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The Librarian Turns Bad

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Every time the door opened, I sat straight up and looked in anticipation of you. Finally just before closing time, you came in. You look at me expressionlessly and push the lock on the door closed before making your way to me. I fumble on my desk for the book I was so anxious to show you. I stand up as you get closer and start to remove my glasses. “Leave them on!” you bark out as you grab my arm tightly.

You turn us around so that your back is to my desk and I face you in front of it. I start to tell you about the book. Your fingers go to my lips to quiet me.

“Never mind the book today. I have something else in mind,” you tell me your voice thick with lust. Your hands slide up my arms to my shoulders where you firmly push me to my knees in front of you. You unzip your pants in front of my face, then take your hand and push my chin up to look in your eyes.

You are freeing your cock as you tell me, “You were a very bad girl yesterday. Only a bad girl would do what you did. Now today I will show you what happens to bad girls.”

I open my mouth to try to respond and instead of allowing me to speak you fill my mouth with your hard cock. I try to lick you slowly, but your hands find my hair and push my head down farther onto you. You begin pulling my hair back and forth to have me suck you at the pace you desire. “You’re a bad girl.” you remind me, “Bad girls don’t give slow blowjobs. Bad girls get their mouths fucked!” You quicken your movements as I struggle to swallow you.

Suddenly you pull out of my mouth, rubbing the head of your cock over my face and lips.

In just as sudden of a movement you pull me up and bend me over my desk. You press down on the small of my back with one hand to keep me on the desk while your other hand pulls my skirt up to my hips.

“Only bad girls don’t wear panties to work!” you scold. I am aware of how wet I am as the cool air hits my pussy. Your mind must be reading mine as your knee nudges my legs farther apart so you can see my wetness. I feel your finger slide easily between my lips and I gasp as it lightly touches my clit. “Only a bad girl would be this wet!” you chuckle as you move your finger towards my face and put it in my mouth to clean.

I suck greedily on your finger as I feel you move behind me rubbing the head of your cock slowly up and down from my clit to my ass. I wiggle back and forth involuntarily aching to feel you inside me.

You slide your arm under my chest and pull me back against you. I feel your mouth on my neck, your breath hot against me. You push against me harder grinding your hard cock against my ass as I feel your teeth close firmly on my neck. I can do nothing but moan as you alternate sucking and biting on the spot you know drives me crazy.

You push me back down against the desk and I feel your hand come down hard on my bare ass. Your hand comes down again on the other ass cheek making me acutely aware of the burn spreading across my ass. I whimper as you rub your hands along the pink marks. “Bad girls need to be spanked,” you say, “and this is my ass to spank!”

Your fingers find their way back to my clit as you slowly tease me with one hand while the other hand kneads my ass as your admire your handiwork. You slowly trace your finger up through my pussy finger fucking me briefly then running your finger to my ass. I feel my breath quicken as your wet finger circles my tight ass. You slam your cock into my wet pussy in one motion just as your finger breeches my virgin ass.

“No, please not my ass!” I moan in protest.

You bring your free hand back down sharply on my ass reminding me, “I am going to give it to you like the bad girl that you are, and you will take it like a bad girl.”

I hear you rustle with something in your pocket and then feel cold liquid dripping onto my ass. I feel a jolt of pain as you use your finger to work it in. You slowly slide another finger in next to it.

I scream out,”No pleaseeeeeeeee no!”

I hear you laugh, “Take it bad girl!”

I can barely breathe as your work your fingers in and out of my ass while your cock works into my pussy. After what seems like an eternity, I adjust to the fullness of your fingers inside of me. You take my relaxation as a cue and spread your finger as far apart as you can inside me.

“Oh god, oh god!!!!” I moanly loudly.

“My bad girl loves it doesn’t she?” you ask me horsely. “Tell me my sweet little bad girl! Tell me how much you love me playing with your ass while my cock is buried deep in your pussy! Tell me right now or I will stop!!!!”

I feel like I would die if you stopped fucking me. So I plead with you like my life depends on your not stopping, “God I love it. Fuck me with your hard cock while you ream my ass!!! God!!! Please just keeping fucking me!!” I scream to you.

I feel your hand free hand take mine and move my hand to my clit. “Rub slowly,” you order me,”You are not to cum yet.”

I touch my clit very gently and slowly knowing how close I am to cumming already. I push back against you as I feel you slowly sliding your fingers out of my ass.

“Patience my little bad girl! you tell me, just as I feel a slow vibration touch where your fingers were. I am hungry to replace your fingers and the slowness at which you ease the vibrator into my ass feels maddening.

You notice the pinkness has faded from my ass a bit and spank me again. I feel a shock go through me as your hand electrifies me. I gasp out loud and stop rubbing my clit. I can hear your voice thick with desire as you tell me, “That’s it stop for a minute if you have to my little bad girl, but you are not to cum yet, not till I take you!”

You slowly pull your cock out of my pussy. I plead with you,”No please! Please don’t stop!! I need your big hard cock deep in me! I need to cum, please let me cum!!”

You laugh and slide my body over slightly looking over your shoulder as you do. You come around to the front of the desk. “Open your legs wider and play with your clit my bad girl!”, you command me as you rub your wet cock all over my face. You push your cock down into my mouth again as I realize you are looking at my ass in the mirror. Your eyes are filled with lust as I look at you watching me rub my clit with the vibrator filling my ass and my mouth full of your cock wet from my pussy.

You pull my head up to look in your eyes as I swallow you. “Now, my bad girl”, you say, “I’m going to fuck your ass!!!”

Panic fills me at the thought of your huge cock in my ass. I start trying to reason with you,”No please, its too big! It will tear me up!! Please just fuck my pussy more!”, I cry somehow hoping to change your mind.

You laugh as you remind me, “You are a bad girl! A very bad girl! Your pussy is so wet and your ass is so hot with that vibrator jammed all the way in it. Bad girls love to be fucked up the ass, and you’ve already shown me how bad you are. In fact, I promise you that you will love how it feels when I slide the head of my big hard cock into that tight little ass of yours. You can scream in pain, but your pussy will give away how much you want it!”

You move behind me and dip your finger into my cunt. I am so hot I can feel my wetness dripping down my thighs. You bring your hand to my face and rub my pussy juice all over my lips. “Tell me you don’t want it bad girl! Your pussy says differently!” I can only moan in response.

You slowly slide the vibrator out of my ass. The vibrator has already opened my ass up slightly for you and when you pour the lube on me I can feel it drip right into my ass.

My whole body trembles as you start to rub the huge head of your cock against my asshole. Your fingers rub my clit as you begin to work your cock into my ass. The head pushes into me and feels big enough to tear me apart. I tense my body. “Relax baby.”, you tell me in a gentle voice for the first time today.

You increase the tempo of your fingers on my clit as you move your cock farther into me. Each inch I take has me breathing harder and harder until I am panting like a bitch in heat. I wonder if I can possibly take all 10 inches of your hard thick cock. As if reading my mind again you begin to encourage me, “Oh god yes baby! You are taking it so good. My cock feels so good in your ass baby. I’m going to slide it all in you, and when you take it all you will belong to me! You will be all mine!”

You slide farther and farther slowly making me hotter with every second. Finally I feel your body pressed fully against me, your balls pressing tightly against my pussy. “Yes my little bad girl,” you say, “you have my whole cock buried deep inside your ass! Now you belong completely to me!”

Slowly you pull your cock almost all the way back out and then drive back in, gently first, then quickening with each thrust. My body is on fire with desire for you. I barely recognize my own voice begging you, “Fuck me harder!! Oh my god pleaseeeeeeee fuck me harderrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!”

My hands find my clit again and rub it furiously as you fuck my ass with intensity that surprises even you. I can feel my orgasm building.

I want so desperately to cum with you, so I yell out to you, “Please cum in my ass. I want to feel you cum so deep in my ass! Please fill my ass with your hot cum!!!”

My ass contracts around your cock as I begin to cum. You feel my body milking yours for all your sweet cum. You cry out loudly, “I’m cummmmmmmmmmmmmmming!!!” and push as far as you can in me to squirt your hot cum deep into my ass. I hit my peak screaming as I feel you fill me with your cum. You continue your thrusts feeling my body spasm around you taking every drop of cum.

You lay your body over mine on the desk, run your fingers through my hair, nibble on my neck and whisper, “Tell me how much you loved it my little bad girl.”

I turn my head and you catch my mouth and kiss me deeply. “I loved it,” I tell you. “I loved the feeling of you cumming in my ass… I loved being your bad girl.”

“That’s my bad girl,” you say, “now I have one more surprise for you.” You slide your cock out of my ass and I feel you slide something else into it. “That my bad girl,” you say,”is a butt plug. I want you to leave it in. I will come to your house later this evening, and when I get there you better still have this in place.”

You bend over to kiss me again, then zip your pants up and spank my ass once last time before walking away. I lay across the desk almost too weak to move or cover myself. You open the door, wink at me reminding me, “Don’t forget that better be in your ass no matter what time I get there tonight or my little bad girl will be very sorry.”

A thrill goes through me as I anticipate seeing you again later tonight.

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