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Tina woke up with a slow stretch and twisted about until most of her muscles had been alerted and duly stretched. When she relaxed she craned her head back to the window behind her and smiled when she saw blue sky above the tree top that came to just below her bedroom window. Finally, she thought with a smile, a nice day and I am definitely taking advantage of it.

She went through a myriad of possible excuses in her head, but eventually called her business partner David and simply alerted him that she was taking a personal day. She found herself smiling again as he chuckled and asked her to be careful, obviously knowing what she was all about.

A long yawn spilled from her lips as she made her way to the bathroom and turned the water on, adjusting it to run a bit cooler than normal. Warm water for the 8-5 working girl, but a nice cold shower would do her yearning body wonders before she set out for her personal day. The chilly water successfully took the edge off the liquid warmth in her abdomen, but she soon realized it was not enough to remove the sexual tension she was feeling. Just as well, she figured, it would provide a certain level of anticipation that always helped fine tune her focus, and she was going to need it today.

Once out of the shower she quickly dried her body and towel dried her chin length black hair. Black eye-liner, mascara and a little lip gloss later and she was sifting through her drawers for something to wear. She decided on a low cut, stretchy black number that ended a good inch and a half above her belly button and was sure to help her stay cool. Putting the tight garment on wasn’t nearly as fun as having it peeled off, she remembered fondly, but managed to pull it over her small breasts without too much trouble. Reaching for the tight-fitting faded blue jeans with frayed cuffs, she was reminded of the amazing attention she’d received in them at a concert only weeks before. Tight jeans and rock and roll were certainly two peas in a pod. The memory would have been much more exciting if she’d been inclined to pursue anything with the interested parties, but rock and roll concerts drew just as many loser guys as it did tight-jean clad women. This was of no consequence today however, as she quickly pulled on her socks and black biker boots complete with silver ring and leather strap across the top. Functional, alluring and yet still stylish was Tina’s way and she gave herself an approving wink when she passed the full length mirror on her way downstairs.

Deciding on a bagel and some orange juice, she stood before the toaster and was distracted by a persistent scratching at the back door. Deserting her breakfast she unlocked the door and slid out to greet the excited golden retriever on the deck.

“Jack. Good morning sweetie. I assume all is well in the land of squirrels, birds and alley cats?” She teased and ruffled his rust colored fur as he licked at her frantically.

“I missed you too, nutty, but today is for me and I’m going for a ride. We’ll play catch when I get back, okay? You’re a good boy. Now go play and I’ll see you later.”

Once back inside she washed her hands and finished preparing her breakfast. Tina made quick work of the bagel and unceremoniously gulped down her orange juice before rinsing her things in the sink and heading to the living room to grab her jacket. Sliding into cool black leather had always sent shivers up her neck, but this morning those shivers were amplified for some reason and she was suddenly reminded that she’d been almost six months without a lover. Suddenly saddened, she moved toward the garage before it could get the best of her. The smell of dust, stale exhaust and gasoline suddenly filled her nose and she bounded down the stairs landing directly in front of the shiny red sport bike that gleamed and shone beneath the long fluorescent bulb overhead.

Tina almost laughed at herself when she felt her arousal stir with the simple act of tracing her finger down the sleek lines of the machine’s gas tank, but fast motorcycles were her passion and she actually welcomed the warm stirrings. Spring had taken an especially long time to arrive and she had been anxiously awaiting the first ride of the New Year as the snow melted and the temperature rose day after day. Today is the day; she said to herself and reached for her custom painted helmet. She took a moment to let her finger trace the bright silver star abstractly painted across the back of the shiny red shell before combing her hair back with her fingers and sliding the helmet on. Zipping the black and red leather riding jacket up to her neck, she felt her pulse quicken and made quick work of sliding on her matching gloves.

Reaching for the key was always a weird moment and she felt as though she were in some sort of warp zone. Tina had dreamed of owning a bike like this all her life and finally bought it for herself as a late graduation present last year. It was sometimes hard to remember it was finally hers, hence the awkwardness of turning the key on a vehicle you’ve spent several years drooling over in various motorcycle showrooms. The anticipation and excitement was thick and she turned the key before reaching out for the starter. Thumb in place she pressed it and held until the motor sprang to life, causing her to throw her head back and laugh like a mad scientist. God the wonder of it was intoxicating. The sound, sight, smell and soon enough the feel of the powerful machine would have her as drunk as a skunk on pure adrenaline. Unable to just sit and listen in delight, Tina quickly pressed the button to open her garage door and threw her right leg over the narrow machine as it idled loudly. The firm cool leather seat beneath her was welcome against her needy sex and she thrilled at the thought of finally being able to ride, as all she’d done for the last few weeks was sit on it and let it idle in the garage. Using her thighs and feet she hefted the motorcycle off of its kickstand and onto the center of the tires before backing onto the driveway and turning around.

Ah yes, the time is now, she thought with satisfaction as she reached for the clutch and pulled the lever all the way in. She kicked the machine in gear with her left toe and slowly rolled on the gas while releasing the clutch in the same moment. Finally, she was rolling and once onto the street she could barely hear the whine of the motor for the deafening sound of blood pumping past her ears. Not wanting to screw around with city traffic, Tina made her way to the outskirts of town and headed straight for her favorite set of twisties. The last stop light before the bottom of the winding hill must not have had very sensitive weight sensors because she sat at the empty intersection for what seemed like an eternity before deciding to run it.

No sooner had she kicked the bike into first gear to do just that, than a screaming high pitched whine pealed past her ears a split second before she felt the wind of the passing motorist that hadn’t even bothered to slow down for the red light she was sitting at. Tina snapped her head forward and realized it was another biker and by the looks of it, one who was just as eager to tackle the same stretch of road she was headed for. Suddenly feeling as though she’d been bested, she rolled hard on the accelerator and dumped the clutch causing the bike to dart off the line on nothing more than the back tire. Tina leaned forward and set it down when she changed gears, keeping the other rider in her sights. There was no doubt in her mind she would catch them, the only variable was how soon and she opted for sooner rather than later. Having made up her mind that the champion had been decided she let the sensations fill her and take over for the time being.

The crisp morning air whipped across her and though it was still very cool Tina had become turned on and was suddenly feeling hot. To accommodate the heat that was creeping up her neck she unzipped the jacket to her belly button and sucked in sharply with the contact of biting wind on her warm olive skin. The smell of burning fuel combined with the sound of a whining Japanese engine were exciting enough, but add to those two things the intense vibrations between your legs and you had an all out one person orgy. Not to mention, forty five degree air rushing across your tits at a hundred and fifteen miles an hour was almost as good as having a hot wet mouth covering every square inch of both of them at once. Yes, she decided, hauling ass on two wheels was very nearly better than sex and since that wasn’t an option for her at this point a good hard ride would do her some good. She felt horny enough now to get off without even touching herself, and was quite certain it could be achieved in this manner of riding, but had yet to experience it for herself.

Perhaps today would be the day and rather than immediately passing the rider before her she dropped down a gear and cranked on the accelerator which increased the vigor of the machine’s vibrations and strangled a startled gasp in her throat. It was a wild tangle of sensation with her lower half vibrating itself into a state of frenzied numbness and her top half caressed and tickled to goose bumps by the wind whipping across her. She must have become totally focused on the intense tingling between her legs because when she looked up to measure her distance from the mystery rider she saw nothing but empty road.

“Shit!” She declared and though it was difficult to ignore her arousal she leaned farther forward and up-shifted, to speed around the sweeping curve. All she saw at the top of the hill was the other rider’s back wheel disappearing to the other side. Tina thought her sexual excitement had been replaced by determined concentration, but was alarmed when this manner of aggressive chase actually turned her on more. The mystery rider was toying with her and it snagged the part of her heart that loved to best an arrogant male rider. There was no doubt she had an intense love for riding, but the drive to be the best in a male dominated sport was what made her push so hard. And she was good, damn good, if she did say so herself, but she didn’t need to rely on that. She had so many notches in her belt for whipping the hell out of egotistic male riders, most she’d left with busted egos, that she never doubted her ability. If anything, she was grateful this particular rider was giving her a run for her money. It had been so long since she’d been truly challenged that she embraced it with open arms and felt as though she were flying as she crested the hill and raced after the leather clad figure.

When she finally caught up to the stranger her confidence bred enough arrogance to attempt a pass on the next turn. She’d done it enough times to know she’d pass him easily and felt victory begin sweeping up from her toes, through firm calves, muscular thighs and upward. But she was floored when her counterpart’s black helmet turned her direction, when they were side by side and shook in denial. The next thing Tina knew, the shiny black bike beside her was pulling away and she was again chasing this stranger. Puzzled, she examined the make and model of motorcycle to make sure she was being out-ridden instead of out-machined altogether. A healthy mix of panic and admiration rose in her throat when she realized it was the exact model of the machine she was currently straddling only a different color. That meant that whoever was piloting the vehicle knew what the hell they were doing and had probably deliberately slowed to allow her to catch up.

All panic and admiration disappeared and were quickly replaced by fury and determination as she tucked her knees tightly against the tank and rode like the devil. She had been officially taunted and made quick work of catching the back wheel of the other rider. Here she studied her competitor and noted he was very fluid and comfortable on the black machine. Probably 5’6″, Tina figured, and noted the tapered waist and flared hip that were tightly crammed into black leather pants. The protective leather jacket made it impossible to see any hints of muscle tone or overall size, but it didn’t really matter. She’d get a good enough look at everything once she’d beaten him to the bottom of the hill and at that point he’d be so pissed that his looks wouldn’t matter because no guy had ever wanted to be her friend once she’d beaten them. At this point, she wished she’d donned her racing leathers and had the freedom to drag her knees as it allowed her to carry more speed through the turns. Unfortunately that decision was way behind her and she was having to work quite hard to maintain the pace being set by the stranger.

Tina wondered why she’d never seen or met this person before since she rode this particular stretch of road often and knew most of the other sport bike riders in town. Maybe he’s new to town, she thought, but scratched that idea when she realized how well he knew the roads. No, he’d ridden here many times before and knew it almost as well as she did. Almost but not quite, Tina smiled as the mystery rider swung a bit wide on the next turn and she made her move on the inside. This time she was successful and had the satisfaction of seeing the solid black figure in her rear view mirrors. Now the real work began, because it’s considerably easier to pass than it is to defend your lead and she knew there was no margin for error once you were out front. Tina rode hard and honed her focus to include nothing but the road before her and the rider behind her. Even with all her focus and effort she lost her lead to him and when the black machine passed her they were so close she could have reached out and tickled his ribs. Not that she’d have wanted to, but the adrenaline that came from the closeness drove her to push just a bit harder, thus recapturing her lead and slowly pulling away. By the time they reached the bottom of the hill she was breathless and let out a whoop as she downshifted and pulled over to catch her breath.

She was just stepping off her bike when the black machine pulled in front of her and parked inches from her front wheel. Tina tugged off her gloves and quickly released the clasp on her helmet before jerking it off and shaking her head back and forth. Tina was panting and had just raked her fingers through her raven locks when the other rider dismounted and began removing black gloves and unbuckling the strap of the helmet. She was excited about meeting the skilled rider and smiled wide when the buckle had been freed and they pushed the shiny black shell up and off.

“Oh my God!” Tina breathed, before she could even think of how rude it was.

Standing before her, head to toe in black riding leather, was the most beautiful woman she’d ever seen. She was more girl-next-door fabulous than super model gorgeous, but Tina felt her grip on her helmet slip and almost dropped it as her logic and manners left her. Just as she had, upon removing her helmet, the woman shook her long red hair out before running a hand through it and looking back to Tina.

“Yes, I’d say that was a near holy experience, as well.” The woman teased and Tina’s mouth literally fell open when she looked into laughing green eyes.

Suddenly feeling shy and incredibly turned on she turned toward her motorcycle and looked over the tires and oil window for distraction.

“Seemed to be running just fine to me.” The woman said and Tina looked up at her.

“What? Oh yeah, it’s running great.” Was all she could think to say.

Her head was spinning and as the adrenaline rush subsided she felt a dull pounding begin in her brain. Was it possible for there to be another woman out there that could ride as well as she did? And was it a joke that she was so easy on the eyes and had such a heart-stopping a smile? Tina instantly convinced herself it was God’s sick joke to introduce her to the woman of her dreams and then render her totally speechless, when all she wanted to do was find out everything about the intriguing creature before her. Instead she looked back to her boots and kicked a pebble while hooking her thumbs in her back pockets.

“You’re a tremendous rider.” The redhead said and the sincerity caused Tina to snap her head in her direction. When her eyes locked with the stranger’s happy green ones she felt as though someone had just flipped a switch inside her. It was like the woman was looking into her soul and after several long seconds she smiled to let Tina know she liked what she saw there. Would she swoon? Tina thought it likely and suddenly felt bold enough to walk toward her.

“Do I know you?” Tina asked, knowing it was impossible, but was unable to stop the question.

“Sort of feels that way, huh?” She responded and suddenly seemed nervous.

“My name’s Tina.” She finally offered and stuck out her hand.

“Good to finally meet you. I’m Valerie.”

Finally, she said finally meet you…Tina’s heart raced at the words as well as the soft warmth of the woman’s pale fingers closing around her hand as they shook ‘hello’. It was exactly as she felt, as though they’d known the other existed all along and were finally meeting and getting the confirmation they needed. Apparently she began staring again and the woman looked away and giggled, causing Tina to quickly release her hand and run her fingers through her own hair. She’d developed this nervous habit in high school and it had stuck with her. Lucky for her, she wore it short enough that it wasn’t a constant mess and the subconscious habit normally helped any windblown or misplaced strands fall back to their rightful places. She secretly wondered how it was possible to feel so comfortable with Valerie one minute and so nervous and uncomfortable in the next.

“Well it was nice to meet you Tina, but I’ve gotta get home in time to shower and change for work. Maybe I’ll see you around.”

“Oh, okay.” Tina stammered and panicked when the shorter woman pulled her helmet back on, quickly following with her gloves. Hating herself for this sudden shyness she almost began to pace as the woman mounted her machine and rode a half circle to turn around. Tina watched helplessly and waited for the woman to blow by her, but was surprised when she pulled up right beside her and stopped. She flipped up the black visor on her helmet and Tina’s eyes quickly found hers and froze there. She might never have been able to tear her gaze away, were it not for the jagged bolt of pleasure that shot from her left nipple straight to her pussy, as the bold red head reached past her open zipper and pinched it playfully, then winked and rode off quickly. A flood of conflicting emotions swept through Tina as she watched the slight woman disappear around the curve of the first hill.

“What in the fuck just happened?” Tina said out loud and turned to see three black and white cows standing at the fence near where her bike was parked. “You saw it too, right? I didn’t just imagine the whole thing…did I?”

Tina almost laughed, when she realized she was talking to cows and actually waiting for them to respond, but she was desperate to know she hadn’t dreamt the whole thing up. Almost subconsciously she reached up and ran a fingernail over her left nipple that was hard as a rock and immediately felt the same bolt of pleasure ripple through her.

“No, I didn’t imagine it. Sure, I can get turned on by imagining things but I’m pretty certain if I swing a leg over that motorcycle right now and rev it up I’ll be coming all over myself.” She explained with a giggle, before pulling on her gloves and helmet. She was almost afraid to turn the bike on, lest she make a mess of things, but she was beyond the point of caring and did it anyway. And while she didn’t shoot off immediately she was more than halfway to the heartland by the time she peeled her clothes from her body and masturbated to an intense orgasm when she arrived home.

* * *

Valerie raced her way back through the winding hills feeling hot, happy and excessively horny. She was unable to put a finger on what had possessed her to boldly tweak the raven haired woman’s nipple, but her own nipples had reacted wildly the moment she did it and she wasn’t sorry. The only thing she was sorry about was the meeting she had scheduled for that morning that unfortunately could not be rescheduled, not even for the amazing woman she’d just met. She wondered if Tina was still at the bottom of the hill scratching her head, and hoped she was. Valerie loved to be in the driver’s seat and by leaving so abruptly albeit with a pinch of incentive, literally, she hoped Tina thought about her and spent a little time agonizing over the fact that she’d forgotten to find out how to contact the fiery red head. Though she too had been affected when their eyes met, Valerie rarely missed details and had plenty tucked away in her brain to find out who Tina was and how she could get in touch with her.

She was feeling confident and snatched up an impressive wheelie as she passed a speed trap and waved at the dumbfounded cops inside the partially hidden patrol car. Come and get me you lazy pigs…She thought to herself when the car lumbered out of the ditch and into the lane behind her, lights and sirens to boot. She disposed of them quickly with a few skillful turns and strategic detours, laughing all the while. She grew sad when she pulled into her garage and shut the motor down, but affectionately patted the gas tank and promised she’d be riding again very soon. With that she hung up her leathers and hopped into the shower. Nice and hot until her skin was pink and blotchy, she scrubbed and shampooed until she was squeaky clean. Then she let her mind wander over the memory of Tina’s body. She was tall, maybe 5’11” with jet black hair and equally dark eyes which added an air of mystery to her. She had aristocratic features, nice olive skin at her neck and midriff that stood out against the black of her t-shirt and made Valerie want to stick her tongue in the tiny vertical slit that was her belly button. She also had a nice smile, a little lopsided that showed off large gleaming teeth. Valerie had a thing for nice teeth and this girl definitely had them.

It wasn’t until her mind’s eye wandered slowly down Tina’s long thin neck, over the light dusting of freckles on her chest and down to her teenage-like tits did Valerie’s hand snake its way down her slick belly and into her pussy. Oh the imagination she had … sometimes it was a helluva lot of fun, but it sometimes scared her that her thoughts could be so vivid, so sexy. She was a little bit surprised by how primed she already was and wasted no time taking her arousal all the way and shuddering against the slick tile wall, before finally rinsing off and stepping out of the shower. She whistled as she got ready and was still thinking about Tina as she hopped into her red convertible and headed for work.

It was obvious to Valerie that she wanted to be Tina’s friend at the very least. She hadn’t come across a rider with her skill in a long time and theirs was a hobby that offered very little by the way of camaraderie, unless you were a man of course. So she would definitely be contacting her, but Valerie secretly wondered if Tina had experienced the same ‘exposed’ feeling when their eyes met. Oh she’d never let it show, but Valerie felt as though she’d been read like a book when Tina looked into her eyes. Could it be possible that she and Tina were looking for the same thing? Was it possible they had found something larger than friendship? This line of questioning wasn’t very productive and if Valerie was anything, she was efficient. So she wrote her morning experience off for now and focused on her upcoming meeting. She was definitely going to kick ass and that made her crank up her radio and rock all the way to her office.

The metamorphosis that occurred every time she walked over the threshold into her office was almost physically noticeable to bystanders, as her back went ramrod straight, her face hardened, her lips pursed and her eyes narrowed. Valerie Marshall was a shrewd business woman and she exuded it with every tiny piece of body language as well as every word she spoke. It thrilled her to no end to see people jump when she spoke, to race about and do her bidding. Her brother had always teased that she went from fun-loving to fuckin’-bitchin’ faster than he could blink an eye and he was correct. She laughed inside at the image of her voluptuous body packed into riding leathers, screaming through mountain roads only two hours ago and compared it to the image of her now. Her bright red hair was tightly twisted into a vertical French twist, her makeup was conservatively done while still accentuating her eyes and lips and her tailored business suit fit her well, but was a muted gray fabric that would not promote extensive gawking. The desired effect was to hint at sex to gain and keep their attention without going overboard and causing losing their focus altogether. Her silver wire-rimmed glasses sat on her nose adding a flair of sophistication to the package and also giving her a tool to convey deep concentration or serious contemplation when she pulled them off and stuck the earpiece between her teeth.

“Ms. Marshall?” Her secretary called over her intercom.

“Yes, Ruth.”

“The Atley Group executives are here to see you.”

“Thank you. Send them in.” She commanded gently and rose to greet the four men as they entered and took their seats before her large mahogany desk.

Valerie quickly got the pleasantries out of the way and dove straight at them before they ever even saw her coming. She always shot straight from the hip, but often fired quicker and much more accurately than those on the other side of her desk which was why she’d vaulted to the top of her brokerage firm in record time. Today’s meeting was almost laughable and went so smoothly that she found her thoughts drifting back to Tina. She wanted to smile again when she thought of the way she’d touched her nipple, but instead maintained a steely countenance until the four men had been well screwed and left her office. Their time had been well spent, she’d make them quite a bit of money and they had been able to fantasize about her for the last forty-five minutes. But the truly funny thing to Valerie was that she would be making much more money for herself than she would be for them and she’d been able to fantasize about a beautiful woman for the last forty-five minutes.

At least Tina had challenged her, where these men would have licked her Prada heels clean if she’d asked. Pathetic, she thought and was glad when they left. Weakness, whether promoted by desire or not, was a very unflattering characteristic to Valerie and though Tina had been a little flustered she knew from the way she’d raced her that the woman was anything but weak.

“Speaking of Tina, now that I have some spare time I’ll just do a little rooting and see what I can find out about her.”

Valerie clicked away at her computer, starting with the girl’s license plate number, and dug for over half an hour finding several interesting things, not the least of which was that Tina was a business woman herself. Granted she owned and ran her own small consulting firm, and wasn’t among the movers and shakers of the financial world the way Valerie was, but it made no difference to her. All Valerie wanted to know was that the woman had a brain, the rest she’d uncover one delicious little detail at a time. She dove into her work then and made countless calls until her ears were on fire and her patience for schmoozing and stroking certain clients was tapped out.

“Time to go home.” She announced to her empty office and gathered her briefcase to leave. She was just opening her office door when Ruth buzzed in to alert her of an incoming call.

“I’m on my way out the door, Ruth.” She clipped back.

“It sounds like a personal call. Said her name was Tina Blair, but I can take a message if you want.”

Valerie’s heart jumped up in her throat before falling heavily to the pit of her stomach with an almost audible ‘thud’. “That won’t be necessary, what line?”


“Got it.” She said and walked around her desk staring at the flashing green light.

“I’ll be damned.” She said and relaxed into her large black leather chair.

She reached for the phone and answered professionally.

“Valerie Marshall.” She clipped efficiently, as though she didn’t know who it was.

“I’m offering you a rematch Saturday morning at nine a.m. sharp. I’ll be at the same stoplight and this time we leave the line at the same time.” Tina said in a business manner, but with a little sugar in her voice before hanging up and leaning back to prop her feet on her desk.

“I do love a feisty woman…as well as a worthy adversary.” Valerie cooed as she replaced the handset in its cradle and left her office.

She was really getting amped up about the rematch and knew nothing was going to keep her from riding Saturday morning, but her cheery disposition quickly faded when she realized it was only Tuesday. She actually pouted on her way home and then grew angry that the other woman had done exactly what she’d been planning on doing to her. She hadn’t thought of the rematch ruse, but she fully intended to pique Tina’s interest, whet her appetite and then call her out as had just been done to her on the phone. And then there was the fact that she had underestimated the woman by thinking she was too stunned to take in any details or helpful hints that might allow Tina to contact her. She sulked and brooded for the rest of the evening before finally climbing into bed where she tossed and turned until well past two a.m. When she finally did fall asleep she had the most vivid dreams about Tina that found her waking up with a severe yearning between her legs. A bit of a control freak, Valerie loved to get off, but mostly only appreciated doing so on her terms. Being driven to distraction by the dark woman took her out of the driver’s seat and she was not very pleased about it.

The week passed slowly for Valerie and her employees suffered the consequences. Only one person was fired, but many had received severe tongue lashings and overly harsh treatment when things were not done to her specifications. By Friday night she was a ticking time bomb, and so exhausted by the previous four near sleepless nights that she sacked out immediately and didn’t wake up until her alarm clock went off at seven a.m.

“Showtime.” She said and sprang out of bed, as though she’d just lain down.

* * *

Tina woke with a long stretch, as she did every morning and again checked her window for the weather report. Fantastic, she thought when she was greeted by clear skies and very little movement in the treetops. Strong winds made aggressive riding more dangerous and while she wanted to have a good showing she had no intention of hurting herself by pushing through bad weather conditions. She took her time in the shower and smiled when she remembered the way Valerie sounded on the phone. It was downright severe and not at all the carefree melodic voice she’d heard at the base of the mountain, but that only proved to Tina that the redhead actually was as multi-faceted as she already believed her to be.

She figured she’d taken the wind out of Valerie’s sails by beating her to the punch with the first contact, but the victory was short lived. She too had suffered through the week, in pain of not knowing whether or not she’d imagined the intense chemistry Tuesday morning. Why she hadn’t chosen Wednesday morning for the rematch she wasn’t sure, but she believed in the power of anticipation and was crossing her fingers it would work in her favor this time. She felt relaxed now, though, and felt certain that the smaller woman would accept her challenge. Tina showered and dressed, putting quite a bit more thought into what she wore beneath her leathers. Ordinarily she had a Lycra jumpsuit that she wore as it allowed her leathers to move over her body without chafing, but it really wasn’t very attractive and she decided against it today. She wasn’t sure what made her think anyone would see her out of her riding suit, but the jolt she felt at the simple idea made her choose the least practical and most alluring attire she owned. She studied herself in the mirror and was pleased with the contrast between the white lace and her dark skin. She shuddered as she slid the heavy riding suit on and was struck by the change in her as she zipped it up. Only seconds ago she had felt sexy and tempting, but now she felt determined and a bit ruthless.

There was just as much excitement today when she started the motorcycle, but it was without the fanfare of the year’s first ride. That would come when she and Valerie sped off the line and competed for the lead over the twisty mountain roads. Tina headed out of town and meandered a little when she realized she was ahead of schedule. She took the time to warm up her tires before arriving at the designated intersection. As before it was deserted and she looked in all directions for any sign of Valerie, but saw nothing. She was a few minutes early and didn’t start sweating until five after nine. Surely the cocky redhead wasn’t going to stand her up, she thought, which only served to open the floodgates of doubt and worry. She was really going to be pissed if she’d fretted over this contest all week and it didn’t take place. Just then she thought she heard something and when she turned to look, a shiny black blur whizzed past her.

Tina didn’t move a muscle and simply watched motorcycle and rider slide to a side-stop about fifty yards past the intersection and look in her direction. The small rider lifted the face shield before extending a lean arm and beckoning with gloved fingers. Tina’s heart pounded wildly and she almost convinced herself she could see the bright green eyes from where she was sitting. Not wanting to give away her excitement, she leisurely took the handlebars in hand and rode forward until she was directly beside Valerie. Here she stopped and lifted her own visor before turning to wink at her. The woman simply nodded and closed her visor before straightening her machine to point straight forward before turning back and holding up her hand. She raised five fingers and rhythmically lowered three of them before moving it to her own handlebar. The last two counts were in their head and they each jumped forward in the same instant, hearts pounding and engines screaming.

This race was for the whole kit-n-caboodle, though no stakes had ever been audibly set. Both women knew what awaited them at the finish line; it was only a matter of who arrived first. The danger was intoxicating and adrenaline pumped through their veins as they tempted each other and tempted fate for the sheer fun of it. They were so close at one point that Tina thought their handle bars were going to touch. Valerie must have seen it too, for Tina heard her whoop excitedly as they raced on. Knee dragging turns, rolling hills and all the speed their daring bodies could handle, swept past them as they pushed harder. The lead changed numerous times and each woman gained a new appreciation for her competitor as she took note of the skill and finesse the other possessed. The final turn was coming up and Tina was behind. In her estimation, this wasn’t a bad place to be at all, as it offered a tremendous view of Valerie’s heart-shaped ass, and when Tina pulled up along side and just behind her she could see the sultry curve of the redhead’s ample breast. But she was every bit as much of a competitor as she was a lust driven female and for this moment in time her competitive side won out and she pulled even with Valerie. They were entering the turn two wide and Tina wondered if she’d be able to gain any advantage for taking the inside line, but soon found Valerie had been able to carry just a bit more speed through the turn and was half a bike-length ahead of her when they arrived at the bottom of the hill.

Tina was surprised that she didn’t mind losing to the talented redhead as much as she imagined she would and slowly pulled off to the side of the road as she’d done before. She dismounted the red machine while it crackled and popped as heat emanated from the engine. She was leaning her backside against the seat of her bike when Valerie appeared again from the road ahead where she’d ridden on and apparently turned around. Tina was quite impressed to see the woman on her knees in the seat riding past her on the back wheel in an improvised victory lap wheelie.

“Oh, now you’re just showing off.” Tina murmured beneath her helmet and watched in amusement as Valerie set the front wheel down and turned around before riding up and stopping directly in front of her.

Tina watched the black helmet turn her direction and then saw the visor slowly being lifted. The magnetic pull of those green eyes on her was almost physical and she had to restrain herself from leaning towards the smaller woman.

“You win. What’s it gonna cost me?” Tina asked, feeling her anticipation rise.

Valerie said nothing and simply patted the tiny triangle seat behind her. Tina raised an eyebrow in question and watched the black helmet nod. She didn’t want to leave her bike on the side of the road in the middle of nowhere, but the prospect of climbing aboard the black machine behind the gorgeous redhead outweighed any material concerns she may have had and she climbed up. Tina’s heart raced when she had gotten settled and the small leather clad woman before her turned and pulled her hand forward placing it on her firm belly. Valerie then repeated the action with her other hand and Tina found herself wrapped around the firm warm body of the intriguing woman. Her nipples strained against the scratchy lace of her bra as they pressed into Valerie’s back and she reveled in the tingling sensations she experienced as they started moving forward. Tina was a little torn about her current situation, as she’d been riding motorcycles all her life and had never been anyone’s passenger. The idea of someone with her riding skill bringing up the rear insulted her and she wondered why she’d so eagerly accepted the invitation just now. The insulting feeling flew away on the wind that began sweeping over them as Valerie accelerated smoothly. She found herself holding on tightly and was thrilled to be this close to another woman as she hadn’t been since Clarissa left her six months ago. What I wouldn’t give for her to see me now, Tina thought with a smile.

Valerie was trying her best to focus on the road, but the strong arms wrapped around her middle were making it extremely difficult. Still, she couldn’t complain, as she was back in the driver’s seat, literally. She rarely ever rode with anyone behind her and the center of gravity had shifted considerably, but she was taking it easy and paying attention to the road. And then she was suddenly distracted by soft fingers tickling at her throat. Valerie giggled softly and wondered what that was all about, but didn’t want to yell through helmets and decided to go with it. And then in the next breath she felt the cool morning air sluice across her chest where it hadn’t been the moment before. Her mind, torn between the road and the lithe figure behind her, was a little slow in registering that her jacket was being unzipped. It wasn’t until she felt her left nipple tweaked and pinched that she realized her jacket was open and when the realization and the physical sensation met up in her brain a flood of warm tingles swept over her with accompanying goose bumps. And as soon as the whole thing had happened she felt the cool air disappear from her chest and the soft fingers brushing below her jaw again, indicating the moment was over.

“Tease!” Valerie groaned, and though she was certain Tina hadn’t heard her she felt the woman’s middle vibrate a bit as it might if she were laughing.

“Two can play.” She said softly and drove on for a bit before making her move.

Tina was feeling pleased with herself for paying the redheaded girl back and began looking around at the beauty of the valley in early spring. The smell of trees blossoming was wonderful and she couldn’t wait until summertime so she could cruise down to Virginia Beach and sun herself. She must have been paying quite a bit of attention to the scenery because when she looked down at the instrument panel they were moving at a much greater rate of speed than they had been before. She saw the big turn ahead and wondered if they would try and take it this fast. The closer they got the more nervous she grew and just when she was about to mention her fears to the driver Valerie slammed on the brakes causing her to slide forward off her seat and onto the redheads forcing her sex to press hard against the smaller woman’s backside. Tina was at first startled by the quickness with which it had happened, but then all her attention instantly turned to the pressure her pussy was receiving. She wasn’t sure what to do or if she wanted to do anything at all. The overall seating position was tremendously uncomfortable, but the stimulating sensation was more than wonderful.

Valerie was suffering the same dilemma as her own puffy center was mercilessly mashed into the solid vibrating gas tank between her legs. She figured she’d had her fun and downshifted to bring more vibration before revving high and sending shivers up her own spine. She could only hope the dark skinned woman was receiving the same joy as she slowly reduced speed and pulled over to allow for readjusting. Her heart was leaping here and there as tiny sparks flew through her and she was surprised Tina didn’t hop off immediately when the bike stopped. She was just about to turn around and see if she was alright when she felt gloved fingers slide up her thighs and squeeze firmly when they reached her hips. God it felt good to be handled this way and she hoped the touching would continue, but as before Tina stopped and stepped off the idle machine. Valerie had been quite affected by the whole episode and couldn’t bring herself to look at the tall woman so she simply scooted back into the center of her seat and adjusted until she was comfortable again. C’mon, c’mon…she thought to herself and waited for Tina to climb aboard again.

Tina desperately wanted to reach down and massage her pussy as the itchy anticipation was nearly killing her, but she refrained and took several deep breaths before swinging her leg over the humming machine and making herself comfortable again on her own seat this time. As before, Valerie helped Tina wrap her arms around her and turned them around to go back to Tina’s bike. The pace back was slightly quicker than before and Tina distinctly felt the other woman’s racing heartbeat through her back. She was glad to see she wasn’t the only one who’d been affected and desperately wanted to push past the game playing stage. She couldn’t be certain that Valerie wasn’t just playing a big game with her as the teasing was more or less above the level, but Tina said many silent prayers on their trek back that she wouldn’t be going home alone. This girl certainly had a flair for fun and that had been severely lacking in Tina’s life since long before Clarissa and her classical music and book clubs. She enjoyed a fair amount of culture at times, but living on the wild side of things was what got her heart pumping and she loved every minute of today, so far, for that exact reason. Tina grew nervous as they climbed the last hill before the place she’d parked her bike and she desperately hoped it was still there and not lying on its side or stolen altogether. Relief swept through her and she must have been holding her breath because the second she saw it she exhaled abruptly.

Valerie giggled as the woman behind her breathed a heavy sigh of relief when the red machine came into view and she reached back and patted Tina’s left thigh in a reassuring gesture. She hadn’t been worried at all, as this road was only used by the few folks that lived on the side of the hill and most of them were older people anyway. She pulled up beside Tina’s bike and stopped to let the girl off. Valerie was surprised by the sudden loneliness that swept through her when the tall figure dismounted, straddled her own machine and started it up. Riding together definitely had its perks, she realized and wished she’d driven clear to North Carolina before she turned back just so they could’ve been close longer. She nearly panicked when the tall woman circled around her and drove off ahead of her without a word. Her panic faded quickly when she saw Tina turn and curl her index finger indicating she wanted to be followed and Valerie didn’t even hesitate to kick her bike in gear and give chase.

They raced back through the hills and luckily caught a green light at the intersection they’d first ‘met’. Tina was having trouble with her arousal as her thong had successfully crept all the way up her ass and was putting unbelievable pressure on her excited pussy as she rode toward her house. Every move translated to pure joy as the lacy material caressed her sensitivity and she was slightly concerned she would mess her leathers. Just when she wasn’t sure she could ride another block without touching herself her house came into view and she gunned the red machine forward. She pulled into the garage and was tickled to see Valerie drive in directly behind her instead of stopping outside in the driveway. She suddenly had cozy visions of repeating this little ritual every Saturday and having the opportunity to call this home with the sexy redhead, but instantly slapped herself in the helmet for such ridiculous thoughts. After all they were still more or less, strangers. She was pulling off her gloves when a flash of red caught her eye. Tina turned to see Valerie shaking her hair, Charlie’s Angels style, and her breath caught in her throat at the beauty of it. She watched in awe as well manicured fingers pulled the zipper from the base of a gorgeous neck to the slender woman’s waist.

“I get so hot after a good hard ride!” Valerie said enthusiastically, with a heavily insinuated innuendo, as she shrugged out of the heavy leather jacket.

Tina’s vision went hazy for a split second when she saw this and was instantly reminded of her panties, as the vision before her brought on the same level of arousal. Valerie now stood before her in tight leather pants and a white halter that made it clear she was not wearing a bra and she was covered in a light sheen of sweat. Tina must have been staring and was startled by someone snapping in her face.

“Are you gonna stand there in your helmet all day or do I get to see those gorgeous onyx eyes one more time?”

Tina’s heart melted right then and there and she brought trembling fingers to her chin to release the strap before pulling her helmet off and shaking her hair out. She was reaching up to comb her fingers through it when Valerie caught her wrist in one hand, stopping it there and reached up to run her own fingers through the silky black strands. All Tina could do was stare at the shorter woman as Valerie’s French manicured fingernails ran along her scalp and traced down her neck. She shivered visibly and caught what could only be described as a mischievous twinkle as it flashed across bright green eyes.

“Beer?” Tina asked and thought it sounded really stupid the second it left her lips.

“Definitely.” Valerie answered with a smile and followed her inside.

Tina was suddenly wishing she had on a shirt under her leathers since she was burning up, but figured she’d grab the drinks and excuse herself to change.

“Great place. I’ve never been through this neighborhood before.”

“Thanks, I love it. Nice and quiet with a large garage and I was sold.”

“I’ve been toying with the idea of moving, but haven’t decided yet. My apartment in the city is nice, but I’d love to have a yard and my own garage.”

“It’s nice and cozy, and best of all it’s close to the hills. I love easy access to good riding and this is definitely it.” Tina said and again saw a gleam in the smaller woman’s eye.

“Easy access and a good ride, huh?” Valerie asked and her tone left little to the imagination causing a slow smile to spread across Tina’s face.

“What I live for.” She replied and watched curiously as the redhead stood up and set her beer on the coffee table.

“Me too.” Valerie said simply before straddling Tina’s lap and clasping her hands behind the surprised woman’s neck. “Aren’t you hot in that?”

Panic rose in Tina’s throat as the redhead reached for her zipper when she remembered she had nothing more than a bra on beneath her racing leathers. She caught the pale wrist in her hands to still the motion and met happy green eyes when she looked up.

“Yes I’m hot, Red, but I’m not certain taking this off is going to solve my temperature issues.”

“No?” Valerie said acting coy and loving the way Tina called her ‘Red’.

Tina removed her hand then and arched her eyebrow tempting the bold woman to continue. And continue she did, never allowing her eyes to leave Tina’s. She held the gaze and instead sought her prize with her fingertips as they reached beneath the open lapels of the jacket. It should’ve been Tina to gasp, but Valerie was the one sucking in a surprised breath as her unsuspecting fingers met with the warm naked flesh beneath the coat. When she realized there was nothing more than the leather and a skimpy bra separating her from a naked torso her eyes flew down to the opening and a smile curled the corners of her mouth.

“White lace and black leather is a combination I have yet to experience, love. Did you do this just for me?”

“No I always ride around in skimpy lingerie with hopes that a beautiful woman will remove my leathers and find it. What can I say? Old habits die hard.”

“That they do.” Valerie said as she lowered her lips to Tina’s neck and planted a warm wet kiss in its hollow. Tina’s head fell to the backrest of the sofa and her hands moved to Valerie’s round hips. “It just so happens that I have this nasty little habit of seducing every rider who’s ever beaten me, and though I won today you beat me last Tuesday.”

“So I’m just one in a long line of anonymous riders who’ve beaten you and were then seduced?” Tina asked with a touch of hurt in her voice, before pain shot across her neck and shoulder causing her to cry out.

Valerie bit down on her neck to convey her disappointment with the question before replying, “No Tina. You’re the first.”

Tina’s belly quivered when she heard this and each of her hands grabbed a handful of red hair and she forced the smaller woman’s full lips into her own. Valerie whimpered when Tina’s tongue entered her mouth and it was all she could do to keep up with the demand that was being displayed by Tina’s talented tongue. She teased, tasted and tormented the smaller woman’s mouth with her tongue and released her hair in order to pull her bodily into her. Their hunger was intense and though lust levels were running high there was a distinct feeling of belonging between them.

Valerie’s initial surprise over the sudden kiss faded quickly and her hands roamed aimlessly across the warm tan flesh of Tina’s torso as the kiss grew deeper and more demanding. She wanted this woman with a passion she hadn’t felt in ages and though it scared her a bit she welcomed it with open arms. She felt long fingers slide beneath the bottom of her t-shirt and sucked in sharply as they snaked their way up her firm stomach steadily growing closer to her full breasts. Her head jerked back when those fingers found her nipples and a lusty moan escaped her lips. She reveled in the pleasure as her nipples were rolled and pinched to full hardness sending subtle shockwaves over her petite frame. Valerie ground her hips forward and another ripple of pleasure rolled through her as her pussy pressed against the taut muscles of Tina’s abdomen. Her pleasure was increased when hot lips descended on her right nipple and nibbled through her white t-shirt.

“Oh God, Tina.” She murmured, and melted beneath warm lips.

“God’s got nothing to do with it, Red.” Tina breathed against her breast and moved toward the other nipple. She kneaded the soft mounds with her hands beneath the thin white material and lavished a great deal of wet attention on the hidden nipples through it.

Valerie was ready to rip her own shirt off so she could feel that wonderful tongue directly against her skin, but let out a startled yelp when Tina pulled her tightly against her own body and stood quickly, picking her up effortlessly. Smoky black eyes met dreamy green eyes and Tina carried her upstairs and into the bedroom before gently lying back on the bed with the pale woman on top of her. Valerie tugged viciously to remove the jacket Tina wore and tossed it carelessly aside when the deed was done. She instantly began working on the stubborn buttons on the leather pants and only stopped once, in order to raise her own arms above her head as Tina swiftly removed her white shirt. They frantically undressed one another and when Valerie pulled Tina’s long black riding pants away she found herself looking down at the most exotic woman she’d ever seen. Seemingly endless olive tinted legs were wrapped in delicate white stockings and held up by a tiny lace garter. The matching thong was pulled tightly into her excited sex making her puffy lips pout back in a sexy invitation.

“Unbelievable.” She whispered and stood frozen.

Tina was beginning to grow self-conscious as the tiny redhead stood and openly stared at her naked body. If the utter admiration in Valerie’s eyes hadn’t been so evident she probably would have tried to cover herself, but she was quite flattered which only turned her on more.

“Come here gorgeous.” Tina coaxed and Valerie snapped out of her trance to crawl back onto the bed.

She suddenly wanted to move very slow and kissed the dark woman tenderly. Tina seemed to understand and was equally slow and gentle as her hands slid down a strong back onto that oh-so-perfect ass, she’d raced so hard to be near. Valerie kissed and licked her way down the luxuriously soft neck of her counterpart and moved toward her small breasts. Though they were almost completely flat when Tina was on her back Valerie loved the feel of her hard nipples beneath her tongue and worked them mercilessly, causing the lean woman to cry out in ecstasy. Small, but very sensitive…Valerie noted and continued loving them until she was distracted by the soft fingers trailing down her belly and over her soft red bush.

Her mouth popped loudly off the nipple it had been suckling when Tina’s fingertip traced down one side of her slick entrance and slowly up the other. Valerie was primed and felt her arms quiver as they supported her weight. The slow caresses drew steadily closer to her inner folds and she was already finding it hard to breathe when one deftly slid inside her, taking her breath away entirely. Her head fell to the mattress beside Tina’s when her arms gave out and she was overtaken by the pleasure that glorious finger brought as it slid slowly in and out of her. She hadn’t realized just how excited she was and found herself on the brink of climax when a second long finger moved inside her and took up the same rhythm. Valerie feared she might pass out as she could literally feel the blood rushing from her head to her excitement and pulsing hard increasing the heat and sensation Tina’s fingers were creating.

Tina knew she was getting somewhere as the once brazen redhead was reduced to a quivering body clutching at her shoulders with need. She upped the ante once more by adding a third finger to the mix and increased the depth and rhythm of her strokes. Damn she’s a hot little number, Tina thought to herself and felt her own excitement grow as Valerie writhed atop her. It was a truly heady feeling to bring off a lover with little more than one hand and she caught all the gratification when her thumb slid a few circles around the smaller woman’s hard nub. The reactions were powerful and simultaneous as Valerie lost it. Her head shot up in the same moment her inner walls contracted around Tina’s hand, and a startled scream flew into the air. Her hips bucked wildly against the dark woman’s hand and her breaths were short and staggered.

Tina found the gentle curve of Valerie’s back and wild mess of red hair flying over her extremely erotic. She continued stroking the smaller woman until Valere collapsed again breathing heavily against her neck.

“Unbelievable.” Valerie breathed.

“Is that the only word you can say when you’re turned on?” Tina asked on a giggle.

“Unbelievable.” She repeated and smiled as a tremor raced across her hips.

Tina was about to say something else to tease the panting woman, but was robbed of breath as a well muscled thigh pressed into her aching pussy sending a wave of pleasure out in all directions and effectively erasing any thoughts that were not directly related to the intense sensation.

Valerie began a slow rocking motion with her thigh and closed her lips over the warm shoulder beneath her. She was encouraged by the long soft moan she received and proceeded to slide her tongue toward the dark brown nipples below. She licked lazy circles around the dark skin slowly drawing near the hard center and without reaching it, moved to the next beginning the torturous circles again. Each time she left one without pleasuring the nipple a funny squeak escaped the prone woman’s lips. She volleyed between them twice more and pulled her thigh away in the same moment she quit with her tongue, looking down to see what kind of reaction she would get.

“You can’t be serious.” Tina whimpered and a frown touched her lips.

Valerie smirked and leaned over to expel a hot breath over each nipple and then discreetly licked her middle finger and moved it over the whimpering woman’s throbbing excitement. She waited until the dark haired woman lifted her head to see what the hell was happening and once their eyes met she captured a nipple in her warm mouth and drove the finger inside in the same moment causing Tina’s body to arch off the bed until she was resting on nothing more than her ass and the top of her head, delighting the red haired woman to no end. She began an extremely slow motion with her hand and lavished sloppy wet kisses over the straining nipples bringing moans and gasps of delight from her lover until Valerie was sure she was close to the pinnacle of all pleasure. It was here that she removed all loving attention once more allowing her anxious lover to fall down the slippery slope of passion only to land in the vast gray area below.

Valerie passed the time by kissing her way over a quivering stomach and letting her tongue dip into a cute belly button bringing on a hissing reaction. She piddled with this mediocre stimulation until the body below her ceased quivering and was somewhat patiently awaiting her next move. She looked down to Tina’s bald puffy lips and knew she was going to enjoy teasing her into a frenzy. She planted chaste kisses over this area making sure she covered every inch, but always steered clear of the final destination. She laboriously kissed and licked over slender hips and toned thighs until she felt strong hands grab the sides of her head and pull her closer to Tina’s glistening desire. Grateful for the signal that she was wanted there Valerie pulled out of the urgent grasp and continued down those forever legs until Tina’s frustrated grunt filled her ears. She slowly kissed her way back up those legs, purposely skipping the pouty lips between them and returning to the belly button for one last lick before she indulged herself and her waiting lover.

“You’ve made your point, dammit.” Tina swore making Valerie wait just a moment more, for the personal satisfaction of wielding the most delicious power over the writhing form beneath her.

Yes, I suppose I have…Valerie thought and licked a flat tongue over the outer ridges of Tina’s sex.

“Fuck!” Tina cried out in a rather long expression and her body was so tense, she looked as though a falling raindrop could shatter her into a million tiny pieces.

Valerie had played around long enough and could no longer resist the temptation of tasting the gorgeous creature for one more second. The tan legs on either side of her face opened wide granting her admittance to the most delicate of gourmets as she dove headlong into her precious dessert. And it was precious, Valerie decided as her tongue shot past all visible reaches and touched Tina within bringing forth a hearty shout and a great deal of quivering. Her tongue danced between those sugar walls for several long moments, enjoying the perfect mix of sweet and tangy, before withdrawing and charting the length of Tina’s slick pussy. Her chosen route was interrupted several times as the excited woman’s hips jerked wildly beneath her hot mouth but it mattered naught to Valerie. She’d just tasted heaven and pressed on determinedly as Tina reacted to her touch with uncontrolled jerks and spasms. Valerie couldn’t have designed a more perfect scenario and took her time teasing Tina’s eager hole in turn with her revealed clit. The constant switching was driving Tina crazy and Valerie loved knowing she could bring that out in a woman.

“You’re killing me.” Tina rasped as her body jerked hard upon the wet contact of Valerie’s tongue on her clit.

“You’ll survive.” Valerie quipped cheerily and ran two fingers inside her wet pussy to punctuate the seriousness of her promise or perhaps shatter it to pieces.

Tina felt as if she were drowning in physical pleasure as the talented redhead caressed her seamlessly from one zone to the next. She didn’t have a long résumé of lovers, but she knew a good cunnilinguist when she was lying beneath one and that’s exactly what Valerie was. She brought her to the brink of orgasm and let her fall away from it so many times that Tina lost count and while she was desperate to let go, she was just as willing to let the amazing torment last forever. She was completely expecting to begin another tragic descent, when the lines of reality suddenly blurred and two more fingers flew inside her filling her mind with bright shooting stars. Soon to follow was the pointed tongue dancing hard circles over her clit and suddenly the tidal wave that had been gaining strength since the moment she’d straddled her bike that morning came crashing down on her with such ferocity that Tina feared her consciousness was hanging in the balance. She jerked with such force that her muscles ached and her bones almost creaked. It was the most bliss she could ever remember experiencing in all her twenty-seven years and she rode it until her body collapsed, of its own accord, against the down comforter.

Valerie was licking her lips and feeling more satisfied with her lover’s reaction than she had upon her own release, which was a very new experience for her. In all honesty she loved to please her partners, but had always enjoyed getting off more than she did getting others off. She knew it was selfish, and was happy for the change but was barely surprised by it since she’d been out of her element from the first time she’d locked eyes with the exotic woman now quaking beneath her. She placed feather light kisses along a twitching abdomen, slowly working her way up to Tina’s dreamy face. Valerie nuzzled into her neck and wrapped herself around the sweaty woman and it felt so damn good she knew she’d be staying awhile.

Tina was fighting to regain control of her droopy eyelids as well as her rapid heartbeat and having a helluva time, when the tiny redhead curled around her and snuggled in. Genuine closeness was a very near second to great sex and she was touched by the loving caresses being traced over her shoulder as she came down. She finally found enough strength to wrap her arms around the smaller woman and kissed the top of her head lovingly.

“Don’t get a big head, but that was absolutely the most amazing sexual experience I’ve ever had.” Tina said into the red tresses tickling her lips.

“Unbelievable?” Valerie asked smoothly.

“Yes, love, it was unbelievable.”

“Me too.” Valerie agreed and felt her eyelids grow heavy.

They fell asleep in a loving tangle of tired limbs and did not wake until nearly six that evening. Tina began to stir slowly and was irritated to wake up covered in goose bumps as a chill raced through her. What the fuck…? She wondered as she saw the stockings she was wearing and suddenly remembered her rendezvous with the mystery rider. She let her head fall back against the quilt and was flooded with memories of their lovemaking. Almost as soon as she smiled she sat bolt upright in the bed and looked around to find that she was alone. She was certain she hadn’t dreamt the encounter and suddenly wondered where Valerie was.

“Red?” She called across the bedroom and received no response.

She got up and slipped her favorite fleece robe over her shoulders before looking in the master bathroom and finding it empty. How could she leave? Tina made her way downstairs and with every step she grew sadder that she’d been deserted. She could’ve sworn the connection she felt so strongly was mutual, but she instantly doubted everything. She was seriously pissed off by the time she reached the first floor and hated that someone would toy with her that way. Fun and games on the way to bed was one thing, but sharing an earth-shattering experience and hauling tail while she slept was another.

“God dammit!” She exclaimed and grabbed the nearest trinket she could find and threw it into the wall, effectively shattering the tiny crystal rose Clarissa had given her to bits and pieces. She would later recognize the significance of this destruction, but for now she was just lonely.

“What’s biting your ass?” A jovial voice rang out from the kitchen and Tina’s heart stopped. She quickly turned the corner to find Valerie at the stove wearing one of her favorite Rolling Stones t-shirt and fuzzy slippers.

“You’re here.” Tina said in astonishment.

“Where else would I be silly?”

“I, uh…I just…” Tina babbled and trailed off, not knowing what to say.

Valerie’s smile faded and her face softened as she moved to stand in front of her.

“Oh baby, I’m sorry. You thought…” Valerie didn’t want to say it out loud for some reason and wrapped her arms around the taller woman’s waist before continuing. “I just came down to make us some supper. You looked so peaceful and I didn’t want to wake you. I didn’t mean to…” Valerie explained, but was cut off as Tina captured her mouth in a slow and loving kiss.

“I’m glad you’re here.” Tina said with a smile before adding, “What’s for supper?”

“Your favorite.” Valerie teased, having no idea what the tall woman liked to eat.

“Great, I’m starved.” Tina played along and sat down at her kitchen table to watch the gorgeous woman cook for her. She moved fluidly from refrigerator to sink to stove, and Tina’s nipples hardened as she watched Valerie’s ass wiggle side to side as she whisked something in a stainless steel bowl. Her wild red hair was tied back in a high pony tail, giving her the look of a college student and surprisingly turning Tina on as much as the loose hair and flattering black leather she’d worn earlier.

“Breakfast is served.” Valerie announced with much grandeur as she placed a gorgeously appointed steaming plate of food before the stunned woman.

Tina found herself staring at a fantastic omelet, fruit salad, buttered toast and a sprig of parsley. She felt as though she were seated at the finest restaurant in Richmond and was nearly afraid to dig a fork into the perfection before her.

“I thought you were a financial analyst, but this looks damn near gourmet.”

“It is gourmet. Cooking is a hobby. Numbers are my livelihood. Eat up. You’re going to need the energy.”

“Is that so?” Tina asked in amusement, and took her first bite of the delicious omelet.

All Valerie could do was wink as she took the seat beside her and propped her feet up in the taller woman’s lap. They ate quietly and exchanged knowing glances between shy glances and it felt so wonderful that it was almost a sad event when Tina stood to take their plates to the sink. She was dutifully rinsing them when she felt the belt at her waist come loose allowing her robe to fall open. Her hands froze in the sink and she nearly dropped the plate she was holding when full breasts pressed into her back in the same moment Valerie’s warm hands crisscrossed at her chest and covered her own small mounds. And then everything went still. Before today it might’ve been awkward to stand at the sink washing dishes as someone held her so intimately, but in this moment with Valerie it was nothing short of perfect.

She and Clarissa had lived together for an entire year and Tina couldn’t remember a single time they’d ever shared such intimacy over a quiet meal or stood this close at the sink. She almost wanted to laugh at what a waste of time it had been to cry over the mousy girl that bitched about all of her hobbies and friends. Clarissa was a pretty woman with impressive intellect and a good sense of humor, but she had a habit of using them both against Tina when she was in a foul mood and it only served to break her down over time. It irritated her now that she’d had such a weakness where Clarissa was concerned and her body grew stiff with anger.

“What’s the matter, baby?” Valerie asked into her back.

Tina wondered how she knew, but was embarrassed and didn’t want to talk about it so she ignored the question. This apparently wasn’t good enough for the woman behind her because the small hands at her breasts started a tender massage and a gentle song was being hummed into her spine. It took very little time for Tina to relax as her anger was replaced with wonder at the way she’d just been read without a word or even a look.

It was a strange mess of emotions swirling in her that made her turn in the embrace and look down into those bright green eyes. Her stare was intense and to her surprise Valerie never looked away or blinked until a small smile touched Tina’s lips. Then the shorter woman simply rested her cheek against the exposed skin of her chest and hugged her firmly. Tina’s arms wrapped around Valerie’s back and returned the warm embrace. The immediate sense of belonging was overwhelming and she was unsure of what to do next. Everything inside her heart was screaming, ‘Tell her! Tell her, Now!’ But her mind was screaming, ‘Don’t rush in like you did with Clarissa and screw everything up!’, just as loudly. It was a nasty battle that raged within her and she knew there would be no resolve while the beautiful woman in question was wrapped so lovingly around her, so Tina released her hold and moved away to load the dishwasher. She didn’t turn around for fear of what she might see in Valerie’s eyes and was grateful for the interruption of her dog at the back door.

She carefully let herself out, led her dog to the middle of the yard in search of a tennis ball and ruffled his fur playfully cooing to him when she heard the back door open. Tina frantically looked up in fear when her dog’s ears lay back and he bared his teeth with a growl. Jack was very protective of her and had hated the last two women she’d brought home. He had nearly taken Clarissa’s hand off the first time she tried to pat him and Tina panicked as the first shapely leg landed on the deck. Tina then figured if she couldn’t keep Valerie inside she’d restrain the upset animal, but her reach was too late and Jack raced up to Valerie and stopped to bare his teeth and growl as he coiled and readied himself to pounce. Tina opened her mouth to scream at him, but before any sound came out the shorter woman knelt down and opened her arms to the dog before speaking to him in a cheery voice.

“Well hello there, handsome. What’s your name?”

Jack looked confused for a second, but then jumped at her and Tina screamed.


She watched in horror as the dog toppled her lover onto her back and lunged for Valerie’s neck. She bolted in their direction and stopped cold a few feet away to blink the tears from her eyes and get a clearer picture of what she was seeing. What she’d first thought was an attack on Valerie’s jugular turned out to be Jack licking her all over her face and neck bringing a thousand tiny giggles from the smaller woman’s lips. Tina’s knees went wobbly with relief and astonishment. She suddenly felt weak from the intensity of the moment and moved to collapse on a lounge chair. Again the war raged inside her and she couldn’t believe she’d been so scared. She didn’t want to feel so strongly after one day and no real facts. It seemed impossible that a fire that burned so brightly now could last a lifetime and she railed against the idea of falling in love at first glance. She wasn’t an overly conservative person in general, but for some reason when it came to the women in her life she was always hesitant and a bit reserved. It was something she’d always despised in herself and though she detested it she couldn’t escape it or push it aside and so she sat alone brooding.

The sound of her dog and her lover frolicking happily in the yard before her was bittersweet and she suddenly felt like crying as desperation washed over her. She closed her eyes and tuned everything out, all thoughts, all feelings, and all sounds. She couldn’t be sure how long she lay there, but she was startled to feel soft lips kissing over each eyelid before they moved down and softly kissed her lips. Tina heard her slippers shuffle across the deck and disappear into the house as a single tear slid from the corner of her eye running the length of her cheek and neck. She needed time and was afraid to ask for it so she simply sat outside alone for nearly fifteen minutes. She was just getting up to go inside when she heard the distinct sound of a motorcycle firing to life. Half of her wanted to run out and stop her, but the other half kept her rooted to the deck as the sound faded slowly into the distance and was gone.

She felt completely defeated and went inside to take a shower. It was sort of a sanctuary for her and she began looking forward to it as she ascended the stairs and entered her bedroom. She dropped the robe in the middle of the floor and stepped into the large glass enclosure and adjusted the water to her liking before plopping down in the middle of the tile floor. Hugging her knees close to her chest and lowering her head to them, she let the hot spray wash away some of the hurt and uncertainty she was feeling. She wanted to clear her mind of all things, but she could still feel Valerie’s lips on her breasts, stomach, and most recently her eyelids and lips. Behind her closed eyelids she could see Valerie shaking her hair in the garage and removing her leather jacket. She saw her wiggling beneath Jack and laughing hysterically, and then saw her smiling at her over supper. She was everywhere and it was wonderful and awful altogether. Tina had just begun berating herself for letting her leave when the water turned cold and she had to get out. She pulled a towel around her torso and was just about to start seriously bitching herself out when she looked in the mirror and stared, as if transfixed, by what she saw. There was a message in red lipstick that read:

I’ll wait patiently until you’re ready.

But if you take too long…

I’ll be demanding a rematch on your behalf.

Always race ready,

Valerie xoxo

Tina stood there and read it at least fifteen times before climbing into bed with a book. She cracked open The Lost World and was eager for the distraction. She had only read a few pages when she found her eyes crossing and making a mess of the little black letters before her. She straightened them out and began again, each time only completing a page or two before becoming cross-eyed again. Try as she might, this method of distraction was definitely not working and she decided to turn on the television. She crossed the room and switched it on, but instead of going right back to bed she found herself in the bathroom again staring at the lipstick covered mirror. She couldn’t seem to move away from it for a long time but eventually plodded downstairs and poured herself a stiff drink. Downing the whiskey in one swallow was murder on her throat and she figured while it was already uncomfortable she’d toss down another big gulp and hopefully be able to sleep. She returned to her bedroom and buried herself under the heavy down comforter before staring blankly at the television. She must’ve sat through two hours of infomercials before finally nodding off only to toss and turn as her dreams wreaked havoc on her mind.

* * *

Valerie slipped into her apartment, immediately shedding her riding suit and heading for the shower. She smiled when she saw her reflection in the mirror and wondered if Tina had discovered her message yet. It had taken every ounce of willpower she possessed to leave the house and return home, but she knew it was the right thing to do and didn’t waste much time on her decision despite the loneliness she’d felt ever since she left the driveway. She was a firm believer in fate and had waited all her life to see if love at first sight was indeed a reality or a mere figment of one’s imagination. If you had asked her just last Monday she’d have confidently told you she thought it was a romantic notion that was more a matter of perception than a truly instantaneous connection. And however much she’d argued with her conscience about it all week, her heart had known the instant Tina’s black eyes locked onto hers after their first ride. Her efficient nature had made her sit and organize her feelings all week, as the time slowly ticked past before their next meeting, and every time she and Tina had touched today Valerie was even more convinced that they belonged together.

Be that as it may, she also knew that a strong relationship took two and Tina was obviously not certain of her feelings. Actually, Valerie had seen that part of her was quite certain, but seemed to be overridden by another part of her that had its doubts. It was murder on her to be away from the exotic woman, but she was convinced that if and when Tina did come to her there would be very few lonely nights thereafter.

The hot water sluiced down her body, reminding her of Tina’s hot tongue and she shivered in delight at the memory of their lovemaking. She had always treated sex as sport; largely because she’d always felt a certain amount of distance between herself and her partners, but that was definitely not the case with Tina. Valerie had never been as consumed by passion as she was today and she physically ached for it now. Tina’s loving kisses and caresses had driven her mad with desire but more than that, Valerie had been desperate to return the loving attention. It really mattered to her that Tina knew how she felt and without having the opportunity to come right out and say it so soon, Valerie had hoped to convey it with her body. She quickly rinsed off and stepped out of the shower only to find that the phone was ringing. Her heart nearly sprang from her chest and she dashed across her bedroom, slipping and nearly falling on the hardwood floor as she reached for the phone.

“Hello!” She answered breathlessly.

“Hey, Sis. Are you running a marathon or in the throes of passion? You’re breathing like a maniac.”

“Brad.” She said dejectedly.

“Well that’s no way to greet your big brother. What’s going on?”

“Nothing. I just thought you were someone else when the phone rang.”

“Well whoever you were expecting must be pretty special. Care to talk about it?”

“Nothing to talk about just yet. Don’t worry about it. It was just a little wishful thinking on my part. How’s it going?”

“Business is booming, my girlfriend just got a boob job and my new bike has finally arrived. I was hoping we could go riding tomorrow. I’m dying to break it in.”

“Congratulations on your booming business, her boobs were big enough already and I’d love to ride with you tomorrow. Where and when?”

“You’re still a brat, but I’ll see you in those hills on the west side of town at around 8:30 a.m. And don’t think I’m going to take it easy on you just because I’m on a new machine and you’re my sister.”

“Talk all you want, but we both know who’ll be finishing first big brother. And do us both a favor by leaving that big breasted bimbo behind this time. She rides like a girl and it drives me crazy.”

“Be nice, and don’t worry. She’s selling her bike and getting a boat so we won’t have to put up with her tagging along anymore. But, I sure am gonna miss peeling that red leather off of her after a good long ride.”

“Please spare me the details, I’ve almost got a visual of the little tart and you know I can’t stand her. I’ll see you tomorrow morning.”

“Okay and can I just say I don’t ever remember you waiting around for someone to call you. Have you lost your edge?”

“I’ll give you all the edge you can handle tomorrow morning, asshole, now I’m hanging up before you attempt to make any more of my business your own.” She snapped and hung up on him with a smile. They always teased and taunted each other this way, but she’d suddenly grown self-conscious when he teased her about waiting for Tina’s call. It was true, she’d never hesitated to call someone she was interested in, but she really felt this time was different. She wanted the raven haired woman badly but needed Tina to want her back, and the only way Valerie could be sure she did was to wait for her to come around and make her feelings known. She was feeling horny, but found that when she touched herself everything inside her went numb. She couldn’t believe what was happening and was angry that her body would shut down in such a way, but there was very little she could do about it so she rolled over and tried to fall asleep. She thought about work for distraction and crunched some projected interest rates in her head for awhile, but what finally got her to sleep was remembering every minute detail of her day with Tina.

Valerie wasn’t sure exactly where her conscious thoughts faded into erotic dreams, but she was certain when she woke up that her dreams had been vivid and sexy. She was tempted to indulge herself, but was halfway frightened that the fun tingling between her legs would disappear again as it had last night. Instead, she got up and ate breakfast while checking her email. Time seemed to drag on slowly as she waited for 8:30 a.m. to arrive. She took her time getting ready and felt naughty as she contemplated donning a sexy outfit similar to the one Tina had worn, but ultimately decided against it. She was riding with her brother after all and would need to dress decently in the event that she needed to remove the suffocating leather and cool down. She chose a red form fitting t-shirt and white spandex shorts to wear beneath her riding suit and was quite comfortable as she pulled out of The Berkshire high-rise parking garage.

Valerie loved where she lived and admired the tree-lined streets, parks, beautifully landscaped courtyards, cobblestone alleys, brick sidewalks and numerous little bistros and pubs. Everything about The Fan had charm and spoke of history, culture and wealth. She’d always thought those things would make her happy enough to never want to leave, but she found her mind wandering to the comfort and class of Tina’s neighborhood. The neighbors washing their cars in the driveway or mowing their yards as children and dogs ran about happily. It was a wild change from twenty-four hours ago when she’d been explaining to her mother over the phone why her apartment was so fabulous.

Valerie met her brother at the convenience store they always stopped at and admired his new bike. He had ordered it months ago and just received it, and though she thought it was nice she was more than happy with her own machine. They decided to get going since they normally rode quite a long way and had found that returning around noon was a bad idea as all the blue-hairs were on the road making their way home from church.

She admired the deep throaty growl of her brother’s new bike, as it was a twin instead of a four cylinder. It had a tremendous amount of torque and she giggled as he got used to it somewhat clumsily. Occasionally he’d shift too soon and she could hear it bog and see it stutter a bit. It didn’t take long, however, and he was wringing her out pretty good. Valerie had just been relaxing behind him when she realized he’d begun to pull away and was tucking in more seriously around the corners. She followed suit and though she was enjoying herself she found it impossible not to think of racing alongside Tina through this same curve. She remembered the exact feel of those small breasts pressed into her back and the well-muscled thighs squeezing her waist when they’d ridden together and missed it something fierce. She wondered how long she’d have to wait and wouldn’t allow her mind to even dabble with the idea that she may never see her again.

Brad had found his confidence and the gorgeous Italian machine was dancing lightly beneath him as he switched tire edges quickly along a particularly fun s-curve. Tina finally decided he’d had enough fun out front and screamed past him as he slowed for a curve she knew she could take at a high rate of speed. He gave chase instantly and they battled the hill for several miles before reaching their typical turn around point. They rested for a few moments and took off their helmets to breathe in the cool air.

“She seems to like you.” Valerie said and nodded to the yellow machine under him.

“What’s not to like?”

“Your arrogance has expanded since I saw you last.” She teased.

“I am in love with this bike and can’t wait to let you ride her, but you know the rule…”

“Yes, I know. The first scratch is yours and then you’ll call me like a giddy schoolgirl and get me hooked on the finery of owning a Ducati.”

“You’re gonna love it Val. But today you’re stuck on a Jap bike and it’s about time for me to whip your ass into submission.”

“Somebody already beat you to the punch.” She said and quickly pulled her helmet down and buckled it as he stared at her quizzically. He asked her what that was supposed to mean and she answered by repeatedly revving her engine loudly and raising her left hand to her ear indicating she couldn’t possibly hear him over the noise. He muttered some swear she couldn’t make out and fastened his own helmet before revving his own engine. She raised her hand and counted down from five to three before reaching for her handlebars and gunning the black machine into motion.

Leaving the line was one of her favorite things about a race and she marveled at the way her front wheel hopped up each time she engaged a new gear and dumped the clutch. She always beat Brad off the line simply because she weighed a hundred pounds less than she did and her bike was a good fifty pounds shy of his as well. It didn’t take him quite as long to catch up today, as it normally did on his old bike, and she enjoyed giving him a run for his money. They raced hard and she just barely beat him past the huge pine tree they used for a finish marker. They then slowed their pace and unzipped their jackets to let the rush of air cool their bodies. They stopped at the same convenience store and since he was the loser he bought the sodas they drank and Valerie’s favorite candy. It had been their wager since they were children and it was fun to maintain the tradition as adults even though they could’ve gone much bigger now.

They were sitting on the concrete step outside the store finishing their drinks and candy when he finally insulted her to the point of becoming angry. She knew he lived for it and hated that she couldn’t contain her reactions, but it was too late for that and she let him have it with both barrels. He yelled back for sport at first, but eventually scooped her into his arms and twirled her about several times before pressing his lips against hers to shut her up. She slapped him and pecked him back before he set her down and hugged her. Valerie was glad he’d given in so easily today and was getting ready to tell him as much when a loud squealing sound came from the intersection and she turned to see a red motorcycle identical to hers and a tall thin black figure racing away.

“Oh, Shit.” Valerie said and dropped her soda at her brother’s feet before quickly pulling on her helmet and gloves.

“What the hell are you doing?” He asked in an angry voice as he looked at the red soda all over his boots.

“I can’t explain right now, but I’ll call you later.” She said and started up her bike.

“Val, what’s going on?” He asked and tried to move in front of her, but she steered around him and sped off in the direction she’d seen the red motorcycle go. She rode as fast as she could and even scared herself as she took a corner a bit too fast and found herself in the loose gravel along the edge of the road. She was barely able to slow and regain traction before getting to the middle of her lane and gunning it again. Her vision had narrowed to a focused circle directly before her tuning all else to fuzzy gray matter around it.

Her heart was pounding and she prayed she’d be able to catch Tina and not lose her. She had no guarantees the woman would stick to the route they’d followed the day before and desperately wanted the chance to explain. She knew the dark haired woman had seen her frolicking and kissing her brother and hated that she’d jumped to negative conclusions, but also recognized why she would have. There was very little they knew about each other. And though it didn’t change the way they felt about one another it did hamper their levels of understanding, where catching the other kissing a large man in broad daylight as he spun her around was concerned. Especially since less than twenty-four hours ago she’d been making love to the dark skinned woman.

“Dammit, where is she?” Valerie swore, but knew if Tina was riding as hard as she was she might not catch her unless the other woman slowed or turned around. And then she heard the train and inwardly crossed her fingers that it had caught the angry woman. She crested the large hill before the railroad tracks just in time to see the train clear the road and Tina’s red machine dart forward again.

God it’s good to see you again, Valerie thought and tucked in smaller behind her windscreen to make herself more aerodynamic. It took her nearly six miles to close the distance between them and she was still a good eighth of a mile back when Tina spotted her and tucked in to ride harder and get away. Valerie was a bit disheartened by this, but let her sadness push her harder and she continued to gain as her black vehicle screamed beneath her. She closed the gap very slowly now and wondered if she’d ever reach the red vehicle, but just then a large truck rounded a curve causing Tina to slam on her brakes and maneuver around it. And though the near accident scared the hell out of Valerie it was just the break she needed to close the distance between them.

Tina was just getting back up to speed when Valerie pulled along side her and screamed to get her attention. Tina acted as though she didn’t even see the woman, let alone hear her and Valerie decided she’d make herself seen and heard. She planned carefully and in the next turn dove inside and forced Tina to run a bit wide, thus having to slow down a bit to maintain her line on the road. It was rude racing tactics, but Valerie wasn’t racing her and pulled in front of her where she let go of the accelerator and slowed quickly. Tina moved to go around her, but Valerie watched in her rear-view mirrors and kept in front of her until they were nearly stopped. This apparently was the breaking point for Tina as she skidded to a stop and flew off of her machine waving her hands in the air before quickly unbuckling her chin strap and screaming at the woman who had just stopped about fifteen yards ahead.

Valerie parked her bike, dismounted and leaned her backside against the seat as she took off her gloves and helmet. She listened in silence as Tina moved to stand before her screaming her head off. I didn’t think it was possible for her eyes to be any sexier but they are outstanding when she’s flaming mad, she thought, and studied the pink flush that had risen in the taller girl’s cheeks. She didn’t allow her amusement to show, however, because that would only have made Tina more upset and that wasn’t her goal, but to Valerie it was almost comical to watch her throw the temper tantrum. She finally spoke up when she heard the same question yelled at her for the third time since she’d pulled off her helmet.

“Are you fucking crazy?” Tina wailed.

“Yes. I am fucking crazy! What else would you like to know about me?”

“Was yesterday just a game to you?” Tina spat.

“You already know the answer to that question, love. Onto the next.”

“Okay. If you weren’t playing a game with me then you’re just a selfish bi-sexual masquerading as a lesbian who was only out to have a good shag with me yesterday so you could come out riding with your boyfriend today and know you got over on me?”

“Why don’t we cut through the bullshit and talk about what’s really going on?” Valerie shot back and stood before the angry woman tilting up to look directly into her eyes. “Before you saw me at the convenience store in a man’s arms what did you think about our time together yesterday?”

Tina was startled by the bold admission of guilt and stunned by the question that followed. She steadied her gaze on the smooth white skin of Valerie’s face and zeroed in on flashing emerald eyes.

“No answer for that one? How about this one? Did you sleep well last night?” Valerie asked to let her know she understood.

Tina was slowly beginning to understand that something wasn’t quite right with the way Valerie was coming at her. She should’ve been the one that was mad, but it was the little redhead who suddenly seemed pissed and was attacking her.

“All of a sudden you’re speechless? That’s really something you know? How about this, you should be able to find something to say about this…I am not, nor have I ever been bisexual or anything other than a lesbian. I was playing the same game you were yesterday before our lips met on your sofa and that’s where the games stopped. Your initial assessment of me today was spot on. I am fucking crazy….Crazy in love with you, Tina. And now I’ll answer my questions for you since you’re so quiet all of a sudden. Before you saw me kissing my big brother at the gas station you were trying to figure out how long you needed to date me before you could justify the power of your feelings for me. You slept like shit last night and you’re just as crazy about me as I am about you. Now if you don’t have any more questions for me, I’m going home to take a shower. Like I said in my message last night, I’ll be waiting whenever you’re ready.”

Tina’s bottom jaw had literally fallen open as the wild redhead spouted the truth of her feelings at her. She didn’t know what to do or say and wasn’t coming up with many ideas as her mind continuously replayed the vehement profession of love. She could only stand there as Valerie pulled on her helmet and gloves. Tina finally reached out to her in the same instant Valerie was reaching for the starter and closed her fingers around a slender wrist as the black machine roared to life. The black helmet did not turn immediately and Tina kept her hand on the smaller woman’s arm. She could feel her trembling and hated herself for the whole ugly scene, but it really wasn’t anyone’s fault.

Finally Valerie looked her direction and Tina stared at her own reflection in the black visor for a moment before releasing Valerie’s arm and lifting the black plastic that was preventing her from seeing her lover’s eyes. Her heart flew to her throat when she saw pinkish red skin around now tear-filled green eyes. Amazingly, Tina had still managed to hold onto a few doubts as Valerie yelled at her, but in this moment she finally listened to her heart and doubted her feelings no more. The tear that fell as she watched, brought forth a sharp pain in her chest and she reached her thumb into the opening and brushed it away.

She then rested her forehead against the shiny black helmet and stared into those green eyes saying simply, “Come home.”

She left immediately after saying it as her own tears stung the back of her eyes, and she prayed she’d see the smaller woman in her rear view mirrors, but wasn’t sure if it would happen. Tina had pulled on her helmet and gloves and looked ahead as she started her bike to see the black bike and rider continuing down the road away from her. It broke her heart and she contemplated following Valerie, but decided she’d hurt her enough already and simply turned around and drove home. For the first mile or two she checked behind her frequently, but finally gave up and concentrated on the road ahead of her.

She couldn’t remember a time she’d ever felt so sad on a motorcycle, but she definitely felt like dirt and wanted to cry at the moment. She was able to maintain her composure until she collapsed on her sofa where Valerie had first come to her. The weight of Tina’s sorrow was almost unbearable and she was finding it hard to breathe all of sudden. Her tears fell unrestrained and she sobbed pitifully as her heart split slowly down the middle. She couldn’t sit there any more and went upstairs to take a shower. This didn’t even help her feel better and she was grumpy when she got out, as well as red and blotchy from the near scalding water. She hadn’t even realized the temperature before, but became aware of the burning and tingling sensation as she toweled off. Tina did her best to keep her eyes down as she left the bathroom so she wouldn’t have to see the sweet note on her mirror and walked head bowed toward her dresser to pick out some clean clothes.

She was sifting through her underwear drawer when she felt slender arms slide around her bare waist and hug her belly. Tina stiffened in fear on the moment of contact, but quickly looked down to see the delicate hands she knew belonged to Valerie. Unsure of what to say or do she stood stock still and stared at her underwear drawer.

“Tell me.” Valerie said softly into her back causing Tina’s heart to pound wildly.

She tilted her head back and sighed before straightening and turning to face the smaller woman. Valerie looked amazing, completely nude with her red hair flowing over her shoulders and her emerald green eyes looking up expectantly. Tina lowered her head and captured the smaller woman’s full lips in a gentle but searing kiss. Her mind instantly blanked and her abdomen quivered in anticipation as a shiver rolled through her. She deepened the kiss and was willing the little woman to understand her message of love.

It was so wonderful to have her standing so close that Tina was terrified of speaking and fouling the whole thing up. Her hands pulled the pale woman in close and roamed smoothly over her back and shoulders. Tina then felt soft hands gliding over her hips, up her sides ‘accidentally’ brushing her breasts and stretching up her neck until they were tightly tangled in her hair. Valerie then took over the assertive role in the kiss and searched her lover’s mouth top to bottom before abruptly pulling away and holding Tina’s head mere inches before hers. Both of them were breathless and Valerie waited for Tina’s eyes to open again.

“Tell me.” She said again and stared into soft black eyes full of nervous energy.

Valerie saw a small tear slide down her lover’s cheek and watched Tina’s mouth as she finally began to speak.

“I love you.” Tina said sincerely and was relieved when Valerie forcefully pulled her head down and raped her mouth. Tina backed her toward the bed, never breaking the kiss, and stayed with her when she fell backwards onto the mattress. The hunger and need was so thick you could have cut it with a knife and their hands began frantically grasping and kneading at the other’s flesh. Tina whimpered when Valerie placed her tiny palm in the middle of her tan chest and pushed her away to break the contact so she could look into her eyes.

“I love you too.” Valerie said and Tina could see her feelings written all over her face.

“Then why’d you stop me?” She asked with a small smile.

“Because I’m ready to be fucked.” Valerie said plainly and watched a baffled expression fill Tina’s face.

“I was working on it, Val.” Tina explained and watched as the redhead shook her head in denial.

“I mean really fucked. I want you, Tina. Make me yours.” She begged and when Tina still looked puzzled, the tiny woman pulled her ear to her lips and whispered to her.

“I snooped while you were in the shower and I know that you’re equipped. So go to the nightstand, suit up and let’s get this show on the road.”

Tina thought it was the most lewd and loving request she’d ever heard and smiled broadly at the temptress beneath her. She kissed her roughly and then bathed each of her nipples with her tongue until they grew to an unbelievable hardness before dragging her body off Valerie’s and heading to the nightstand. She had never used the strap-on before, and was thrilled that the wanton redhead suggested it. Clarissa had been revolted and wouldn’t even listen to Tina’s explanation about why it interested her or filled a need she had, which she realized now spoke volumes about the failed relationship.

Tina must have been more aroused by the thought of making love to Valerie this way than she’d initially thought because a thousand tiny tingles danced across her skin wherever the cool leather harness touched it. She fumbled with the buckles a bit when she made the mistake of looking toward the tiny redhead who was her staring back hungrily and squeezing her own nipples as she waited. Tina finally managed to get everything fastened and in the right place before turning toward her lover. The greatest sense of satisfaction swept through Tina as she watched Valerie’s eyes grow wide moments before a crooked smile dawned her lips.

Tina crawled up on the bed between the prone woman’s legs and kissed her again, slowly this time. She was patient and exploratory, partially out of nervousness and partially out of the love she felt that made her want to kiss the tiny redhead forever. When she pulled away and looked down at Valerie she knew she’d never feel more wanted than she did in this moment.

Valerie must have been feeling the same thing for she stroked her fingers down a proud jaw and whispered, “Make love to me.”

Tina could only nod and moved down to test her lover’s readiness. She kissed over her outer lips before sliding her tongue inside and tasting the sweetness that was Valerie for the first time. The redhead was extremely excited and shivered a bit beneath Tina’s tongue. Satisfied that she was ready, Tina positioned the large dildo at her lover’s slick entrance and slowly ran it up and down the slippery length several times, causing Valerie’s head to turn quickly from side to side as the hard plastic brushed over her excited clit.

Tina guided the bulbous head toward her lover’s entrance and pressed forward ever so slowly. Valerie was unbelievably tight and Tina could tell she was in a bit of pain when the head slipped inside. Tina stilled immediately and waited for her lover to relax. Apparently Valerie had a high threshold for pain or recovered quite quickly because she was reaching for Tina’s hips and urging her to continue. This was a good idea at first, but all forward progress halted as Tina bumped into her hymen and a loud grunt flew into the air. Valerie’s discomfort was written all over her face and Tina blanched at the pain she was causing the slight woman.

“I’m sorry baby. If I could take the pain for you…”

“Do it!” Valerie commanded almost harshly, snapping Tina from her comments.

She didn’t even allow herself time to think before her hips thrust forward firmly and pushed through the stubborn membrane, effectively ripping it to shreds. An animal wail flew from Valerie’s lips and each woman went still immediately. Tina felt a sympathetic tear slip down her cheek as she fought to control her body that was screaming for movement, as the base of the fake cock pressed against her excited clit. She mastered her urges though and remained still until she felt Valerie grow calm beneath her. She waited until the tiny woman’s hips rolled upward to increase the penetration before she allowed any movement from her own hips to ensue. Tina ever so slowly eased the remaining hardness inside her trembling lover and watched as Valerie’s expression shifted from intense concentration to one of utter abandon as pain blurred into pleasure deep within her. Tina began slow deliberate strokes in and out of the smaller woman and while her body wailed for more pressure she continued the laboriously slow movements until Valerie begged for more. She was a little timid in the asking, at first, but the more Tina gave the more Valerie wanted.

“Oh, yeah baby. Faster!” The slight redhead proclaimed encouraging her to pick up the pace. And while it was awkward at first, Tina persisted and developed a fluid motion that gratified her aching clit in the most inconceivable way as well as causing her lover to writhe as her own pleasure increased with each passing stroke. Tina systematically increased the depth and speed of her penetrations until they were both quaking with the unmistakable desire for release. Tina’s back and legs ached from the unfamiliar motion, but her insides thrilled with every passing movement and the sweet torment continued to drive her.

“Unbelievable!” Valerie exclaimed in a whisper as the hard member pressed against things inside her she’d never known existed and bright flares of light passed across her closed eyelids as Tina rhythmically stroked her insides.

“You are so beautiful.” Tina whispered as she looked down on the gorgeous woman squirming beneath her. Red hair was fanned carelessly about her head which was tilted slightly up and to the side, giving Tina a stunning view of her gorgeous neck. Valerie’s large milky-white breasts rose and fell with her erratic breathing and her tummy tensed off and on allowing tiny shadows around her abs to show up when flexed.

“I…” Valerie attempted to say something, but was unsuccessful as her mounting pleasure drowned any voice she may have once had.

Tina smiled and drove purposefully into the quaking woman. She was so close to losing her mind that when Valerie’s pussy tensed around her fake cock, the resistance sent such intense waves of pleasure through her she instantly recognized the sensations that signified the beginning of the end and was powerless to stop what had been set in motion.

“Oh God, Val…” Tina murmured and thrust forward twice more before the tiny redhead shouted her name and arched off the bed completely surrendering to the passion they shared. Tina then let go of her own restraint and found her hips thrusting wildly as her own climax surged through her with such force that it robbed her of breath and all grasp of time and reality. When she finally forced her eyes open again she was amazed to see Valerie’s face blank and half smiling from the ecstasy still coursing through her veins. Tina leaned down to kiss her lover and was shocked that there was no life in the full lips beneath hers. She had effectively loved the smaller woman into a pleasure induced semi-coma and was more or less alone, save for the lifeless sweaty body under her. A rolling laugh surged up from deep in her belly and it took all of her remaining strength to contain her joy and not startle the sated woman into a panicked state of wakefulness at such raucous noise.

Tina gently removed the large member from Valerie’s pulsing sex and collapsed on the bed beside her. She took awhile to gather herself and regain her facilities as the fair skinned woman slept soundly beside her. Tina spent a half hour watching her sleep and felt more content and complete than she ever had, before finally rising from the bed and removing the cumbersome strap-on. She then went to the closet and pulled two heavy blankets out before resuming her place beside her sleeping lover and covered them both. She carefully snuggled close and draped her arm and leg over Valerie’s limp body before closing her eyes and sighing contentedly.

“I love you Val.” Was the last thing she said before her body gave in to deliciously dreamless sleep.

It was well past ten in the morning before Valerie stirred and she wasn’t the least bit concerned when she saw the alarm clock beside the bed. She turned to study the olive skinned woman draped over her and took her time taking in her little sleep habits. Tina’s eyelids were half open revealing narrow slits of unfocused black irises as she breathed deeply against Valerie’s shoulder. Her gorgeous lips were closed, but there was a tiny oval in the center that remained open and Valerie couldn’t resist the urge to press the tip of her pinky against the opening. She almost laughed when the tan woman’s nose wiggled and wrinkled before growing still again and Valerie wondered if she’d ever be able to leave her in the morning to go to work. Her heart was singing and she knew she was finally home. No matter where she went or what she did from here on out, as long as Tina was by her side she’d be home and that was all that mattered in the grand scheme of things. Her urges got the best of her then and she leaned forward and pressed her lips to the sleeping woman’s and she felt them twitch a bit under hers. She gently traced her tongue along them and an almost inaudible moan issued against Valerie’s lips stirring her desires instantly. She immediately thought, It is definitely true love that allows one to be so sexy in such an unconscious state.

“I love you, T.” Valerie whispered against the sleeping woman’s cheek.

“How much?” Tina whispered without opening her eyes, much to the astonishment of the red haired woman.

“I thought you were sleeping.”

“I am, but I’m right in the middle of this incredible dream where the most gorgeous little redhead professes her love against my sleeping lips and I respond to her. Hold on a sec, I want to see what happens next.” Tina teased, still with her eyes closed.

Valerie decided to take charge of the ‘dream’ and rolled atop the lean woman beside her. She captured the sleepy woman’s lips in her own and kissed her deeply.

“Mmmmmmmmmmmm. This dream keeps getting better by the second.” Tina moaned.

“Wake up sexy, and I’ll show you a waking dream you won’t soon forget.” Valerie promised and watched Tina’s olive eyelids flutter open.

Tina’s hands smoothed up Valerie’s back and stopped suddenly when the phone rang. She groaned and closed her eyes again; unaware that Valerie was reaching for the handset.

“Hello.” Valerie said huskily and Tina’s eyes popped open nervously.

“Sorry. Tina’s right in the middle of a wet dream, can I have her call you back later?” She cooed and Tina reached frantically for the phone.

Valerie pulled away with an incorrigible smile on her lips and finished the conversation. “Okay, David. I’ll tell her you called. Thanks for calling and have a great day!”

“That was my business partner you little tart.”

“I’m doing him a favor and keeping you out of his hair for the day.” Valerie quipped confidently.

“He might be free of me for the day but you my dear are going to pay.” Tina promised and kissed her soundly.

“Bring it on, baby. No price is too high.”

“Then stay with me.” Tina asked, somewhat apprehensively.

“I thought I just said I was keeping you occupied today.” Valerie laughed.

“Forever, Val. Stay with me forever.” Tina asked seriously, her eyes locked intently on Valerie’s face.

“That’s a long time, honey. But I’ve had my mind made up since last Tuesday. I’ll be here for you forever if it’s what you want.” Valerie promised solemnly.

Tina’s heart swelled so that she thought it might burst and she smiled up at the beautiful woman over her. “That’s exactly what I want.”

“Then that’s exactly what you shall have.” Valerie agreed and smothered Tina’s mouth with her own. Their lovemaking was sweet and slow that morning and they spent the entire week learning everything they could about each other. Whenever they weren’t talking or sleeping they were making love with such reckless abandon they both feared their lust would drive them to insanity. But the general consensus on this particular fear was, what a way to go!

The following Saturday’s motorcycle race held high stakes, mainly to dictate who would be the most active participant in that weekends sexual exploits and it was a trend that continued the length of the summer until the first snowfall where rock, paper, scissors competitions in front of the fireplace, were held in their stead.

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