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The Lesson

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Latisha sat quietly while looking at the young man sitting opposite her, he appeared visibly upset by the news and she felt for him.

“Duncan, I don’t know what to say to ease your mind, but you know our Amanda, she can be very stubborn at times and after what she saw on that video…well it sounded pretty weird,” Latisha said, somewhat sympathetically.

She didn’t have the heart to tell him that she too had also seen some of the home video; she thought that he would probably have died of embarrassment if he had known his mother-in-law witnessed his part of his kinky side.

“Latisha, it wasn’t that bad…really…I wasn’t hurting anyone…it was just me,” he said solemnly.

Duncan looked back up at his mother-in-law and gazed into her clear blue eyes. He loved the way her curly blond hair hung to her shoulders framing her slim face and aquiline nose, and he found her very attractive now as always.

Latisha sighed, and returned his gaze; she had always been fond of her son-in-law. Her daughter had married far too young at nineteen and now some three years later it was all about to crumble. Duncan had been Amanda’s “first” and although he was a couple of years older than Amanda he had lacked experience too. Latisha now felt fairly sure that Duncan’s experimenting was nothing more than that of an inquisitive highly-sexed young man and that he was possibly also suffering from a little frustration at his young wife’s lack of enthusiasm in the bedroom.

“But the costumes Duncan?”

Duncan averted his gaze again, briefly glancing down at his attractive mother-in-law’s cleavage. He noticed she was wearing a striped top that was partially see-thru and her black lace bra cupped her breasts nicely. Latisha often wore revealing clothes around him, often only tiny miniskirts and little tops. At times Duncan felt she just oozed sexuality, if only Amanda was half as sexy, he thought.

“It was just fantasy stuff Latisha…I think Amanda might be exaggerating a bit.”

Latisha had seen enough of the video herself to know that he was right in a way and although it had shocked her more than a little to know that her son-in-law was not so straight she did think her daughter may have been over-reacting in wanting to leave him so quickly. There had to be a better way.

“So how many outfits do you have?” Latisha asked.

“Just a few…not many…really…” he said sheepishly, his face flushing crimson. “Do you think I’m weird too? I think they look hot…and I love the feel….you would look good in them Latisha,” he blurted without thinking, looking back up again.

Latisha stared back at him briefly then smiled at his suggestion, her demeanour softening. He did have good taste, she thought.

“You think so do you? Don’t you like what I wear Duncan?”

“Of course I do…you always look hot Latisha. I wish Amanda dressed a little more like you sometimes,” he said regrettably.

“Or maybe a little bit more like you?” Latisha chuckled. “Mmmm…why don’t you just show me what you’ve got hey…maybe the one you like the best?” she asked cheekily, expecting him to blush even more at her stirring suggestion.

“Are you serious? You want to have a look?” he asked incredulously.

Latisha smiled at Duncan and raised her eyebrows cocking her head to one side and shrugging her shoulders. She wasn’t really serious of course and shouldn’t have made the suggestion to the impressionable young man, but she noticed that he now looked somewhat pleased at her suggestion, so she decided to humour him further for a bit of harmless fun.

Duncan needed no further prompting. He pushed the kitchen chair back and without another word, stood up and turned then walked down the short hallway to his bedroom, leaving Latisha to look on in wonder.

As Latisha sat there waiting for him to return she reflected upon the video that her daughter had recently discovered hidden amongst Duncan’s travel bags. It wasn’t just what he was wearing while he masturbated that had disgusted Amanda, no; it was the things he was saying too. Latisha’s husband had always maintained that Duncan had the hots for her, now she was left with very little doubt, only Duncan was unaware of just how much she now knew.

Duncan appeared moments later carrying a small bundle in his arms and laid it on the table in front of his mother-in-law. He watched her look down at the clothes as he straightened them out.

“It all looks very small Duncan…I mean it’s nice…but very small,” she said as she picked up a black patent leather skirt with a zipper all the way up the back. She noticed the skirt’s zipper ran from the top to the bottom…opposite to normal allowing the wearer to leave it undone a little like a slit. She placed the skirt back down and picked up a very nicely laced bodice of an exquisite red material, “Quite beautiful too.”

Then she ran her fingers along the boots, the heels a very high stiletto. They looked ‘nasty’ but what Latisha really admired was the length of them, possibly thigh high and of the softest leather she had felt, no doubt quite expensive.

Duncan looked at her with wide eyes as he watched her pickup the next piece of garment…just a tiny little g-string in a red lace like the bodice and also quite see-thru.

“These look far too small Duncan…they would probably fit me!”

“I bought them for Amanda but she won’t even look at them,” Duncan explained, but he knew Latisha was right, they probably would fit her too as both mother and daughter were almost identical in size…except Latisha’s breasts were larger and her hips were fuller with a beautifully shaped butt that he looked at often.

“Hmm…I see, but I meant your favourite Duncan…you know…what you like to wear.”

Again Duncan turned and walked back to his bedroom leaving Latisha to admire the boots.

Some minutes passed before he walked back out…slowly. Latisha looked up from the table and gasped when he came into view.

Duncan stood before her dressed in a black and scarlet corset with matching suspenders and black fishnet stockings; he had on black satin arm-length gloves and held a long riding crop in his right hand.

Latisha noticed he had rouged up his lips and put on some garish blue eye shadow too, but that wasn’t all. She watched almost transfixed as he walked closer to the table, his steps quite loud on the kitchen tiles as he was also wearing high pumps of patent leather.

For a brief moment Latisha felt she was looking at an attractive woman and not her handsome young son-in-law. But then when he was no more than a couple of metres from her she noticed something amiss…something that belied the picture…he wore no panties.

Duncan’s large penis swayed from side to side as he posed before his mother-in-law.

“Wow…I didn’t mean to put it on Duncan….” Latisha said croakily as she surveyed his attire, only to again focus on his penis. She knew his cock was quite large from the video…but to actually see it in the flesh! Of course Latisha realised why it now looked so much more menacing; he was devoid of pubic hair!

“Sooo…what do you think?” Duncan asked almost demurely.

“Duncan…I…I think you should put some pants on…please,” she suggested, her mouth agape and her gaze beginning to falter.

Duncan looked back down at Latisha and then he too got a surprise. While he was out of the room his mother-in-law had put on the boots and now sat sideways on the kitchen chair with her legs in plain view.

“Nice…they look very nice on you Latisha.”

“Thank you. I couldn’t resist…perfect size too.”

Latisha stole another glance at his manhood and quickly looked away again…his penis was growing harder and now appeared to be quite erect!

“Duncan…you are very naughty…I should take that crop off you and give you a good smack across your backside!”

Duncan didn’t miss an opportunity and within a micro-second he reached out and offered Latisha the long, thin riding crop.

“Oh Duncan….I was only kidding…please…you look very nice, but please…I think you should put some pants on,” Latisha stammered while eying the pro-offered whip.

“I am naughty Latisha…you’re right…but you don’t seem too shocked to see me like this.”

“I’m shocked alright…believe me,” she said again looking him up and down. She couldn’t help notice that he did actually look quite good and wondered if that made her a bit weird too? In all her forty-two years she had seen a lot of things, but this certainly was out there.

“Umm…why don’t you try the skirt on too, Latisha? And…maybe even the bodice as well?” Duncan suggested as he eyed her bare thighs above the top of the boots.

“There’s matching gloves and stockings in that little bag too…”

Latisha again looked at the pretty clothes that lay on the table and gently caressed the lace of the bodice. It was very nice. Next to the skirt lay a fine cloth bag she hadn’t noticed before. She refrained herself from opening it and looking inside.

Latisha knew things were getting out of hand and she needed to take control of the situation. Then just as quickly, she thought that it may be a good chance to teach the young man a little lesson.

“You want to have sex with me, don’t you? Don’t you?” Latisha asked somewhat bluntly, a wicked smile forming on her lips.

He didn’t answer her but merely reached down with his gloved hand and began to caress his own thigh, this momentarily caught Latisha’s eye and she watched him briefly. She could now see a drop of pre-cum glistening upon the end of his swollen knob. Yes, she knew he wanted to have sex with her…she had heard it on the video, her husband had been right.

Quickly Latisha reached forward and snatched the riding crop out of Duncan’s hand and swished it through the air…only inches from his very erect penis.

“Go to your room….go on…go to your room and I will deal with you in a minute…and no more touching yourself…got it!” she said with a tone of authority.

Duncan backed away in disbelief, did she really mean it, he wondered? As he turned, as if to answer his question, he felt a sharp crack across his bare backside and he hurried down to his room, his heart racing with excitement.

Latisha watched him disappear into his bedroom a little nervously. Teach him a lesson? What was she thinking? She eyed the beautiful clothes that lay on the kitchen table again as she formulated a plan.

“What do you think you’re doing young man?” Latisha demanded somewhat surprised as she stood in the doorway to the small master-bedroom.

“I told you not to touch yourself…get your hand off your penis….now!”

Duncan was lying back on a king-sized bed that appeared to be too large for the room; his left hand was stroking his penis back and forth slowly.

“Sorry…I…I thought…”

“What? You thought what? That I was coming down here to have sex with you or something?” Latisha asked ironically.

Duncan immediately stopped what he was doing and swallowed deeply feeling a bit sheepish for the first time. He looked his mother-in-law up and down as she stood just a few metres from him.

“The boots look really nice on you…really nice,” he said softly.

Latisha stood surveying the scene with her hands on her hips. She was a little unsteady in the boots the heels of which had to be five inches high at least. Glancing around, she noticed a dressing gown on a hook by the door. It had a long cord around the waist supported by a couple of belt loops. She stepped towards it and removed the cord.

“Lay back down Duncan…hands up toward the bed head…yep that’s it.”

Quickly Latisha fashioned a pair of handcuffs with the long cord. Her husband was a seaman and of course knew his knots and such, he had shown Latisha this easily tied, foolproof knot sometime ago and she was surprised that she still remembered it. Kneeling on the bed and with little fuss from Duncan she brought the two loops around his wrists and soon had him restrained to the bed.

Before she hoped off the bed again she looked down at his face a caught him peering up her skirt.

“See something you like…hmmm?” she teased, allowing her knees to part slightly wider and fiddling with the hem of her skirt.

He smiled and nodded, not looking away for a second.

“Don’t think it’s for you…oh no.”

It was still light outside and Duncan said nothing as he watched Latisha walk around the other side of the bed and draw the curtains. His hopes continued to rise as she then turned on the bedside lamps. The room looked bigger than it really was, an illusion because of the mirrored doors to the built-in wardrobe that faced the foot of the large bed.

Latisha looked down almost contemptuously at her son-in-law as he lay motionless with his eyes all agog. Then with out saying a word she left the room.

Several minutes passed before Duncan heard the sharp sound of the stilettoed boots as Latisha returned towards his bedroom. He looked over toward the doorway expectantly as the steps drew nearer.

He was not to be disappointed! There standing in the doorway was his mother-in-law. A vision of absolute beauty in his eyes…the ultimate seductress!

“Sooo…what do you think? Not too bad for an old broad?” Latisha asked confidently.

“Wow…see, see I told you they would fit….oh wow…the gloves and stockings too…fantastic…” Duncan could not believe it. The lacy red bodice struggled to contain Latisha’s breasts, with her every breath the cups swelled to almost overflowing.

Latisha walked into the room a few steps and turned to look at herself in the wardrobe mirrors.

“I don’t know about ‘fantastic’ but…hmm…not too bad…the skirt is very short though…see… I barely have to bend and….” Latisha lent forward slightly toward the mirror poking her bottom up a bit.

“Oooh…nooo Latisha I don’t think it’s too short,” Duncan murmured as he watched delightedly as the black leather skirt ride up her buttocks. “Is that the “g” as well? It is isn’t it?”

“Duncan!” Latisha admonished, as she quickly straightened up.

Latisha turned around to face the bed and looked at Duncan. He looked almost pretty laying there in the stockings and corset…if was not for the rampant erection he was sporting. She stepped forward and picked up the riding crop from the foot of the bed where she had left it earlier. She then ran the tip of it down along Duncan’s right arm and under his armpit, hesitating for a few moments then proceeded to trace it over his bare shoulder, up along his neck to his chin before flicking his full lips lightly with its tip.

“So what am I going to do with you now Duncan?”

Duncan was speechless. Was his dream finally going to come true?

Latisha continued running the leather crop down his body until she came to his groin. His long penis lay vulnerable against his stomach.

“You want to put that inside of me…don’t you Duncan?” Latisha asked while running the crop up and down the underside of its length.

“Don’t you?”

“Can I? I mean…would you let me…would you…really?” Duncan stammered.

“Hmm…maybe…maybe not, I really don’t think it would be a good idea Duncan, do you? Certainly not something a good mother-in-law would consider letting her young son-in-law do to her…hey?”

Latisha stopped what she was doing and walked around the end of the bed to a chair that sat near the curtains. Here she bent over to remove a belt from a pair of Duncan’s jeans that lay there. She was well aware her skirt had ridden up and Duncan was more than likely perving at the better part of her bare buttocks. She hesitated a few more moments…knowing she was teasing the young man before she turned around and returned to the bed. Without a skerrick of resistance she looped the belt around Duncan’s ankles and fastened the end to the foot of the bed.

“That’s better I think…don’t want you wriggling around too much,” she said as she sat down on the bed.

Latisha looked the young man in the eye and slowly ran the gloved fingers of her right hand up along his stockinged-thigh, caressing him gently. Duncan began to move his hips around with her sensual touch.

Latisha became bolder, gradually moving closer toward the wrinkly skin of his hairless scrotum.

“Orr…yeah…Latisha…yeah…mmm…would ya do that again…please?”

“This?” Latisha enquired cheekily as she cupped his balls in her gloved hand again.

“Yesss….uh hah…that’s it…what about my cock….touch my cock too.”

“Like this…mmm?” Latisha asked as her fingers danced up along his hard length.

Pre-cum continued to ooze from Duncan’s penis. Latisha grasped his shaft in her small hand and stroked his length several times.

“You like this too?”

“Mmm…ah yeah…uh hah…that’s it…that’s it,” Duncan sighed as his mother-in-law slowly pulled his cock, only a little firmer and faster now.

Latisha could feel the heat of his penis rising in her hand, she didn’t want him to come, not just yet anyway, so she stopped stroking him for a moment and holding his penis vertical she ran the finger-tips of her left hand over his large knob and slowly rubbed the pre-cum over it.

Duncan looked down at his mother-in-law, he watched her move her head closer to his penis until she was only a few centimetres from it. He tried to raise himself higher. He wanted to feel her mouth on his cock.

Latisha breathed in the musky smell of her son-in-law’s cock which was now so close that if she poked her tongue out she would surely taste it!

“Do you like to have your…your cock sucked Duncan?”

He could feel her breath on his member and he almost ached to feel her lips wrapped around it.

“Of course…uh huh…please…go on…stop teasing…go on,” Duncan begged.

Latisha recommenced her stroking with ever increasing tempo, her mouth poised open just out of reach of his big purple knob. Her daughter Amanda had told her several times of Duncan’s impressive stamina but Latisha was sure he was getting close…so very close to coming.

She stopped.

Latisha stood up from the side of the bed and then knelt on it, moving closer to where Duncan lay excitedly in the centre. Facing him, she reached behind herself and unzipped the tight leather skirt part-way then straddled his hips. Duncan’s eyes went straight to her crotch. The skirt had ridden up Latisha’s thighs and he could now clearly see she was wearing the tiny lace g-string that matched the bodice. He could just make out a narrow strip of fine pubic hair beneath the lace; the cleft of her bulging pudenda was also quite visible.

“You like?” Latisha asked somewhat unnecessarily. “See…they are very small, aren’t they?”

“They look…perfect…just perfect.”

Latisha lowered herself down until she was resting on his thighs. This effectively spread her legs open even wider. She was aware of Duncan’s gaze that was fixated upon her barely covered pussy.

“Would you like me to move up a little bit?” she asked softly.

“Yes…uh huh…of course,” Duncan said hoarsely.

Latisha lent forward to rest her hands on Duncan’s chest, her cleavage bulging out as she did so. Duncan’s gaze shifted to his mother-in-law’s breasts and he noticed a big part of her aureoles were now plainly visible, almost to her nipples. How he now wished he was not restrained so he could reach up to fondle her breasts and expose her hard nipples.

Latisha stared at her son-in-law’s face as she moved up his body. Slowly she shimmied up until she could feel the heat of his penis between her thighs. Now with just the thin, lace material separating her pussy from his hard cock she moved her hips back and forth slowly…very slowly.

“You like…mmm?” she chuckled sardonically. “I’m getting wet… Duncan…can you feel it?”

Duncan looked down between his mother-in-law’s legs again; he could see his penis laying flat against his stomach as she rubbed herself along part of his length. The red lace material appeared to be riding up between her labia a little more each time she moved back and forth. The warmth of her sex was increasing, and yes he was sure he could feel its moisture increasing too.

Duncan began to move too, only just barely perceptively at first, then a little more forceful.

“Duncan…what are you doing? You shouldn’t be doing that…Duncan…” Latisha purred as she increased her own movements too.

“You want to…put it…aaah…to put it in me…don’t you Duncan?” Latisha whispered.

Latisha’s breasts had finally popped out further from the tight bodice. If she lent forward much further her son-in-law would have to only raise his head slightly and he would be able to lick her swollen nipples with little difficulty.

Panting slightly herself now, Latisha stopped.

“Well…don’t you?”

“Of course…of course…can I…Latisha?”

Latisha raised herself onto her knees; she then reached behind and undid the zipper to the little leather skirt a little further. As it un-zipped from the hem up, she could now raise the hem even higher so it was now well above her hips.

Duncan looked on feverishly. He could now clearly see that the gusset of the g-string was buried deeply between her puffy labia.

Looking Duncan squarely in the eye Latisha slowly removed her long gloves and threw them to one side. She then reached down between her thighs with her right hand and ran her fingers over her sex.

“Oooh…my little pussy…it’s soooo hot now Duncan…mmm….”

Duncan watched as his mother-in-law slipped her hand down the front of her g-string. She removed the material from her moist cleft… and then Latisha began to rub herself.

“Oooh…mmm….it is very…very wet…oooh…aaah…”

Duncan was sure she was fingering herself but as small as the underwear was it still obscured this fact.

“Would like to taste me…mmm?” Latisha asked as she withdrew her hand from her pussy.

Not waiting for a response she leant forward again and slipped her middle digit into Duncan’s gaping mouth. His rouged lips closed around her finger and he sucked ravenously.

Latisha chuckled. “Are you hungry big boy? Would you like…some more?”

Duncan nodded his head as he continued to suck her finger clean.

“I think it would be better if you…umm…if you went…straight to the source,” Latisha murmured.

She removed her hand from his face then moved up the bed closer to his head. Latisha knew from what her daughter had told her that Duncan did not like to perform cunnilingus for some strange reason.

“No-one ever screws me without first giving my little pussy a good licking…Duncan…all girls like to have their pussies licked…you know that?” Latisha said slowly, just as she pulled her g-string to one side, exposing herself completely to the young man’s fixated gaze.

“Uh huh…” he swallowed and licked his lips.

She looked beautiful, Duncan thought, as he watched her manoeuvre herself over his face. He could now smell the sweet aroma of her pussy and he could clearly see the juice glistening around her small opening. The petals of her inner labia, a healthy pink colour, protruded just past her almost completely hairless labia major.

Duncan didn’t hesitate a moment longer.

“Ah haa…that’s it….ah haa…good boy…that’s it…lick it…oh yeah…”

Duncan lapped away at his mother-in-law’s snatch with abandon as she ground herself down hard. She gripped his head by the hair and rocked back and forth, fucking his face. Oh how she just loved to be licked out. This certainly was not part of her initial plan but it could be a damn good lesson!

The g kept getting in the way.

A little breathlessly Latisha reluctantly raised herself from Duncan’s rouge-smeared face. Rolling onto her back, she was able to slip the dainty underwear down her hips, past her stockinged thighs and over the boots before kicking them off with the pointy toe of her right foot.

This time she returned so she faced Duncan’s feet. Gripping her buttocks she pulled them apart and lowered herself back onto his face.

“Lick it…lick it…that’s it…uh huh…that’s better…” Latisha groaned as she felt his tongue rasp over her thoroughly-engorged clitoris relentlessly.

Duncan had never done anything like this before; his nose rubbed against Latisha’s rosebud as he lapped away at her sweet juices, the smell was divine. With only a bit of effort he was able to lick Latisha from her clitoris all the way along her slit to the puckered little hole of her rectum.

“Good boy…oh yeah…tha…tha…thas it…” Latisha cried.

Noisily Duncan sucked and licked away with abandon. One at a time he drew out the inner lips of Latisha’s pussy, nibbling the tender flesh feverishly.

“My clit…my clit…don’t forget….mmm….yesss…mmm….aah…”

Latisha looked down at Duncan’s cock; if at all possible it had grown even larger! Lust was clouding her judgment. She lent forward on her arms as she fucked the face of the young man beneath her. Her face was very close to his cock again. Leaning on one elbow she gripped Duncan’s penis in her right hand and quickly began to stroke him in time with her face-fucking.

She was close…so close.

Latisha marvelled at the wonderful looking cock in her hand through almost glazed eyes. She moved closer. Not a hair on it…so strange she thought as her mouth fell open.

Of course Duncan was well aware of Latisha’s hand on his cock. He was sure he could also feel her hot breath on his sensitive knob.

Almost without thinking, just as she felt her orgasm approaching, Latisha extended her tongue and tasted the clear fluid that beaded upon the end of the cock she was stroking.

“Mmm…mmm…suck it…please…mmm…” Duncan begged when he was sure she was licking his aching cock-head.

Latisha felt the feeling building in the pit of her stomach. The warmth began to wash over her. She ground herself down even harder onto the young man’s face as she felt the contractions build. It was going to be good. It was always good.

“Uhh…uhhh…uhhh….mmm….I’m…I’m coming…don’t…sssstop…” Latisha groaned breathlessly. She was only vaguely aware of Duncan’s own thrusts as he prodded his tool against her mouth.

Latisha held his cock firmly as her orgasm peaked then begin to subside. She looked up and focused on her reflection in the mirror in front of her. She thought she looked slutty her long blond hair hung down onto Duncan’s hips…almost absently she licked the young man’s penis…slowly…up along its length. Her hand looked diminutive holding his cock, her fingers only reached a little more than halfway around its girth.

“That was good….sooo good Duncan…sooo good…” she whispered breathlessly.

Latisha had certainly never meant for things to go this far, she had only wanted to tease him. And she certainly had no plan to fuck him…but now…after an orgasm like that? Her husband always fucked her after he went down on her…she had always insisted!

She wanted to teach her young son-in-law a lesson, didn’t she? So what was she doing licking his generously proportioned penis?

“Can you put it in…in your mouth Latisha…just suck it a little?” Duncan asked as he stared up at his mother-in-law’s juicy quim before he licked her again.

Latisha sighed.


Latisha swallowed. The after-glow of her orgasm was still heady. She sighed again. Then she lowered her mouth onto the young man’s penis.

“It’s…umph…umph… it’s just way too big!” she mumbled, struggling vainly with her attempt.

“That’s it….keep trying…just keep trying….” Now it was Duncan’s turn to moan. His balls ached something severe. He needed to come.

“It’s no good….mmmph….you’re just too big….” Latisha cried as her lips strained around his cockhead.

Latisha stopped trying. “I suppose I’m just going to have to fuck you I guess!”

Duncan couldn’t believe his ears.

“I guess…that sounds pretty good Teesh…orright then…”

She sat up again, then carefully turned around and moved down his body. Squatting on the balls of her feet with the stilettos’ digging into the bed covers, Latisha positioned herself above her son-in-law’s thighs. Reaching down, she grasped his penis again and held it vertical.

Was she really going to do this?

Duncan looked on in awe. Finally he was going to feel his cock in his mother-in-law’s cunt! Something he only ever had fantasized about!

Her bodice had slipped down even further now and her lovely breasts were on full display. Her nipples were the size and colour of over-ripe cherries

“We should use a condom….Duncan….have you got any condoms?”

“No….I…I…don’t. What about you?”

“Duncan why would I carry around condoms…I’m happily married…I haven’t screwed anyone but my husband in years?”

“It’ll be alright…come on…don’t worry…Latisha…don’t worry…I’m clean,” Duncan begged, worried that she was going to change her mind when he was so close.

“It’s not disease Duncan…it’s your cum…you cannot cum in me…you get it?”

“I won’t…promise…I won’t…” he said excitedly.

Latisha hesitated a moment longer…then gradually she lowered herself down.

Duncan watched intently as his mother-in-law’s glistening pussy touched his knob for the first time. He tried to raise his hips up in an effort to enter her, but she moved away.

“Stay still…got it…Duncan…I make the moves, or I get up and leave you here….alright? We got that clear?”

Duncan nodded.

Again Latisha lowered herself until she just felt his cock touching her. She had made her mind up…just a taste…that was all she was going to give the young man. She had to torment him as she had originally planned, that was the lesson; after all, according to Amanda he had always been very selfish in the bedroom in the past, only ever thought of himself apparently.

Duncan watched as Latisha rubbed his sensitive knob back and forth along her juicy slit. He watched as her sex parted with her increasing pressure. It took great willpower on his behalf to resist the urge to thrust his cock up and into her. The excitement of the moment was overwhelming and Duncan could feel his scrotum tighten around his heavy balls.

Latisha lowered herself even further.

“What do you think…is this what you have wanted to do to me….mmm?” Latisha enquired mischievously.

Duncan watched his large round knob disappear. He could feel the resistance of his mother-in-law’s surprisingly tight entrance and he looked on as her efforts to lower herself further bent his long shaft somewhat.

Latisha raised herself almost off his cock then eased down again. This time she felt him enter her much further. She repeated this procedure several more times…until finally.

“Oooh…Duncan…oooh….mmmm….” Latisha had to admit to herself, it did feel good….very good. She also had to admit that….he was by far…the biggest she had ever had the pleasure of accommodating!

Duncan watched as every centimetre of his cock disappeared into his mother-in-law’s cunt. The pleasurable feeling was intense to say the least, but the knowledge of what he was doing was the most erotic thing he had ever experienced!

Latisha now had trouble with her own willpower! With her own lust building up rapidly she found it increasingly difficult to remain focused on her plan. On teaching the young man a lesson.

Just wanna let him feel his cock in me for a few more seconds…really tease him…she thought to herself.

Latisha raised herself until just his cockhead remained inside of her. She was planning on hopping off his great slug at that moment…but…what the hell…

Once more she lowered herself and with her hands now free she leant back on her arms, a hand either side of Duncan’s knees. She then spread her own knees apart even wider and wriggled her pelvis around slowly.

Duncan now had a totally unrestricted sight of his penis buried deeply in his mother-in-law’s straining slit. He thought it looked absolutely wonderful, and it felt even better!

Latisha looked Duncan in the eye…and now for her speciality, she thought …slowly she squeezed her vaginal muscles around his ample girth. She had great control of her muscles…many a time she had “milked” her husbands penis like this.

The feeling was amazing…Duncan had never felt anything like it before! He tried to think of other things…but it was no use!

“Duncan!” Latisha exclaimed when she sensed him tensing up.

But it was too late. It had all been too much for the young man. The speed at which it was upon him both surprised him…and embarrassed him.


Latisha was caught almost completely off guard. The first stream of hot cum shot deep inside of her, she was sure she felt its heat as it sprayed against her cervix! She had barely raised herself halfway off her son-in-law’s cock when the next stream of cum ejaculated into her.

“Duncan….nooo….not inside of meee…you bastard…” Latisha cried as she struggled to raise herself in the restrictively long leather boots. Things got worse, the zip on her skirt had somehow caught on his suspenders near the stocking tops holding her down briefly and she felt another blast of cum shoot into her just before she broke free.

“Hmmm….ah….ahhh…yessss….” Duncan’s balls had ached for relief and his final release was intense. He had not suffered premature ejaculation in years!

Duncan watched Latisha struggling to remove herself and with nothing to loose he thrust his hips upwards…just as another torrent of his hot seed shot out.


“Oooh yeah….oooh yeah…thanks….Latisha….thanks….oh fuck…I needed that….”

“What! You were not meant to cum in me…you prick…what were you thinking?” Latisha screamed.

“Sorry…sorry…but it just felt sooo damn gooood….” Duncan laughed as he watched her finally slip off his still pulsating cock just as another long, thick rope of cum blasted up towards her opening.

“Sit back on it…Latisha…go on…it doesn’t matter now does it…might as well take it all hey?”

Latisha slapped him across the cheek, “Fuck you…you bastard. I thought you had good stamina?”

“Untie me Latisha…then give me ten minutes or so… reckon I’ll hold out longer the second time…you’ll see…give you a good hard fucking…me on top. Would you like that…Latisha….hmm? Really jamb it into ya little cunt…hmm? ”

“Forget it you useless prick… you had your chance…oh my God…look at all this cum…it’s everywhere!”

Of course Latisha had never intended on having full sex with the young man…she had just wanted to teach him a lesson…leave him hanging…

Duncan watched his mother-in-law hop off the bed. He could see some of his cum trickling down her inner thigh, her pussy looked quite engorged and slick. Latisha made a half-hearted attempt to raise the bodice back over her heaving breasts but gave up unsuccessfully.

He eyed her pretty bottom when she turned around on her shaky legs and headed for the door, the high stilettos made her arse jut out invitingly and her shapely cheeks rose and fell sexily with each step. As she walked away Latisha tried to pull down the tight leather skirt that was bunched up around her waist but this effort too was quite unsuccessful.

Latisha stopped in the doorway and looked back over her shoulder, “I’m showering…and Duncan… not a word, not a bloody word to anyone….hear me? Or I definitely won’t bother trying to convince my daughter in returning to you…okay?”

Latisha knew he wanted Amanda to come back to him, she knew he loved her daughter deeply. Of course if Amanda decided not to come back to Duncan regardless of what her mother said to her what would stop Duncan bragging then, she wondered. It would be his word against hers…of course, no one would doubt Latisha. Anyone would just think Duncan was being spiteful if he talked about the lesson she had given him.

Some fifteen minutes or so later Latisha emerged at the doorway to the bedroom again. She was now dressed back in her own clothes. She looked down at her son-in-law still restrained on his crumpled bed. His corset was all askew and his make-up was smudged over his face.

“I’m going Duncan. I think it was a bit of fun…for both of us, don’t you? But it was just a once-off…not to be repeated Duncan. Okay? Just a little fun…no one needs to know,” Latisha said, her demeanour had softened dramatically.

“Latisha it was great…the most erotic thing ever to happen to me! You were great. Thanks….really….thanks.”

Latisha looked the young man up and down again. Cocking her head to one side she paused…and glanced at his penis. “You’re hard again I see….a girl would not be safe around you Duncan,” she smiled.

“I am sorry I came in you…truly…it was that thing you did with your pussy muscles…I couldn’t help it.”

“Hmm…yes, and as if a woman should believe a virile young man when he ‘promises’ not to cum in her? My fault…we shouldn’t have done it without a condom. Guess I just got lost in the moment too. I certainly don’t want to get all out of shape with a baby now do I? Don’t have to worry about it with George…hubby has been cut you see,” she said matter-of-factly.

Latisha moved to the head of the bed and untied Duncan’s hands. Duncan sat up and rubbed his chaffed wrists.

“Wow…that’s better. Latisha, before you go…could I ask you something?”

“What?” Latisha asked suspiciously.

“Could I…could I kiss you…just this once?”



Latisha sighed, any anger she had felt toward him earlier had gone, and she actually thought it was all a bit funny now anyway.

“What sort of kiss?”

“Orr…you know…a New Years Eve sorta kiss?”

“What…with all that muck on your face? Duncan, mmm….I dunno.”

Duncan quickly wiped his face on a handkerchief that he picked up from the bedside table.

Latisha thought she should have known better as she sat down on the bed again. Duncan’s arm went around her shoulders and he gently drew her in closer.

“Don’t get any ideas…just a kiss…keep that big thing away from me. Okay!” she said as she leant toward him.

Their lips met.

Latisha felt his tongue trying to probe her mouth within seconds and she parted her lips. He had nice lips, she thought. She twirled her own tongue around his as it entered her mouth. He tasted nice too.

Duncan held her firmly as their passionate kiss continued. Feeling much bolder, he laid his free hand on her bare thigh, and when he felt no resistance, he moved his hand toward her inner thigh.

Still their kiss continued.

Latisha allowed Duncan to open her legs slightly…and she felt his hand work its way up her thigh…closer.

Duncan gently pushed his mother-in-law’s legs open even further and found the patch of lacy material covering her sex. She continued to kiss him back and let out a small mewing noise…just as he rubbed a finger along her cleft.

Almost urgently, Duncan pulled the thin material to one side and touched her flesh…her hot, moist flesh. His finger began to probe. She opened her legs wider.

Just as a finger slid partially inside of her Latisha suddenly broke away from their kiss. “That’s far enough…get your hand out…Duncan…” she reached down and pushed his hand away.

“Just a kiss hey?” Latisha queried, a little out of breath as she quickly stood back up, straightening out her clothes.

“Come on Latisha…you know you want it too…lets make it a good one hey?”

Latisha looked down at Duncan. He had his hand on his cock and was stroking its full length.

“Tempting Duncan…very tempting…but I am going to have to say no, as flattering as it is to have a handsome young man lust over a middle-aged woman such as myself. Besides, I have not been unfaithful to my husband in years!”

“Come on…please…” Duncan tried again, reaching out for her as she backed away.

“You’re a bloody good kisser Duncan…maybe next New Years Eve…who knows?” Latisha took one last look at her son-in-law’s impressive cock and walked out of the room.

Duncan heard the front door close and a car start. She was leaving. He leant forward and removed the belt from his ankles and swung his feet onto the floor. He would have her again, this he was almost certain. Standing up he walked over to the mirrored doors of his large wardrobe and looked at his reflection. He really liked the outfit he had on, he thought, and he just loved the way his cock looked even bigger now that he had his pubic hair waxed off.

The middle of the three doors to the robe was slightly open…only a few centimetres or so. Duncan admitted to himself he had been quite alarmed earlier on when his mother-in-law had first come into his bedroom dressed in the beautifully slutty outfit he had chosen for her and she had admired her form in the same mirrored door. But she hadn’t noticed.

Duncan slid the door open further revealing a nest of shelves stacked with neatly folded clothes. He reached inside. There on the middle shelf he found what he was looking for and picked the item up.

“The End,” he said somewhat whimsically. “For now anyway,” and he pressed the stop button on the small, hi-definition digital video camera.

Latisha had been driving for about ten minutes. Her mind was spinning as the realisation of what she had just done began to sink in. She felt guilty of course…quite guilty, for what she had just done. But as she thought back to the events of the past couple of hours she also felt a familiar tingling…between her damp thighs and she smiled.

“Latisha…you wicked, wicked woman!” she said to herself and laughed.

Her husband was not due back home from sea for a few more days. “Pity,” Latisha sighed deeply, she was desperately going to need to masturbate when she went to bed later on in the evening.

“Batteries! I need new batteries for my little friend,” she suddenly realised.

She decided she would stop at the supermarket on the way home….and get some of those long lasting ones.

Suddenly Latisha had another thought.

“My purse…what did I do with my purse?” Latisha felt a tingle of anxiety grip her stomach. It was back at Duncan’s!

“Bugger!” she exclaimed.

She did a u-turn at the next round-about and headed back.

Duncan had showered and slipped on his dressing gown…minus the cord. He sat on one of the chairs by the kitchen table and was gently stroking his penis as he replayed the video. Every few moments he would pause it and zoom in on a certain part. He particularly liked the visual of Latisha attempting to suck his cock, but he also loved the crystal-clear audio of his mother-in-law telling him ‘I’m just going to have to fuck you I guess’ when she had failed to get more than his fat knob in her small mouth. Yes…that was good…but hey, it was all good, he thought to himself.

Duncan heard the car pull up under his carport. He wasn’t expecting anyone. Quickly he turned off the video camera and hid it under some newspapers on the table and straightened up his gown to cover his erection. He was glad he had showered and washed the make-up off his face.

He heard a car door open and close and moments later there was a rap on the front door.

“It’s only me…Duncan. Can I come in?”

Latisha! She’s come back…yes! Duncan felt his hopes rise instantly.

“Door’s unlocked…come on in Latisha.”

Latisha opened the door and somewhat sheepishly she stepped inside.

“Hi…changed your mind hey? Want some more of this after all,” Duncan said smoothly as he let his gown fall open, exposing his erection to the woman who stood not more than two metres away from him.

“Put it away big boy…I just forgot my purse that’s all,” Latisha corrected while looking around the smallish kitchen and lounge area.

“Have you seen it?” she asked as she took another couple of steps forward.

“Ah hah…there it is.”

Latisha spotted her small black and gold purse lying on the seat of the large curved settee that faced the plasma TV in the corner of the room. Without a moments thought she leant the front of her thighs up against the over-stuffed back of the settee and bent over to retrieve it. Quicker than going around, she thought.

Duncan, sitting not more than a metre and a half away, watched as his mother-in-law’s velvet skirt rode up the back of her thighs…exposing the better part of that wonderful arse of hers. Occasionally in the past he had seen Latisha do similar things as this and he would wonder if she did it on purpose…just to tease him.

She didn’t, it was quite innocent… Latisha could be such a blonde at times.

Just as Latisha retrieved her purse and began to straighten back up she felt a hand on the small of her back.

“Duncan…off you go thanks. I have only come back for my purse,” Latisha said, a little annoyed as she again tried to stand back up.

Duncan pushed his mother-in-law back over the settee easily, she was off balance and her hands reached down for the seat but he continued to push her over until she rested squarely on her elbows; her sandaled feet now barely touching the cool tiled floor.

Duncan felt a surge of power. Armed with the knowledge of what he had taped earlier he totally ignored her pleas to let her back up. She was not going to tease him this time!

Latisha felt the hem of her skirt being raised up past her buttocks; then fingers slipping inside the waist band of her underwear…carelessly pulling them down over her hips and around her thighs.

“Nooo….come on….you’re getting me mad Duncan. If you keep this up I will never give you another New Years Eve kiss again….” Latisha cried, almost sobbing.

He ran his free hand over her firm orbs of flesh…squeezing and kneading them roughly.

Latisha couldn’t move…she was powerless to stop him! His hand snaked between her thighs and prodded at her vulva momentarily. Then she felt her panties being pushed down her legs still further till they were well past her knees.

Duncan used his bare foot to push her little lacy panties down to her ankles. Lifting her right leg slightly he was able to remove them completely from her foot. Now he could spread her legs open and he quickly jammed his knee between them forcing them apart.

“Duncan…what’s the matter with you…why…why are you being so rough? Please…just let me up and maybe we can talk about it …. Duncan… aaah… noooo… please…don’t…”

He felt back up between her thighs and stroked her pussy, working her still puffy lips apart. Within moments of his ministrations she felt extremely wet. And with little effort he easily inserted the middle digit of his right hand…all the way to his knuckle and finger-fucked her for several moments.


Duncan inserted a second finger and worked her cunt open…he couldn’t wait any longer.

Standing between her legs Duncan removed his fingers from her pussy and gripped his long rod. Latisha’s arse was poking up in the air at a perfect height. He moved forward slightly and rubbed his fat cockhead up along her slit lubricating it with her juices.

Latisha closed her eyes when she felt him move forward increasing the pressure on her opening. She gripped the material of the seat when his cock began to slip into her velvet passageway.

Flexing his hips forward Duncan buried almost his whole length in one rapid motion.

“Ah huh…ah huh…ooh yeah…now that’s better…ooh yeah baby…” Duncan removed his hand from Latisha’s back and with both hands he gripped her buttocks firmly and began to fuck her.

Latisha gasped for air. Without his strong hand holding her back down she was able to raise herself up again.

“Poke your arse back up again…Latisha…” Duncan ordered.

When she did not respond he slapped her buttocks hard.

“Yeoww…orright..orright…” Latisha cried, quickly she leant back on her elbows again and gripped the edge of the seat for support as his tempo increased.

Duncan watched his slick cock disappear to the hilt in his mother-in-law’s pretty cunt…he just loved the way her inner labia was drawn out each time he withdrew.

“It’s…it’s not too bad…hmmf…hmmf…is it…hmmf…hmmf…?” Duncan asked.

“Just…hurry…up….oooh…oooh….mmm…don’t…take too…long…” Latisha stammered between thrusts.

She had surrendered as easily as that.

Duncan thrust in harder…the heavy settee began to move across tiled floor. He continued to squeeze her buttocks, spreading them apart and rolling them around in time with his fucking.

The funniest thing began to happen to Latisha…she found herself beginning to enjoy it! She often enjoyed a bit of rough sex with her husband when he returned home after being away for awhile. Now she couldn’t deny herself the increasing pleasure she was experiencing with every long thrust of her young son-in-law’s big cock!

“Smack it….aaah…aaah…I want you to…oooh…yeah…that’s it…smack it…” Latisha said lustily.

Duncan obliged. He brought up his right hand and smacked her pretty arse a couple of times…quite hard!

“Argh…argh…oooh yeah….again…”

He used his left hand next time and with every four or five thrusts he would smack her arse hard. She seemed to love it!

Latisha could feel the all too familiar feeling of an orgasm fast approaching. Every now and then his cockhead would slam against her cervix…but even that felt pretty good.

Duncan reached forward and pushed her striped top up. He then easily undid the clasp to her black bra and it fell away from her tits. He then reached underneath to rub her breasts for the first time, tweaking and pulling her erect nipples almost sadistically.

“Orrr yeah…orrr yeah…that’s it…uh huh…that’s it…uh huh…ummmmm…” Latisha groaned loudly as her orgasm swept over her.

Duncan kept on fucking her. He alternated between squeezing and pulling her nipples and smacking her reddened arse. He had never known anything like it before!

And still Latisha came…one long, long series of orgasms shuddered and peaked, subsided a little, then shuddered and peaked again.


Duncan pulled his cock out quickly…and gripping it in his right hand he masturbated rapidly. Within seconds he too came. He looked down at his mother-in-law’s splayed cunt, the stretched entrance still pulsating as her orgasms continued. With careful aim he shot a stream of his thick cum over her reddened arse, the next squirt he shot onto her little brown puckered anus…and for his last big load he moved in closer and shot the thick cream over her gaping vagina.

Surprisingly, Latisha was almost breathlessly silent. She barely even murmured a sound when her son-in-law pushed his cock back into her juicy hole again.

“You really go off don’t you…hey…Latisha…fuck me! That was wild.” Duncan could just feel the last contractions of her vagina around the shaft of his slowly softening cock. He continued to slip in and out of her pussy for a minute or so more before finally his slug popped out limp to hang down between his legs.

“Mmmm….my god-father…that was a bit brutal…you bastard…you didn’t cum in me again I hope?” Latisha groaned between clenched teeth.


Cum began to trickle down her buttocks leaving a slick trail. Duncan watched it for a moment…then he began to rub it over her lovely round arse.

“Did you…tell me you didn’t….Duncan?”

“Not this time Latisha…”

He rubbed his index finger in the cum that clung to her dainty little bum hole. He had never played with a woman’s arse before…never thought about…till now.

“Duncan…no…you’ve had your fun…come on…oooh…ummm….” Latisha closed her eyes as his finger slipped into her tight back passage. She did like a finger in there at times when her husband ate her out…made her orgasms extremely pleasurable.

“Do not… for a second…think…oooh….oooh…you are…going to…try and…”

Duncan was quite surprised that his mother-in-law was just laying there…almost serenely, as he finger-fucked her tight little anus. But she was.

Kneeling down between her thighs, Duncan moved his face close to her almost hairless quim. He could smell the strong aroma of his own cum on her flesh…and her own sweet, musky aroma.

“Ooooh…don’t do that…enough…Duncan….Duncan…”

He flicked his tongue over her sticky pudenda rapidly…the taste not unbearable and he continued to finger her anus rhythmically.

“That…is…enough…mmm…nooo more…. I couldn’t come again…stop…” Latisha moaned. She hadn’t yet recovered from the longest multiple orgasms she’d ever experienced…but already she could feel another fast approaching…just a tiny one.

Duncan darted his tongue around her exposed clitoris, his nose rubbing over her labia. He had difficulty keeping on target because of Latisha’s gyrating hips that moved around with an increasing pace.

“Tha.sss it…don’t stop now…that’s it…uuuugh….”

A small but satisfying orgasm washed over Latisha…quite different from the ones she had experienced only minutes ago when Duncan was fucking her. There was just something about a finger in her arse that did it. Oooh it felt good.

Then another surprise lesson for Duncan, he distinctly felt her rectum grip his finger as she came. It only lasted a few second though but was very noticeable.

Moments later Latisha reached behind, and gripping Duncan by the wrist she easily pushed his hand away from her bottom and was able to stand at last. Puffing from exertion she turned to face her assailant who was still kneeling on the floor by her feet.

She looked down at him; his face glistened with the combined juices of their sex. He looked back at her somewhat sheepishly she thought as she pulled her black bra and top back over her reddened breasts. Her crumpled skirt was next to be straightened up.

“You are a very, very naughty boy Duncan…aren’t you? My God…I will be lucky if I can walk straight after that! My poor daughter married to you!”

Oddly enough, Duncan had never had sex with Amanda anything like what had just happened with Latisha, just the occasional long, drawn-out missionary thing. Amanda was far from adventurous and she was…well…a bit frigid too, he thought.

Latisha’s face was quite flushed, her blond hair stuck out in all directions. “Where are my knickers?” she asked as she glanced around the floor beside her naked son-in-law.

“Never mind,” she said absently as she leant back against the settee. Closing her eyes and taking a deep breath she ran a hand over the front of her skirt, “Oh my poor little pussy…” she looked down while lifting the hem then gazed at herself.

“Duncan…just look at it…man, am I glad my husband won’t be home for a few more days.”

She did look sore Duncan observed drily. The wisp of pubic hair did little to hide her swollen and distended lips. He watched as she lowered her skirt again before stepping past him; he could now see her pretty little lace panties on the floor under the edge of the settee.

He said nothing.

Latisha returned from the bathroom several minutes later. She had not showered, merely wiped herself clean with a wet face-washer. The cool cloth had soothed her loins wonderfully. She had also fixed-up her hair again and put some of her daughter’s deodorant on that she found sitting on the vanity. Her own lust had completely evaporated and she finally had her wits back.

Duncan was sitting on the kitchen chair again. He had his gown back on. He looked over at his mother-in-law; she really was a sexy looking woman he observed as he watched her flick a few stray hairs from her still partly-flushed face. She stood by the front door hesitating with her hand on the doorknob.

“I think you should go on the pill.”


“I want you to go on the pill. I want to be able to cum inside you again.”

“Duncan…it is not going to happen again…hear me! Never! You got lucky…alright! It was good…but forget it young man…never again. I am married and your mother-in-law. That was about as close to rape as you can get Duncan… regardless of whether I enjoyed it or not. You’re lucky I don’t go to the police!”

“We’ll see…”

“No we won’t! Think yourself lucky alright? Your fantasy has been lived out…you got to ‘fuck’ your mother-in-law…twice!”

Rarely did Latisha use profanities.

“Duncan…if you ever try that sort of thing again…you can forget about Amanda…and…and I will tell George. You would not want to see your father-in-law pissed…believe me!”

Duncan toyed absently with a thin strap that stuck out from under the newspapers on the table.

“You look incredibly horny when you’re angry Latisha.” Duncan said just as he let his gown fall open.

“You’re unreal…haven’t you had enough already?” Latisha remarked when she noticed his long tool was fully erect…again!

Quickly she opened the front door and stepped outside to almost run to her car parked several metres away.

Duncan listened to her drive off hurriedly. Then he lifted the newspapers and pulled his video camera toward him by its strap. It had been amazing foresight of his to turn on the record button again when Latisha had returned for her purse. He looked around…oddly enough he hadn’t noticed when Latisha picked her purse up…but it was gone from the settee.

He played the latest video back in parts, unfortunately the newspaper had obscured a better part of the recording…but the audio was unmistakable…crystal clear. He listened to the part where Latisha had told him lustily to ‘smack it’ several times and quite distinctly he could hear her grunts of pleasure when he happily obliged. In one part he could make out her left thigh clear enough…the small tattoo of a blue-bird quite distinct on her hip as his own taut buttocks clenched with his every thrust. That was evidence enough.

Give it a few days, he thought to himself. Then he would e-mail Latisha at her office. Attach a couple of megs of the better parts of their little tryst….and again suggest she goes on the pill.

Duncan began to stroke his cock again at the thought of his plan and chuckled at his luck. He took out Latisha’s little panties from his gown pocket and sniffed them deeply.

“Beautiful, just beautiful,” he murmured hoarsely.

* * *

Latisha drove straight past the supermarket. She certainly would not need any batteries now she thought. How ironic!

She sighed deeply.

“Oh dear…that lesson certainly got out of hand…I will have to avoid him now…better watch how I dress in future too I guess.” Latisha said to herself as she idly rubbed her hand between her legs…she felt gooey again.

“Sorry George…but that was incredible,” she whispered to herself again.

“Sorry Amanda…my dear girl…no wonder you wanted a break from him, he is a bit much for you I think!”

Just as Latisha pulled into her driveway she felt a surge of guilt wash over her. Luckily no one was home; she didn’t think she could face anyone at that moment and she intended to have a long soak in the bath and to wash herself thoroughly.

When she opened the car door and placed her foot on the carport floor a draft wafted through raising her skirt, the cool air tickled her naked pussy just as a small amount of cum trickled out.

Her feeling of guilt increased tenfold!

It had been many years since she had been unfaithful to George…and that had been just a quick bang with an older guy, a solicitor she was once an assistant to. They had both been pretty drunk…you know the end of year office party sort of thing. She guessed she had encouraged him thoroughly though with her almost inappropriately short skirts and low tops she often wore to work.

His name was Bill, a distinguished looking man some fifteen or twenty years her senior. He had enticed her away from the rest of the office staff. Told her there was a gift for her on his desk. Naively Latisha had allowed him to lead her by the hand into his office to retrieve the small gift. She had opened the present to reveal a delicate gold necklace and in gratitude she had giving him a lingering “Christmas kiss” right there…in the privacy of his office.

Of course that was all the encouragement Bill had finally needed after a year of catching glimpses of her arse every time she did some filing in his office, and her flirtatious chatter with him through the day.

He then roughly pushed her back against his desk lifting her bottom onto the edge of it. Latisha remembered giggling like a school girl as she laid back resting her high heeled shoes on the edge of the polished mahogany desk, and knocking over a small stack of files down onto the floor in the process. She kept giggling as Bill hurriedly unbuckled his pinstripe-trousers then dropped his boxers. Latisha had allowed her knees to fall apart and with her skirt already bunched up, Bill merely pulled her miniscule g-string to one side to expose her completely waxed pussy. She remembered the look on his face as he peered down at her bald slit. He had told her how beautiful it looked. Then he raised her legs up high by her ankles and gripping her by the waist, pulled her closer to the edge of his sturdy desk. She had helped of course, holding her g-string over with one hand and reaching for his cock with the other as he lined himself up. Then he fucked her. It was over in minutes and quite unremarkable; Bill had grunted enthusiastically during the whole event while gripping Latisha around her slim waist, her legs splayed out across his arms. The look on his face when he ejaculated was one of sheer joy she recalled. And if for no other reason Latisha still remembered that he had filled her with the most copious amount of cum she had ever encountered. It had dribbled out of her for most of the next day!

She had not returned back to work after the Christmas break such was her guilt and embarrassment. George couldn’t understand why she had resigned from such a cushy job, and although he was suspicious he never did learn her secret. Bill rang her almost daily for a month before he too gave up. And life went on.

Yes that had been years ago, Latisha thought as she reminisced, almost excusable too by all accounts, well she had been drunk hadn’t she?

She hoped she got over her guilt for what had just happened with Duncan a bit easier. After all…she was only trying to teach him a lesson….wasn’t she? A lesson that may have got completely out of hand, she admitted to herself with rising guilt.

Latisha had to remind herself that no-one would ever find out about today’s little indiscretion either. She felt somewhat secure in the knowledge that it would be her word against his; no-one would take him seriously, not the word of a cross-dresser with weird fantasies…surely?

Latisha walked into her bathroom and began to remove her clothes while she filled the bath. She laughed to herself as she thought back to the first image she had of her son-in-law dressed in all his finery, that large hairless cock standing up proudly. Her pussy tingled at the thought; she would probably need those batteries tomorrow night.

“Oooh…a bit sore…you poor little thing…” she said softly, as she looked at herself in the vanity mirror and rubbed her swollen pussy gingerly.

Yes, she would get over the guilt this time too…given time. It was just ‘one of those things’ that happened in life…one of life’s little lessons…never to be repeated of course!

Little did she know!

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