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Promenade in the Park

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((I usually detest the idea of using toys in a movie or a story because it generally means that the writer has just run out of ideas and the toys are used to take up space, which is almost always the case in commercial porn. The toys also usually sever the story line because they put space between the participants and eliminate flesh-to-flesh contact. However, in this particular story with a “Mother-teaches-daughter” theme, I felt that the use of toys was appropriate to the plot.

The inclusion of toys in this story, however, did result in a much longer work than I am accustom to posting on this sight. So, be forewarned that this is a very long story. I just hope I was able to keep the use of toys interesting to my readers))


One day after my daughter Katrina reached her eighteenth birthday I was sorting the dirty clothes in preparation for doing laundry. I came across a pair of her panties that had an unusual stain on them. I held it up to the light and noticed that the stain centered around the area where her vagina would be. I held the panties up close to my nose and sniffed. The aroma of her arousal, though faint, was still there and it was strong enough to make my own pussy respond in kind though subconsciously. My daughter is coming of age, I thought. One part of me was proud of that fact, another part of me was somewhat saddened because my little girl was a little girl no longer.

As the days went by, I began to eagerly look forward to the evidence of her nightly arousal on her panties. I began to admit to myself that I was getting a perverse thrill out of this and I began to wonder if my daughter was masturbating at night, or were these stained panties just a result of sexual excitement unrequited resulting in a little vaginal leakage? The thought of my poor, sweet, young daughter writhing in bed, twisting in the agonies of sexual arousal without knowing how to bring herself off made me exceedingly horny myself. I found myself taking her panties into my bedroom with me to sniff them as I masturbated.

While not yet depraved enough to admit to myself that I wanted to have sex with my daughter, I felt that it was my duty as her mother to instruct her in the proper ways to masturbate, where the erogenous zones on her body were, and how to use sex toys for maximum pleasure and as an aid to orgasm. The problem was in finding a way to approach subjects of such sensitivity with my daughter. This would require a little ground work.

One day after dinner while we were watching a brain-dead show on TV, I asked Katrina if she would like to go for a walk in the park. “And afterwards I’ll buy you an ice cream cone,” I said.

“Sure, mom. It’s boring watching this stupid show anyway.” “Okay, let’s change into some comfortable clothes and be on our way.”

I went into my bedroom, showered and put on my panties and bra, and then slipped on a diaphanous light blue summer evening dress that came to just above the knee. It buttoned all the way down the front, but I left a few buttons undone on top just to show my ample cleavage. I looked at myself in the mirror and thought that for thirty-six I wasn’t all that bad. The bra I’d chosen lifted my breasts up and out while showing cleavage on the top. The thin material of my summer dress clung to my bra cones–and to the rest of my voluptuous curves. The white of my bra and panties showed faintly through the blue of my dress. My blonde hair hung down to my shoulders framing an attractive, still wrinkle-free face. The blue of my eyes was enhanced by the blue of my dress. I smiled at myself, grabbed my purse and headed for the front room where my daughter was waiting.

Katrina was dressed in a blue denim mini with a white T-shirt on top. I noticed immediately that she had no bra, but her firm young boobs, a tad smaller than mine, needed no support. Like me she had blue eyes and blonde hair, though her hair was not quite as long as mine.

“Shall we go?” I asked.

“Ready when you are, mommy.”

I took my daughter’s hand and led her out the door. There is a large park near our Arizona home and soon we were strolling along a path lined with trees. Beyond the trees were vast expanses of grass containing picnic areas with tables and ball fields. We paused now and then to smell the flowers that filled spaces between some of the trees. Joggers and other strollers passed us by going this way or that. The late May air was still full of the vibrance of spring–especially in the highly vegetated park–and the summer heat had not yet become stifling. It was a beautiful time of the year to be out walking or jogging and there were plenty of people doing just that.

We passed by a bench where two beautiful, twenty-something women were sitting. One was a voluptuous blonde about my size with shoulder length hair. The other was a dirty blonde-brunette with shorter hair and a more petite body, but her boobs were nearly as big as her friend’s. They both had on T-shirts and micro minis showing off virtually all of their gorgeous gams. My heart nearly jumped up my throat just at the sight of them–but it was what they were doing that immediately went to my pussy. They were making out and fondling each other’s breasts. I used to fool around with girls a bit myself before I got married but then I kind of suppressed that side of me in the interest of my family. Then even after my husband left me a few years ago, for some reason I never took the initiative to get back into that girl-girl life-style even though my body secretly longed for it. So, out of habit, I guess, I continued to suppress my cravings for the fairer sex. But seeing these two beautiful, sexy young women making out like that brought it all back and then some. My emotions and lusts flooded out like the bursting of a dam and my panties grew immediately wet.

I threw a surreptitious glance at my daughter out of curiosity. Her face was bright red, but instead of turning away from that kinky, sexy sight, her eyes, glistening, were glued on the pair. Did I denote a hint of arousal in her beautiful blue eyes? Or was that just curiosity sparkling there? Could Katrina have been affected by this sight in the same way I was? All of these thoughts–and others too shameful to mention–buzzed through my mind as we passed by the pair and continued our promenade.

Up ahead I spied a swing set in a small clearing off to the side of the path. “Would you like to play on the swings sweety?”

“Sure, mommy.” Katrina took off running towards the swing set and I followed close behind.

Katrina set herself down on one of the swing seats with her legs facing me and I caught a glimpse of her white panties up her denim skirt. My heart fluttered a little and a fresh surge of wetness stained my own panties. “L-l-l-let mommy give you a push to get you started, sweety.” I said as I stepped around behind her.

I placed my hands on her back thinking how wonderful it was to touch her, letting her warmth and vitality radiate from my hands all through my own body. Then, reluctantly, I gave her a little shove to get her started. As the swinging motion took her higher and higher I was no longer shoving her from her back, but now my hands found their way to her ass. The feel of her pert globes on my hands as I got to briefly touch her there before giving another shove gave me goose bumps all over. Not trusting my self to fondle her butt in that way, I began to just swat her ass each time her pendulum motion brought her seat back to me. And, each time I swatted her rear, she giggled.

Overcome with lust, love and a thousand emotions I couldn’t begin to name I moved around to the front again. “Mommy’s not going to push you anymore, sweety. You’re making the swing go high enough as it is.”

Actually my real motives for moving around to her front was so I could catch another glimpse up her skirt. The motions of the swing combined with her own physical efforts had caused her skirt to hike up to her hips. Her legs were fully exposed in all their silky smooth, hairless glory, and they were parted enough for me to see plenty of her panty-covered crotch. And another lump formed in my throat. It was all I could do to keep from reaching a hand down and playing with myself while watching this beautiful erotic sight. Each time my daughter’s swinging motion brought her close up to me with her crotch face high to me, I could faintly smell the tangy aroma of her female arousal.

As the momentum of her swinging began to slow down I called out. “Does my little sweety want to fly like a bird?”

“What do you mean mommy?” She giggled.

“Next time you come up near me, let go of the swing and you’ll fly through the air like a bird.” “But I’m afraid, mommy, won’t I get hurt?”

“Go ahead sweety, mommy’ll catch you.”

“Here I come,” she said giggling. Then she let go of the swing and flung herself towards my open arms. She landed on me with more force than I had expected and we both went sprawling to the ground. Giggling, we both rolled over and over in the grass while wrapped up in each other’s arms. Then we took to tickling each other and giggling more giggles as we continued to roll around on the grass, our legs intertwining and both of our skirts hiking up high enough to give a free porn show to any passers by.

We ended up with me on the bottom and my daughter on top of me. We just lay there for a moment in an embrace, feeling each other breathe heavily. Katrina’s face was nuzzled against the top of my ample breasts and the heat of her exhalations were sending new armies of goose bumps marching all over my body. My nipples grew very erect, literally aching as they pressed against my bra cones. And my pussy? Well it was well beyond help–and now I could feel the unmistakable heat of my daughter’s own desires pressed against mine. I began to tremble partly out of that maddening desire that was overwhelming me, and partly out of fear that I was going to rape my own daughter right here and now in front of the whole world.

“Are you okay mommy?” Katrina asked feeling my trembles.

“Uhh? Oh! Yes, dear. Uhh, mommy’s okay. Do you want to scoot up a bit higher and give mommy a nice kiss, and then we’ll go get an ice cream cone.”

“Ice cream, oh goody,” Katrina said as she eagerly scooted herself up my body to plant a little peck on my cheek.

“You can kiss mommy better than that,” I said. Holding her sweet face between my hands I brought our lips together into a long, lingering kiss. The weight and heat of her body against mine as we kissed and the sweet moistness of her lips upon mine sent my senses reeling and my loins to purring. The fragrance of her young, freshly bathed skin mixed with the tangy odor of both of our arousals sent me into la-la land. When Katrina made no effort to pull away from our lingering kiss, I got bold and let my tongue dance gingerly across her lips. Then, out of fear of going too far, too fast, I pushed her away with a giggle. “Let’s go get that ice cream cone now honey.”

“Oh, yummy, mummy!” Katrina said, jumping up with joy.

Still feeling a little weak in the knees from my illicit lusts, I struggled to get up with a little help from Katrina. Then, both of us giggling, we brushed the grass off of each other including some playful little slaps on each other’s butts.

The sun was long gone by this time but there was a full moon and in the clear Arizona sky the moon and stars provided plenty of light. We stood there for a moment looking into each others eyes. The lights of the heavens glistened in her blue orbs as she looked up at me full of expectation and excitement. I felt like I could have taken her right then and there, but my protective instincts and propriety won out. Gently I put my arms around her hugging her close to me, then I kissed the top of her head relishing her freshly washed hair.

“I love you sweety.”

“I love you too mommy,” she said with a tight squeeze around my middle.

Arm in arm we then trundled off to the opposite end of the park from our home where there was a Baskin Robbins. I bought her a double dip cone with her two favortie flavors Fudge Chocolate on the bottom and Strawberry on top.

“Didn’t you want to get a cone too, Mommy?” She said as we headed back to the park.

“I was hoping that maybe you’d let me have part of yours?”

“Sure, mommy, wanna lick?” She held her cone out to me.

“Let’s wait until we sit down first, honey.” The way she had said the word “lick” sent shivers all through my body–or was it just my dirty mind reading more into it than there was? Any way in a secluded part of the park we found a bench well hidden by foliage where we could enjoy the ice cream–and our privacy–without worrying about prying eyes.

As soon as we sat down together on the bench she held her cone out to me. I placed my hand over hers and brought the cone up to my face. I looked at her through the corner of my eyes as I took a quick lick. “Thank you honey,” I said releasing her hand.

I watched her tongue with increasing lust as she licked away at the cone, then turning slightly towards me in the bench she held the cone out to me again. Placing both of my hands over hers this time, I turned to meet her. We looked into each other’s eyes as I slowly worked my tongue around the gradually disappearing blob of ice cream. After a few licks I presented to cone back to my daughter–still holding both of her hands in mine. She smiled mischievously at me and licked at the ice cream in a way that made my already throbbing pussy gush more hot lava. Before I knew it we were both licking the rapidly disappearing ice cream at the same time while looking into each other’s eyes under the bright Arizona night sky. Now and then our tongues accidently met each other and by the way Katrina’s eyes crinkled I came to realize she was enjoying this as much as I was.

When all of the ice cream off the top of the cone was gone we both began munching at the cone at the same time, our lips and tongues colliding and dancing an erotic ballet while somehow managing to consume the rest of the cone and the ice cream it contained. In the end we found ourselves still holding each other’s hands, fingers interlocked, and our lips still touching. Both of us were trembling slightly, smoldering volcanoes ready to explode, but both of us fearful of taking that next fateful step. We both just sat there afraid to move, not wanting to move. I breathed her breath into me, letting the sweetness fill my soul. When I thought I could stand it no more without raping her I reluctantly pulled my face away.

“I think my little sweety got ice cream all over her fingers, do you want mommy to lick your sticky fingers clean?”

“Please, mommy.” A huge grin broke out over her face as she seemed almost relieved that the erotic tension of the moment before had broken–or at least moved to a new venue.

Holding her hands in mine I let my tongue caress every square inch of her hands, paying special attention to licking her palms and in between her fingers. All the while I looked into her eyes and saw her pleasure reflected there.

“Maybe mommy has sticky on her hands too,” Katrina said after I’d finished licking her hands clean.

“Would you like to help mommy?” I said with fluttering heart.

Without answering she held my hands in hers, up close to her face, and her sweet little tongue darted out to shoot the most exquisite pleasures throughout my body as it danced so erotically over my hands. My pussy was gushing like Yellowstone and every square inch of my skin tingled from the dance of her sweet tongue on my hands.

“Thank you honey, that was soooo very sweet,” I said throwing my arms around her and hugging her close. I gave her a kiss on the lips, letting it linger, then afraid of what I might do, I turned away and we sat there on the bench side by side, my arm around her shoulder, her head snuggled on my shoulder and her hand on my thigh. We looked at the moon and the stars, listened to the insects buzz and whirr in the nearby bushes, and we listened to each other breathe. Then I kissed her on the top of the head again and said. “We better be getting back, you’ve got school tomorrow.”

“Ah, chucks, mom. School!”

“It’s important dear, you know that.” I gave her one more quick kiss on the top of her head and stood up. I offered her my hand to help her up.

Hand-in-hand we strolled our way back through the park. As we approached the bench where we had earlier seen the two hotties making out I was relieved to see that they were gone. Had they still been there going at it I’m afraid my daughter and I would have both erupted into uncontrollable lust right there in public.

We made it back home without further incident. In the front room I paused, still holding my daughter’s hand. “You wanna give mommy a good night kiss?”

“I love you mommy,” she said turning toward me.

“And I love you too, sweety,” I said, embracing her. I gave her a quick peck on the forehead, then when she turned her face up towards mine I kissed her on the lips, letting the kiss linger as before, and relishing her breath filling my soul. Then, afraid I could take no more before bursting, I pulled away, gave her fanny a playful slap and said, “beddy bye now.”

Turning to go she said, “night mommy, and thanks for the ice cream . . . .and everything.”

With my heart and crotch both trembling and yearning fulfillment, I secretly drooled at her cute bum swinging back and forth in the tight denim mini as she walked to her bedroom. I too went to my bedroom, brought myself off, and then fell into a deep sleep full of illicit dreams.

The next morning after Katrina left for school, I called my office and took the day off, then made a Beeline for her bedroom. The aroma of smoldering pussy was strong in the room and that made my own start to boil. I picked up the pair of panties she had left on her pillow, obviously the ones she had worn last night–and found them to be sopping wet and still quite warm. This was not the faint stain of an overnight arousal, this sloppy wetness could be the result of one thing only and that was a gushing orgasm. My daughter had definitely masturbated herself to orgasm last night–just as I had done. And, that thought sent an army of ants with electrified feet crawling all over the inside of my brain. My nipples throbbed and ached against my sheer night gown, and my cunt was beyond help as it began to gush that familiar warm sticky liquid that now dribbled down my thighs. With my heart in my throat, and trembling hands, I brought her panties up close to my face and sniffed, letting the fumes of my own daughter’s arousal intoxicate me with illicit, kinky lusts.

I now knew what I had to do, without any equivocation, and today was going to be the day. I took her panties into my own bedroom and laid the evidence of my daughter’s horniness gently on top of my own pillow. I pulled my vibrator out of my dresser drawer, looked at it, then shook my head. I’m going to need more than this for what I had planned, I thought, and this one is too big for my daughter anyway. I got dressed and headed out the door. There was a new lingerie and adult toy store that just opened up in town and they were advertising mind-blowing new toys never before offered to the public. I figured that on a special day like today, some new toys were in order.

After spending some fun time looking at all the fancy gadgets they had for helping women pleasure themselves, I picked out a few of my favorites along with a standard vibrator and cock sleeve I thought would be just about right for my daughter. Then I treated myself to a nice long lunch, ran a couple of more errands and returned home to get ready for the evening. First off I had to make sure all of the toys were in working order and ready to go. There was one new toy that required considerable time and effort to set up and by then I was ready for my bath. On Friday’s after softball practice Katrina usually stops for a burger with her girlfriends so I didn’t have to worry about fixing dinner tonight. That was good, because I had another much more pleasurable form of dinning in mind.

Once I was satisfied that everything was in working order and ready to go for the evening, I undressed to take a long leisurely bath. As I let my tub fill with warm water, I pampered myself with scented oils and an expensive soap I had picked up in the lingerie store. As I was getting dressed, I heard my daughter enter the house and slam the door and my sense of anticipation mounted. I slipped on a pink garter belt and beige stockings, I thought about putting on a bra, but then decided against it. It would not be staying on long anyway. I slipped on a pair of pink panties to match the garter belt, then slipped into a tight-fitting white-lycra mini-skirt. Over the top I put on a white cotton button down blouse. Before buttoning the buttons, I looked at myself in the mirror and tweaked my nipples a little to make sure they remained nice and erect. I smoothed the soft cotton over my breasts as I buttoned the blouse making sure that the material clung to my horny nipples making them stand out clearly. Then I slipped my feet into a pair of matching white pumps.

I grabbed up my purse, stuffed a few toys and Katrina’s stained panties in it and headed for the living room. Katrina was already there, as she usually was this time of day, sprawled out on the floor reading a magazine. As I entered the room, her legs were pointed towards me, and her head was faced the opposite direction. She was wearing a blue T-shirt mini and a white pair of panties and nothing else. Her panties showed clearly between her splayed legs from the angle I was standing. My desires began to overwhelm me, and me knees felt suddenly weak, but I gathered up my strength and my courage and marched on forward. My daughter needed me (whether or not she realized it) and I had to appear confident and authoritative for what I had planned.

I strode towards the couch that was in front of my daughter’s face, my nylons making soft “swish,” “swish,” “swish” sounds as they rubbed together. I placed my purse down beside me as I sat down.

Katrina looked up at me then saying “Hi mommy.”

As she looked at me, I crossed my legs giving her a leisurely look at the tops of my stockings and the garter straps and perhaps more. “Hi sweety, how was school today.”

“Oh, it was okay, I guess.” She continued looking up at me.

“Honey, there’s something I need to talk to you about.” My cheeks began to flush–but I must not lose my nerve now.


“We need to have a big mother-daughter conversation.”

“Ah, gee, mom.” “Come here and stand up before mommy, now. I have to discuss something with you.” I uncrossed my legs and with both feet planted on the floor parted my thighs sligthly. “Come and stand up close, that’s it, between mommy’s legs so we can talk face-to-face real seriously.”

As my daughter stood between my thighs with a questioning look on her face, I reached into my purse and pulled out her dank, stained panties. “I found these on your pillow this morning as I was getting ready to wash clothes.” I held the stained spot up close to her face.

“I-I-I-I’m sorry mommy,” her face turned bright red and she lowered her eyes.

“That’s okay sweety, but mommy just wonders if you’ve been touching yourself, you know, down there?” I gently touched my first two fingers to her crotch area noticing her shiver and tremble at the touch.

“N-n-n-no, I mean yes. I guess I’ve been a naughty girl. Are you mad at me?” She was looking at the floor now, her face bright red. “Are you gonna spank me?”

“Well, maybe just a little,” I said, giggling as I gave her bum a few playful swats nearly swooning at the way her tight little cheeks jiggled from my love taps.

“Actually,” I went on after withdrawing my hands from her rear, what I wanted to talk to you about was to tell you that there’s a right way to do what you were doing, and a wrong way and mommy wants to teach you the right way,” I tossed her panties aside.

“You mean you’re not angry with me?” She looked back up at me shyly a glimmer of hope in her eyes.

“Of course not, sweety, now come sit on mommy’s lap and mommy will tell you all about it.” I patted my lap, then helped her climb aboard.

With her feet on either side of my thighs, Katrina straddled my lap, facing me with her smooth warm thighs pressing against mine as she sat down.

“First, mommy wants to show you she really isn’t mad at you for anything by giving you a nice big kiss.” I took my daughter’s face between my hands and brought it close to mine. As our lips touched, I felt the warm moisture of her lips on mine. I shivered a little, then let my tongue dance across her lips making her whole body shiver in turn. When she made no effort to pull away, I inserted my tongue tentatively between her lips. Her own tongue searched out mine and our two tongues did a ballet inside her mouth. My face burned like a furnace and kinky, illicit pleasures tingled all over my body with the realization that I was french kissing my own daughter in a very sexual way, but there was no way I could stop at this point–unless it was to do something even more daring.

“Sweety,” I said, pulling my face back away from hers, “did you know that there are other places on a woman’s body, besides her pussy, that can give you great pleasure?”

“N-n-n-no. Like what?”

“Well, for example your breasts.” I smiled at her as I fondled her budding mounds.

“Ummmm, mommy, that feels nice.”

“Then this will feel even nicer,” I said, as I rolled her nipples around with my thumbs while cupping her tits in the palms of my hands.

“Ohhhhhh, mommy, that feels good!”

“It’ll feel even better if we take your T-shirt thing off.” I slipped my hands up under her skirt and lifted it up and over her body.

Completely naked now except for her soaked panties Katrina sat on my lap looking at me with love and anticipation wondering what mommy was going to do next. She didn’t have long to wait. I admired my daughter’s smooth, fresh skin and shapely body for just a moment, then I moved in to flick my tongue across her nipples, first one, then the other. After teasing each of them with my tongue, I began to suck in earnest while a mischievous hand of mine slipped between her legs to fondle her pussy through her soaked panties.

“UmmmmyGodmommy!” She moaned.

“Did you like that sweety?” I asked when I paused for a moment.

“That was so-o-o-o good mommy!”

“Would you like to make mommy feel good in the same way?”

Katrina looked at my heaving breasts, and my huge, hard-on nipples tenting my blouse. Her eyes bugged out, and her tongue licked her lips. “Oh, mommy, would I ever!”

“Well then, you have to unbutton mommy’s blouse and pull it back away.” I continued to tease her erect nipples with my thumbs while her trembling fingers fumbled away at my blouse. Once she had it all unbuttoned I slipped it off my shoulders and said, “Okay, sweety, it’s all yours.”

Katrina dived into my bosom like a football player going after a fumble. Her hands were all over my mounds as if she were trying to fondle every square inch of them all at the same time. Then she buried her face into my cleavage while her hands caressed my twin towers. She kissed and licked my tits all over making me swoon.

“Yes, honey, love mommy’s titties. You’re making mommy feel so goooood.”

Eventually she found my nipples and sucked one of them into her mouth. Then she switched to the other one, teasing it with her tongue as I had done her, before drawing it in between her lips and trying to pull it out away from my chest. Her nursing at my breasts sent chills all through my body. I flashed back to when she was an infant and the milk flowed through those same nipples to nourish her hungry mouth. And, now I felt the same heavenly feeling. Only instead of milk, it was my whole soul and all of my love that poured out from the center of my being through my nipple into my daughter’s sucking mouth. And my pussy gushed like a broken fire hydrant.

While my daughter suckled at my breasts, I rubbed her pussy and played with her tits. The wetter her pussy got, the harder she sucked my nipples. When I felt we were both near coming, I had her stop.

“Mommy wants to show her little sweety something that feels better than anything you’ve ever felt in your life.”

She giggled. “I can’t imagine anything that feels better than you’ve already made me feel, mommy.”

“Just you wait, darling. But first we’ve got to get those panties off of you. Mommy’s made you get all wet down there. Stand up a moment.”

Giggling she hopped off my lap and stood up between my knees again.

I gave her rear end another playful slap as my fingers sought the waistband of her panties, then I slowly pulled the sopping wet panties down her legs drooling at the sweet charms now exposed. I inhaled deeply of her sweet, tangy arousal–her arousal that I was soon to taste, not just smell.

I tossed her panties aside and said. “Now, mommy wants you to climb up on the couch again, only this time you will be standing up.”

“Standing up?” She giggled. “What for?”

“You’ll see.” I grabbed her hands and helped her step up on to the couch. “That’s a good girl now, stand up real close to mommy’s face. Yes, that’s it.” I fondled her pert ass while lightly running my tongue up and down her slit, and around the outsides of her labia.

“Ohhhhhh, mommyyyyy!”

As my long tongue slithered all around her cunt it began to lap at her clitoris on the upward strokes.

“Ngghghgghgh!” My daughter moaned.

I inserted my tongue in between her swollen lips and explored for signs of her hymen–which she had apparently already broken with her fingers. Then I swirled my tongue around inside of her before curling it upwards to flick at her g-spot.

“Ummmmmmmommmyyyyy!” Katrina shivered all over as she came on my face.

As my daughter shook and rocked in her last stages of orgasm, I greedily lapped up her girl goo making my own horny cunt cry out for attention. Then her knees buckled and I cradled her in my lap kissing her face and the top of her head while gently stroking her body with my hands.

“Did you like that sweety?”

“Oh, mommy, that was the most wonderful thing I’ve ever felt in my life.”

Holding my daughter in my arms I felt her fires begin to burn anew. “That is called cunnilingus honey, and it is one of the most wonderful things that can ever happen to a woman. Some women say it is the best thing there is.”

“I believe it.”

“But there are going to be times in your life. sweety, when you are going to be very, very horny, and you won’t have anyone to play with.”

“I could use my hand like you were doing with me.”

“Yes. One can always use their own hand. But there is a much better way and mommy wants to show you.”

“Show me?”

“Yes, I want to show you something but first we are going to have to take my panties and skirt off, so get up for a moment.”

Katrina climbed off my lap and stood in front of me again, I stood up right next to her. “Sweety, can you help mommy? Can you reach up under my skirt and take my panties off?”

“Sure, mommy.” Giggling, she knelt down before me and reached her hands up my tight mini skirt. “Mommy looks so sexy in her white mini skirt,” she said, giggling again.

Feeling her hands skiing over the globes of my ass was sheer heaven. I couldn’t help but play with my nipples while wishing I had the courage to ask her to stick her face in there as well. “Ohhhh, mommy’s all wet just like me,” Katrina said as one of her hands found my panty-covered pussy.

“Yes, sweety, that means that mommy has been enjoying this just as much as you.” God I wish she’d rub me there. But instead her fingers found the waistband of my panties and rolled them down off my ass and hips, pulled them out from under my skirt and down my legs. I placed a hand on her head for balance as she helped me step out of them. “Thank you, sweety. And, now for mommy’s skirt.”

Again I felt her hands running over my ass and hips, I felt her sweet breath against my crotch–even through my skirt. I played with my nipples again as she pulled my tight skirt down my legs.

“That’s a good girl, Katrina,” I said stepping out of my skirt and standing before my daughter all naked except for my garter belt, hosiery, and pumps.

“Mommy, what’s that big bump you’ve got?” She pointed at my clitoris.

“Oh,” I laughed, “that’s my clitoris, but you can call it a clit if you’d like. You have one too, young lady.” I bent over, reached down and gently touched my index finger to her little button.

Katrina shivered and giggled, then said, “But yours is so big, mommy.”

“Thank you sweety, but we can help it get even bigger. Would you like to help mommy see how big we can make it grow?”

“S-s-s-sure, mommy.” She giggled. “How?”

“Would you like to suck on it, just like you sucked on my nipples a moment ago?”

“Oh, can I mommy?” Katrina’s face lit up like a Christmas tree.

“Mommy would love that, sweety,” I said as my daughter slowly moved her face closer to my aching, throbbing volcano. “It’d make mommy feel real good. Maybe just for fun you’d like to tease it with your tongue for awhile? Ohhhhhh, yessssss, ummmmmmmmmmmm!”

“Maybe your mommy better sit down now,” I said as my knees started to get weak. I sat on the couch with my ass near the edge, opening my thighs out wide inviting my daughter to enter between.

Katrina slipped her hands up under my butt as she went back to work on my clit, swabbing her tongue all around it in circles. Then she kissed the tip of my huge clit. Her lips parted taking my clit between, then she teased it with the tip of her tongue.

“Ohhhhhhhgodyessssssweeeeeetyyyy!” I moaned as she now sucked my clit-on deep into her mouth bobbing her head back and forth, her cute blonde hair bouncing to and fro, as she sucked on it, as if trying to pull it out by the roots. I wrapped my nylon enshrouded legs around my daughter, my feet on her ass, as if to prevent her from escaping. I yanked and tugged on my nipples as she sucked me off.

“Ugnghghggghgh!” I moaned as my body thrashed into its badly needed orgasm.

After I shuddered my last orgasmic convulsion, I pulled my daughter up on my lap, embraced her and licked my cum off her face and mouth. “Oh, sweety, that was so beautiful, you made mommy feel so good.”

With her sweet, still damp face resting against mine, and a hand on one of my breasts, she said, “that was fun mommy. I could feel your clit growing real big in my mouth. I wish my clit was big like yours.”

“Someday it will be sweety,” I laughed inwardly. “But there are things we can do to help make it grow faster.”

“Like what, mommy?” She said with a mischievous grin on her face.

“Let mommy suck on it every day like you just did on mine and I guarantee you it will grow.”

“Oh goody, that’ll be so much fun!” She clapped her hands in delight.

“And now mommy has some other fun things planned for her little darling. Just move over and sit beside me for a moment.”

Katrina got off my lap and sat beside me, curiosity animating her sweet, young face. I reached into my purse and grabbed one of the toys.

“This is called a vibrator,” I said as I turned it on so she could hear how it buzzed. This is mommy’s gift to you. I have one of my own, but it’s still a little too big for you, so I bought this just for you this morning.”

“Oh, mommy! Thank you so very much!” She threw her arms around me and kissed me.

I turned the vibrator off and reached back into to my purse to pull out the accomanying sleeve. “And, this is a cock sleeve that fits over the top of it. See how much it looks like a real cock now? And it feels like one too, go ahead and touch it.”

“Ooooooooo, it’s sexy. But how do you use it?”

“Well, there’s a lot of things you can do with it. Just sit back in the sofa and mommy’ll show you.” I turned the vibrator on again, feeling my pussy get wet again just from the sound, and knowing what this was going to do for my daughter.


I touched the tip of the cock sleeve lightly against one of Katrina’s nipples. “Buzzzzzzzzzzz!”


“See, I told you it would feel good.” Then I moved the vibrator around, teasing her nipple from all directions. “Buzzzzzzzzzzzzz!”

“I like to use my vibrator on my nipples like I’m doing with you as part of my foreplay,” I said moving the vibrator over to her other nipple.

“But it feels good no matter what part of the body you use it on.” I dragged it down her chest and tummy. “Put your feet up on the seat of the couch dear, and spread your thighs. Mommy’s going to make her little girl feel real good.”

First I teased the folds of skin surrounging her little button, and then her clit itself. “Buzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!”

“Ooooooooooooooo!” She shivered in extacy.

Then I cranked up the speed and played it on her dripping pussy lips. “BUZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ!” And, then it changed pitch as I slipped it inside my daughter’s well-lubricated cunt. “BUZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!”

“Oh, mommyiiiiiiiiii, mommyiiiiiiiii!”

“Now, play with your titties too sweety while I fuck you with the vibrator. It’ll add to your pleasure.” “Buzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!”

“Nghgghghghghghghgghghggh!” Her moaning in extacy was pure music to my ears–and more honey for my cunt.

After she came, I turned off the vibrator, held her in my arms kissing the top of her head and stroking her gently with the backs of my fingers.

I sat the vibrator beside her on the couch. “This is your toy sweety. You can keep it in your own room, and use it anytime you want to. In that way it’s a lot better than having a man, because it will be ready for you anytime you want to use it. You won’t ever have to worry whether its in the right mood or not. And it will never go soft on you. Men always go soft as soon as they cum, which is always too soon, and then you have to wait until they can get it up again and that might take hours. But your trusty little toy here will always be hard for you. Another advantage is that unlike a man, it will never make you pregnant and it won’t give you a disease.”

“Gosh mommy, How can I ever thank you?” She gave me another sweet peck on the cheek.

“Oh, I’ll find ways.” I chuckled inwardly. “But right now mommy has another surprise for her little girl.”

“Another surprise? What could be better than a vibrator?”

I smiled at my daughter and reached back into my purse to pull out the new fangled strap-on I’d purchased.

“What’s that?” Katrina asked

“This is called a strap-on, honey. This is what women like to use to fuck each other with when there’s no man around, or if they just don’t like men. When you are by yourself it’s more fun to just use your vibrator, like the one I gave you. But, when you have another woman with you, you can try one of these because it requires two women to make it work. The old type of strap ons that they show in the porn movies only had one penis on them, and they weren’t that much fun. But this one has two penises as you can see, so both of us can have fun at the same time. And, if you’ll notice this extension on the top, it will cover my clitoris when I fuck you so I can have even more fun.”

“Can we do it now mommy? I want to see what it’s like.”

“Certainly sweety, and there is one more surprise on this new model, but I’ll wait until we’re actually fucking before I show you.”

“I love surprises,” Katrina giggled. “Tell me what to do mommy, so we can fuck with your new strap-on.”

“First watch how mommy attaches the strap-on to herself, so you will know how to do it in the future. In fact, I will need your help.” I inserted one of the cock-shaped objects into my hungry cunt, and fixed the clitoral stimulater in place. “Okay, now mommy needs you to go around behind me and pull the belt around my waist and fasten it. There, that’s a good girl. Now, reach between my thighs and grab the other strap. Bring it up through the crack in my ass and fasten it to the belt that goes around my waist.”

Feeling my daughter’s fingers fumbling around between my thighs and around the bottom of my pussy, and then my ass, sent new waves of delight through my body.

“Okay, now what do I do mommy?” She said once she had helped me secure the strap-on in place.

“Just bend over with your hands on the couch to help support your weight, and mommy will do the rest.”

“Oh, goody!” She giggled again, bending over and offering her ass up to me.

Katrina giggled again as I slapped her bum a couple of times just to make it jiggle. Then I reached my hand up under her ass and between her legs to fondle her cunt. Satisfied that she was more than wet enough I inserted the cock between her legs. “Okay sweety, you can reach back with one hand now and help me guide the cock into your pussy.”

With the cock planted firmly inside her pussy I began to pump in and out, making my stomach slap against her ass with each thrust. “Smack! Smack! Smack!”

“Ooooomommy, this is fun!”

“Just you wait sweety. Now comes the surprise I was telling you about.” I flicked a switch on the belt and both cocks and my clitoral stimulater began vibrating.


“Oh, God, mommy! Yesssss, fuck me please mommy!”

Feeling my own pleasure spiraling out of control I began fucking her harder, slamming my stomach into her ass harder as I shoved the vibrating cock in and out of my daughter’s horny wet cunt. “Smack! Smack! Smack!” Went my stomach against her ass.


“Ngngngngngng!” I moaned. “Buzzzzzzzzzz!” “Smack! Smack! Smack!”

My daughter bucked and thrashed as I fucked her with the contraption. My own knees were so weak they made my legs feel like spaghetti, so I leaned forward to rest my body on her back and play with her tits while I fucked her. “Buzzzzzzzzzzz! “Smack! Smack! Smack!”

“Nghghghghghghg!” We both moaned in unison as we came together.

As our bodies shuddered in the final throes of orgasm, I flipped off the vibrating mechanism, then I put my arms back around my daughter’s torso and held her tight as she slowly floated back to earth.

“Oh, mommy,” Katrina said. “That was wonderful. I can’t wait until we can do it again.”

“Maybe a little later, sweety. But right now I need you to help me take it off.”

After my daughter had helped me remove the contraption from around my waist, we sat down on the couch to cuddle and rest a moment. We began to lightly kiss each other, and I stroked her bare skin with the backs of my fingers. I stroked her arms, legs and tummy, then her breasts and watched her nipples grow hard again. We pressed our faces together and sex-kissed like a couple of nymphos.

“And, now,” I said during a break in the action, “mommy has an even better surprise for her little sweety.”

“But, what could be better than a vibrator and a vibrating double strap-on?”

I smiled at my daughter and reached back into my purse. “The little blue ball.”

“A ball? Really?”

“Yes, dear, but this isn’t just any ball, watch.” I pressed in on it from both sides. “See it squishes into all kinds of different shapes.”

“Oh, that’s neat.” Katrina giggled. “But what’s it for?”

“Let’s find out.” I sat the ball down on the floor, laughing inwardly anticipating the pleasure she would derive from this new toy. “Why don’t you lie down on top of it sweety and see what it will do for you.”

Giggling, Katrina got down on the floor and laid down with the ball directly under her tummy. The ball kind of squished and spread out under her weight.

“Now, sweety, roll forward on the ball until it is directly under your pussy.”

“Like this?” She rolled forward as instructed. “Ummmmmmmmm.”

“Notice how the ball squishes and changes shape so that part of it squishes right up into your cunt, part of it squishes around your clit and the rest of it spreads around your crotch and puts presure on your pussy lips.”

“Ummmmmm, yes, mommy. This feels so good.”

“Now move your hips around from side to side, and around and around, and up and down as if you were fucking someone and notice how the ball will change its shape accordingly–all the while keeping contact with your pussy.”

“Oh, mommy, this is so nice. I really love this toy,” Katrina said as she worked her cunt this way and that over the squishy blue ball.

“That’s good sweety, you just keep doing that. Notice how it stimulates your entire pussy area both inside and outside.” I reached inside my purse for the remote control device, then flipped a switch. “Buzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!”

“Aiiiiiiiiiiiiii! Mommy, mommy, Ooooooooo!”

I turned the vibrating mechanism off. “Did you like that sweety?”

“Oh, mommy, that was heaven. Please turn it back on.”

“Okay, in a second. But first mommy wants to sit on your back because the more weight you place over the ball, the further it will squish up your cunt and the more pleasure it will give you.” I sat down on her, my dripping hot cunt on the small of her back. Drooling at her cute, pert ass cheeks I turned the vibrating mechanism back on and sat the remote on the floor. “Buzzzzzzzzzzzz!”

“Mommy’s going to lean her hands on your butt, sweety, to put more weight on the ball.” I kneaded her ass checks as I leaned forward to apply more weight.

“Oooooo, mommy!”

The writhing of my daughter’s lithe young body in pleasure between my thighs and under my cunt sent wave after wave of kinky illicit heat through my own body. It was the most exquisite pleasure a mother could ever hope for. It made my own cunt gurgle with its over-flowing girl goo, the hot sticky love-juice dribbling on to the small of my daughter’s back. Her firm, round butt in my hands was sheer delight. The flexing and contracting of her ass muscles under my hands as she fucked the little blue ball raised double goose bumps all up and down every inch of my body.

Her pert, sweet ass was so tempting, I couldn’t resist giving it a little swat. “Smack!” Not too hard, but just enough to make her ass cheeks jiggle in a maddeningly erotic way. “Smack!” “Smack!” “Smack!”

“Aiiiiiiiiiiimommyiiiiiiii! Mommyiiiiii!”

“Buzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!” went the vibrating mechanism inside the little blue ball. “Smack! Smack! Smack!” Jiggle, jiggle, jiggle, went her ass cheeks.

When I sensed my daughter going into orgasm I stopped slapping her butt and resumed just leaning on her bum, my hands digging into her ass cheeks and pressing her cunt harder into the buzzing, fucking little blue ball.

“Nngngngngngnngngodfuckkkkmommy!” Katrina’s body convulsed into her heaviest orgasm yet.”

I turned off the vibrating mechanism, then laid down on top of my daughter, my hot dribbling cunt on her ass, and my tits pressed into her back. “Did you like that sweety?” I whispered into her ear.

“I loved it mommy. I’ve never felt anything like it before in the whole world.”

“I’m so glad for you sweety,” I said, kissing her face. “You just lie here for awhile and enjoy the aftershocks sweeping through your body.”

But Katrina wasn’t to be satisfied with the aftershocks of her orgasm, she wanted the real thing once more. Her body was still on fire and she began to work her hips on the little blue ball again, the flexing and tensing of her buttocks against my crotch cranking up my own motor to new pitches of pleasure and lust.

“Mommy, I want to fuck the little blue ball again, with you on top of me like you are now, could you turn it back on?”

“Certainly sweety.” “Buzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!”

“Th-th-th-thanks mommy,” Katrina said as she began fucking the little blue ball in earnest.

My daughter’s efforts poured kerosine on my own fire and soon I was thrashing in pleasure on top of her body. Every vibration she felt in her body from the little blue ball, I felt in my own with my body pressed on top of hers like it was.

As I humped my hot, sloppy wet cunt against her ass cheeks, I fucked my over-sized clit through the crack between her upper cheeks striking it against the tip of her tail bone. My hard-on nipples raked up and down on her back as I fucked my daughter’s bum and she fucked the little blue ball.

“Buzzzzzzzzzz!” Went the little blue ball.

“Fuuuuuuuuuck yessssss mommyiiiiiiiii!” Moaned my daughter

“Ngngngngodfuck!” I moaned with her.

We both came together again, and as I felt my daughter shiver down from her high, I turned off the vibrating mechanism once again. But this time, instead of letting her stay on top of the ball, I rolled off of her on to my back and rolled her over on top of me. We lay like that for several minutes with her on top of me, and neither of us saying a word. My hands rested gently, but firmly on her butt, her tits rested just underneath mine, and her head rested on the top of my bosom. I kissed the top of her head, and she turned to look up at me. We smiled at each other as I stroked her hair.

Then Katrina scooted up a couple of inches to kiss me on the mouth, her hot little tongue splitting my lips and exploring deep inside me, teasing the roof of my mouth as I had done her earlier. As my daughter face fucked me her nipples grew hard and erect again as did mine. She pulled away from the kiss to look down upon me, smiling–and to give our breasts more room for play. She used her hard-on nipples to tease mine, pushing them this way and that, rubbing them up and down and side to side and around and around.

Feeling both of our pussies getting hot and wet again, I figured it was time. “Honey, mommy has one more toy to show her little sweety–and this one’s the best one yet?”

She stopped teasing my nipples to ask, “but what could be better than a vibrator, a vibrating double strap-on, and the little blue ball?”

“Ah, just wait until you see what mommy has in store for you. But you have to get off me now so we can go into mommy’s room.” I gave her butt a nice slap. “Smack!”

Katrina giggled and got up off me.

I took her hand then and led her into my bedroom. On the floor beside my bed I had a major piece of equipment I’d purchased this morning at the “Toys for Twats” store. It looked like some kind of rowing machine, except there was no rowing mechanism. At one end was a large artificial hand facing palm up. About a foor and a half up from the hand were two cup-like objects. In between was a padded area like on some exercise machines.

“Gosh, mommy, what is that contraption?”

“Oh, you’re going to really love this sweety. Just lie face down on it. Rest your pussy on the artificial hand, place your breasts in the cup-like objects and rest your tummy on the padding. That’s right, honey. Now do you feel the holes at the bottom of the cups for your nipples?

“Yes, I’ve stuck my nipples through the holes and there’s a latex type of material that has closed in on my nipples. It feels real good mommy.”

“Good, now hang on for the ride of your life.” I turned the switch on and the cups holding her breasts began to vibrate, and the latex apparatus embracing her nipples also vibrated while moving back and forth masturbating her nipples. Then the long index finger of the vibrating hand curled up to tease and vibrate her clit while the next two fingers curled back and fucked themselves into my daughter’s cunt.

“Ohhhhh, God mommy, oh fuckkkkk!”

I turned the vibrating mechanism off. “You liked that didn’t you sweety?”

“Oh, mommy, please, please turn it back on. Oh my God! It was so Awesome!”

“Mommy will, in just a second. But first, mommy wants her little sweety to do something for her too.”

“Anything, mommy, anything. Tell me and I’ll do it, but please turn that thing back on.”

With an evil grin on my face I laid down on the floor, spread my legs and scooted my cunt up to my daughter’s face. Katrina reached her hands out, slipped them up under my ass and helped me scoot closer to her face. “That’s a good girl, I said. Now mommy’s going to turn the machine back on, and away we go!”


As the machine worked my daughter into a sexual frenzy, she dived into my cunt clamping her mouth over my clit and sucking as hard as she could. Her moans of pleasure, muffled by my cunt, vibrated my clit driving me over the edge and beyond.

I thrashed on the floor, fucking my cunt into my daughter’s face as hard as I could–and she holding on for dear life as I bucked like a bronco. And, she herself thrashed and bucked on the machine as it sucked her nipples, teased her clit, and fucked her cunt. “Buzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!”

“Mgmgmgmgmgmgmg!” Katrina moaned into my cunt.

“Gggggggodfuuuuuckyessssssss!” I screamed as we both thrashed ourselves into the hottest, nastiest cum we’d had all day.

Afterwards, we both lay on the floor caressing each other. “Mommy?” Katrina asked.

“Yes, dear.”

“Thank you so much for today. You’re the best mommy in the whole world.”

“Well, thank you sweety.” I stroked her hair and kissed her on top of the head. “Remember that the little vibrator we left in the living room is yours to keep in your room for whenever you need it. All the other toys are mommy’s, but you are always more than welcome to use mommy’s toys whenever you want to. Mommy’s bedroom door will always be open.”

“And mommy too?” Katrina asked with a gleam in her eye.

“Yes, and mommy too.”

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