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The Chill of Ice

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An evil grin spread across his lips as his mind concocted a purely devious sexual torture for her. He wanted to make her squirm, squeal and cry out in pleasure. His thoughts were almost pure evil and turning him on. He quickly made strides to the bedroom to set up his torturous plans. He placed the silk scarf on the bed stand. His hands clutched the instrument of her restraints. Crawling under the edge of the bed, making a quick flick of his wrist, the strand of thick cloth traversed to the opposite side of the bed.

The end that he held fast in his hand was quickly folded over and looped into a slip knot.

He gently tucked the slip knotted end under the pillow that he was closest to. He smoothed the remainder of the fabric strand to the side of the mattress, trying to allow it to blend in with the bed spread. Lifting himself from the floor, he crossed the room to the opposite side. He took hold of the loose end that he had previous flung under the bed. Following the same method as before, he crafted the slip knot and slid it under the pillow that was now closest.

He guessed the length of cloth that he would need. In his mind, he pictured how he would position her on the bed. He envisioned the slip knots gliding over her hands and securing her wrists. He had hoped that he left just enough slack to allow her some movement. Just to offer her the illusion of freedom, but really to allow a little leeway with slipping the knots onto her wrists. He figured she would not let him just tie her down, especially not if she knew what was in store for her.

He smoothed out the bedspread and straightened out the pillows, making sure to conceal his cleaver trappings. Step one of his plan was in place, on to get step 2 preparations. He walked into the kitchen and immediately opened up a cupboard door. Finding a medium sized bowl, he snatched it from it’s resting place. With a push of his elbow at the cupboard door, it swung closed, crashing into the wooden frame and betraying his excitement. With a skip in his step, he bounded over to the freezer.

Tugging at the handle with two fingers, the magnetic seal around the door gave way. The door swung freely, blasting his skin with a chill of cold air. Holding the door handle with his two fingers still, he set the bowl into the frozen expanse in front of him. The air quickly filled with the crack and crunch of the ice as he grabbed handful after handful and let it fall into the bowl within the frozen confines. The clink and crash of the ice changed in tone as the bowl was filled. His fingers slipped from the handle as he turned from the door, leaving it open and spilling the cool air to the floor. He turned and reached for a towel, grabbing hold of one that was left on the counter. He turned back to the source of the cold air rushing down the front of his body. He placed the towel over the top of the bowl, covering the contents and locking in the cold.

He took a grip on the bowl once more, freeing the bowl from the cold confines. With a push of his two fingers, the door glided to a close as the sucking sound of the magnets taking hold of the metal framework filled the air. Armed with his weapon of choice, he made his way back to the bedroom. He knelled down and set the bowl just under the corner, at the foot of the bed. As he stood back up, he was greeted to the sounds of the front door opening. His timing almost flawless.

With a grin and a bounce in his step, he pushed his way through the bedroom door and out to greet her with a kiss. As he made his way to her, he watched as she was setting down the collection of her belongings from her day’s work. His grin spanning from ear to ear, as he saw her flip the door closed with a tussle of her foot. She barely got turned around before he had her in his arms, pulling her close to him. Her arms wrapped around his waist. His lips pressed to hers without a word passing between them. He held her tight and kissed her deeply. Breaking the kiss, he leaned his head back a little to look deep into her gorgeous eyes.

“How was your day, my dear?”, he asked genuinely, still holding her in his arms. “Just another boring day. Nothing special at all happened.”, she replied. The grin creep-ed across his lips again as he knew what was in store for her. He knew that her day was no longer going to be boring. He kissed her hard once more, and began to guide her to walk back towards the bedroom. She immediately understood his intentions, slipped from his arms and pushed onward to the bedroom. Lifting the hem of her blouse up and over her head as she walked to the bedroom. The blouse slid from her fingertips as she let it fall where ever along the path. His shirt was soon to follow, marking the beginning of the trail to follow.

Next along the trail, two sets of pants could be found, hers and his. Just a bit past that a bra could be located strewn across the hallway floor. He followed her into the bedroom and watched as she crawled onto the bed. He gently guided her to the middle of the bed and pushed her onto her back. Climbing up next to her, he kissed her lips again and ran his hands over her body. He felt the warm flesh tantalizing his senses, teasing his need to feel her even more. His lips parted slowly, pushing her open as well. He felt her tongue slip past his lips and mingle with his. He responded by forcing his tongue into her mouth. This oral duel continued as his hands roamed over her breasts, feeling her nipples harden at his touch. He traced his nails across her flesh and up her breasts.

His hands pushed upwards, pressing her forearms to the bed above her head. Never letting the kiss go between them, she barely noticed the cloth slip knot gliding over her left hand and resting on her wrist. It wasn’t until the second slip knot barely passed her fingers that she broke the kiss. A giggle escaped her lips as she tried to pull her left hand up to push him away. This action caused the slip knot to cinch onto her wrist, locking her tight. He laughed a bit and tried to hold her down long enough to get the second slip knot in place.

After a few moments of struggle, he had succeeded in slipping the knot into place. He kissed her deeply again and backed away from her. She tried to reach for him, but the cloth restraints took hold. She could only get her hands a few inches from the bed before the restraints didn’t allow her to go any further. He leaned his head next to hers. His voice, filled with an evil laugh, entered her ear as he whispered, “Got you where I want you.”

He kissed her cheek and backed away from her once more. Her eyes fixed onto him, her mind racing, wondering what he might have planned for her. She felt vulnerable, but safe with him. She knew he wouldn’t do anything to hurt her, but the fear of what he could do rushed through her mind. She saw the evil grin across his face and the devious spark in his eye. He walked to the bed stand and grasped the silk scarf that he had placed there earlier. He placed his knees on the bed, close to her and knelt onto them.

Huddled over her, he rolled the scarf lengthwise. He slipped it over her eyes and tied it behind her head. “What are you going to do to me?”, she asked. “I am not going to hurt you. Just please you until you beg me to stop.”, He replied. She could hear the muffled sounds of his movement. The sound of his hand running across the bed spread traversed the bed as a vibration against her skin. She heard the clank of crockery and felt a weight on the bed. Not a heavy weight, but a difference in the pressure on the bed. Her mind continued to race at the possibilities that he could have planned for her. She wanted to know what was on the bed with her, what was causing the weight.

Her thoughts were suddenly ripped away from her by the sudden cold, wet sensation she felt between her breasts. Her mind could only feel the rush the change in her flesh. All other thoughts were stripped away as she took in a deep, sharp breath. She felt as another drip landed close to the same spot that the first drop had hit. Another rush of cold flushing her mind and washing over her body. She squirmed at the feeling that washed over her. She cried out from the cold rush.

He wrapped his hand around the ice cube. He let the warmth of his palm melt the ice slightly, letting the water pool at the lower portion of his palm. A drip formed and hung low off his hand. More water pooled and dripped off his hand, letting it fall between her breasts again. The harder he squeezed the ice, the more water dripped from his hand and between her breasts. A rivulet formed on her breasts and streamed down her neck. She squirmed under each drip, her voice escaping with each sudden drop that descended down her body.

Her nipple suddenly came to her attention as the cold ice traced around it. The flesh constricting, making her nipple as hard as a rock. She could feel the rush of coldness at the ice trailed and crossed her flesh. She bit her lower lip to restrain her reactions. She squirmed from each cold path that spread across her body. A sudden warmth washed over the trails of water left behind by the ice. His hot breath causing changes in between the temperatures on her flesh. A whole new sensation washed over her.

She felt as a sliver of ice was trailed down her body and deftly slipped under the waistband of her panties. He positioned the ice at the top of her pussy, letting the warmth of her body continue the melting process. The water pooled under the melting ice cube, slowly seeping out. Soon, enough water pushed the bounds that it could contain itself and split off from the rest, causing rivulets to stream down her sensitive flesh. The sensation causing her pussy to warm up even more, which in turn caused the ice to melt faster.

Her other nipple suddenly became hard as a rock as another ice cube traced around it. Another trail of cold water cut across her flesh, leaving traces of water as the ice melts against her flesh. Again, his hot breath washed over the traces of water left behind. She felt as the ice trailed up her body between her breasts. He left this piece of ice between her breast, to melt and wash over her body. Another drop of cold water splashed onto each of her nipples as he traced down her breasts with a different piece of ice.

He traced the ice down her body, swirling around her belly button before slipping under her panties. The previous sliver fully melted away and flushed down her pussy, leaving a easy trail for the new piece of ice to follow. He swirled the ice over her pussy lips and let the ice melt. The water streamed along her lips and sent a chilled sensation through her entire body. He tracked the ice around her lips, chilling everything that it touched. He quickly slid it over her clitoris, sending a wave of pleasured pain across her body. She shuddered and moaned at the intense temperature change splashing over her body.

The sensation quickly changed as she felt the ice slip inside of her. An intense moan escaped her lips. She tried to squirm out from her restraints. He slipped a second piece of ice within her. Her body’s heat quickly began to melt the ice within her. The rush of cold water spilled out from her, soaking into her panties. She felt a sudden warmth on her nipple, a warmth and wetness. She could feel the softness of his tongue trace over her nipple. She felt the sudden sucking on her nipple. More pleasure washed over her as his tongue swirled and warmed her flesh.

A moan spread into the air as she felt the pleasure of his tongue streaming across her body. He sucked and twirled his tongue over her breasts, warming them from the previous cold assault by the ice. His hand gently cupped her panties, feeling the cold wetness. He pressed the cold wetness against the heat of her pussy, warming that coldness. He gently traced her pussy lips concealed by the wet fabric from her panties. The sensation was oddly subdued. The temperature differences of his touch seemed more powerful than his touch itself. Moans escaped more readily from her lips. She wanted to feel more of him.

His palm pulsated against her wet pussy, feeling the warmth overtaking the previous chill that had resided there. He slid his hand under her panties, to let his fingers get a better feel of her flesh. He gently pulled and parted her pussy lips, feeling the warmth and chill that waged a small war between those lips. His touch sent even more pleasure across her body. She shuddered as an orgasm washed over her. The new sensation of the temperature changes pushed her beyond the edge. Her body shook with pleasure.

A long moan filled the air, as she continued to pulse with her orgasm. He pulled his hand away as to not push the pleasure into pain. He tugged her panties down a bit, lifting her hips to allow her panties to be pulled from her. He let her panties stay twisted around one ankle as he pushed her knees again. He positioned himself between her thighs and leaned down to take a taste of her. The warmth of her previous orgasm was fading as his tongue traced her lips. He pulled her lips apart, exposing her clitoris.

His tongue slithered and twirled over her clitoris. She was still sensitive from her orgasm, so the sudden rush of pleasure from his tongue nearly pushed her over the edge. Her moans criss-crossed in the air as he licked and sucked her clitoris. He slid a finger into her, feeling the coldness from the remnants of the ice. The sudden warmth of his finger within her pushed her over that edge again. She felt muscles within her pussy clamp onto his finger as another orgasm rushed over body. A long moan drowned out any other sound as he licked harder on her clitoris.

Her pussy relaxed it’s hold on his finger, allowing him to withdraw it from her. Teasingly, he brushed his thumb over her sensitive clitoris just to watch her squirm a bit more. He leaned back and gazed down upon her. He could see the smile across her lips. She wriggled in the afterglow of her orgasm. He softly stood up and walked around the side of the bed. He once again knelt closer to her and slipped the silk scarf from her eyes. He looked deep into her newly revealed eyes. He saw the spark that the pleasure had left within her eyes.

He undid the slip knot that held her wrist close to her bed. Reaching across her body, he undid the other side, freeing her completely from the restraints. She immediately wrapped her arms around him, pulling him closer and kissing his lips softly. She pushed him onto his back, gently sliding over his hips, straddling him.

She leaned down over him and kissed him again. Her breasts pressing hard into his chest. She softly shifted her hips over his. She felt the hardness of his cock retrained by his underwear. The fabric of his underwear felt exhilarating on her sensitive pussy, but she wanted to feel more. She slid her hand between her thighs and pushed his underwear down, freeing his cock from the fabric prison. She pushed her hips down onto him, letting his cock push deep into her pussy. A moan escaping her lips as she rocked her hips on his cock.

She lifted herself, feeling each section of his cock throbbing deep inside of her. She rose to the point where he almost slipped out of her before crashing back down onto his cock. The sudden feeling of being filled caused more moans to escape from her lips. She continued to rise and fall, letting his cock press and probe against all the walls of her pussy. She felt a wave of pleasure washing over her again as his moans reached her ear, spurring her on.

She pushed hard down onto his cock and felt as he throbbed hard. Her pussy pulsed hard onto his cock as another orgasm flooded over her. She felt the walls of her pussy gripping hard onto his cock as she continued to push and pull him from her. She felt his cock pulse harder and harder. Her orgasm washed over her as she pulled his cock from her. She slid back down his thighs, as she took hold of his cock. She stroked and pumped his cock until his orgasm gushed from him. A long moan escaped his lips as his cock throbbed with his orgasm.

She leaned back and grabbed the towel that he had placed over the bowl, and used it to clean up. Wadding the towel up and tossing it aside, she laid herself down next to him, tucking her head onto his shoulder and gently stroking his chest. She closed her eyes as she heard his heartbeat slowing within his chest. Her head rose and fell with each breath he drew, gently rocking her to sleep after such powerful orgasms.

He softly drifted off to sleep before her as she laid there and thought to herself. She tasted the chill of the ice for the first time, and she fully enjoyed it. She wondered what else he would expose her too before everything was all said and done.

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