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My Anal Fantasy

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Everything was arranged the way I wanted it. We’d been building up to this point slowly. The entire anal experience was new to us, but we’d heard it was wonderful for some, unpleasant for others. It was time to find out for ourselves.

I remember how I approached the subject with him. For years he’d been against the idea, but in all honesty so had I.

Taking his cock up my arse just seemed …well, hell, you know, wrong! But the more I read about the subject, the more I wanted to try it. After all, how could so many men and women be so wrong about something so intimate.

It took time to convince him. The first time we tried it, we used a lot of lube, but his cock wasn’t even making it into the hole. It hurt like hell with him trying to force it into me. At least we ended up making love that night, though we did it the old-fashioned way.

Before sleeping we talked about what we’d tried to do, and why it had gone wrong.

“We probably have to start out small.” I told him. He laughed.

“It’s a long time since you complained about me being too big for you.”

For the time being we left it at that. The next night we were talking about it again, and as we made love, he stimulated my anus with his finger. Slowly he entered me, using the natural moisture of my body.

“You like?” he asked. I remember the sound that escaped me, the muttered “yes” was barely audible. As our love making continued, he was able to insert a second finger into my ass. I came that night and it was wonderful. I knew then that we were going to keep trying this until I could accept his hard cock without any discomfort.

A week or two later we introduced a small toy into our nightly routine. It was only a four-inch dildo, but when I felt his fingers lubricating me with the juices of my sex, it was more exciting then having his face between my legs, and that is my biggest turn on. When his hand moved over my ass, and caressed it lovingly, I pushed my body back and begged him for the toy.

“Ready, baby?” he asked me.

“Fuck yes!” I yelled at him.

The feeling of the ridged head entering my ass was a bit painful, but once I relaxed into it, I was in heaven.

“Oh my God,” I growled out.

I remember how he slowed down. I groaned in frustration and pushed back, welcoming another part of the dildo into my ass. Gently he moved the toy in and out of me, adding a drop of lube just in case I needed it.

He fucked me for several minutes with the artificial cock and, when I came a second time, I was thinking of his nine-inch dick buried inside me. Those four inches were bliss, but it was his nine inches I truly wanted.

Time moved on. The Summer break ended and the kids started school. He started a new job, and I went to work on the next great American Novel. Before long we were back to the mundane and familiar love making we’d been comfortable with before trying anal. I knew I still wanted the full experience. I wanted to feel my man inside me.

Taking matters into my own hands, I hauled my kids to my sister’s house for the night. Once they were settled I stopped by the Hilton downtown, arranged a room for my spouse, and headed to his work.

On my way I stopped by the Adult Store, and picked up massage oils, lubricant, and a couple of videos. Not that we’d use them that night, but I knew we’d use them at home, when the time was right.

“Exciting evening ahead?” the girl behind the counter asked, giving me a wink. She’d seen my husband and I in here a few times before, so I didn’t mind her teasing me.

“I think we’re finally gonna do the deed,” I chuckled.

“You’ve got kids, Dee. Haven’t you done the deed already?” She laughed and rolled her eyes when I told her “That deed has gotten old… we’re moving up in the world.”

I waved goodbye and finally reached the Steele Mill. The guard let me pass, and I found my husband’s car. By the time I waved goodbye to the guard who’d let me in earlier, I’d left a tube of lube, and a hotel key on the front seat of his car.

I made my way back to the hotel, slipped into a nice hot bath, and soaked there for a while. Managed to fall asleep too. When I finally emerged, my body smelled of lilacs, and I added to it by rubbing in some powder of the same scent.

As I pulled on my robe, I heard a soft knock on the door. I looked through the small security hole, and saw my wine had been brought up. Thanking the hotel employee, I tipped him generously, smiling when I shut the door. “He was looking down my robe,” I whispered out loud, chuckling softly, and feeling myself blush. “Cool,” I said, a little louder.

The wine rested in a silver plated bucket that was full of ice. Two crystal goblets accompanied it on a tray of polished silver. I left the beverage on the table and went to get dressed. When my husband walked into the room, I knew the night was ours and we were going to enjoy it.

“Hello Beautiful,” he whispered, pulling me into his arms and kissing me gently. I melted into him, and felt my pulse race. We separated and he stepped back to better enjoy the view. His eyes said it all. I knew from the smile on his face, and the passion reflected in his dark, brown eyes, that the satin pajamas were the right choice.

The short set was royal blue, with small grey roses dotted here and there. The shirt I’d left unbuttoned, with the exception of the last two buttons. Every time I moved I knew he’d get a hint of my breasts, soft skin, and hard nipples.

“You like?” I teased him.

“Definitely,” he told me. “I’ll hit the shower and change.”

I smiled and watched him disappear. While he showered the rest of my arrangements fell into place. Room service wheeled in our supper, and again I rewarded the employee with a nice tip, as well as the brief glance of my breasts that I knew he’d taken the liberty of enjoying.

“You’ve gone all out haven’t you?” my husband said when he was out of the shower. He’d slipped on his pajama bottoms, and I let my eyes drink him in. We ate our supper, each one of us stealing glances of flesh. My fingers would trail over my breasts, inside my shirt, and I knew he was fully aroused.

“Good,” I thought. “I want that thick cock of his buried deep.” I was so wet I knew it would be easy to slide some of my own juices over his cock, along with the bottle of lube I’d brought with me.

We moved as one. Each of us knew what we wanted, and what this evening meant for us. It was either going to mean we used his tool for our anal play when we went home, or we used the four inch dildo I purposely left back at the house. Our love making was fast and furious, and both of us knew when it was time to try again.

“God baby… I love you so much ,” he whispered as he pressed against me. I’d already come once, and was laying on my stomach after allowing him to take me doggie style. Now I was slick and hot.

“I love you,” I answered back, then lifted my ass, and moved to my knees and hands. “Honey… I’m so ready… I want to feel you inside me.”

“Yes, baby.”

I felt the cool lube run over my anus, felt his finger slip inside and begin a steady rhythm. Then a second digit joined the first.

“Oh fuck baby… please,” I begged him.

“Soon Hon… soon,” he chuckled. He’d learned to tease me. Even if we hadn’t tried his cock, we’d at least kept up the stimulation with his fingers.

His fingers left me for a moment. I knew what he was doing, and tensed up a little. I wanted this really bad, but I was worried too. His cock was large, and it was such a small tight place to squeeze something so huge.

I felt his fingers grip the cheeks of my ass and spread them apart. I felt the tip of his cock press against my anus. I reached back and put one hand on my right ass cheek and held it for him. I knew he’d use his free hand to help guide his glistening member, into my puckered entrance.

When he started to press into me I felt the my body open and begin to accept him. “God baby,” I muttered. He stopped. “Keep going hon… I want to try all of you. I’ll tell you if I can’t take it.”

He pushed further.

“Oh fuck,” he hissed. He continued onward. I tried to relax. He wasn’t fully inside me, but I could hear how much he was enjoying this, so there was no way I was going to stop him, whether I enjoyed it or not.

It felt uncomfortable, I closed my eyes, and winced slightly. He must have felt my reaction because he started to pull away.

“No baby,” I told him, gripping his cock with the muscles of my ass.

“Fuck…babe, do that again,” he seemed to beg.

I smiled to myself and did as he asked. He moaned and I relaxed further. Soon the pain was lessening, and I was moving with him. Each thrust was gentle; each groan dragged out of him became a treat for me. I would clench his cock with my muscles every time he withdrew, and open my ass for him when he slid back in.

“Yes baby… oh my God,” I called out to him. I wanted all of him, the whole nine inches. I needed to take his cock and have its head buried inside me. “Please baby… please.”

He grunted loud and thrust deep. He buried himself in me and I screamed for more. “You’re so tight,” he shouted back at me.

Over and over he rammed my ass. My fingers curled into the sheets; my pussy dripped fluids down my thighs, but I wanted his rod claiming me. His hands were dragging my hips back into his body. His balls slapped at me, the sound filling the room and I moved faster, wanting to absorb every smack of flesh on flesh.

“Fuck baby,” he groaned.

I knew from his voice he was about to come. I could hear his arousal. He sounded beautiful. I felt his slick cock burying itself inside me over and over again.

“Come for me baby!” I screamed. I wanted him to come in my ass, to cover me with his seed.

He pulled his cock out so just the head was inside and then impaled me to the hilt. “Fuck!” he shouted.

His come shot out of him. I could feel it covering me. The heat of his fluid was amazing. I wanted more of it and continued pushing forward and backward on his stiff member.

Loads of come coated me and I shuddered as the first climax ripped through my body. We came together. I came on myself, the juices of my sex ran over my pussy and thighs. He came in my ass several times, shot after shot of hot juice filled that tight cavern.

When we finished and his cock slipped free of my tender hole, I rolled onto my back and pulled him to me.

“I love you,” he whispered, before covering my mouth with a searing kiss.

“Love you too hun,” I told him, and wrapped my arms around him. Soon we were making love again and when morning came, we learned how wonderful that giant hotel bathtub was.

“We should get one of these installed,” he laughed as I sat on his lap with his cock buried in my ass.

“I’m ordering one as soon as we get home!” I told him, as he fucked into me hard and fast. The water went everywhere.

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