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The Fishing Trip

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Prolog, yeah I know the fishing and camping stories have been done to death. To be honest it is one of my favorite plot lines. So here is my version of a well used and worn out plot line.

My two buddies and I have been planning this trip for a long time. The first fishing outing of a season has turned in to a tradition for us. The Midwest winters seem to get longer and colder each year.

To say cabin fever is setting in by spring would be an understatement. I wasn’t expecting anything unusual to happen. I had my things packed up and ready to go on Wednesday night and my boat all prepped and out of winter storage on Thursday. I met Bob and Joe Friday night and we headed off to the resort. The trip wouldn’t have been that bad except Bob and Joe were in a strange mood. They were acting like teen-age boys instead of mature men. They kept trading wise cracks that had a sexual innuendo with each other. I just ignored them hoping they would get the hint and start acting their age. An hour after we left home we stopped in a truck stop to get some gas for the truck and get something to eat. I filled the truck up with gas and went in to the restaurant to meet up with Bob and Joe. They were sitting in a booth again trading sexual innuendos with each other like a couple of 12 year olds. I just ignored them. The waitress came over; she was a friendly woman in her early 50’s maybe late forties kind of plump with large breast.

“You ready to order sir,” She asked

I looked up a got a closer look at her, she was smiling and her nametag said Kathy, I replied, “Yes I am Kathy I’ll take a hamburger with everything, fries and a glass of water.

Kathy asked, “What brings you three up here so early in the season?”

Joe replied, “First fishing trip of the season it is kind of a tradition for us. We have been looking forward to it all winter.”

Bob added, “We have been doing it for years. Give us a chance to get away from the wife and kids and have some male bonding time.”

Kathy asked in a kidding tone, “What do your wives think of all this male bonding?”

Joe replied in a joking manner, “They just want us to go out and have a gaaay old time with our selves.”

God I couldn’t believe he said that, I was so embarrassed I just wanted to crawl under the table and die. Instead I said, “I’m sorry some times your kids just never grow up and they wonder why you never take them any where.”

“I know what you mean I can’t take my husband anywhere and he likes to have a gay old time with his friends once in awhile,” Kathy said.

Bob asked, “Sounds like fun, you ever get to watch?”

Kathy smiled and then said, “Of course he knows how much I like to see him have fun with his friends.”

Joe then asked, “He like being on his knees?”

“That is his favorite position and he is very good at it,” Kathy said she then took Joe and Bob’s order and left us.

“I can’t believe you two some times, god I have never been so embarrassed in my life,” I said crossly to Joe and Bob.

Bob replied. “Lighten up man we were just having a little fun with her, just like she was having fun with us.”

“Oh yeah,” I replied, “What would you say if your kids acted this way in public?”

“They do act this way, we just never find out about it is all,” Bob replied. “Besides half the fun was in embarrassing you.”

I just sat there silently eating my supper while Joe and Bob talked about the up coming weekend what our plans were. When we finished eating Kathy brought over the check we figured the tip and I left a generous amount for putting up with their bullshit. When she came back with the change Bob asked, “You and your husband going to come up and help us eat all the fish we are going to catch this weekend?”

“Sure would love to,” Kathy said.

I rolled my eyes back and wished this would all end.

Then Bob asked, “What is your phone number so we can call you and your husband.”

Kathy wrote a number on a slip of paper and handed it to Bob then he said, “We will get in touch to let you know how we are doing,”

Kathy then said with a cheerful smile, “Sounds like fun I’ll let my husband know.” Then she walked off to wait on another table.

As we were walking towards the truck I scolded Bob, “Jesus are you fucking crazy. What the fuck are you trying to do. For fucking Christ sake what the hell would Sue do if she finds out your hitting on some waitress.

Joe Responded first, “Man would you just chill out we were only having some fun with her. If you took a second to notice she was having fun with us also. It’s not like we asked her to come out to the truck and do all of us at the same time.”

“Yeah,” Bob added, “It seems the only one who has a problem with what went on is you. What has gotten in to you this past year? It seems you’re turning in to an asshole in your old age. There was a time when you would have been joining in, maybe even starting the joking with her.”

“Maybe your right,” I said then I continued, “Ever since I took this new job a year ago I have been under so much pressure at work and I can’t seem to leave it there. I bring it home and some times I can’t help my self and I take it out on Judy if the kids were at home I would probably take it out on them also. I should just find a new job and tell these people to go and fuck themselves.”

Joe said, “That is the whole point of these trips, to decompress form all the pressure at work and home. You don’t know if you loosen up and keep a open mind you just might get a new prospective on your problems at work.”

Nobody said anything while we were driving; I guess I killed the mood. To be honest I did feel bad for being such a killjoy. When we got to the resort we checked in at the main office and unloaded all of our gear at our assigned cabin. The cabins were pretty small just a main combination room of kitchen and living room with a fold out couch and two small bed rooms. We put our stuff in the corner of the room and food and beer in the refrigerator. Bob looked to see what was on TV. The resort did not have cable so just a quick flick of the dial showed nothing was on. We looked at each other and Joe said, “What should we do for the rest of the night.

Bob said. “We could play a few hands of cards and drink a few beers.”

“Sounds like fun to me,” Joe said.

I don’t gamble on principal I just feel I work to hard to earn what little money I have so I said, “If were playing we’re not betting money if you want to play for points. That is ok by me,” they agreed. So we sat at the small kitchen table and played a few hands. Lets face it poker is not a hard game to play. Especeally when you play with two guys who depend completely on the luck of the draw. I ended up winning most of the hands and they quickly became bored. Joe and Bob started to kid with each other again. This was starting to annoy me but I kept my mouth shut because at least this time we were not in public plus I didn’t want to be a wet blanket on there fun.

After a couple more hands Bob said, “Let’s play strip poker.”

Joe quickly replied, “Sounds like fun kind of puts and element of risk in the game.”

They both looked at me and I replied, “Aren’t we a little old for that? If you two want to play nasty like pair of ten year olds then go right ahead.”

Bob looked at me and said, “Why don’t you lighten up and just try to have a little fun. Stop being so serious all the time.”

Reluctantly I agreed so we cut the cards to see who would deal first. I drew a Jack of Hears, Bob drew a Ten of Hearts, and Joe drew a Seven of Clubs.

I took the deck of cards shuffled and started to deal out five cards each. We picked up our hands and looked. I had three fours, and a six of spades and a seven of hearts. I looked up at Joe and Bob from their faces it looked like they had crap in their hands. I took two cards, Bob took three cards and Joe took 4 cards. Looks like I was right. Joe laid down a pair of threes, Bob laid down a pair of eights, I looked at them smiled and laid down three fours and a pair of fives. Joe stood up and took his shoes off. I gathered the cards shuffled again and dealt out five cards each. I looked at my hand and saw I had total shit. I took four cards, Joe and Bob each took three. I thought to my self this does not look good. I picked up my cards again and saw I had three tens at least this is better. We laid down our cards, Joe had pair of sixes, Bob had three fours and I laid down my three tens. Joe took his sox off and I dealt another hand. I had three fours and a pair of sevens. Joe took three cards, Bob took four, they both looked worried when I didn’t take any. We laid down our cards. Joe had three tens, Bob had two queens and I laid my full house down. Bob kicked off his shoes the game pretty much went like this until Joe was down to his under wear and Bob was down to his pants and under wear at that point I had only lost two hands so I still had my shirt and pants on.

As I was dealing the next hand Bob spoke up, “Lets up the stakes here to make it more interesting.”

Joe asked, “What do you have in mind?”

Bob said, “Looser had to suck the other two off.”

I looked at Joe to see what Joe’s reaction would be as he was the one who was the furthest behind. They both looked at me to see what my reaction would be then I said, “You have to be kidding, aren’t we a little old for such games? If you two want to fool around go ahead it’s fine by me, I don’t care, what goes on here stays here just like it always has in the past”

Joe said, “I’m game besides I don’t think I will be the loser.”

Frustrated by this I thought the way these two are playing I will be the over all winner and I could decline in any kind of fun they thought we are going to have tonight. So I dealt another hand. I picked up my cards and I had a three of spades, a six of clubs a ten of hearts, queen of hearts and an ace of diamonds. This was the worst hand I had all night. I just stared at the cards and decided to keep the ace and throw the rest away. What I got back was just as bad as what I threw away. Bob and Joe both took two cards. For some reason I thought my luck was changing for the worst. We laid our cards down and just as I thought I had the low hand so I took my shirt off and for the first time in the game I was not ahead. Bob had the high hand so I handed him the deck of cards and he shuffled and handed the deck to Joe to cut. Then he dealt out five cards. I picked up my hand and took a look I had for nines with king high I decided to stand pat. Bob and Joe each decided to take two cards each. They looked at they’re hands and Joe laid down a pair a jacks, Bob laid down a pair of eights, I smiled then I laid down my four nines. Bob frowned when he stood up and took his pants off. Bob handed me the deck then he said, “Just so we are clear the first one to lose a hand when they are completely naked is the loser.”

Being ahead in the game I said, “What ever it’s fine by me.” I just wanted to get this farce over with. To be honest I thought it was completely stupid to be in this situation.

Joe said, “Ok sounds good to me.”

I shuffled the cards and handed the deck to Bob so he could cut them. He handed the deck back to me and I dealt out five cards each. I looked at my hand and saw I had three fours. I threw the other two cards on the table. Bob took three cards and Joe took four cards. As I was dealing out the cards I said to Joe, “Looks like your going to get a taste of dick tonight.”

Joe said, “Maybe the game isn’t over yet.”

Then I said, “You ever do it before? Or would this be your first time?” I was trying to put some pressure on him to make him make a mistake in the game. What he said next really surprised me.

“Not since I was a kid guess you could say every one has some kind of experience like it.” Joe replied.

We laid down our cards, Joe had a pair of threes and Bob had a full house Kings over Queens. Joe stood up and took his underwear off with a relief I thought this game would be over soon.

Bob still had the deal he shuffled the cards and Joe cut them he dealt each of us five cards. I looked at my hand and was surprised to see a flush of hearts I stood pat with what I had. Joe took four cards and Bob took four cards We laid our cards on the table Joe had a king high and Bob had a 10 high I laid my cards down and thought what a perfect waist of a good hand. Bob thought he was getting robbed so he stood up with a scowl on his face and took his under wear off. Joe and I got a glimpse of his semi erect circumcised cock if I had to guess it would be about eight inches at full hardness. Joe could not take his eyes off of it and my physical reaction surprised me in that my lips started to tingle and my mouth was watering. Either one of these guys lose on the next hand, this joke of an evening will be over I thought to my self as I was dealing out the cards. I picked up my cards and saw I had a full house sevens over eights. I stood pat on my hand, so did Bob and Joe I thought to my self this could be interesting. We laid down our cards and to my surprise my full house of sevens and eights lost to Bob who had a full house of jacks over queens who was beaten by Joe’s hand of four kings. I stood up and took my pants off. They both kind of chuckled and I said, “Don’t laugh your both one loosing hand away from being on your knees.”

Bob said, “The key word there is losing. You think you could go through with it if you lost or will you be a little boy and chicken out.”

I replied, “The way you two been playing I don’t think I’m going to lose.” I then handed the deck of cards to Joe. Joe shuffled the deck and handed it back to me to cut. I handed the deck back to him and he dealt out five cards. I picked up my hand and saw I had a pair of aces I discarded three cards, Joe took two and Bob took two. I picked up my cards and saw I had the pair of aces and a pair sixes. We laid our cards down I had my two pair of aces and sixes, Joe had three fours, we both looked over at Bob and he laid down four eights. They both looked and me and grinned, I stood up and took my underwear off and Bob, said, “Looks like one more losing hand and you will get your first taste of cock.”

“If I turn queer because of this it will be your fault,” I replied.

They both laughed Joe handed the deck to Bob and he said as he shuffled the cards, “Looks like the last hand of the night, then we will see who is man enough to back up his bet.”

Then I asked him, “What if the loser chickens out? What happens then?

“The second highest hand sucks off the winner,” Bob replied. He handed the deck to Joe to cut the cards then he dealt up five cards each. I picked up my cards and saw I had a full house Queens over Jacks I decided to stand pat. Joe drew three cards and Bob didn’t take any. I laid my cards down first they both looked at my hand and with out saying a word Joe laid down five cards spade flush. I knew it was not going to be my night when Bob smiled laid down a full house aces over kings. There was a short pause we just sat there looking at each other then Bob spoke up, “Well are you going to pay up or what?”

I looked at both of them they had their hands under the table I was wondering what they were doing, then I said. “You really don’t expect me to do this do you?”

“A bet is a bet if you didn’t want to pay the price you shouldn’t have bet.” Bob said.

“Look I’m not gay to be honest I have never even thought about doing anything like this.” I said. I lied on that last one to be honest I thought about it a lot. It was one of those shameful thoughts that you’re too embarrassed to tell any one about. The last thing in my life I wanted was to be labeled a queer or fag. I was comfortable in my life and I really didn’t want to do anything that would jeopardize it. There was how ever that one part of me that did want to do this. I felt like I was in a battle with my self. On one hand I didn’t want any part of this for fear of being labeled fag or queer I also had the fear that if my Judy ever found out she would leave me in a heart beat. On the other hand was there was a part of me that did want to do this.

Bob said, “As for you being labeled you should know us both well enough by now to know that won’t happen. Besides what goes on up here stays here just like it always has.” Then he and Joe got up to go and sit on the small couch. When they sat down they began to stroke their cocks then they looked over at me and Bob said, “We’re ready when you are.”

I felt like I didn’t have any choice at this point. On one hand if I did this with them my only hope would be they would keep they’d mouths shut and forget this happened when we got back home. On the other if I didn’t do this they would continually ridicule me for the rest of the trip maybe even for the rest of my life.

I stood up and walked over to the couch and knelt in front of Joe. Because he had the winning hand I thought he would be the one I started with. I reached over and started to jack his cock looking at it while my hand went up and down the shaft in slow easy strokes. I looked at his dick then I looked up in his eyes and Joe said, “Go ahead it’s not going to be that bad, if you let yourself you might even enjoy it.”

I just looked up at him and thought yeah right that’s easy for you to say. He then reached out with his right hand and put it on the back of my head and gently pulled me to his crotch.

The tip of his cock touched my lips he slowly move it across them then he said, “Go ahead lick it take your first taste.” I stuck my tongue out a little bit and licked the tip the head of his dick. Then Joe said, “Yeah that’s right lick the head,” then he said as I was circling my tongue around the head of his dick, “Oh yeah that’s right get into it your making me feel so good.” Joe then said, “Open your mouth and start sucking me I want more,” he then put pressure on the back of my head to pull me in to him and I open my mouth and his dick entered my mouth. I worked my tongue around the head and started bobbing up and down on the shaft. The taste was not like anything I expected it was not unpleasant at all pretty soon he started to leak precum at first it was a little bitter then its was just a light slick salty taste in my mouth. I decided to get this over with as quick as I could. The only way I figured I could do that was to get him off as quick as possible so I started sucking him harder and bobbing up and down the shaft quicker.

Then Joe said, “Look at him Bob he is really getting into it, If he doesn’t slow down he is going to get me off in now time.”

I started to speed up and Joe said, “God that feels good he is almost as good Mary.”

I started to put more effort in it and to my surprise I liked what I was doing I thought to my self this is really fun. Then Joe’s cock swelled up in my mouth and his breathing became quicker and he said, “Oh god, of god, oh god I’m coming.” The he started to thrust his dick into my mouth and with each thrust a spurt of cum came out. I didn’t stop sucking on him till he went soft the he pulled his flaccid dick out of my mouth and looked down and smiled at me and said, “God that was great, I haven’t had a blow job like that in a long time.”

I looked up at him and smiled then I said, “Your welcome I’m glad you enjoyed it.”

I then looked over at Bob and said, “Your next I’m ready when ever you are.”

I moved over in front of Bob and got between his legs. I looked directly at his cock. I was wrong before it wasn’t eight inches in length it was more like nine and it was very wide and strait as an arrow. He reached behind my head and guided me toward his massive cock when it got with in an inch of my lips I opened my mouth and got about half of it in. Then I rose up and twirled my tongue around the crown then I went back down till the head hit the back of my throat and I started to gag but I went back up before I lost control.

Then Bob said, “Wow that is great but try swallowing when you get it to the back of your throat and see if you can get it all in.”

I went down on his cock again just like before but this time I started to swallow when his cock got to the back of my throat this surprised me because it helped to get the monster cock past my gag reflex and down my throat till my nose was buried in his short pubic hair. I worked the shaft with my tongue and applied sucking pressure, his cock got even larger and harder in my throat. Bob started to thrust his hips holding me against his stomach with his hands. He started to breath faster then he said, “Oh god get ready here it comes your getting me off now.” He then pulled my head back so only his large mushroom head was in my mouth and I felt his orgasm spurting on my tongue. He pulled his dick out of my mouth when it went soft I looked up at him then smiled and swallowed his come.

Then Bob said, “You sure you have never done this before? That was as good as Sue does.”

“Yeah I’m sure.” I replied.

“With the effort you put in to it you must have really enjoyed it. Would you like to do it again some time?” Joe asked.

I didn’t say anything I just got up off my knees and went in to one of the bedrooms and lay down on the bed. I looked down and for the first time I noticed my dick. It hadn’t been this hard in a long time it also hasn’t felt this good either. I reached down and slowly stroked it. Thinking to my self, wow I not only sucked my first dick to night but I sucked two dicks and I really liked doing it. It was something I would like to do again but I was still afraid of what would happen if my wife found out. I could hear Bob and Joe talking in the other room; I couldn’t understand what they were saying. Maybe they were talking about how much fun they had or maybe they had some regrets about what happened. At this point I was just too tired to care and with in a few minutes I drifted off to sleep.

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