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The Lady in Black

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David came home this weekend and needless to say the sex was fantastic. Since I started having my little sexual adventures I am a virtual tigress in bed. We fucked and sucked almost every second the boys weren’t around. Of course they were around quiet a lot for they also miss the attentions of their father. He stayed until Wednesday and is off again on another business venture. David will probably be gone about ten days this time.

If I am incredibly lucky I may be able to squeeze in another of my lurid adventures. Funny thing is that I feel no quilt. I still love David with all my heart but I have discovered that I have other sexual needs that he alone can not fulfill.

I need to occasionally lick a strange pussy and have mine licked in turn. I also wouldn’t mine experiencing another strange cock. I haven’t had one since my little interlude with Angie and Billy.

I am at the health club for my morning workout. It is Saturday and my routine includes a high impact aerobic class. The instructor is a bouncy little girl named Anita. She is only about five feet tall with dark skin and raven hair. She has been one of the instructors at the health club for the last couple of years. Anita has a great body and she is in excellent physical condition.

Directly in front of me is an older woman who I have not seen here before. She is probably in her mid-fifties but is in fantastic shape. She is dressed in black and also has raven hair. I watch her well developed ass work as she exercises. She appears to be about 5’6” tall and is very slender. She is in excellent condition and does not miss a step in a very strenuous workout.

The workout ends and I walk toward the concession area as I towel the sweat from my body. I order a soft drink at the concession stand and move to a table where I plan to relax for a few minutes before heading home. As I take a chair I notice that the lady in black is talking to Anita as they stand near the entrance to the aerobic room. Anita writes something on a small piece of paper and hands it to her.

The lady in black then walks straight toward me and says, “Do you mind if I sit here?”

“No, go ahead, I certainly don’t mind.” I replied.

Extending her hand to me she said, “My name is Emily Crawford and I am from Chicago. I am here on a business trip with my husband. Are you from here?”

“I’m Betty Fielder and I do live here. What kind of business is your husband in?”

“He’s in sales.” She answered.

“So is my husband but he’s away on a business trip. I sure do wish that he would take me along occasionally.”

Emily bore an amazing resemblance to the actress Anne Archer. Raven hair, white skin and two full pouty lips. They must also be about the same age, probably mid to late fifties.

Emily said, “I noticed you during the workout and I was wondering. I need some help. Richard, my husband, has left me alone and I don’t know anyone here. Are you doing anything this afternoon? I was wondering if you wouldn’t mine being my guide for a few hours. There could be a good meal in it for you.”

I sensed an opportunity as my sexual signals immediately began to go off. She certainly fit the criteria. Emily was a complete stranger in need of help. I responded with, “I am certainly glad that you asked. I have absolutely nothing to do. My two sons are at a baseball camp and I am completely alone. I would love to join you. Where do we meet?”

She smiled and exclaimed, “Great! We are staying at the Marriott which is only about two blocks from here. I am so excited. Let’s get started. We’re in room 363. Meet me there as soon as you can and wear something casual. We should be very active. At least I hope we are.”

“Alright Emily, I’ll see you in a little while.”

I could hardly contain my excitement as I drove home. When I got there I hurried to take a shower. Following Emily’s suggestion I dressed casually. I decided to wear Ann’s light blue panties. They might bring me luck. I also wore a pair of three quarter length white pants with a sleeveless orange blouse. For footwear I chose a pair of simple brown sandals.

I drove to the hotel, parked, entered and took the elevator to the third floor. I knocked on the door and after a few moments Emily answered with a smile and said, “Betty, come on in. I am sure glad that I met you. Have a seat and I’ll get us some wine. You look sensational.”

She was gorgeous. Emily was again dressed in all black with a tight fitting top and a pair of shorts. She was also barefoot.

“You do too, I said.

Emily handed me a chilled glass of wine and sat across from me. She was an attractive woman and I couldn’t stop looking at her.

“Betty, I am an assertive woman and I do not want to waste either your time or mine. I have a story to tell and I would appreciate it if you would listen. Why don’t you remove your sandals so that you will be more comfortable?”

I did as she suggested and said, “I don’t mind if I do.”

“I asked you here on the pretense that we would go on a sightseeing tour. What I have on my mind is far different from that. When I was about your age, Richard was always away on some business venture or another trying to get rich. Of course he succeeded far beyond our wildest dreams. But I was lonely and I felt neglected. I also discovered that he was having sexual affairs on these trips.”

“I liked being his wife and the lifestyle that I was able to live. I confronted him and made him a proposition. If he absolutely had to make love to different women I wanted to choose them for him. I wanted to watch him make love to them.”

I just looked at her beautiful face and watched those sumptuous lips as they talked and I knew that if this was going where I thought it was going I would taste them soon.

She continued, “So I came up with a plan. I would join him on one weekend every month. My problem was going to be finding women to join us. I have always worked out and knew that health clubs attract beautiful women. So I decided that would be the best place to find our love interests. When we arrive in whatever city it is I find the closest and nicest health club and go there for an intense aerobic workout. I simply look for those women who have a certain look. Age does not matter but they have to be attractive with a good body.”

“I’ll bet you think that I am sick don’t you?” She asked.

“Certainly not, I find your story interesting and exciting.” I answered.

Emily smiled broadly and continued, “So I would ask them to come to our room under some pretense. Once they arrived I would offer them two things. Good sex and a thousand dollars in cash.

“Are you making that offer to me?” I asked.

Still smiling she replied, “Yes I am and if you are interested I suggest that you remove your pants before they are too wet to wear home.”

Looking directly into her eyes I smiled, stood up, unbuttoned my pants, and slid them down and off my legs.

A smiling Emily rose to her feet and coolly asked, “Let me hang those up for you. Do you want another glass of wine?”

“I certainly could use one.” I breathed.

Emily took my pants from me and draped them over a chair. She walked to the refrigerator and got the wine.

“Are you comfortable?” she asked as she slowly removed her shorts.

Her panties were also black and full sized. My juices were starting to flow. No telling what the afternoon had in store. I decided to let her continue talking as I answered, “Yes I am.”

Emily continued, “I have used this same approach for the last 13 years and I haven’t missed once. If Richard and I have the time and the inclination we sometimes have two separate sessions with two different women. I took a chance on you. I always pick a cinch but I had my doubts about you. I had decided on the aerobic instructor before I noticed you behind me in the mirror. I used the same approach on her but told her that I would call later if I was free too tour. She was my ace in the hole.”

“You think that Anita would be a cinch?” I asked.

“She is a definite cinch! She exclaimed, “She’s young, but not too young, and single with a shortage of cash. The money always gets them to go along and once they see Richard’s huge cock and experience the way he uses it they go crazy. He has a large cock and tremendous staying power.”

“Where is Richard?” I asked.

With a questioning look on her face she said, “He’s down in the lobby waiting for me to call. Shall I make the call?”

I simply nodded my head and she pulled out a cell phone and started punching in numbers. In a matter of seconds she said, “Come on up Daddy and see what I found for you.”

I was so excited and sexually aroused that my pussy started to juice profusely. My sauce started to soak Ann’s panties and I saw Emily look at my crotch and lick her sumptuous lips. Within minutes the door opened and in walked a rather modest looking man.

Richard appeared to be in his early sixties. He was about my height with thinning gray hair that was cut close to the scalp. He was also thin and it was evident that he worked out. I couldn’t help but look down at his crotch and saw a huge bulge there. Richard was also excited.

“Daddy,” Emily said with a smile. “This is Betty Fielder and she wants to play with us. Come here and let me see what you have in those pants.”

Without saying a word he moved to where she was seated and stood in front of her. Emily unbuckled his belt and pulled the zipper down. She reached into his pants and pulled out the largest cock that I have ever seen. I haven’t seen many but this was the biggest. She bent down and kissed the head and said, “Bring it to Betty I think she would like to taste it.”

He walked to the couch, as his huge cock bobbed up and down, and stood in front of me. I placed both feet on the floor, leaned forward and took a good look at his tool. It had a large purple head and thick veins bulging from the sides. It appeared to throb with excitement, almost begging to be sucked. I took the head in my mouth. At first I didn’t move and then I started to gently suck. I loved the way that big knob felt in my mouth. Emily moved next to me and kneeled on the floor. Without saying a word she started licking the sides of that big dick.

I was salivating so much that the spit was already leaking from the corners of my mouth. Emily noticed and moved and licked my mouth around her husbands cock. I pulled back to catch a breath and my saliva made a string from his knob to my mouth. She slipped her tongue into my open mouth and I quickly sucked it. We swapped and she gently sucked mine before moving back to licking the sides of her husbands cock.

This was going to be good.

I worked down the other side and our tongues would occasionally touch. When we reached the end of his knob we would noisily devour each others mouths. Her face was exquisitely beautiful and her big lips were already swollen with pleasure.

Emily broke the silence by saying, “Let’s move to the bedroom.”

We got up and walked to the bed and Emily said, “Betty, get on all fours and move to the edge of the bed.”

I quickly complied as she moved behind me and kneeled down. I looked back and she was staring at my panty clad pussy. I also noticed that Richard had already lost his pants and was removing his shirt as he joined his wife on the floor.

“You are soaked baby. Look at how soaked she is Daddy.” She said as she leaned forward and gently licked my soaking panties. She sucked the material into her mouth and moaned, “Good, oh so fucking good. You taste so fucking good. Your panties are dripping. This is going to be special afternoon.”

Emily reached up and pulled my panties over my hips and down my legs. Once they were off she held them in her hand and then stuck her whole face into my sopping pussy. She flat tongued its entire length from clit to asshole. She made one loud slurping sucking sound and said, “Taste her Daddy. Taste this beautiful pussy.”

Without hesitation Richard leaned forward and began to suck my pussy with abandon. His tongue worked its way between the lips and his mouth loudly sucked the nectar that was there. I was already close to cumming and when I saw that Emily had Ann’s panties in her mouth and was sucking my sauce from them I let it go with a scream. “I’MMM CUMMMINNNG. JESUS FUCKING CHRIST, I’MMM ALREADY CUMMMINNNG!”

Startled by my outburst, Emily said, “Miss Betty’s hot Daddy it’s time to give her that big cock.”

I felt the head of his cock at the opening of my pussy and I said, “Go slow I’ve never been fucked with one that big.”

He entered me slowly, a little bit at a time. That big dick was filling me up. When it was all the way in he pulled it back slowly and then pushed it all the way back in. I could hear my pussy squishing. Then he withdrew it slowly again and forcefully slammed it back in. As the air was forced from my pussy it made a loud farting sound. When he did it again Emily started to talk.

“Make that pussy talk Daddy, Make it talk for me. I love that pussy music. Make it sing.”

I joined in with, “Fuck yes! Pound my pussy you big dick bastard. Fuck me hard!”

My ass was rippling every time he buried that big dick in my pussy. He was pounding me like a sledge hammer and I loved it. I couldn’t get enough and I was bucking back into him as hard as I could, matching him stroke for stroke.

Emily was into it now and talking nasty. “Work her with that big cock baby. Make our pretty baby cum again. Fuck her good for Mamma. Make Betty buck. That’s it, buck Betty, Buck.”

“I’m gonna cum again. You are going to make me cum on that big dick. FUCK YEESSS! I’MMM CUMMINNG!” I screamed.

Emily removed her panties and said, “On your back Richard I want to ride that big boy.”

His dick slipped out of my pussy with a slurpy pop as he followed her instructions. As he lay back, Emily straddled him and slowly slid down his pole until it completely disappeared in her hole. She was incredibly wet and her juices pooled where there bodies joined.

“Sit on his face baby and watch me ride this big dick. Feed that beautiful wet pussy to my Richard. Fuck his face.” Emily directed.

Emily pulled her top off and tossed it to the floor. She unhooked her black bra from the front and let it slide down her arms. Her feet were directly under her body so that she was in a squatting position. She rose up so that just the purple head of Richard’s cock was in her pussy.

“I’m going to work that head. I love to work that big, purple head with my pussy. I like just the head. I like the way it feels on the edge of my pussy. I love to work just… that big…, purple…, monster… head.” She chanted through gritted teeth emphasizing each word.

I removed my blouse and bra as I straddled Richard’s head and lowered my sopping pussy to his face. The sight of Emily squatting and working on his knob had me in a sexual frenzy. God! She was a truly, beautiful woman. She had a gorgeous face, white porcelain skin and almost perfectly shaped little tits. They were about the size of a lemon with nice nipples. Her stomach was flat and her bush was thick and black.

Richard was licking my pussy slowly and savoring the taste. I was on my knees with my bottom lifted slightly off of his face. I did not want to grind into his mouth just yet.

Emily said, “I’m about to cum. Her voice was so low that it was barely audible. “Watch me when I cum. Watch my face when I cum.”

Her face was contorted, as if she was in pain, as she continued to work his big, purple cock head. Her eyes were narrow slits as she looked directly into my eyes. The cords stood out on her neck. Emily’s face was flushed and had a warm pink color. Her lips were swollen and her mouth hung open, almost obscenely, with saliva drooling from its corners. God, she was beautiful as she worked to cum. Emily started to make unintelligible sounds as she worked her pussy. “Ohhhahhh, Ohhhahhh, Ohhhahhh. Oh Fuuck, Oh Shiit. It’s here, I’mm Cuummming!

She let her legs relax and dropped her ass down suddenly impaling herself completely on Richard’s schlong. Their bodies made a squishy slapping sound as they met. The juices were forced from her pussy and pooled around the base of Richards’s dick and collected in her thick black bush.

“Now I’m going to ride that big dick. Talk nasty to me Betty. Talk nasty while I ride. Talk nasty to this nasty old bitch.”

She rose up until just the tip of Richard’s cock was in her pussy. Then she dropped down forcefully and the air forced from her pussy made that loud farting sound. She repeated it one more time and then started to rise and fall steadily on his pole. A steady and rhythmic Squish, Slap. Squish, Slap was the only sound that could be heard.

Again she began to chant,” I love to ride Richard’s big dick. It’s so big I can feel it in my stomach. I love to ride his big, fucking dick. I like to buck on this baby. Watch me buck. Watch me work my hot pussy on this big, fucking dick. Work with me baby. Make me ride hard. Buck hard, Richard, buck” She rhythmically exclaimed as she forcefully worked her body up and down the Schlong. Emily was indeed riding that big cock like her life depended on it.

“Ride that big dick nasty girl.” I said. “Ride it hard you nasty bitch. Come on; work that black, hairy pussy. Work it hard baby. Ride it cowgirl. Buck on that big dick! Buck, bitch, buck!”

She slammed back down, leaned forward on her hands and started to grind her hairy pussy into Richard. Her head tilted slightly forward and her mouth hung open. Saliva trickled in a thin stream from her big, swollen bottom lip. It just hung there and swung forward and back as she worked her pussy noisily on her husband’s dick. She again had that strained, crazed look on her beautiful face and I knew she was there.


As she sagged forward, I took her bottom lip into my mouth and sucked the saliva from it. I loved the feel of that big swollen lip in my mouth. I sucked it gently for a moment then let go.

Temporarily spent, Emily rolled off of Richard and lay on her side. Breathlessly, she said, “Clean my pussy juice from Richards’s dick. Suck that big boy.”

I leaned forward and licked his slimy pole from stem to stern. It was completely covered with a thick coat of Emily’s secretions. God but she tasted good. I licked and slurped down to the base of his cock where her nectar had pooled in his hair. I sucked it in. Suck and swallow, Suck and swallow. All the while I was sliding my equally wet twat forward and back across his face. I smashed my pussy down hard on his face and the only time he could breathe was when his mouth cleared my ass or my clit as I sawed back and forth. Richard was an excellent pussy eater and he constantly alternated tonguing and sucking with an audible slurping sound.

I licked back up his pole and when I reached the top I took the plunge. Sliding down his cock until it lodged in my throat. My nose was in the hair around the base of his cock. I held it there and continuously worked my tongue around his thickness. I was salivating heavily and it leaked from the edges of my mouth.

I was about to cum again when I heard Emily say, “Don’t cum yet Richard. Hold it big boy. Keep sucking that pussy until you make Miss Betty cum. Work that pussy, Betty. Fuck his face with that sloppy cunt. Cum on his face.”

I quit sucking and sat back on his face and screamed. “FUCK YES! LICK YOU BIG DICKED BASTARD, SUCK! FUUCCK YEES, I’MMM CUMMMINNG!”

Richard kept licking the folds of my pussy as I leaned forward to let him breathe. He spoke for the first time when he said, “Damn, but I like eating your pussy. You were fucking my face with it. No one has ever done that before. You cum so much and your juice is so thick and tasty. Your clit is so big. It’s the biggest I’ve ever seen. I can’t stop licking.”

A rejuvenated Emily rose to her hands and knees and directed, “Fuck me from behind Richard. Come here and fuck me doggie style. It’s time for you to cum. Come fill me with that hot cum. Come fuck your hot bitch!”

I got off of Richard’s face and he kneeled behind her and forcefully slid his cock, balls deep, into her pussy with one stroke. She gasped, lurched forward and said, “Slide under me Betty. I want to eat your pussy while you watch that big cock fuck me.”

I moved under Emily until we were in the classic sixty nine position. My face was directly under her hairy pussy and I could see the lips being pushed in and sucked out as Richard slowly worked his cock in and out. Her bush was soaked with her secretions and I had to taste so I sucked the nectar collected there with a slurping sound.

Meanwhile Emily had hooked her arms behind my knees and pulled my legs back until my entire pussy and asshole were exposed to her. She tenderly licked the length of my pussy, like a cat laps milk, before parting the lips with her tongue. She paused and between licks said, “Your pussy is so swollen and juicy pretty baby……Your cum is so thick…. Your clit is so big;….. it’s like a little cock……. I love to suck cock….. I love to eat pussy…. I am a nasty old bitch……. I’m going to lick you like a lollypop…… I am going to lick all the way from your asshole,,,,,,, to that little cock……. I am going to make you scream……when you cum.

Her licking intensified and she begin to audibly slurp as I started to lick her distended clit and Richard’s dick where they joined. He would stroke her a couple of times and withdraw so that I could alternately suck his cock and lick her pussy. After a few rounds of this he said, “I can’t hold it any longer. I’m about to cum.”

Emily responded with, “Go for it big boy, I’m close too, let’s cum together. Fuck me hard baby. Stroke me with that big dick. Fill me with that hot cum. Pump baby, pump! As she began to buck her ass back into his thrusting cock, stroke for stroke.

Richard grunted and screamed, “FUUCCK YEEESS! I’MMM BLOWING MY LOAD!

Emily’s orgasm was confirmed by a muffled moaning that I felt as she buried her face in my pussy. I climaxed at the same time but my mouth was occupied and I did not utter a word.

He continued to spurt as his stroking slowed down and as he bottomed out on each stroke some of his thick, creamy, white cum was forced from Emily’s pussy. I lapped it up as quickly as it appeared until Richard slumped forward onto her back in exhaustion. He rested there for a few seconds and then squatted back on his haunches. Emily’s pussy made a little sucking sound as he pulled his dick out. When he did their combined juices gushed out and poured into my open mouth in a long slimy stream. It filled my mouth and I swallowed but I couldn’t get it all and some leaked from the corners. Richard had shot a massive load.

Emily said, “I’m going to feed you pretty baby. Suck Richard’s load from my cunt. See how full it is. My Richard can really fill a pussy with hot, thick, tasty cum. Look pretty lady. See how full I am.”

She raised her ass and I could see his thick, white cream bubbling from her hairy hole. I love the taste of cum. I love its texture and warmth. I love to eat it and there certainly was a lot to eat. There was so much oozing from her lips that it formed a big dollop. I licked it with my tongue, swallowed and went back for more as I fastened my mouth to her hole. I sucked as hard as I could and I swallowed, slurping loudly. Cum was everywhere. It coated her hairy bush and ran into her asshole. I tried to lick and suck and slurp every drop of their nectar.

Emily gasped, “Eat it all baby girl. Eat it all you nasty bitch. What you are doing to me feels so fucking good. Eat it all you nasty, cum loving whore. You are the nastiest bitch we have ever had. Keep it up I am going to cum again. Tongue fuck my asshole. Please tongue fuck my hairy asshole.”

Her asshole was indeed hairy. Emily’s entire bottom was covered with hair. It ran from her thick bush all the way to and around her little puckered hole and it was coated with cum. I licked it all up on the way to my objective. When I got there I rolled up my tongue and stuck it as deep as I could.

“Fuck yes! Tongue fuck my ass you nasty bitch. That’s what I like. Lick my asshole. Eat it good baby. Oh God! Richard, our Miss Betty is the best ass eater in the world. Oh yeeess!….. This nasty bitch……. is going to…… make me cuuumm….. again. FUUUCCK YEESS!…THAT’S IIITT BAABBY. I’MMM CUUUMMMING AGAIN! SHIIITT!”

As she came her pussy gushed more of their combined juices onto my chin. I started to lick back to her pussy and managed to gasp, “I love to eat cum. I crave it. I can’t get enough of it. Let me lick you clean.”

“You can have it all pretty baby. Suck my hairy pussy. Suck Richard’s cum from my hairy hole. Eat pretty girl. Eat it all. Let me feed that hungry mouth” She answered as she started to lovingly lick the thick sauce from my own bubbling cunt.

She started to work her pussy and forced their remaining concoction into my waiting mouth. I could feel myself losing control as I loudly devoured their cum. I couldn’t help but think how depraved I had become in the last few weeks.

After several loud slurping and sucking seconds Emily collapsed on her side and gasped, “I’ve had enough. I need to rest for a while. Clean Richard’s big dick. It’s soaked with cum.”

I swallowed the concoction in my mouth and moved toward Richard. He was lying on his back with his huge cum soaked dick sticking straight up in the air. I kneeled between his knees and looked at my target. It was coated with a thick combination of their juices and copious amounts had pooled in the hair around it. Some had even leaked into, and coated, the hair on his balls.

I was now in a cum eating frenzy and I quickly swallowed his large cum covered, cock head. I was salivating and made loud slurping noises as I sucked and swallowed. I licked up and down both sides of his dick as I took in and swallowed as much of their tasty nectar as I could. Then I vacuumed the cum from his hair as I worked toward his balls.

His hairy sac was covered with cum and I lovingly took one of his nuts into my mouth and gently sucked and swallowed as I salivated. The only sounds that could now be heard in the room were the ones I made as I worked on his balls. I switched to the other one and cleaned it in turn. When I finished I looked up at Richard and smiled.

He said, “Betty you look so beautiful cleaning the cum from my balls. Some of it has leaked down to my asshole. You can have that too if you would like.”

He reached behind his knees and pulled his legs back until they rested on his shoulders. By doing this his hairy cum soaked asshole was completely exposed to me. Without hesitation I plunged in licking from his hairy hole to his balls. It was indeed covered in thick, tasty cum which I again loudly sucked and swallowed as I tongue fucked his ass.

“Emily, this is one nasty bitch. She’s tongue fucking my ass. Damn, but I like this shit. She’s the best one yet. You did good, girl.” He gasped and then in a loud voice exclaimed, “Tongue fuck my ass pretty baby! I like this kinky shit. Eat………fucking…….ass!

Exhausted, I licked his asshole a few times and rolled over on my side. Emily moved over to me and gently and lovingly kissed my mouth. She sucked my probing tongue and tasted her husband’s ass there.

“You are the best ever. You are totally uninhibited sexually and were fantastic. I know that this was not your first time. Let’s get cleaned up and we can go on that tour that we talked about if you have time.” Emily said.

“I would certainly like to do that. I am free for the rest of the afternoon. I’ll show you around and then maybe we can return for an encore” was my answer.

Emily smiled and said, “Sounds good to me. Richard and I would really enjoy that. You are insatiable baby and we like that. It will take him a couple of hours to recover but I know that he has another huge load in those balls.”

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