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First Time Freakiness

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Brandi arrived at the New Orleans International Airport a nervous feeling settling in the pit of her stomach. She parked then headed into the massive building. She’d checked and rechecked Ally’s flight schedule more times than she could count but found herself unable to relax and stop. She had an irrational amount of panic and she almost turned around. Tsking at herself she continued on to the Southwest terminal.

On the outside she looked calm and confident, her short surly hair perfectly cut and styled, her brown on darker brown shirt pressed, her dark blue jeans with a sharp crease and her shoes slapping rhythmically on the cold tile floor. She held her head high as she walked along. Anyone looked at her would have seen a confident young stud without a care in the world. They wouldn’t know that inside her pants pockets, her hands trembled uncontrollably.

She arrived at the appropriate gate and took a seat to wait. She had nearly twenty minutes before Ally’s plane touched down and spent the time going over scenarios of how she would act, what she would say. The plane landed and her heart went into overdrive. She loved this woman, wanted to build a life with her and all that rested on her ability to be physically attractive to Ally.

The doors opened and people began exiting. As was her means of maintaining control, Brandi remained seated. Her view was unobstructed as she studied the departing passengers. Ally walked out and Brandi’s heart skipped a beat. She stood slowly and moved until she was behind her girlfriend. “Hey beautiful.” She whispered near Ally’s ear while wrapping her arms around Ally’s waist.

Ally tensed up at first then relaxed when she understood who was touching her. She turned around in Brandi’s arms and smiled. “Hey baby. You almost got you almost got your mother fucking ass kicked biotch.”

“Yeah I know. Good thing I love to live dangerously.” Brandi said then dipped her head and kissed Ally softly. She was nervous but felt the kiss went smoothly enough. When they parted Ally grinned at her.

“You’re shaking.” She commented. Brandi smiled sheepishly and looked away for a moment.

“Guess I need to work on hiding my nerves a little better.” She replied. Ally giggled and Brandi offered her arm so they could walk to the baggage claim. Ally accepted and they got her suitcase in short order.

Brandi took the luggage from Ally and collapsed half way to the floor theatrically. “My goodness but you do travel light, don’t you?” Brandi quipped. Ally merely rolled her eyes feigning non-amusement but finally gave up and laughed.

“You’re so silly.”

“Yeah.” Brandi agreed picking up the suitcase and leading the way out the airport. They made small talk about how Ally’s flight was, the hotel they’d be staying in, how excited they were to finally be meeting each other.

They arrived at the rental car Brandi had secured. It was a 2002 Nissan Altima. She popped the trunk and put Ally’s suitcase in then walked to the passenger side and opened the door for Ally. “Thank you.” She said softly. Once she was in place, Brandi closed her door and moved around to her side. She started the car up, adjusted the volume on the stereo so they could talk. Brandi turned to Ally and studied her profile a moment before Ally looked at her. “What?”

“You’re really beautiful. Can I kiss you again?” Brandi inquired. Ally bit her lower lip as she nodded. Brandi leaned forward until their lips met. She took her time and explored Ally’s mouth. Her hands remained respectfully on the steering wheel. “I could eat you up right here, I want you so bad.”

Ally’s cheeks warmed at the straight forward words but she took Brandi’s hand and placed it between her legs. The heat and wetness were easily felt through the thin material of Ally’s thong. “I want you too.” She informed her. Brandi grinned devilishly as she began stroking Ally’s clit through her panties. Ally moaned softly her head resting against the back of the seat.

“You like that baby?” Brandi inquired. Ally nodded and Brandi’s fingers moved her thong aside so they could stroke her directly.

The stimulation to her clit was nearly her undoing but Brandi stopped whenever Ally got close. “I’m gonna tear this pussy up.” Brandi said softly. Her fingers dipped inside of Ally as she navigated her way out of the parking area and onto the streets.

“Oh! Oh, my God.” Ally panted as again she neared orgasm.

“Cum for me baby. Flood my hand.” Brandi encouraged. Ally’s body tensed up as the climax overtook her.

“Oh!” Ally cried out and Brandi felt her arousal skyrocket as Ally’s walls gripped her fingers tightly. Her thumb continued to stroke Ally’s clit and the second orgasm started before the first finished.

When it was over Brandi gently withdrew her fingers and brought them to Ally’s lips. Ally looked over at her then took Brandi’s middle finger into her mouth. Her full lips wrapped around the wet digit and Brandi groaned at the visual. Behind them, someone leaned on their horn when the light turned green and Brandi failed to take off. Brandi continued driving, leaving the enraged honker to sit through another red light. She pulled her finger out of Ally’s mouth and brought her hand up to her own lips. She sucked the cum off her pointer finger knowing Ally was watching her.

They arrived at the Hilton where they’d be residing for the next five days and four nights. They parked and Brandi looked over at Ally as she popped the trunk. “Take off you panties.” She commanded. Ally laughed but sobered when she saw Brandi was serious. She hesitated a moment longer then did as told. Part of her was unable to believe she was doing it. She pulled the light blue thong off and Brandi extended her hand for it. Ally handed the panties over and Brandi smiled beatifically. “Very good.” She said then exited the car. She came around and opened Ally’s door for her. The panties had disappeared into Brandi’s pocket.

Ally stepped from the car and Brandi retrieved her luggage from the back. They entered the lobby that was tastefully decorated in muted earth tones. Brandi had already checked in and they bypassed the front desk and headed straight for the elevators. Their room was on the top floor, Brandi having remembered that Ally didn’t care for anyone ‘living’ above them. She opened the door and stepped back for Ally to enter first. She closed the door behind them and set Ally’s luggage on the side. Ally stood facing the bed as she looked around. Brandi unzipped her pants and pulled out the strap-on she wore. She opened a condom and put it on quickly.

Ally gasped when Brandi moved her to the bed and bent her over it. Brandi knelt before her and lifted her skirt up in the back. Ally could only moan as she immediately felt Brandi’s lips moving over the soft flesh of her ass. Teeth nipped her and she shivered. Brandi’s fingers once again found their way into her steadily growing wetness and began moving in and out spreading her juices around. Brandi thrust faster and harder until Ally gasped out with an unexpected climax. Groaning at the heady sound of it, Brandi straightened to a squatting position behind Ally and positioned the eight inch long dick at her entrance. She pushed forward slowly knowing Ally would need to adjust to it. “Oh God you’re so tight.” Brandi said reverently. Ally shook as the dildo was buried in her. Her juices ran down the insides of her thighs. Brandi gripped her ass and separated the cheeks allowing for deeper penetration.

Ally continued to moan when Brandi began moving in and out of her. She took her time building her rhythm slowly until she was thrusting in and out in long powerful strokes. “Oh God, yes fuck my pussy baby.” Ally practically wept. Brandi started pumping faster and harder until Ally was babbling incoherently. Brandi’s fingers moved around to stimulate Ally’s clit while she continued to fuck her. The orgasm was breathtaking and Brandi came precariously close to falling over the edge with Ally. The eroticism of the moment was almost too much. Brandi withdrew slowly and stood. She helped Ally up onto the bed and knelt before her. Her arms wrapped around Ally’s thighs and she used the grip to pull her lover closer to her. Her mouth watered as she caught Ally’s scent. She ran her tongue along Ally’s dripping slit and groaned as she got a firsthand taste of Ally’s pussy.

Ally’s fingers slid into Brandi’s hair and pressed her closer to her throbbing clit. Brandi licked Ally’s hard clit slowly, teasing them both. She pushed the firm muscle into Ally and moved it around collecting as much of the sweet nectar as she could. Her lips wrapped around Ally’s pearl and she suckled gently. Her tongue continued moving over the hard morsel and Ally spoke in a breathy voice, “Eat that pussy, oh, it’s so good. Yeah work that tongue baby.” Ally panted as she neared her peak. Brandi began moving her tongue faster, alternately tapping her tongue ring against her lover.

Ally’s thighs began to shake and her grip on Brandi’s hair tightened. She came in a flood, filling Brandi’s mouth with her sweet juices. Brandi continued her stimulation prolonging Ally’s orgasm as long as she could. She rose from between Ally’s thighs and watched Ally watch her. She pulled her shirt over her head revealing her wife beater, then kicked off her shoes and removed her pants. She offered her hand to Ally and helped her stand. Slowly she began undressing Ally until her girlfriend’s beautiful body was revealed to her. “You’re so hot.” Brandi said stepping closer and kissing Ally softly. Their tongues mated and Brandi’s warm hands ran over Ally’s smooth body. Her hands cupped Ally’s ass pulling her against her more firmly. Her lips left Ally’s and trailed down her neck. Ally’s arms hung around Brandi’s shoulders

“That’s nice.” Ally whispered. Brandi’s lips and tongue burned a trailed down Ally’s body. Her hands cupped Ally’s large breasts and she lifted one to her lips. Her tongue ran over the now hardened peak and Ally moaned softly. Once again her fingers found their way into the soft curls of Brandi’s hair. Brandi sucked more of Ally’s breast into the warm cavern of her mouth. Her fingers squeezed the other nipple to just this side of pain and Ally moaned again. Brandi switched to the other breast and repeated the process. She went back and forth between to two for countless moments as she became more and more lost in Ally’s taste and scent.

When Ally’s hand moved down and gripped the slightly bobbing shaft Brandi still wore, she came back to herself and continued moving down Ally’s body. She lay Ally back on the bed and moved until she rested between Ally’s legs. She positioned the dick again and pressed forward. This time she watched Ally take it and her own wetness began leaking from her. The sounds Ally made were music to her ears and she began thrusting deeper and harder into Ally striving to make her scream as she came. Her hips pistoned forward and her hands ran over Ally’s body. Ally exploded and called out Brandi’s name. It was enough to have Brandi joining her in the freefall.

The door to the room opened but neither Ally nor Brandi noticed. Brandi continued thrusting in and out of Ally’s tight wetness. The couple that entered froze at the sight before them. They had just checked in and had been assigned this room. Apparently the front desk agent had made a mistake, either that or he was enjoying himself imagining the possibilities of putting four gay women in the same room. The new arrivals looked at each other then back to the show they were seeing. They set their suitcases down quietly and continued to watch as Brandi pounded her writhing lover. Ally’s eyes were closed as she accepted the sweet punishment her pussy was being delivered, loving every minute of it.

The women watching them gasped softly as Ally crested. Brandi looked over her shoulder at the two women and raised a curious eyebrow. Her hips continued to move slowly but she said nothing suddenly enjoying the audience. She looked back to find Ally was aware of their viewers as well. Their eyes met and Brandi looked a question at her lover. Ally grinned in a surprisingly devilish manner and Brandi returned the smile. She looked back at the stud and femme who remained rooted to the spot and spoke. “You just gonna stand there and watch or are you going to join us?’ She inquired. The stud, a tall redbone with the type of tight muscular physique Brandi aspired to, looked at her girlfriend who was watching breathlessly as Brandi’s strokes never missed their rhythm.

“Baby?” The stud inquired. Her femme, a petite mocha colored woman looked over at her slowly as though she had to literally tear her gaze away, and nodded.

Brandi turned back to Ally and withdrew from her. “Get on your hands and knees.” She instructed gently. She watched as the couple moved to the bed and the stud began undressing her lover. The femme had a nice body, well toned with a flat stomach, small pert breasts, a nicely rounded ass and surprisingly long legs for her five three frame. Her eyes were locked on Brandi’s as Ally pushed herself back onto the stiff rod her girlfriend wore. She moaned at the different angle of penetration and Brandi thrust roughly into her enjoying the sound that burst forth from Ally. The femme entered the bed and tentatively touched Ally. Ally continued to moan as she enjoyed the new sensation. The femme ran her small hands over Ally’s back then made Ally gasp when she suddenly slapped her ass intensifying the penetration she was receiving. Brandi touched the small woman, caressing her breasts gently. It was completely opposite of the rough treatment Ally’s cunt was getting as Brandi continued to long dick her. The stud disrobed and Brandi found her eyes studying her. She gripped a fistful of Ally’s hair and turned her head so she could watch as well. The tall stud looked to stand about five eight and weighed about 160 pounds. Her breasts were larger than her girlfriends and the honey colored nipples hardened under the scrutiny. Ally bit back a moan as she fought back another orgasm. She wasn’t ready to cum yet. She reached back and held Brandi to her keeping the thick dick pressed deeply inside of her spasming walls. Brandi leaned forward over Ally’s back and bit her shoulder gently. She could feel Ally’s body shaking. The femme next to them lay on her back and watched her girlfriend strap up for the occasion. Her dong was slightly smaller than Brandi’s in length but thicker. It was jet black a sharp contrast to her skin tone. Brandi imagined she enjoyed the severe difference in tones and the way the jet black would look when slick and wet with pussy juices.

The tall stud moved to stand at the side of the bed where her girlfriend lay. She knelt on the floor before her and wasted no time before she began licking her girlfriend. The woman’s voice rang out as she came almost instantly. She was so hot it didn’t take long. She flooded her lover’s mouth and the stud stood and pushed into her. Brandi spread Ally’s ass cheeks pushing even deeper inside of her. Ally was so wet she had no trouble taking it. “Oh God!” The femme called out as her girl began slamming into her. She was watching Ally’s ass quiver.

“Do you take anal?” She asked suddenly. Ally looked over at her and found herself captured by the stud’s dark brown eyes. She nodded and the stud grinned. She looked down at her girlfriend who smiled. Despite the fact that her eyes were closed she could imagine her girlfriend’s expression. She loved anal sex.

Brandi pulled out of Ally and the taller stud followed suit. Brandi lay on her back and Ally climbed on top without being told. The femme moved up to sit on Brandi’s face so she faced Ally. She seemed gleeful as she got her first full view of Ally’s large soft breasts. She sighed when Brandi began licking her and leaned forward to take one of Ally’s hard nipples into her mouth. The tall stud moved behind Ally and merely watched Ally ride for a few minutes. She caressed Ally’s back softly causing Ally to shiver. Her lips were full and soft as they touched down on Ally’s neck. She ran her tongue along Ally’s spine from the crack of her ass up to her neck. She snapped her fingers suddenly and hopped off the king sized bed. She opened a travel bag and removed a condom and some lubricant. She put the condom on then slathered a generous amount of lube onto her black stallion dick. She returned to the bed in time to hear her girlfriend erupt under Brandi’s skillful ministrations. She groaned as she squatted behind Ally again. Ally leaned forward slightly pushing more of her tit into the smaller femme’s warm mouth. The stud applied a generous amount of lube to Ally’s ass and pushed a finger into Ally’s tight rear canal. Ally moaned long and loud as she was assaulted by the multiple stimuli. The stud added a second then a third finger and Ally was amazed at her extreme enjoyment of the feeling. Brandi’s hips thrust up and down moving her own tool in and out of Ally. The stud behind her pressed her fingers against the head of Brandi’s dick every time it slid toward the exit.

Ally shook as she was unable to hold her climax off any longer. Brandi stopped moving when she felt the tall stud moving closer and positioning herself at Ally’s backdoor. She pushed in very slowly and Ally groaned as she was stretched wider than she had ever been before to take it. The two dicks rubbed against each other through the thin membrane separating her entrances. When she was buried in Ally she paused for a moment letting her adjust to the sensation of being totally filled. Brandi continued to eat the petite femme’s pussy sending her crashing into another hard peak. She tasted good and seemed content to let Brandi service her as long as she wanted.

When Ally pushed her ass back against the stud she began moving in and out. The sensation was almost lewd and Ally loved it. Brandi began moving her hips again slowly timing her movements so that when she was withdrawing the stud was pushing into Ally and vice versa. Ally was now sucking the breasts of the femme riding her lover’s tongue. Brandi’s hands moved up to pinch Ally’s nipples and her girlfriend screamed as she came. Brandi had shifted her rhythm so now she and the other stud were pushing into Ally at the same time and withdrawing at the same time. The feeling of being full near to bursting then unbearably empty caused Ally’s orgasm to last a record length of time. She hit multiple peaks and finally begged for a reprieve unable to take anymore.

The small femme rose from Brandi’s face then bent and licked her own cum off Brandi’s chin. The stud pulled out of Ally slowly. She removed the condom she wore and went to get another. Ally lifted herself off Brandi and lay on her stomach on the bed. Brandi rose and removed the condom she wore then applied another. She and the stud switched partners now and Brandi watched as the taller woman slid into Ally from behind. Brandi looked to the woman she was about fuck and winked. “How do you want it babygirl?”

“Fast and hard like you were giving it to her.” The femme answered getting on her hands and knees. She lowered her upper half pushing her ass farther into the air. Brandi slapped her ass hard and she groaned. Brandi pushed two fingers deep into the small woman and pressed against her G-spot. She could feel the woman’s walls grip her fingers and she moaned softly herself. She gripped the dick she wore and stroked it slowly as she positioned it at the dripping entrance to the femme’s pink cunt. She watched as the caramel colored dick disappeared into the thick sucking lips of this woman’s sex.

When it was as deep inside as it was going to go, Brandi placed her hands on the small woman’s hips and began ramming her. She watched the woman’s back flex as the vibrations shimmered through her. Brandi was an animal as she seemed to be trying to push out the other end of the small woman. She closed her eyes and listened as Ally and the female she was fucking came at the same moment. The tall stud pulled out and deftly flipped Ally over then pushed her legs up high against her chest. She thrust back into Ally’s soaked pussy and Ally gripped the blanket as she struggled to keep her breath. Brandi delivered another resounding slap to the femme’s ass then pulled out and moved the dick higher to her asshole. She didn’t ask if the woman took it there, she was already certain she did. The small woman’s ass sucked it in as she moved closer to Ally so she could give her breasts attention. Brandi leaned forward slightly so she could stimulate the mocha shorty’s nipples. Her eyes met Ally’s and she licked her lips as she made the femme cum again.

The stud withdrew from Ally and positioned herself once again at Ally’s rear hole. It was so freaky and dirty what they were doing and the knowledge only added to the intensity of the situation. She grimaced slightly as her ass was filled but overall enjoyed the feeling. The stud bent forward and sucked the breast her girlfriend wasn’t attending to. Ally’s hands were buried in the shoulder length tresses of the stud. She was apparently of mixed race as her hair was thick and silky. Ally’s fingers tightened in the dark brown locks as the stud reached down and began stroking her throbbing clit. She brought her to the edge of orgasm then withdrew. She pulled out of Ally and moved down her body, trailing kisses and her tongue along until she reached Ally’s pussy. Her tongue was long and came to a wicked point. Her lips weren’t quite as full as Brandi’s but still felt great when they wrapped around her straining pearl. She sucked Ally gently not wanting to apply too much pressure and ruin it. Ally pressed her closer signaling that it was okay to go a little harder.

Brandi was enraptured with the sight of the dick as she pulled it all the way out the femme’s ass then pushed right back in. “Oooh, shit, yes, fuck my ass big Daddy.” The femme said in a sex husky voice. Brandi groaned as she slipped back in and began pounding the small woman. She landed several sharp slaps causing the round globes of the woman’s ass to jiggle and sending delicious shivers echoing through the femme’s body. She screamed as she came and Ally went over the edge of her own peak flooding the mouth of the woman servicing her.

Brandi pulled out of the femme’s ass and exited the bed to remove the condom. The femme was curled up in a tight ball shaking. Brandi ran a soothing hand along her back helping her come down from the most intense of her orgasms. Brandi watched the stud seek out every last drop of Ally’s delicious juices. The sight made her mouth water and she knew it would not be long before she was unable to resist tasting her lover again. She was amazed at how secure she felt in what she had with Ally. She’d never imagined she’d end up sharing her lover so soon in their relationship and had no delusions it was to become a regular thing. Her mind told her she should be feeling some sort of jealousy but she knew that she satisfied her lady and had no worries about her straying or having preferred what the other woman had done to her.

The stud stood after giving Ally’s clit one final kiss and removed the condom she wore then step out of her harness. She carried it to the bathroom and washed it off. She returned to the room and put it back in her suitcase. She dressed quickly and moved to her help her girlfriend. With that done she moved to Brandi who had also redressed and dapped her off. “Be cool. Enjoy your stay in the city.” Brandi said. She grinned at the corny line amused with herself. The small femme walked up to the side of the bed Ally still reclined on and leaned over to speak.

“I just wanted to sample these beauty’s before I left.” She said then closed the last bit of distance between them and placed her lips against Ally’s. She held her long hair back with one hand as she nibbled on Ally’s full soft lips. Ally’s hand lifted to the woman’s waist as she deepened the kiss. The two studs watched silently arousal returning instantly. There was nothing like two incredibly sexy women doing something as sensual as kissing.

When the femme finally pulled away she grinned at Ally. “Nice eating you.” She said and Ally giggled. The couple left to get a new room and Brandi closed and locked the door then returned to Ally. She undressed again wondering why she had put her clothes back on in the first place. She helped Ally up under the covers and they cuddled together dozing blissfully.

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