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The Hitman Set Me Free

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It was a hot night in Rochester but I shivered all the same. There were no cars in the driveway on a sprawling cream colored new-money manse the bordered the Clearey Woods, so I pulled up the parking brake and on battered gray Camry. The thick pine and birch that skirted the side and back of the property kept drawing my eye. If I wasn’t very careful, I could die tonight. But if I’d refused, I’d be dead for certain.

I’m Vina Desai. A vice cop born and raised in Rochester, New York, a city whose chief exports are white flour and crime families. Since last winter, I’ve been closing in on one in particular. The Valenti family, Rochester’s very own cosa nostra. At first it was nothing but two-bit crooks. I brought in Mikey Valachi and Nico “the Cheese man” Massina for assault with a deadly weapon, but the D.A. couldn’t make the racketeering charges stick. I attended every hearing though. This is what I’d always dreamed of doing.

Four months back I was on the witness stand. I was being cross-examined. I had interrogated Larry Bianco, who had capped Grady Morrison in the bathroom at the Finger Lake racetrack on Saint Patrick’s Day. I nailed it. Bianco’s lawyer had nothing. I was about to step down when I saw him.

Even sitting he was half a head taller than the men on either side of him. His skin was dark but was the wrong shade for Sicilian. His rust colored eyes bored into me from the opposite end of the courtroom. His dark hair was cut very short, making his strong profile even sharper. He let me catch him staring. He neither smiled, nor looked away.

I’d been expecting one of Valenti’s crew to try something but this was unusual. He wasn’t a Valenti. He didn’t even look Italian. Worse, he didn’t care he’d been made.

He had been there too when I testified against Jimmy “the Ref” Valenti and Little Sal. I booked them both and now I wanted them off the streets. Each time he watched me, not them. I tried to have him tailed, or at least identified but he seemed to vanish into thin air when he stepped onto city pavement. I told Detective Hamil, my partner in Vice, but all he could tell me was that the Valentis never hired outside the family.

Fast forward to this Monday. I threw myself behind the wheel and tossed my encrypted laptop down on the passenger seat. I exhaled for what felt like the first time all day. I was this close to closing in on Frank Valenti.

Every cop in my unit knew Valenti’s nephew Moogi “The Mouth” could be bought, but right now he had money. What he needed was distance. He had just called me to say he had knocked up Valenti’s goddaughter and wanted to move upstate, and he’d exchange evidence for a couple hundred miles and a different last name. I hung up and tried Hamil’s phone and left a few messages. I was lucky though. The other guys in my unit were dicks, and maybe even on the take, but Hamil was solid. Bet he’d even give me the lion’s share of the credit when I closed in on Frank Valenti himself. I grinned and buckled my seatbelt.

“Drop the keys.”

I didn’t scream but it was a close thing. My eyes flew to the rearview mirror. Unblinking rust colored eyes flashed back at me. He was holding something against my headrest. I knew what it was.

“Drop the keys, Vina, and you might appreciate my offer.”

I didn’t get this close to Valenti by being stupid. I dropped them. The man’s voice was smooth and deep. Vaguely latinate. Maybe Spanish. I stared back at him in the rearview, intent on memorizing his features on the off chance I lived through this.

“Good,” said the man. “As you probably know by now, I’ve been offered a job.”

I tried to keep my voice steady. “Am I the job?”

The man’s eyes narrowed but the corners of his mouth twitched. “That’s for you to decide.”

I waited, but he didn’t elaborate. “Who are you?” I asked him.

“My business name is Gunn.”

I couldn’t stifle the giddy snicker that bubbled up in my throat. Of course I’d get taken down by a hitman called Gunn. Of course.

“Few people appreciate the joke,” said Gunn mildly. I caught a glint of light coming off the gun pressed against the back of the headrest.

“I’ve never shown the best judgment,” I said wryly. His cheeks were chiseled and his chin was prominent.

“That could save your life,” Gunn replied.

That brought me to my senses. “Okay. Gunn.” I took a deep breath. “I decide if I’m the job? What do I have to do?” Valenti would be wanted leverage against me. Something to discredit me. I imagined crossing the Canadian border with cocaine in my hubcaps.

Gunn smiled and twisted his gloved hand into my wavy black hair. “You will come to a house. The address is in your glove compartment. You will wear a dress. You will not tell anyone. You will not inform the police and you will not wear a wire.”

That did not sound good. I winced as he pulled my head against the headrest.

I coughed. “Does that sound like a good deal to you, if you were me?”

“I wouldn’t make it, no,” Gunn admitted. “But then, I don’t have fifty large on my head.”

“Fifty? That’s twice what Phil the Shill got.”

Gunn eyed me in the mirror. “Well, he was a shill and you’re a screw. You need to decide now, Vina, if you’re going to be my job.”

“And show up to some unknown location in my burial gown and keep my trap shut about it?” I glared back at Gunn’s reflection. Then I heard the click of the safety release and bit down hard on my tongue.

“You decide. You die today or tomorrow or in a week. Maybe even a month, but probably not. Or take my deal. You need to decide right now.”

“Okay!” My voice was unpleasantly shrill with panic. I was going for exasperated but the semiautomatic was fucking up my performance. “Since I have no choice.”

Gunn ran his thick gloved fingers down the back of my neck and something inside me rose up in response to his touch. Creepy.

“Everyone has a choice. And I like you, Vina, so let me say it again. Don’t run, don’t talk, and dress to impress.”

The car door was open and he was gone before I could dig the .38 out of my purse.

Three days passed. And now I was sitting in the same car in the driveway from the note in my glovebox. Worse still, I’d done what I was told. No one knew I was here.I dithered about telling Hamil, but in the end decided it wasn’t worth not getting another chance to dodge my death sentence. I figured I should tell someone, but no one came to mind. My parents would worry. My best friend Jas would have me committed. I didn’t wear a wire either. The Sopranos was right, there’s no quicker way to get dead.

I’d plotted just one act of defiance which was to forgo the dress code, but even then I’d lost my nerve. I went back into the house to put on the blue bridesmaid dress I wore to my sister’s wedding last year.

I checked my handbag and gave myself a mirror pep talk. My black-brown eyes, dark skin and long curved nose stared back at me. I’d overdone the eye shadow in lieu bravado. Gunn’s note said to arrive promptly at nine, but I never do anything promptly. The clock on the dash read 9:10pm. I was probably pushing it. I stifled the urge to be sick and got out of the car.

I was out of practice at walking in heels. Being a cop will do that. I also figured I might have to run for my life, so I’d forgone the matching pumps for a pair of plain black flats. The dress was good though. Tight and low cut in the tits and waist, flaired out and loose at the hips. The better to sprint in. I tried not to think about how short it was. I knocked twice.

I waited for what felt like hours before the latch slid and Gunn opened the door and beckoned me inside.

“I’m glad you came, Vina,” said Gunn. He was dressed deliciously in charcoal slacks and a mauve cashmere sweater that made his skin look darker and his eyes look brighter. He looked casual and in control. Suddenly I felt like an overdressed teenager.

“Now what?” I was proud to hear my cop voice again as Gunn threw the deadbolt.

“We can talk about that in a minute.” Gunn turned to me and held out a small pink cylinder. I examined it a moment and then almost dropped it in shock. “Wear that before we continue.”

I held it back to him, eyes narrowed. “I’m not wearing sex toys for you. That’s not what this is.”

Gunn folded his arms. “What is this, then?”

“This is me trying to negotiate with you about the terms of your contract.”

Gunn grinned, his eyes drilling into me again. “A police detective shows up alone to mob house wearing a party dress to make demands?”

Oh that was it. I unsnapped my pocketbook but before I could reach my gun, Gunn yanked the strap from my shoulder and set in down on the hutch behind him.

“You get it back when you make a decision, Vina,” said Gunn. “Either way you walk out of here tonight. Nothing happens that you don’t consent to.”

I tried not to punch him. “Consent under duress doesn’t count.”

Gunn shrugged. “Then I can’t help you. I guess you better leave now and get a head start, because I work for a living.”

I’m no good at gambling. I had only a minute to decide if I thought Gunn was better at lying or delivering just what he promised. Any other hired gun and I’d probably have gone straight to Hamil. Or the fucking FBI, god forbid. But everything about Gunn, from the way he moved to the sound of his voice promised a supernatural skill. My money was on marksmanship and dogged determination over bluffing.Which meant I had just one choice.

“Where’s the bathroom?” I muttered.

Gunn pointed down the long arched hall and I saw it. The floor in the bathroom was white marble just like the entryway. A huge vanity mirror glowed coldly across from the toilet and shower stall. Nothing on the counters, no pictures on the wall, no oxy prescriptions in the medicine chest. This was some kind of shell house, which didn’t give me much confidence. I locked the door.

It was a small thing, the vibe. Almost cute. Smaller than the one I owned. I caught my own rich brown reflection as I pulled up my dress and slid the still vibe between my legs and into my pussy. It was too small.I arranged my black thong tight between my pussy lips to hold it inside me. If I took small steps I could avoid the embarrassment of dropping it. I smoothed my dress down and felt an unexpected, illicit thrill. No one could tell by just looking at me.

I took modest steps back to the entryway where Gunn was waiting. He didn’t quiz me about the vibe.

“Come to the living room with me. I called a meeting to discuss your situation and there’s someone I want you to meet.” He grabbed my left wrist and snapped a pair of handcuffs over it and then the other while I twisted.

“What the fuck!” I elbowed Gunn in the gut, but he didn’t flinch from the blow, instead grabbing a fistful of my hair and pressing his lips to my ear. “It’s just while we talk, to put him at ease. And because I like you cuffed. You wanted negotiation. This is it. Now follow me.”He released my hair and my curiosity narrowly won out over my survival instinct.

I followed him down two marble steps and around the corner into a thinly furnished fitting area. There was a cherrywood bar on the far side of the room, and two white leather loveseats with a glass coffee table between them. There was no overhead light and the twilight had dimmed the otherwise empty space, but for a pair jade lamps that bathed the room in a frosty glow. There was a man sitting in one of the loveseats. He was slight and his tan face was heavily lined. His dark hair was patchy and held in place by BP’s finest. He wore a crisp navy pinstripe suit and polished brown wingtip shoes. He was checking his iphone. There was a glass of dark liquor on a coaster in front of him, and two more besides.

“Detective Desai, allow me to introduce Frank Valenti. You know his work.”

I steeled my poker face and nodded to Valenti as Gunn offered me the seat across from him. Here he was, the biggest crime lord outside Queens and I was dressed to the nines with my hands cuffed, though at least they were cuffed in front of me. I’d only ever seen Valenti in pictures. He’d aged ten years in the last two.

“Good evening, Detective,” he said. His voice was soft, with the slightest trace of an accent. The fucking godfather indeed. “You’ve had me busy as a dyke in a hardware store for a few months now. I don’t like busy, Detective. I prefer retired life.”

I snorted. “Then retire. That could have saved us both a lot of trouble.” Suddenly the vibrator inside me sprung to life. I turned a squawk of surprise into a convincing cough. I don’t know what I’d been expecting, but it wasn’t that. Gunn glanced at me and then back to Valenti. I squirmed slightly.

“Frankly, Detective, my sons are idiots and the chauvinist numbnuts that fill out my family tree refuse to take my daughter seriously.” Valenti swirled the liquor in his glass and took a sip. It smelled like whiskey. “I had hoped it wouldn’t come to this. That someone might have taken you in hand. Told you maybe why no one in my city goes after me.”

The vibrations increased and I uncrossed and recrossed my legs. My thong was already soaked from the stimulation, and the erotic wrongness of it all. The hitman was teasing me in front of the man I’d sworn to bring to justice. My brain was foggy, clogged up with sexy thoughts. I tried to focus. What did he mean ‘taken in hand?’

“So who’s on the take?” I asked shrewdly. “Mancuso? Gregson? Kwan?”

“Chrissakes, Detective, have a drink. Loosen up.” Valenti paused to follow his own advice. “The fucking Commissioner doesn’t want me taken in. Bad for the city. My line of work’s recession proof. Fuck, look at you. I hate a fidgeter.”

I managed to stop moving despite the maddening vibrations radiating through me. Gunn handed me the whiskey glass in front of me. “So I quit.” I said. ” I’ll resign tomorrow, first thing.”

Valenti shrugged. “Like I know you from Eve. Maybe you do, maybe you don’t. Maybe you tell the media. I lost control of the way the world works about a decade ago. I can’t predict the news. It’s the fucking internet. People take the least little thing and make it a headline.”

“You want my evidence. I’ll give you passwords and encryption keys. Four cabinets worth of files on the Valenti’s alone.” I swallowed hard. Every cop thinks they’ll never crack under pressure. Usually I was a cool customer and now here I was offering to break my oath for Frank fucking Valenti, Rochester’s most wanted.

“Gunn didn’t like that, did he? No, you didn’t.” Valenti didn’t wait for an answer. “Too many holes. Might make you reckless to try again somewhere else, or get in front of a typewriter or a computer or whatever. Maybe sell a book. Inform the wrong folks. Isn’t that what you said?” He didn’t wait for Gunn to nod. “Plus he doesn’t get paid. Gunn had another idea.”

I clenched my legs closed, suddenly scared the sopping vibe would escape and end up on the marble floor in front of Valenti. I turned to Gunn who stared at Valenti rather than me.

Valenti drained his glass. “My man here thinks the best thing you can do with cops is discredit them. Fuck up their rep. The best thing to do with ladycops is show everyone what whores they are. No one who isn’t fucking one likes a whore. Sad but true. That’s what’s wrong with this fucking country if you ask me,” he added, but I wasn’t following. I stared at him, open mouthed.

Gunn cleared his throat. “One night. Some footage. We keep it under lock and key. We’re done and you go about your life. Stay on the Force. Open up a tikibar in Cabo under an assumed name. The Family doesn’t care. They have insurance.”

I eyed the stiffening bulge in Valenti’s trousers. “I’m not letting anyone fuck me and film it. Not Valentis, not anyone.”

Frank Valenti pursed his lips. “You flatter yourself. Two of my idiot sons are queer as a three dollar bill. The other one likes ’em real young. My daughter wouldn’t piss on you to put a fire out. And I don’t do cameras, even if I wanted to take a whack at you, which I don’t.” He was a surprisingly bad liar. “It’s my gunman here who thinks with his dick.”

My head spun to look at Gunn so fast I gave myself a crick. “This is your idea?”

Gunn sipped his whiskey. “You wanted a compromise. This is it. Valenti here wants insurance that you won’t talk. You want to live. The way I see it, this is the most elegant arrangement.”

I felt my face flush and my eyes darken – danger signs. “You think you can extort and blackmail me into fucking you? That my body is for sale? Fuck you both!”

Valenti shrugged and pocketed his phone. “Told you it wouldn’t work, son. Cops are more trouble than they’re worth bout half the time. I don’t like to ice a lady, even if she is a fuckin’ cop, but she’s got too much on me. Give me an hour or so to put some distance between you an’ me, son, and then be my guest.”

“If she changes her mind?” Gunn stood up with Valenti. All I could do was wiggle and simmer with rage.

Valenti rolled his eyes. “Send us two copies and the contract is down to thirty large, and that’s just because it’s you and you’re helping me solve a very tedious problem. If she squeals down the line, there’s another thirty waitin’ for you, kid.”

Gunn nodded. He was staring a hole through me. I refused to meet his eyes. Valenti buttoned his jacket and called from the hallway, “I’m parked out back. I guess I’ll just see myself out. Seems you’ve got your hands full.”

Suddenly it was so quiet that all I could hear was the frantic hum of the vibrator. Gunn poured another shot of whisky into my untouched glass and took Valenti’s vacated seat.

The problem was that a small but very insistent part of me really wanted to do it. That part was oversensitized and beyond sense. The last thing I needed, actually. Well, second-to-last. The very last thing I needed was Gunn. Tall, dark, with broad shoulders and wide hands, a strong chest and sensuous lips. Wait, that was the vibrator talking. Had Valenti known what Gunn had been doing to me?

I took a few deep breaths. Time to review. Valenti wanted me dead. Gunn would rather fuck me than kill me. Commissioner Rossi didn’t want to tackle the Valentis but couldn’t tell me to stop without arousing suspicion. So I had no support and a contract and not much time for a quick and stealthy disappearance.

Gunn, meanwhile, wanted me to do things on camera that would ensure I couldn’t look any of my fellow cops – to say nothing of my parents – in the eyes ever again. Maybe gross things. And Valenti wanted a backup copy. I wouldn’t put it past Valenti to share the tape around.

“How do I know they won’t just give it to my department anyway?”

Gunn sipped his drink. “They won’t. They’ve got no leverage then. If it goes public they’re begging for an inquest.”

I took a sip of the whiskey. It was sharp and warm, like the buzzing deep inside me.

“So what do you want to do to me that’s going to cost you thirty grand?”

Gunn’s laugh was like a starting pistol and I jumped but managed to keep the booze off my dress. “At ease, Detective. One of the things I’d like to do is make you come. Any fantasies of yours come to mind?”

I raised an eyebrow. “What exactly makes you think you’re capable of making me come or trying to act out my fantasies?”

But Gunn wasn’t laughing anymore. “Do you believe I can know a lot of specific, very personal things about someone from a distance?”

I hesitated. “Yes.”

Gunn caught my chin in his hands and stared into my dark brown eyes with his bright copper ones. “You work harder than anyone in your department, because you’re the only woman. And because you’re an attractive woman and you need to look tough and sound tough, you hide your femininity. But it comes out in other ways. You’re the first to say thank you and sorry. You lower your eyes when a dominant person walks into the room. You’ve done what I’ve told you twice now, with little direction.”

I scowled and tried to interrupt but Gunn cut across me.

“You think about handcuffs often. Some officers have switched to zapstaps, but not you. You like their heft. The feel of the metal. That’s why you keep them in your pocketbook. You didn’t pack them just to meet me. But you hoped I’d find them.”

“Hey, no, fuck you!” I stood up. My face was hot again and I would have run if I hadn’t wanted to kick his ass. “Don’t act like you know anything about me!”

Gunn smiled. “Why? You’re used to taking a mile of shit. Lawyers talk to you differently, don’t they? They treat you like a little girl playing police. They don’t talk to your colleagues like that.”

I felt dizzy, overwhelmed. Stripped bare. Was I obvious? Just some stupid cliche?

“You like most of the suspects better than D.A., better than most other cops,” Gunn continued slowly, still holding my gaze.” You know they think you’re sexy, even if they hate you for it. To them, you’re beautiful and powerful and to other men in your life, you’re nearly invisible.”

Suddenly Gunn was an inch from me and taking the whisky glass from my trembling hands. He raised the rim of the tumbler to my parted lips and tipped the last shot down my throat. The last sip was hot and amber, and made my lips and throat sting slightly.

“You’ve been picturing me naked since you first noticed me,” he whispered. “You came here hoping something sexual would happen.”

“I didn’t, I came because–” but Gunn’s lips were on mine, soft and sweet, his tongue tasting the sweetness of the whiskey on my lips.

“You’re naturally submissive,” he said softly, tucking a strand of my hair behind my ear.

“I’m really not.”

“To a naturally dominant person you are,” Gunn corrected. “You wore that dress. You placed the vibrator. And even now you’re playing by my rules. You kept it from falling out. You’ve been thinking about sucking my cock since you first laid eyes on me.”

I lost the staring contest at once. I studied the floor. Between the thundering of my heart and the buzzing of the vibrator, I felt naked. Utterly exposed.

Gunn tilted my chin again to hold my gaze. I felt too ashamed to fight him. “If you do whatever I tell you tonight, you won’t regret it.”

“What if there’s something I don’t want to do?” I mumbled.

“You don’t have to. But the more you submit, the happier you’ll be. My job is to film you looking like you’re having the time of your life, or the tape is worthless.”

I blinked. “But you won’t hurt me? If I want it to stop, I can leave?”

“I won’t hurt you. And if we’ve got enough on tape, then yes, you can go. But if you don’t cooperate, I’ll have to report to Valenti that you didn’t fully accept my offer. You need to get as much on film as I want to give you.”

He kissed me again, this time deepening the kiss and exploring my mouth with his tongue.The tiny vibrator inside me begin to slip and I squeezed my legs closed but I felt it slip from my slick entrance.

And then Gunn’s hand flew between my legs and his thick fingers brushed me through my thin black thong. He smiled as I gasped at his touch and slowly withdrew his hand from beneath my skirt. Gunn sniffed the wet pink vibrator slowly, watching me as he did.

“You smell sweet, Vina,” he said, reaching for a paper shopping bag by the other loveseat. “You should get ready. The washroom’s down the hall. The door just past that is a bedroom. Please put on everything in the bag and meet me inside.” He uncuffed me and I felt oddly deflated.

I shook like a leaf as I emptied the bag in the bathroom. A tiny navy top that covered my shoulders and upper back and about a third of my tits. It snapped closed and was decorated with fake epaulets and breast pockets. Then a pair of navy leather hotpants two sizes too small. They covered only slightly more than my thong, giving me a wicked cameltoe and making my round ass hang out obscenely. There were a pair of black heels to match, four inches high and and plain but for thick straps at the ankles. I put them on and then I saw the little steel padlocks open on the buckle. High, locking stilettos. Never in a million years. I was bound to end up on my face. Still, I watched myself snap the padlocks closed. They forced me to balance on my tiptoes and thrust my ass out in an odd, bimbo-ish stance. Finally, there was a hat, an imitation of a police cap, complete with a star on the front. I turned to the mirror to see a stripper in cop drag. My heart shaped face and overdone makeup, long tumbling black hair and brown skin set off my hourglass figure. My already heavy tits could barely be contained and little crescents of brown skin popped out of the bottoms as well as the sides and tops of the bustier. My waist looked much tinier than it was and the soft plain of my tummy seemed to disappear next to the cartoonish swell of my already broad hips and ass.

I managed a few wobbly steps in my sky-high pumps without breaking my neck and left my blue dress and lingerie in a heap on the bathroom floor. The tightness of the costume added to the unsteadiness I felt on my feet, and I took delicate, cautious steps out of the bathroom and down the hall to the plain, white closed door.

The room was large and spare, with carpets the same empty off-white as the walls. Neither the walls nor the ceilings were adorned. The room was dominated by a vast king-sized bed with plain white sheets, and a heavy dining chair upholstered in black leather. There was a small wooden hutch to the left of the bed, next to a door to a closet or a bathroom. The room was lit not by an overhead bulb, but half a dozen lamps that cast a warm glow over the otherwise spartan surroundings.

“Come in Vina.” Gunn emerged from the corner I had missed and my gaze caught and held on the camcorder and tripod that faced the bed. I swallowed again and took a very bashful step forward.

“Look at you, all dressed up,” Gunn smiled and wrapped his long arms around me and traced his palms lightly over my ass. I bristled. He was still fully dressed – did he think this was going to be a one woman show? “Before we start, I need you to show off your new outfit to the camera.”

I pulled away from his touch and glared up at him. “Why?”

“Because,” said Gunn, rolling up the sleeves of his sweater “we want your identity to be obvious even if we film from a distance. And because you’re sexy and someone should film your mostly naked body up close. And lastly,” Then he spanked my ass hard enough to make me stifle a yelp and leave a sting. “Because we both know you want to be told what to do and made to do it. Now when I tell you to do something, obey. I want you to dance and shake your ass and show your face to the camera.”

My feet began moving while the rest of me seethed. I didn’t sign up to be treated like a little girl or a whore either, but as I drew level with the camcorder lense, my rage fled and I felt my shyness return. I let the camera take in my dark complexion and my exaggerated curves, my long wavy black hair and my humiliating costume.

“Dance. Smile,” said Gunn, but he felt a thousand miles away. Who would see this video? My first thought was Valenti, accompanied by a surge of horror that transformed instantly into arousal. I grinned at the thought of Valenti watching and rewatching me as I turned on the spot and wiggled my hips and ass to an imaginary pornogroove that played in my mind. His dick would get hard and he’d want me but know he couldn’t have me, so he’d fuck his mistresses or maybe even his wife, but he’d be thinking of my ass and my tits while he fucked them. It would probably drive him crazy that he didn’t try to fuck me while he had the chance and now he never would.

“Well done, Vina. You’re much sluttier than anyone realized,” Gunn’s voice was wonderfully hoarse and I was elated. “Now come here, I’ve got something else for you.”

Empowered by my little dance, I found the heels easier to walk in and the tightness of the hotpants positively erotic, and I swayed my hips like I was strutting down the catwalk. Gunn stood with his hands in his pockets, his eyes locked on mine rather than my hips as I joined him beside the bed. I grinned up at him slyly as I waited for what was next.

Then he had my wrist behind my back and then the other and before I my cop brain engaged. “What the hell!” I growled but the hardness of his expression had softened and he looked on the verge of laughter. “You think it’s funny?”

Gunn tucked my hair behind my ear and said “I think you’re cute when someone who isn’t scared of you busts you down a peg. And yeah, I think it’s pretty funny to act like you don’t want the cuffs.”

I started to splutter, but Gunn scooped me over his shoulder and carried me back to the camera and set me down on the ground in front of it. He pulled the snaps of my tiny top open and my large, caramel breasts spilled out in front of the lense.

“We both know you’re a slut, Vina, but are you an exhibitionist?” Gunn said, his strong hands squeezing my breasts and fondling my pebble-hard nipples. “There’s only one way to find out for sure what to do with you.”

He pinched my nipples hard, almost painfully and then turned me away from the camera. For a moment I thought he was done, but then Gunn opened the closures at the sides on my hotpants and my thick ass spilled out of the thin strips of fabric. Gunn held me still, but leaned past me to adjust the angle of the camera. He grabbed my ass hard and shook it so that it jiggled. The breath caught in my throat.

“Look at all this, Vina. You hide all this ass in men’s jeans and uniform pants. An ass this thick should be on display.” He spanked me again and my ass jiggled harder. The thrill of being handled and objectified and groped by someone like Gunn, who could really have anyone just made me wet as hell. Then he said “bend over, Vina” and my blood froze.

Gunn didn’t give me any time to respond or fight back. He pushed my head down firmly. I tried to clench my legs together and arch my back to keep myself hidden, but Gunn wrapped an arm under my hips and I felt my nakedness gape in front of the camcorder lense.

“Excellent, Vina. Look at your tight little pussy, it’s already ready for me.”

He spread my pussy lips for the camera and dipped a finger just inside me. I shuddered, both in excitement and horror, but there was no fighting him in front of the camera unless I wanted to call off the whole deal. Actually what I really wanted was to fucked like a wild woman.

“Totally on display, just like you need. You’re so wet, Vina. Even the camera can see how wet you are. You’re such a slut. I’ll bet you got waxed just for tonight, didn’t you?”

In that one awful moment I was glad the camera wasn’t capturing my face. Yes, I had gotten a bikini wax for tonight, just in case. Maybe I was a complete slut.

“And look, Vina, your little virgin asshole,” purred Gunn, poking his pinkie inside it. I clenched up around his digit and grimaced and he swatted my ass gently. “Don’t worry, Vina. I know just what to do with horny sluts.”

He let me straighten up and walked me to the huge white bed and pushed me down onto the sheets. My arms were cuffed behind me, but I barely registered the discomfort. I was about to get fucked into oblivion. I watched Gunn walk to the side of the room and I expected him to strip down but instead he opened a drawer and took out a wooden case and set it on the bed next to me.

“Inside there are three things you need to please me tonight, Vina,” he said quietly, but the serious Gunn from the living room and even the courtroom was gone, replaced by this grinning, sadistic, playful man I would have done anything to fuck in that moment. “Guess what they are?”

I couldn’t say anything. A thousand wicked and wonderful ideas popped into my head and I shook my head dumbly.

“If I owned you after tonight, Vina, I would punish you for not speaking when spoken to. Maybe I’d spank you until you guessed right, and only then would you be any closer to making me come, but we only have a short time together, so I’m going to show you.”

He opened the box and my mouth went dry. Inside were three objects that immediately got my attention. The first was a leather collar and a chain leash. The second was another vibrating dildo, much larger than the first toy, veined and purple. The last was a little steel buttplug with a pink jewel on its handle. I looked at the contents of the box and then at Gunn. His rusty eyes burned bright into mine and I knew there was no protest in the world he would believe. These toys made me want to beg him to come, but I knew Gunn was going to make me work for it.

He reached for the collar first, and fastened it tightly around my neck. Its buckle contained a matching padlock and Gunn slid it closed without pausing, and reached back into the box for the lead, which he snapped onto the collar. He tugged it gently a couple times and seemed satisfied by the way my eyes widened.

He reached back into the box and pulled out the dildo and held it close to my face for inspection. It was large for a man, but I wasn’t a total novice.. He positioned it near my mouth and whispered “open wide.”

I did and he pushed it slowly but firmly to the back of my throat. I near gagged and he withdrew slightly, before plunging in again, fucking my throat a half dozen more times before withdrawing the dildo and replacing it with his tongue. I lapsed into blissful kissing for several happy minutes when I felt him glide the dildo into my pussy. I groaned as he fucked me gently with it a moment before pushing it inside me as far as it would go, so that the base of it was just barely visible between my legs.

“I’m surprised you took all of that,” said Gunn, adjusting the rabbit ears of the dildo so they brushed my clit. I winced at the fleeting intensity of the touch.

“Why does it surprise you if you think I’m a slut?” I asked as he reached back into his box for a clear plastic tube.

“Sluts aren’t sluts because they fuck a lot of men.” I could see that he was lubing up the buttplug and I squirmed. The only time a man had ever tried anal with me, it had been too painful to continue. “A slut is a woman who can’t stop thinking about getting fucked. She’s so hot for it that she’ll do anything. When you turn her on, it doesn’t matter if you spank her or call her names or humiliate her, she can’t stop thinking about your dick. That’s a slut. So I’m surprised you could take it all because you’re the kind of slut who never gets a dick to suck. But it won’t be long now.”

He pushed me onto my stomach and pulled me over his knee so my ass was in the air again. Gunn’s fingers circled my asshole, massaging cold, slippery lube around it and inside and I writhed but didn’t squeal or cry out. “Ready, Vina?”

The little steel plug pressed hard against my ass and I couldn’t hold back a shrill yelp as the pain blossomed through me, but then I heard a ‘pop’ and felt dramatic and instant relief. Gunn spun it around and nudged it with his hands a few time to tease me, and then told me to lie still and wait for him.

He left the room and I heard taps running. The camera wasn’t twenty feet away, and trained right on me. And then Gunn entered the room again and picked up the camera off its tripod. He stood over me.

“How do you feel?”

I nodded, not trusting myself to speak.

He moved the camera down over my naked body, lingering on the collar and the handcuffs, and eventually the protruding dildo and buttplug. I experienced such a keen and erotic thrill from the exposure that I nearly came right there on the bed, but Gunn replaced the camera and moved the tripod just beside the dining chair on the other side of the room. He returned to me and slid something thin and black and familiar over my hips.

“You’ll need them when I put you to work,” said Gunn, and I realized he’d dressed me in the thong I wore when I arrived.

He helped me to my feet and waited while I steadied myself, with only towering heels to walk in and no arms to balance myself, to say nothing on the dildo and the plug. I took two careful steps forward and Gunn lengthed the leash, taking a seat in the black leather chair and forcing me to tiptoe to him in the painfully high heels. He was still fully clothed.

“Are you even going to fuck me tonight?” I blurted out in a moment of panic. Gunn grinned.

“If you’re good. Are you mad?” His smile was playful.

“I look like a fucking Christmas tree and you haven’t even lost the shirt,” I snapped.

Gunn laughed. “I love my sluts to be naked when I’m not. Reminds them what they’re for. Unless you’d rather be done. I…I do have enough, you know. You can leave now if you want.”

There was a plug in my ass. I was definitely not leaving until he fucked me tonight. He already knew the answer, because he tugged the leash gently until I drew level with his spread legs. I could see the thick bulge in his pants now. The camera was right beside me.

“Down,” he said, and I lowered myself to me knees, very slowly and carefully, determined not to need help balancing.

He tightened the leash again and I moaned at the warmth and enclosure of being of between his thighs, about to see his cock for the first time. He unzipped his trousers and there it was. It was long and thick and dark like Gunn, veined and ever so slightly larger than the toy inside me.

“You’re going to suck me until I tell you to stop. If you’re good, I will turn on the vibrator. If you’re bad, I’ll pull out of your mouth and come on your face and then we’re done for the night.” He grabbed a fistful of my thick, dark hair in one hand and my leash in the other, and pulled my mouth down on his dick.

His skin tasted warm and clean, with traces of some kind of body wash with sandalwood. He was thicker than any man I’d gone down on and I worried about knicking him with my teeth. I started slow, rolling my tongue up and down his shaft, sucking hard closer to the base and darting my tongue over his tip.

Gunn groaned and tightened his grip on the leash, pulling me down farther. “That’s right, Vina. Good girl. You’re just a natural cocksucker, aren’t you?”

I flickered my eyes up to him and saw his facial muscles taut and his lips parted in ecstasy. He pulled my leash and forced me down another inch. I gasped for breath around the girth of his dick and Gunn stroked my hair.

“That’s right, Vina. I’ll train that sweet throat of yours to take the whole thing before I let you come tonight. Look up at the camera, little slut.”

He slid his foot between my legs and nudged the buttplug and I cried out in shock but the sound was muffled by Gunn’s cock.

“Tell the camera how much you love me fucking your mouth.”

I looked up at the lense and tried to say how bad I needed him, but Gunn yanked the leash again and all I could do is take a shallow breath before he filled my throat.

“Of course you need it, Vina. Look at you. You’re a cumslut masquerading as a cop. You’ve got a badge and a gun and you still need someone to master you.” He stroked my hair and allowed me to grab a short breath before impaling me further on his cock. My throat was so full I couldn’t do anything more than suck him and moan at the truth of his words. My nose was buried in the rich charcoal linen of his slacks.

“But you’ve been a very good girl, Vina, and I told you that good girls get rewarded.”

He switched on the dildo and I nearly fainted. The rabbit ears fluttered around my swollen clit and made me see stars, while the dildo hummed inside me and I could feel the steel buttplug echo the vibrations through my body. Gunn pointed the camera to my face to capture my expression.

“This is what it looks like when you train a slut to take it in every hole,” Gunn narrated to the camera and I moaned around him and sucked hard, desperate to push him to the edge. Instead he turned up the vibrations and I stared up at him now, unable to stop from writhing and bucking between his legs.

“Are you ready, Vina?” I was gratified to hear Gunn’s voice waver for the first time. His control was slipping. He set the camera back on the tripod and held my head in both hands. “You’re going to take my whole cock in your throat and then stay down there until I let you up.”

I pulled back enough to draw a breath. The vibrator had me on the brink. I needed to swallow him whole, to be completely owned by him.

He pulled my head down onto him until my lips wrapped around the base of his cock and my face was buried in a tangle of linen and sandalwood skin. I almost choked but managed to swallow in time to relax my throat. Gunn pulled my leash hard and stroked my head as I shook my ass uncontrollably while the vibrations rocked me.

“You’re beautiful when you’re where you belong,” Gunn whispered and I exploded around him like a firework in the night. Every muscle in my body locked at once and I lost track of where I was, nearly even who I was, but Gunn’s thick cock in my throat and hands in my hair anchored me.

He pulled me off him and stood. I gasped for air and tried to stand too, but my legs were cramped and I couldn’t get purchase with my arms behind my back.

“You didn’t come,” I muttered dumbly, but it was true. His dick was harder than ever and slick from my throat. Had I done something wrong? Had I been too slutty? Too unpolished at sucking cock?

Gunn didn’t answer but he stood me up on my wobbly heels and led me on the leash to the bed. He tossed me face down on the sheets. There was a blow to my ass that made me howl into the mattress and then another. Two more. His hand was on my ass again, this time tenderly stroking the aching red marks he’d put there.

“I can’t help it, love. Your ass was made to be spanked. Thick and round, it’s purely pornographic.”

I struggled to regain my breath, afraid of more shock and pain, but he flicked the plug in my ass.

“You have no idea what I would do to your ass if I could keep you like this all night.” Gunn ran his hands over the narrow of my waist and over the swell of my hips and ass. He laid his clothed body on top of my naked one, careful not the crush my cuffed arms as he sat on me. He leaned down and whispered to me, so the camera couldn’t hear.

“I wish I could bring you with me. Locked in those heels and nearly naked, leashed and teased and ready to serve me. If I could find a way, you’d probably even let me, wouldn’t you Vina?”

Of course I wouldn’t. Never, I thought. I have an adult life with serious goals and responsibilities. But for Gunn, I could imagine it and feel the vibe begin to hum deep inside me again, making my spine soft and my muscles taut. The idea of being whisked away from the mess I’d made, relieved of every responsibility except to obey, was not without appeal. A fevered fantasy of life tarted up like a stripper and kept constantly aroused so I could suck Gunn’s dick or get fucked every time he got hard. A sextoy. His slave….my mouth went instantly dry.

“Y-you didn’t let me taste you,” I croaked.

Gunn brushed the hair from my face. “I know, love. In a perfect world I’d start by making you suck me dry and finish buried in your ass, but we don’t have much longer to break you in.”

He climbed off me a moment and my whole body physically yearned for his heat again. A moment later, he lifted my hips and slid pillows under me so that my ass was on display. He set the camera at the top of the bed, pointed again at my face.

“Don’t move,” instructed Gunn, “you’re perfect just like that.”

He grabbed the leash and pushed my thong aside. The vibrator slapped and gurgled between my parted thighs.

“Look at you,” Gunn purred, grabbing the dildo by its thick base and pumping it in and out of me a couple times. I moaned and clenched my body around the heavenly buzz before he withdrew it. I felt the head of his thick, hard cock press against my swollen pussy lips and I braced for penetration but it didn’t come.

“You taste marvelous, Vina. Warm and spicy. Why don’t you try?”

Something purple that smelt of silicone and musk pressed against my lips. I tried to twist away but Gunn succeeded in pushing the tip of the vibrator past my teeth, to rest on my tongue. It was slick with my own juices. I glared up at the camera and felt the now familiar wave of humiliation tinged with arousal. Made to taste myself, to be fucked and filmed with a dildo in my mouth, I could have screamed. Gunn’s steel hard erection twitched at my entrance and what had moments ago been his alien pleasure instantly became my own.

“Suck it like it’s me, Vee. Show me how good you can be. My slut needs to be stuffed and fucked, don’t you?”

I moaned around the dildo and Gunn pushed the velvety head of his cock inside me, holding me maddeningly still as he gripped my leash and my hips. “I can’t hear you, Vee. Do you need to be stuffed and fucked?”

“Please Gunn,” I slurred badly around the thick phallus in my mouth.

He pinned me to the bed in a single powerful thrust and I screamed into the dildo, more stars bursting in my vision. Between Gunn’s throbbing dick and the plug in my ass, I was too full. Overwhelmed and overheated, I struggled under him, squirming to try to earn a moment’s reprieve from the intense fullness.

“Shh, Vee. You’re not going anywhere. Just let yourself adjust. I know it’s a lot to take, but you can do it.” He stroked my jaw and cheek but kept his grip on the leash, which perversely got me hotter. “That’s it. Relax. Now a little more.”

He slid out and thrust inside me deeper than before, but my body gave way this time instead of fighting. Gunn quickened his pace and twisted the plug and I moaned so loudly he chuckled.

“After tonight, I order you to wear that plug every time you masturbate,” Gunn grunted between thrusts. “So you remember who you belong to.”

I thrust my hips back against him hungrily, feeling that dark and delicious nearness of my next climax begin crest. I wanted to tell him that I would crawl on my knees for him, gladly suck him for hours, and let him fill my ass with cum until it ran in torrents down my thighs, but I knew he wouldn’t permit me, so I sucked the last of my juices off the dildo. Anyway, he probably already knew.

He bottomed out inside me then and then grabbed a fistful of my hair and pushed my head into the sheets. “See, sweet girl? I told you you could take it all. So obedient.”

My cinnamon skin was slick with both our sweat and I was twitching madly beneath his smooth, deliberate thrusts deep inside me. Electric currents of pleasure pulsed through my frayed nerves and sore muscles and all I could feel was him. The pull of his grip on my hair and the leash; the pistoning push of his hips against my ass that ground me into the mattress and closer to ecstasy.

Gunn pulled the dildo from my mouth and replaced it with two of his fingers. He didn’t have to tell me what to do. I sucked them like I sucked him earlier, lavishing them with my tongue and sliding my lips up and down their length slowly.

Gunn’s rhythm changed to match the speed of my sucks and I moaned again, but this time around his fingers and a nearly identical moan escaped his lips too. The muscles in his arms and legs hardened and shook and I knew he was close. The thought of him coming inside me made my heart palpitate and thrust my ass against him, determined to drive him to the brink.

He grunted and grabbed the discarded vibrator and slid it between my clit and the mattress. He flicked it on and I couldn’t hold on any longer.

“You’re mine, Vee!” He cried triumphantly and he shuddered inside me. I felt his thick, perfect cock stiffen and then the heat of his seed coursed through my core and filled me till I overflowed and lost all semblance of my body.

I was floating, gleeful and serene, both a thousand miles away and so completely saturated with Gunn’s fluids and fantasy that for one brief moment, I couldn’t parse where he ended and I began.

Minutes or hours passed. Gunn softened inside me and withdrew but was replaced yet again with the slick purple vibrator. I tried to ask him what he was doing but I couldn’t form the words, so I remained still while he uncuffed my wrists and unbuckled the collar. He disappeared and returned with my blue dress.

I didn’t want to leave yet. My brain felt spongy and exhusted, but my body was already ready to go again.. I wanted to be held until Gunn’s dick hardened again so we could repeat the process. Instead, Gunn sat me up and pulled the dress over my head and zipped up the back. I vaguely reached for the dildo Gunn had reinserted inside me, but Gunn caught my wrist.

“Leave it. Your partner will be here soon, probably with backup, and you can’t leave any evidence.”

“My what? Hamil?” Rage washed over my lusty daydreams and I was on my feet. “Why the fuck would Hamil come here? Unless you told him–”

“–an anonymous source heard shouts coming from a Valenti property,” Gunn replied. He wasn’t even looking at me; he was packing up the camera.

“And what am I supposed to tell them when they show up?” I growled.

Gunn shrugged and closed the camcorder case and set it next to a steel briefcase of his I hadn’t seen before. “Whatever you do, don’t tell them you just begged Valenti’s hired gun to come in your throat.” He grinned and I dove at him, slapping and punching at his chest and face, but he sidestepped me and the phallus inside me whirred to life and I stopped mid-swing.

Gunn held my shoulders. His sienna eyes stared straight through my nearly black ones. “It was a fail-safe, Vina. I didn’t trust myself to let you go once I had you.” His tone was tender, even sad, though his grip on my shoulders and his gaze were equally painful and intense. “So hide the evidence, get in your car and go back to your life. And leave Valenti the fuck alone.”

I nodded, then crushed my mouth against his, tasting his lips and breath one last time. He returned the kiss, running his palms over the swell of my beasts and the small of my back.

“You’re always mine, Vina,” he murmured to me and I groaned in agreement. “That won’t wash away.”

And then he was gone, cases in hand and I was left to round up my shoes and purse. Gunn had either forgotten or decided not to unlock my towering heels, and I wobbled to the door, accessories in hand, the vibe and buttplug still inside me. I threw my shoes and purse in the trunk and sat down gingerly in the driver’s seat and unrolled the windows when Hamil and his backup arrived.

“Desai?” Hamil frowned, getting out of the car. The vibrations inside me ceased – Gunn must be out of range now. I sighed and mourned the loss before looking up at Hamil.

“Yeah?” I said.

“What the hell are you doing here? Looking like that?” Hamil stared at me and I caught my own reflection in the mirror. My hair was tangled and standing on end and my lipstick was smeared, but otherwise I looked like I’d just had the night of my life. My eyes sparkled and my skin glowed.

“Same thing you are, Hamil,” I answered smoothly. “Got a tip. I was in the middle of a date but first things first.”

Hamil didn’t want to probe further. He scratched his head. “That’s fucking dedication, Desai. Was he pissed? Probably bought you dinner and everything.”

I flashed my smarmy false grin. “No, he wasn’t much for courtship. We were fucking and I didn’t have time to clean up before duty called. Not that you’d understand that problem, Hamil. Anyway, you’re here so I don’t have to be. Goodnight.” I shifted into reverse and pounded the gas pedal.


A week later I got a package on my front stoop. “From Henry, to Vee”. It was an attaché case like the one Gunn brought with him. It was lined with stacks of hundreds. Twenty to a stack. Fifteen stacks. Thirty grande in cash. My mouth hung open and I saw a corner of orange paper sticking out from between the stacks. It read:

“You’re the porn star, you earned the cash. Enjoy it, I sent you a copy. Missing your mouth, etc.

Yours (even though you’re mine), HGunn.

Ps. are you wearing it?”

I blushed even though there was no one around to see, and I fished out the datastick that I imagined contained the video. I was instantly wet, and suddenly wealthier. My fingers fluttered back to discretely dart behind me and across the pink jewelled handle of my plug.

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