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Mrs Austin and Jared

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Margaret Rose Austin — Meg to her friends — grinned as she stood in her kitchen and listened to the hullabaloo from across the lounge. It was her son Todd’s 18th birthday, and he and his buds were noisily discussing their plans for the evening, in terms that suggested they’d forgotten there was a respectable middle-aged lady just across the hallway. Not that she minded so much; she’d known most of the boys almost since the day they were born. Heck, she reflected as she washed up the greasy plates from the chili dogs and brownies she’d made for them, she’d grown up with most of their parents.

It seemed that tee-total Brad had agreed to drive them into Denver, and there were several raucous jokes surrounding the city’s Mile High nickname. It was a predictable enough decision, even on a Friday night the entertainment options were a little limited in Arapaho Falls, one of the small sleepy dormitory towns strung along Interstate-25.

A sixth sense told Meg that a pair of eyes had settled on her. Half-turning she saw Todd’s closest friend, Jared Rosen, leaning against the door jamb, a can of Coors in one hand, his eyes already beginning to glaze over. In high school Meg and Jared’s father had dated, very innocently, for a few months. Mo Rosen was maybe five-seven and stocky with, back then, black hair and dark flashing eyes, but Jared favored his mother’s looks, a hair over six feet tall, slim but toned from basketball training, with a flop of sandy blond hair; so different from his dad, in fact, that a few folk with a nasty turn of mind had been known to question the relationship.

Jared grinned blearily at Meg and, raising the Coors in a salute, slurred, “I wanted to thank you for the food Missus Austin — great dogs.” Meg smiled and said she was glad he’d enjoyed them, and turned back to the sink. A moment later she gasped with surprise as she felt Jared’s arms snaking around her waist and pulling her back onto him, his groin pressing against her buttock through her jeans. His mouth close to her ear, Jared mumbled, “Y’know Miz Austin, you’re a fucking hot lady for your age.”

Meg turned in his arms to face him. He was not that much shorter than him, five-nine, and his grinning face was inches from hers. He smelt of beer and sweat, and for one horrible second Meg thought he was going to kiss her. Placing her hands on his chest she gently but firmly pushed him away and, in amused tones, told him, “And you’re fucking drunk Jared. Now get off with you and leave an old lady in peace — it sounds as if Todd and they guys are ready to haul butt”.

Her young admirer stood swaying for a moment, looking confused, then, seeming to remember where he was, and why, he nodded, said, “Yuh, right, thanks Miz Austin”, and stumbled off after his pals. Turning back to her washing up Meg was surprised to realize how fast her heart was beating. She chuckled to herself; despite the ridiculous nature of the brief encounter she had been slightly flattered by Jared’s attention, and charmed. It seemed like a long time since her husband, Ralph, had noticed she was anything more than an auto-food server and clothes washer, and it was nice to be called hot, even if it was by a boozed-up kid only a few weeks older than her son. She just hoped for the kid’s sake that he wouldn’t remember the embarrassing little scene the following morning.

Meg headed down to the general store on Saturday to stock up on a few items for the next couple of days. Jared’s uncle, on his mother’s side, owned the place and his nephew usually worked there on weekends, between attending college; but as Meg had heard Todd arrive home sometime after 2am the night before she didn’t expect to see her young admirer on duty that day. She was surprised though: there he was, standing behind the deli counter, or rather half-sprawled across it, looking as if he was profoundly wishing for death. His skin was pale and clammy, his hair greasy, and his eyes deeply sunken with dark rings beneath them. It was also clear, from the way his cheeks flushed at first sight of Meg, that he hadn’t forgotten the previous evening’s events. He tried to busy himself with something, maybe hoping she wouldn’t notice him, but a wicked streak took her on a bee-line straight over to the deli. In a loud, hearty voice she boomed “Good morning Jared, did you have a good time last night?”

The boy groaned and winced, but managed to rasp, “Yeah, thanks Missus Austin, it was a lot of fun. Thanks again for the dogs and brownies.” They stood in mutual silence for a moment then, just as Meg was about to begin her shop, Jared burst out, “Look, er…I’m sorry about last night, I mean,,,well, I guess you know what I mean. You mst have thought I was a real dumb-ass.”

Deciding to let him off gently, Meg gave him a soft smile and touched his arm. “Not at all Jared, it was a nice thing for you to say. Really.” Attempting a Scarlett O’Hara lilt she added, “Why, Mister Rosen, a lady is never too old to appreciate a compliment sincerely given.” Seeing his mouth fall open in surprise at her flirtatious tone, she couldn’t help giving him a grin and a wink as she moved off. When she looked back along an aisle a minute later Jared was staring straight at her. She gave him another friendly smile which, despite his obvious suffering, he bravely returned. For the next few minutes the kid kept hoving into Meg’s view and his eyes were locked on her. His look seemed almost wistful, but she convinced herself she was being fanciful, if not downright foolish. Jared’s uncle himself was manning the cash till as Meg arrived to pay, and she teased him, “Shame on you Kenny, making that poor boy work when he’s obviously not well.”

Kenny Bloom grinned maliciously and explained, “Yeah, well, Jessie didn’t show up this morning so we’re short-staffed. Still, I guess Jar’s learnt his lesson now, I’ll give it another ten minutes then send him home.”

For reasons she couldn’t easily have put into words, Meg found herself thinking a lot about Jared that weekend. Oddly, his drunken embrace had felt nice: his groin pressing into her rear, with a distinct hard ridge at its center; and the smell of a man other than her Ralph. That Saturday night, for the first time in some years, she stood naked in front of her full-length bedroom mirror and critically examined herself. She reckoned she was still bearing up pretty well for a woman of 45. She had yet to resort to coloring her hair, and it hung to her shoulders in big natural chestnut curls, with just the odd single strand of gray interspersed. Her attractive D-cup boobs hadn’t really started heading south yet; her belly was pretty flat, with just a couple of stretch marks, and her long shapely legs, which had helped to make her the most popular cheerleader in high school, still looked pretty good. Okay, she could stand to lose a few pounds from her thighs but…she shook her head and chuckled quietly to herself. There was no way a sober Jared would look at her twice when compared to his perky, if somewhat snotty, girlfriend Laurel, but even if fuelled by alcohol his attentions to her the previous evening had cheered her considerably.

Sunday passed quietly, and Monday was a public holiday so Meg allowed herself the rare luxury of a lie-in while downstairs Ralph prepared for a day’s fishing with his buddies, and Todd departed for a day in the Rocky Mountains National Park with his girlfriend Sara. Meg planned to get up the wrong side of 10am, fix herself some waffles and syrup with lashings of syrup then, after a long shower, maybe potter about in her herb garden. She had just dressed after her shower when the phone rang.

Feeling slightly irritated at her solitude being interrupted Meg picked up the bedroom extension and was surprised to hear Jared’s voice. She told him Todd was out for the day then, after a couple of seconds of silence he replied, “It wasn’t Todd I called to speak to. Is Mr Austin there?”

Meg suddenly felt unaccountably flushed, and sank into a sitting position on her bed. “No Jared, he’s out too. I’m all alone here. All day.”

Another silence then, obviously working hard to sound casual and off-hand, Jared responded “I wondered if I could maybe, you know, come over for coffee. I mean, if that’s a problem…”

“No, Jared, that would be lovely. Give me, say, 20 minutes then come round to the kitchen door at the back of the house.”

Meg had answered quickly, not giving herself chance to think about the implications of the seemingly innocent request. She couldn’t quite believe what had just happened. Why would Jared want to come and see her, alone? Only one answer suggested itself to her, but that couldn’t possibly be true. She couldn’t allow herself to think it might be. Quickly she brushed her hair, applied her make-up, and some eau de cologne, then scurried down to the kitchen to make sure the coffee-maker was in good order. Then, to calm her nerves, she took Ralph’s open bottle of Jim Beam from an eye-level cupboard and poured herself a shot, then another, downing each in a single gulp. She rarely drank whisky, and she felt it burning in her throat as it coursed down to her half-empty stomach. When her young caller knocked and entered through the kitchen door a few minutes later Meg was carefully casually posed seated at the table, her cheeks glowing. They exchanged friendly, somewhat nervous, smiles, then she told Jared to sit while she made coffee.

Meg re-seated herself across the small table to him and, taking a deep breath, said, “Well Jared, to what do I owe this unexpected pleasure? I would have thought you’d want to be out somewhere with Laurel.”

Jared looked as if his eyes had fixed on something fascinating in his coffee cup as he replied, “No, I’m not really in the mood for Laurel today, and anyway she’s studying for a college exam later this week.”

Meg smiled and replied, “So you thought you’d spend some time hanging out with an old lady from the neighborhood.” Seeing Jared’s head jerk up, and the look of alarm in his eyes, she quickly said, “Hey, it’s okay, I was just teasing you.”

The boy grinned I evident relief, then said, “You’re not old, you’re…beautiful. And I meant what I said the other night, I do think you’re hot. Really.”

Meg shook her head in genuine perplexity. “Why? I mean, I’m older than your mom, and you have a lovely girlfriend. What could you honestly see in me?”

Jared was shaking his head even before she finished speaking. “None of that matters. I guess it started three years ago, at a pool party at the Andersons. You were on a sun lounger in a white bikini, and I couldn’t take my eyes off you. Ever since then I’ve…if I told you how many times in bed I’ve…well, thought about you, fantasized about you, I’m not sure you’d believe me Mrs Austin.” His cheeks coloring, he dropped his eyes back to his untouched coffee cup.

Meg remembered the rather ill-advised purchase of that bikini. It had showed far too much boob and bum, and she had never worn it since that day. The whole situation she found herself in seemed completely surreal; this conversation was so wrong, and as a responsible mom she should put a stop to it right now. But she didn’t want to. Inside she felt a wicked urge to go with the flow, and find out whether Jared had come over just to talk the talk — or to walk the walk as well. Snaking her arm across the table she rested her hand over Jared’s and murmured “I think you should call me Meg, don’t you?”

Jared’s eyes swiveled to Meg’s hand over his, and after a few seconds he turned his hand over, cupping his fingers with hers. He looked up at her and as their eyes locked Meg felt her stomach begin to knot with nervousness. Draining her coffee cup she rose to her feet and said quietly “Let’s go through to the lounge. We’ll be more comfortable there.”

They sat side by side on the couch, and Jared’s initial nervousness seemed to have returned. Meg realized that if things were going to progress she would have to take the lead. She slipped her arm around Jared’s neck and, as he turned his head to look at her, pressed her lips to his. He gasped at the feel of her tongue pressing against his mouth but opened up easily enough to her, allowing her tongue to stroke the length of his own. Jared tasted the last remnants of the Jim Beam. Within moments he came to life, his arms clasping around her back and one of his hands raking through her hair. Before long the other hand found one of Meg’s breasts, and it was her turn to gasp as his fingers deftly undid a button on her shirt, allowing his hand to slip inside and cup her tit outside her bra. After perhaps a minute they came up for air and Jared, his eyes shining, whispered “God, I’ve dreamed of doing this, I never believed it would really happen.”

As they clinched again one of Meg’s hands dropped to Jared’s crotch, and was rewarded with the feel of a massive boner pressing against her palm. She began to fumble with his fly, and in a moment one of his hands was there helping her. Her fingers negotiated the waistband of his briefs and, a moment later, he groaned with pleasure as Meg’s warm hand wrapped around his stiff tool. Unable to resist, she slipped to the floor and, to Jared’s delight, took his shaft into her mouth. Meg loved sucking cock but had rarely had the chance for nearly 30 years — Ralph felt that oral sex was a waste of a good hard-on, and not the sort of thing a respectable woman did.

Jared gazed down in ecstatic amazement at the dark head of his best friend’s mom, the woman to whose mental image he had jacked off so many times, sliding back and forth in his lap as her mouth massaged his painfully erect dick, her tongue caressing the sensitive underside. In wonderment he curled the fingers of one of his hands in her hair, loving its volume and softness. As she sucked at him Meg deftly unbelted his jeans, and he willingly raised his backside as she pulled them and his briefs down to his ankles. He gasped as one of her hands cradled his scrotum, her fingers gently squeezing his balls in rhythm with the movements of her lips and tongue, one finger extending to teasingly stroke the soft skin between his balls and his ass.

It took only a few more seconds before Jared gasped “I’m about to cum”; but rather than withdraw Meg seemed to nestled herself even more firmly into his crotch, and moments later his hips jerked spasmodically and she felt his fountain of jism splash against the roof of her mouth and trickle delightfully down her throat. She kept sucking, savoring the taste of Jared on her palate, holding his balls, until his body relaxed, then she resumed her seat next to him on the couch and pulled him into her arms. He returned the hug and, his mouth against her ear, whispered, “Thank you, that was amazing, even better than I imagined it.”

Meg chuckled to herself and asked teasingly “Even better than when Laurel does it to you?”

Jared sat back on the couch, taking her hands in his. “Laurel doesn’t do it, we just use our hands with each other.” Meg chuckled again, this time in contempt for Laurel’s hypocrisy. She wore a pledge ring, committing herself to maintain her purity until she was marriage, and it amused Meg the way these young female prudes convinced themselves that it didn’t count as long as it wasn’t a penis that entered their bodies. For the first time she had a real look at Jared’s cock: it was nice, longer than Ralph’s but thin, circumcised, crowned with a mat of dark-blond hair. She was drawn back from her momentary reverie as Jared said, “My dad told me he screwed you in high school.”

Meg felt mild outrage at that, and replied “Well your dad is a liar, honey. You’ve already had more from me than he ever got, and you’re about to get a whole lot more. C’mon, let’s go upstairs.” Taking Jared’s hand she pulled him to his feet and, holding up his jeans with the other hand, still not quite believing this wasn’t some kind of amazingly vivid dream, he followed her towards the bed she shared each night with Mr Austin.

As for Meg, she still felt as if she was in fantasy land too. Any possible inhibitions about what she was about to do had long since disappeared. Of course, the whisky had helped — she could still feel it burning in her gut, but its essence had been replaced on her tongue by the after-taste of Jared’s jizz, sweet and salty. Christ, she remembered watching over Jared in the sand-pit with Todd when they were three years old; and now, she told herself as she led him through her bedroom door, she was going to fuck this attractive young stud’s brains out.

Once in the room Meg quickly removed Jared’s sneakers, socks, jeans and briefs then slid up his body, slicking her tongue up his shaft on the way, finally removing his T-shirt. She ran her hands over his taut, hairless chest, and he gasped in surprise as she gently pinched his nipples, before sucking one into her mouth. As if his legs had given way Jared flopped into a sitting position on the bed, and Meg encouraged him to slide upwards until he was lying full length, his head and shoulders resting on her husband’s pillow. Then she stripped for him, slowly, seductively. As she did she concentrated hard on keeping her eyes on his, not allowing them to slip downwards to his twitching dick. She turned her back on his when she removed her bra and panties (a sexy pair, thank god, not the sensible mom pair she might easily have chosen). Only at that point, as she turned her middle-aged nakedness to face her young lover full-on, did she begin to feel some self-doubt as to what he would make of her; but his reaction was perfect as, eyes glowing, taking in her form from head to toe, he gazed back into her eyes and breathed Fuck Meg, you’re perfect.”

A surge of passion overwhelming her, she leapt onto the bed and into Jared’s arms, and they kissed wildly, her breasts cushioned tightly against his chest, his erection pressing into her belly, one of his thighs pressed between hers, rubbing against her already soaking gash. He dropped his hand to Meg’s groin, passing the backs of his fingers lightly across her thick dark bush of pubic hair, and whispered “I love this, being with a real woman”. Just as it occurred to her to wonder for the first time whether Jared was a virgin he groaned, “I wanna fuck you, right now”. Eagerly Meg lay back, spread her legs and, her hands on her shoulders, guided him into position above her. She felt a momentary pressure between her thighs then she gave a small grunt of satisfaction as he thrust powerfully into her pussy, to the hilt. He surged at her, with lots of power but little feel for a rhythm, as she stroked her hands across his back, raising her legs either side of him to bring him even deeper inside her, whispering words of encouragement between moans of pleasure. Despite the coolness of the air conditioning their sweat lubricated their bodies as Jared’s slid against hers, and she glanced sideways, at the bedroom mirror, to catch an erotic glimpse of his tight pale young buttocks pumping back and forth.

It didn’t last long — Meg hadn’t really expected it to. Jared’s body suddenly went rigid and, with one final huge thrust and a gasp to match, he shot his load into her. Meg felt a lovely warm glow, but not the full release she craved. That came a few minutes later when, after she had quickly washed herself, they lay side by side, Jared sucking and nibbling each of her nipples in turn as, with a skill that surprised her, he fucked her with two fingers, his thumb flicking across her slick clitoris. Her orgasm took her by surprise: one moment what he was doing just felt very nice, the next stars were exploding in her head and she was gasping for air as her pussy tightened around his busy fingers and her hips gyrated wildly, thrusting at the source of her pleasure. It was the most intense release Meg had felt in years and as she sank back into the bed, her chest still heaving, she couldn’t help but wonder whether young Laurel realized quite how lucky a girl she was.

They took time out to recover their breath, cuddling, caressing, indulging in long languid deep kisses, each murmuring to the other how beautiful and desirable they were. Gradually Meg’s hand found its way down to Jared’s cock and, grasping it lightly, she stroked him back to hardness — not a difficult task. Then she rolled him on his back, and he watched in delight as she straddled him and eased down, her pussy hugging his stiff tool like an old friend as it slipped inside. Meg had fantasized about having sex cowgirl-style but, with Ralph, had accepted it was never likely to happen. Now, as she looked down on the ecstatic face of her teenage lover, sliding her cunt — a delightfully obscene word — up almost to the very tip then sinking back down on him with a loud groan, she felt incredibly wanton, and whirled her head, making her lush hair fly about her face. She jiggled her chest too, and Jared reacted exactly as she wanted him to, reaching up his hands and kneading her boobs, whispering his pleasure as she fucked him.

Just as she felt her orgasm beginning to build Jared flipped her over and took control, powering his cock into her with firm, regular strokes. As her belly churned with lust and bright flashing lights blinded her again Meg wrapped her legs around her lover, pulling him onto her even harder. In post-orgasmic delight her body relaxed, spread-eagling her limbs on the bed, but Jared carried right on screwing her, and she clung to him again as another mini-climax took her before, finally, with three titanic thrusts, he exploded inside her, then sank into her loving arms.

An hour or so later, after they had kissed goodbye in the hallway — Jared had fingered her to yet another orgasm in the shower – Meg, dressed only in a toweling bathrobe, sank happily into a kitchen chair, her tired pussy aching wonderfully. They had arranged that Jared would call round again on Wednesday, when Todd had football training and Ralph attended his weekly lodge meeting. She would make him screw her doggy-style, and teach him to eat her cunt until she begged him to stop. She didn’t know for how long this would last, but while it did Meg intended to take every possible advantage of Jared’s infatuation with her, his youthful enthusiasm and the sheer animal strength of his lust.

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