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The Long Weekend

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It began at dinner. The humor and banter of table conversation was punctuated by her meaningful glances and significant smiles. She wove her emotional cocoon around his mind slowly and carefully, channeling the conversation in the direction she sought, teasing and seducing him with voice as well as words.

It progressed with a back rub. She had brought him home, and said she wanted her back rubbed. She laid on her bed face down, and confidently waited for him to begin. He climbed onto the bed and carefully straddled her ass. With nervous fingers, he unzipped her dress, undid her bra strap, and slid the dress to her waist. He began the massage at the small of her back, a thumb on each flank of her spine, slowly running the thumbs up the sides of her spine. He leaned forward to put his weight into the effort, and her ass brushed teasingly against his crotch, stirring him. His hands ended at her shoulder blades, now fully spread out, rubbing deeply into her smooth skin.

He returned to the small of her back, and began to repeat the process. He delighted in the feel of her smooth skin against his fingers. After months of fantasy, he was actually touching her naked skin. Her ass was still brushing against his penis through the fabric of his slacks and the silky panties she had made him wear under his pants.

She moaned lightly, and he replied with a soft moan of his own.

“You can’t come, slave,” she said firmly.

“I can’t come, Mistress,” he replied in a hoarse whisper.

“You know the consequences,” she warned.

“Yes, Mistress, I know the consequences.”

He began a third circuit up her backbone, and began to sweat a little. Some of it was exertion, but some of it was the heat of the sensuality that passed between them.

By the fifth circuit, he had lost count. His penis head had burst beyond the elastic waistband of the panty under his slacks, and the elastic stretched just under the head of his cock. He closed his eyes and concentrated on obeying her. He could not ejaculate. Could not…could not…could not….

His mind wandered back to how they met on the internet, spent months exchanging e-mails and phone calls, then a dinner meeting one night, and now they had planned a long weekend together.

Over the months apart she had subtly trained him in phone calls and e-mails, preparing him mentally for the moment of unconditional surrender to her. She knew she was teasing him long enough, and she didn’t want him to fail the test…yet.

“Stop!” she commanded, and he stopped. “Thank you, that was done well.”

“Thank you, Mistress.”

“Now stand up and strip!”

Awkwardly, he climbed off her and then the bed. He blushed, and all sorts of emotions were behind that blush: nervousness, excitement, embarrassment, and anticipation.

She lay comfortably on her side, watching him undress. She was enjoying the show, knowing that her frank, appraising stare would humiliate and excite him more. When he got to the slutty red panties, she signaled him to leave them on. She signaled him to turn in a clockwise direction so she could take in all his angles. She made him repeat the turn because it amused her to watch him blush, and yet still try to put on a sexy pose for her.

She smiled but did not laugh. She ordered him to kneel. She slowly sat up and began undressing herself as he watched from his knees, the head of his cock still peeking above the panty’s waistband. She swung her legs over the side of the bed, one foot lightly brushing against the naked head of his cock.

He moaned.

“Worship my feet,” she said, ever so softly.

He took the first foot in his hands and began to knead the muscles. He brought the foot up and began licking the soles of her foot, and then ran his tongue back between her toes, and finally sucking each toe into his mouth as slowly and sensuously as he could manage. He then took her second foot and repeated the process, while she used her already-worshipped foot to tease him by rubbing her big toe against the under part of his shaft through the silky material of the red panties.

When she had had enough, she withdrew her foot and stood up.

“Close your eyes,” she said. He shut his eyes. “Keep them closed until I say otherwise.”

“Yes Mistress.”

“And from now on,” she added, as she moved to a place behind him, “you will not speak. You can moan and groan, whimper and weep, but I don’t want to hear a single syllable that sounds like any human language. If you understand, nod your head for me.”

He nodded, listening to a drawer open and close, and the sound of glass on glass behind him. He desperately wanted to turn and peek, but didn’t want to disobey. So he knelt there and nodded, awaiting her next move.

He sensed her kneeling behind him rather than hearing it. It was the light breeze of her breath near his ear, and the faint aroma of her perfume that alerted him. He suddenly felt her surprisingly strong hand grab his right wrist and effortlessly encircle his wrist with a restraint that had a leather feel to it. Another attached restraint went quickly around his right ankle. Another pair of restraints were swiftly added to his left side.

He was bound and helpless. He was aroused by the feeling of utter helplessness. How good it felt; how right it felt. He knew he had just passed the point-of-no-return, and knew he wanted to be past that point.

She encased his head in a rubber hood, which covered everything but his nostrils and mouth. She rubbed her hands over the rubber that covered his face, enjoying the feel of the rubber, and becoming aroused by the thought of her growing power over him.

“Now you can open your eyes, slave,” she giggled.

He nodded slowly, not knowing what else to do.

She grabbed his shoulders and tilted him onto his back, with his feet flat on the floor, and his knees bent because of the short length of chain that attached each wrist restraint to each ankle restraint.

“Spread your feet as wide apart as they’ll go,” she said, and he nodded and his feet slide farther apart.

“Wider,” she whispered, and he nodded and struggled to get his feet and knees wider apart.

She rose, walked to the foot of her slave, and attached a spreader bar to the two ankle restraints, getting him to spread even wider as she did so.

He laid there in his darkness. The rubber hood had also covered his ears, and he was having trouble hearing. He had only barely made out her last whisper to him. He thought he heard her walking again, but couldn’t be sure. He didn’t know where she was. Time began to pass. It was hard to judge. Blindfolds had always distorted his sense of time, and the rubber hood was deafening him as well. It began to get warm under the hood, and he began to get anxious. He wanted to say something…call out her name…just get an acknowledgement from her that she was still there…but he knew he couldn’t.

He finally heard faint noises that he couldn’t really distinguish. But he heard when she said “Open your mouth.” He nodded and opened his mouth wide. “Now stick out your tongue.” He stuck his tongue out as far as it would go. A liquid dribbled onto his tongue. “Wine,” she said. “Use it to clean your palate.” He heard her laugh. His humiliation intensified. He was glad he had the rubber hood, because he could feel himself blush under it. She fed him wine a few more times until she was satisfied his mouth had been cleansed.

He laid there in his darkness again. This time, he did not wait long. He could sense her straddling his head, and he could begin to smell her pussy getting closer.

She had straddled his head facing toward his feet. She lowered her pussy slowly toward the opening of the rubber mask where his helpless mouth was exposed. She kept it just above his mouth for a moment, savoring her power over him.

“You will lick my pussy gently now,” she said. “I want only the tongue and only on my outer lips. Understood?”

He nodded. She lowered her pussy into range of his tongue, and he began to lick at her outer lips lightly and slowly as ordered.

She felt the pleasant sensation of his tongue on her pussy, and shivered a little bit. She slid her hands and nails over the soft skin his hairless chest, paying special attention to his nipples after her first pass at them had elicited an involuntary jerk of his body and a muffled “Ahhhh” from under her.

“Now slide your tongue a little deeper into my pussy,” she ordered, and a moment later it was her turn to tremble involuntarily and moan in pleasure. She ordered him to go a little faster, then a little harder, then a little deeper…. She used teasing his nipples to punctuate her commands, and spur him onward. She began to rub her clit against his rubber clad chin, and she finally climaxed.

“Clean it,” she ordered, and she felt his tongue lapping at and around her pussy like a dog, meticulously cleaning her and swallowing her juices. When she was ready, she shifted her position. She placed her clit directly over his mouth, and leaned forward across his torso so she could slide the frontpiece of the panty down under the base of his cock and balls, exposing them to her examination.

“Suck it, bitch” she said, as she lowered her clit to his mouth. “Suck it deep into your mouth…deep-throat it for me.”

Gently at first, and gradually harder, he sucked her clit and part of her pussy lips into his mouth. He used his lips to suck it and his tongue to lick around the sides of her inside his mouth, and flicking the tip of his tongue lightly against the tip of her clit.

“Harder,” she said, as she wrapped a length of elastic string around the base of his cock, cinched the first knot and began to tighten. She could feel his body stiffen as she pulled the know tighter, and heard him whimper.

“Take it, slave,” she said. “Take it for me.” She gave one last pull, then doubled the knot to lock it in place. She then took each end and tied each of his balls tightly in place at the bottom of his sac. He moaned and her response was “Keep your mind on sucking me, slut.” She took each testicle between her thumbs and forefingers and gently squeezed them. He howled, but kept her in his mouth, sucking. She began to feel close to coming, and switched her attention to his cock, slapping it, pinching the head with her fingernails, kissing it, teasing it, making him groan and shudder out of control until the second climax hit her, sending her into even stronger spasms than before.

“Clean me, slave,” she gasped when she had finally caught her breath. When he had finished, she grabbed his balls firmly and ordered him to open his mouth wide. He obeyed, and she sat upright, pressing her pussy over his mouth. She began playing with his nipples again as she slowly and carefully released her pee into his waiting mouth.

He laid there is his darkness. The pleasant sensations from his nipples were causing him to lose control of his body and his mind. He felt his muscles jerk involuntarily all over his body. As each dribble of her pee hit his tongue, he swallowed it and his mind began to drift. He could not think. All of the sensuous input had overwhelmed his brain. He could only lie there and swallow. He began to mentally wander…broken fragments of thoughts lost…following an invisible current that pulled him slowly down and away to a place he thought of as “Neverland”. It was equally as fantastic as the fictional refuge of Peter Pan and Tinkerbell. Here he was someone very different, with different feelings and thoughts than that “Other Place” from whence he had journeyed. It was like sinking into a bowl of jello. It felt good. It felt safe. Not that it mattered. The current had him, and he was helpless to stop it.

The pee stopped. He thought he heard her say something, but it seemed so far away. He guessed at the command, and began cleaning her pussy with his tongue once again. He thought he heard her say “Good puppy”, but he couldn’t be certain.

Then her pussy was lifted away, leaving him with his tongue waggling in mid-air. He felt her lift him back into a kneeling position. He did her her say “close your eyes”, and he did. The rubber hood came off moments later. She told him to open his mouth. He nodded and opened wide. She slipped a gag into it. After a moment, he realized the gag was shaped like the head of a penis.

Now she was everywhere: in front of him, then behind him, touching him, teasing him, whispering in his ears….

“You said you wanted to be my slave, didn’t you?” she asked in a hoarse whisper into one ear, as her fingernails teased the other ear.

He nodded.

“And you still want to be my slave, don’t you?”

He nodded harder.

“Even more now than before, isn’t that right?”

He nodded as vigorously as he could.

“Hmmmm, yes, I could tell by how well you performed for me. You enjoyed performing for your Goddess, didn’t you?”

He nodded as she played with his nipples.

“You enjoyed licking and sucking my pussy, didn’t you?”

He nodded, and blushed.

“You love being my pussy slave, don’t you?”

He nodded and groaned as her fingernails lightly dug into his balls.

“You love being my piss slave, too, don’t you?”

With an even deeper blush, he nodded.

“Well…I have to admit I liked how you ate my pussy and drank my pee. You may be a keeper….”

His lips began to tremble, and move wordlessly. He wanted to say something, but could not remember the words long enough to even begin. His mind was elsewhere. He nodded instead, even though she hadn’t asked a question.

“Do you want to be a keeper?” she inquired, almost in an off-hand tone.

He nodded as hard as he could.

“Are you begging me to keep you?”

He couldn’t nod harder, so he nodded longer, and kept nodding his head.

“If I decide to keep you…” she said, letting the question hang in the air, “…you would have to accept my love and lust any way I want to express it.”

He kept nodding, no longer bothering to stop. He knew in some corner of his mind that he would agree to anything and everything she said.

“Sometimes, I like to express myself through pleasuring a slave,” she said, as she lightly teased his nipples. Then suddenly she used her fingernails to pinch each nipple hard at its base, and pulled them outward. He let out a muffled howl of shock and pain. “And sometimes, I like to express myself by inflicting pain.”

“Do you want to be my pain slut, too, bitch?” she asked in the quietest voice he had ever heard. She watched as he whimpered and nodded, and felt the rush of power flowing through her like another orgasm.

“We’ll see,” she said. She let go of his nipples, but quickly snapped clothespins on them. He writhed and whined in reaction, and she laughed. “We’ll see.”

She grabbed him by his hair and pushed his face into the carpet. He felt something leathery drag across the cheeks of his ass, almost like a bow across a violin. It had a rough pattern to it, and he was wondering what it was when it suddenly ended, and a second later it made contact hard.

He yelped through his gag, as much from surprise as from pain. The second stroke was just as hard, but he managed to control himself to a mere grunt. He tried to be stoic as the cropping continued. She paused for a moment, returning to sawing the crop across his now-burning ass cheeks.

“You will learn, my pet,” she said in her most soothing voice. “You will learn that you must earn the pleasures I bestow on you. Just think of the pleasures you have already had, and imagine what new pleasure I might grant you if you give me what I want.”

She leaned close to his head and whispered “Will you give me what I want?”

He nodded, although he wasn’t certain what she really wanted. Pain? Endurance? Humiliation? Surrender?

The cropping resumed.

She watched his reactions carefully. She knew he was resisting, holding back, trying to be so macho and brave. His writhing body and muffled whimpers were music to her ears. He continued the beating. She knew he would try to hold on to his male ego as long as he could. She also knew he would sooner or later lose it to her. They all broke; he would, too.

She heard the whimpers begin to turn to quiet sobs, louder sobs, then a sustained crying.

She grabbed his hair and yanked him into a kneeling position. She released his nipples from the clothespins, enjoying his twitching and agonized moans as the blood and feeling rushed back to his nipples. She could see the tears dripping out from under his still-closed eyelids. She switched to rubbing the crop hard across his inflamed ass cheeks, and began to sensuously lick the tears off his face.

“Ummm, yummy, I love the salty taste of your tears, baby. Give me all of your tears.”

He nodded, weakly, as if in a trance, because her handful of his hair restricted his head motion.

She finished with his tears, and let go of his hair. His head fell forward, chin-to-chest. He was barely able to hear a tearing sort of sound that he couldn’t identify coming from behind him. He trembled at the thought of another beating. He hardly notice when she cut the panties off of him. He began to feel something cool and oily being poured on his ass cheeks, and down his crack. He felt her rubber-clad hands on his ass cheeks, rubbing the oil in, and yet always pushing more toward his crack. Finally he felt her fingers in his crack, pushing the oil downward, until her fingers found his hole.

She took her time, rimming the hole lightly with her well-oiled rubber sheathed fingernail. She could hear him maon in pleasure, and begin twitch with pleasure. She wanted to give him time to think about what was coming. Finally, she slid her finger inside him. It went into him smoothly, and she heard him gasp through his gag as his head bolted off his chest and arched back as she touched his prostate. She withdrew slowly, causing him to tremble and let out a moan of ecstasy.

“See what happens when you give me what I want?” she asked.

He nodded. He was floating on a tide of jello that kept dragging him deeper into the current. He could barely hear her. The sensation of the cock-head gag in his mouth was suddenly in the forefront of his sensations. It added to the sensation her penetration of him had caused.

She is in me…a part of Her…inside of me…inside…yes…oh please, please….

She added a little fresh oil and slid two fingers deep into him, this time meeting more resistance. This time he cried out and strained at his bonds. She lingered at his prostate a little longer this time, watching him wiggle and tremble like a puppet at the end of a stick.

“Do you like being a fuck puppet, slave?”

He nodded.

“I know you do,” she said as she withdrew the two fingers even more slowly than the first assault. She pulled out and removed the rubber glove from that hand. She re-oiled her still-gloved left hand, and slid two fingers deep into him. This time they slid in a little easier. This time she began probing and exploring inside her new slave. She spread her fingers apart as far as they would go. Her slave was no virgin, but obviously was out of practice and needed dilation. She figured he could take three, tops.

She began playing with his prostate, and reached around with her free hand to play with his nipples, cock and balls. She could tell he was nearly delirious with ecstasy, and it made her feel good to put him in that state.

“I’m going to make you my bitch,” she said sweetly, “and fuck you like my bitch.”

He nodded. He wanted to say Yes, Mistress, please…. but couldn’t form the words, and then remembered he couldn’t speak anyway. So he nodded again to reaffirm his understanding of his place.

She used her right hand to remove the gag from him.

“Remember, you can’t speak…not a syllable….”

He nodded.

The head of his cock had a drop of semen in the crack. She used her fingernail to scoop the drop out. She carried it to his mouth, and told him to open. She slid her finger in and cleaned her nail on his tongue. He sucked on her finger as she did.

“Did that taste good?” she asked innocently.

He nodded.

“Want another taste, slut?”

He nodded. He was dizzy with pleasure, and could only imagine more…and more….

She began teasing his cock as she massaged his prostate, and soon more semen oozed from within him. This time she ordered him to suck the nectar from her finger. As he did, she felt his anal muscles begin to spasm and his breathing quicken. She kept him on the edge. She wasn’t going to allow any sort of orgasm yet.

“You love being fucked, don’t you baby?”

He nodded

When she finally withdrew from within him, he wept.

She smiled.

He felt the rubber hood being wrestled back onto his head. Then she disappeared again. He had no idea of how long…or how long had passed since they began…or how long it would continue….

She eventually returned.

“Open,” she said, and he opened his mouth.

She slid the phallus into his mouth, taking pleasure in his shock. This was her longest and thickest strap-on attachment.

“Suck my cock, slut,” she commanded. “Suck it good. Get it wet, baby, because it’s going to fuck you soon.”

He felt fear, but he kept sucking her cock, licking it, hoping that if he showed enthusiasm she’d have mercy….

She began giving him instructions on how to suck cock, which he barely heard but somehow obeyed. He felt himself blush under the hood as he shameless tried to look provacative and sexy as he performed each new technique she ordered.

Finally, she withdrew from his mouth, and re-inserted the cock-shaped gag in its place.

She strolled out of earshot, and silently changed the attachment to her strap-on harness to a cock less lengthy and thick. She smiled as she oiled it, trying to imagine what must be going through his head at that moment.

She got on her knees behind him, and carefully slid her cock into him. His gagged scream made her laugh.

“Take it, take it all for your Goddess,” she said. “I love to hear your screams. It gets me so wet when my slave bitch screams.”

She withdrew slowly to about three-quarters out. Her second thrust was harder and faster than the first. She started to get into a rhythm, and began to enjoy the pressure against her clit each time she rammed it home. She watched as her slave bitch began to show signs of arousal, too. She began angling the head of her cock to the area of his prostate, and heard the screams degenerate into whimpers. She could sense him approaching a climax, and that drove her to her own.

Afterwards, she released him, and led him by the hand to her bed. There she cuddled him against her breasts, and allowed him to suckle them as she told him how pleased she was so far, but to remember that tomorrow would be a new frontier….

Exhausted, they fell asleep, him in her arms.

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