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The Mailboy

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Nancy, this is not right. I need the graph to the right of the text not centered above it, and the spacing is way off. Try using a ½ inch margin. I want this down to one page.”

“Yes, Ms. Buchanan. I’m right on it.”

Laura Buchanan turned her back on her faithful secretary and headed back to her office, when she heard…

“Picky, picky, picky”

She swiveled to see the mailboy, ghetto as usual, with a grin on his face. “Excuse, me?”

“There is no excuse for talking to people that way. Ever heard of ‘please’?”

“And you are?”

“Jamal. Jamal Washburn.”

“Whatever, mailboy. I suggest you take your mail-dispensing, smart-ass back down to the mail room where your baggy jeans belong.”

“Whew. Ok, Ms. Buchanan. I’ll leave you to your secretarial abuse,” He said with a laugh. “Good day, Nancy. And Good luck.”

Laura went to her office and looked out upon the cityscape. “The nerve of that hoodlum talking to me like that,” she thought. Laura wasn’t interested in taking anyone’s crap. She was always the crap giver. She wore the label Bitch like a medal of honor. Being the only female partner in her firm took balls, ironically enough. Being the youngest took the kind of hard work and attention to detail no mailroom flunkie could ever understand. “Screw him,” she thought and returned to her presentation material. As usual, she threw herself into her work.

Next day, the presentation went off without a hitch. Laura knew she grabbed the account and felt like celebrating. She decided to treat herself to an afternoon at the spa. She cleared her schedule with Nancy, even gave her the afternoon off. Nancy took advantage of this unusual generosity and headed out with a brief, “See ya.”

Laura sat down at Nancy’s desk to check tomorrow’s appointments so she would not get caught slipping.

“What’s this? Nancy finally left your mean behind, huh?”

Laura looked up to see the smart ass mail guy from yesterday. “The mailboy. What an unpleasant surprise.”

“It’s Jamal. And it’s good to see you too Laura.”

Laura? “I was having a good day. Why don’t you leave the mail and move on?”

“Alright Laura, have it your way.” Jamal dropped a package in the in box and turned to go.

“Oh and this Laura thing is a little too familiar for my taste. Ms. Buchanan will do nicely.”

“Laura, you need to loosen up.”

“What do you know about what I need?”

“I know exactly what you need. And if you are ever game enough to find out, give me a call.” Jamal scribbled his number on a post-it and stuck it to Nancy’s desk. He walked away without a second glance.

“Presumptuous Bastard,” Laura muttered. She crumpled the post it and put it in her coat pocket on her way to the spa. During her massage, she let her mind wander. It drifted to Jamal. She’d heard from girlfriends that ‘thug love’ was something special. It could be a good stress reliever, if nothing else. She let her thoughts move to sex with Jamal. A heated, passionate, sweaty fuck would be a good end to this day, she thought. She left the spa with enough sexual energy to light a city block.

She took out her cell phone and the post it. Lets do this before I lose the nerve. Jamal picked up on the third ring.

“Ms. Buchanan. I was just thinking of you.” Damn caller id. No hanging up now.

“Jamal, hey. How are you?”

“I’m swell. But Laura, you can cut the small talk. Why’d you call?”

“Honestly, I was thinking of your offer.”

“Yeah, me too. I’m cooking dinner, have you eaten?”

“No, I haven’t”

“Then come on over.” He gave her is address and she arrived shortly thereafter. The neighborhood looked a little sketchy. Laura double-checked her car alarm as she walked up to the entrance of what looked to be a condemned warehouse.

Jamal answered the door in a sweater and cords. Looking casually handsome. Funny, she hadn’t noticed his shoulders before. His caramel self, looked pretty good.

“Welcome.” Jamal took her coat and led her into a fashionable loft.

“I love your place. All this open space and these windows are incredible.”

“Thanks. The place was a steal after they busted the sweat shop.”

Laura laughed and tried to get beyond feeling over dressed. At least today’s business suit was tailored to her hourglass figure.

Jamal offered Laura a glass of wine as she seated herself on a barstool next to the kitchen island.

“Pepperwood” She said after taking a sip. “Nice choice.”

“Yeah, it should go well with the grilled salmon. And I’m going to make a quick salad, if you don’t mind keeping it light.”

Laura raised an eyebrow and said, “Sounds good.”

Jamal caught the look on her face. “Forget you Ms. Bourgeois. Like this ghetto boy should only know about McDonald’s and malt liquor.”

“I’m not saying that. Just surprised, that’s all.”

Jamal finished dinner and continued surprising Laura throughout the meal. They discussed politics, religion, and racism in America. Laura was enjoying the night and realized they had not mentioned sex at all. Good conversation be damned. She was still horny and it was getting late. Laura decided to call it a bust.

“Jamal, thanks for a pleasant dinner, but I’m going to call it a night.” He could hear the disappointment in her voice

“I enjoyed myself, I hope we can do it again sometime.”

“Yeah, dinner was nice and you can hold your own in a debate.”

“We’ll definitely have to do this again, I never got around to showing you what you need.”

“That’s right, I almost forgot,” she lied. “What is it that I need Jamal?”

“This.” He came around to her side of the table, held her face in his hands and leaned in for a kiss. It was demanding and without pretense. He wasn’t kissing her. He was taking possession of her mouth without any hint of tenderness.

He pulled her up roughly, and began to undress her. Laura’s suit fell to the floor with astonishing speed. She watched as her favorite Armani formed itself into a heap. Jamal backed her towards an alcove hidden behind a high wall of glass blocks. The most amazing, 4-poster, king-sized bed awaited them. Her underwear went as quickly as the suit. She was positioned against the massive oak pillar as Jamal undressed. He took his time, watching Laura take in his body. Jamal was muscular with an athlete’s build: wide shoulders, tapered waist and strong legs. Laura felt somewhat self-conscious of her more than ample hips and rounded ass. Her breasts were large and full. She tried to cover herself as Jamal’s gaze became a stare. He stepped to her in one swift stride.

“What the fuck are you doing?” His voice was raised. Jamal seemed truly angered.

“It’s just….”

“It’s just what? You have some issues with your body? You want some white girl’s thin legs or nonexistent ass?” Jamal pulled Laura’s hands away from her body. His voice lowered. “I love your big titties. I could spend all day right here.” Jamal put his face between the large orbs of flesh and licked the softness he found on either side.

“And these hips,” Jamal’s hands traveled the arc with reverence. Unknowingly, he had found Laura’s one insecurity. She squirmed underneath him as if to escape his embrace.

“God dammit, where are you trying to go?”

“Look, Jamal, we don’t have to pretend like we’re lovers. I’m looking for a good lay and then we can go back to the office like nothing happened. Let’s just fuck and leave the touchy feely stuff out of this.”

“See, that’s your problem. You always want to be in control, but that is about to change.”

Jamal had a strange look in his eye as he pushed Laura onto the bed. He reached under the bed and came back with a handful of silk ribbon. Laura’s eyes widened as she realized what was next. Jamal straddled her chest and roughly pulled Laura’s arms above her head. He tied one wrist to a spindle in the headboard. He checked the knots and went to work on her other arm. Panic set in as Laura noticed how tightly she was bound. Silk, or not, she would not be able to free herself. Jamal tied her feet as well. Laura’s anxiety level increased when she remembered that no one knew of her whereabouts. Jamal remained silent as he made Laura captive. She whimpered in protest, afraid to speak in case it would anger him further.

He stood next to the bed. His voice was lowered and much calmer. But even less reassuring as he said, “Tonight you will learn what it means to lose control. You will beg me for release and I will ignore you. Again and again.”

Tears escaped Laura’s eyes as she feared the worst.

Jamal’s voice softened even further. “Stop that. I am not going to hurt you. Much. You will ultimately enjoy this.” He approached the bed and ran his hand up her thigh. Laura flinched at his touch.

“I’ve scared you and I’m sorry. Laura, I assure you. You are not in any danger.”

Laura pulled against her restraints. She was sure all serial killers used that line at some point. His words were doing nothing to assuage her fear.

She begged, “Please, untie me. I won’t tell anyone, just let me go. Please.”

“Laura, for the last time, violence is not what this is about. This is purely sexual. This is about you and what you need. This is about you giving up control for once. Trying something new. Experiencing something beyond the tired sex you’ve had in the past. If it helps, you can have what’s called a safe word. At any time, you can speak that word and this evening ends. You can go back to your workaholic life, drab and boring. The word for tonight is Monday. You can yell stop, quit, don’t and I will ignore them all. But say Monday and you walk. Laura, do you understand?

A quiet, “Yes” was whispered in response.

“Then let it begin” Jamal could see her chest heaving with shallow breaths. Her heart must be racing. That should be the end to this adventure, not the start. Jamal moved to Laura’s side. He stretched his tall frame next to hers and put his head on her shoulder. She did not recoil from his touch. That’s a start, he thought. Jamal said nothing as he deepened his breathing. Soon, Laura was also breathing deep in her abdomen. Laura knew that the evening held many possibilities, but the fact that he noticed her nervousness and helped calm her anxiety spoke volumes. She always had Monday, if things got out of hand.

Jamal felt it is was time to begin Laura’s journey. He slowly ran his hand along the side of her naked body. Making sure not to touch the traditional erogenous zones. He focused on places that were rarely touched: like her armpit, the underside of her breasts, her ankle. The skin there, unaccustomed to touch, was sensitive and responsive. Jamal stroked her body gently and slowly. Laura started thinking that this losing control thing was a good idea. He moved to the other side and began again. Even slower. She then, realized his purpose. She wanted him to touch her dampening pussy, she wanted him to lick her nipples. To kiss her like in the kitchen. And he was avoiding all of this. “Please, baby. You know what I want”

“This isn’t about what you want. Fuck what you want.”

He continued his exploration of her body. Touching all the places, most people forget. He concentrated on her collarbone, outlining the bony protrusion curiously. He moved to the valley between her breasts. Laura moaned and tried to shift her body so her nipple would meet his warm tongue.

“Bitch, if I wanted it, I’d take it. Now stay still.”

Laura resigned herself to the feeling of frustration and willed herself to stay in place. Jamal moved lower. Licking the warm skin below her belly button. He kneaded the softness of her buttocks. Her skin was soft and slightly shiny from her massage. Her legs were parted from the restraints. Jamal moved between her thighs, getting closer, and closer to her wet pussy. He could smell almond oil from her heated skin. He licked the inside of her thigh up to where her ass and thigh met. He nibbled the delicate skin and traveled down the other side. Laura pushed her hips forward. Silently begging for his tongue to touch her moistened sex. He did not oblige. He continued to move his wet tongue down her leg until her reached the instep of her foot. He paused there, with long, broad, erotic strokes of his tongue. He moved to her toes and sucked them one by one into his mouth. Laura pulled against the wide ribbon, to no avail.

“Oh, God I want you to fuck me.” Laura writhed and squirmed, hoping Jamal would tire of this teasing.

“Begging won’t help. I’ll fuck you when I get ready.” His voice was calm in contrast to her impassioned plea. He straddled her waist and stroked his dick in front of her. It was already semi-hard. Laura watched as he brought himself to his full length.

Laura looked on in stunned silence. He continued to stroke himself, unhurriedly, in full view of her. He took his dick and rubbed the tip along her stomach. Down the line of hair that led to her neatly trimmed bush. She anticipated penetration, but could not have been more wrong. He persisted on teasing her. Moving all over her, he rubbed his hard dick against her soft skin. Finally he returned between her open thighs. He rubbed himself around her pussy. Spreading the lips, but making sure to avoid her clit. He circled his dick around her wet pussy over and over. Laura bucked against her restraints. Now she would beg in earnest.

“Damn, Jamal. I need that dick inside me. Don’t tease me anymore. I’m so ready and wet for you right now. Fuck this pussy, baby. Please, fuck me.”

Jamal moved away from her, Laura thought it was to better position himself for the aggressive fucking that would soon begin. Wrong. His knees straddled Laura’s head. She opened her mouth, ready to please him when he slapped her forcefully on the cheek with his hard dick. Her eyes wide with shock, she sputtered, “What the-”

“I’ve had about all I can take of your damn whining. If I want to hear your voice, I’ll ask your bitch ass a question. Other than that, try shutting the fuck up.”

She nodded, aware of the proximity of his dick to her face. She did not take her eyes off of it. Preparing for another blow. He stared at her for a long time, until she averted her eyes. Satisfied that she understood, Jamal got up and rummaged under the bed. Laura saw him approach and then felt cool silk on her eyelids. He tied the blindfold securely. “Can you see me, Laura?”

“No, I cannot.”

She could feel the weight of him on the bed with her. He moved closer to her, barely touching. “Can you feel me, Laura?”

“Yes, I can.” She first craved his touch, and now she craved his approval. It was important to please him. Laura thought if she could do that, he would give her the sexual release she so desperately needed.

He stroked her breasts, flicking the nipples with his nail. Laura moaned as she realized he was purposely making her nipples hard. He pulled on them, making them even longer. Then she felt something cold and metal being applied to her left nipple. “Oh shit!” she shrieked. She realized that this was some type of clamp.

“Did I ask you something?”

“No, Jamal,” she said through clenched teeth.

“That’s right, I didn’t”

She could feel the clamp being tightened. Her nipple was burning, sending jolts of electricity straight to her already excited pussy. She thought she could take no more when the tightening stopped. She breathed deeply, trying to relax and remove herself from the pain. Visions of “Monday” floating behind the blindfold. Jamal gave her a minute to become accustomed to the nipple clamp. When her breathing was even and the muscles in her face were slack, he went to work on her right nipple. She withstood the clamp’s application without a sound. He stroked the underside of her breast, “Good girl.”

Laura was getting used to the pressure on her nipples. The blood was not flowing past the clamps and now, they were going numb. Her mind raced as to what could be next.

She felt a smooth pillow being placed under her ass. Jamal applied something cold and slippery to the crack of her ass. She was an anal virgin and tensed greatly, but said nothing. The punishment for speaking could be far worse than an ass-fuck. Laura felt Jamal’s fingers probe her rear opening. She felt a finger slip inside and rotate while pulsating in and out. It was incredibly erotic and felt better than she imagined it would. He inserted his finger as far as it could go and left it buried there, allowing Laura’s muscles to become used to the new feeling. He removed his finger and this time inserted two. He rotated, thrusted, and rested. Laura felt her asshole tense and then relax. Jamal continued this pattern until she accommodated both fingers easily. He removed his fingers and applied more lubricant to her ready asshole. She felt something cold and rubbery. It started off small and increased in size as it entered her. Just when she thought she could take no more, she felt her sphincter close around it. It was buried deep inside her as she felt the base of the butt plug against her cheeks.

Jamal stood and surveyed his work. Laura was incredibly sexy, her full soft breasts moving slightly with every breath. The areolas large and tight, the nipples permanently hard in the clamps. Her lipstick was smudged from their kisses and her struggles. Her lips were swollen from biting, Laura not wanting to cry out. They looked incredibly inviting.

Jamal straddled her head again, his ass on her chest. He moved his penis above her mouth. He outlined her lips with the tip of his dick. Laura tried to move her head to lick him. He pulled himself out of reach. After this cat and mouse game, he rested his dick on her lower lip, pulling it down. Her tongue sat waiting, knowing he would fuck her mouth when he was ready. He lifted his hips and lowered his dick into her open mouth. Laura raised her head and began to suck him. She put forth effort like she never had before. This was different. She wanted so much to give him pleasure. She licked and lapped at his hard dick, making delicious, wet noises. He lifted his dick and placed his balls on her tongue. She licked eagerly, applying suction and pressure with her mouth. Jamal returned his dick to her lips and thrust himself deeply into Laura’s mouth. She could feel him deep in her throat. He grabbed a fistful of her hair and pushed himself further inside. Her head trapped by the mattress and his hand in her hair, she could not move back from the onslaught of his dick. His rhythm varied and she did not have time to prepare her throat, her gag reflex setting in. He had both hands in her hair now, fucking her mouth violently.

“Take it all, bitch. Yeah, that’s it.” Laura did her best to relax and let him have his way with her. She could feel his balls tighten against her chin and knew he would cum soon.

“Swallow it, and don’t spill a drop.” Laura had never let a man cum in her mouth and was nervous about the taste. She needn’t have worried. He was so far down her throat, his hot cum never touched her tongue.

“Aw, fuck.” And with another grunt he pulled out of her mouth. She could still feel the weight of his legs and knew he was watching her. She made a show of opening her mouth and licking her lips to prove she had done as instructed. She tasted his salty cum for the first time. She felt him leave the bed and heard footsteps moving away from her. Laura heard water running and then a glass filling. She heard Jamal’s return as he drank greedily. God, she was thirsty. He was teasing her again. Drinking loudly and not offering her a drop.

He put the glass down noisily on the nightstand. She could hear water sloshing. She dared speak. “Can I please, have some water? I’ll do anything.”

“I already know you’ll do anything. You don’t really have a choice, do you Laura? But I’ll let you earn your water.”

He moved between her legs, his face mere inches from her pussy. She could feel his breath on her wet pussy lips, the air cooling them.

“I’m going to lick this pretty pussy of yours, and you cannot cum. Cum and you’ll be punished. You can speak, but you will not orgasm. Understood?”

“Yes, Jamal.”

He lowered his face to her soaked, hot pussy. He lapped at her pussy with his tongue spread and flat. Taking long, strokes, starting at the bottom and working his way up. He placed his thumbs on either side of her clit, releasing it from its hiding place. Jamal moved his tongue around the throbbing button until Laura’s head moved wildly from side to side. Her moans and sighs told him his pace was right. He bent his head lower and licked her puffy brown outer lips, sucking and pulling. He spread them to reveal her inner lips, a darker brown, wet and slick with her juices. He did the same, licking and pulling. He spread her inner lips to reveal her pink, smooth center. He inserted his tongue and felt the change in texture.

“Oh God, that feels so good. Lick my sweet pussy.”

Jamal, urged on by Laura’s comments, decided to up the ante. He reached for the butt plug and pulled it out slowly. Laura gasped at the emptiness she felt. Jamal tongued her spread pussy and rotated the butt plug, inserting it deeply and pulling it out slowly. It was too much for Laura


“I’m gonna cum. I can’t help it. I’m so sorry.”

Jamal bit down on her clit. The pain bringing Laura back from the edge of climax. She pulled her hips into the mattress, afraid of further retribution.

“You’ll cum when I say you cum. Not before.”

Jamal reseated the butt plug firmly inside Laura’s ass and shifted his weight. He brought the glass to Laura’s face and placed it next to her cheek. The coolness was wonderful.

“Open your mouth.”

Laura did as instructed as Jamal poured a mouthful. She swallowed and opened her mouth. He filled it with more cool liquid. The water was incredible. She licked her lips, collecting any drops that might have missed their mark. Jamal leaned over and kissed her. Letting his tongue slip between her moist lips, he buried his hands in her hair. She felt passion, not just dominance. She moaned into his mouth and knew, at this point, she could cum from his kiss alone.

He placed the glass back on the nightstand taking a long look at Laura’s naked body. She was ready and open. He placed himself between her gaping thighs and rubbed the swollen head of his dick on her wet pussy. Jamal watched the expression on her face change as he slid his dick as far inside as it would go. A smile on her lips, Laura moaned softly. Jamal rocked gently, deeply planted inside. Laura bit her bottom lip as she felt him rub against the butt plug already inside her. The thin skin between the two openings let her feel how the advances of his dick moved the plug inside her tight ass. He leaned forward, pressing himself into her breasts. The clamps on her nipples making her scream in agony. Jamal felt the metal digging into his flesh and quickened the pace.

It soon became the heated, passionate, sweaty fuck Laura had been wanting all night. Jamal rose and leaned back to untie her feet. He rubbed the chafed skin briefly and placed her feet on his shoulders. He rubbed her clit while he continued to pound wildly into her dripping pussy. He leaned forward pressing her knees into her breasts, eliciting another cry from Laura as her thighs rested on her nipple clamps. Jamal removed the blindfold and looked deeply into her eyes. Laura saw an intense passion in his stare that she never knew possible. Jamal fucked Laura with reckless abandon. Her moans were taking him to another level. He knew they would both cum soon.

He reached forward and with both hands, undid the nipple clamps. Laura screamed as the blood returned to her assaulted nipples. “Cum now, Laura.” Pure electricity traveled from the tips of her breast straight to her clit. Her eyes widened as the most forceful orgasm she ever had racked her body. Unintelligible sounds escaped her lips, as Jamal had a climax of his own. He threw his head back and yelled loudly, giving in to the raw power of his orgasm. He collapsed to Laura’s side, being careful to ignore her sensitive nipples. He untied her hands and kissed the tips of her fingers. He kissed Laura’s forehead. “Sleep, angel.”

Jamal woke Laura early so she could go home and get ready for work. As usual, they exchanged sarcastic comments later in the day. Laura having the upper hand while at work. That evening, Jamal had the upper hand, thigh, breast, and whatever else he desired. They continue to explore the sexual possibilities of their relationship, testing their limits. Jamal has not made Laura use her safe word……………….yet.

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