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Cyndi’s Backdoor Surprise

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To some guys, my wife Cynthia is every man’s dream girl.

She may not be a centerfold, but she is all woman. Standing just under 5-5 in her stockings, her firm 34B breasts make her Victoria’s Secret bras proud. Her long legs are finely displayed when she wears flowing skirts which end a few inches above her knees, and most are shocked when told that Cyndi is 35-years-old.

She’s an elementary school teacher, active in our church and our community, and still finds time to work out at the gym three times a week.

But what might interest you most is a deep, dark secret: Cynthia likes it up the ass. Slipped up her poop chute, popped down the chocolate speedway. Banged up the butt. Pounded from behind.

Yes, my dear wife has a penchant, a desire for anal sex, almost to the exclusion of any other method. And that’s a sort problem for me. I mean, I’m a normal guy. I grew up fantasizing about sex in all kinds of positions. I never thought much about doing a girl up the ass, but my experiences tell me it is fantastic.

Still, most of the time anal is reserved for a couple’s special occasions or nastiness. For Cyndi, taking a hard cock up the rear was the rule, not an exception.

I met my wife by chance at college. We were both studying in the library when my pen ran out of ink. She was sitting nearby, and lent me a pen when I sheepishly asked for one. Once my work was finished, and I headed back to the dorm, I discovered I hadn’t returned the borrowed pen. Oh well, I thought, it’s only a pen. At least that’s what I thought until Cyndi ran into me at the student union lunch line, where she told the world in a stage whisper what a larcenous fiend I was.

Embarrassed, I offered to buy her lunch. We sat and talked until we were late for our one o’clock classes.

Over the next month we dated and eventually late one Friday night got into a compromising position in my dorm room. That is, we were making out like rabbits for hours. And unlike other nights, which ended with her topless, jerking me off, this time she was a bit more agreeable when I removed not only her top, but her skirt as well.

The lights were low that night, and I looked into her eyes and smiled before asking if we could make love.

“Okay,” was all she said.

I thought my dick would explode on the spot, but somehow I retained control. Cyndi stood, slipped off her panties, and crawled naked back into bed. We stroked, caressed and kissed each other for what seemed like hours but in reality were only minutes as our intense desire overcame any thoughts of pacing ourselves. Weeks of built of passion were ready to explode, and when Cyndi uttered the magical words, “Let’s fuck”, there was no delay.

What surprised me, though, was her next move. I had expected her to slip over onto her back and spread her legs. A novice in the lovemaking department, I thought wrong. Her pussy, I knew from my probing, was soaking wet, and her breasts heaved with anticipation of our coupling.

Instead she placed two pillows on the side of the bed and rolled over onto her stomach on top of them. Her ass was raised high in the air, her head was on the bed below. She looked over her shoulder at me and said words that are forever burned into my brain.

“Fuck me in the ass.”

A fantasy come true! I have to admit I wasn’t experienced in that kind of lovemaking. I had only been with two girls before Cyndi. With them, I had only experienced simple sex: a little oral, some missionary, and with one, woman dominant. Not very adventurous, I know, but we were all young and earning our spurs in the world of sexual liaisons.

I gazed at her pretty behind and began stroking it, only because my mind was jumbled at what to do next. I hadn’t prepped for this. I wasn’t sure how to handle it.

Cyndi made it easy. “Hurry, I want it, I want it bad,” she cooed, wiggling her ass at me. “I’m ready, hurry up and get in me.”

Somehow I got behind her, stroked my condom-sheathed dick with spit, and slid it up and down her ass cheeks. Finally she reached behind her and centered my dick against her puckered brown hole, slightly pushing back. There was tight resistance, but I pushed, she pushed, and after some uncomfortable moments my cock suddenly popped into her dark hole.

“Awww, fuck me,” were the perfect words she said, and I did. I pushed into her ass slowly, deeper by the second, and slipped a bit out before pushing in a bit more. It was a slow, tantalizing process of planting my cock up her ass, but after a short while we got into the swing of things and gently rocked back and forth. My dick would move in an out an inch, then two inches, then more.

After a while I reached around and caressed her breasts. I have to admit that it wasn’t long before I was milking them hard while pounding into her asshole. The moans coming from deep inside her told me she was enjoying herself and I was doing something right.

We fucked for several minutes before I noticed her head was deep into the pillows and she was rubbing her clit with one hand. That view nearly sent me over the edge. Seconds later she cried out she was cumming and that disclosure brought the seed from deep inside me spurting up my tube and into the rubber pistioning deep in and out of her asshole.

It was incredible. It was nasty and raunchy yet sexy as all get out. My dick exploded as she rocked all over my cock, crying out in an almost joyous voice at how good it felt.

When we came down from our high I realized I was still buried in her ass, but my dick was shriveling down to normal size. I held the condom as I pulled out, then fell over on top of her as we laughed, kissed and hugged until we fell asleep.

The next morning we cuddled a bit before she took off for her own room and bathroom. We met at 10:00 am for a hearty breakfast. I just looked at here, remembering the mind-blowing, cock-draining experience of the night before.

She had given me access to her most intimate place, and I wanted more. More wouldn’t be until the following weekend, as she had to study for exams. All week long I would get a hard on whenever I thought of our first rendezvous.

The following Friday night we had dinner and went to a movie. We ended up parking at a secluded site afterward. After sucking face for a while I started stroking her leg and thigh before being pushed away. “No, Jon, no,” was all she said. I pleaded, and ultimately she pulled out my cock and jerked me off. While it was good, it was nothing like our last meeting. Here I thought I had a sure thing, a shot at her pussy, and all I got was a hand job.

Hand jobs were all I got over the next few weeks. Late one Saturday afternoon, Cyndi surprised me. After some heavy petting, I tried to finger her pussy but she pushed my hand away. I began stroking her ass. She moaned. I caressed her ass, spanked, stroked and licked it. When I kissed her lovely ass, I heard those magical words.

“Fuck me, Jon, fuck me in the ass.”

Ah, what wonderful sounds to my ears. She told me to lay back, slipped on a condom, and then mounted me. She appeared to be in a trance, looming high above me wearing only a lace bra.

She grasped my bulging cock and centering it against her puckered hole. Then she gradually pushed down on it, my dick slipping slowly into her asshole. It was an incredible feeling, and the look on her face was unforgettable. It was a sort of cross between pain and pleasure, part grimace, part euphoria.

Cyndi pumped her body up and down on my cock, slipping it deeper into her tight behind the more she moved against me. I held her ass to aid her pumping, while my eyes were focused on her gaping pussy. I observed the wetness of her pussy while my cock was fucking her asshole. It felt wonderful and was a voyeur’s delight at the same time. I think my dick actually grew while up her ass.

I placed my hands on her ass cheeks and lifted her butt up and down on my mushrooming cock. After a bit of pumping I moved my left hand toward her pussy, and while she was in an obvious state of bliss I first rubbed my finger up and down her pussy slot then inserted my index finger up her sopping wet hole.

“Umm,” she purred as I fingered her slimy pussy while fucking her ass. “Oh…ah…yes” came words from her mouth sounding more like grunts. My finger soon took her pussy over the edge while my cock exploded up her butt soon after. She collapsed on top of me, knocking my breath away, and we laughed.

“That was fantastic, Jon, jeez you made me cum so much.”

“You are a dream girl, Cyndi, you are a wonderful lover,” I replied between deep breaths.

It was a great afternoon of sex. We showered, and soon after I plugged her ass again. The act was naughty and very, very nice. Her ass muscles caressed my dick, squeezing out every single drop of cum I could muster.

Early in the evening, after a brief respite, I asked to fuck her. It was a simple request. I wanted to fuck her pussy, that wet, tasty sheath which acted like a magnet for my cock.

Cyndi looked me in the eyes, and then lowered her gaze as if embarrassed. “I don’t do that,” she sighed.

“Do what?” I asked, confused. I had already banged her several times and sampled every part of her but her pussy.

“My pussy is off limits,” she emphatically stated. “I’m not getting knocked up. I’m not taking that chance. I’m getting my education, I’m getting a job. I’m going to make something of myself before I have a child.”

I was stunned. Floored. Flabbergasted. This girl had felt, kissed and done the most intimate of acts with my dick. She took it up her ass with a smile. And yet she wouldn’t let me fuck her?

“Don’t look so sad, Jon, I think you have enjoyed my ass, haven’t you?”

Of course I had. I just had never heard of such a thing. While many of my friends were rebuffed and had to settle for hand jobs or, if lucky, a blow job at the end of a date, none admitted having had sex in the ass. So on one hand I was the lucky one. Soon, I realized that, and over the next several weeks Cyndi and I had such great sex I didn’t give fucking her pussy a second thought.

Our affair lasted until summer, when she returned home to California. We would speak on the telephone, write each other passionate letters, but the contact came less and less, especially when she didn’t return to school in the fall.

Fast-forward three years. I was the best man for a college friend’s wedding and guess who was there? Yup, Cyndi. A little older, but as pretty as ever in a stylish blue dress. I watched her in church, envisioning her ass pumping up and down my cock. I think I was the only one in the church with a hard on.

We met after the ceremony, she and her date, me and mine. She called me her old friend from college, which was a pretty good introduction, at least better than Mr. Assfucker. We were seated at different tables, but later in the evening I did dance a slow number with her. After a bit of small talk, I learned that she had moved back to the area, and before the night was over I had her telephone number.

I called later in the week but didn’t leave a message, as her machine said “Bill and Cyndi can’t come to the phone right now…” But after several tries we did connect. We met a week or so later for coffee, and soon started up a clandestine relationship. There was no real sex, we did hug and kiss and finally relieved our sexual tension by hand. Several weeks later we each broke up with our friends, and soon became a couple. To make a long story short, it wasn’t long before we were married.

Throughout the courting I couldn’t get any pussy, but did fuck that fantastic ass on a regular basis. She promised her pussy on our wedding night, and didn’t disappoint me. She was a doll, dressed for maximum effect in a perfect white peignoir, garters, stockings and heels. From that night on we would have sex in every way imaginable, in all sorts of locations, at all levels of intensity.

All of which made her revelation of last night a shocker. While lying in bed after a lovemaking session Cyndi confided in me that she couldn’t cum when I fucked her pussy, but that she went off like a firecracker when a guy was up her ass.

“A guy?” I jealously questioned, with a smile that turned into a frown.

She stumbled with her answer, but ultimately spit out the confession that she had slept with 10 guys before we were married, and came with all of them…when they were up her active ass. I was shocked, having never heard of such a thing. A couple were from California, but the majority were guys she dated in the area where we now lived. I knew a couple of them personally.

We talked and talked, as she gave me the details of many of her dates ending up with her bent over and a dick up her ass. Mine, she said, was the best, but the point was that ass-fucking was the only way she could come. Exhausted with the disclosure, she looked at me and asked if I hated her?

Of course not. I was shocked, but not stupid. I love this woman. She hadn’t cheated on me. I might be uncomfortable with her confession, but it all happened before we were married.

There were certain things I liked in bed. No reason she shouldn’t be allowed to enjoy the kind of sex she liked. As long as I was the only one giving it to her, it would be ok. So now the only time my cock enters her is up her ass. My problem is I want what I can’t have: her pussy. I’m resigned to fucking her ass. I guess there are worse things in the world. When I see her old boyfriends around town I still wonder how many times they fucked my darling Cyndi up the ass.

Guess I never will know. And that’s probably a good thing.

What I do know is that Cyndi can take my cock up her ass like a seasoned pro. Me on top, her on top, side by side, it doesn’t matter. Last night when I got home from work I had a special surprise.

I opened the door and there was my wife, bent over the kitchen counter, reading a book. She looked adorable there, her skirt riding high up her thighs displaying miles of leg. “Dinner will be ready soon, dear,” she cooed. “Do you want an appetizer?”

“What did you have in mind,” I queried.

She lifted her short pleated skirt, baring her behind to my bulging eyes.

“Umm, I think I have an idea,” I said, unbuckling my pants and dropping them around my ankles as I slipped up behind her.

I rubbed my dick up and down her crack before placing it at her asshole for strategic entry into the butt I loved so much.

“Fuck me, Jon, do it.”

Oh yes, that’s my little girl! I pushed and her ass quickly gave and I slipped my bulging bare knob inside, bringing a grunt and then a sigh of satisfaction. I fucked her ass, standing on my tiptoes, before collapsing onto her ass and back to rest. After a brief respite I returned to fucking her, slowly at first and then harder, a lot harder. That brought all kinds of sounds from her mouth. In this position I could reach around and fondle and caress her pussy.

Those actions brought her to her peak, and soon she was cumming. I soon duplicated that trick, searing her ass with a glob of hot cum. Ah, wonderful married life. To a great girl with a secret.

I wonder how the parents of the children in her class would react to the knowledge that dear Miss Cyndi only likes it up the ass?

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