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The Luxury Box

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Kristin was just an average nineteen year old college girl trying to work her way through school. Well, OK. Maybe she wasn’t so average. Her tall, slender frame, beautifully full and rounded breasts and small, shapely ass turned many a man’s…and woman’s…head. Neatly styled blonde hair hung to her shoulders and blue eyes shyly shined towards anyone who stood near her.

All of these attributes contributed to her being hired as one of the members of the scantily clad promotional squad working for the city’s professional hockey team. Kristin and her mates moved about the arena before, during and after the game handing out prizes, cheering goals and just generally arousing any man under the age of eighty.

It was a job. Not well-paying, but fun and lucrative enough to keep Kristin in school. The day came, however, when she thought she needed, and deserved, a little more money. Kristin was not, by nature, a forceful person. So the idea of confronting her supervisor didn’t comfort her.

It took days for her to build up the courage to approach him. Finally, one Saturday evening about two hours before game time, Kristin rapped lightly on the supervisor’s office door.

“Come in,” she heard.

Kristin opened the door and timidly poked her head in.

“Hi, Ken. Do you have a second?” she asked.

“Of course, Kristin. Come on in.”

She closed the door behind her. Kristin had already put on her outfit—a tight fitting, low cut top that clung to her form and showed a large portion of her ample breasts and equally tight pants that rode low on her hips. Her entire midriff was visible from just under her breasts to a few inches above the small patch of blonde hair near her clit. She figured it couldn’t hurt to show a little skin when asking a man for more money.

“Have a seat. What’s up?” Ken asked.

Kristin sat in a chair opposite his desk and crossed her legs. She smiled nervously at the forty-something manager of arena operations. He was a decent looking man, in good shape, with a pleasant manner. When necessary, he let everybody know who the boss was, but otherwise treated people with respect.

“Well, uh, I just wanted to talk for a second.” Kristin took another deep breath. “This is my second full year working for you and, uh, I wondered, uh, if it was possible…if maybe I could ask for just a little bit more money.”

She felt a strange mix of relief, from finally saying what had been bugging her, and anxiety, from wondering how Ken would react.

Ken smiled, looking over the gorgeous young girl sitting in front of him. She had no way of realizing the relief he, too, was feeling.

“Kristin, I think we can work something out. I have a particular need and you may be the one to help me. If you do, it would be well worth the effort,” he said.

“Oh? What is it?” Kristin inquired. She wasn’t sure whether to be happy, yet, or not.

Ken leaned forward in his chair, resting his arms on the top of his desk.

“We have a very important client who is thinking about advertising heavily with us…to the point of becoming a major corporate sponsor. It means a lot to the financial health of the organization, Kristin.”

He paused and waited for a response from the girl. She looked back at him with awareness and nodded.

“The president of the company and some of his top executives are coming to a game next weekend,” Ken continued. “They will be using one of the luxury boxes.”

When he paused again, Kristin jumped at the chance to ask the main question she had.

“How can I help?”

Ken’s expression was a little more serious now. He fidgeted in his seat.

“Well, we need to entertain them as much as possible. Make sure they’re happy,” he said.

“Do you want the girls to be up there with them when we’re not on the ice?” Kristin volunteered.

“Uh…yes and no,” Ken replied. “I want YOU to be with them. The whole time they’re here.”

The idea sounded kind of good to Kristin. It would take her away from the sometimes mundane tasks she performed during a game. Besides, she’d always wanted to see the inside of one of the luxury boxes with its fancy seats and dining area and private lounge.


“Kristin, I need these people to be satisfied in every way.” Ken hesitated. “EVERY way.”

Kristin froze. His intention was clear.

“Oh,” she said softly, looking down at the floor.

“You might be asked to do some things…” Ken didn’t finish the sentence. “In fact, I would be encouraging you to promote it.”

His experience as a manager made it only somewhat easier to be so direct with the young girl.

She looked up at him. “For how long? And how much?”

“As long as they’re at the game. We’ll pay you double…and whatever tips you make. These guys are usually very generous,” Ken tried to assure her, having nothing to back up his claim.

“I’ll have to think about it,” Kristin admitted. “Can I tell you tomorrow?”

“Absolutely,” her boss said. “I’m very glad you’re considering it.” He was going to say he thought she’d be perfect for the job, but wasn’t sure how’d she take it.

She got up to leave, then turned to him again. “How about the long term? Can I get a raise, or will this opportunity be there often?”

“Trust me, Kristin. If you help us with this one, we’ll up your usual pay and talk about other…uh…opportunities in the future.”

“Good.” Kristin walked out of the office, with Ken following every movement of her luscious, young ass.

Kristin lie in her bed that night unable to fall asleep. She questioned her own decision-making methods. Was her need for money so important that she needed to put herself in a potentially degrading situation that was pretty much out of her control? Would anybody from the team be there if this thing got crazy?

Then she wondered how many guys would be there. What would they look like? Could she really perform in front of a group if she had to?

What if she liked it? What would THAT say about her?

The longer she thought about it the more it became a life-defining moment and not just a chance for more money.

After she got up the next morning, took a shower and ate breakfast, she called Ken and informed him she would do the job. They made arrangements to meet the day before the game of discuss “strategies”, as Ken phrased it.

The week dragged on for Kristin, but finally the meeting was held. Ken told Kristin when and where to be the next evening and made sure she knew to wear her outfit. Both were confident, with some reservations, that the night would go well. Kristin was happy to have a clear plan in front of her. She was to be there before the guests arrived, show them around the suite when they showed up and offer food and drinks. Ken specified who to look for in particular and how, at some point during the evening when Kristin thought it was appropriate, to persuade them to enter the lounge with her. After that, Ken was leaving it up to Kristin. But he left no doubt in her mind how important it was to make this client happy.

Kristin arrived at the arena at the designated time, having spent considerable time on her hair, nails and makeup. She looked more stunning than usual as Ken walked her up to the luxury box.

He gave her a tour—the seating area in front overlooking the rink, the bar and dining area behind that and, finally, the private lounge. Kristin nearly gasped out loud at the beautiful setting. Dark wood highlights accompanied the many large chairs, loveseats and couches in the room. Flat screen TVs were built into the walls and another bar took up one corner.

“Wow,” Kristin exclaimed. “This is very cool.”

“This is where I want them to feel most comfortable,” Ken said. “Let them get settled in, then bring them back here. And just so you know, there’s a microphone built into the chandelier.” Ken pointed up to the light over their head. “Security is hooked in to that if you need them.”

“Good,” Kristin said.

Ken decided she didn’t need to know about the security cameras hidden in three upper corners of the room, taking in every inch of the lounge.

He told her there would be a separate staff taking care of replenishing the food and drinks. All Kristin had to do was play hostess, get whatever they wanted, and look cute. He didn’t have to say that for Kristin to get the idea.

When he was sure the refreshments were in place and Kristin was comfortable, he left her alone. She spent the next few minutes chatting with the food staff and checking out the lounge again. Twice she hit the ladies room to kill time and check how she looked.

Luckily, she was back in the lounge when the first of the guests arrived. She heard people talking in the bar so she took a deep breath and walked that way. The young man and woman looking over the refreshments looked up at Kristin and smiled.

“Hi,” the man said.

“Hi. I’m Kristin. I’ll be your hostess tonight. Let me know if there’s anything I can get you,” she said, having practiced the line in her head for days.

The man heard, but wasn’t paying attention to, what Kristin was saying. He was busy taking in the dazzling body that appeared before him. In the few seconds it took Kristin to speak, he had covered every inch of her body…twice.

“Thank you,” he said robotically when she finished. His eyes finally met hers. “I’m Jim and this is my wife Karen.”

They were a striking couple. Kristin estimated they were in their late thirties. Both had sculptured bodies that had seen plenty of gym time. While not drop dead gorgeous, they were attractive, professional people. Kristin liked them already. She also knew he was not the boss she was looking out for in particular.

They shook hands politely and Kristin mentioned where everything could be found. By the time she was done, another couple had arrived.

Kevin and Sandy were about ten years older than Jim and Karen. Kristin learned from Kevin that he and Jim were vice presidents of the company. She also noticed Karen and Sandy instantly migrate to each other and begin friendly chatter. Kevin and Sandy weren’t quite as attractive as Jim and Karen, but they still didn’t make Kristin dread that she had decided to do this.

Kevin was the most talkative of the four guests who had arrived and Kristin found herself with him more than the others. He told her that the president, Richard, and his wife Susan would be the only other ones attending. That made Kristin a little apprehensive, knowing that the people she would be “entertaining” were almost all present.

Within half an hour, Kristin was introduced to Richard and Susan. They were pretty much what she expected—about fifty, professional, attractive and a little snobby. But not the least bit repulsive. Maybe this would work after all. In fact, Kristin was drawn towards Richard in some odd, fatherly way. She found his confidence appealing. Even sexy.

The evening progressed swimmingly. Kristin fetched drinks for whoever needed one, not realizing that her bending to pick up and drop off glasses was slowly driving the men wild. Her top barely covered her breasts to begin with, let alone when she bent over. And her pants, while overly tight at the top, tended to travel down another inch each time she grabbed a glass. She had learned the year before to constantly pull them higher, but that only caused them to all but show the outline of her pussy. It was a given that her ass was perfectly delineated in the tight material, but she was actually proud of that.

As drinks flowed, the discussions, and laughter, grew progressively louder. Kristin hadn’t even begun to flirt, yet, but figured it was about time. She made a habit of “bumping” against Richard when she passed near him. This was fairly easy to do and went unnoticed by the others in the somewhat crowded bar area.

She talked to the men as often as possible, laughing at their jokes or listening attentively when it was appropriate. At one point she was able to glance out at the rink and noticed that the game was about half over. She needed to make her move soon.

When she had the three men and herself alone at the bar, she said, “Should we move into the lounge?”

No regular guy could possibly refuse after hearing the tone in which Kristin asked the question.

“Sure,” Richard said. And while the three women sat in chairs at the front of the suite, Kristin and the three men entered the lounge.

The lighting inside was purposely dim. Compared to the bright, loud arena, it was a comfortable refuge. It gave you the feeling that you had the freedom to do anything without the crowd around you knowing.

Kristin’s job was to take advantage of this.

“Have a seat,” she said. Then she went to the bar in the corner and got a refill for each of her guests. She delivered Richard’s last.

She put the glass on a table next to the chair he sat in and moved directly in front of him. His legs were close together, so she straddled them and gently sat on his knees. Before he had time to react, she began to slide her body towards him.

She stopped when her breasts were within a foot of his face. Kristin’s pussy was even closer to his ever-hardening cock.

“Hello, Richard. Welcome to the lounge.” Kristin nearly whispered the words. Yet, Kevin and Jim heard everything in the quiet room. “Is there anything you’d like?”

Perhaps coincidentally, Richard’s eyes focused in on the incredible breasts in front of him. Kristin took his hands and placed them on her bare skin, just below her top. Richard let his fingers roam her sides for a second before moving them onto the sides of Kristin’s tits. He watched the breasts come together as he squeezed.

Then he allowed them to fall back into place and slid one side of her top off Kristin’s shoulder. He placed his palm on top of her nearly exposed breast. Moving his hand down forced the shirt entirely off the breast. Now he could place his palm over the erect nipple and knead the soft skin.

Kristin leaned forward. Richard leaned forward. The nipple disappeared into the man’s mouth, followed by a good portion of Kristin’s tit. Everyone in the room watched as Richard licked and sucked with pleasure. Kristin moaned softly each time the man took the nipple between his lips and bit gently.

Richard lowered the top off Kristin’s other shoulder and quickly worked his tongue magic on that breast. Kevin and Jim twisted in their seats to get a better view. It also allowed them to reposition their ever-hardening cocks. Neither of them expected the action to proceed much beyond what had already taken place.

Kristin and Richard had other ideas. As soon as Richard removed his mouth from her breast, Kristin pulled her top up over her head and tossed it onto the floor. She put her hand in the man’s crotch, clutching at his thick cock, while Richard continued to play with her breasts.

He never flinched when she opened his belt, unbuttoned his pants and pulled down the zipper. Still seated on his legs, Kristin reached inside the opening to his boxers and gripped Richard’s penis. It throbbed in her little, soft hand. She pulled on it and felt the head continue to grow.

Gracefully, Kristin slid between the man’s legs, which opened wide for her. She pulled the pants down a little, then the boxers. The now huge cock sprung free and awaited her ministrations.

Kristin ran her fingers up and down the length of the shaft before tilting her head down towards the man’s lap. Hidden by her dangling blonde hair, Kristin opened her mouth and ran her tongue over the tip of Richard’s cock. He leaned back in his chair and waited for the ecstasy to begin.

The girl soon had her lips firmly planted around the top of the penis. Slowly…slowly, she pushed her head down and took the entire thing in her mouth. She let her tongue work its magic for a second before gradually pulling back. Kristin let the cock come completely out of her mouth before looking up at Richard.

Their eyes met and they both smiled. The next thing Richard saw was the top of Kristin’s shiny hair and his cock was once again engulfed between her luscious lips. Kristin couldn’t remember ever having such a long, thick cock previous to this. She wondered what it would feel like in her pussy…and if she’d be able to take it all. Would he make her do it?

A moment later she got her answer.

“Stand up, Kristin,” Richard ordered her.

Everybody in the room heard the plop as his cock escaped her mouth. Kristin put her hands on his legs and pushed herself up. All three men stared longingly at the beautiful breasts that once again hung in plain view.

“Take off your pants.”

Kristin was torn by the growing need to fuck this man and her fright—fright that the wives might show up and fright that he would hurt her. When she looked down at the twitching cock pointing up at her, her need to fuck won out.

She put her thumbs inside the tight pants and began to lower them. Her tiny thong struggled to stay in place as she pushed the pants down and over her feet. Kevin and Jim had a fine view of her tight ass, while Richard had those tits hanging near his face again. When she stood back up, Richard said, “And the thong.”

Kristin did not hesitate. A second later all her clothes were on the floor next to her. Now the men could marvel at Kristin’s incredible beauty in all its glory. From her shoulders, to her breasts, to her back, to her hips and flat stomach, to her pussy and thighs, this girl was perfect. Richard was openly hard. Kevin’s and Jim’s erections were still concealed.

Richard reached out towards Kristin. She moved forward and let him put his hands on her ass. He pulled her ahead some more.

She was directly over his cock. It was obvious what he wanted. Kristin straddled the man with her knees and placed the entrance to her pussy above the tip of his cock. She tried to hide the fact her body was shaking.

Thankfully, Richard put one hand on top of her clit. He only stroked it for a few seconds before Kristin felt her pussy respond. When he placed a finger inside her, she knew it would come out wet.

Apparently Richard felt what he wanted because he next put his hand around his cock and positioned it just inside Kristin’s pussy. She lowered herself gently. The head entering her scared the girl. She could feel the lips of her pussy spreading wider, knowing she had a considerable length of cock to go yet.

But her desire had lubricated her just enough to allow the cock to slowly but surely fill her. Kristin closed her eyes and moaned as she felt the shaft extend far up into her body. The pain was quickly replaced with unbelievable pleasure.

As the pair began to fuck, Richard moved his hands up to the girl’s breasts. He pushed them higher on her chest, then enclosed them in his big hands and squeezed tightly. Kristin approved with lustful sounds she had never made before. He pinched her nipples and Kristin felt it clear down to her pussy. She compressed her muscles around his cock and this time Richard let out the groan.

The only sound in the room was that of their skin slapping together with each thrust. Kristin’s ass shook like jello as it bounced off Richard’s thighs. Amazingly, she found herself wishing he could plunge into her even deeper than he already was. The various sensations coming from her nipples and clit and pussy were beginning to overwhelm her.

Did he want her to cum? Stop thinking and just fuck him, she told herself. Just keep fucking this massive cock, you may never get another chance like this.

Richard’s thunderous groans brought her back to reality. He was about to cum. She could feel it in his throbbing cock. She could sense it in the hands that clutched at her tiny ass.

“Oh, yes. Kristin. Yes. Yes,” the man said more softly.

Then his body stiffened, his cock stuck all the way inside her pussy. He froze momentarily, then let out a piercing grunt and began ramming her with his cock in slow, long thrusts. Each one was accompanied by a stream of warm fluid. Kristin urged him on and she felt a huge pool of cum building up inside her pussy. It drained down onto his cock and Kristin’s thighs. Yet, he continued to orgasm.

She squeezed him harder, forcing every drop out of his balls. Her desire to please him held back her own orgasm. Kristin just listened to him, felt him inside her and accepted as much warm cum as he could give her.

Finally, she knew he was done and she leaned forward until her body rested on his. He grabbed her ass and simply held on while he recovered. His cock slowly shrunk until she loosened her grip on it and lifted herself off him by sliding backwards on his legs.

The girl was so close to cumming. But she had done everything in her power to please Richard first. Now her pussy was ready to explode at the first touch. She stood in front of Richard and looked over at the other two men.

“Who’s next?” she asked.

“I don’t think you should make anybody wait,” Richard answered. “Do them both.”

“That works,” Kristin said.

She walked over to Kevin, who was seated in the love chair by himself. He watched as she stopped just in front of his knees. The moisture between her legs shined even in the faint light of the lounge.

Kristin reached down and pulled Kevin’s legs apart. As she leaned forward to begin working on his belt and zipper, she looked back at Jim, who had a marvelous view of her ass. She spread her legs a little wider and allowed him to inspect her pussy even better. Her intention was obvious.

At about the same time she was exposing Kevin’s erect cock, Jim was pulling his out from under his briefs, within easy reach of the girl’s ass. By the time she had Kevin in her mouth, Jim had his cock on top of Kristin’s crack.

Then she felt the head of Jim’s cock touch her pussy. She knew it would take no effort at all on his part to enter her. Sure enough, he was inside her up to the hilt almost instantly.

Kristin sighed with glee the more she sucked Kevin and the more Jim fucked her from behind. She was about to erupt.

That was when the door to the lounge slowly opened. It was Sandy and Karen. All Kristin could think about was being fired for “blowing” the deal.

Instead, the women smiled and Sandy said, “Don’t stop. We’ll watch.”

Unbelievably to Kristin, the women moved to a nearby couch and the men continued to have sex with her, perhaps even harder than before their wives arrived. Once again Kristin could feel her urge to cum returning.

She reached between her legs and touched her clit with one hand while pumping Kevin with the other. Her hand had the bottom half of his cock and her mouth occupied the upper half. She could feel him throbbing stronger than ever, nearing his own orgasm.

Then she couldn’t wait any longer. She cried out that she was about to cum, which only caused Jim to fuck her with more urgency. Kristin clamped her mouth firmly around Kevin’s cock and burst into an orgasm. She rubbed her clit while Kevin rolled her nipples between his fingers. Over and over she felt her pussy contract. Deep inside her body she felt the orgasm continue.

Her mind wandered until she heard Kevin groan loudly and precum hit her tongue. Then, without much warning, he was spurting stream after stream of cum into the back of her throat. She tried to swallow, allowing just a trickle to escape onto her chin. The cock never seemed to soften as loads of cum landed on her tongue.

As she struggled to keep Kevin’s fluid from covering her face, Jim nearly drove her off her feet with his orgasm. He ground his cock into the girl, loudly smacking against her ass and thighs. As with Richard, Kristin felt the wonderful sensation of cum building up inside her. She held onto Kevin’s legs while Jim’s hard cock pushed into her deeper.

He pressed against her ass, letting his balls empty one last time. Then they were done.

Kristin didn’t know how long it had taken, so she was surprised to look over at the wives and find Sandy eagerly sucking on Karen’s tit. Sandy had lifted up Karen’s shirt and was fondling the other breast with her hand. None of the men in the room seemed overly shocked.

In fact, they all sat back in their chairs, totally spent, and watched. Kristin didn’t know what to do.

Sandy resolved that issue by motioning to Kristin. “Come on. There’s one for each of us.”

She was referring to Karen’s breasts and Kristin timidly moved over to the couch. By the time she arrived, Sandy had pushed the shirt up, moved to the side, and had taken one breast deep into her mouth. Kristin sat on the edge of the couch and nervously leaned down beside Sandy.

Karen’s chest was more magnificent the closer she got. Despite being her first time with a woman, Kristin found it very easy to put her tongue on the other woman’s nipple. She loved the hardness of it. She flicked it with her tongue then wrapped her lips around it. Soon, more tit was in her mouth.

Then Kristin was pushing it up with her hand and trying to get as much as she could. She really, really like this and felt the familiar tingle coming back to her pussy.

“Get her undressed,” Sandy said.

Kristin didn’t hesitate. Soon, Karen lay completely naked on the couch, Sandy at her breasts and Kristin beside her. Karen spread her legs apart and Kristin didn’t need to be told what to do next.

She positioned herself over Karen’s pussy, hardly believing what she was about to do. Her tongue flicked at the bright pink clit one time, barely making contact. But when Kristin tasted the sweet juices that were freely flowing she quickly put her mouth closer. Almost immediately Kristin had the clit in her mouth, attacking it even harder than she had the breast.

Karen writhed around at the attention her body was getting. It would not take her long to cum.

To none of the women’s knowledge, Susan had entered the lounge and was in a corner of the room with her husband. Richard had his hand on her pussy and she, too, would be cumming soon.

But Kristin and Sandy were only concerned with the beautiful, naked Karen.

“That’s it, babe,” Sandy urged. “Come for us. Come hard.”

Kristin felt Karen respond to the words, hardening her muscles in advance of her orgasm. She arched her back and raised her ass off the couch. Then she began to cum with shrieks of delight. Kristin did her best to stay in contact with the clit. But she didn’t mind having her tongue slide down over Karen’s pussy and take in some of the marvelous juices. She even got her tongue inside Karen for a second while the woman bucked on the couch.

All the men were getting hard again watching the scene and listening to Karen. It wouldn’t be long before they were paired off in various combinations of oral and straight sex.

Meanwhile, Ken sat in the security office holding his own hard cock in his hand while watching the video screens. He smiled, knowing another major deal was about to be closed.

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