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The Elevator Ride

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We had seen each other many times, always going to and from work; but we had never spoken. Usually passing each other in the lobby, and sometimes riding in the same elevator to the top of the hi-rise; it’s a huge building and with people stopping on every floor the rides take forever some days. I also knew that you had seen me watching you – admiring the way you walked, the outfits you wore, any glimpse I could get. From the smiles and looks you occasionally gave me, I even thought you enjoyed teasing me some.

Coming back from lunch today the way up was even more crowded than normal; everyone in a rush and ready to enjoy their weekend I guess. I wasn’t really paying attention until I saw you come into the elevator at the last moment; then I couldn’t even catch my breath. You were wearing a nice business outfit; grey skirt and jacket with a white blouse that I could see underneath. Your hair had been recently done, and I thought it looked incredible – along with the rest of you! The skirt was cut almost a little short for business though, and the heels seemed just a bit high… maybe you were enjoying teasing all of us who were infatuated with you again. But they way it made your legs and body look, I loved it!

I couldn’t believe my luck when you were forced to stand right in front of me – now I had the whole way up to look at you and enjoy being near. With as packed as the elevator was today, you were forced up almost into me as we were surrounded by the crowd. I could catch the hint of your perfume and the smell of your hair as I relished every moment. Before too long I noticed something more… it seemed you had been pushed back even closer to me – we were actually touching! I looked down in wonder as I saw your lovely rear pressed into me, the bulge at the front of my pants naturally resting between your cheeks. I held my breath hoping you wouldn’t notice, and praying that this wouldn’t end. It was torture being that close to you!

Then, you shocked me even more. I thought it was just the movement of people getting in and out at the third floor, but it seemed like you were actually RUBBING up against me! Not wanting to break the spell I held perfectly still as your ass slowly circled into my crotch, but I knew you could feel me getting harder against you.

This went on for a couple more floors, until I was fully erect. The car stopped again, and you moved slightly away from me as a large group switched places getting on and off. I tried to relax, thinking the magic moment was over, when I felt your hand reaching back in the space you had just made between us. The sound of everyone talking masked the noise of you lowering my zipper… and your small hand reached in to grab my cock and slowly start pumping it up and down. I gasped softly in your ear, and could sense your small smile as you held me tighter, leaning your shoulders against me. Deciding if you were going to be this bold I would as well, I reached down with my own hand; my fingertips running up the back of one thigh as they slowly moved under your short skirt. I had to smile as well as they reached your warm mound; your slick lips were completely bare – someone didn’t wear their panties! I spent the next minute in pleasure and fear as our hands worked at each other, just waiting for someone else in the elevator to notice; but everyone was busy with their own conversations.

I was getting closer and closer, your smooth hand pumping my hard cock as my own fingers rubbed your clit; I loved the feeling of your smooth pussy under the skirt. I could hear the occasional soft gasp and moan from you as well, and knew you were enjoying yourself. Suddenly I felt your hand leave my dick and move between your own legs; I wondered what was wrong as I felt your fingers beneath mine, rubbing in your slick juices dripping out. Then you grasped my cock again, sliding your hand around the head as you spread them on me. I felt you bending my shaft just a little forward, as you raised yourself to your toes in front of me. Then, suddenly, I had to bite my tongue to keep from screaming in pleasure – in one smooth movement you had lowered yourself; my lubricated cockhead sliding smoothly into your tight asshole. I shuddered as the feelings took me, watching and feeling you rise up and down slightly, just barely pumping it in and out as we stood close. You reached back with one hand to hold me, steadying yourself as my hand went back to work on your clit.

How could anyone not see this? Here we were – your ass pressed against me, skirt lifted in back as you rode my cock; I knew we were barely moving but they could surely tell. A moan escaped your lips on a particularly deep thrust, and I coughed to try and cover it as the man to the side glanced at your face strangely. This was the most incredible thing – my beautiful fantasy woman, and she’s got my cock deep in her ass although we’ve never spoken.

We both feel the urgency as we cover the last few floors, my fingers moving faster on your clit as you bounce up and down those sweet few inches. Suddenly you grasp my hand, pulling it to your mouth. I feel you moaning into it as your teeth bite down, and your entire body shudders as you climax. That drives me over the edge; my other hand grabs your hip and pulls your fully down, my cock buried deep in your ass as my cum erupts; spurting over and over inside you. We can both barely stand as we take a moment to relax; then, you slip my softening rod from you as you step slightly forward, smoothing your skirt. With a ding of the bell we reach your floor and you step off with the crowd.

I’m still standing there in shock as you look back and smile mischeviously as you walk away… I can see the faint trail of my dripping cum running down the back of one thigh and I know I can’t wait to ride the elevator tomorrow!

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