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That Old Flame

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I just sat there watching in amazement at my wife. I just kept wondering how in the hell did we get here?

It was if all of it was happening in slow motion. My mind and my body were numb but my cock was harder than I can ever remember.

I am Randy. I am a successful attorney who has been married to my beautiful wife for thirteen years. We were married young and she worked as I went to law school. Both of us are now thirty-five years old. My wife’s name is Cassie and she is a knockout still at thirty-five.

She stands 5 foot eleven inches tall. She has beautiful long blonde hair that goes half way down her back. She has a perky set of thirty-six C breasts with light pink areola and nipples that are usually hard. She is in great shape from swimming all the time, which keeps her ass and sexy long legs in great shape. I have always been proud to call her my wife. She always gets stares from men when we are out and she likes to dress in sexy clothes.

The past five years our sex life has lost some spark and we have tried games and fantasies to bring it back. I guess the same old familiarity has just caused it to get boring. We still love each other as much or more than ever.

We had the most luck with showing Cassie off in public with her dressing very provocatively in short skirts and rather sheer blouses. The excitement she got from men staring at her turned her on and it made me very horny. After our days out it always ended in a wild fuck fest.

As usual, that also lost some of its luster and excitement so we turned to fantasy.

We began blindfolding each other and fantasizing about fucking other people. We had to change up our normal routines while making love so that it seemed to the other that they were truly fucking someone else.

These fantasies caused Cassie to have some of the most intense orgasms of her life. For about a year.

In the last six months that had also worn thin and did not have the effect that it once had on her.

That is when I began thinking about giving her a birthday present she would never forget. Also, a present that would hopefully set our sex life on a new path and one that would spark the old flame again.

Cassie’s birthday was in three months so I had to work quickly to put it all together.

I decided that the best place to carry out my plan was at a local club called, “The Hot Bed.”

It is a club for swingers and a place I could carry out my present to Cassie. She had fantasized about other men so what better present than to let her fantasy become reality.

I had never been to the club before so I decided to check it out and see if it was sleazy or classy.

I left work early one day and went to the club. I was immediately impressed when I walked in the front door. The floors in the foyer were marble and the interior design was of a Grecian style.

A very beautiful young woman asked, “Can I help you”, greeting me in the foyer?

“I’m not sure but I hope so. I understand the club is a club for open minded adults?”

“Yes sir it is and are you interested in joining?” She asked.

“Maybe, if you can help me with a special request.” I replied

“What is your request?” She asked.

I went through the story of what I wanted to happen and she said, “We can help you with that.”

“Great what is involved with joining?”

She handed me an application and said, “Fill this out and it will go to our review board for approval or decline. If you are approved the annual dues to the club are five thousand dollars.”

Wow, I thought but then it is Cassie’s Birthday.

“Ok, I will fill out the form.” I replied.

After filling out the form that inquired of sexual history, sexual persuasion, STDs and recent tests, I handed it back to the young woman.

“Thank-You and we will call you at the number you provided within the next two weeks to let you know if it has been approved.” She said.

During the next two weeks, I kept working out the details to Cassie’s surprise party and what I would do if we were turned down.

One afternoon my cell phone rang with a number I did not recognize.

“Hello” I answered.

“Mr. Johnson?” I heard on the other end.


“This is Cindy from The Hot Bed and I have the decision on your application. I am happy to inform you that your application has been approved.” She said.

“Great.” I responded.

“When you get the time drop by the club and we will get your dues and finish the rest of the paperwork. We can also work out the details to your special request.

The next day I went back to the club and they got the Event Coordinator for me to speak with.

“Hello I am Seth.” He said holding out his hand.

I shook his hand and replied, “I am Randy.”

“How can we help you today?” he asked guiding me into an office.

We sat down and I divulged my plan to him.

“Let me show you what I think may work for you.” He said standing.

We left the office and walked into the club.

The main room was dimly lit but I could tell it was decorated very extravagantly with plush chairs and a huge bar.

We stepped through a doorway and into a small room. The room had a large window in it that looked out into another room that was decorated like a very expensive hotel room. In the middle of the room was a very large bed approximately the size of two king-sized beds together.

Seth told me, “This is the room we use for such an occasion as yours. It allows you to watch what is happening. The window is actually a one way mirror so that the participants can not see you.”

Looking into the room and thinking about it nearly made me sick to my stomach. I could see Cassie on the bed with other men fucking her. I suddenly wondered if I was ready for this. I was actually shaking.

“Mr. Johnson?” Seth asked.

“It will work just fine.” I responded.

“How many participants would you like to be involved?” Seth asked me.

My head was spinning!

Shit! He is asking me how many men I want to fuck my wife!

I shrugged my shoulders and said, “Five. Five should be plenty.” I responded.

My mind was screaming at me, “FIVE!?”

“Ok I will set up five participants on the day of the event.” Seth replied making a note in his pad.

“Do you have any special requests for participants?” Seth asked me.

“Special requests?” I asked.

“Yes, white? Black? Well endowed? Young? Old?” He asked.

“Nobody too old, like over sixty and nobody extremely heavy.” I responded still in a daze at what we were discussing.

“Very good. I will have everything set on the day of the event.” He said as he opened the door and we went back to the foyer.

He held out his hand and said, “Mr. Johnson we will see you in two weeks.”

I shook his hand and replied, “Thank-you.”

I turned to walk out the door and thought Thank-you? Thank-you for setting up a gangbang for my wife. What a fucking idiot.


The next two weeks flew by it seemed. It was suddenly the day of Cassie’s party.

I woke up and Cassie was already out of bed.

I wondered into the kitchen and there she was drinking her morning coffee.

“Happy Birthday!” I said kissing her.

“What are we doing today?” She asked.

“I have a special treat for you later today. Just be at your sexiest and ready to go by seven.” I told her.

I was nervous all day long and could not keep my eyes off the clock. I tried doing some busy work around the house, which helped and suddenly looked at the clock. It was six o’clock.

I headed to the bedroom where Cassie was busy at her vanity fixing her golden tresses and applying make-up.

“You better hurry if we need to leave by seven.” She said as I entered the room.

I climbed into the shower to get ready.

We had to leave by seven because I was going to take her to dinner before I took her to the club. We were to be at the club by nine.

I got out of the shower, wrapped a towel around me, and headed to the bedroom.

Cassie was sitting on the edge of the bed putting her stockings on. She was rolling the sexy thigh high stockings up her legs and then stood to attach them to the red garter she was wearing.

She liked putting on a show and smiled at me as I stood and watched her. When she turned toward me I noticed she had shaven her pussy and all that remained was a very thin strip of hair above her clit.

“Apparently you like it.” She said looking at my crotch.

My cock was beginning to tent out the front of the towel I was wearing.

She then reached for her skirt and pulled it on. When it reached her waist she turned to me and asked, “Will you help a girl out?”

I stepped to her and zipped up the back of the very short black micro mini skirt.

“What no panties?” I asked.

“Not tonight.” She said and turned to me to kiss me.

My cock was now rock hard as her full breasts pressed against me.

“You better get ready and stop gawking at me.” She grinned.

Nevertheless, I still watched as she grabbed a blouse, pulled it on and began buttoning it up.

“No bra either” I asked.

“Not tonight.” She grinned again.

Once it was buttoned as far as she was going to button it I noticed her breasts were visible through the thin fabric. Not to the point of obscene, but, still noticeable.

I was looking at her as she turned to look in the mirror and thought, “Am I a fucking idiot for planning tonight?”

I turned and went to the closet to get my clothes and get ready to go. Cassie sat on the edge of the bed and when she did; her pussy was visible as she pulled on a pair of red high-heels.

She stood up and asked, “What do you think?”

“I’m thinking maybe we should stay home.”

“Oh no, we are going out on my birthday and have a good time. Anyway I want to know what you have planed for tonight.” She replied.

I pulled my pants on.

“What no underwear?” She asked.

I smiled back at her and replied, “Not tonight.”

I put on a shirt and then some loafers and said, “Ok, I’m ready.”

“Me too. Let’s go.” She said looking in the mirror one more time.

I opened the car door for her and she again had to make a show of it flashing me her smooth pussy under her skirt. I closed the door and went to the other side.

I drove to a little bistro that was dimly lit and had private tables. When we walked in I immediately noticed several of the men in the place turned to look at Cassie.

The hostess showed us to our table and Cassie cautiously sat down as I held the chair for her. I watched her as she placed her hands on the back of her skirt trying to keep it down. She partially succeeded as the round globes of her sweet ass peeked out the bottom.

We had several drinks at dinner and Cassie was beginning to get buzzed.

I looked at my watch and it was eight thirty.

“We better get going. We have another stop to make.” I said.

“Ok, but first I need to use the ladies room.”

She stood up and I watched her walk to the back of the restaurant. Several guys in the place also watched her.

When she came back out I had already paid and watched her walk toward me. She was making purposeful strides that caused her tits to undulate under her sheer top.

I stood up and held my hand out for her to take it and we went back to the car.

Before starting the car I turned to her and said, “Ok, this next stop is a big surprise and I will have to blindfold you.”


“It is a surprise.” I responded as I reached in the door pocket next to me and pulled out a red scarf.

I rolled it up and leaned to her as she turned around. I put it over her head and covered her eyes. I tied it in the back and said, “Turn around.”

She turned to me and I asked, “Can you see anything?”

“No.” She replied.

I started the car and drove the few short blocks to the club.

My heart was racing as I got out and walked around the car to help Cassie out.

I took her hand and guided her to the door of the club. I opened the door and Seth was there waiting for us. He nodded at me, we went down a hall, and he opened the door to the room. I walked Cassie in as the door shut behind us.

“Ok, here we are but you can not take the blindfold off just yet.” I told her.

I reached behind her as I thought my heart was going to pound out of my chest and unzipped her skirt. It fell to the floor.

“What are you doing and where are we?” She asked.

“I told you it is a surprise and we are in a hotel room.” I lied slightly.

I looked at her beautiful ass framed in the lines of the garter and then walked around in front of her and began unbuttoning her top. I pulled it off her shoulders and put it on a chair in the corner of the room.

I led her to the bed, turned her, and said, “Sit down and get on the bed.”

She sat and scooted herself to the middle of the bed. I then took the silk ties that were at each corner of the headboard and tied her wrists.

“You are such a naughty boy.” She mewed.

She really had no idea.

“Ok, I will be back.” I said.

“Where are you going?” She asked

“I will be back. I forgot something.” Lying again slightly.

I took one more look at her on the bed with her blonde hair spread out on the pillow and her firm flat stomach that led to the delectable pussy that I also noticed was already glistening from her wetness.

I went out the door and Seth was still there. He pointed down the hall and we walked to the door I had been in several weeks earlier.

He opened the door as I walked in and said, “I hope you enjoy yourself Mr. Johnson.” And, the door shut.

I looked through the glass and could see Cassie still lying on the bed.

Then the door opened and in walked five guys. All of them were naked.

The first guy through the door was about forty-five but had an athletic build. His cock was about average for a soft cock.

The next guy was younger probably in his twenties. He was a tall guy with a cock that was a little longer than average and appeared to be thick.

The third guy was black. He looked to be about thirty and looked like an athlete. His cock was longer even yet. Not huge but slapped against his thigh as he walked in.

The fourth guy was also black and about forty. He had a cock that even shocked me. He was soft and still huge.

The fifth guy was young and had an average cock.

“What did you forget?” I heard Cassie ask and nobody answered.

Then as planned the first guy got on the bed between Cassie’s legs and placed his face at her pussy. I wanted her to think it was only me in there before the others joined in.

He began licking and sucking on her pussy.

Soon Cassie moaned, “Mmmmmm Randy that feels good.”

It had worked. She thought he was me.

That was the key for another guy to step in.

The first black guy got on the bed and leaned over Cassie’s left breast and sucked her hard nipple into his mouth.

Cassie jumped not expecting what was happening.

“Randy?” Cassie asked quizzically.

The room was silent as the third guy climbed onto the bed and sucked her right nipple into his mouth.

“RANDY?” Louder this time.

The fourth guy and the black guy with the huge cock got on the bed and knee walked to her head and laid his big cock on her lips.

Tentatively at first she slightly opened her mouth and licked the cock that was there. I’m sure the guy at her pussy and having both nipples sucked at the same time were having their affect on her.

She then opened wide and sucked the head of the mammoth cock into her mouth.

The fifth guy was standing there stroking his cock to hardness waiting his turn.

I sat there watching my wife with four strangers and wondered, “What the fuck am I doing? How in the hell did we get to this point?”

I wanted to run in there and stop it but then noticed my cock was rock hard and hesitated. I decided to get up and go in there when the guy eating her pussy began climbing up between her legs. I stopped to watch as if I did not already know what he was going to do.

He looked down at his cock and Cassie’s pussy and then leaned forward driving his cock into my wife.

“Oh fuck yes. Is that you Randy? I heard Cassie ask.

Nobody responded as the guy began stroking in and out of my wife’s pussy.

The two guys who had been sucking her tits backed off and now were pinching and twisting them as she was fucked. The big black cock was back in her mouth and she was attempting to suck as much as possible. His cock was huge as it just kept expanding.

Cassie was moaning on the big cock in her mouth and now was into it as she wrapped her long tanned legs around the guy fucking her.

I sat back down, mesmerized at what was happening.

As instructed when Cassie was fully into the sex the blindfold and the restraints were to be removed.

The guy who was standing and watching went to her and untied her restraints. She immediately reached up and removed the scarf around her eyes. She began looking around and did not see me but did see the five guys, naked in the room and one stranger between her legs pumping his cock into her pussy.

The guy fucking her moaned and pulled out of her and shot his load onto her stomach.

One of the guys who had been pinching her tit, rolled her over while the other guy got behind her and pulled her up on all fours.

He grabbed his cock, guided it to her pussy, and drove it all the way inside her.

Cassie moaned, “Ohhhh fuck.”

This afforded the guy who had been standing and stroking his cock the opportunity to get his cock sucked.

He got on his knees in front of Cassie and she eagerly sucked his hard cock into her mouth.

Her large full tits were now swinging beneath her body as she was being rocked back and forth from the pounding the guy fucking her was giving her. The rocking motion only helped her bob back and forth on the other guys cock as her lips locked around his shaft.

The second black guy crawled under her body and was pinching and twisting her nipples during all of this.

Suddenly the door behind me opened and Seth stuck his head in, “How is it going?”

“Fine I guess.” I responded not taking my eyes off the room.

“Would you like some company?” He asked

I turned briefly to see a beautiful redhead standing next to him.

“That might be helpful.” I said and the redhead entered the room.

“Hi, I’m Clarice and that guy right there is my husband.” She said pointing at the guy getting his cock sucked by my wife.

She sat down next to me and put her hand on my crotch.

“Poor thing you are excited by watching aren’t you?” She asked beginning to unzip my fly.

I could not keep my eyes off Cassie as Clarice fished my cock from inside my pants.

Clarice’s husband was now getting his cock moaned on as the guy fucking Cassie rolled his head back and moaned.

“OOOHHHH FUCK!” He groaned as he pulled out and shot his load all over Cassie’s back.

The black guy with the average sized cock got behind Cassie, grabbed the base of his cock, and guided it toward my wife.

He leaned forward and slipped his hard black cock into her. She moaned.

Clarice now had my cock out and was stroking up and down.

“Your wife is beautiful.” She said as she leaned to my lap and licked the head of my cock.

“Yes she is.” I answered not taking my eyes off the action.

Clarice’s husband groaned and grabbed the back of Cassie’s head holding her deep on his cock.

Cassie choked as his cum splashed against the back of her throat.

Clarice pulled off my cock and said, “That sounded like my Robert coming. Was it?” She asked.

“Yes it was. He shot his load down her throat.” I replied.

“Yep, he likes doing that to me.” She replied as she moved to her knees between my legs and nearly swallowed my cock.

I had never been so deep in a woman’s mouth.

I now knew Robert as he pulled out of Cassie’s mouth. His cum was running from the corner of her mouth and dripping onto the bed.

The forth guy took Robert’s place at Cassie’s face and held his cock for her mouth to devour.

She anxiously took it and immediately began sucking it while the black cock slid in and out of her pussy.

I glanced down to see Clarice’s head bobbing up and down on my own cock and then looked back into the room.

The black guy fucking Cassie quickened his pace and moaned. He pulled out of her and stroked his cock twice and then a huge load of cum erupted from his cock splashing onto her back. The cum began running down her sides and the black guy with the huge cock crawled out from under her.

As the one black guy finished he backed away from Cassie and the huge cock was getting behind her.

Just then, the guy she had been sucking grabbed her head and held her on his cock as he moaned and shot his load in her mouth.

The black guy with the huge cock waited until he finished then grabbed Cassie by the hips and turned her over onto her back.

Cassie’s eyes got huge as she saw the size of the black cock getting ready to fuck her.

Clarice then stopped sucking my cock and climbed onto the couch I was sitting on. She got on all fours next to me.

“Come on Baby and fuck me.” She said.

I watched the room as the black guy pulled Cassie’s legs up and laid them on his shoulders. He leaned forward putting her knees almost on her chest and slowly leaned his cock into her.

Cassie began, “I don’t think….”

With her doubled over I could see his cock part her lips, then he leaned a little more, and the massive head slipped inside her.

“Oh Fuck!” Cassie moaned as her pussy lips locked around the head.

My cock was aching as I never took my eyes off the room and got on my knees behind Clarice.

He leaned into Cassie even further and slowly his cock began to disappear inside my wife.

I briefly looked down to guide my own cock into Clarice’s pussy.

As I slipped into her hot, wet pussy, I looked back into the room and watched my wife being split apart by this cock.

Cassie was rolling her head back and forth moaning and groaning, “Ohhhh my gawd, fuck yes.”

Then this black cock was buried deep inside my wife. He let her adjust to the size and then withdrew. His black cock was shiny from my wife’s juices. He then lunged back into her.


I was rocking back and forth into Clarice when she said, “Damn that must have felt good.”

Two of the guys hard again got on each side of Cassie. They took her hands and guided them to their cocks. She instinctively began pulling and stroking them.

The massive black cock continued to fuck her and hit depths that I’m sure she has never had hit before.

“OHHHHHHHH FUCK!” Cassie screamed again as her body convulsed and jerked into an orgasm.

I then noticed that I had a grip on Clarice’s hips and was fucking her for all I was worth. I was like an animal stroking in and out of her.

The black cock was stroking it’s full length in and out of Cassie as she continued to convulse and jerk with orgasm after orgasm.

One of the guys Cassie was stroking moaned and shot his load on her arm and hand.

The guy fucking her pulled his huge cock from her pussy and began stroking it. Cassie was raising her ass off the bed searching for the cock that had just vacated her pussy.

He then began to erupt cum all over Cassie. He hit her tits, stomach and pussy as he shot load after creamy load.

“OOOOOOOHHHHHHHH YES!” I heard myself moaning as the cum erupted deep inside Clarice’s pussy. She locked her pussy on my cock and milked it of his juices.

The last guy being stroked by Cassie moaned and shot his load on her chest.

The black guy backed away from Cassie letting her legs back onto the bed.

The guys then began to leave the room.

Cassie laid there like a limp rag on the bed in the afterglow of sex.

I pulled my cock from Clarice and looked down as my cum was oozing from her pussy.

Clarice stood up and looked into the room at Cassie, “Wow, she is worn out.”

Then I noticed what a great body Clarice had. Her ass was tight and firm. Her tits were big and full with light pink areola and nipples.

“You better get in there. I remember my first session in that room and it can be very lonely when everyone leaves.” Clarice told me.

She opened the door and I stood to put my cock back into my pants.

I went out the door and Seth was standing there.

“Did you have a good time?” He asked.

“Yes.” I replied as I walked down the hall to where Cassie was.

I opened the door and went inside. She was still lying on the bed.

I sat on the edge of the bed and she opened her eyes.

She smiled at me, “I can not believe you did this.”

“Did you enjoy yourself?” I asked.

“Will you be mad if I say yes?” She asked.

“No. That was sort of the idea.” I replied.

“Then, Yes. I have never come that hard in my life.”

Seth was standing in the doorway, “Mrs. Johnson if you would like there is a shower through that door.”

She sat up on the bed and said, “Thank-You.”

She had cum running down her body and she looked at herself, “I guess I better go take that shower.”

I helped her off the bed. She walked to the door to take a shower.

I waited for her in the room.

She soon came out still naked and began getting dressed. She left off the stockings and garter and put them in her purse.

We walked to the car and started home.

She suddenly said, “Just wait until your birthday next month. I have to now try and top this present.”

My cock literally jumped at the thought of her beating this one.

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