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Trip To Park Proves Fruitful

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Work was dragging me down, so I told my boss I was going to take my reports with me and get out of the office for a while. He agreed as long as I filed the reports by the same time as usual. I said I would and took my laptop and cell phone and headed to the park. It was about 10:35 am and the park was quiet except for a guy throwing a Frisbee with his dog. They were just starting out as the man had to practically teach the dog to fetch the Frisbee.

I parked my pick up where no one else was parked so I could work in peace and not appear like some pervert trying to eavesdrop on people in the park.

A woman pushing a stroller smiled at me and kept going. I think she was working out because she was pushing the stroller as she ran. I couldn’t help but think the baby inside had to be hanging on for dear life. I tried calling my wife at work but she was away from her desk. I went back to my papers but peered out at the surrounding park from time to time.

I was alone for a while but couldn’t complain when a young lady came walking past my truck. She was a tall, long legged blonde with a terrific body. She had a beach towel and chair tucked under her right arm and a soda and book cradled in her left. She looked to be about 18 or 19 and I don’t think she saw me as she didn’t smile back when I thought our eyes met. She walked out on the beautiful grass lawn of the park and plopped down her beach chair. She was obviously there for the sun and moved her chair into the best angle so she could maximize her exposure. She was wearing a white shirt and white slacks with sandals but once her chair was set I was treated to her disrobing down to a shiny purple two-piece bikini. She knew she was hot because as she took off her clothes and moved around she would check to see if anyone was looking.

Her body was even hotter when she disrobed as I got to see her long, firm legs and taut stomach. She was probably a C cup and looked ready to spill out of her bikini top. She settled into her chair, put on a visor, and opened her book. I figured she had to be a volleyball player or basketball player because of her height and her athletic, firm build.

Needless to say it was difficult to get back to my work but I tried. I would finish one page and then look up and check her out. She was reading her book and stretching out to get her tan. She was almost facing me so I enjoyed her spreading her legs to attempt to tan the inside of her legs. I went back to my report and noticed that I was beginning to get a hard-on as my mind thought of putting lotion on her and maybe explore up under her bikini bottoms. I tried to wipe the thought out of my head and focus on my task at hand, computing numbers from a spread sheet so I could keep my job.

The numbers worked as I forgot about the girl in the bikini sitting about a thirty yards from my truck. I had actually gone three whole pages before I looked up and saw her sipping on her soda. She was sweating slightly as it had gotten much warmer in the afternoon sun. She took her white top and wipe her forehead but let the sweat on her body glisten and accent her wonderful body. I was glad I had looked up when I had as I got to see her stand up and lay out her towel on the grass so she could lie prone. She faced away from me so I got a wonderful shot of her backside as she kneeled, then bent over, and finally lied down on her stomach. Her ass was staring straight back at me and needless to say, my thoughts of lubing her up included me shooting a stream of lotion on her backside and the back of her legs and then sensuously rubbing it into her thighs. ass, and crack. Slowly taking her bikini bottom aside so I could peek at her tight sphincter and pussy lips. My hard-on rose again but quickly vanquished as I spotted a guy off to my right approaching. He was walking through the park and seemed to be scooping out the blonde. The guy appeared to be about 35 years old, was in good shape, and had short brown hair. He was wearing a nice pair of charcoal pants, a red polo shirt, and black leather shoes

Funny but I sort of felt protective. I hoped he would just keep on going and pass through the park but instead he made a beeline for the blonde. He moved up on her like he didn’t know her as he circled around front of her so he was facing me and talking to her. He seemed to be making small talk and from what I could tell the blonde was being polite but didn’t seem to be too interested. I obviously couldn’t tell what they were saying but she didn’t seem to be responding to his come-ons and in fact had risen up off her blanket and picked up her towel. She shook it quickly and held it in front of her.

As he continued to talk, she gave all the appearances of wanting to leave. She reached down and folded up her chair and scooped up her book. The guy seemed to be egging her on to go with him to the right but she looked like she wanted to exit stage left. I watched in fascination as he made his play and she rejected it. She shook her head and politely began backing up away from him and to my left. He politely stepped towards her and offered his hand. She shook his hand and shook her head ‘no’ and turned to walk away. He smiled and laugh and she stopped and turned around. I thought to myself, he’d make a great salesman and she was a tough nut to crack. I smiled and followed the give and take as a spectator at a tennis match would track each volley.

When the handshake broke I was pretty sure their conversation was over and the young lady had rejected the older guy’s advances. She turned once more away from him and took a couple of steps. The guy said something and she stopped and I watched as she slowly turned around and smiled back at him. It was the first real display of any type of affection she had given him. I was amazed as they walked towards each other and the guy put his arm around her. They walked slowly together off to the right of me and it was my turn to shake my head. I watched as they walked off in the direction of the park rest rooms and I frowned in dejection thinking they were gone from my life. I went back to my papers for a moment until I had a sneaking suspicion that the park’s lovebirds hadn’t made it farther then the rest rooms.

I thought for a second how I could approach the rest rooms and make it appear like I was there to spy on them and had to laugh. I got out of my truck and locked it and walked off towards the rest rooms. As I got closer, I was taken aback by how quiet the park was. At the far end of the park I saw a woman sitting with her baby but no one else. I entered the men’s room to take a piss. I really did have to take a piss now that I had stood up and stretched my legs. I found the rest room empty and cursed myself. I figured they were probably in the woman’s room and I had no plausible reason to enter there. I took my piss, washed my hands and left the rest room. Not ready to give up just yet I decided to circle the rest room building and then go back to my truck. As I started around, I noticed that the woman’s rest rooms’ door was wide open and I didn’t hear any commotion inside. I figured I had just not noticed them leave the park and began to circle behind the rest room building.

The front side of the building where the rest room doors are is very clear of any shrubs, bushes or trees. But the backside backs up to a small wooded area. I made two steps around the back and froze in my tracks. Leaning on the back of the building was the blonde’s beach chair and on the ground beneath it were her visor, book, soda bottle and clothes. I cursed the leaves on the ground that crinkled as I moved because they signaled my approach. I moved slowly and deliberately trying to keep their noise at a minimum.

I got about another four more steps around the backside of the building when I spotted the lovebirds. I was surprised to see them but even more surprised to see what they were doing. I leaned close to the wall in hopes they wouldn’t see me. They seemed oblivious to me and I watched as the guy licked and sucked on the tall blonde’s long, slender neck. She still had on her bikini bra but her round orbs had been hastily pulled from the fabric. Her tits were spilled out for all to see but she didn’t seem to care. Her nipples were erect and looked moist, probably from the guy’s hungry mouth. Her eyes were closed and her arms were wrapped around his shoulders.

Looking between her legs, I saw his hand cupped on her pussy and he was finger-banging her with gusto. I heard her moan and my eyes sought out the purple of her bikini bottoms as they weren’t on her.

“Spread you legs wider,” He told her and she did. She slumped against him and he wiggled his hand back and forth between her legs. “That’s it sit on my hand,” The guy crude instructed her.

The blonde bit her lip and spread her legs wider. She dropped her pelvis down on his hand and seemingly was only supported by his hand and her arms clinging to his shoulders. “Mmmm,” she moaned and rocked her hips to and fro.

“That’s it, fuck yourself on my hand,” the guy told her looking at her face and feeding off her reaction and moans. “You’re going to cum for me,” he said and wiggled his hand against her pussy. I couldn’t tell how many fingers he had wedge in her but his palm was gently squeezing her mound making her buck all the harder.

“Mmmm, don’t stop, don’t stop,” the blonde cried now as she obviously neared orgasm.

My cock stiffened in my pants and reached down and smoothed the front of my pants in order for it to stick straight up in my boxers. I glanced around to make sure no one else was watching and saw no one. Glancing back, my eyes spied the blonde’s purple bikini bottoms in a pile of leaves. Although I didn’t want to get caught and break up the little park fuck fest that was going on, I wanted those bikini bottoms. Watching the two against the wall, I took two quick steps forward and reached down and grabbed them. I moved back to the wall and leaned there and held them out in front of my face. They were silky and felt light to the touch. Opening them up, I looked inside and found them slightly moist. They had a sweet odor of the blonde’s womanhood and they made my cock throb. I thought about her walking with the strange older man to the back of the rest room, getting wetter as he whispered in her ear what he was going to do to her.

I stuffed the bottoms in my pants pocket, making sure to wrap the wet side in. I glanced back at the new couple and he was roughly kissing her and squeezing her cheeks. She responded by kissing back and when he stuffed his moist fingers in her mouth, she hungrily tasted herself.

Looking around, the guy stepped back from her and began undoing his pants. He didn’t look my way or else I would have been surely discovered. She watched him and looked down between them as his pants fell to the ground beneath him. She smiled and stared at the bulge his cock made in his underwear. Reaching up with both hands, he caught her hands in his. Intertwining his fingers in hers, he motioned with a head bob for her to kneel. She hesitated at first and went submissively as he squeezed her fingers and bent her wrists back. Kneeling in the dirt and leaves, the bottomless blonde’s face was level with his clothed cock and her eyes looked up at his for instruction.

“Kiss it,” he said and pulling on her hands, pulled her face to his crotch. Pursing her lips, she kissed the bulge in his underpants. He nodded for her to repeat it and she began kissing the whole length of his bulge and his ball sac. He was smiling as he urged her on, “That’s it make love to my cock with your mouth.”

Still with her hands held in his, the blonde kissed at the older man’s rod. She looked up at his face from time to time and then turned back to her task of kissing his cock through his undershorts.

“Now suck it through my jockies,” he told her and she did, her mouth opening and squeezing his bulge in her lips. “That’s it, suck it,” he added.

My own cock was straining in my pants and my mouth was dry from the heat of the day ad the action. Stepping back a couple of steps, I scooped up the blonde’s soda. She had barely drunk any and I unscrewed the cap and took a couple of long swigs. I felt like a sports spectator at a game enjoying a drink and the action on the field. I was feeling a little more cavalier about the whole situation and decided to inch my way along the wall. I figured if I got caught now the guy wasn’t about to drop everything and leave, not with this hot blonde mouthing his cock through his shorts.

The guy let go of her hands and quickly brought his hands to her head. She felt his hands and looked up at him. He smiled and pulled her face away from his cock and leaned over and kissed her. He took his thumbs and stuck them in either side of his shorts and pulled them abruptly off. His cock sprung forward. It was about 6 to 7 inches long and thick. It had an odd curve in it and the tip was moist. The blonde moved her hands to it and he stopped her.

“No, No hands, just use you mouth,” he told her and stood back up, releasing her head. “Just use your mouth for now,” he added and stood before her confidently. Almost on cue, the blonde leaned forward and began kissing his cock again only this time there were no shorts in the way.

“Yeah,” he cooed, “Looks like you’ve done this before.”

The blonde giggled and went back to playfully kissing and licking at his cock. Moving his hips back and forth sideways, the guy swung his cock along her face. His cock bumped her cheeks, nose, lips, and mouth as he playfully slapped it on her face. She giggled but tried hard to capture his cock in her mouth.

“Here let me help you,” the guy said, reaching down with both hands, he caught her head in his hands. “Open your mouth wide,” he told her and as she did he pushed his cock at her face. The girl was having fun and laughed as his cock was stuffed in her face. She caught his cock in her mouth and he began to slowly slide his cock between her lips.

“Not too deep,” he said, “We don’t want to choke you.” He smiled above her as if choking her with his cock was really his only plan.

Beneath him, the blonde sucked for all she was worth as her cheeks hollowed and puffed out. Saliva glistened her lips and drooled from her chin. Her naked ass rocked up and down on her heels as she sucked.

“Suck real hard on the head,” he said now as I was growing within twenty feet of them. “Suck real hard so that when I pull it out of your mouth, it’ll make a popping sound,” he instructed. The blonde did as he asked and each time she sucked down hard, he withdrew his cock from her mouth, a loud ‘plop’ could be heard. They worked together to cause the pop and by the third one, the blonde was giggling almost uncontrollably.

“Yeahha, you like that don’t you?” he kidded the blonde and sped up his assault on her mouth. “You like sucking dick,” he said and moved his right hand above her head, so that he was holding a fistful of her blonde hair and rocking her mouth on his swollen cock.

I was within fifteen feet and the guy spotted me. I think he knew I was there the whole time because he didn’t act surprised at all but instead smiled. He looked down at the blonde and then at me. She turned with his cock in her mouth and her eyes widened.

“Who is this? Your boyfriend,” the man asked and laughed. He had his right hand in her hair and his left under her jaw on her throat. He was fucking her face and asking her questions so matter of fact.

The blonde’s cheeks bulged as she tried to speak around his cock and answer his questions. He laughed as he watched her try to talk. He didn’t let her up but instead continued to screw her mouth and said, “He looks like he’d like to.”

The man smiled again at me and nodded for me to join them. I didn’t need to be asked twice. Although I had never been in a threesome, I wasn’t going to let this opportunity pass. I undid my belt and unfastened my pants and quickly took them off. I didn’t drop my boxers, choosing instead to feed my cock out of the whole in them. I stroke it and it felt incredible. I had watched the blonde cum on the guy’s hands and suck his dick and now was going to get to enjoy her hot little body myself.

The guy shook his head and smiled, “Come around here and have a go at her wonderful mouth.” He pulled his cock out of her mouth and turned her face towards me. He did it so abruptly that I had to laugh. The blonde was being passed like towel might to dry one’s shoes. The guy also seemed to want to be the first to fuck her tight little pussy so he offered me her mouth.

The blonde pivoted slowly and stuck her open mouth towards me. I stuck my cock towards her mouth and she closed her lips on it. She reached her hands up to grab my hips and slowly began rocking her head on my cock. With my hand still on my cock, I jerked it off in her mouth.

The guy kneeled beside her and his hand went down between her legs. He was rubbing her pussy and asshole and smiling at her as she sucked me. “You’re all wet again, cocksucking really turns you on doesn’t it?” he teased her and she moaned hard on my cock in agreement. His fingers were sliding in and out of her pussy and she was mouthing her appreciation on my cock.

“Put down your hands,” he scolded her as she closed her eyes and enjoyed his fingering. She did so and just used her mouth on my cock. As her hands fell to her knees, he told her, “Put them behind your back.”

The blonde’s eyes locked on my eyes and my cock throbbed in her mouth. She put her hands behind her back and the guy caught them and held them in his free hand. His hand between her legs must have been working their magic on her because her mouth tightened on my cock and almost was too much to handle.

A tear rolled out of the blonde’s left eye and rolled down her cheek. She wasn’t sad but in a fit of ecstasy. She moaned on my cock as her body pushed back on his hand.

“That’s the way, ride my hand,” he told her and released her hands. She rocked her hips and came. Her mouth involuntarily lost my cock and her head fell forward. She gasped and choked but groaned because she was cumming hard. The guy knew it and quickened his hand between her legs. He was fingering her hard and I could see his thumb was a knuckle deep in her asshole.

“Yeahha, You love it, don’t you,” he chimed and reached forward and pulled her head up so we could see her sweet face as she moaned. Her hair hung around her face and she squinted as her body rocked.

Not missing a beat and giving her little time to recover, the guy pulled her up by her hips into a standing position. She slumped back on him and looked around to see what he had planned. Crudely and with little instruction, he made her bend over so her face was in my crotch and her legs were spread and her ass exposed to him.

“Tell her to suck your dick,” the guy told me and reached forward and pulled back her head so her face was right in front of me. The blonde opened her mouth obediently and I had a sense she was enjoying be told what to do.

I didn’t speak but merely smiled at her and she took my hard cock in her mouth. She was no novice, though I don’t know if she was exactly used to these situations. She mouthed my cock lovingly and brought her left hand up to cup my balls. The feeling was incredible and I had to think of something other then her warm mouth and tongue to keep from exploding.

“You suck his cock good,” he scolded her and pushed her head down on my cock. It caused her to gag and she pulled off my cock to catch her breath. ‘Don’t you stop, your new boyfriend wants his cock sucked hard,” he yelled and pushed her head back to my cock. She giggled and I had to laugh myself. She took her right hand and grabbed my cock and put it back in her mouth.

“Yeah,” he said and smacked her ass cheek hard. “Now you’re getting the hang of it,” he added as he grabbed his own cock in his other hand and began pushing it into her backside. She gave a muffled squeal as his cock entered her pussy for the first time. She slid her mouth off my cock until she was only holding the tip in her mouth and moaned. She had to be near orgasm again and the guy began fucking away at her from behind.

Her muffled moan was vibration to my cock and I fought the urge to explode too soon. I reached down with my hands and pulled her hair away from her face and leaning to the side watched as my cock slid in and out of her lips. She was really working hard as the guy tore into her backside and pounded away at her pussy. He had his hands on her hips and was slapping his crotch into her ass cheeks making a sound I was sure anyone within thirty feet could hear.

“Yeah, she’s a real firecracker,” the guy said to me and smiled. He was biting his lower lip and rotating his hips, grinding his cock deep inside her pussy. She was cumming again and she drooled on my cock as she tried to keep it in her mouth and enjoy her orgasm.

“Blondie loves the bone,” the guy said and taking his right hand turned his palm so his thumb was against her asshole. He captured some of her juices that were flowing from her warm cunt and spread it on her hole. She moaned louder and tried to stand up but her held her tight. “Come on, fuck back against me you little slut,” he told her and she ground back against him.

The whole scene was too much for him now and he cried out that he was cumming. He took his thumb out of her ass and his cock out of her pussy and one quick motion spun her off my cock and facing him. He spun so quickly that she lost her balance and leaned on her ass at his feet. Her mouth made a popping sound as it exhaled my cock and she sat dizzy with desire at our feet.

He was over her without any announcement and he began to spurt white gobs of semen at her and on her. “Oh fucking A,” he moaned as he came over her face, bare chest, breasts, and shoulders. His cum flew everywhere, so much I took a half step back.

The blonde looked at him quizzically and smiled. She was obviously enjoying the experience and was amazed by the sure volume of his ejaculation. She giggled and turned to me. I took it as my cue to do the same and I stepped forward over her and began jacking my cock. She smiled at me and taking her hand rubbed my balls and the lower part of my shaft. I motioned her to me with a nod of my head and she leaned forward and began licking my sac.

“Making pop Blondie,” the guy said as he stepped back. He was enthralled watching the blonde working on me. His eyes never left us as he hurriedly redressed himself. “She likes her new boyfriend, likes to suck his cock,” he added as he zipped up his pants.

The blonde was pretty experienced and as her tongue swirled below my balls and lapped at the area between my sac and anus, she pushed me past the point of no return. I began cumming and my first spurt hit the top of her head and a white plop of goo stuck to her blonde locks. I stepped back and the second and third spurt hit her on the face and neck. She giggled beneath me and I shook my head in amazement.

We dressed quickly afterward, no one really saying much. The blonde looked around for her bikini bottoms but stopped when she suddenly became self-conscious of her nakedness. She stuck her wonderful tits in her bikini top and pulled on her white slacks. She glanced at me and then at the guy, who suddenly seemed very indifferent to her.

She spoke up and asked him, “Want my number?” She had her towel and was trying to wipe at our semen to make her self more presentable.

‘Nah baby, let’s not ruin a good thing,” he said and turned and began walking out of the woods. He got about ten feet away and turned back to her, “Maybe we’ll meet up in the park again.”

He turned around and disappeared through the woods and was gone. The blonde turned to me and smiled, “What about you?”

I shrugged my shoulders and said, “Sure.” She giggled and flung back her hair.

I got her number and offered her a lift. She declined and said she lived just a short distance from the park. She gathered up her stuff and went around the left side of the building. I went around the right side of the building and as I made my way to my pick up, I looked for her but she was gone too.

I went home energized from my experience and finished up all my reports. When I took them in the next day, my boss was impressed. He said maybe I should consider taking regular breaks from the office to increase my productivity. I agreed and thought to myself that I knew exactly where I’d go.

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