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The Fruits of Their Labor

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Remodeling was a bitch. It had started relatively small. Switching light bulbs. Resealing the windows. Upgrading appliances. But new appliances needed a new look, so there was the bamboo flooring. And finally, in a fit of Al Gore-induced guilt, getting those solar panels. But, despite the cost and the months of having her house in complete disarray, Kat had to admit they had a major benefit beyond energy efficiency. The installation had necessitated hiring a pair of seriously hot contractors.

“I can’t believe it’s finished,” Kat said, her head tipped back to stare at the roof.

Nate slung a friendly arm around her shoulders. “Worth it?” he asked.

Kat allowed herself a small inner sigh at the weight and strength of his casual embrace, and inhaled the heady scent of sun, laundry detergent and, well, man. “Definitely,” she agreed.

“The lady likes it, Matt!” Nate yelled to his partner, giving her a light squeeze.

“The lady likes it, indeed,” she murmured, casting an appreciative glance at Matt’s lanky but muscular frame. The best days had been then ones where Nate and Matt had joined their crew in doing the actual work. Especially on the unusually warm days. Shirts off, jeans slung low on lean hips, muscles rippling under sweaty tan skin–they made going green a pleasure.

“You did a great job. I’m really pleased. But it seems a shame that you can’t taste the fruits of your labor,” Kat heard the words coming out of her mouth, but she wasn’t sure what had possessed her, well, apart from unbridled lust. “Why don’t you guys help me break it all in?” Two handsome faces looked at her. “I’ll cook you dinner,” she added hurriedly.

Something seemed to pass between the two friends, but Matt shot her a slow grin and said “Well, I can’t speak for Nate here, but I’m in.”

“If you’re in, I’m in,” agreed Nate.

And so, 24 hours later, Kat found herself slaving over her brand spanking new induction stove, getting ready to serve dinner to two of the most attractive men she’d ever met. She cooked with care, and dressed with care, forgoing a bra as she slipped a green dress of softly clinging jersey over her head.

She’d just finished a fortifying glass of wine when the bell rang. She pressed two fingers against her erect nipples in an effort to push them down to prevent them from poking obscenely against the fabric of the bodice. And, to be honest, to momentarily relieve the itching anticipation that seemed to have settled there. Giving it up as a lost cause, Kat went to open the door.

Nate and Matt stepped into the house. Matt’s dark blonde hair still looked slightly damp, and Kat indulged herself by allowing herself to imaging him in the shower, rivulets of water sluicing over his muscles. She shook herself out of her reverie as Nate offered her a bottle of wine. “The fruits of somebody else’s labors,” he grinned. His wavy dark brown hair flopped attractively, almost boyishly, across his forehead. But there was nothing boyish about the way his broad shoulders seemed to fill the newly-fitted and sealed doorframe. Both men took in the array of candles providing the only light.

“It’s Earth Hour tonight,” Kat offered by way of explanation. “I remembered when I saw the news this morning, and it seemed a little ridiculous not to take part given everything else.”

And so they talked and ate and drank in the flickering light. Kat served the meal casually in her comfortable living room. Nate seated himself next to her on an overstuffed couch, while Matt relaxed on a large loveseat. The lights stayed off long after the appointed hour passed as they laughed and drank and drank a bit more. She told them about how a middle school science fair project from almost twenty years ago sparked her interest in environmentalism and they told her how they’d gotten into the green contracting business.

“We met in college,” Matt explained. “Nate was this do-gooder hippie type. Lived in the green house, majored in environmental science.”

“You weren’t exactly an MBA type kitted out in a blazer and loafers,” Nate shot back. “He moved into the house senior year and between my treehugger background and his engineering background, we came up with a lot of potential improvements. After college, we took some time to learn the building trade and eventually set up shop as green building firm, even before Al Gore made it the cool thing to do,” Nate joked.

Kat laughed. She’d explained how a few small changes here and there had turned into a full-fledged remodeling job after a strange dream involving Al Gore outlining via PowerPoint all of the ways she could fix up her house.

Nate slipped an arm around her again, but it wasn’t the friendly gesture of yesterday. His hand caressed her bare back and shoulders as it slid behind her, and he bent his head so his lips almost brushed her ear.

“You know, Matt and I have been talking about what exactly you meant by tasting the fruits of our labors.” His breath tickled hotly along her neck and Kat shuddered. She turned her face to him, still conscious of Matt watching intently from the other chair. Without giving herself time to think, Kat boldly ran her tongue over Nate’s bottom lip.

“That’s a taste,” she breathed. She heard Matt shift as Nate slowly wrapped his hand around her bare thigh.

His tongue slid hotly into her mouth as that slightly work-roughened palm kneaded her leg. She heard his partner stand up and move across the room. Matt threaded his fingers through Kat’s dark red hair and tilted her head up, tearing her mouth away from Nate’s. Matt leaned down, pressing his lips to hers as Nate slid his mouth along her exposed throat.

Somehow, she managed to wrench herself out of the sensual haze. She pulled back from Matt’s seeking mouth and pressed a hand against Nate’s muscled chest. All three were breathing heavily and she gazed at each of them in turn before finally turning her lips up in a sultry, knowing smile.

She stood for a moment, leaned against Matt, playfully nipping his earlobe before slowly straddling Nate. Kat braced her hands on his shoulders and once again slid her tongue into his hot mouth. She felt his erect cock beneath her and purposefully ground her throbbing clit against it. The satin of her underwear slid against the hard seam of his fly and Kat moaned against Matt’s lips. As Kat slowly undulated, she heard Matt sink into the loveseat. She turned her head just in time to see him undo the button on his jeans. Kat sat up, still thrusting her hips, her eyes fixed on those long tanned fingers. Matt locked eyes with her at the very moment Nate’s hands covered her tits. He cupped them, though their fullness more than filled his hands. He massaged and rubbed, eventually catching each nipple between his index and middle fingers to gently pinch it. Kat felt hot slickness seeping out of her and as Matt drew those fingers down his fly, she heard the hissing promise of his zipper unfastening. He didn’t take out his cock, though. Instead he teased her by rubbing it through his black boxer-briefs.

Well, two could play at that game. She turned back to Nate and removed his hands from her. Carefully, making sure her arm blocked any real view Matt might catch, she slid the straps down on her pretty sundress, bared her breasts and put his hands on them again. She let out a small gasp. The feel of his hand on her thigh was nothing compared to the sensations at his hand grazing over her nipples. He rolled her dark pink nipples between his fingers and she thrust against him harder. Once, twice, his hips rose up to grind back against her, but then he stopped, grasped her by the waist and urged her up. The bounty of her bare breasts hung in front of Nate’s face. He groaned and latched his mouth around a nipple. The sharp pleasure of it shot straight to Kat’s now-drenched pussy.

She wrapped her arm around Nate’s head and turned to look at Matt again. By now he was stroking his cock. She watched as he pumped his hand slowly up and down its impressive length, lazily fisting himself as he watched the pair on the couch. Kat imagined wrapping her mouth around his engorged head, tasting the salt of his pre-cum and feeling the ridges of his veins beneath her tongue. She licked her lips. Matt’s own quirked in return; he could clearly read her thoughts, though admittedly that wasn’t exactly difficult right now.

Nate caught her other nipple in his teeth, flicking and tugging. His hand snaked up her leg to press against her throbbing cunt. Without warning, both of his hands went to her hips and yanked her underwear down her thighs. Immediately, Nate returned a hand between her legs and he dragged his middle finger along her clit. Kat moaned and arched her back as that same finger slid inside her. Before she could clench her pussy around it, he withdrew it. She turned to give him a pleading look but could only watch mesmerized as he sucked her glistening wetness off of his own finger.

“I think the fruits of my labor taste pretty good.” His voice was rough music. “But I want to know if the lady likes it.” Her caught her mouth again and Kat tasted an essence of her own desire on his hot and seeking tongue. She pulled greedily at him, imagining that tongue on her clit and her own mouth sucking Matt’s eager cock.

“I’ll take that as a yes,” he laughed.

Matt cleared his throat. “You did have help on the project, Nate. I think I deserve a taste. I know I want one.” Kat turned a smile on him. “Fair is fair,” she agreed. She stood and rather wobbily turned to walk to Matt, but Nate snaked an arm around her waist. Still holding her, his hand rubbing her bare ass, he began tossing cushions onto the floor.

“You probably won’t get very far.” He tugged off the underwear still bunched around her thighs. “Besides, I have a better idea.” Nate grasped the hem of her dress and rose from the couch, tugging it up with him. Kat raised her arms and he pulled it off of her in one smooth motion. Just as smoothly, he divested himself of his own clothing until he was standing hard and hot and naked in front of her. Kat couldn’t help herself, and reached out to circle her hand around his throbbing erection. She reveled in the feel of the velvety skin over hard flesh, the slight ridges of engorged veins. She rubbed her thumb over his slit and a rush of liquid warmth rewarded her. She popped the thumb into her mouth, delighting in the salty rush of his masculinity.

“And that officially makes me the only one who hasn’t had a taste,” Matt jokingly complained. “I think it’s time I changed that.” He stood and moved toward the other two, cock bouncing slightly with each step. Feeling wicked, once he was closed enough, Kat massaged Matt’s bobbing head the same way she had Nate’s. She thrust her thumb between Matt’s surprised lips. After a moment, he obliged her by suckling, but then drew it out of his mouth.

“Not quite what I had in mind,” Matt noted. Both men pressed closer to her, sandwiching her between them. As she writhed against them, two pairs of hands roved over her flesh, two pairs of lips traced against her skin. Two cocks throbbed insistently against her.

Kat couldn’t believe her environmentally-conscious renovations had led to her number one sexual fantasy coming true. All of those years of separating recyclables and donating to the World Wildlife Fund had really paid off.

Nate’s erection rested against the cleft of her buttocks as he nibbled at the back of her neck. His teeth caught the exact place where her neck met her shoulder causing her pussy to release another gush of wetness.

After a few more moments of heated groping, those two pairs of hands began lowering her to the ground. Nate leaned against the cushions, propping her upper body against his chest between his spread legs. Kat wriggled a bit, maneuvering herself so that his cock brushed against the side of her breast. She splayed her bent legs wide, giving Matt a clear view of her glistening thighs and beautiful pink pussy as he knelt in front of her. He reached out a hand, gently tangling his fingers through her neatly trimmed pubic hair. He rubbed a knuckle against her exposed clit, brushing it back and forth with agonizing purpose.

“Oh, yes, please” she breathed out. Behind her, Nate’s hands were roaming all over her body. His fingers traced soothing yet sensual patterns across her shoulders, breasts, arms, and belly. Just when Kat thought she might actually start begging them to make her come, Matt buried his face against her. His tongue snaked out, lapping at her slippery folds. Kat clenched one hand in his hair while blindly reaching to fondle Nate’s cock with the other. He drew it away and kissed her palm, then titled her chin up so he could plunder her mouth again.

The shadows of the candlelight played across their straining bodies. Matt continued his assault on her cunt, his talented mouth licking and sucking and flicking her sensitized clit. Each tug of his lips and gentle scrape of his teeth caused her to moan into Nate’s mouth. She felt like some sort of earth goddess being worshipped. And worship her they did with lips and tongues and teeth and hands. Kat bucked her hips as Matt slid two and then three fingers into her grasping pussy. Her walls clenched around him. She let out a mewl of protest as Nate tore his lips from hers and shifted from behind her. She felt cool air hit her back now that the solid wall of him was gone. Nate rearranged her against the cushions so she was sitting almost upright. Kneeling next to Kat, he grasped his erection and offered it to her. Almost mindless with lust, Kat managed to slide her lips around him and worked him in and out of her mouth.

God, the feel and taste of him. Musky and masculine, hard and hot. Finally, she settled her mouth around his twitching cock head, sucking strongly in tandem with the rhythm Matt’s tongue flicked her clit. Precum poured out of him to slide slickly down her throat. She swallowed as rhythmically and she sucked and soon Nate was grasping the back of her head, his hips gently thrusting his cock in and out of her hot and sucking mouth. They both moaned at the same time, as Matt’s wicked eyes gleamed up at them from between Kat’s wantonly splayed legs. And then Matt latched onto her clit, sucking and scraping it between his lips and teeth while his tongue danced over it. His fingers twisted and turned and tugged inside her. Kat was teetering on the edge, spots dancing in her vision from the heated lust.

And then it stopped. Matt’s tongue left her clit and he drew his fingers out of her pussy. Nate pulled his cock from her mouth. She lay there panting and on fire. She started to slide her hand down to her pussy, to work herself over the precipice she was teetering upon, but Matt grabbed her wrist.

They switched places. Nate’s mouth explored her eager cunt while Matt’s rock-hard dick slid into her mouth. Nate didn’t waste much time, picking up where his partner had left off, punishing her clit with his demanding tongue. For a moment, she managed to keep sucking Matt’s beautiful cock, but the throbbing demand between her legs became too much. She collapsed against the cushion, her breasts heaving with short gasps, hips thrusting.

Matt lightly brushed his fingers over her nipples and Kat’s stomach muscles contracted. She arched and seemed to hang there for a moment as the best orgasm of her life crashed over her. A guttural cry poured out of her slack mouth. And Nate. God, his tongue was still circling her engorged clit. It felt like a whiplash across every nerve in her body. A finger slipped out of her clenching pussy and teased her ass. She bucked and tried to twist her hips away from him, from the overwhelming sensation, but he just clamped that muscular arm over her pumping hips, slid that finger into her clenching ass and drove her over the edge again. Kat gripped Matt’s thigh, she felt her nails sinking into his skin; she didn’t care. He pinched both her nipples hard in masterful retaliation. Kat shuddered one last time, too spent to do anything but sprawl naked on her own floor, panting for each breath. Matt gently stroked her hair while Nate reared above her, his lips and chin glistening with the wetness that had poured out of her. The stared at each other, his blue eyes piercing into her green one. Then Nate leaned down and kissed her deeply and gently, pressing her own taste onto her tongue.

Both Matt and Nate lay down on either side of her, their strong hands tracing up and down her body, their soft lips brushing her neck and face, soothing her as her pulse stopped racing. Kat blissfully floated in a hazy in-between state, but she soon became aware of the feel of two hot, hard cocks pressed against her. She stirred.

Kat sat up, and twisted to face Matt. She thought about trying to come up with some witty repartee, but the moment was too heated. The three of them seemed beyond words now, anyway. She knelt in front of him and immediately took his cock into her mouth. No preliminaries, not teasing, just one long, hard, hot suck. As she bobbed her head, she spread her legs a little wider as an invitation for Nate. She imagined him behind her, watching her pussy drip, watching himself slowly sinking into her creamy cunt. Matt’s hand tangled in her hair, and Nate gripped her hips. Kat felt them exchange a glance over her, but she kept working her mouth over Matt, alternating powerful suction with teasing nibbles. She used one hand to fondle his sac, already drawn up hard and tight against his body. Nate slowly traced his cock up and down her soppy cleft, grazing the head over her hard clit.

The hand in her hair gently tugged her away, and Matt shifted, so he was kneeling, positioned directly in front of her while Nate was positioned directly behind. Whether by design or accident, their cocks slid into her mouth and pussy simultaneously.

She felt the momentary pleasure/pain of Nate’s cock head pushing through the tight ring at her entrance and the delighted in the feel of him sliding deeply into her. Her vaginal walls clenched, milking him. The three of them settled into an easy rhythm of fucking and sucking. Kat delighted in the sensation of the relentless push and pull in both her mouth and cunt. It was almost like being fucked by one incredible, long cock. At that thought, she came languorously came again, her pussy rippling along Nate’s erection while her lips pulled hard at Matt’s. Their thrusting slowed and then stopped. Nate pulled her onto her knees.

“Let us both inside you,” he raggedly purred into her ear. “Let us fill you up.” He nuzzled her neck and then dragged his mouth hotly along her jaw. Dazedly, she nodded, Nate’s faint stubble grazing her cheek.

Matt inched forward, nudging her thighs wider with his knees as he urged her to straddle him, tilting her slightly forward to drape her arms over his shoulders. His hand reached out and toyed with the moisture seeping out of her pussy. Gently, he circled a finger over her clit. Kat moaned.

Nate began running his hands across her back in a sensual, sooth massage as he dragged his cock between her sopping pussy lips and then back up and over the cleft of her ass. His thumb dragged more moisture over her tight asshole. Matt’s gentle fingers slid away from her clit as he pressed two of them into her pussy. Then Nate plunged his thick thumb into her ass. She let out a sharp gasp and rested her forehead against Matt’s shoulder as their digits explored both of her passages.

Then Nate removed his thumb, replacing it with the insistent nudge of his cock head against her rear opening. He coated himself with the lubricant spilling out of her cunt. Kat concentrated on deep, relaxing breaths; Matt’s fingers tweaked her clit as Nate pressed determinedly into her ass, pulling himself almost out only to plunge in slightly deeper with the next thrust. The initial shock of pain from having her ass stretched passed, replaced by a delicious, burning pressure. She began to roll her hips in time with his thrusts, pressing her clit against Matt’s hand while her ass simultaneously clenched around Nate’s rock hard dick and softened to accommodate it.

Nate pressed her forward, fitting his thighs to hers while Matt pulled her pelvis closer to him. His cock head was oozing more precum, and her rubbed it back and forth over Kat’s aching clit before pressing it to the opening of her pussy. Nate pulled almost out of her ass as she ever-so-slowly sank onto Matt’s throbbing cock. They all sat still for a moment, giving her body time to adjust to the intense penetration. Kat nodded her head and then sank her teeth into Matt’s shoulder as Nate pushed himself deliberately deeper into her tight ass.

Jesus. She was stretched to the limit. Her ass and pussy burned from the combined pressure of having two cocks filling her up. She could feel them pressed inside her, separated from each other only by a thin wall of her flesh. She shivered at the thought. No, at the reality. And so, once again, she started to roll her hips. The two men inside her matched her sinuous, sensuous movements, slowly pressing in and out of her as they moaned. Matt once again played with her clit; Kat could barely breathe as too many sensations washed over her and rippled inside her. Their sweat-slicked skin slid wetly over each other as their movements grew less rhythmic and more primal.

“God, yes. Fill me,” she gasped over and over again. “Fill my ass, fill my pussy.” Matt pinched her clit hard and forced her to climax. She came, muscles clenching at the cocks buried inside her. Her ass and pussy locked around both Nate and Matt, milking their climaxes from them. She felt Nate spurt hotly deep in her ass just moments before Matt shot thick ropes of cum into her spasming cunt. For a moment, the knelt there locked together before both men slid out of her. She felt their juices mixed with her own slowly dripping out of her stretched holes.

Entirely unable to stand, Kat crawled to the end table to grab the open bottle of wine sitting on it. She took a deep swig directly from the bottle, before offering it to Nate and Matt in turn, exchanging deep plundering kisses with each of them. Eventually, they sat next to each other leaning against the couch, passing the bottle among them without saying a word. Then Nate got the bright idea to pour it into her navel and then her pussy and lick her clean.

And so, in between brief periods of rest, they fucked in multiple combinations. She rode Matt while jacking Nate off. She lay spread underneath Nate as he pounded into pussy while Matt lazily stroked himself in the corner. She let Nate fuck her tits until he coated them with cum while Matt pumped in and out of her ass. Finally, the three of them collapsed into a sticky, sated heap, gently kissing and fondling as they drifted into exhausted sleep.

Just before dropping off, Kat smirked at the random thought that popped into her head. Just think of the electricity she’d be saved by not having to plug in her vibrator tonight.

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