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The Meeting

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The time has come and finally we decide to meet. Anticipation runs high in the days leading up, culminating on Tuesday, when we’ve agreed to meet and have dinner.

I arrive at your place, get out and walk to the door to meet you. As I reach to knock, you open the door; we both smile.

A bit nervous, we each pause, unsure of exactly the right greeting on our first meeting. Finally I open my arms to hug you and you melt into me, my arms wrapping protectively around you. You sigh a little against my chest and you can feel me sniff your hair, growling ever so in pleasure.

“Hi, you smell great!” I say.

Seconds tick away as we enjoy our first contact. Finally we pull our bodies apart and hold each other at arms distance, drinking each other in. We mutually smile and then, in unison, step away from the door and to the car.

I open your door, allowing you inside. Indecisively, you linger a moment beside me before sliding in. The seat wraps itself around you, buttery-soft leather encasing you securely. I hold your eyes with mine for an instant before closing your door, the promise of things to come held within.

I climb in my side and fire the engine up. It looks like a sedan, but you recognize that there’s more going on here than meets the eye. I smile wickedly and begin the drive to the restaurant we’ve agreed on. We make small talk, exploring each other and enjoying the nervous excitement. I drive fast, too fast. It’s a little scary, but you bite your tongue and decide that I am in control and that you’ll just have to trust me not to hurt you.

Finally we arrive at the restaurant. After parking, I come around and open your door, taking your hand in mine to help you out. When we touch, heat consumes both of us, pent up passion smoldering, impatiently waiting to be released.

I release the door and take your shoulders in my hands. My right hand slides up your shoulder and around to the back of your neck, caressing gently. Your eyes close, a shudder runs through you as my fingers work upward, lacing themselves into your hair at the base of your skull. Gently, I close my fingers and firmly grasp your hair. My eyes meet yours and then trace their way down your face, devouring you and the sensual curves leading from your jaw to your neck. My eyes snap back to yours and slowly, I lean in towards you. Inches away, I divert my course, my lips narrowly missing your hungry mouth and instead sliding along your cheek to your ear and stopping almost against your earlobe.

Almost whispering, my warm breath tickling your ear, I tell you “we’d better go in, I’m not sure I can stop myself once we start…” I give you a gentle hug and back away, taking your hand in mine and closing the door with the other.

We enter the restaurant and wait a few moments to be seated. A bouncy young girl shows us to a booth; dark and secluded in the back. I take your coat and you slide in, I slide in across from you.

“I hope you don’t mind”, I say, “I want to look into your eyes while we talk”. You acquiesce and we talk about everything. Life, lovers, cars, cats; nothing is off limits. Conversation comes easy to us, like we’ve known each other far longer than we have.

We eat. The food is good and the bottle of wine I ordered for us is delicious. You laugh when I order it because the name is funny… ga wurst weiner? Seriously??

Dinner passes in a blur of laughter, feeding each other and touching hands. Like a couple of teenagers, we seem unable to keep our hands off of each other. Each touch intensifies the building desire until we’re practically buzzing.

Finally, the check comes and goes. I look at you as our waitress leaves us. Eyes glued to each other, I gently incline my head to the door, silently asking you if you are ready. You smile, finish the last of your sweet white wine, and nod. We slide out together and I help you into your coat. Taking your hand again, we walk out together.

The cool night air nips at you as we leave, you shudder involuntarily. Picking up on it, I gently pull you to me, wrapping my arm around you to keep you warm. We enter the car and drive off the lot.

I drive us to a beautiful area overlooking a stream and park the car. Puzzled, you look at me.

“Ma’am, I want to take you back to my hotel room, but I want you to be comfortable first. I want this to be your choice, your desire. But first, I want to kiss you a bit, if that’s ok…” With that, I lean across, slowly covering the distance between us, our eyes never leaving each other. You lean toward me and our lips meet for the first time. Softly, gently, mouths closed at first, we kiss. You moan gently and my hand slides around to the back of your neck, pulling you into me hungrily. My tongue parts your lips, sliding ever so slightly inside of your mouth, tasting and teasing you. It’s a good kiss, not to deep and full of passion.

We continue kissing for several minutes, enjoying the buildup, the secluded intimacy offered by our parking spot. At one point, my other hand slides to your breast, the back of my palm brushing against your hard nipples, providing friction, but not enough to satisfy. I tease you this way, mercilessly. You moan into me, your desire making its way from inside your lungs to mine via our connected lips.

Finally, you moan something incoherently. I chuckle and ask you what you said.

You repeat yourself, this time clearly “John, please take me to your hotel and fuck me now.”

My eyes widen, not in surprise, but pleasure at your desire. “Yes, Ma’am”, I say.

We arrive at the hotel a few minutes later and walk to my room together. Pausing at the door, I kiss you again. As the kiss ends, I lean into you, whispering “I have been waiting to do this for too long, dear.” With that, I open the door and we enter the dark room together, hand in hand, me leading.

I reach behind you to close the door and flip a light on. Involuntarily, you nip me on the neck as I reach over you. Laughing at your playfulness, I roughly grab you with both hands and pull you in. Kissing you again, I begin walking backwards into the room, toward the bed.

We land together on the bed and continue our foreplay, lips and tongues moving together and over each other, hands teasing, touching but not lingering.

Suddenly, I stop and stand. “Honey”, I say, “will you allow me to lead?”

You instinctively know that I am asking for your permission to be in control this evening. Nervous, but excited, you bit your bottom lip.

“Yes, Sir”, you say.

With this one word, my demeanor changes. No longer is this a first date. No longer is there insecurity between us. Our roles are laid out, paths set, if only we follow them.

“Get under the covers, get comfortable”, I say.

“Yes, Sir.” Comes your reply.

As you’re complying, I say, “And, Baby… no touching. You’re to lie there and think about what’s to come, but that’s all. Do you understand?” You nod your head up and down slightly, grinning while you do so.

I leave the room and you hear the shower start. A few short minutes go by and I come out, squeaky clean and smelling good. I’m wearing a black, form fitting T-shirt with the word “INSTRUCTOR” across the back and a pair of black running shorts. The smell radiating off of me is… sensual… chocolaty … slightly musky and oh so good.

“Your turn”, I say. “Go shower and come out in only your undergarments, please. I’ll be waiting for you.”

You hop up and squirt off to the shower. You peel yourself out of your outfit, resisting the urge to touch yourself, trying desperately to be a good girl. Showering is tough… the water caresses your body, almost torture in your heightened state. You wash, everywhere, knowing that I’ll soon be tasting you. You finish, towel off and put your sexy panties and bra back on. Your shiver of anticipation as you prepare to exit the bathroom has nothing to do with the air temperature. You open the door and notice that I’ve cooled the room off several degrees.

You step out and into the now slightly darker room. I’m sitting in the chair, staring at you. I look you up and down, hungrily. My eyes take you in, obviously liking what I see from the smile that creeps onto my face.

“You are so damn beautiful, do you know that?”

You smile at the compliment and drop your eyes from mine, unable to hold the stare but noticing the hunger in my eyes. Still clothed, I walk up to you and take your face between my hands, gently guiding your eyes back up. Locking onto them, I pull us together for more kissing. Standing together, we sway, intoxicated by the lust.

After a few moments, I step away, growling at you with desire. “Lie down, please.” You smile wickedly at me and slink into the bed. Lying on your back, you stare up at me, waiting on my next move. I stare at you, unable to stop. You can actually feel how much I lust after you, and…looking down, it becomes evident that you can see it too. I’m rock hard at this point, bulging against my thin shorts.

You smile. I smile. “Spread eagle, Ma’am”, I say, still standing at the foot of the bed. You comply and you catch me stealing a glance at the wetness evident between your legs. I lick my lips, smile and go to my knees in front of you.

My hands drop for a second and come up with a strap. Quickly, efficiently, I attach the furry cuff to your ankle, effectively locking you in. I slide over and repeat myself with your other ankle and a second clamp. Standing, I walk to the side of the bed, looking down on you. I smile and bend over, kissing you passionately. Then I cuff your wrists, completing your bondage.

Smiling, I stand again and appraise my work. Satisfied, I open the nightstand. You see me take something out, but can’t quite make it out. I walk to the foot of the bed and work my way between your spread eagle legs. Lust fills my eyes as I reach out and caress your pussy through your sheer panties. “So wet, so sexy” I say. “I can’t wait to fuck you”.

Using the backs of my fingers, I trace a line from the crack of your ass up to your clit, providing firm pressure. You push your wet pussy against me, moaning a little in your need. I crawl up the bed, hovering over you on all fours and bring my hungry mouth down to your nipples. I gently bite them through your bra, loving the silky feeling against my lips.

You feel my hand slide down your body and pick something up. Showing it to you, you can see that it is a small, egg shaped vibrator with a remote control.

“I hope you don’t mind, I brought reinforcements”, I say. Smiling, you assure me that it is more than ok. I sit up again between your legs and slide your drenched panties to the side so I am able to get to your pussy for the first time. I stop. I stare. Seconds pass while I drink in how beautiful you are.

Shaking myself out of my daze, I reach down and put my index finger outside of your sopping pussy. I run my finger gently around the outside, then up to your clit, teasing and tapping it gently. Your eyes close, hips rising to give me more access. Smiling, I slowly insert the tip of my finger into you about an inch. I’m surprised because I can feel your inner muscles clench against me.

“Somebody’s been doing their Kegel’s!” I say enthusiastically. “Yum…”

With that, I slide a second finger in. Cupping my hand against you, I reach in, rubbing your G-spot with two fingers, firmly but slowly… building the excitement. Meanwhile, the heel of my hand is applying pressure to your now hard little clit. I alternate between them every few seconds, feeling you burning against me, feeling your pussy clench around me, building to a powerful orgasm. Seconds before you come, I stop – my hand still in place, but the orgasm stalls in absence of movement.

I lean down and kiss you again, passion flooding through. “Lover, tell me what you want” I demand.

“Mmmm, make me come”, you say. “Please, Sir”, you add, almost an afterthought.

Chuckling, I shake my head. “Ma’am, you’re going to have to do better than that. I might need some serious convincing here…” Laughing, I resume my manual pleasure on your pussy for a few seconds, sending your head reeling. The stalled orgasm comes rushing back, threatening to break in waves over you.

I remove my fingers from inside of you, pulling them out causes you to moan and whimper. You need to come, badly, but you suspect the torture is just beginning and that your orgasm is going to have to be hard earned… but worth it.

Looking down, I take my index finger and slide it into my mouth, tasting you for the first time. Your eyes never leave mine, judging my reaction. I’m clearly enjoying the taste as evidenced by the smile on my face and how I lick your juices clean. “Deeeeeeelishous”, I say. “Want some?”

You nod at me, trying to keep your brain engaged and off of your burning need for orgasm. I stick my middle finger out in front of your mouth, giving you access to the same treasure trove that I just enjoyed. You tease, sticking just your tongue out and flicking it across my finger, finally taking my finger into your mouth and nibbling gently, sucking on the end and then taking the entire thing in your mouth; my turn to moan in anticipation. I growl, unable to control my desire briefly.

Shaking my head, I open my eyes and look deeply into yours. I grin, clearly having fun. Reaching down, I take the forgotten egg shaped vibrator and hold it up for you to see. Then I gently slide it inside of you until it disappears. Meanwhile, I busy my mouth with your beautiful nipples. I take an entire nipple into my mouth, my tongue working around your piercing, gently licking and occasionally nibbling your nipples.

Without warning, I turn the vibrator on low. I stop and look up into your eyes. “Lover, you are not allowed to come yet. If you’re a good girl, I’ll take care of you. But for now, I control when and how. Clear?”

Apprehensively, you nod. You know how easily you come and wonder how long you can hold out against a foe armed with such wicked toys. You firm up your resolve, though, determined to prevail.

Meanwhile, the egg shaped vibrator is inside of you, thrumming away in earth moving waves. I resume my attention on your nipples, only this time I’m a bit rougher, occasionally biting down a bit, clamping your unprotected nipple in between my teeth and applying firm pressure. The pain is so exquisite, so amazing. Each time I let go, the blood rushes back in and waves of pleasure radiate out from your nipples, which seem connected to your clit suddenly.

You clench your legs down in an effort to fight off the orgasm building. You hear me chuckle around your nipple and you know that I’m enjoying myself. Suddenly I kiss you again, passion breaking through your concentration and nearly causing you to forget your struggle to hold off. You quickly clench your muscles, fighting… struggling against the egg inside of you.

Sensing your struggle, I hit the remote and turn the vibrator off. I smile at you and kiss you again. You relax a bit, thinking it a reprieve. I reach into the drawer again and pull another toy out. It’s small and black and you can’t quite tell what it is. I bring it up and show it to you.

A knife. A Knife?! Apprehension fills you, unsure if you’ve made a dangerously bad decision in allowing your control to be given away. You smile nervously at me, hoping everything is ok.

Expressionless, I pop the blade out with a flick. It’s a wickedly sharp looking thing with about a three inch blade, clearly designed to be a weapon and not a tool.

“Uhm… Sir?” you begin.

“Yes, Ma’am?” I return.

“Uhm, what are you going to do with that please?”

I stare into your eyes, expression still blank. “Baby, you put yourself into my hands tonight. We agreed on this before. We have agreed in writing back and forth that our safe words would be red, yellow, and green until you decided on a different one. Are you using a safe word right now?”

This causes you to pause. Not the conversation you expected. We’ve talked before about pushing limits, about taking each other to and beyond what we’ve done before, about sharing every experience we had ever wanted together. You know from our exchanged writings that I am not into violence, that I’m willing to experiment with pain if asked, but that one of my hard limits is hurting you in any permanent way.

This all rushes through your hyper alert brain and you come to a quick decision. “No, Sir, I trust you.”

It’s my turn to pause. I know what this means to you and how powerful those few words are. “Thank you lover…what an amazing lady you are.” With that, I lower the knife against your ribcage and you feel the cold, hard steel against you. You don’t flinch, holding true to your words. I carefully slide the knife blade upward, almost caressing you with it but not hurting you in the least. The blade slides between your bra and skin, just outside of your breasts and effortlessly slices the bra off of you.

You’re shocked and a bit upset. That was your best bra!! Your eyes give away your thoughts and when you look at me, you see me reading your eyes.

“Something you want to say, lover?” I say.

“Grrrr, no”, you reply.

Raising my eyebrows, I look at you in silence. Seconds tick by until you realize your error. “No, Sir” you say, petulantly. Without warning the forgotten vibrator inside you jumps to life, exploding waves of pleasure through you and leaving the knife forgotten for the moment.

Caught off guard, you struggle to get on top of your quickly building orgasm, to deny yourself that which you badly want because I’ve asked you to wait. You succeed, barely. Muscles clenched again, you smile and look up at me, feeling in control of yourself once more.

I chuckle. Then I slide the knife down your side and across your sexy belly. The cold steel stirs something in you and you find your resolve weaken, the egg shaped vibrator inside of you still pounding away.

The knife ends up just inside of your pelvic bone and slices through your sexy panties easily. Making two quick incisions, the undergarment becomes a rag. Frustration rears its head again, but you quickly suppress it, having faith in me.

You are now helpless below me, completely bound. All vestiges of clothing are gone and your willpower is weakening. Minutes have gone by as you struggled to contain the waves of pleasure building behind the dam of resolve you’ve built. Suddenly and without warning, the vibrator jumps inside of you. I’ve kicked it onto high and it’s working inside of you, pounding out a love rhythm that is impossible to ignore. You moan. You squirm side to side. You clench your legs down as hard as you can, your toes even curl in an effort to hold off the impossible tide.

You fail. Wave after wave of excruciating pleasure rock through you, beginning behind your stomach and emanating outward through your body and rocking your poor disheveled brain. You thrash against your bonds and I sit between your legs and enjoy the first of many orgasms.

You come again and again. The vibrator bounces mercilessly inside of you, destroying any sense of civility. You cry out, thrashing, eyes closed, lost to the orgasmic ecstasy.

You have no idea how long it goes on or how many times you come. Finally, you are literally on the edge of passing out when I turn the vibrator off. I quickly lay on top of you, taking care not to crush you but ensuring full body contact and holding you. I speak gently into your neck as I am holding you. “You are so beautiful, so fucking sexy.” Gentle words continue as I hold you and care for you while you’re lost in your own headspace.

Finally, you come back to some semblance of yourself. You’re not sure when, but you find that suddenly, you can move your arms and legs again. Stiffly, you flex your muscles like a cat waking. You smile and kiss me weakly.

After a time of still holding you, I finally speak. “You know, you came.”

You laugh and smile. “Yes, Sir!”

“You weren’t supposed to, though. You didn’t hold up to your end of the deal, Ma’am. How do you propose we handle that?”

A bit taken back, you say “But… but it wasn’t fair! You made me come. I tried, I really did!”

I stare at you, silently for a few seconds. “Did you use your safe word?”

You know you’re caught. You never even considered using it. You simply wanted the pleasure worse than you wanted to obey. Strangely, this bothers you. You would never have guessed that allowing yourself to come when asked not to would cause you to feel like you’d let someone down. Even more surprisingly, that feeling that you’d let me down is powerful. You brain, already reeling from the powerful multiple orgasms, struggles to process this new development.

Almost without understanding why, you say “I guess you’d better punish me.”

I stare at you for a few seconds, silently confirming what you’ve said.

I dislodge myself from our embrace and stand, stretching. I shuck out of my shorts and shirt, standing before you naked for the first time. Despite the events, you can’t help but look down to see what I’m working with. You’re happy to note that I’m above averagely endowed, you guess a bit over eight inches long and pleasantly thick. You lick your lips, suddenly wanting badly to taste me.

Almost as if I’m reading your mind, I say “Not yet, lover. We have something to attend to first.” I pull a chair over from across the room and set myself in it. It’s one of those hotel office type chairs, straight backed with no arms. You realize why I chose it when I crook my finger at you and tell you to come lay across my lap.

Without hesitation you comply. Your bare, exposed ass is presented for punishment and you can feel the heat where our bodies touch. “Lover, don’t forget to use your safe word if you need, please.”

You nod, not sure what to expect.

You get your answer when my hand lands full force on one bare cheek. You jump, surprised at the force and how little time you had to prepare. You grit your teeth, determined to take your licks.

A second smack follows the first, about two seconds later, on the other cheek. Just as hard, you’re sure you have two bright red handprints on your ass already. You wonder how much you can take.

My hand stays in place. Heat radiates outward and it’s strangely erotic. Gently, I begin rubbing my hand on your ass, almost as if I’m comforting the sting away. I rub circles, caressing gently from your lower back to your upper thighs. Occasionally my fingers brush the entrance to your pussy and you’re surprised at how bad you want either my fingers inside of you, or another swat… or both! A minute or two passes while I continue to caress you. My other hand is supporting your torso, ensuring that, even in your punishment, you are well cared for.

Without warning, a series of five or six smacks land. Slightly gentler than the first, they still sting, leaving you bouncing up and down in my lap, reeling from the shock and unsure of what’s coming next… pleasure or pain.

I return to caressing, this time giving your burning pussy more attention, fingers caressing the outer folds and sliding around in your juices. Suddenly, the again forgotten vibrator is turned on, this time low and pulsing. You jump in shock and at the exact same time, I rain down another series of blows. These are as hard as the first, landing in rapid succession and covering your ass from top to bottom and side to side.

You’re not sure if you’re turned on or in pain, but the building endorphins in your body are causing you rolling waves of ecstasy. You grind your pussy downward, feeling my rock hard dick pushing up against your pelvis. My hand has returned to caressing, gently sliding around and occasionally entering your pussy.

On one trip around, my finger steals some of your juices from you sopping wet pussy and rakes them upward to coat your lovely asshole in juices. My fingers circle around your rectum gently, almost tickling and exciting the bundles of nerve endings there. This continues for a minute or two and suddenly, more swats. This time, ten or twelve rain down and by the time it’s over, you wonder if you’re going to cry.

“Enough?” I ask. “Have you paid your penance for coming when not allowed, lover?”

“Maybe just a little more, Sir? I really shouldn’t have come, I was being selfish.” You say.

I nod my head up and down, understanding that you need to purge this feeling and happy to help. My hand, caressing around the lovely button of your asshole this entire time, stops briefly. You grind your ass up against me, missing the lovely feelings that my fingers were giving you, both in your pussy and your ass. The vibrator, still bouncing gently inside of you, is building another wave of powerful orgasms, but this time you’re sure you can control it.

Finally, I bring down the last series of swats. Unmercifully, I deliver blow after blow, each stinging and you unable to get away, are forced to endure. You do, knowing that you’ve paid and paid well. You’ve atoned. Despite your burning flesh on your ass, you radiate waves of satisfaction and pleasure. You’re entering that headspace again, where you don’t think, you only enjoy the feelings.

And right now, the feeling you’re enjoying is my fingers entering you; one in your pussy and another, slick with your juices, in your ass. Both fingers are inside of you, nearly touching while I slide them gently in and out of you. You groan in pleasure and push back, hard, against my fingers.

“Baby, you are so sexy. I wish you could see your ass right now. It’s bright red, glowing almost, and everything is slick with your love juices. My fingers sliding in and out of you look so damn good.” I continue my fingering for a moment and then ask you to rise.

You do and we embrace, wrapping ourselves in each other’s arms and feeling a closeness that belies our short time together.

I lead you back to the bed and we strip the blankets off making a palate on the floor for further activities. We lay together and cuddle for a while, allowing you to settle back into your own skin. Mercifully, I have turned the vibrator off, allowing you to catch your breath.

After a time, you pull your head off of my chest and look up. “Sir, is it my turn now? Can I taste you, please?”

My eyes widen with pleasure. I almost glow and say “You are a little slut aren’t you? Such a sexy little thing, just wanting some dick. Is that right?”

You almost purr as my words hit you. Such joy, finally being allowed to be everything you’ve ever wanted, not being judged, in fact, being exalted for being what you are; reveling in your own sexiness. You nod your head up and down a smile creeping onto your face.

Cuddling you tightly against me, I lean in for a kiss… long, slow and passionate. I place my mouth against your neck, at your shoulders and say, gently, so low you almost feel it vice hearing it…”you are my little slut though, aren’t you?”

You know, without a doubt, that you are mine. Your eyes do the answering for you, your lips finding mine and hungrily stealing the kisses you so desperately need. Passion flows between us and, ending the kiss, you slide your way down. You grasp me in your hands, feeling the size and length. You wonder how much you can really get in, it’s longer than you originally thought.

Determined to give it your best, you open your mouth and slide your tongue out and around the head, tasting. Precome slides out and you lick it up, quickly tasting the slightly salty flavor and deciding that it’s pretty good. You take me into your mouth, sliding several inches down and begin working your oral magic. Your tongue circles my head and you bob up and down, each time you come up applying suction, knowing that the pressure you’re causing is exquisite to me.

I moan and grab double handfuls of the comforter we’re lying on. You continue your efforts, pleased to see such a strong reaction from me. I only allow you to continue for a couple of minutes before I stop you.

“Ma’am, you’re going to make me come doing that and I’m not quite ready to come yet. Lay down on the bed” I instruct. You do. “Now slide your head off the edge of the bed and spread your legs for me.” You do.

I settle myself on top of you, my dick within easy reach of your waiting mouth and your pussy spread and waiting in front of me. I support my weight with my arms so you are free to move as you need.

You begin your oral ministrations again, deciding to make a game out of trying to make me come. Maybe it’ll be your turn to spank me?! Meanwhile, I place my mouth onto your pussy, almost French kissing you as my tongue slides around and into you.

You can tell that I enjoy my work here. I leave no part unlicked, my tongue working from the top of your clit, down to the base of your pussy, side to side and in and out. I pay special attention to your clit, running circles around it with the tip of my tongue. I slide the now well used vibrator out of you and replace it with my fingers, again working to hit your G-spot while my tongue dances around and on your clit. I quickly bring you to a crashing orgasm, your body thrashing against mine and your pussy exploding juices. I laugh and pause.

“Lover, you’re the first squirter I’ve ever been with. Wow. That may be the sexiest thing I’ve ever seen.” You beam around my dick, again amazed at the instant acceptance and adoration you’re receiving for just being you. Years of supression, hiding what you have always yearned to be melt away. Tonight, you’re unbridled by society’s view of right and wrong and everything just feels… right.

We return to work on one another, our tongues racing to bring each other to orgasm first. I win; several times. I don’t seem so upset by the loss, though

Finally I separate us, ready to move to a new position. Instructing you to get on all fours, I kneel behind you. Your ass is still glowing and very hot; easy to tell as I rub my hands all over it. You moan, knowing that, finally, you’ll get your wish of being fucked.

I grab hold of my dick and slide my head to the entrance of your pussy. Your juices are still flowing and it’s obvious you are more than ready. I move the head of my dick up and down a couple of times, hitting your clit and then almost entering you. Finally, slowly, inch by agonizing inch, I slide my dick into you. I bottom out, my pelvis inseparable from your luscious bottom. I reach down and cup your breasts, pulling you upright so your back melds into my chest. My arms wrap around you, hugging you tight against me, joining us bodily in every possible way.

I groan against you and you purr back. Leaving my left hand up high to cup your breasts, my right hand makes its way southward to find your clit. I begin moving in and out of you, slowly, deeply thrusting inside of you. Your pussy spasms around me causing me waves of pleasure reflected in my hands moving over you. Circular, our passion rises together.

Minutes pass as we continue to slide our bodies over one another. Animal noises and sex smells permeate the room. It’s like a little slice of heaven.

“Mmmm, Pet, you’re going to make me come”, I say as I’m bottoming out inside of you. “But, not this way. I want to fuck you, face to face first and then, I want to come in your mouth and have you swallow every drop.”

“Ohhhh, yes Sir!” comes the joyful reply.

With that, I pull out of you and spin you around. Kissing you, my hand finds its way to your pussy and plays with your clit. I lay you down and move between your legs. Pausing, I lavish some oral affection on your breasts, licking and biting roughly as you moan against me. I clamp down on your nipples, roughly biting them and eliciting groans of pleasure from you. Finally I slide back into you and begin fucking you, fast and furious. I pause a couple of time to kiss you, passion flaring up between us. You come a couple of times, your pussy squirting repeatedly at each orgasm.

Finally, nearing orgasm, I tell you to spin around. You comply and I slide you down so your head hangs just off the bed.

“Sweetie, you said you’ve been curious about deep throating. Tonight, you find out.” I say. With that, I slide my dick into your mouth.

Upside down, you find that it’s a bit easier to take me deep. But, my length works against me here and you struggle. You work at it, sucking and bobbing your head up to meet me. I’m thrusting down and in, groaning and enjoying the heat and wetness of your mouth. Nearing orgasm, I start pushing in a bit harder, a bit deeper. I get all but about two inches in and you’re pleased at how well you’re doing. It’s rough, but you want to do it, knowing the pleasure it will bring me.

I’m sliding in and out and you are sucking, able to tell that I’m nearing my end. You reach up with both hands and grab my hips as if to pull me in even deeper. Suddenly, I’m in. All the way in. I groan, the tightness of your throat overwhelming what little control I have left. I unload, coming deep inside of your throat while you work to swallow every drop. I groan, shudder and shake. Moans and other unidentifiable noises verify my pleasure. Struggling to stay upright, I finally wind my way down from an incredibly powerful orgasm.

Smiling, I slide out of your still sucking mouth, shuddering in pleasure the entire time. I kneel down over you, lean in and kiss you deeply.

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