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The Match

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“Ever wrestle before?”

It was an odd question to come out of nowhere from someone I had just barely got to know. I stopped walking and looked down at my skinny frame for a moment, then back to the face of my college schoolmate.

“Are you kidding?” I replied, laughing. “Do I look like a wrestler to you?”

Perry, who really wasn’t that much bigger than me physically, chuckled and rolled his eyes.

“Okay, not really. But I thought I’d ask because you and I are kinda the same size, and I’m needing to get some wrestling practice.”

“You’re on the wrestling team?” I asked Perry, maybe a bit too surprised, as I looked him over.

“No, but my brother said I should try out because I’m tall for my weight and I might do okay in that weight class. And I thought that someone skinny like you might be a good way to find out if I might have a chance.”

‘Someone skinny like you’. I don’t know, but I think Perry actually meant that as a compliment. He and I had known each other for maybe three weeks now and we were becoming closer friends. I wasn’t sure how close, but I wanted to get closer. It’s just not easy to blurt out of nowhere to another guy that you’d love to suck his dick without knowing if he will say yes, run away, or punch you in the mouth.

But this was still a little odd. Still, I figured that this would be my opportunity to feel my friend out, so to speak. I admit that the thought of rolling around on the floor with Perry was making my dick stir in anticipation.

“What the hell,” I said. “Why not?”

The next evening I drove to the address Perry had written down for me. It was a duplex that he and his brother rented, only about a mile from the college, so I walked the distance. I didn’t really have any wrestling ‘uniform’, so I was just wearing some running shorts and a t-shirt. In fifteen minutes I had made the trip and was knocking on the door.

Perry answered the door clad only in a pair of boxers. He was lean but toned, with virtually no hair on his torso, save for a faint trail that ran down from his navel and disappeared into his shorts. The sudden sight of him like that excited me so much that I would have happily dropped to my knees and gobbled down his dick right there in the doorway if he asked.

I didn’t realize how much I had been staring at him until he said, “Dude, if you want to see more, you’ll have to come inside.”

See more? I wasn’t sure how to take his remark, but I shrugged it off and stepped in. Once inside, I was greeted by a well-muscled hunk emerging from the kitchen. He was about 6’1″, and about 210 pounds or so. If anyone looked like a wrestler in this place at the moment, it was this guy.

“Chad,” said Perry, “this is my good friend from school I told you about.”

Pleasantly surprised to learn that I had been upgraded to ‘good friend’, I reached out and shook Chad’s meaty hand.

“So, you’re gonna help my little brother see if he’s a wrestler or not, huh?” asked Chad. His tone sounded genuine; not demeaning or dismissive.

“Yeah, I guess,” I said, silently trying to size up Perry with his much bigger brother. “But I gotta tell you I’m not much of a wrestler.”

“No prob,” said Chad with a wave of his hand. “Neither is Perry. Tonight’s just about basic moves. It’s for fun.”

I had to admit that the thought of writhing around nearly naked with another good-looking guy definitely sounded like fun to me. My only real concerns would be just how badly I would wrestle and whether or not I’d get a tell-tale hard-on while in close bodily contact with my friend. Either one would be pretty embarrassing.

I had to also admit that Perry’s older brother was one hot-looking guy in his tank top and tight shorts. Chad had certainly gotten the lion’s share of muscles in the family.

“He’s as big as both of us.”

“Huh?” I said, startled at Perry’s remark.

“I said that Chad is as big as both you and I put together,” repeated Perry.

I hadn’t realized that I was staring, but it was evident Perry had read my thoughts there. I wondered if Perry also read the thought that I’d happily do his brother, too? Fantasies, fantasies…

A couple minutes later we were standing in the small living room. All of the furniture (what little there actually was) had been pushed to the walls. In the center was a 10-foot square inflatable kiddie pool, resting on a number of what appeared to be furniture moving blankets. The Ring of Death, it wasn’t.

Seeing that I seemed slightly overdressed compared to Perry, I stripped myself of my shoes, and then my shirt, all the while under the watchful eyes of the brothers. Nothing was said, but the silence hinted that maybe I also needed to take off the running shorts.

Perry and I stepped into the ‘ring’ and faced each other, semi-embarrassed grins on our faces. I think we both stole glances at each others’ underwear-shielded bulges as we stood there, which made me wonder if Perry might have somehow read my thoughts at some time before.

“Remember guys,” said Chad, breaking the awkward silence, “you don’t have to fight. You’re not trying to hurt each other. You’re just trying to get used to how you make physical contact and establish control over your opponent.”

Perry and I nodded at Chad.

“Go!” he barked.

At the sudden sound of Chad’s command Perry and I reached out towards each other and immediately went for each others’ arms, each trying to control the weight and angle of the other. My hands slipped off of Perry’s biceps and I quickly fell into a chest-to-chest embrace with him. The feel of our skin coming together was an odd shock for me, which Perry seemed to use to his advantage as his weight against me cased my knees to give and drop me to the slightly padded ground with Perry on top of me.

Now I was on my back with Perry’s body on mine. We were both writhing as I tried to squirm out from beneath Perry and he strove to keep me on the bottom. Our legs worked against each other and I could feel his penis press at me through his underwear. The sensation started to excite me and build a pressure in my own meat.

Try as he might, Perry couldn’t get both of my shoulders pinned. I thought my best bet to control things might be to use my legs, so I lifted them and wrapped them around Perry’s hips, interlocking my ankles for leverage and trying to wrestle Perry over. I wasn’t having any luck rolling us over, but my move had suddenly opened me to a new sensation of Perry’s member being pushed against the crack of my butt. My leg brace had anchored him to me and I could actually feel his dick getting a little harder each time our moves pushed our bodies tighter together. I briefly wondered if we were wrestling or dry-humping.

“Okay, ladies,” Chad called. “quit fucking and let go of each other.”

Perry and I started to laugh. But it was an odd, shared laugh, as if something had connected between us.

“Okay,” said Chad, reaching under his seat. “Let’s make this challenging. Off with the panties.”

I looked at Perry and saw what had to be a mirrored reflection of my own shocked expression. But, we did as we were told and stripped down our underwear. Now we were face-to-face, and quite naked. I liked what I saw in Perry’s physique, but I was completely in love with the man-sausage I saw between his legs. I only hoped my dick didn’t spring up too quickly and give away my excitement. I swear if Chad wasn’t there, I’d have been on my knees and sucking on Perry’s tube-steak before he could blink.

“Now,” said Chad, “let’s get down in the referee’s position. Donny, you’re on your hands and knees.”

Okay, I liked that already.

“Perry,” Chad continued, “you’re kneeling on Donny’s left. Wrap your right arm around him and place your palm on his belly button and put your left hand on his elbow.”

Perry did as Chad instructed wrapping his arm around me. His hand brushed my dick, actually grasping it briefly, as he reached towards my stomach which sent a bolt of electricity to me.

“Oops, too low,” he whispered close to me, chuckling.

‘Do that again’, I thought, smiling to myself. I could feel Perry’s prick against my left thigh, a sensation made even more pleasant when Perry scooted in a little tighter and squeezed it between us.

“Now let’s make it interesting,” Chad said.

He leaned over Perry and me and started to squirt baby oil all over us, and not just a small amount! “This will make you work a little… harder. GO!”

Perry pulled on my elbow as he leaned his weight towards me. I tried to resist him and started to gain some anchorage in my stance, but the slippery effect of the baby oil started to take effect and we both started losing grip. Our hands began to glide over each other as we tried to find some sort of purchase to gain an advantage over the other.

Just when Chad’s dose of baby oil started to thin out on our skin, he squeezed the bottle and squirted another stream of the slick stuff on us as we moved. Now I could see where the slick surface of the kiddie pool came in; to keep the oil from soaking into the carpet. But it also created a surface that began to give up any friction that might allow us to gain traction. It was certainly making the match more of a challenge.

It was also taking the match from an athletic contest to a close-contact experience that was exciting the crap out of me. There is no avoiding the eroticism of Perry’s and my bodies sliding all over each other. And there was no way that I was going to avoid displaying my excitement as my cock quickly filled with blood. But I began to sense that the experience was also having an effect on Perry as well.

I could feel his member slapping me and poking me as we tried to grab each other, and I was confident that mine was doing the same to him. As we tried to grasp at limbs, there was no way to avoid grabbing the stiff sex limbs that had grown on us. Perry even openly grabbed my rock-hard pole to try to use that as another source of anchorage, much to my excitement. I began to return the favor just as openly, taking advantage of the opportunities to grasp Perry’s thin but long member.

More baby oil rained on us. Now our erections were openly slipping between our copiously oiled bodies, and our movements seem more focused on just trying to hold onto each other more than wrestle. Perry and I were writhing into each other, legs wrapping around each other, erect nipples poking into the others’ flesh against as oily chests mashed against each other, rock-hard cocks being ground between us as more baby oil flowed

Perry and I were now openly laughing as we seemed to be embracing each other more than out-and-out wrestling. Perry let go of my legs from his and tried to spin around. When I turned my body, Perry tried to garb me in a headlock between his thighs and his greased cock and balls were smeared all over my face. I bent at the waist and tried to do the same to Perry, not really grabbing a hold of his head sufficiently, but he slid between my thighs nonetheless. We both seemed to not mind the odd 69 position, and we both seemed to deliberately rub our faces into each others’ sex as we giggled like schoolgirls.

I took a chance and for a brief moment opened my mouth and let Perry’s dick fall into it, careful not to let my teeth come in contact with the delicate skin. I wrapped my lips around it and was suddenly in heaven. Perry drew his hips back a little bit and I feared that I might have angered him with my bold, sexual move until he actually thrust his hips and face-fucked my mouth for a few brief strokes. I then felt his tongue lick the head of my tool a couple strokes. I was ready to take this thing all the way, but the thought of actually sucking off Perry in front of his older, macho brother made me rethink it.

Perry pulled his sweet rod from my mouth and spun around, the baby oil offering absolutely no means of resistance as his head easily slipped from between my legs. He lurched up and grabbed my body as he straddled my hips, bringing us face-to-face once more. Perry’s erect pole poked against my stomach as my cock slipped between his legs when Perry clamped his thighs together around it.

At that moment wrestling literally turned into fucking as my cock slid back and forth within the slippery crotch of my handsome friend. I thrust my hips upwards, driving my dick in the slick crevice and feeling it reach open air as the head slipped all the way past his thin thighs and the upper side of my tool rubbed at the crack of Perry’s butt. I briefly wondered what that much have looked like to Chad, who still hadn’t said a word when the match turned openly sexual, but right now I didn’t care what he might think.

Perry’s legs let go of my prick before I reached the point of orgasm and with a few more almost-wrestling moves he had me rolled over face down and was on my back, pinning me face down. I tried to push up and maybe throw Perry off of me, but there was no way I could get enough of a purchase with my hands to do so. We were still writhing and grinding, the wrestling forcing Perry’s steel cock deeper between the cheeks of my ass. Before I knew it, the head of Perry’s cock had somehow located my ass hole and seemed to poke and probe my anus until with a single, dedicated thrust, Perry’s rock hard pole slid easily into my receptive rectum.

There was no hint of wrestling now, it was fucking, pure and simple. Perry was taking long, deliberate strokes, working his cock deeper and deeper into my ass with each thrust. I began meeting his pelvic pumping with a rocking motion of my own. Perry then pulled on me and I let my body flow with him until Perry was on his back, and I was sitting on him with his cock forced to the hilt in my aching rectum. Perry’s dick never slipped from my ass in the move that now had me upright and facing away from him and he didn’t miss a single glorious stroke in the move.

It took some effort with the slick vinyl beneath my knees, but I started to bob my body on Perry’s fuck pole, closing my eyes and reveling in the sensation of his member drilling into my intestines. Perry reached around with a hand and began to jack off my meat, the baby oil making the motions smooth and wonderful.

When I opened my mouth to catch a deep breath and inhaled a musky make scent as flesh touched my lips. I opened my eyes to find Chad, just as naked as Perry and me, holding an incredible man-sized hard-on in his hand. He placed a hand on my head to steady and quickly fed his massive tool into my open mouth. Chad rocked his pelvis, fucking my welcoming mouth while Perry arched his hips upward and drove his dick as deep as possible into me from below while still masturbating me.

I was now the sexual connecting point between the two brothers, their delicious rods being driven into me from both directions. Every sexual fantasy I had ever conjured in my mind could never compare to the bliss I was now feeling as my body was literally filled with cock.

Suddenly, Chad and Perry began to moan as their fucking motions became erratic. Moans turned into howls as I felt a warmth saturating my intestines, followed immediately by a flood of semen erupting into my mouth while Chad held my head in check. I swallowed as best I could, sucking down the salty fluid just on the verge of choking. At the same moment, Perry’s lubricated strokes of my own throbbing tool finally took me to a sweet, needed climax that made my guts tighten to the point of nearly expelling Perry’s dick from my ass and my cock exploded with streams of cum that didn’t seem to want to subside.

A few moments later we were all sitting in the kiddie pool wrestling ring, our heads resting against an inflated side, catching our breath while absent-mindedly fondling each others spent members when Perry said, “We gotta do this again.”

“Any time Donny is willing,” sighed Chad.

“That would be any time,” I chimed in, feeling satisfied beyond words.

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