that feels so good, more please, give me more!”

On the edge and ready to cum all over your face, you thrust your fingers into me deeper, faster, sucking harder on my engorged clit now, stopping for a few seconds in between to tell me.

“Cum for me Lisa, cum hard for me baby, that’s a good girl, cum for me, I want to taste you.”

“Oh Gawd, Oh Master” I almost scream it.

You continue to suckle and twirl my clit with your tongue, you feel it starting to throb. You know my body so well, how close I am to completion.

My clit gets harder as I let go, moaning out, and cumming all over your face.

Screaming in moans of ecstasy, moans of pleasure taking me soaring up, then down. Loudest moans of passions cry out into the bedroom for over two minutes.

My legs down off your shoulders, your crawl up to me, taking me into your arms kissing me deeply sharing my sweetness with me, then telling me.

“I love to make you cum like that.”

You bend your head down to suckle at my nipple, my hand goes to your head, massaging your neck, running my fingers through your hair, stroking your arms, rubbing your back, you once again roll on top of me, your hard cock on my belly.

I spread my legs under you, and with one swift movement of your hip the head of your cock is inside me, my hips move forward to let you in deeper, but you hold back.

“Not so fast.”

You smile and kiss me deeply, gliding your cock in and out of me slowly, deliberately.

In and out.

Just a little at a time.

You kiss my neck, making a wet trail suckling my ear lobes. Your lips find mine, kissing me tenderly at first, then your tongue probes the back of my mouth.

Your rock hard member plunges deep inside me, taking my breath away, sending me up on a wave of ecstasy.

Slow methodical thrusts teasingly entering and exiting my tight love box.

As I ride the wave down you are watching me, gazing deeply into my eyes. Sending me messages of love and devotion.

I search your eyes to see the intense pleasure in them. My mouth opens again begging for your passionate kisses.

Our lips touch, and then press into a kiss. You kiss me deeply, thrusting your love rod deep into me, flipping us over so that now I am on top and you are under me.

“Oh I see it’s my turn now.” I grin wickedly.

My hands reach out to grab your chest as my hips start to rock on top of your belly.

Forward and back.

My clit rubbing against your pubic bone. Your hand rubs the top of my pussy, your thumb finding the trigger button. You begin circling as I rock back and forth.

Every once in a while picking up my hips squeezing your cock tightly with my pussy as I slide up and down on you.

You grab my ass and pick me up and pull me down hard, thrusting your hips into my wet pussy, while fingering my tight puckered asshole.

I continue to rock back and forth as you grab my ass lifting me up and pulling me down.

In and out,

In and out,

In and out.

Our tempo slow at times, fast at times, riding the waves of pleasure.

You stare thoughtfully into my eyes, knowing I am getting close to cumming again.

“I want you to cum with me this time; I want to feel your hot cum shoot deep inside of me.”

My hips thrust up and down to meet your plunges, deeper and deeper inside me, you start to fuck me harder, and harder, faster and deeper, your cock throbbing now for release.

You speak to me in demanding tones. “Cum for me Lis’, cum hard with me.”

“My cock feels so good inside you. I want to shoot my hot cum deep inside you and fill you up.”

In begging pleas.

“Oh yes Master, I need your hot cum. I need it desperately.”

“Please, I beg you, bless me with all of your love Master.”

My moans escalate as you are fucking me faster and deeper now, my hips rocking up and down.

Back and forth.

Your thrusts penetrating me.

Deep in my pussy.

So wet, so ready to cum.

Your hot cock throbbing, you beg me to cum with you.

We ride intense pleasure, both driven to give intense ecstasy to each other.

We cum looking into each other eyes.

You sit up, still inside me, wiping my hair away from my face, both of us breathing hard, sweaty bodies, holding my face in your hands as you kiss me deeply.

My legs wrapped around your waist, you scoot us to the edge of the bed, your feet touch the floor.

My head rests against your shoulder as you stroke my silky long auburn hair.

My hands caress your back as your strong hands massage my neck.

We sit there holding each other, not saying a word, just listening to each others heartbeats and each passing breaths…

So satiated and content.

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