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The Foursome

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Joe and I had only known each other for about a month and, after our first meeting, which originated with my personal in the bi site, we had gotten together a couple of times a week at my place at lunchtime and fed each other our delicious cocks. We had talked about our women and both of us felt it wouldn’t be difficult to get them involved also and we had been laying the groundwork for the past couple of weeks which we hoped by now would come to fruition.

Joe told me that his girlfriend, Lisa, had been in a threesome once and said that she had enjoyed it very much.

My wife, Tyko, sometimes fantasizes, while we’re having sex, about having another guy join us sometime so I didn’t think it would be difficult to get her to join in. Besides, once she gets a little horny she’s ready for anything. We decided to start with Lisa so he had prepared her for meeting me and having sex with us. We met for coffee one day and Leese and I got along great so we were looking forward to setting up the next step.

We had arranged to put on a show for Lisa, and Joe had told her that we would be in the bedroom, waiting for her when she got home from work, and were lying in bed naked playing with each other’s cocks when she walked into the bedroom and gasped, as she stopped short and took in the scene. Her eyes glazed over in excitement and she sat in the chair and told us to continue what we were doing as she was getting horny watching us. I grasped Joe’s thick organ in my hand and stroked it slowly upwards toward the head and saw him take my thickness in his hand and do the same to me. Leese started to undress and we watched her as we stroked each other and got even harder as she stepped out of her panties and turned to the bed, sat down on the end and watched us as she ran her fingers between her thighs and into the already wet slit of her juicy cunt.

I couldn’t resist Joe’s beauty any longer and swooped down on his organ and began licking and kissing it from the base up to his sweet cockhead. He swung around at the same time and took my cockhead between his lips and began nursing on it, which sent me into another world as his tongue probed my slit and he nursed on my cock like a baby suckling a nipple. I glanced over to where Leese was sitting at the end of the bed, and saw her slide two fingers into her wet hole as she spread her legs wide and her eyes darted from me to you as we lovingly sucked each others organs.

I was playing with his balls and slipping a finger into his asshole every once in a while as I sucked his delicious meat and began to get rewarded with the flow of his tasty precum which was a treat. We began to deep throat each other and I felt the very beginning of an orgasm approaching as he swallowed around my shaft and his throat muscles milked my cock. I was totally lost in sucking him. His cock was all that mattered to me and I wanted to pleasure him so that he would feed me his precious cum. Suddenly, I felt my cock swell and I moaned while deeply sucking his organ and began to pump jet after jet of hot cum down his throat as he swallowed each load and moaned in ecstacy. This triggered his orgasm and I felt his cock jerk in my mouth as he shot ropes of cum deep in my throat and the two of us sucked each other until the last delicious drops were milked from our balls.

Leese was wild from watching this and was fucking herself with three fingers as she cried out in release and went into her spasms of orgasm which were beautiful to watch. After the three of us calmed down and were relaxing with cold drinks, Leese asked me if my wife ever joined in our sex sessions and I told her that she had recently made me think she would be receptive to watching Jim and I sometime. Leese asked me if I could invite her over to join us right now and make it a foursome so I called Tyko and asked her to come over and meet my new friends as she would be very turned on if she did. She told me that she would hop in a cab and be over in 15 minutes.

The three of us were sitting on the bed and Leese was directing us and watching as we played with each other’s organs and started to get them nice and hard again. She had her fingers in her cunt and seemed to be warming up while waiting for my wife to arrive. When the bell rang, she went to the door to find an absolutely gorgeous Japanese woman with a sensational body standing there with a smile asking for me. Leese let her in and Tyko introduced herself and the two of them looked each other over appraisingly as Leese led her to the bedroom. We were idly sucking on the heads of each other’s cocks when Tyko and Leese walked in and she asked her what she thought of us and what we were doing.

Tyko stood there in surprise for a few moments and then a look of pure eroticism came over her face as she looked at us sucking each other. Leese noticed this look and realized that she was getting horny so she slipped over in back of Tyko and put her arms around her, grasping her beautifully shaped, small breasts in her hands as she leaned forward and kissed her on the neck. Tyko fell back against her in a swoon as she closed her eyes and felt the sensations coursing through herbody as Leese’s hands kneaded her breasts and tweaked her large nipples which were already fully erect.

Then Leese told us to sit back and watch a real love session as she undressed my wife and asked her to lay down on her back on the bed. I never saw my wife so mesmerized before as she lay back and parted her thighs revealing her delicate petal-like labia which were already swollen and opening wide to show her wet, pink cunthole. Leese exclaimed in happiness when she saw the beautiful thighs framing Tyko’s gorgeous cunt and she swooped down and trailed her wet tongue all over the insides of my wife’s sexy thighs and then lightly across her labia.

As she began kissing Tyko’s pussy, she cried out in joy when she saw my wife’s large clit getting hard and pushing its way out of the protective hood of flesh. Leese kissed her way up the wet slit and ran her tongue over the swelling organ before taking it into her mouth and sucking it as if it were a tiny cock. Tyko was thrashing her head back and forth and moaning in ecstacy as Leese worshipped her cunt. We were playing with each other’s organs as we watched the sexy scene before us and our cocks were magnificently erect.

Leese and Tyko were looking into each other’s eyes as Leese gently sucked Tyko’s erect clit and then my wife asked her to swing around and feed her some pussy also. Leese swung around without missing a suck and lowered her throbbing cunt to Tyko’s eager mouth which licked, kissed and sucked every part of it as both of them lost themselves in pleasure. I had to have Joe’s organ in my mouthand pulled him down alongside the girls and got on top of him and fed my organ into his hungry mouth as I took his smooth head between my lips and sucked it lovingly as I licked his pre-cum off the tip as it flowed out.

Every once in a while, we’d stop sucking and turn our heads to watch the sexy sight of our women sucking each other like they needed each other’s cunts to survive. They were doing the same, as they would suddenly stop sucking each other to turn their heads and watch us until they got so hot, they had to go back to eating each other out.

While I had his meat deep down my throat, I heard Tyko scream out in passion and begin to whimper as she experienced a mind blowingorgasm. It seems her juices triggered Leese’s orgasm and we heard muffled moans as she flooded my wife’s mouth with her juices while sucking up Tyko’s. They lay there a while idly licking each other’s labia and watching us deep throat each other. They both remarked how good we were and that they found it a tremendous turn on to watch us, however, both of them wanted our big cocksinside their pussies and asked us to please roll over and fuck them.

I knew my wife would do anything for a cock, at this point, and told Leese to stay on her knees as I came up behind her and slipped the head of my throbbing penis to her wet, open cunthole and pushed it inside until I was deep in her and then told my wife to get underneath her and suck on her clit as I fucked her. When Joe saw Tyko take his girl’s clit between her lips, he fed the swollen head of his gorgeous cock between her labia and teasingly rubbed it up and down her wet slit before surging in until his cock hairs mashed against hers. Tyko and Leese were both moaning and each would gasp as we plunged our cocks deeper into their hot holes. Tyko loves to talk sexy when she’s hot and every once in a while would comment about how good Leese’s cunt tasted and smelled and asked her if she liked what she was doing to her.

Leese told her that she never wants her to stop sucking her cunt and would love to walk around all day with Tyko’s tongue inside her. Joe would occasionally withdraw his organ from Tyko and feed it to Leese, so she could taste both their juices, and then put it back inside my wife’s pussy. Everytime he pulled out, Tyko would start whimpering until he put it back. All this sexy talk combined with the fantastic pleasure that Lisa’s cunt was giving me brought forth a huge orgasm and I started to pump hot cum into her grasping cunt. Hot jets of sperm splashed against her uterus and that, along with my wife firmly sucking on her clit, made her cry out as she came and wet my thick shaft with her juices while I was still pumping mine into her.

Tyko cried out in glee as she told us that my cum was dripping out of Leese’s cunt and directly into her mouth and it was delicious especially because it was mixed with Leese’s flavor. She stayed down there sucking up our juices while moaning and thrashing her hips around to capture as much of Joe’s cock as she could. Suddenly, her body tensed and she thrust her hips into his body and whimpered like a baby as she came and wet his cock with her hot juices. That was all he needed, her cunt was gripping his cock tightly and suddenly his organ swelled and shot the first burst of sperm inside her only to be followed by more spasms until his organ finally quieted down and stopped jerking. I wanted to taste my wife from his cock and as soon as he withdrew it from her sweet hole, I leaned over and took the head of his shaft in my mouth and licked off all the delicious juices from both of them before collapsing on the bed alongside the three of them.

After that first get together, we had sessions at either our place or theirs at least once a week and looked forward to every one of them since the four of us were so compatible sexually and otherwise. On one particularly beautiful, warm, spring Saturday, the four of us decided to take a long drive in the country up in Connecticut and have dinner at one of those lovely country inns that were all over the state. We took the Merritt Parkway and, even though it’s one of the most scenic in the country, I turned off onto a winding 2 lane country road that was very picturesque and had the kind of hairpin curves that were like a road race course. We were enjoying the scenery and the roller coaster hills and curves of the road for some time when suddenly, as we rounded a curve, there was a guy standing in the road, next to an MG, waving us down.

I pulled over and he thanked us for stopping as he and his friend have been waiting over 40 minutes for someone to come along. Their engine just quit on them and they had to pull over. His cell phone went dead as he was calling for help and that was it. Joe said he would take a look at their car as he knows something about engines and he got out and, after lifting the hood and fiddling around for a few minutes he told the guy to get in his car and try it now. The engine came to life as soon as he turned the key and he and his friend were overjoyed and got out to thank us. Joe told them that a wire had come loose and all it needed was a tight connection. The guy muttered something like, “Isn’t that what life is all about?” and we both smiled.

He introduced himself as Rob and his friend, Brian and told us they were on their way to his country house which is not too far from where they were and insisted that we follow them there and join them for dinner to show their gratitude for what we did. He mentioned that they could have been stuck there for hours since no car had passed since we arrived. I walked back to the car and told the girls about the change in plans so they got out and we introduced them to Brian and Rob. They happened to be a couple of good looking guys and I guess we all surmised that they were lovers on their way to a good time on a weekend in a secluded house. The gals seemed to hit it off with them right away and Rob told us to follow them for about a 40 minute drive further up this road.

I stayed on his tail and just as he said, we pulled up in front of a real log cabin set well back from the road. Rob showed us inside and we were amazed at the beautiful décor and appointments in the foyer and living room. He seated us in the living room and asked whether we would like soft drinks, hard drinks or something to smoke. Joe said he would love some grass and the girls seconded it and so did I. Brian brought a small pipe and lit it up and passed it around and within 10 minutes all of us were very mellow and you would think we had known each other for years. Rob brought up the car incident again and said that he would like to reward me for helping them and what could he possibly do for me.

With a smile, and an aside to Tyko, I muttered something like, “Well, a blowjob would be nice.”

She laughed and Rob said, “I heard that and I was thinking of the same thing. Would you like to go in the bedroom or stay right here?” and I told him that it would be nice to start right here, for now.

He undid my belt, zipped down my fly, took off my pants, shoes and shorts and reached out and fondled my ball sack, telling me how suckable they look and then grasping my thick, hardening organ in his hand and telling me how suckable it looks. He leaned forward and began to lick the swollen crown and, from the first touch of his tongue, I knew this was going to be nice and lay back and relaxed while he got to know every inch of my crotch. Tyko had lifted her dress and was sitting cross legged next to me. I ran my fingers into her crotch and played there as Rob did a fabulous job on my penis. I happened to glance over and saw Joe rubbing Brian’s crotch through his pants as they watched Rob suck me. Then Lisa walked over next to Tyko and leaned over and soul kissed her as she tweaked her rock hard nipples.

I watched Joe and Brian undress and was amazed at the size and girth of Brian’s cock. It was very thick and had a beautiful, sloped head with a deep ridge around it and had to be at least 9″. It was very hard now after Joe had worked it up and Joe asked Brian to lay back and relax as he got comfortable between his thighs and began to lick and suck his organs. I was so high from the grass and what Rob was doing to my cock that I was lost in a world of pleasure and watched with interest as Joe gave Brian a sensational sucking. He managed to get about half his penis down his throat and stroked his massive cock as he sucked him. Meanwhile, Tyko was laying on the couch 69ing with Leese and their muffled moans and groans of contentment as they fed on each other was like music to my ears.

Rob was rapidly bringing me off and I took his head in my hands and began to fuck it as my penis erupted in orgasm and began shooting jets of hot cum in his mouth. He hungrily sucked up each load and sucked me deeply as he tried to get more after my last spasm ended and kept my penis in his mouth for some time after I finished cumming. I was enjoying the sight of my wife and Lisa sucking each other in rapture as Joe’s head was bobbing up and down on Brian’s huge organ and he was moaning in passion as he sucked the beautiful penis. Then we all heard muffled moans and gasps as both Tyko and Leese went into orgasms and buried their faces in each other’s crotch as they licked up their delicious juices.

Brian cried out that he was cumming and he held Joe’s head in his hands as he shot load after load of delicious hot cum down his throat. Joe was gulping each rope down and squeezed his shaft up to get the last drops before he pulled his mouth away from the beautiful, thick penis and looked over at me with a smile on his face.

I asked Rob and Brian whether they had ever had sex with a woman. Rob said that he had a girlfriend for a while and that they had had sex but, as soon as he realized he was gay, sex was exclusively with guys so it was a long time since he had a woman. Brian said that he had never had a woman although he has been curious about trying it once at least. As soon as he finished saying that, Tyko walked over and got comfortable between his legs and began lightly licking his cock and balls as Lisa got up on the couch and had him lay his head back on the cushion as she fed him her pussy to suck. After a while they changed positions and by this time Brian’s penis was near bursting and you could see the arteries pulsating as his cock throbbed. Tyko got up and while facing him, she straddled his lap and fit the head of his erection to her wet hole and sank down on it causing both of them to gasp in pleasure.

Joe walked over and took Tyko’s place as he fed the head of his thick cock to Brian who eagerly took it into his mouth and began sucking feverishly on it as my wife was enjoying his huge, thick penis filling her vagina. Suddenly, Brian cried out that he was cumming and grasped Tyko around her waist and held her tightly to him as his penis shot hot loads of cum into her hungry pussy. He drew deeply on Joe’s organ and was rewarded with hot ropes of cum shooting into his mouth in spasm after spasm until there was no more. After he finished licking Joe’s penis clean, he let it fall from his lips and told everyone that his first woman fuck was fabulous and he just might try it again. Lisa looked at him and told him that she was going to give him 15 minutes to relax and then he was going to fuck her also.

Rob brought in some fresh drinks and we sat around and talked. I asked them how long they were partners and did they have sex with others also. Rob told me that they had been living together for 3 years and that they enjoyed threesomes and moresomes on occasion but that it has only been guys up to now. Brian’s enormous, thick penis was laying on his thigh in a soft state when Lisa dropped down between his legs and rested her head on his thigh as she looked lovingly at his organ and cupped his balls in her hand. She watched as his penis stirred and slowly came to life as he looked at her looking at his cock with such reverence. She leaned forward and took his smooth, sloped cockhead between her lips and nursed on it while gently squeezing his balls.

His cock rose to magnificent proportions and she got up and straddled his lap as she fit the head of his organ to her vagina and began rising and falling on his thick pole in a slow, sensuous rhythm. Rob came over and fed his lover his soft cock to suck on as Leese lost herself in the pleasures his fabulous penis was giving her. Brian loved sucking Rob’s cock when it was soft so he could feel it grow in his mouth and that’s just what happened as Lisa moved around on his throbbing shaft and milked his cock with every motion of her hips. She was moaning and telling everyone how good his cock felt inside her as she fucked his pole when suddenly, Brian held her hips and pulled her down on his organ as he shot hot jets of cum into her vagina. As soon as the first hot spurt entered her, she exploded in orgasm also and both of them ground into each other as they went to heaven together.

Now that the girls had accomplished their objective and broke Brian’s virginity, we decided to take a short break for dinner so that we could have one more session before we had to leave and get back to the city. Rob had some Lasagna in the freezer so he heated it up quickly as he made a salad and Brian opened some wine. We found out that they had an apartment in the city pretty close to our area and they invited Joe and I to join one of their guy parties sometime, as he apologized to the gals since they weren’t invited although he did say that it might be possible for them to come and watch sometime if everyone agrees.

We went back into the living room and as Rob sat down, I got down between his legs and told him I wanted a little desert now. He immediately spread his thighs and offered me his crotch to worship and I tasted his cockhead and found it delicious. As I sucked his sweet cock, I felt a large organ poking around my asshole and then it was entering me after lubing me with precum and I was a little apprehensive when I realized it was Brian’s enormous penis that was fucking me. He knew how to use the gorgeous tool he had been blessed with and had me in a different world as his thick organ plowed into me and gave me sensations I had never felt before. I sucked deeply on Rob’s delicious penis and stroked it as I sucked it because I wanted to taste his cum.

It wasn’t long before I heard him sigh and hold my head in his hands as he fed me long ropes of hot cum in jet after jet until his cock stopped throbbing and I squeezed the last delicious drops up from the base of his shaft. Brian was still fucking me and his cock felt wonderful filling my asshole and moving in and out so smoothly. Then Joe wiggled his way underneath me and took my erection in his mouth and began sucking deeply on it as Brian fucked me and I held Rob’s softening cock in my mouth. It hit me like a ton of bricks and my cock swelled and pumped hot cum down Joe’s throat as he gulped down each load hungrily. While I was cumming, Brian grasped me around the waist and fed his cock deep inside my ass as I felt it swell and fill my ass with spurt after spurt of his cum juices.

When I turned around I saw that Tyko was sucking Joe’s cock and Leese was sucking my wife. Tyko got off once more and then brought Joe over the edge as she greedily swallowed his cum as he shot into her mouth.

We decided to call it a night and washed up and got dressed. We thanked Rob and Brian for their hospitality and told them we were looking forward to seeing them again very soon. They saw us to the door naked and I could see Brian’s cock starting to come to life as I grasped it in my hand when we said goodbye. Reluctantly, we got into our car and headed home where about an hour later we dropped Leese and Joe off and went home. While reliving the events of the day, we both got horny again and, as soon as my wife saw my cock get hard, she guided it inside her and we slowly fucked ourselves to sleep as we discussed the merits of the various cocks and pussies that we just enjoyed………

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