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A summer of fun and relaxation onboard a luxurious cruise ship in the Caribbean sea. It sounds like a dream come true, yet even though I got to experience just that, the memories from that time doesn’t include much sun or relaxation. Perhaps the simple truth is because staff doesn’t enjoy the cruises the same way as guests. I got the opportunity simply because someone thought I was good looking and it didn’t help that I had a friend who was a friend with another. You know, it really had nothing to do with friendship, just being at the right party at the right time, wearing the right outfit and doing all the right things.

When all things came together as the pieces of a jigsaw puzzle, I was offered a job working on the ship and during 18 months I worked hard to please the guests with drinks and chairs, also getting on stage at night to sing as well as lead the karaoke, something I could do as a single. This fact might also have been a part of me getting the job opportunity in the first place, but no one asked so can’t really know for sure.

All the money I earned was wired to my account in the Cayman Islands. Yes, even a 18 year old youngster could have one of those. I really didn’t need any money onboard when everything was free (or rather paid for) and had no real enthusiasm for gambling, so what was earned was also saved for some kind of fuzzy future plan. The guests came in all shapes, sizes, colors and beliefs, still of them were rich men with their wives or mistresses, and most of them were arrogant. Most of the women were plain rude to the staff, but whatever they said to my face, I always replied as a true gentleman. Eventually the replies came without thought, and no thought was given to their comments. In many more ways than I wanted to admit, I got numb to those around me, even my friends in the staff. The work, or rather the idea of making money became the important things in my life, and I saved each coin I received, and finally (although I didn’t see it myself) I had become a greedy Ebenezer Scrooge. Life became small, and the circle that I lived in was reduced in size each day. It was only then at the brink of disaster that the following occurred and most likely saved my pitiful life.

It was just like any other day, the sun was flooding the deck with its rays, and those that could laid almost completely naked, occasionally taking a dip in the pool. The crew members, me included, tried hiding in the shadows as much as we could, taking turns to be one of the unfortunate running around serving people in the gazing sun. I knew why I was doing it, the dream that I would fulfill some day with the money I earned. Sometimes I knew that it was within reach, some times I doubted it, occasionally even questioning my reasons, but it was still my dream. To start my own line of lingerie. I knew that part of my dream was purely egoistic, giving me a natural reason to be around models, but most of my dream were about creating lingerie that would look great even sexy without costing a small fortune. Perhaps it was an exotic dream to be able to please people with creations that were not only good looking, but felt comfortable to wear. Shoulder straps that wouldn’t slide off the shoulders, lining of elastic material that allowed the skin to breath, and more that would allow women and men to wear them with greater security and grace. I had the ideas, the dream, the vision, all I had to come up with was the funding, but what bank would loan money to a company without some sort of guarantee? What did I have to show for? Nothing, just what I hoped for, but no experience or degree to back it up. So sometimes you need to take a detour to get where you want, and working in the devilish heat in the Caribbean was my detour.

It was in the middle of the day, and the deck was packed with the sunbathing customers, all calling for service as if they were in a hurry to get somewhere. I had stopped counting the amount of times my ass got pinched by some woman who wanted my attention, the condescending patronizing superior comments that some used to describe us who were working, as if we were slaves. I had allowed that to bother me once, but the numbness was letting it slide off me like water on a waxed car. Somewhere inside of me it still bothered me, but not as much as before, and I wasn’t showing what I was thinking. In my mind I felt that if they really thought that money would allow them to treat other humans that poorly, then they were the biggest fools, not us for allowing them. Still this applied to the crew members, but it felt worse one day when I was performing my normal duties of serving drinks, and I heard people complaining about one of the other guests.

“You’re blocking the view. Who took the Good Year Blimp with them? Oh no, a total eclipse.”

The woman they were referring to had been larger than usual, but then wasn’t weight a common problem? Children at 10 weighing over 200 lbs, the massive consumption of fast (very fat) food, games activating peoples minds and hands, but totally missing the fact that the human body need exercise in order to build muscle mass and burn fat. Perhaps the reason they commented as they did was because of the fact that the woman was wearing a tight swimsuit, and that she was bold enough to do it in public while others hid in shame. I’ll be honest, I didn’t look much at her, my eyes had other things to look at, the woman’s friend. The was definitely model material, a tall blonde with curves in just the right places. She was undoubtedly not ashamed of her body, which she showed of in a extremely revealing two string piece. I stood looking for a long time, seeing how the two strings were soaring freely over her back, tightly drawn from her shoulders down in between her ass. Her long thick hair falling over her shoulders, shielding more of her body than the bikini was, and just before she laid down on her belly I could see a glimpse of the front, the two strings crossing straight over her breasts, being just a little wider to hide her nipples, but hopelessly trying to keep her breasts in place. She brought life to the other boys and they were drawn to her like bees to honey. It had been over two hours before I got my chance. She called for service, and I was free and closest, so I approached her and asked what I could do for her. The emerald green eyes were absolutely stunning, and I stood looking into them while I waited for her to say what she wanted. I felt as if she intentionally let time pass before she said.

“We’d like two glasses of apple juice.”

“Anything else.”

“Not right now.” she replied after giving it some thought.

I made sure to get the juice for her, even if I knew that she was ordering for her friend as well. I returned and placed the glasses between them, smiling and nodding to them both. I then left to tend to other guests, and when I looked back, some time later, to where she had been laying she was gone. The day continued, but the sun seemed less annoying because I had been gazing into a supernova.

Several hours later, laying in my little room below surface, I felt the need for air. The rules for us in the crew were strict, so I found a vacant area on deck where I could sit without being seen. I enjoyed the warm fresh air, the breeze, the seagulls, the sunset, everything around me. Even the hard metal I was leaning against was enjoyable in a cooling secure way. It was what I needed, to relax and break free from the stress and restraints that held me captive in my work, to let my mind go wild and touch my dreams, to make them seem realistic even though they were still far away. I counted the days I had left onboard, the money I would be earning, adding to what I had saved and sighing. It would still not be enough, but hopefully I’d find some way to finance my goal, perhaps even manage to persuade a bank to give me a loan and showing them how much I would be investing myself. Could it be more appealing to a bank if I showed them that I was interested in risking my own capital? This was what I enjoyed and hated about the life onboard. The time to think which sometimes offered me a chance to dream and get away, while at times being the only thing I could do, being forced to realize the black void my life was, even if my dream was the light at the end of my dark tunnel. A darkness that was thicker then the night, which was devouring me until I felt drained of hope and fell asleep. Counting what I had earned was at least one way to give my brain some health exercises, and I did enjoy mathematics. It also made me realize that I didn’t have enough, and forced me to come up with new things to do in order to reach what I so eagerly wanted. Perhaps I could write a book? Probably not, and even if I did, it would still take months or years before I saw any earnings from it. Draw a painting? I probably could, but would it be sold, and if so, when and to what price? Shaking my head to all the ideas that popped up, only to cross them over as unrealistic. I wasn’t a computer wiz. At least those guys earned money, but I settled with what I had, knowing that they must have it just as I did, money but not enough.

“Beautiful night, isn’t it?”

I had not noticed her, but looking up I smiled at the sight of the glamorous blonde wearing a peach colored evening gown, the diamonds in her necklace sparkling in the last rays from the sun, but fade in comparison to her eyes. I didn’t know what to say, her beauty was captivating, so I nodded and turned my eyes to the open sea. I could hear and feel her sit down right next to me, slightly shivering so I offered her my brown jacket. It looked nice on her, even if the styles between my street wear with her evening gown was not in match.

“Thank you. I hope you don’t mind me sitting here with you. I was just so tired to be put on a pedestal inside, and wanted to get away. It is never easy, you know.”

Still looking at the darkening water and the fading sunset, I replied.

“What isn’t easy?”


We both sat in silence, tasting the full meaning of the last word, and from my point of view she was right. Life wasn’t easy, at least not for me. Thinking about being placed on a pedestal didn’t sound to easy either, at least if you were afraid of heights. My own thoughts made me laugh.

“What’s so funny?”

I tried my best to explain to her while laughing what I had been thinking. Once she realized and imagined the scene, she laughed too.

“You’re silly.” she said while letting her delightful laughter fill my ears.

“Yeah, well it’s like the saying: It’s never easy to be hard.”

Realizing what I had just said, I felt the urge to disappear, but she surprised me with her openhearted comment.

“I couldn’t say, I couldn’t know, but I have known others around me that have, to their pleasure and embarrassment.”

“Well it’s not easy to be hard, all the blood sucked from the brain into a corner. You never know what your instincts will do when you can’t think straight.”

“Let’s find out.”

I felt her hand squeezing mine as she stood up. I looked at her and saw her smile, but I didn’t want to misunderstand the situation, I was far more cautious than that.

“Find out what?”

My comment was intentionally stupid, but she smiled and replied without hesitation.

“Let’s go to my cabin and find out what your instincts will cause you to do when your brain is lacking blood. Come on, should me how hard it is to be hard. ”

I’d be a fool not to take her up on an invitation like that and holding her hand I followed her to her cabin. It was one of the larger on decks I’ve never been to, simply because guests on those decks were getting the best service, and I wasn’t among privileged crew members. I had heard of their tips being much higher, but they had also earned their rights to be on those decks after several years. Walking behind her gave me a chance to watch her body move, the thick blonde hair that urged me to dig my face in it, the low-cut in the back, her high ass moving back and forth as if it was trying to break free from the gown. It was all very seductive, which of course made it difficult to keep my eyes of her. I noticed how she held a key in her hand, and understood that we were close.

She place the key against the lock on one of the doors, and while she pushed it in slowly she looked into my eyes, and licked her lips. I took a step forward, pushing her against the wall and kissed her deeply while holding her helpless warm body against the wall. Her soft lips had a faint taste of champagne and strawberries, and her hunger and eagerness came through as she met my kisses. With my right hand I trailed her hair, down her shoulder and around her round breasts, feeling her hard nipple raking my palm through her thin dress. The unmistakable sign as her breath puffed into my mouth when her nipple was simulated with the softest touch, and I moved my left hand to hers which was still holding the key in the lock. As if it wouldn’t budge, our combined efforts finally made it turn and the door opened up a portal to her love nest that was laying in darkness. As soon as we had entered the room, while still locked in a perfect kiss, the door closed behind us and we laid down on the thick wall to wall carpet and began to explore each other. I found her small but firm breasts to be so delicate in my hand, and wanted to lick and feel them without their thin protection, and ripped the dress apart hearing the faint sound buttons landing around us. To my surprise, she suddenly pushed me on my back, and moved so sit on my face. The strong aroma of her revealed uncovered sex before I could feel her pussy against my face, and I immediately started to lick it while holding her legs with my arms. She leaned forward and had my cock out of my pants in no time, and I could feel the tongue flicking over my cock head. It had been weeks, even months, since I had an orgasm, so I was finding it virtually impossible to hold back. I was fighting my own release while panting heavily into the wet sweetness that was covering my face, and was about to give in when I felt her sit up. For a moment I was pleased that she did, but the moment didn’t last long as I found that the wonderful sensation of the mouth around my cock was still pumping up and down, fingers tightly holding my cock and fondling my balls. She couldn’t possibly do that while sitting up was all I could think of before my hips started to involuntary move up and down. I couldn’t believe how good it felt, it was the best blowjob I had ever received not only because it was a long time ago since I had one, but also because this mouth around my cock showed that giving head was something this woman really loved to do. With my hips raised high from the floor, my cock treated to the most immense pleasure, I felt my world collapsing. I was howling straight into the sweet wet pussy that was covering my face, spasming over and over with each passing moment, and I was wishing that the feeling inside me would never end, but of course it did moments later. The lips tightly wrapped around my shaft wouldn’t let anything leak out and the nasty tongue inside the mouth was whipping around the head. Each squirt of cum was sucked deep down the throat of this talented cock sucker, and each time my cock would slide a bit deeper inside the warmth of the mouth. My body felt weightless, as if it would float away in mid-air if it wasn’t for the mouth around my cock and the pussy in my face. I fainted.

As I opened my eyes I found the room illuminated by a faint orange light, and the blonde sitting with crossed legs in the chair next to the light. I could feel my cock still hard, and a warm hand still stroking it. I looked at the blonde and smiled, before realizing that she couldn’t possibly be in the chair and between my legs at the same time. I looked down only to find the most gorgeous face covered with my white cum. I didn’t recognize the brunette with deep dark brown eyes, but she smiled at me as our eyes met. Her hand kept slowly sliding up and down, lubricated with my semen, and she licked her lips.

“Was it as good for you?”

She sat up on her knees, and that is when I understood who she was, yet it only made me smile even more. Even though I should have been furious by the deception, I couldn’t help loving the feeling that had my body tingling.

“It was incredible.”

She stood up with her feet on either side on my hips. I could see her full body in the most beautiful composition of lingerie I had seen. It covered some areas, showed off others and at the same time helped to shape her body. She was looking down at me, and asked in a whisper.

“Would you like to fuck me?”

Her question startled me, simply for being so direct and to the point, but I looked up into her face and answered her with an answer that made my cheeks warm after I had said it.

“Yes, if I get to see your face.”

It wasn’t meant to say anything other than that she had a face I wouldn’t mind seeing on the other side of the breakfast table for years to come, but I realized that she could take that as a sign that I wouldn’t want to see her body. In that clarity, I caressed up her stockings until I reached the naked skin of her thighs.

“You will get to see all of me.” she replied.

She sat down in an armchair, and with remarkable flexibility she parted her legs and revealed her wet tunnel of passion. She began to tap her clit with her index finger, while she looked at me and showed me to come to her. I did, kneeling before the chair I grabbed my soft cock and tried to guide it in. I felt her legs pushing me closer, causing me to place my hands of the arms of the chair to prevent falling over her. Holding me against her body, her right hand took care of my cock and stroked it up and down while her left hand was caressing my chest. Her sex was heating up my balls and her entire body smelled from pussy and expensive perfume. It all made me hard in no time, but she kept stroking while she spoke to me.

“You do not find me ugly or repulsive?”

I shook my head, because I couldn’t say that I did, although I had to admit that when first seeing them, my eyes and dreams had been reaching for her friend, who was still sitting in her place near the lamp. She smiled and told me that she was glad that I was being so honest about that. She knew that first impressions would cause that reaction in most men, and that it was something that she had learned to live with.

“People aren’t comfortable with fat people, they find me and people like me to be a waste of space, a plaque for society, and it doesn’t matter why someone has become large. In my case, people doesn’t see me, just my large body, and it’s not their ideal to be turned on by anything other than a model type of figure even though models have their health problems with anorexia and such. My problem lays on a hormonal level, not because I eat to much, but it still makes me fat. People don’t care about the reasons, just what they see, and in a way I find that fair. I wouldn’t want them to think that it’s okay for me to be fat but not some of my friends. It would be like a racist saying that it’s okay for someone who is adopted to have a different skin color, but not for an immigrant. However my body is my advantage too. I know what it’s like to be large and what it feels like to be put down by people because of that, it’s the simple reason why I started my company.”

It was becoming increasingly difficult to listen to her while she was stroking my cock, and even more so when in a sudden movement with her strong legs she moved me into position. My cock head was nibbling at the opening, and I pushed forward with force until our hips met, causing us both to moan out loud. Her hands kept caressing my chest, pinching my nipples while I leaned forward and started to fuck her forcefully. The tight grip of her pussy was incredible, almost too tight for me to enter, but she noticed that and relaxed each time I moved in, while grabbing my shaft with her muscles each time I withdrew. It was as if she was milking my cock, and it felt unbelievable.

Her entire body was radiating raw lust, and it wrapped around me like a warm blanket, feeding my need to sink into her lustful, passionate body. My movements became even more forceful as if I was fucking her in absolute rage, and her unforgettable panting and screaming kept me going. She was a wildcat with nails digging into my back, causing me to move deeper inside and closer to her. Suddenly she wrapped her arms around me, holding me tightly secured against her body, and screamed straight out next to my ear. Her high pitch voice made scars in my mind, and she cramped around my deeply inserted shaft. Her breathing came to a stop as she waited for the waves of her orgasm to flush over her. It was more intense than I had ever experienced before, the absolute tremble of her body as her muscles involuntarily started to shake.

“Oh my God, Oh my God, Oh my God.”

Stuck in her arms I heard her voice what she was feeling, and as she did, I felt her juices flowing down my thighs. She let go enough for me to move, and I continued to fuck her, eagerly expecting my own orgasm to match hers. Her tight juicy pussy was a formidable bringer of lust, and each motion enhanced the sensations I was engulfing with my entire body.

“I’m coming, I’m coming.”

I had spoken the warning without thought, as a reflex, but it still made her notice my state of excitement.

“Come inside of me, spray my cunt with your thick juices. Come, don’t hold back, my pussy is awaiting you.”

Her grip became tighter around me, almost to the point where I had no option but to stop, but the slick tightness caressed my cock perfectly, and it made it impossible to hold back the loads that were building. Her strong legs pulled me closer, and held me fixed at the very depth of her tunnel, and pulling me to her full breasts, she whispered in my ear.

“Come baby, don’t hold back anymore, just let it come.”

Her muscles were milking me, not allowing me to fall back from the edge but rather pushing me over it, and I moaned out loud as I felt the muscles contract at the root of my cock. Each pumping jet of cum was sucked in by her, eagerly milking me for more and more. I couldn’t help moaning and panting into her soft cleavage and continue to give her all of my essence. Even long after my orgasm had subsided, she held me close, not saying a word, only allowing me to rest and cherish the feeling. When we both felt my soft penis slide out of her, she whispered with a warm low voice.

“I never knew it could feel like this. You are an animal.”

“No, you are the animal, the tigress that I have to catch and tame.”

“You have me, if you want me.” she answered with tears in her eyes.

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