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There’s just something about taking off a beautiful woman’s panties for the first time.

I slid my fingers under Laura’s sheer, tiny black thong and she lifted her hips to accommodate the effort. She propped herself up on her elbows, and with one hand, reached behind her and unclasped the matching black bra, exposing her perfectly proportioned breasts, speckled with spectacular freckles, her pale pink erect nipples poking upwards like gumdrops.

She lay gloriously naked before me, and she looked up at me with those mischievously twinkling green eyes, and uttered her desire.

“Eat me,” she said simply.

It had been a very good first date.

Even though our fledgling relationship was barely three hours old, I had already determined that Laura was perhaps the most beautiful fifty-year-old I had ever met. Better yet, she was as sweet and kind as she was horny. There is a truism about the innocent looking ones being the hottest and most creative lovers. I was about to find out.

We had shared intimate electronic and telephonic foreplay for several weeks, escalating in intensity, prior to this evening. Laura had advertised that she was even more attractive in person than her sensational photos on the dating site had indicated, and she was so right. She had also confessed that she was multi-orgasmic, and that never ceases to capture my attention and imagination.

Slender with golden blonde hair that hung over her shoulders in adorable waves, and a gregarious though sophisticatedly restrained manner, at least publicly, Laura reminded me instantly of Sweet Polly Purebred from the cartoon series ‘Underdog’. And I offer that in the most favorable way possible. Sweet Polly always looked lovingly and longingly at her hero, and maintained a coquettishly flirtatious demeanor, on-screen at least. Yet I suspected that once the cameras stopped rolling, Sweet Polly fucked Underdog’s eyeteeth out.

Laura’s skin was pale with an alabaster-clean Irish-girl complexion. Her thin lips, which I had already tasted and savored, were devoid of any discernible lipstick, but her mouth was naturally delectable. Her kisses were at first warm, teasing, almost bashful, yet we had quickly escalated into a torrid make-out session right in the middle of the parking lot of the restaurant where we had just shared cocktails, and that had led to her invitation to follow her on the short drive back to her house. In fact, there was only one thing wrong with her mouth.

My cock wasn’t in it. Yet.

As I followed her in my own car, hard as a rock in anticipation of the events to ensue, I mused at Laura’s own curious though incredibly accurate self-description. All women seem to have a tendency to compare themselves to another woman with celebrity status (why must they do that?). My favorite was the redhead who insisted she was a spitting image of Ann Margaret, when in fact, she would stretch to reach Kathy Griffin’s level. Most blondes who have achieved their desired hair color from a supermarket shelf would have you believe that they are Marilyn Monroe reincarnated.

Laura, on the other hand, refreshingly mocking herself to some degree, revealed that she bore an uncanny resemblance to Marilyn from the old TV series ‘The Munsters’. For those of us old enough to remember, there wasn’t an adolescent boy who didn’t fantasize about boinking Marilyn silly, or dreaming about burying their tongues into her golden triangle. And it was true, except that Laura was exponentially more stunning, and soon to be entwined with me, in real-life.

So, as Laura and I sensuously disrobed each other within seconds of entering her house, peeling off clothes while groping and kissing passionately, leaving a wrinkled trail of our wardrobes on a path to her king-sized bed, all comparisons were rendered moot. There was only one Laura, and she was uniquely ravishing.

And I was about to ravish her exquisitely trimmed and glistening golden pussy, as she repeated her imploring invitation.

“Eat me,” she purred, more of a command than a request, as she reclined on the mattress and pulled apart her waiting, glimmering slit, exposing her bright pink inner labia. So I did. Oh, boy, did I ever……..

I placed my hands on the tops of Laura’s smooth, flat tummy and slid my thumbs over the smooth skin of her inner thighs. She instinctively spread her legs wide apart and I eased my fingers up to the edge of her pussy lips. She moaned deeply as I felt a shudder run through her magnificent body, a body of a woman fifteen years her junior. She simply defied chronological time. Pinching her swollen pussy lips lightly between my digits, I began to tease her swollen bright pink outer labia. As her head buried into the downy pillow, she shook it from side to side as she reveled in the sensation of my fingers caressing and exploring and fucking her most sensitive flesh.

I traced small ovals over her clit, now peeking through its salmon-hued hood, and it stood up at attention. I pressed the sensitive nub between my fingertips and began to tease it gently, slowly, barely grazing my tongue tip on her. Laura’s body shook with the beginning of a climactic release as I made oral love to the most sensitive part of her body. I snaked a finger deeply up into her channel and magically found the spongy mass of flesh, her g-spot on her upper vaginal wall.

Her body began to convulse involuntarily. Small ripples formed on her abdomen as she gripped the sheets firmly, desperately trying to stave off and prolong the intense flood of ecstasy that was building from deep within. I sucked her clit between my lips. Normally, I would tease for a longer period, but I had mercy. Laura needed to cum, and I knew it would reap benefits throughout the evening and into the morning if I gave her what she craved.

I traced the letters of her first name on her pearl and inserted a third finger into her quivering hole. She gasped and her insides flooded as her entire body shook on my already saturated face. I leaned forward, more deeply into her now humid and pulsing gash and placed a warm, wet kiss on her erect clit, sucking it into my mouth. Her body shook once again as her insides let go with even more cum, splashing me with a delectable squirt of her fluids. The multi-orgasmic self-description was off to a very convincing start.

I gave her a brief interlude to allow her to capture her breath. She was still writhing from the after-shocks as I kissed her creamy inner thighs lovingly, watching her face the entire time. I began to reach down and stroke my own wildly twitching cock, fully engorged in anticipation of what was in store for him.

Her green eyes opened, just slits of emerald, as she gazed down at me dreamily. “Your tongue…God, it’s fucking amazing. It’s like you have an instruction manual for my cunt.”

Her dirty language served to turn me on even more, if possible. It was if she had granted me a permission slip to push the verbal envelope. I continued to nibble on the small crevice of her pelvis, between her legs and her torso, running my fingers over her mons. “Your pussy is amazing, Laura,” I complimented her sincerely, snaking a fingertip along the rim of her leaking vagina. “Like ambrosia, the sweetest of tastes.” I licked her dripping overflow off of my finger. “Yes, amazing. I just might eat you all night.”

She groaned lustfully. “Promises, promises,” and let her head fall back onto the pillow, as content to be the recipient as I was to be the provider.

Laura threw her head back and her beautiful, blonde hair cascaded towards her breasts as my tongue again began to tease her clit, flicking it, lightning-quick but oh, so softly, barely reaching her hard nub. I felt her inner muscles tighten around my tongue when I inserted it into her sopping channel as her hips began to roll gently.

There was nothing subtle about her next explosion. Powerful waves of cum crashed from her pussy walls like a tsunami reaching shore, and her wails echoed throughout her bedroom. Her arms began to spasm, punching at the mattress, and her legs kicked and thrashed unwittingly onto my back and shoulders, like a precocious thoroughbred filly prancing in a field.

“Oooooooaaaahhhhhhh….FUCK…Oooooh, my fucking GOD……..Jesus Fucking Christ….!!!!!”

You can always tell a good Catholic girl by the way she curses when she cums.

And by the sound of things, Laura was obviously a devout Catholic.

Peeling back her impossibly swollen pussy lips, I lowered my face to her oozing slit and began to suck the sweet juices that were literally bubbling from her love hole. Laura tried to reach up to my head to grasp it but couldn’t quite reach. Her arms fell back on either side of her head as she continued to moan and groan with sexual delirium. Her face was a mask of passion as smaller orgasms continued to ripple through her body.

Placing my hand on top of her overheated pussy, I dipped my fingers once more into her tight dampness, evoking another whimper, as I rose onto my knees and began to crawl across the mattress. Laura’s head hung down off the side of the bed now as her creamy, white chest heaved, glistening in perspiration. My hand slid away from her pussy as I stood in front of her face, and I shook my cock and bounced it off of her chin, my heavy balls dangling inches from her forehead

Laura felt my presence beside her face and opened her eyes. She received the proverbial front-row view of all my glory, albeit from an awkward perspective for an initial examination. “Mmmm, maybe it’s this angle,” Laura said, craning her neck almost ninety degrees, as her small hand reached to cup my testicles. “But that is one VERY big dick.”

Finally, there was nothing wrong with her mouth. That pesky lingering problem was about to be solved once and for all. My cock stood fully erect just inches from her beautiful face as my fingers closed around her taut nipples. She brought her hand up and wrapped her fingers around my shaft as she guided my cock between her open lips. I spread my legs wide and squatted slightly in order to lower my cock to her mouth.

She wrapped her arms around my hips and gripped my buttocks as she sucked my cock into her hungry mouth as her head was suspended upside down over the edge of the bed. My fingers continued to squeeze and pull on her hard, pink nipples. She moaned and groaned as she sucked on my shaft hungrily with her thin lips.

Absolutely perfect cocksucking lips, I realized, as she tightly took me inch by inch. I began to pump in and out of her warm mouth and her long blonde hair swayed in midair, back and forth, side to side, as her head moved with the rhythm of my penetrations. Her throat contracted, and I watched my cock expand in her surprisingly talented mouth, causing her inner cheek to bulge as my girth filled her.

She suddenly rolled back over, to attack my cock from a different, much more comfortable perspective. She sat on the edge of the bed between my legs and began to leisurely stroke my cock, coated with her saliva, gripping it with two hands. “It wasn’t the angle,” she said, flicking the blonde bangs from her eyes with a seductive toss of her head. “This thing is huge. Mmmm, lucky me.”

She gave me a teasingly slow handjob, her eyes never leaving my cock, seemingly mesmerized by it. I loved the hypnotic power that my manhood was having on this magnificent woman. I reached down to cup her lovely face in my hands, and we kissed passionately, hungrily, as she brought me to the brink with her hands. Pre-cum was oozing out of me like a dripping spigot.

Not wanting to explode just yet, although the vision of my cum shooting all over that wonderful face and freckled breasts was quite enticing, I tenderly placed my hands on her shoulders and pushed her back onto the mattress. We looked deeply into each others’ eyes as she surrendered her body unequivocally. I gripped her lean calves and put them over my shoulders, and she reached up and guided my cockhead to her glistening target.

There are times when a woman needs to be touched, cajoled, teased, eased into inch-by-inch. From what Laura had told me and shown me thus far, this was not one of those times. It was clear what she needed. We could make love in the morning. Tonight was for fucking.

“Fuck me!” she gasped as I placed my palms on her open thighs. My cock was aimed right at the entrance to her love hole and with a powerful thrust, I rammed straight into her saturated cunt. Laura’s chest heaved and her head flew up as she felt my cock disappear deep into her open body. I felt her inner muscles clamp tightly around my cock and then her body fell back onto the mattress as my hands slid down her legs and now gripped her ankles. I flipped her upright, so that she could ride me. Not so much for her enjoyment, admittedly. Rather, I wanted to watch her princess-like body ride me. I wanted to see her face contort in bliss. I wanted to enjoy her enjoyment, wanted her to use my cock for her pleasure.

I wanted to feel her cum.

Pressing the tip of my shaft between her bright pink folds, covered with her fluids, she rolled her pelvis forward and slowly slid her beautiful body down the length of my shaft until she impaled herself completely on my length. She moaned loudly as she felt the thickness of my cock fill her pussy once again. Placing her hand on the bedspread to support herself, she leaned forward, bringing her nipple to my mouth. I reached up and caressed her freckled breast as my lips closed on her taut gumdrop nipple, sucking it lightly.

I switched to her other breast and then slid my hands down around her magnificent ass and rubbed her down between her spread thighs. Laura sighed, closing her eyes, reveling in the feel of my hands on her body and she slowly began to rise and then fall on my rigid shaft. Again and again she impaled herself on my cock as her beautiful breasts bounced gently before my face. Every time she tried to lift her upper body, the muscles of her abdomen clenched tightly and added to the power of her inner love muscles.

Bringing my hands down between Laura’s raised thighs, I began to tease her clit with my thumbs as my cock rammed in and out of her tightness. As I pressed her tender nub and teased it, her body convulsed in another powerful orgasm as she screamed in passion.

Looking up at her, I could see she was lost in excitement and passion as she fucked me for all she was worth. She drew my face to her tits tightly with one hand as she continued to pump her pussy up and down the length of my cock. Her inner muscles danced around my cock as she ground her hips firmly against mine. My finger slid into her ass crack and she felt it press against her tight sphincter.

It was as if I’d hit her with an electrical wire. Her inner muscles clenched tightly around my shaft and as she rammed her hips down hard on my cock, I exploded deep in her twat. She felt the power of my cum as it shot deep into her waterfall of a pussy and her own body convulsed once again with yet one more explosive orgasm.

Laura continued to piston her pussy up and down my shaft as she moaned and groaned in continuous orgasmic delight. I continued to pump into her tightness but slowed my pace a bit. Laura’s hands came up to her breasts and she began to massage her taut nipples. Finally I eased from between her oozing pussy lips and she sighed as her body relaxed. She pressed her breasts to my lips and finally collapsed in exhaustion. I teased her back and ass with my fingers and then helped her ease her body off of my still turgid cock.

I lowered my face to her open thighs and began to tease her intimate flesh with my tongue. Our mixture of cum just oozed out of her pink, swollen gash and I licked her sweetness as my tongue caressed her clit once again. She shuddered as I savored the nectars of our exotic cocktail, and I next brought my lips to hers.

Lifting her head, I pressed my tongue deep into her mouth. Her hands came up and, grasping my head, she sucked my tongue between her lips and hooked my body again with her legs. I slid my hand down between her thighs and teased her drenched pussy with my index finger, scooping out the residue of our love like the last drops on a melting ice cream sugar cone.

“Lick me, please. Taste yourself on my dick,” I requested sweetly. Laura slid over on the bed and then lay her head in my lap, smiling up at me, an angelic face with devilish intentions. I felt her fingers caress my slowly deflating cock and then slide it between her sweet lips. I felt her tongue caress my shaft as her fingers cupped my balls. Slowly her head slid up and down my cock as she tasted my cum that had filled her pussy, and her cum that had coated my pole. My fingers slid down across her cheek and then stroked her beautiful, blonde hair back off of her cheek. Laura sucked hard on my shaft as her head moved up and down on my cock, as if she were trying to resuscitate me for another bonus ride on the joystick.

I reached down to guide her up towards my face. “Easy, gorgeous,” I said, caressing her forehead. “As much as I’d like to, save me for the morning. Or maybe….,” I hinted wishfully. “……in the middle of the night.”

Laura snuggled under my arms. We were officially lovers now, albeit after a hard, hungry, wild first fuck. Now was the time to be gentle, tender. “I’m sorry I was so forward,” she said bashfully, once again assuming the demeanor of the public Sweet Polly Purebred. “I don’t usually carry on like that, talk like that. it’s just that….well, it’s been so long, and……..”

I placed a fingertip on her lips to ‘shoosh’ her. “It’s OK, beautiful,” I said soothingly. “Believe me, it’s OK. That was intense. I wanted you more than I have ever wanted a woman, and I liked you taking the lead like that. In fact, I loved it. You have a standing invitation to use me like that anytime.”

Her green eyes ablaze, this time with unabashed desire, she kissed me open-mouthed and open-eyed. “Touch me,” she breathed huskily, releasing the kiss. “Touch me. Hold me. Caress me until I fall asleep in your arms. I feel safe.”

“Oh, so I wasn’t wrong in assuming I was invited for breakfast?” I teased her, beginning to run one hand on her flat tummy while I nibbled on the nape of her neck and earlobe. We cuddled into a snug ball, and soon our breathing became almost synchronized.

Just before we fell asleep together, I asked softly in her ear, “By the way, lover, what IS for breakfast?”

Laura never opened her eyes. She just took my hands and placed one of her breast and the other on her soaked, humid pussy. She leaned up into my ear and whispered…….


So, next morning, yes, I ate Laura for breakfast. Slowly, savoring, licking the rim of both bowls. I took more than an hour. And I finished every last drop of Ms. Purebred’s flowing juices. It was a delicious meal, a treat beyond words. I lost count of her orgasms after a baker’s dozen.

After all, it was now officially our second date. Breakfast in bed. Which lasted the rest of the day.

But that’s another story.

A damn good one.

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