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Nurse Mom

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This, as with all my stories is a long read. If you are looking for a quick, get to the point story, this isn’t it. If you like the build in a story then enjoy and please leave a comment.


It all began with a car accident where I was T-boned by another car that ran a stop sign. This accident had me hospitalized in traction for 3 weeks. My left arm was shattered, I had a broken collarbone and 2 cracked vertebrae between my shoulder blades.

The meds they were feeding me helped with the pain but it was the little things that were driving me crazy. Things like not being able to scratch an itch or use the bathroom. The upper body cast that I was in was very debilitating.

I really hadn’t given anything more than a couple minutes thought due to the pain med’s that I was on, so my time in the hospital wasn’t that bad, I guess. It was only after I was released to go home that things turned weird.

I had been made comfortable in my old room at the house that grew up in that my mother still lived. While my body healed I would be stuck in the cast for at least 6 months.

As the days went on and my pain subsiding, my doctor prescribed my med’s to an as needed dose. Well, along with the lessening of pain med’s, my sober reality began to clear up. I was beginning feel things and understand what was happening again.

A couple of the things that the drugs had hidden from me was the fact that someone had been bathing me and taking care of, well, toilet needs. While heavily sedated and in the hospital, it was the nurse’s that had the responsibilities. Now I was aware that while at home, it was my mother who had taken on the deed.

Humiliated at the fact that my mother, once again, was having to wipe my ass like I was a child. I would close my eyes in disgust and try to think of anything else that may distract from what my mother was having to do.

I would constantly apologize to her for having to take care of me like that at 20 years of age. Of course she would mother-up and tell me that that is what mothers do and to not give it a second thought.

Along with my mental awareness returning, other feelings were starting to come back also. Apparently, the drugs also had the effect of suppressing sexual stimulation. The sponge baths that I had been receiving were just another thing that had come and gone without a second thought.

It has been 5 weeks since the accident and at least 6 weeks since I have had any kind of sex. Now with my head clearing up and senses returning to normal, something as minor as bathing would have me becoming aroused.

Again, mom being the trooper that she was would just tell me that I shouldn’t be ashamed as it was a natural reaction and continue bathing me. This went on for about a week.

One day when she came in to bath me, she had noticed my discomfort while she was cleaning around my business. She had always been thoughtful enough to clean there with just her hands knowing that the sponge may be too irritating on my sensitive skin.

At this point I was still flaccid but as soon as she cupped my balls, she gasped noticing how tight they already were.

“Oh My God Jeff, I am so sorry” she blurted

She was already five thoughts ahead of me as I tried to figure out what she was sorry for. I had never thought about her sexually or visa versa but she knew what was going on before I ever thought about it.

Confused, I asked “what are you sorry about?”

“Well, I’m sure that you don’t think of your mother in a sexual way, as do I not with you.”

“Thats good,” I interrupted.

She continued, “And what happens to you is a natural thing so no harm no foul. But what I never thought of was that other things happen over time also.”

Still not sure what she was talking about I just assumed that she was thinking that I may begin having thoughts about her, so I blurted “Mom, you are the most wonderful woman I have ever known but don’t worry, you’re my mother and I won’t ever have those thoughts about you, no matter how much time passes.”

“Well that’s good to know but it’s not what I am talking about.”

Again confused, I asked “what is it then that you are talking about?”

“Are you sore when I clean you down there?”

“A little, why?” I asked.

“Well, you flinched when I touched you and your testicles are tight.”

Not being able to see or feel for myself, I didn’t realize that my balls had tightened up. I just knew that they were a bit sore.

“Well, as natural as your erections are from stimulation, I had failed to realize that it has been over a month since you could have had any, lets say, release of tension.” Clearing her throat she continued “Jeff, you have a case of blue balls and i’m afraid that I’m the one who caused it.”

An awkward silence pierced the bathroom as I still laid there naked with my mother kneeling next to me outside the tub.

With a big breath of air, mom spoke up, “ok, so lets finish up here I’ll do some research on this little problem,” playfully waving her finger in circles above my junk.

I was actually ok as long as I didn’t move around too much. Getting in and out of bed and the bathtub is pretty uncomfortable to say the least, but I bear it as I don’t know of any other way.

The next morning started off pretty comical. Mom helped me out of bed to start the day. First things first, I had to use the bathroom.

I don’t really cherish the thought of my mothers experience handling a hard cock, but the thought of how much experience she’s had handling a morning wood that has to pee, I can’t imagine allot. I have had erections before in the mornings and she was able to handle just fine, but this morning it was hard as a rock and pointing straight for the sky.

Now normally in this situation, I would take a stance a bit away from the toilet and lean forward, holding myself against the back wall. That way I could still aim at the toilet without having to bend my hard-on down to the point that it would cut off flow. Now, with the upper body cast, that is kind of out of the question.

“I’ve got an idea, Come here,” mom said as she turned me towards the bathtub. “You can just pee in the tub.”

Again, mom fumbled with my solid shaft trying to aim towards the drain. She was at an awkward angle to me so when my urine started flowing, it naturally shot off in a direction that she wasn’t expecting. She was unable to avoid the first bit of my pee from landing on the arm of her robe.

“It’s alright, I’ll do laundry in a bit don’t worry” she said while still holding on to my shaft that was shooting a high arc of pee towards the drain.

Then out of nowhere, she started giggling. What’s up, I asked her.

“Oh nothing,” she smiled back.

Curious I asked, “no really, what’s got you chuckling.”

“Do you really want to know?’


Snickering still, she stated, “The feeling of your pee rushing through your penis feels very strange, almost ticklish.”

Not what I was expecting to here from my mother. She was now slightly waving my cock around drawing shapes in the air with the stream of urine. I couldn’t believe it, my mother was playing with my hard cock. I really couldn’t see what she was doing but it was apparent that she was having a good time when I realized that she was spelling words on the shower wall.

Unsure what to say or do, I just stood there and peed. As my bladder emptied, my erection began to subside. Either my mom didn’t notice this or she was having too much fun to care. Needless to say, her grip on my shaft never changed.

She let out a quiet sigh as I finished and pushed out the last few spurts.

Letting my cock fall to its resting position, She immediately stood up and dropped her robe to the floor.

Startled by this I excitedly ask, “What are you doing?”

“Well, you don’t expect me to walk around the house with urine on my sleave, do you?”

“I guess not,” I shot back at her.

“let’s get you some breakfast,” she said as she turned me towards the exit and led me into the hallway.

I have seen my mother in a bikini hundreds of times before. I have seen her in her underwear before. I have even accidently seen her naked before. I can say that she does have taste in underwear as the lacy bra and matching panties that she was wearing highlighted ever wonderful curve of her body.

Now this beautiful woman was holding me up as we walked towards the kitchen. I could feel the heat from her body against mine as we entered the dining area.

Standing in front of me, she helped sit me down on a chair. While I was sitting, she was bending over me for support. For the first time, my eyes we’re staring at the luscious breasts that were hanging inches from my face without a care of whom they belonged.

The silence was broken as she pushed my seat forward, turned towards the cabinets and asked if I would like some coffee.

Telling her yes, I could do nothing but sit there and stare at this super hot body that was in front of me. To me, this was no longer the body of my mother, it was the body of a some hot 20 year old.

I mean, her legs were toned and very sexy and her ass rivaled most of the younger girls that I had seen. As much as my balls hated the idea, my cock had different plans. Blood began to flood my cock flesh causing it to swell in my boxers.

I was actually dissapointed when she finished starting the coffee, turned around then stated that she was going to go throw on her other robe. I watched her as she walked away admiring her perfectly rounded ass.

There I was, sitting at the table, arms suspended in air like I am giving someone an imaginary hug. Now add a massive tent in my boxers. Unable to cover it or lay it down, I am sure that my mom had seen it when she returned to the kitchen.

Walking straight to the coffee maker, she poured 2 cups and brought them to the table. Feeling excitenly vulnarable, there was nothing to hide my erection from my mother as she sat down next to me to help with my coffee.

She began chatting away about anything as if nothing was out of the normal. She had to have noticed but was playing super cool about it. Or so I thought.

“Oh hey, I did a little research last night on your, problem. I came across allot of warm wash towel recommendations.”

“Oh yeah, will that really work?” I asked now again reminded of my sore blue balls.

“Well they all say that it will relieve the discomfort for awhile.”

“Just awhile” I said. “How long is awhile?”

“I read anywhere from a few hours to a day. Hey, even if it is just a few hours, any relief is welcome, right?”

At this point my erection had gone away as the talk about my pained testicles was the subject.

“Ok, I suppose we can try that.”

We continued with the chit chat as we drank our coffee and ate breakfast.

Although I was on very minimal doses of pain meds, they still made me weak and tired. So after breakfast it was back to bed for me.

Again, helping me into bed, mom made sure that I was comfortable before turning to leave.

“Uh mom”

“Yes dear, what is it?”

“Are we going to try the warm cloth thing?”

“Oh yes, I’m sorry. I’ll be right back.”

She left the room to returned a few minutes later with a washcloth, towel, folding tray and a bowl of warm water. Placing the towel and washcloth on the bed, she put the bowl on the tray before sitting on the bed right next to me.

She pulled the sheets down to my ankles before grabbing the waistband of my boxers. My soft dick fell back to my stomach as it broke free of the tug of my boxers.

“Oh my, your testicles are so tight right now, I’m sure that it’s painful.”

Not needing a reply she grabbed the towel and prompted me to lift my butt again as she slid it under me.

She then took the washcloth and began swirling it in the bowl of water. She was doing this with one hand as the other searched out my package. She found and then cupped my balls in her free hand and began to lightly massage them.

There was a mixed flood of feelings coming from below. There was sharp pain conflicting with the immense pleasure that her hand was creating. By the time the warm cloth had made it to it’s destination, my cock was once again rock hard.

I couldn’t help it, it had been over 6 weeks now since the last time my balls had been emptied. Anything that is done to my business is going to result in an erection.

By now, mom was also used to seeing her son with an erection and gave it a playful pat as she rested the cloth across my tight groin.

“There ya go. Now get some rest and I’ll be back in a while to take care of this.”

Within a few minutes of her leaving my room, I felt the warmth seeping into the depths of my sack before I was out.

A few hours later, I awoke to the soft voice of my mother sitting next to me.

“Hey there! Are you hungry?”

“Sure, I could eat” I replied.

As she was helping me get up, she asked how I felt.

I told her that I guess that I felt a little better even though I now felt as if I was getting kneed in the sack with every step I took.

“Ok good,” she said. “Maybe you’ll be up for some TV after you eat.”

She sat down at the table and then headed to the counter area to prepare some food. She, of course, has been dressed for a few hours now, but that didn’t change the image of her body. She had obviously been working out prior to waking me up as she was wearing a pair of black spandex pants and a very loose cut off shirt.

Her nicely shaped ass perched beneath her soft naked midriff sent a chill down my spine. Studying her beautiful ass, my jaw just about fell to the floor when I noticed that her pants were so form fitting that I could make out the folds of her labia.

My heart began to race as it strongly forced blood towards my flaccid penis. Once she bent over and I could see about an 8 inch sweat circle around her very well defined pussy lips, my cock shot up so fast that it got bunched up in my boxers.

Again, she took the seat next to me to feed me. Because my cock was tangled in my boxers, I wasn’t pitching a tent this time. It wasn’t much comfort to know that while my balls are sore, my cock is aching to be unrestrained and my mom’s lose top keeps hanging open in front of my face every time she feeds me.

Her breasts looked so squeezable and soft. They weren’t big but not small either. I would say a 32C. She was wearing a bikini top under her shirt. It was very small with patch’s that seem to only cover her nipples.

The show soon ended as we finished eating. Thank God, I don’t know how much more of this I can take, I told myself.

I lately seemed to have had an erection more often than not. I figured mom was getting use to me almost always being in that state, so I told her that I needed to use the restroom. I thought that this might be the only way to free the pressure that my cock was under.

Because it was tangled in my boxers, my dick never got to that rock hard, stand up straight state. Therefore mom had no trouble freeing it or holding it so I could pee. I am unsure if she realized it or not but she was holding me like she did that morning.

She had been able to aim me with just her finger and thumb until this morning when she had to take a controlling grip. Only now, she could have easily managed with her fingure and thumb but instead, she had a full hand grip on me.

Again, as if it was nothing out of the normal, she shook me and returned it back into my boxers.

Sitting me on a lazyboy, she got me comfortable, fixed the TV to a show that I wanted and then asked if I wanted the washcloth again. Honestly, the warm cloth did nothing to ease my discomfort but I was trying to make her feel better by letting her help me, so I told her I would.

She went to etrieve the supplies returning a short time later with the towels and water. Setting the stuff on the floor at my feet, she reached up, grabbed my shorts and pulled them to feet.

Then she knelt down on her knees between my legs. I flinched at the first contact of the warm cloth on my scrotum followed by her hand litely pressing the cloth onto my balls.

This process was repeated 2 more times before she left me be.

“Ok sweety, kitchens clean, I’m going to go take a bath. Are you ok? Just hollar at me if you need something.”

And with that, I settled in to watch my shows.

Later that evening, it was time for my bath. I was becoming scared at the thoughts that I was having. I was thinking that tonight, 3 things can happen. 1. Any touching may result in extreme pain. 2. Any touching may result in my ultra sensitive groin to give up the fight and just explode. Or 3. I may refuse any touching in fear of ether of the first 2.

The routine started as normal as It had been, mom runs a hot bath with about 3 inches of water so I would have to sit in a cold tub. She then strips me down, again exposing a semi hard dick. My cast, being so restrictive, only allowed me to see the head of my penis if it was hard and sticking straight out, like now.

I could see that the crown was turning a slight purple, the color it usually gets when on the verge of climax. Unfortunately at the time I didn’t have a girlfriend and I couldn’t masturbate so release was something that was going to have to wait. I was soon going to find that my wait would be quicker than anticipated.

I was carefully lowered into the tub before mom took her spot on the floor outside the tub. She started at my feet, frothing up some soap on a luffa before applying it to my toes. I had become aware of how much I enjoyed what almost seemed like a massage on my toes and feet.

There must have been a few drops of water on the edge of the tub because when she started working her way up my legs I can see that she now had a few wet spots on the front of her shirt from where she was leaning on the edge.

Also, she was either braless or wearing a very thin bra as she had a nipple that was very hard and protruding at least a half inch beyond the rest of her fleshy tit. Again, I know it is my mother but that didn’t stop my cock from stiffening to it’s full arousal.

As soon as she had made it to my groin, she squeezed some soap from the luffa onto my junk before putting the luffa down and replacing it with her hand. The second that she touched my tight scrotum, I let out an involuntary grunt as the pain shot right through my body.

“Oh my, I thought that the warm cloth was easing your discomfort,” she said as she quickly pulled her hand away.

I answered back, “lets just say that it hasn’t been adding to the pain.”

“Well, that was the most recommended way to easy the pain.”

Discouraged, I replied “It’s ok mom, I guess I can tough it out.”

“There is one other way that would guarantee relief but that would require you to have a “release of pressure”.”

“Mom, you know I love you and I know you love me but would you be willing to,” having to clear my throat at what I was about to suggest, I continued “give me a hand with that.”

“Son, is that what you want?”

“Well, it’s not exactly what I want but I don’t want this pain ether. If that will guarantee to take the pain away then I think I could turn a blind eye. I think that I would have to anyway as the thought of my mother doing this is not the most arousing of thoughts.” I kind of chuckled at that last statement.

“Ok, I guess we can give it a try. Just close your eye’s and think about A hand and not WHO’s hand, It might help.”

I again took one last glance at her hard nipple before closing my eye’s in anticipation of my upcoming release.

I couldn’t grab the sides of the tub for support so I just balled my fists closed as I felt her hand lightly rest on my stomach. With everything soaped up, I felt her slide her hand under my shaft followed by her fingers gently wrapping around me.

She very slowly began to stroke the shaft. Of course, the new sensation on my extremely sensitive cock caused my balls to flex, sending another sharp pain through my body.

“I’m so sorry son, I had forgotten to mention that all the articles said that in the process of release, the pain may actually get slightly worse. Do you want me to continue?”

Knowing that I didn’t want to continue with the pain every day, I figured that I can fight through this pain to get rid of it completely. “Yes mom, I can do this, go ahead.”

Fortunately, I wouldn’t have to bear it for too long as the length of time since last ejaculation, the constant arousal and now the stimulation should have me firing in no time.

She again took my cock into her hand and began her slow strokes. When I let out a small grunt again, she just looked at me as if waiting for me to tell her to stop. I didn’t as I needed her to finish.

Knowing that I wouldn’t last as long as I normally would, even I was surprised at how quick my orgasm built up.

She had only made 5 or 6 complete strokes before my balls twisted and pulled in what seemed every direction. I let out a horrific scream as I have never before felt such a conflict of intense pain and overwhelming pleasure at the same time. This was going to be an orgasm that I wouldn’t wish on anybody, yet I have never felt so much desire to blow my load before in my life.

With the intenseness of my pain, my mother stopped stroking me but it wasn’t going to stop the pain. My cock was already too far over the edge. My balls twisted deep inside my body as it prepared to release it’s seed.

My cock began to pulsate as it searched for the cream it was trying to push out. Unsure why she would do it, she tightened her grip around my throbbing shaft as it struggled to release.

I was so wound up at this point that no matter how tight she held, I was still going to cum, and cum I did. With one final upward thrust of my pelvis, I yelled out in agonizing pain as my cock exploded with the force of a firehose.

Nether one of us was expecting as much pressure as was no being released. 1, then 2, then 3 streams of hot cum sprayed through the air. I had my eyes closed from the pain but when I had opened them, I could see that I had already shot numerous streams of jizz half way up the shower wall. It seemed that everywhere I looked, there was jizz dripping down.

Looking at my mother, who was still holding my still spasming cock, I could see that she had also been caught in the line of fire. She was also covered in jizz. Her hair had at least 2 ropes of cum hanging, her shirt had several wet spots from my cum. Her face had 2 very defined ropes of jizz splashed across it. One started above her eye’s, down the bridge of her nose and ended on her cheek just below her eye. The other started below her other eye streaming down her cheek, across her lips and trailed off below her chin.

The only way that I can explain how much of a trooper my mother was, I would describe it as to when a mother is changing a baby boys diaper and it pees all over the place. Most mothers wouldn’t freak out about it and continue doing what’s needed to be done.

She continued lightly squeezing my cock until finally my orgasm began to subside. With her hand flooded with my cum, she laughingly said “Well I hope you feel better now, apparently you really needed that. You rest for a moment while I go and clean myself up.”

With that, my softening dick slid from her slick hand and she rose, leaving the bathroom to clean herself in her bathroom.

Exhausted, I laid there taking note of the surprising amount of semen that was everywhere, I can’t ever a time that I had cum so hard and in the quantity that I had. In the moment of my bliss, I was rudely brought back to the now when I felt a pain, albeit a lot duller pain as the first testicle began to relax for the first time in days followed by the second one. Although still sore, I could already tell that this is exactly what needed to happen to relieve this pain.

Upon her return to my bathroom she smiled and stated “there they are, back were they belong. How do you feel now?” She was obviously referring to my testicles that had now once again hung freely within the soft fleshiness of my scrotum.

“Much better now, thank you. I am definitely ready for bed now,” was all that my mind could think of.

Giggling again, she said “alright, lets finish cleaning you up and then into bed.”

Not overly proud of the fact that I just had my mother jerk me off, sort of, I again appreciated the moral sacrifice that she had given and thanked her again as she tucked me into bed. She still played the rockstar mom and acted as if nothing out of the ordinary had just happened as she bent forward and kissed me on the forehead.

My mother and father had been living the fairytale marriage since they married as highschool sweethearts. Two years prior to now, my father was killed in combat overseas. It was and has been extremely tough on me, my older sister and especially our mother. My sister was finishing up her last year of college on the other side of the country.

My father was killed shortly after I had graduated highschool and I had decided to stay close to mom to help her how ever I could. My sister was to finish college and not to worry about mom.

My mother seemed to have outwardly buried the pain of his death but her life changes told of a different story. To everyone who had met my mother, she appeared to be a happy normal 42 year old woman. To me, I could see that she had indeed closed herself off from the world.

As bad as my accident was, I actually think that it was a good thing for my mother. Until now, I had been the one helping her get through the days. Now, it is as if she has a new purpose, a new responsibility, a new reason to get out of bed everyday. It was her new found will that broke her from her gloom, her will to take care of me.

Last week, we had experienced something that should never happen between a parent and their child. We had a slight sexual encounter. It was innocent and for a lack of better terms, medical. Never the less, it was sexual with my mother enticing an orgasm from me.

Nothing was ever really discussed about it as my healing progressed. The days would come and go with a regularity that seemed to make my time in the cast fade away. Only once in the last week had mother had to wrangle a morning wood pee. That time however was handled with experience and was uneventful.

Bath’s seemed to be fairly normal also with one exception. She would handle me not as her son but as her own. When she would strip me down and bath me, it was as second nature to her as if she was stripping herself down and bathing herself.

She would wash me as normal but now when she got to my business, she would attack it as if there wasn’t a nerve anywhere around. With her sudsy hands she would tug and claw at my balls while pulling on my soapy dick in every direction.

She would also reach down and clean my ass crack. I have obviously cleaned my own ass for many years and never felt any pleasure from it. Now, it was someone else’s hand that was tracing it’s way along the valley of my ass.

“Playing” was never the intent but the pure fact that I had this beautiful woman rubbing her fingers on my anus had my cock rising every time. Never would she mention anything about it but she had to know that what she was doing was causing the erections.

This unsolicited arousal started to catch back up with me again as I could feel the pain in my testicles beginning to return.

A couple of nights later, I awoke from a dream that I was having only to feel a damp coldness covering my flaccid penis. I remembered that I was having a “wet dream” and thought that I may have came in my sleep.

I was actually a little embarrassed by this and hesitated on calling for my mom, but then realized that I couldn’t just lay there the rest of the night with wet cold cum on me.

“Mom, MOM, I need you to wake up and come help me,” I whisper yelled to her room. A minute later I repeated myself.

This time as if in a panic, she came bursting through my door worriedly asking “what is it Jeff, what’s wrong?”

She had jumped out of bed and just threw her silky kimono on. Apparently she sleeps in the nude because for a split second after she opened my bedroom door I could see every curve of her silhouette from the lighted hallway, including the well defined curves of her pussy lips. It was the same outline that I had seen a couple of weeks ago. The only difference is that now, she wasn’t wearing her tight spandex.

She hurried to my desk where she turned my lamp on. “What’s the matter,” she again asked.

Slightly red in the face I said, “well, I think that my little problem is coming back.”

But before I could finish, she half annoyed answered with, “I see, but isn’t this something we can discuss in the morning?”

Again, red faced, I said, “yeah, but thats not the problem right now.”

“Oh, ok, what is it then?’

“Well, I’m pretty sure that I may have had a,” I paused for a couple of seconds. “Wet dream. And now i’m getting cold, if you know what I mean.”

“Oh my God son, I am so sorry for acting insensitive, it was the sleep talking. Hang on, I’ll get some stuff to clean you, Be right back.”

To let her know that her snapping didn’t offend me, I heckled back at her, “not like i’m going anywhere.”

The suddenness of that encounter left me little time to notice anything about anything. But with her return being in a not so panicked mode and my desk lamp on, I did now notice her kimono more intently.

I noticed how obscenely thin the material was as I could now make out the darkness of her areola. I had only seen her naked breasts a few other times, so I know that he areolas are about the size half dollars and that she has Farrah Fawcett’s nipples. What I couldn’t see was any color changes around her crotch.

I didn’t think a second about the fact that I was now getting another hard-on while ogling my mother.

“Ok, let’s see what we are dealing with here.” Like a pro, she walked over to the bed and pulled the sheets down to my knees. “I do see a problem.”

“I know, I’m sorry, ” I said again thinking that there was probably another huge mess.

Laughing, she said “don’t worry, I take care of this.”

As she said that, she started to readjust her position. She was now sitting on the bed by my legs. She was facing me and had tucked her on bed ankle under her off bed leg allowing me to see almost everything from her lower waist up.

The upper part of her kimono parted allowing me to stare directly at her one of her tit’s. I haven’t actually studied my mom’s boobs before but now, wow. She was a 34c with beautiful raindrop shaped lobes, her nipples perched high on the mounds.

I kind of felt bad for a second. Here I was staring at, ogling over, thinking about and she is only here to help me with my mess. That thought vanished the instant that I felt my cock in the grasp of my mothers hand.

“Uh mom, what are you doing?” I asked as she began to slowly stroke my hard cock.

Smiling, she replied “Well Jeff, you see, you were right, you did have a wet dream. You were also noticing the pain coming back to your testicles. And finally, You did make a mess down there.”

Laying there, listening to every word she says, I am acutely aware that she is still stroking my cock.

After a brief hesitation, she said “what you are wrong about is,” taking her eye’s from her gaze on my 7 inch cock to directly looking at my eye’s. Without missing a stroke, she continued “I’m sorry, you did have a wet dream but you didn’t finish.”

“The big mess you had was about a silver dollar size wet spot from.” She cut herself off and looked back down at my cock.

I soon understood as she slid her hand up the dry skin of my shaft, cresting the top of my crown followed by copious amounts of slickness. My mother was now lubing my cock with the precum that had left the wet spot on my boxers.

“Second, unless you are one of the very few men in the world that can obtain a second, very powerful erection shortly after his first orgasm, you didn’t finish.”

“Third, you complain that you’re getting blue balls again. Well, it will only get worse if not dealt with. Plus you were already engaged in stimulation, stopping now will only bring a quicker onset of the pain.”

“So, let’s just get it over with now and be done with it. What do you think?”

What I am thinking is that my mother is jerking me off and I am again staring at her tit as it Jiggles with her strokes. “I think, I think I am in no position to have any say in the matter.” With a little chuckle I continued, “Not like I can physically stop you from doing ANYTHING you wanted anyway. And hey, mother knows best, right?

“Good, I think this will save a lot of hassle later on. Just let me know when you are going to cum so I can get the towels ready.” And with that, she continued drawing my precum out of the head only to share it with the rest of my cock.

Right or wrong, lusting over my mothers wonderful breast made me realize how much I wanted this woman. I wasn’t quite at blue balls yet so sexual stimulation was still very pleasurable. I was truly turned on by my mom, not natural arousal but pure sexual desire.

“Here, let me switch sides.” And with that she climbed over me. As she straddled me, she was high enough that I could now see her fully exposed pussy. I hadn’t previously noticed a color change because there wasn’t one, It was smooth skin as far as the eye could see. Her lips sprung partially open with 2 little strings of moist arousal clinging to either side.

Not that all of this wasn’t weird enough but now to realize that my mom was getting off on getting me off.

As she settled herself next to me, her top once again split open presenting me with her other boob. Her soft hands sliding effortlessly around my hard cock as I was transfixed on her beautiful breast.

I broke my gaze long enough to know that I had been caught. Looking up at my mom, it was apparent that she had been watching me ogle her boob. Yet the only sounds to be heard were from my increased breathing and the sloshing sound of her hand on my dick. She did nothing in response to my lusting.

Obvious that all the teasing was meant to be, I once again returned my eye’s to her breast. With that, I was surprised by a feeling that the though of has become unpleasant only to find it highly arousing now. She took my cock in her other hand and slid the other down and over my balls.

With her having to reach across her body to grab my cock, her belt finally gave way and open. Barely hanging on to her shoulders, her kimono opened exposing the entire front side of my mother. I had never seen such a sexy woman.

Rolling my balls around in her slick fingers and her other hand fist fucking my cock, it was inevitable that I was going to cum soon.

“Oh God mom, I am going to cum soon,”

She continued stroking my cock as she reached for the towel. Positioning it on my stomach, I didn’t think that she would have covered enough. Again, I just went with the flow.

In this case, the flow was my semen that was about to spray everywhere again.

“Ooooooooh god mooom, I’m cumming.”

As my cock clenched up, mom rolled her hand over the head. I exploded shooting load after powerful load into her hand as she began massaging my hot jizz in my cock flesh. I could feel the amount of cum that she was trapping as it was now running down either side of my balls and into my ass crack.

Mom must have also noticed this, “oops, better not get the bed wet,” she said as she dove her free hand between my ass crack and began scooping up the jizz that had already crossed my anus. She cleaned it all, repeatedly rubbing her slick fingers over my butt hole.

Unsure as to why but this seemed to prolong my orgasm. I did eventually finish and mom had successfully kept my sheets dry, even at the cost of her literally fingering cum from my ass. Her cock hand resembled a bats wing with a each finger connect to the next by a massive amount of semen.

As cool as ever, mom spoke up “yep, you were definitely ready and in need of that. Let me clean you up so we can get back to sleep.”

Exhausted and in pure nirvana, I just laid there and let her do her thing. She was cleaning me off with the towel betting everywhere that had gotten wet. Once finished, she threw the towel to the floor and began to climb back over me to get off the bed.

She made no attempt to address her kimono malfunction. Instead, I was again presented with the fully nude version of my mother. This time as I looked at her pussy, it was very apparent how wet her pussy had become. There wasn’t an inch around her crotch or inner thighs that wasn’t glistening with pussy juice.

While stretching her leg for the floor, her weight shifted bringing her sloppy wet pussy down on my hip. She more dragged it from me than lifting off, leaving a nice wet pool of my mothers cum next to my deflated dick.

Bending over me, she kissed me on the forehead which left me staring at both of her tit’s a mear 12 inches from my face.

“Now get to sleep and have pleasant dreams.”

Chuckling I said “yeah, ok, pleasant dreams it is then.”

I Hadn’t made it to sleep yet before I was beginning to hear a faint noise coming through the walls. I then determined that the faint sounds I was hearing we’re soft moans emanating from my mothers room.

The next morning went as normal, My mother helps me out of bed, she helps me use the bathroom and then we sit and have breakfast and coffee.

As she sat down next to me in her flannel boxers and thin tank top, I broke in with “Hey mom, can we talk.”

“Of course we can, you can talk to me about anything son. You know that.”

I again spoke up, “what was that about last night? I mean don’t you find it the slightest bit out of normal?”

“Ok, so yes, at first it did feel weird but then something changed inside me. Would you like a bite or drink before I continue?”

I said a drink would be nice. She lifted the cup to my mouth and I sipped at the warm coffee.

“So let me explain myself and maybe it will make sense to you. Since your father died, I have been in a very dark place. I try my hardest to put on this facade of a woman who has moved on, but I haven’t.”

“Both you and your sister we’re out of the house and now, the only man that I have ever loved was also gone. You had stayed close enabling you to look after me, but honestly, my whole life, my whole existence died with your father.”

“I was a homemaker without a home, I was a mother with no children, I was a wife with no husband, I was nothing. That all changed when you had your accident. For me it was the bright spot in an otherwise bad situation.”

“I was instantly forced back into mother mode. It actually did feel like I just brought home a new baby. I never gave a second thought to anything that I was doing with you. I was just doing what a mom needed to do.”

“You still good, do you want another drink or a bite of food?”

While listening to her, my throat had become increasingly drier, so a drink would be good. “A drink please, orange juice.”

The orange juice seemed like it would be better on my dry throat plus it had a straw with it, easier to pull a quenching amount of fluid into my throat.

Continuing, “the eureka moment for me came that first time I had masturbated you. At first I was still doing it out of ‘duty,’ but then when you came it hit my face like a ton of bricks. I, for some unknown reason, felt totally complete.”

“I had thought on it for the next few days and came to the realization that, I was once again a homemaker, a mother and now a wife. Now I know that sounds weird but listen, I take care of the house, I cook dinner for you, I make a home for you.”

“I bathe you, I feed you, I wipe your ass for you, I mother you. Now I am in a position where I am also servicing you. As innocent as it may be, I am still making sure that ALL your needs are being taken care of, wifely things.”

“Having all of these responsibilities back, I once again feel like I have a purpose in life. I find that it doesn’t matter that you are my son, it is my man that I am keeping happy. I love you and thank you for bringing me out from the depths.”

Wow was all I could say, that was pretty deep I thought. For some strange reason, it also made sense.

“Well, I am glad to see a smile on your face again that doesn’t seem painted. I do also love you and would do anything to help you get through this thing with dad.”

“You’re the best son,” she said as she threw her arms around my neck and started sobbing in my ear. “I love you so much.”

After a minute, she released me, sat back down and offered me another drink before taking a drink of her own.


“yes,” she replied.

“I heard you last night.”

With a fake puzzled look, she asked “you heard what last?”

“You, through the walls after you went back to bed.”

Mom’s face turned a deep shade of red as lowered her head and spoke, “Oh my, son. I am so sorry. I had tried to stay quiet. I promise that you won’t ever hear anything like that again.”

I began to laugh at the thought of her Jacking me off yet she is embarrassed by my hearing her masturbate. “Are you kidding me, mom? You have no problem jerking me but you’re shy about the fact that you also masturbate.”

Still red, she quickly rebutted with “I have done it for you because it was causing you physical pain and not for any weird sexual gratification on my part.”

She already knew that she wasn’t going to be able to talk her way around this, but I wanted to make sure that she was cornered in this debate so I kindly kept feeding the fire. “Ok, and let me guess, you also had a unfixable wardrobe malfunction last night?”

“That’s right,” she said sticking to her guns.

Time to drop the granddaddy of all incriminating evidence on her.


This time she just looked at me as if unsure of what was coming next.

“Well, because of your ‘wardrobe malfunction,’ I was checking you out.”

“I know, son. I caught you staring and I am ok with that.” She replied as if that was my big question or confession.

“Yeah but what you might not know is that when you climbed over me to get off the bed, I also noticed how,” clearing my throat again “how do I put it, how aroused you had become.”

“Son, just like your erections it is also natural for a woman to have a reaction to stimulation.” Changing her tone with the change of subject, she shot back “Jeff, just what exactly are you driving at with this questioning.”

“Oh, I’m sorry, it was really nothing. I guess I saw an opportunity to elbow you a little.”

Not buying that answer she replied with a drawn out “Are you sure it was nothing, your questions were pretty heavy. I find it hard to believe it was all just to jab at me?”

“Ok, but don’t think weird of me for having this thought, ok?”

“I would never, jeff”

“Ok, so last night after you went back to your room to NOT masturbate, I heard you moaning. The actual very first thought that had came to mind was, Why on earth is she in there masturbating when 10 minutes ago she had a perfectly healthy dick in her hands that she could have used.”

“Again son, I masturbate you off because you will become sore without release. I feel needed again which makes me happy. I masturbate for pretty much the same reason. A woman can only handle so much unfulfilled arousal before she also needs some ‘release’.”

“Well mom, that is exactly where my next thought came from. The thought was that if I had a ‘Medical’ reason for you to get me off and you have your own unsatisfied needs, why don’t we just kill 2 birds with 1 stone.”

“Wait a minute, am I hearing you right. Are you saying that you want to have sex with you mother?”

“Not really. What I am saying is that I think a vagina would be a nice change from a hand and guess what, you happen to have one. I know that you can’t say that you don’t get unsolicited pleasure from jacking me off only to return to your room to release your own tension. What I am saying is that I am sure that it has been a while for you also. Mom, you need some dick and guess what, I happen to have one.”

“I can’t believe i’m hearing this. More so, I can’t believe that I am even entertaining the thought of having sex with my son.” She slightly shook her head as it still hung low.

“Mom, the first time that you jerked me off, you told me to close my eyes and imagine anyone else. At that point, it was strictly physical contact. You can use my penis for your needs and in turn, I can use your vagina for my needs. You can just close your eye’s and think about whoever or whatever you like. All I see is a win win for both of us.”

“I don’t know. Jeff, I just don’t think I could do it, I’m sorry.”

“It was really just a thought anyway, like I said, it was nothing.”

With that we continued with our breakfast with small chit chat.

The rest of the day was pretty normal except for one slight difference. When she took me to the bathroom, instead of gripping my cock like she had been doing, she held my flesh between her finger and thumb like she used to.

Had she thought that I had crossed a line earlier and was now back to focused mom. It actually made me feel like an ass for my actions in the morning. Even my bath was very matter of fact like.

She did bathe me like normal, she washed my crotch like normal and I got an erection like normal. But now there was no hint of playfulness or a slight tease, it was very ‘nurse’ like.

After my bath, everything up to bed was just any other day. She tucked me in, set the TV timer, kissed me on the forehead and told me good night as she left my room. A half hour later, I was out.

It was approaching a week since mother last jerked me off and I was starting to feel it. Everything had gone as routine as could be expected. My days were pretty boring with my mom trying her best to keep me occupied and entertained.

For the first couple of days, even my bathroom stuff was pretty vanilla. It wasn’t until the third day that thing returned to ‘my new’ normal. Morning wood strikes again.

What is different about this morning wood vs. any other of my erections, you may ask. Well, it actually had nothing to do with my chub.

My mother again directed me to the bathtub but this time she was prepared. She grabbed ahold of my shaft and made sure that there was no way for a repeat performance of the last time.

As my pee began to flow she reacted by yelling at my cock. “Ha, your not going to get me this time!”

For a brief moment, the only sound to be heard was of my urine splashing in the tub. I couldn’t help it, I busted out laughing hysterically. My mother wrestled with my hard cock as she tried to maintain control as it had a mind of its own with me laughing.

Unfortunately, her efforts were all in vain as a few drop managed to find her arm again. Surprisingly, she busted out laughing along with me.

While she was laughing but still gripping my shaft, she managed to say “dammit, thats twice now!”

With both of us laughing, it almost felt like my mom was jacking me off. Whether she was or not, it started to feel good. All the way to the point that when I finished peeing, she shook my dry, tucked it back into my boxers and we continued on with our day.

I didn’t write it off completely as I filed it way to the back leaving a little hope that this could be the beginning of the way things were. Hope had taken a beating all day as things like, peeing or my bath.

There was nothing wrong about them, it was just like, peeing for example. After the first time I had that morning wood she would grip my penis the same way every time I had to pee. After that next morning wood, she has gone back to finger and thumb.

And my bath, even though I had a raging hard-on, mom still did the cleaning she needed to do and then continued on. I hadn’t started feeling sore yet but I was sure as hell getting ‘frustrated’.

That night as she put me to bed, it was also pretty routine. She tucked me in, set the TV timer, kissed me on the forehead and said good night pleasant dreams.

“Hey mom, before you leave I wanted to give you a heads up about something.”

“What is it Jeff?”

“I just wanted you to know that it is getting to be ‘that’ time again.”

“Oh really? Are you starting to hurt? I have noticed that your erections have been more frequent and stronger.

“Well no, not yet but if I was going to explain it, it would be like this. Let’s say my testicals are like plums. Over ripe plums start to bruise and breakdown. If blue balls was the equivalent to an over ripened plum I would be at the very ripe stage. Very ripe for a plum mean that it is the best that it is ever going to be, from here on out it’s all downhill.”

Bursting out laughing “Oh my God, that is the funniest thing I’ve heard in a week, no, a month.” Turning for the door, she spoke over her shoulder “hey romeo, let me know when you are actually feeling pain.” And with that, she turned my desk lamp off and left.

I was actually feeling a little let down and whatever erection I may have had was definitely gone now.

The next day passed and then the next, nothing exciting. The sixth day would start off like every other day but surely wouldn’t end that way.

While bathing me she seemed to have been taking extra care of my package. Of course my cock was hard, always is with the bath. With her soapy hand she would stroke my shaft a couple of times and then wash something else.

She would cup my balls in her hands and swoosh them around before returning to my shaft for a couple more strokes. Then she washed my stomach up to the cast before returning to my cock.

Again giving a few slippery strokes, she would slide her hand over my balls and into my ass crack. I flinched a little as her slick finger slid over my asshole three or four times before she returned to my cock for the last time.

She pulled on my cock 2 more times before returning to my balls.

“By the way, how have you been getting along,” she said as she gave a small squeeze on my testicals. “Are they starting to hurt yet?”

I wanted to lie but couldn’t so I said, “well, they are feeling pretty tight lately.”

“But are you hurting yet?”

Again feeling frustrated I replied, “no, they are not hurting yet. But that doesn’t mean that they couldn’t use some attention before they start hurting.”

She had started pouring water over me to rinse the soap off which pretty much ended that subject. “Now now big boy, lets not jump the gun. Believe me, I don’t want you in pain. We will take care of it as soon as it starts to rear it’s ugly head again.”

I kind of got a little upset but then I felt bad for being upset. I realised that I was becoming selfish, and with my own mother none the less. How many other mother did I know that would masturbate their son even once. I did also know that it wasn’t going to be too long before I wouldn’t have to lie.

Bed time was the usual, tuck, TV, kiss, goodnight. Another ho hum day come and go, great. That was the last thought before drifting to sleep.

I didn’t know what time it was but I was awoken by a noise. I opened my eyes to a faint light shining in through my doorway.

Then I heard a whisper, “Jeff, are you awake?”

Looking through sleepy blurry eye’s, I could barely make out the silohette that shadowed the light.

“Yes mom, i’m awake, what’s up?”

“Good, now I want you to stay quiet.” As she said that, I could feel my mattress move at my feet like someone was getting on it.

I felt her crawling up the bed straddling my legs. As she got closer and my eyes began to adjust, I could make out her silohette much more defined. I what I saw was all curves, no material.

She reached up and grabbed my covers and slowly pulled them down towards my waist.

“Mom, what are you doing,” I asked.

The response that I got was a quick and simple “shhhh.”

With my covers down at my ankles, my mom slowly ran her hands up my legs finding the waistband to my boxers. This whole time I am admiring the soft glow emanating from around body.

As soon as the waistband pulled on my penis, it also began to wake up. What was she doing, I kept thinking to myself. Once she had pulled my second foot from my boxers she proceeded to make her way back up my legs.

She had her legs spread across my thighs and as she kept scooting up, I felt an instant warmth close over my balls. Had she just placed her pussy on my balls, I had asked myself.

A second later and I had my answer. She lifted my growing dick and rubbed against the fold of her lips. I felt a little friction at first, but once my dick had parted her lips, it was like opening the flood gates.

My cock was instantly covered with warm femininity. She continued rubbing my cock on her pussy, using the head to flick back and forth across her clit.

“Oh my God, mom. That feels so nice.”

Again the reply “shhh, just be quiet, I am not mom right now.”

That must be why I only get a silohette of this very beautiful woman.

She continued using my cock to masturbate with until it was fully hard. At this point, she laid my soaked dick on to my stomach and scooted up higher on my hips until she had my rock hard cock sandwiched between her dripping pussy and my stomach.

Reaching back, putting her hands on my legs for support, she began thrusting her hips back and forth, slowly jacking me off with her pussy lips.

Then she rose off me, lifted my dick with her fingers and proceeded with masturbation via my human didlo. With my shaft in her grasp, she rolled the head of my cock over every inch of wetness.

Every so often as she would make it back around pussy, she would ever so slightly dip the head into her wanting hole, scooping out more of her steamy goodness. With the fresh lube refill, she would mash my cock into her clit rubbing back and forth.

After a minute of clit attention, she continued on her journey. I felt my head once again sliding through the slick trench on it’s way towards her lust filled entrance. As my cock crested the outer wall of her hole, I felt a slight spring as it fell towards the awaiting hole.

She let it rest there for a few seconds, but instead of sinking down on me, like I was hoping she was, I again felt a pushing pressure from the other side of her hole.

Mom pushed on my shaft until the little bit of my dick that was in her broke free again. With my hard dick slightly bending, she continued forcing the head of my cock of the firmness of her taint.

As before, once my dick had crested her taint, it sprung again looking for the place of least resistance. This time is was her butthole. Still looking to release the stress, my cock pressed hard against her tight sphincter.

I was starting to feel her muscles relaxing as my cock very slowly began pushing its way through. But yet again, just as I think am making progress I feel the same pressure on my shaft.

Once the head broke free, for the second time, it again looked for the least resistance. It found it as it slid free of her ass before slapping back into her crack.

She reached back with her wet hand and held my shaft into the valley of her ass. Slowly she started to slide up and then down, fucking me with her ass checks.

The second that I let out a groan, she stopped. She lifted herself high enough that my cock once again sprung free slapping down on my still wet stomach. Her ass once again sat on my balls as she pulled my shaft back into her folds.

She didn’t use the head to massage her clit this time though, she used my whole dick. She held me in just the right way that she could rub her clit down the entire length.

This continued on for a minute as I heard the familiar moans from last week. With every thrust upward, she would get a slight bit higher on my shaft. Every thrust upward brought the head of my hard cock closer to the entrance of my birth canal.

Once she had risen enough for me to go in, she would teeter there for a moment before letting my cock slide back out and start another stroke with her clit on my shaft.

The teasing was becoming unbearable and she must have sensed it. As she finished another up stroke, she teased her entrance again. This time, I felt her hand push on my shaft as she released all of her weight and impaled herself onto my cock.

She took a large gasp of air as she hit bottom. We both stayed motionless as she got used to having a cock stretching her again after so much time. I was shivering as her tight womanhood clung to my shaft but was easily defeated by the overwhelming amount of fluid coating every surface. The warmth of this human cock glove made it feel like this is where it has needed to be the whole time.

While still impaled on me, she began grinding her hips on mine. Her pussy pulled my cock in every direction while she rode me. It didn’t take long to notice that my balls were beginning to tighten as her asshole smashed against them with every forward stroke.

Also sensing my impending orgasm, my mother slowly pulled herself off of me. The speed at which she slide off of my cock was slow enough that for the first time I could feel every texture of her inner pussy.

Just a few more slow strokes like that and I would have been the 4th of July. Thankfully it was a one way trip. She slid my 7 inches all the way out, again allowing it to slap against my stomach.

She sat back down on my balls and began rubbing her clit against the tight skin. As sex as this shapely silohette is, even the thought of what it must have looked like was hot. And as good as her soft smooth pussy felt as it pushed and pulled on my scrotum, it more so had a massage calming effect that seemed to have ‘settled’ me down.

Once she felt my testicles starting to loosen up, she moved forward sliding her slick pussy along the length of my shaft. Again using her hand, she lifted my hardness to her pussy and clit. She began lifting herself as she held me tight allowing her hard clit to march to the top on my cock mountain.

With the slit of my dick pressing against my mom’s hard round clit, she began moving me in circles. Small circles at first that grew into larger circles. After a few strokes, she just ran my cock head the entire length of her valley, over her clit to her asshole and everything between. Once she had it at her ass, she would stop there and tease her tight bud for a minute before making the return trip back to her clit.

I know that I am supposed to be imagining that it is someone else right now, but I couldn’t help thinking that my mother is into anal play. The thought that my mom may fuck my cock with her asshole didn’t turn me off, it did quite the opposite. Every time that she rubs my slick head around her asshole I held my breath wishing her to just lower herself.

Back to her clit and the teasing circles, only this time as she was making her way back to her asshole, without any indication, she released all of her weight and slammed the head of my cock to the back of her sloppy pussy.

At this point I was done trying to think of anyone else. I wanted this woman, the one with my 7 inches buried deep in her womb, the same womb from which my own birth took place. I wanted this woman to be my mom. Even if I wanted to think about another woman, she would have only made it more difficult due to her loud moaning which very much sounded like my mom.

She started to grind her hips into mine trying to take any last millimeter of my shaft. Within a minute, my mother was about to unleash a torrent of hot woman cum all over me. As her moaning became more intense, her pace at which she was fucking me increased.

It didn’t take long before my balls felt like they were being twisted in a vice. Mom’s hips were in all out bucking mode as she violently thrashed her pussy on my cock.

I slipped when I said, “Oh God mom, you’re gonna make me cum.”

The second that I said that, everything came to a complete stop. She froze motionless as she clenched tightly around my thick shaft. Not a moan to be heard, not anything.

I couldn’t imagine that she would have been that bothered by me saying ‘mom’. This whole time, she has a grip on my which also lead me to think that she didn’t want me to cum so she stopped and is holding me back.

Actually the opposite was happening. With as close as she had gotten me, this constant pressure on my cock was enough to quickly build up my impending orgasm. It did however hold back my release for a moment.

Not being able to see in the dark room, I couldn’t see anything of what she was doing. I just knew that the instant that I announce that I am cumming, she was going to fly off me. But hey, what am I to do about any of this.

“Mommmm, I’mm cummmmmmming.”

At that same instant, my cock began to pulsate as it was blocked by her grip. Instead of flying off, she let out the loudest exhale as my cock set off a chain reaction that shot me through the roof.

She didn’t stop to hold me back, she had stopped because she was on the verge of her own orgasm. She was clenching my cock instinctively, but the instant that I had first pulsed inside of her, it triggered her orgasm.

As she began her orgasm, her pussy went from clenching to spasming. The release of the constant pressure allowed my cock to finally unload its contents.

She was gasping for air as her son’s dick started hosing her deepest inner sanctuary. Her pussy spasms continue to amplify with every shot of my hot semen.

Just as fast as she had stopped, she started bucking on my cock again, even while I was still spraying her insides. She was having a second orgasms. I know the first time that she had made me cum, I had allot of pent up pressure and it released accordingly. The next time was a weeks worth of build up, and even that little time managed to build up some pretty strong back pressure.

It was now, a week later and if this load was anything like the other two, there is going to be a huge mess to clean up down there.

When she finally slowed to a stop, she began lifting off me. She grasped my shaft with her hand as it effortlessly slid from her dripping pussy. laying my cock on my stomach, she rested her sloppy gash on my shaft and slowly rocked back and forth as glob after steaming hot glob of our cum dripped down over my deflating dick.

Once all of the cum that would drip out had, she slowly started scooting her way back down my legs. Still nothing had been said and I thought that she was backing off the bed, but then she leaned forward dangling her hard nipples on my thighs.

The next thing I know, she started maneuvering herself between my legs. Her breasts were still dancing on my thighs but now she was laying on my bed with a leg on ether side of her. From my angle and the dimness of the light, all I could make out was a head of hair and her glistening shoulders.

My confusion was instantly clarified as I felt her lips touch the skin of my stomach followed by a slurping sound. She was sucking up all of the cum that had pooled on my stomach.

This was wild. First my mother fucks her son and then lets me blow a huge load inside her, now she was eating her son’s cum. She slurped all over my stomach before moving down to my balls where she pulled both of them into her mouth.

She was sucking the cum from my scrotum occasionally letting them fall from her lips so she could lick the cum that had flowed between my inner thigh and balls.

Taking my balls back into her mouth, she slid an arm under each of my knees and lifted. With my moms face buried in my, I was now in a spread eagle pose. She continued sucking my balls while I laid there in amazement of how fucken hot my mom was tonight.

As she tugged on my scrotum, one of my testicles popped out from between her lip’s followed by the other. The next thing I felt was a tongue press against the base of my spin and start to drag up into my crack.

After all that has happened tonight, I didn’t think there was anything else that would have surprised me until I felt that tongue licking the cum that had flowed down my ass crack.

I could feel my very well used penis fighting the urge to stiffen again as she worked her tongue up towards my asshole. The instant that her tongue did make it to my ass, I felt a shock go up the entire length of my spine.

Her tongue disappeared as she swallowed the cum that she had already scooped up. When she returned, her tongue immediately went straight back to my asshole. First she licked at it like a popsicle, but then she started jabbing at my virgin ass followed by more licking.

By this point, my penis has lost the battle with my blood and quickly began inflating again. I still could not believe that my mother had her tongue digging cum from ass.

No matter what I thought about anal play really didn’t make a difference as I was at the mercy of my mother anyway. But I have to admit that what she was doing was lighting me up like nothing before.

She continued for a moment longer before removing her tongue to again swallow the cum that it had collected.

Once she had cleaned all the cum from my asshole, she let her tongue slide up the underside of my now hard cock. She was kissing my shaft as she was cleaning our combined juices from my cock. As soon as she felt that she had cleaned my shaft, she made her way to the head.

In one steady motion, she slid her tongue up my shaft to the head where it instantly disappeared between her lips. I could feel her warm suction as she pulled any remaining jizz from my cock.

It was blowing my mind that my mother was now blowing my cock. Unfortunately, it was very short lived. Strickly a clean-up job and not a second round, she pulled on my head a couple more times before removing herself from me.

Coming straight from my cock that had blown a massive amount of jizz in her pussy, she stretched forward and kissed me on my mouth with her cum slick lips before wishing me goodnight.

In total bewilderment, I watched the naked silohette of my mother pull my sheets up before turning to leave my room. Speechless, I watched as she exited, closing the door behind her.

Fortunately I had just released a large load, so the erection that she had caused a second time quickly deflated as I laid there basking in the afterglow. What a very strange and weird situation that was, I thought.

How will this change our relationship? Will this be a one time thing? Do I want it to be a one time thing? As the fresh scent of sex lingered in my room, I quickly drifted back to sleep with these thoughts running through my mind.

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Donny Jones wrote

That was a very good story, you us hanging you need to write another chapter page.

Nutter Butter wrote

Nice! Needs a follow-up.

Carl Anderson wrote

great story

SonWhoLovesHisMom wrote

That was incredibly hot! I loved the drawn-out, well-elaborated mom/son pussy fuck. Had me rock-hard and wishing I was the son.

dilligaf wrote

you must continue this please

dirtypics59 wrote

Great story, I can’t wait to read more

brutust wrote

Great story almost worth being laid up for. I hope that’s not the end of it I hope your mom gave you some anal sex on a regular basis for that point on. Nothing like having a mother that will satisfy you sexually.

edwin charlesworth wrote

A very well written and sexy story. The build up was very good, You should of course do follow up stories.