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Ticklish Cindy & The Firefighters

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Cindy smiled to herself as she admired her long legs in the mirror. She particularly enjoyed the feel and the look of sheer nylon. It was this pleasure that she took right now as she glanced back over her shoulder to check that her seams were absolutely straight.

It was unusual for Cindy to have to perform this task alone. Normally there were more than enough men who would be willing to drop to her feet and be allowed the ‘privilege’ of straightening her seams.

Sipping from her glass of wine her thoughts travelled to the events of the previous evening. Cindy had known that the invite to the Christmas party at the Fire Station would have been a wonderful opportunity to demonstrate the power of a woman, and she had not been proven wrong. What was it about men that made them so predictable? As always the men had been so polite and charming, yet within seconds of arriving it had been obvious that some of the admiring glances had transpired into more than physical reactions.

Cindy loved this best, and recalled with pleasure and wickedness the moment when she had asked if she could climb into the drivers seat of one of the larger fire tenders. Naturally this had involved hitching her skirt high enough to show the dark bands of her stocking tops. One of the younger fire-fighters had been barely able to contain himself as Cindy’s long elegant hands had reached down to pull up her skirt. Her red painted nails ‘snaked’ around the lower part of her dress, and to ensure that she got everyone’s attention continued to give a running dialogue;

‘ Oh dear I do hope I don’t catch my nylons’ she mused in a soft tender voice,

‘ Is anyone going to help me up into the cab?’ It seemed that almost before she had finished the sentence dozens of strong hands had lifted her off the ground and into the drivers seat. In that short space of time the hands had wandered everywhere and Cindy’s mind had been awash of differing sensations of pleasure as warm, soft and firms hands had gently caressed her. What a pity, she thought as she seemed unable to identify the owner of a particularly sensuous pair. They had seemed so loving and for a few moments

Cindy had imagined how they would feel over the rest of her alive and excited body. The thought caused her mouth to dry and she found it necessary to lick her dark lips.

Seated comfortably in the drivers seat she was now wickedly aware that her ridden up skirt had not been adjusted, more enticingly it was now at eye level. Not that this needed pointing out, as all male eyes were firmly riveted on those smooth firm thighs.

‘You naughty boys’ reprimanded Cindy in a soft gentle voice, making a token gesture to correct her skirt, but in point of fact only making it worse.

‘ Is this the accelerator?’ she asked whilst stretching her long leg towards the pedal. Cindy knew her game well and ensured that as her leg extended she would point her elegant foot thereby elongating the leg even further.

‘Do you like my nylons?’ she asked of one young fireman who had appeared entranced by her from the start. His attempt at a reply became nothing more than a stumble of words. He felt his face redden and became acutely aware of the hardness of his erection as his manhood brushed firmly against the rough serge of his uniform. It wasn’t lost on Cindy.

‘Why don’t you climb up in the cab next to me’ she asked patting the seat gently. With an instinct that only women have Cindy knew this would be too much for him. As he moved his leg up toward the foot rest the sensation tripped him over the edge. Never before had he come with such vigour, his legs felt like jelly and with a low pitched groan he slumped against the side of the door . The throbbing, gushing sensation deep in his groin felt as if it would never end.

Looking very embarrassed he mumbled something about feeling unwell and turned to walk away.

‘I hope you feel better soon’ added Cindy closely followed by a sensuous ‘You naughty boy’.

‘One down fifteen to go’. The thought was almost instantaneous. Cindy was an expert at this, and could play the game without a second thought. She had the ability to constantly appear innocent whilst driving men around her to distraction. And that was precisely what she intended. The Firemen knew this of course, and would cooperate fully:men always did!

The game continued, the firemen in a state almost akin to hypnosis.

‘This must be the gearstick’ stated Cindy in a low soft voice, whilst gently wrapping her slender fingers around the long leather phallic like knob.

‘Now, now, just behave’ she asserted her authority having realised that her teasing had pushed her ‘ hard’ and desperate audience beyond reason, but it was too late. Four of the fire-fighters were now in the cab and Cindy found herself manhandled onto the long back seat behind the drivers.

Hands and mouths seemed to be everywhere, she felt the buttons on her blouse being undone, and groaned with uncontrolled sensuality as her neck was gently kissed and nibbled at the base. She felt herself losing control and muttered a low and almost inarticulate ‘Oh God’ as the waves of pleasure washed over her.

Cindy’s long legs were not lost on these hungry men. Warm hands gently caressed her lower legs, then her thighs, whilst anonymous tongues licked and kissed her ankles. Cindy wanted more and found herself unconsciously pushing her body towards the sources of pleasure. They came from all angles which left her a twisting, writhing mass of pleasure as she sought to hungrily devour every last sensation.

Pain and pleasure had always featured simultaneously in Cindy’s life. Today was to be no exception. To her horror she suddenly felt her shoes being gently removed. Cindy was terribly ticklish. It was her one dread in life. Although intensely pleasurable it was none the less unbearable.

As she felt the gentle rasp of a tongue along her pointed arch she emitted an ear piercing scream,

‘please not that, please don’t tickle me’ she screamed, desperately struggling for freedom. Intuitively this seemed to give her captors the authority they needed and within seconds the situation had been reversed. Cindy found herself helpless against their firm and powerful hold. She was now the victim not them.

‘So, you’re ticklish are you?’ asked the Senior of the men. ‘We’ll have to teach you a lesson for teasing us won’t we?.

Cindy’s stomach turned at the thought of what was to happen. She knew from experience that it would only be seconds before she completely collapsed and lost control if they tickled her, yet at the same time the thought was delicious. Her mind was awash with conflicting feelings and sensations. It was arousing and she felt a warm glow deep inside of her.

‘Hold her firmly guys’ came the order.

Cindy felt herself being stretched out on the long leather seat. Her hands held above her head, and her legs imprisoned in a firm hold. At most she could wriggle her hips slightly. Her blouse was now undone and soft warm fingers began to gently run up her sides and over her bosom. Cindy became hysterical, her hips bucked and writhed but there was to be no escape.

The torment continued unabated as Cindy’s screams became an inarticulate barrage of pleas to stop. Her head tossed from side to side as the gentle fingers remorselessly and relentlessly covered every inch of her taught and sensitive body.

After what seemed like eternity she was allowed some respite. Aware that the tickling had stopped, Cindy gulped lungfulls of needed air.

‘So, are you being a good girl?’ asked a voice from somewhere above her. Her forehead was gently stroked in a gesture of kindness that seemed paradoxical to her torture.

‘Yes,Yes’ urged Cindy in forced whisper which was about as much as she could muster.

‘Well that’s good , but I’m afraid you haven’t been punished enough just yet’ said the calm, deep and somehow reassuring voice.

‘I want you to be very brave about the next part’ . Again Cindy felt the hold on her tighten.

With dread she suddenly realised that those same fingers were now gently running up and down the tops of her stocking clad feet.

‘Oh please God not that, please don’t tickle me ‘ she pleaded through an already breaking voice.

‘I can’t stand it, please………’ her voice trailed into an hysterical shriek as the fingers slowly made their way to the underside of her foot.

Cindy had never experienced anything quite like this. It was as though every nerve ending in her body had focused on the soles of her delicate and neat little feet. As the fingers skilfully and nimbly brushed along her arches and beneath her toes she thought that she would die. Her screams and pleas had by now become maniacal and she was fast losing her senses.

As each fireman took his turn as the tickler, fresh screams and shrieks varied in pitch as some new technique was tried. Cindy tried desperately to retain herself but it was hopeless.

Any vestige of dignity or decorum was lost. As the terrible tickling continued she felt her legs being pulled open, and the sensation of a warm tongue on the inside of her thigh.

The tongue worked its way slowly and deliberately up her legs until it simply and gently methodically licked at her love nest. It was too much. With reserves of energy that she would not have though possible, Cindy arched herself upwards to meet the probing tongue. As she did so, she felt the warm glow inside of her spread throughout like a raging fire.

With a final desperate scream she came frantically. It was the most intense orgasm she had ever experienced. Her over excited body continued to tremble and shake long after she had been let go.

Exhausted with passion Cindy was unable to move. The tickling had stopped and Cindy found herself being gently held and consoled by one of her captors. She was offered a sip of water which was gratefully accepted. Rather than being tickled she was now being tenderly stroked

After some minutes she was able to recover .

Some of the Firemen began to look nervous, as if they had taken things just a bit too far. Cindy’s wicked smile and reassurances were able to convince them of the opposite. With a glint in her eye she now stated that her seams were indeed crooked and needed straightening. She pointed and selected her volunteer for this task,

‘but not before you’ve helped me with my shoes’ she purred in her best honeyed voice’ whilst stretching her long and shapely legs before those eager eyes.

As she was attended to by her willing slave Cindy smiled inwardly to heself. This was such fun and they seemed to enjoy it too. All too briefly the fun would be over, but never mind. Next week was open day at the paramedic centre, Cindy just knew in adavance how events were going to turn out!!!

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