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The Lesson

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Madeleine sighed and hit Disconnect on the call window.

Another rude asshole. She thought. The days were supposed to feel shorter when you have a lot of work to keep you busy, however bad calls like that made them drag on forever.

“Hang in there.” A pleasant voice floated over her cubicle.

Madeleine looked over her shoulder to meet eyes with the voice. Janine sat there, smiling as she tapped a stack of papers against her desk, straightening them in preparation for the stapler. Her red shoulder length hair was pulled over her left side, exposing the bare nape of her neck.

“I could hear it in your voice,” Janine continued. “He sounded like a peach.”

“A rotten one.” Madeleine grimaced. “Called me everything in the book because I wouldn’t refund a $10 dollar late fee. Seriously, $10?! You’re going to huff and puff over the price of a movie ticket, all because you were 35 days late on your cable bill.”

“Maybe Mr. Late Fee should cut back on the pay per view pornos so he could afford to get his bill in on time.” Janine stapled the stack of papers, put them in a desk file, then spun her chair around so she could speak to Madeleine face to face. An alabaster leg crossed over the other, forming a plateau for folded hands to rest in her lap.

“I don’t know how you do it, Janine.” Madeleine grumbled. “You’ve been here for what, five years now? I’m here for two months and I can barely stand it. I mean, most of the calls are fine, but then I get that one customer, two if I’m unlucky, that has nothing better to do than unload their lungs on me for an hour. It sucks.” Madeleine slumped her chin into her hands, brown curls cascading in front of her face.

“I get it, trust me.” Janine nodded sagely. “I’ve had my fair share, I just learned how to deal with it in a constructive manner. Plus,” Her voice dropped to a whisper. “I have to say I get a little schadenfreude when I hear one of our nastier co-workers get a screamer.”

Madeleine smiled in spite of her fouled mood. Janine had a way of picking her up. She had style, too. A red top which cut down to show an work-appropriate amount of cleavage while still showing off her sensuality complimented a black skirt that cut just above the knee. Her alabaster legs crisscrossed and disappeared into the fabric, teasing any onlookers with an elegance they were not privy to experience.

“So, it’s Friday.” Janine said, reaching out and patting Madeleine playfully. “I assume you have a hot date tonight to get your mind off rude callers.”

Madeleine frowned, slumping further. “No… I dated this one guy a few months ago, but he ended up being a total jerk. I dumped him after finding a phone full of pictures with him and two other women at some frat party. Seriously, how lazy can you get? If you’re going to cheat, at least pretend like you care about me enough to hide it from me. He practically wanted to get caught.”

Janine’s lips pursed in a slight frown. “We’re going to have to do something about this.”

“Janine… I’m not a charity case.” Madeleine looked up with brown doe eyes. “Just tell me your secret to dealing with these jerks, I’ll finish my day, then go drown my sorrows in a bottle of wine and a few episodes of Sex in the City.”

“No no no.” Janine admonished, wagging her finger. “I’ll tell you my secret, but you have to promise to come out with me tonight. There’ll be no moping in solitude for you.”

“I really don’t-”

“-have a choice in the matter, I know.” Janine smiled playfully. “So say thank you, and put something pretty on when you get home. Jason and I will be by to pick you up around 8. Tonight, I’ll tell you all about how to enjoy this job over a fruity drink of your choice.”

Madeleine sighed. She was tired after a full week, and really didn’t want to deal with a late night out after a day full of rancid customers. But then again, it may be good to get out. She had been shut in for a couple months, and part of her sullen mood may be the cause of her self-inflicted solitude. She stared back into Janine’s mischievous eyes, then grinned and let out a sigh of defeat. “All right, fine. You win.”

“8’o clock.” Janine reminded her, then spun around and put her headset back on.

Madeleine tugged at her skirt nervously, almost rocking off balance in her heels. She wasn’t used to wearing anything but tennis shoes, but Janine had insisted she look her best for the club tonight.

‘You might meet a stud you want to take back to your place and tame!’ Janine advised.

That wasn’t really Madeleine’s style. She wasn’t one to pick up someone random at a club and go home for a night of passion. She liked her intimacy to be, well, intimate. There had to be a connection. A future. There’s no real pleasure in instant gratification with a stranger who cares nothing about you.

A knock on her door drew her attention. Checking her watch, she noted it was 8:05. It had to be Janine.

Her expectations were not met, leading to a look of surprise when the door opened and a tall gentlemen stood waiting in the hallway outside her apartment. He was dressed in pair of loose fitting designer jeans, a tight V-Neck black shirt with a stark white short sleeve overshirt to complete the ensemble. His light brown hair was brushed back without gel, and his neatly trimmed goatee completed his clean-cut , bad-boy-next-door look.

Madeleine suddenly felt slightly underdressed. Her red top was tight fitting with spaghetti straps, and her skirt a generic item she had picked up at the mall on a whim. She thought it was a nice enough setup, though the confident, well dressed man in front of her was slightly intimidating.

“Madeleine?” His voice was like chocolate.

“Uh, um, I mean, yes, hi. Jason?” Madeleine fumbled.

“Yes,” He smiled supportively. “Sorry, Janine was going to come up here to get you so she could introduce us properly. However she had a slight wardrobe malfunction. She’s down in the car fixing it, and asked me to come grab you since we were already running late.”

“Oh, it’s no problem.” Madeleine waved him off with a nervous laugh.

“Well, we’ll make it up to you.” He grinned. “Janine tells me you are ready to hit the dance floor with fervor.”

“She, huh?” Madeleine stuttered, closing the door behind her and locking up. “I, oh, well, I’m not much of a dancer.”

Jason chuckled. “Janine has a tendency to get excited. Don’t worry, I’ll make sure she doesn’t drag you anywhere you’re not comfortable going.”

“My hero.” Madeleine grinned. Am I flirting? Madeleine… stop that!

Jason simply grinned, either ignoring or overlooking the comment. They arrived out to the curb, walking towards a F-150 extended cab truck. Janine sat in the passenger seat, door open, mirror down. Her purse rested in her lap while she furiously worked at adjusting her makeup, wiping something away and immediately uncapping a brush to reapply. She looked over at the approaching pair, a deer-in-headlights look flashing across her features momentarily.

“Ohmygod! Madeleine, I’m so sorry!” Janine blurted. “It’s my fault, I lost track of time!”

“Oh, um, it’s okay…” Madeleine was caught off guard. “You’re only a couple minutes late.”

Jason walked over to the passenger side, sliding a hand over the small of Janine’s back. “Sweetie, it’s okay. The night is very much on track, no need to worry.” He placed a tender kiss on her cheek. He looked over at Madeleine. “She likes to be punctual. It’s one of the things I love about her, truth be told.”

Madeleine fluttered at the gesture. Janine was blushing and looking up at Jason with love in her eyes. With a touch and a soft series of words, he had calmed her nerves and put her back at ease.

Dammit, how come I don’t have someone like that? Madeleine griped internally.

Janine, smiling again and radiant in her perfect makeup and stunning dark green dress, looked over to Madeleine. “I am sorry we were late, it’s a pet peeve of mine so I hate doing it to other people.”

“It’s really okay.” Madeleine assured. She leaned in and whispered to Janine as Jason circled around the truck to the driver side. “He seems very sweet.”

“You have no idea.” Janine gushed. “Treats me like a princess.”

Madeleine flushed with envy, smiling at her friend.

“Come on,” Janine urged. “I’ll sit in the back with you so we can chat on the way.”

The truck pulled up out front of the club. Jason parked by the front curb, exited, circled around, and opened the doors for the two passengers.

“Ladies,” He beckoned charmingly.

Janine and Madeleine stepped down from the truck with Jason’s assistance. He took their hands gingerly and acted as an impromptu railing for their descent. Once they were safely on the sidewalk, he tipped his invisible hat. “I’ll go park then join you inside.”

Janine kissed him on the cheek, a gesture he returned with a hug and pinch on her side.

Madeleine walked with Janine towards the door, producing her ID and cash for the waiting bouncer. “Okay, Janine, we’re going to have to talk about cloning your man. Does he have a brother?”

Janine giggled. “Only child, unfortunately. Don’t worry,” Janine said with a note of seriousness. “I’ll help you find one.”

The bouncer eyed both of them up and down, doing his due diligence to scrutinize their ID’s and ensure they were indeed the beautiful women they claimed to be. After a long look up and down each of their figures, he handed the plastic back and greeted them in a gruff voice, “Have a good night, ladies.”

The music thrummed inside the club. Deep bass reverberated off the walls, guiding the crowds of bodies on the floor into rhythmic motions. The sea of arms and faces flowed with each other, obeying the steady beat with their fluid gyrations.

The two women made their way to the bar, ordering a Cosmopolitan and a Sex on the Beach before taking a seat on a pair of stools.

“So, you promised me a secret.” Madeleine said, eying her friend.

“I did.” Janine confirmed, taking her drink from the bartender and sipping at it lightly. “This one’s dangerous… don’t let me drink more than two. I’m a lightweight, and I can’t taste the alcohol!”

“Me too. This will be my only one if I don’t want you guys carrying me out.” Madeleine agreed. “But no dodging the subject!”

“Oh, alright.” Janine smiled, giving another playful pat on Madeleine’s arm. “The secret is control.”

“Control?” Madeleine asked. “What do you mean? How are you supposed to control someone who’s that angry.”

“No no, not you.” She corrected with a grin. “Give it up. Let them have the control.”

Madeleine cocked her head, a querying look on her face.

“The caller is upset because they want something. They have lost control, and they want it back.” Janine put her drink down, leaning closer to talk to Madeleine without shouting. Madeleine saw Janine’s dress drift open an inch, revealing a luscious cavern of skin between her alabaster breasts. The green dress, like a canopy of trees, fluttered back against her skin and covered the brief flash of skin. “Most operators try to control the call. They want to boss the customer around. They want to tell them how it is going to be. You have to learn to let go. Rein them in when appropriate, but otherwise, don’t fight them. Let them have their victories, and subtly guide them to a resolution that you want.”

“I’m… not following.” Madeleine frowned.

“It takes practice.” Janine said frankly, leaning back and retrieving her drink and bringing the two tiny straws to her pouting lips. Cosmo darkened the straw on its ascent, flowing into her mouth as she sucked greedily. Releasing the plastic with her lips, she continued. “I’ll show you some examples at work, but you can also watch how Jason and I interact tonight.”

“Jason?” Madeleine asked, curious. “He’s… a perfect gentlemen. I don’t see how that applies.”

Janine grinned and allowed her eyes to dart away evasively. “Yes he is, when he needs to be.”

Madeleine continued to stare, confused.

When Janine returned her gaze, she reached up and lightly tapped herself on the shoulder with two fingers. It was an odd gesture, and was accompanied by a knowing smile from the coy read head. “Do you see that?”

“Yes, what does it mean?”

“Just remember it.” Janine’s grin was feral. “I think you’ll figure it out.”

“What’d I miss?” Jason walked up through the crowd, standing next to the seated women. He wrapped an arm around Janine’s waist, pulling her into a quick hug and placed a kiss on her temple.

Janine blushed in response, but only stirred for a moment in her chair before taking a final pull on her drink and placing it on the bar. She stood from her seat, giving Jason a peck on the cheek. Her lips hovered near his ear for a few moments more as she whispered a short string of words. She finished with a coy glance towards Madeleine. “I’m going to the dance floor, I’ll leave you with Jason to finish your drink. See you down there.”

She walked… no, she stalked across the club, down two quick steps and out onto the dance floor. Her feet brought her to a small open space in the dance floor. Arms lifted above her head, elbows hovering chin height. She showed off her full figure as her hips began to sway, rotating back and forth with the beat. Bodies writhed around her, though they seemed to give her the space she needed to move. When another man, or woman, would come closer than Janine deemed appropriate, a steely glance or an outstretched hand would clearly communicate that their participation was not required.

“So Janine tells me you’re a newbe on the phones.” Jason said, taking a seat on Janine’s stool. His eyes pulled away from Janine’s form to politely make eye contact with Madeleine.

“Yeah,” Madeleine found herself having to force her eyes away from Janine’s graceful form. “She kinda took me under her wing. Showed me the ropes, talks me through the hard days, you know.”

“She’s a nurturer, that’s for sure.” Jason agreed. “So what’s this about you having issues at work?”

“Oh, its nothing.” Madeleine shrugged, smiling uncomfortably. It was hard enough showing weakness at work, she didn’t want to seem like a troubled little girl around a stranger. “It’s just tough dealing with angry callers sometimes. I can tough it out, though. I’m a big girl.”

“You are.” Jason agreed, his eyes remained on hers, despite the warmth and implication of his words. “But everyone has troubles here and there. No need to be ashamed.”

Madeleine blushed. His words were soothing, and had a supportive tone to them. Had the situation been different, Madeleine could see herself flirting with Jason for real. However, she knew boundaries, and decided it was time to pull back. “Thank you,” She offered. “You two have been very nice. It’s been a good pick me up. And Janine is very lucky, you treat her like a princess.”

“I like to think a queen.” He smiled. “Which is why I wanted to clarify something. Janine wanted you to see some things. I don’t want you to get the wrong idea.”

“I don’t think I follow.” Madeleine said warily. What the hell is he talking about? Oh god, I hope this isn’t some crazy trick to get me to find Jesus or sell Amway.

“I love Janine.” He assured. “Just keep that in mind. Why don’t you sit here, finish your drink, and watch for a bit. It may get a bit clearer.”

Madeleine simply nodded, though her eyes shone with confusion.

Jason gave one final smile, then pushed himself off of the stool. He took long, slow steps away from the bar towards the dance floor. The crowd did not part as easily for him as Janine, though he moved with the confidence of a predator. His pace did not slow, even when he entered the thick of the dancers, gently moving them with his hands, or a graceful twist of his body.

Madeleine watched as Janine stopped another man from dancing with her from behind. A stern look was all it took, and the man backed away.

Jason approached.

Much to Madeleine’s surprise, a similar stern look was shot at Jason.

It’s dark. Madeleine explained to herself. She probably thinks he’s just another club goer trying to rub against her. Then a frightening though intruded. What if she saw us flirting?! What if she’s angry at him? At me?!

Jason ignored the look meant to shun his presence, moving in and dancing next to Janine as if invited. Again, however, she rebuked him. Taking a step back, she placed a firm, flat hand on his chest, pushing him to arm’s distance.

Something is different. Madeleine observed. Through the flashing lights of the club, and the low, steady thrum of the music, Madeleine struggled to witness the scene unfolding in front of her. His face… his eyes. They’re not warm and caring anymore… is he angry?

Madeleine was correct. Jason’s loving, doting look had been replaced by a fierce, cold gaze. He reached his hand up, taking Janine’s wrist roughly. With a tug and a forward step, Janine’s form fell into his, back landing against his chest. His free hand slid up the small of her back, reaching the nape of her neck just as she regained her balance and began to struggle. Fingers interlocked with weaves of hair, and a fist closed around a loose network of red hair.

Janine’s posture instantly changed. Her head snapped back with the grip Jason had on her hair, and her body language radiated submissiveness. Her Queen of the Jungle facade was broken, and she leaned up against Jason’s body to show it.

Her hand, still imprisoned by Jason’s grip, moved up over her shoulder and around to the back of Jason’s neck. Without the obvious display of force, this would have looked like a sensual dance between a man and woman. The man with his hand in his lady’s hair, and the woman reaching back to stroke the nape of her lover’s neck. However the unnatural arch of Janine’s neck, the way her throat was exposed to the world, her timid grasp on Jason’s neck as he positioned her hand for her, was anything but the norm for this club.

Jason began to dance, gyrating his hips back and forth with the music. Words were spoken into Janine’s ear. Nothing happened for a few moments, until her face tensed as his grip tightened on her hair. In response, her hips began moving with his. Her firm ass, covered by nothing but a thin layer of silk, rubbed back against his groin as they moved together on the dance floor.

Madeleine watched, unsure what she was seeing. What happened to the doe eyed, happy couple who had picked her up? Where was the knight in shining armor she had been conversing with earlier? What were they doing?

Jason’s hand left Janine’s wrist, though her hand stayed dutifully in place. He let his fingers drift down her arm, caressing her skin until it ran under the silk of her dress. His fingertips continued their path over the green fabric, passing over the side of her breast, and down over her stomach. Pressure was applied, and their rhythmic grinds picked up in intensity. Janine’s face, despite having a distant look of discomfort from being held in place, pulled a slight smile with pleasure.

Several onlookers began to stare at the pair gyrating on the dance floor. Their behavior was unnatural for this environment. Something was different, which meant wrong in the mind’s of this crowd. They, like Madeleine, did not understand what they were seeing. This scared more than a few.

Jason’s hand moved up Janine’s stomach, sliding into the folds of fabric in the front of her dress. A few more inches, and he would be stroking the heaving mounds of alabaster flesh hidden beneath.

Despite her confusion, Madeleine’s breath caught in voyeuristic anticipation. She was enjoying the show they put on. Then something happened. It was almost too subtle to notice, though with the moving figures on the dance floor, Madeleine’s view was limited to the torso up. Given her focused field of vision, she saw Janine’s index and middle finger extend out from Jason’s neck and tap him twice on the shoulder.

As if bit, Jason’s facial expression melted away. His cold gaze became one of concern and love for a moment. His eyes darted down to Janine’s, who practically pleaded with him to continue via her expression despite the public venue. Then, as quick as it left, the cold gaze returned. His hand, however, stopped its pursuit of her flesh. He withdrew, sliding it to her side where he could guide her hips further.

Madeleine watched in wonder, trying to decipher what just happened.

‘Is she enjoying this?’ Madeleine thought. ‘If so, why did he stop?’

Almost on cue, two bouncers made their way into the crowd. A woman in a miniskirt and babydoll top led them to the edge of the floor, and then pointed at Janine and Jason. Finding their target, the bouncers moved through the dancers on the floor, many of which who had stopped to observe the strange tango that started near them.

Madeleine watched as the bouncers approached Jason and Janine, shouting something at them. Both dancers snapped to attention. Jason’s hands released Janine, then extended out to his sides in a display of surrender. Janine’s eyes shot open, and she jumped between the bouncers and Jason. Heated words were exchanged, and it appeared Janine’s frantic words converted the bouncers’ expressions from rage to confusion and disgust. One of them jerked his thumb, clearly giving them the instruction to leave.

Janine looked over their shoulders, finding Madeleine’s eyes with her own. With a glance, she signaled to meet them outside.

Madeleine, still in shock from what she just watched, downed the rest of her drink and moved for the door.

“Do you understand?” Janine asked, leaning against the inner window of the cab of Jason’s F-150 as he navigated onto the highway.

“Honestly, no.” Madeleine responded, a little upset in her voice. “You two seemed like you were fine, then you started fighting on the floor. I’m not sure why you’re so okay now after he…” Madeleine trailed off, trying not to accuse Jason of physically assaulting her friend while he was driving a two ton truck.

“He didn’t hurt me.” Janine cooed. “He only did what I allowed him to do.”

Madeleine started to launch into a counter argument. She wanted to tell Janine that it was Jason’s job to control himself, and that it wasn’t her fault if he got violent. Janine, however, saw this coming and cut her off.

“Truly, everything that happened was with my permission.” Janine assured. “Jason knows how I like to be touched, knows his limits, and knows how to hear me say no even when I don’t say a word.”

“The… the tap?” Madeleine ventured, started to put things together.

Janine nodded, a smile spreading across her face. “I’m a sub, Madeleine. I like to be controlled by my man. I derive pleasure from bending to his will and succumbing to his desires. However, the amusing thing of a dom/sub relationship that most don’t understand is this: The sub holds all of the power. The dom simply provides the direction and control.”

“But…” Madeleine struggled.

“Jason knows he can push my limits.” Janine answered before Madeleine can ask. “He knows he can choose what we do, where we do it, and how it will be done. It pleases me to give him this control. I know everything he does is pleasurable to him, which in turn gives me pleasure. However, if a direction is taken which I am not comfortable with, or if I become afraid, or find myself in a place where I do not enjoy the activity, I tell him no.”

As if answering the next question, she reached up over the driver’s seat and tapped Jason lightly on the shoulder with her index and middle fingers.

Responding to her touch, he reached back, gently taking her fingers in his hand, and placed a soft kiss on her fingertips while keeping his eyes diligently on the road.

Madeleine felt a surge through her body again. The doting behavior from Jason was abundantly sweet, and she melted just watching his treatment of her. His affection was obvious, though the show she witnessed on the floor still caused confusion.

Despite her lack of understanding, however, a different surge through her thighs burned for her to know more.

“Madeleine,” Janine continued. “We’re going to go back to our house. Why don’t you come with us? I think you could learn a lot more if you witnessed… more of our interactions.”

Madeleine felt a tingle under her skirt. She knew what the implication was, and knew she was being invited to watch a much more carnal display than what was put on in the club. A nagging voice told her to refuse, to go home and watch movies in the safety of her apartment. She tried to justify another decision, though she had not had enough to drink to compromise her judgment, and it was late enough to justify going home. She could not think of a reason to accept without feeling… dirty.

With a slight curve of her lips, she decided a little dirt never hurt anyone.

“Sure, I’d love to.” She replied.

“I thought you would.” Janine flashed another one of her carnal grins.

The house was on the edge of the nice part of town. This allowed the size and quality of the structure to be a bit bigger than Madeleine was used to, while staying within a price range that Janine and Jason could afford.

Jason walked them through the front gate, holding it open like a gentleman and closing it behind them. He lit the pathway with a flashlight from his key ring, then took a position at the door and inserted his key into the lock. As the key twisted and the latch released, Madeleine watched Jason’s face transform from the kind and loving boyfriend to the steely eyed predator she had seen in the club. He pushed the door open, walking inside with confident paces.

“Janine,” He said flatly, the smile gone from his voice. “I’m thirsty. Get me a bottle of water. I’ll be in the bedroom.” He continued walking, speaking without looking at her. Long strides took him towards the bedroom at the end of the hall.

Janine, who stood much more timid and demure than usual, waited until he was out of sight before turning to Madeleine. “I’m going to get him some water. If you are sure you want to be here for this, come with me.” She paused, biting her lip. “But I think you’ll enjoy what you see.”

Madeleine felt a tingling in her skin which demanded satisfaction. She knew her answer immediately. She wouldn’t have agreed to come back if she wasn’t willing to go all the way. With a breathless nod, she affirmed she was ready.

Janine grinned, then let her features drip back down to a more submissive posture again. With small, quick steps, she moved into the kitchen and grabbed a bottle of water from the package on the countertop. She grabbed Madeleine by the hand gingerly, leading her the first few steps down the hall before releasing her hand and walking with a bowed head.

They entered the room together. Jason stood near the bed, pulling off his over shirt and tossing it onto the corner of the bed. He held a hand out absently, a slight look of annoyance crossing his features.

Janine crossed the floor to reach him, extending the water bottle into his hand.

Jason grimaced, pulling the water bottle into his view without turning to see Janine. He tossed it idly from one hand to the other, staring at it in disgust for a few seconds. Finally, he swiveled his head to the left, looking at Janine with an irritated gleam in his eye. “It’s warm.”

Janine lowered her eyes.

“You know I prefer chilled water.”

Janine nodded.

“We have an entire case in the fridge.”

She nodded again.

Jason gave a disapproving glance. “Well, then you did this on purpose… that’s just not acceptable.” He sat on the edge of the bed and pointed to his lap. “Come here.”

Janine stepped forward timidly, standing next to the bed next to Jason’s legs. She allowed herself to be pulled forward. Her balance faltered, and she fell across Jason’s lap, legs bending up with her firm ass tilted upwards, almost in offering. Her face, though playing the part of the timid, broke for a moment into a carnal smile of pleasure before twisting back into one of submissive subjugation.

Jason laid one hand on the hollow of Janine’s back between her shoulder blades to help keep her in place. His eyes lifted to Madeleine, who was frozen in the doorway. “Madeleine, sit in that chair.” Jason nodded to a chair against the wall facing the bed. “You’ll watch.”

The commanding edge in Jason’s voice jarred Madeleine. It was so much different than his chocolate voice she had basked in earlier that evening. This was much less soothing, still sensual, but with an edge of authority. It was good she was near the chair, as her legs began to ripple into goo. Madeleine dropped into the chair, pressing her knees together and leaning forward to engorge her eyes on the show unfolding before her.

Jason allowed his eyes to linger on Madeleine for a moment, then looked back down at Janine’s prone form laying across his knees. Without another word, his free hand lifted up and slapped down on her proffered ass.

Janine’s form convulsed with the force of his slap. If not for Jason’s firm hand keeping her firmly in place, her body would have bucked right off of his legs. She regained her composure quickly, however, and sucked in a sharp breath as she settled back down into a relaxed position. As if accepting her fate, her round ass pushed back up in wait.

Jason brought the flat of his hand down again, sending a crack of flesh on flesh through the room. Skin rippled under his palm, and Janine’s body jolted once again. Her back arched as she instinctively pulled away from the fresh pain on her flesh, though Jason pressed her back into her prone position.

“Do you have something to say?” Jason asked calmly, bringing his hand down again.

“Yes!” She yelped, her breasts heaving against Jason’s legs as she drew in quick, deep breaths. Her mouth curved with the shock of pain, though the curled edges of her lips betrayed a hidden smile. “I’m sorry, Jason.”

“For…” Another smack filled the room.

“For bringing you warm water.” She struggled meekly against his grip. “I should have brought you what you liked.”

Madeleine watched, her legs moving back and forth against each other in anticipation. Her own breaths were short as her attention focused on the pair. Which each slap and writhe of Janine’s body, Madeleine felt a shiver through her own form. The raw sensuality between the two was powerful, and it made her tremble with lust.

Jason brought his hand down several more times, verbally chastising Janine for being a bad girl, for being inconsiderate, and making her promise to try harder later. Her form quivered with each spanking, and her hands gripped both his jeans and the comforter on the bed, steadying herself for each incoming blow.

Madeleine, despite being very turned on, began to worry. Janine looked as if she was in pain, and she was having trouble seeing the line between the act and the real thing. A thought to speak up, to warn Jason that he was going too far crossed her mind. However, as soon as it did, Janine’s fingers protruded out over Jason’s knee where she gripped his denim pants, and tapped twice firmly.

A brief flash of worry crossed Jason’s features. Madeleine surmised it was a similar thought that she had. She could see the love flow back into his eyes for that moment, and deep concern for his lover shone like the sun at noon. He quickly recovered, however, and put on his cold, dominant face once more as if nothing had happened.

“I think that is enough.” He said in a cool tone.

“T-thank you, Jason.” Janine panted. “I’ll never do it again…”

Jason guided Janine to her feet with his hands, stood next to her, and spoke firmly in her ear. “Bend over the bed.”

The words cascaded across Madeleine’s ears like honey. She felt the overwhelming desire to touch herself, to feel pleasure as she was sure Janine was about to. Maybe I could, She thought to herself. It’s not like they are paying attention to me…

“Madeleine,” Jason queried, looking over his shoulder at the seated woman intently watching him.

“Y-yes,” Madeleine stumbled out. Her words were choked and her voice soft. Her breath had been held for too long.

“Tap your shoulder with two fingers.” He commanded softly.

Madeleine, understanding the gesture but not wanting this to stop, hesitated. She did not want the game to end… though she felt compelled to obey his order. She reached up as she was told, tapping her shoulder with her index and middle finger.

“Do you understand what that means?” He asked patiently.

Janine remained in position, bent over with her elbows on the bed, her firm ass jutting out towards Madeleine as she waited for their interaction to finish.

Madeleine nodded.

“Good.” He allowed a brief, carnal grin before continuing. “Now do you believe Janine was sufficiently punished?”

Madeleine gulped, not knowing how to answer. What was appropriate for not bringing someone cool water? Surely it was enough. He spanked her over a dozen times! She gulped back her uncertainty and nodded.

Jason sighed. “And how would you know that without seeing the results? For all you know, I was making loud noises but not much contact. You clearly just want to go easy on her.” He eyed her fiercely. “For your punishment, you must touch yourself while you watch. I want you to please yourself, however, you are not allowed to make a single noise. Not even a whimper. Do you understand?”

Madeleine froze. Embarrassment wanted to rear up and steal her nerves, to make her tap her shoulder with two fingers to avoid the ‘punishment’. However her flushed skin and racing pulse refused to let the excitement die down. She was enjoying this, and she wanted it to continue.

Adopting a demure look she had seen Janine wear, Madeleine tentatively reached down and began applying pressure over the fabric of her skirt. Her fingers moved slowly in a circle, pressing hard to give herself relief through the multiple layers of fabric. An instinctive moan rose in her throat, though Jason’s fierce eyes, which were still fixed on her, reminded her and caught the noise in her throat.

Satisfied, Jason turned back to Janine. With a graceful sweep of his hands, Janine’s dress slid up to her waist. The ascent of the green silk revealed the rest of her alabaster legs rising to a firm ass, reddened by the previous spanks. A dark black thong split her ass cheeks, and provided a sharp contrast against her white and reddened skin.

Jason ran his fingers gently over her red cheeks. She tensed at first, pushing up with her toes as if fleeing again, then settled to his soft touch. Her face rested against the comforter as she pushed gently into his hand, reveling in the contrast from his previous punishment. He continued to please her, tickling her skin for several minutes while she cooed gently and gyrated slowly against his touch.

Finally, he spoke again. “Janine, reach back and remove your thong. Pull it down and hold it around your thighs.”

“No!” Janine said, a pouty tone to her voice.

The response surprised Madeleine at first. She expected subservience from Janine at this point. After all, Jason had been clear in his commands, and what he would do if she disobeyed. Then she realized… Janine wanted the punishment. She could choose to obey or to resist. Obeying would reward her with sensitive touches and rewards, while resistance would invite rough play, which she clearly craved at the moment.

At the realization, Madeleine slipped her hand around and up her skirt. Her own breaths began coming in heavier, causing her breasts the rise and fall under her babydoll top. Her fingers found her way to her clit over her lacy panties, touching it gently. It took all her willpower, though she suppressed a cry of ecstasy at the sensation.

“Janine,” Jason growled. “You will take them off, or you will be punished again.”

“No!” Janine said, pushing herself up to crawl away.

Jason wasted no more words. He grasped her around the hips and pulled her sharply back. He slid her off the bed, his hand finding his favorite grip of hair with speed and ease. Janine’s body arched again as her mouth shot open with the sharp sensation, though her resistance immediately melted away.

Madeleine saw the hidden joy in Janine’s face, and rubbed her clit in tight, fast circles.

Jason forced Janine to her knees in front of him, giving Madeleine a profile view of both of them. He spoke in a clear, firm tone, “You will lift your dress over your head. Now.” His tone gave no room for argument, and though Janine writhed under his grip (to get him to tighten it further, Madeleine surmised) she submitted. Her hands reached down and gripped the bottom of her dress. She pulled it up over her body, revealing her reddened ass, her black thong, a tight stomach, and finally two heaving mounds of perfect alabaster flesh. Her breasts were firm with hard, pink nipples standing up. Her arousal was undeniable, and her eyes, though strained, showed a fierce desire.

Jason released his grip long enough to allow the dress to be completely removed, then resumed his previous hold. She looked up at him, lips pressed together and eyes pleading for him to continue.

“Unzip my pants.” He demanded, standing closer to her.

Janine’s hands shot up without hesitation, pulling at Jason’s zipper and button.

“Pull out my dick.” He continued.

She pulled his pants down slightly, reaching in and freed his dick from his boxers.

Madeleine increased her pressure and speed of her fingers against her clit, fighting back moans as she stared at Jason’s throbbing cock. He was long and reasonably thick. He wasn’t built like a porn star, for sure, but he certainly had enough to fill her needs. Janine’s needs, she mentally corrected.

“Put it in your mouth.” Jason’s voice was firm and low.

Janine needed no further encouragement. On her knees in front of Jason, she leaned forward and greedily pulled the head of his dick into her mouth. Her lips caressed the head of his cock, sucking and licking as her hand moved up and down the shaft slowly. Her lips descended farther, pulling him farther into her mouth. Her hands slid to his thighs, gripping him and pulling him forward as she began to pull him in and out of her mouth.

She continued, stopping to lick the head of his cock when she needed to breathe, then continuing to pull half of his dick into her mouth over and over, using his thighs for leverage. His hips matched her efforts, pumping back and forth rhythmically to help her lick and suck more of his dick.

“Use your hands.” He guided.

Janine continued as if she had not heard.

“Stroke my cock with your hands.” Jason repeated firmly.

Again, Janine continued as if she was unwilling, or simply not paying attention.

Jason reached to the side, fetching his discarded over shirt from the edge of the bed. He pulled Janine back, her mouth still reaching for him, craving to suck on him more. He pulled up her wrists, ignoring her pleas, and slid them neatly through the arm holes of his over shirt. With a twist of fabric, the shirt became a makeshift set of handcuffs, pinning Janine’s wrists together over her head. Jason pushed back, wrapping the remainder of the shirt around the short bedpost at the corner of their king sized bed. He tied it off, leaving Janine on her knees, hands bound above her and anchored to a wooden pillar.

Her lips had found him again while he worked, feverishly licking at him and pulling him into her mouth again as he worked to restrain her.

With his hands free, and hers bound, Jason stepped away and shed his pants completely. Janine writhed against her bonds, pleading with her eyes and her moans for him to come back. He obliged her.

“You disobeyed me again.” He said through gritted teeth. He gruffly grasped his favorite tuft of hair with one hand, and guided his cock towards her mouth with the other. “Now you cannot use your hands at all…”

He pushed himself into her mouth, pumping back and forth quicker and quicker. He moaned as her lips coursed over his skin, pausing only to command her to lick when he wanted to feel her tongue along the length of his shaft. Then, when he wanted more, he would push her head onto the length of his dick again.

He thrusts slowed, though Madeleine watched intently as he began pushing deeper. He wasn’t huge, no more than 7 inches, though Janine clearly could not fit the entirety of his manhood in her mouth without it going down her throat as well. Janine’s hands gripped the wooden bedpost, and both Jason and Madeleine’s eyes darted to her fingers as he pushed farther and farther into her mouth. On his final press, he slowly pushed his dick all the way into Janine’s mouth. His cock found his way over her tongue and down her throat, her lips pressed tightly to the base of his shaft as her eyes pressed closed.

Her fingers did not tap the wood.

Madeleine felt a surge through her legs. The moment was so pure, so carnal. Had he asked for her to deep throat him like that, there would have been hesitation, awkwardness, and possibly even a denial due to fear. But here, she watched them push each other to their limits, and watched the gleam in Janine’s eyes as she reopened them and looked up to Jason. Madeleine didn’t know if that was the first time she had been pressed that far successfully, though she could see the victory shining in her gaze.

Unable to resist any more, Madeleine gasped with pleasure, following the sharp exhalation with a cry of bliss. She was so close to cumming. Her fingers had moved her lacey panties aside, touching her clit directly in tight circles. The tips of her fingers had explored down and penetrated past her moist lips several times to build up more lubrication, though they had always returned to stimulate her clit harder and faster.

Jason’s sharp gaze caught her almost immediately, and realization of what she had done washed over her. She stopped immediately, frozen in her tracks. She had disobeyed him, and knew what that could mean.

But I didn’t mean to! It was an accident! She thought frantically. The signal! I can tap my fingers twice to show him it was an accident, he’ll understand.

Janine’s voice floated through her mind from earlier. “Give it up. Let them have the control.”

Her heart pounded in her chest as her free hand locked up against her stomach. With a clear signal as Jason watched, her index and middle fingers curled down with the rest of her fingers into a fist against her stomach.

She was daring him to punish her. No, she corrected herself again. She was allowing him to punish her, because she wanted him to.

Jason suppressed another grin, returning to his dominant role as he spoke. “Madeleine, you were doing so well… I’m disappointed. You’ll stop that, now. You’re not allowed to cum unless I give you permission.”

“Yes , Jason.” Madeleine said meekly. Her hand pulled out from her skirt and folded neatly onto her lap.

He looked down at Janine with a pleased look. “You’ve done very well, Janine. I think you deserve a reward.”

Janine looked up, gasping for breath and causing her tits to rise and fall. “Thank you, Jason.”

“I want you to put Madeleine on the bed on her hands and knees.” Jason said firmly, not even looking to Madeleine as he did. He reached over, untying Janine’s hands as he finished his command.

As Janine rose and moved over to Madeleine, Jason crossed the room and began fishing in a drawer for something. Janine took Madeleine by the hand, a mischievous grin on her face. Madeleine couldn’t help herself, either. Her cheeks were flushed, and her short, quick breaths prominently displayed her arousal.

Janine led her onto the bed, crawling up onto the covers with her as she guided her friend onto her hands and knees. Madeleine felt exposed and dirty, though the carnal atmosphere of the room made it feel right. She felt as if it was acceptable to be like this here. They were not judging her, nor would they make her feel embarrassed, because she was in control.

Jason stood by the bed behind Madeleine, and spoke firmly. “Janine, get behind Madeleine. Madeleine, you will keep your gaze forward at all times. You are not to look back.”

“Yes, Jason.” Madeleine agreed.

Madeleine heard something behind her. Janine was on her knees behind her, she knew that, but what was that clinking sound? There was the sound of fabric sliding against fabric, followed by a clink of something small and metal pressing into place.

Jason moved around the bed, sliding up onto the mattress and resting against the headboard a few feet from Madeleine’s head. He watched with an amused smile. “Madeleine, reach back and lift up your skirt.”

Madeleine, slightly confused as she expected Jason to be fucking her right now… it’s what she wanted, after all, however he was not. He idly stroked his rock hard cock as he watched and grinned. Despite her questions, she reached back and pulled her skirt up to her waist.

“Good.” He continued. “Now pull your panties down, and hold them at your thighs.”

Madeleine reached back, hooking her thumbs around the fabric of the waistline of her panties. She quickly realized that having to use both hands to do so, and holding them at thigh level cause her to do two things. One, her torso was no longer supported by her arms, so she had to rest her cheek on the comforter, raising her ass and pussy up in offering to Janine behind her. Secondly, holding her panties like this was true submission. It felt as if she was presenting herself, almost framing her pussy for Janine.

“Janine is going to fuck you now.” Jason said calmly. “However you are not allowed to cum until I say you can cum. Do you understand?”

Madeleine didn’t. How could Janine fuck her? Would she use her tongue? Maybe a vibrator? Either way, she desperately wanted to be touched, and could not wait any longer. “Yes!” She agreed loudly. “Please fuck me Janine!”

Janine gripped Madeleine’s hips with both of her hands. Madeleine had been taken like this in the past by boyfriends, though the contrast was sharp. Janine’s hands were much smaller and softer. Her grip was not powerful, rather gentle. It did not help to prepare her for when she felt a thick, hard object press against her pussy lips.

Both of her hands are on me! Madeleine thought, tensing up. Then, as she felt her pussy spread and begin to be penetrated, realization hit her. She’s wearing a strap on… That’s what those sounds were.

Her thoughts became jumbled after that. Janine began to pump the thick strap on dildo in and out of Madeleine’s pussy. Small vibrations were felt from the toy, mostly on Madeleine’s outer pussy lips. It felt as if the toy had a vibrator somewhere at the base, giving more sensation to the outside than in.

Madeleine began to moan heavily, pressing back into her punishment to encourage Janine to fuck her harder. She wanted her to push the dildo all the way in, to bury it harder and faster into her pussy. She wanted to get fucked as Jason watched and cum all over Janine’s toy. Hungry for more, she decided to tell Jason she was not yet satisfied. Disobeying him again, she looked over her shoulder at Janine.

The brief glance was amazing. Her supple breasts shook up and down with each thrust, and her beautiful red hair swung back and forth with each gyration of her hips. Janine’s face, however, contorted with ecstasy of her own. Madeleine guessed the strap-on likely had a double head, perhaps even just a vibrating section, that pleased it’s user as much as the recipient.

“Madeleine, you’ve been a bad girl again.” Jason warned. He slid across the bed and knelt in front of her. He pulled her head up gently, gripping her hair with one hand, and supporting her torso by the shoulders with the other. He seemed to be going much softer on her than he had Janine. “Open your mouth.”

Madeleine opened her mouth as her eyes trailed up to Jason’s. The look was hungry and lustful, and told him to take her as he wanted.

With a smile, Jason pushed his cock into Madeleine’s mouth.

The trio writhed together on the bed. Janine reached forward from the throes of her passion long enough to slide Madeleine’s top up over her tits. With a snap of her bra, Madeleine’s breasts fell free from her clothing and began to rock back and forth with Janine’s thrusts.

Jason guided Madeleine’s head up and down on his dick, pushing in over half of his manhood past her lips and over her tongue quicker and quicker.

Madeleine moaned in bliss. Her hands still clamped around her panties, though she longed for them to be free so she could rub her clit and help guide Jason’s cock into her mouth. She sucked on him greedily, tasting the teases of precum at the tip of his dick as her tongue snaked around his shaft and massaged him closer to orgasm. Meanwhile, she felt the dildo and Janine’s hips slapping into and against her over and over. Her rhythmic thrusts began to shudder, however, as Janine clearly got closer and closer to orgasm herself.

Jason watched the face of his lover contort as she began to cum. He felt a surge from within himself at the sight of her pleasure. Gripping Madeleine’s head in his hand, he began to pump faster.

“Madeleine, you’re allowed to cum now.” He panted. “Use your fingers to rub your clit, and swallow my cum as you do.”

Madeleine’s body practically bucked at the command. Her skin burned to be touched, and almost rocked into an orgasm before her fingers even found her waiting clit. She heard Jason moan and shudder as she bobbed up and down on his cock, welcoming his cum into her mouth and swallowing it so she could suck and bring him to cum more. Her own legs shook and gave out. Had Janine not been holding her tightly, screaming in pleasure herself as she ground her hips into Madeleine’s, Madeleine surely would have collapsed to the bed.

After the moment had passed, all three of them collapsed onto the bed, breathing heavily and sweating. Madeleine lay between the other two, who eventually cuddled in around her. Janine kissed absently at Madeleine’s shoulder and neck, while Jason rolled to his side and pulled both of them into his arms.

Madeleine curled up, smiling to herself at what had turned into a wonderful night.

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