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The Cavern

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I had only heard about The Cavern, on and off through the years in chat rooms. The stories were of a place a guy could go for stress relief by other guys. Between the continuing curiosity and a terrible state of horniness, my time to find out had finally arrived.

From the street, it looked innocent enough, just a simple sign with an inward swinging door. As I entered, I noticed how dark it was. The only light was from small candles on each bar-room table. If I hadn’t had my sunglasses on, I would have been blinded by the almost total darkness. As it was, I could barely make out outlines of the tables and booths.

A gentle touch on my shoulder and a soft male voice asked, “A table for one, Sir?”

“Yes, please,” I replied.

Placing his hand on my elbow, almost whispering, he said, “Follow me, please.”

He navigated through the mostly full room towards an empty booth in the back, keeping his hand lightly on my elbow as my eyes slowly adjusted to the darkness. I could tell most tables and booths were occupied by more than just one person, which made me feel kind of weird coming there by myself.

As we arrived at my booth, in that same low voice, he asked, “What would you like, Sir?”

“Excuse me,” I replied, wondering if this is when I told him my secret desires for coming to this darkened bar.

“To drink, Sir,” he smiled, “What would you like to drink?”

“Oh,” I said, laughing softly, “just a draft beer.”

“Very well, make yourself comfortable, one cold, draft beer coming up,” he said as he turned away toward the bar.

As my eyes continued to adjust to the almost total darkness, forms were taking place around me. There were three men at the table almost in front of me. Although they were speaking in hushed tones, they were all very animated in their gestures, obviously having fun with each other. I could see two other men at a table to their left, having a much softer conversation without the animation, but one man had his arm around the other, lightly massaging his neck and shoulder as they talked.

“Good afternoon, Sir,” the young man said as he placed my beer on the table. “My name is Mark, and I’ll be your guide this afternoon.”

“Hi, Mark, I’m Richard,” I replied holding my hand out to shake his. Mark took my hand in his, but it was a very unconventional shake. His grip was firm, but somehow sensuous, squeezing my hand slightly and not pulling away like most business handshakes. He continued to stand there, my hand in his, for what seemed like minutes, before slowly releasing my hand.

“May I join you?” he asked, sliding into the booth beside me.

“Sure,” I said as he moved next to me, his thigh touching mine.

Turning to face me, he asked, “Is this your first time here?”

“Yes,” I replied, clearing my throat slightly.

“Do you mind if I ask how you heard about us?” he asked.

“Oh, from some of the chat rooms I visit on-line,” I said, beginning to feel more comfortable in the darkness, in a booth with a stranger, knowing full well I wanted man-sex.

“Oh, very good,” Mark smiled. “I love the chat rooms,” he continued, “there are so many interesting people there.”

Laughing, I replied, “No kidding, some are very interesting.”

“So, you know what kind of place this is, then,” Mark said, more a statement than a question. “What do you have in mind?”

I took a slow drink from the cold beer mug and tried to gather my thoughts and how best to explain my desires.

“Well, Mark,” I slowly began. “I don’t have a lot of experience with guys, but I do have a fantasy I’d like to consider.”

“Oh fun,” he replied, “fantasies are us,” he said almost giggling.

“Well, I’m not a virgin, but I’d love to have my cock sucked at the same time another guy is fucking me.” There, I said it. A thousand times I had thought about it, and finally I said it out loud. It sounded almost normal, like ordering a meal from a restaurant.

“Wow, that sounds hot,” Mark said as he looked at me. “You look like you have a wonderful package,” he continued as he placed his hand on my crotch and quickly wrapped his long fingers around my growing erection. I hadn’t realized I was getting excited just thinking about it, but the proof was outlined in my slacks.

“I’d love to suck you, and be the one to fuck you if you’d like,” he continued. I took another sip of beer as he slowly squeezed my cock through my pants, feeling me grow.

“How long have you had this fantasy?” he asked.

“I guess, a couple of years,” I replied. “Ever since I admitted to myself I was sexually attracted to men.”

“And you waited so long to try,” he almost exclaimed. “Shame on you, you should have come seen us sooner, you know,” he said, slightly admonishing me.

“I know, I know,” I softly laughed, “but I’m way too shy to just jump in and experience something like that.”

“I’m sure you’ll find it very rewarding,” he said smiling.

He took my hand and placed it on his already hard cock. Gawd, it was long. Without measuring it, I’d guess it had to be 9″ long, although not very thick around. A small shudder ran through me.

“I’m not sure I could take you in my ass,” I said, “you’re awfully big.”

“Oh, it’s not that big, Richard,” he said. “Long maybe, but not thick like some of these horses around here.” “Not thick like this muscle,” he said, smiling and squeezing my now full erection. I guess what I lack in length, being just average, I somehow make up in girth since several people, guys and girls have mentioned how thick my cock is.

I smiled as I felt the outline again of his long cock in my hand. I slowly squeezed him with the same rhythm he was squeezing me.

“Let me go get a friend, and I’ll be right back, okay?” Mark said as he moved out of the booth.

“Okay, I’ll be here,” I said, taking a full drink from the still cold beer. I reached down to feel how hard my cock was and felt the wet spot from a drop of pre-cum that had leaked out. I squeezed myself, knowing a major fantasy was about to come true.

In just a moment, Mark was back with another guy. If Mark was in his late 20’s, his friend Thomas was at least in his late 30’s, but fit and masculine.

“Are you ready to have some fun?” Mark asked as he and Thomas stood at the edge of the booth.

“Absolutely,” I replied as I moved out to join them.

“Follow me,” Mark said as he reached out and grabbed my still hard cock, almost pulling me behind him.

We went down a small hallway until Mark stopped and opened one of the doors on the right. Again, nothing but a few candles lit the room. What immediately caught my eye was the table in the center of the room. It looked like a massage table, but definitely custom made.

It was about twice as wide as a normal massage table, and maybe a foot longer. The odd thing about it though, was the large opening in the table. Oval, almost a foot side to side and top to bottom, it was obvious you could lay on your stomach and your cock and balls would hang free below. How ingenious. I was soon to find out it had other benefits as well.

“Well now, let’s see what we have to work with,” Mark said as he faced me and began unbuttoning my shirt.

“Nice, very nice,” he said when my shirt was off. He lightly pinched and twisted my nipples and I inhaled sharply.

“Sensitive?” he asked.

“Yes, but nicely so,” I replied and he pinched and twisted again.

Smiling, he unbuckled my belt and unzipped my slacks. “Here, lift your leg up,” he said as I slipped first one loafer, then the other off.

Stepping out of my slacks, Mark gave a low whistle, “Beautiful Richard, absolutely beautiful.”

I looked down at my rock hard erection and low hanging balls.

“Thank you, Mark,” I said as he moved me towards the table and told me to lie down on my back.

While Mark was undressing me, Thomas had taken off his own clothes and now helped Mark quickly disrobe. Thomas obviously worked out as his ripped muscles bore witness. His cock was semi-hard and looked to be about the same size as mine, nicely shaped and uncircumcised. I was right about Mark, his cock was at least 9″ long, but thin. It actually looked like a foot-long hot dog at the baseball games with a nicely cut head on it.

Mark took some lotion and came towards the table.

“Now, just relax, Richard,” he said, “Thomas and I will make your fantasy come true.”

I believed him as he stood next to me, lotion ready.

“Raise your hips, just a little bit, Richard,” Mark said. As I did, he reached under me and spread my ass cheeks.

“Okay, lower back down now.” He said.

As I did, I found the other benefit of the opening in the table. It allowed full access from underneath to not only a hanging cock, but also an exposed ass. As Mark began massaging lotion onto my chest, I felt Thomas underneath the table running his hands lightly over my ass. Thomas was barely touching my hairs, almost tickling me.

Thomas would move his fingers near my hole, press lightly, then move away. He was adding to the excitement that was quickly building in me. As Mark began massaging my stomach, Thomas’ moves became firmer. He began dry massaging my ass cheeks, squeezing them together, then spreading them apart. Every couple of squeezes, he would run his finger lightly around the edge of my hole, then lightly push in.

I began to slightly squirm on the table as Mark continued his massage towards my cock. As his lotion covered hands ran down my thighs, he pulled them back up, cupping my balls as he did. I was focusing on the two sets of hands roaming my sensitive parts, when, almost dream-like, I heard someone say, “Three, two, one.”

At “one”, Mark lowered his mouth on my cock, taking almost the full length. The heat of his throat enveloped my hardness. At the same time, Thomas pushed his hard curled tongue as deep in my ass as he could get. Caught off-guard by Thomas’ tongue, I drove my cock deeper into Mark’s throat until his chin was buried in my trimmed pubic hair.

“Oh, gawd,” I gasped, overwhelmed with the simultaneous sensations.

“Mmmm, oh yeah, that’s it,” Mark exclaimed as he came up for air.

“That’s the way to feed me your cock,” he said, “give me more, give me more,” he continued as he took all of me deep in his throat again.

Thomas continued to tongue-fuck my ass, slowing introducing his well lubricated finger into my wanton hole. In a few minutes of slowly working his finger in and out, he added another finger, stretching my ass to accommodate them. With Thomas burying two fingers in my ass and Mark deep-throating my raging cock, it was only a matter of minutes before I was ready to erupt. I began moving my hips faster and faster as I fucked Mark’s mouth.

“Not yet, big guy, not yet” Mark said as he slowly took his mouth off my cock and pinched the head. I’d heard this was a way to prolong ejaculation, I guess I was going to find out if it worked.

“There you go, nice and easy now,” he said as he took just the head of my cock into his mouth like a lollipop.

Thomas continued his slow assault on my ass, now working three fingers deep into my cavern. I had had my assed played with before, but never like this. His touch was different as he rimmed me with his tongue and fucked me with his fingers at seemingly the same time. “Okay, let’s turn you over now, Richard,” Mark said as he gently turned my hip towards him.

I turned over so my cock was now in the opening of the table. Resting my face on the pillow, Mark raised my hips up and slid another pillow underneath my stomach, raising my ass up slightly.

Mark took some more lotion and began massaging my shoulders as Thomas came out from under the table and began massaging my lower legs. They worked towards each other until they met at my ass. I think it was Thomas that spread my cheeks as Mark inserted a finger deep in my ass.

“Mmmm,” I softly moaned as he worked his finger slowly in and out of my hot hole. I thought I heard something like paper tearing behind me, then felt someone join me on the table.

“Oh yeah, that’s beautiful,” Mark said as he spread my ass cheeks again. I felt something larger than a finger press against my hole. Slowly it would press and release, press and release, each time entering just a fraction more.

“You should see Thomas’ cock on your ass, Richard,” Mark said. “It’s a beautiful sight.”

Silently I sighed to myself that it was Thomas’ cock entering me and not Mark’s almost foot-longer. Mark continued to massage my ass cheeks as Thomas entered more and more of his thick cock in me. I felt his head fully enter me as he popped in. He stayed still for a moment to allow me to adjust. After his three fingers deep inside me, I was stretched and ready for him.

He slowly pulled out and pushed back in, deeper this time. Again and again, he pulled out and pushed in until I could feel his pubic hair on my cheeks.

“Fucking hot, Richard,” Mark exclaimed.

“Thomas’ cock is all the way in,” he continued, “how does it feel?”

“It feels wonderful,” I said, taking a deep breath as Thomas began slowly fucking my ass.

Mark moved up and began massaging my shoulders again as Thomas’ cock continued in and out of my stretched ass. Mark’s hands were firm as they worked my muscles, using the same rhythm as Thomas was.

I felt something soft brush my cheek as Mark pushed my back muscles towards Thomas. I opened my eyes to be greeted by Mark’s cock right in front of my face. Instinctively, I opened my mouth and with the next cycle, Mark’s cockhead entered my mouth. I quickly clamped my lips down on it.

“Oh, yeah, Richard,” Mark exclaimed as he held still with his cock firmly planted in my mouth. Slowly he pulled away, and then pushed in a little further. I guess I don’t have enough practice, but I’ve never been able to deep throat any guy I’ve been with, no matter what his size was. Thomas stopped his assfucking for a moment, while Mark took his cock out of my mouth and leaned down to whisper in my ear.

“Just relax, Richard,” he said. “Just relax and don’t swallow and everything will be okay.”

Thomas withdrew his cock slowly from my ass and as he pushed back in, Mark put the tip of his cock between my lips again. I opened my mouth, welcoming him. As Thomas moved in and out of my ass, Mark’s cock moved in and out of my mouth. They became almost like one in their movement.

As I was concentrating on the fullness of my ass because of Thomas’ cock, I didn’t realize that I actually had all of Mark’s cock in my mouth. His pubic hair was rubbing my upper lip as he held perfectly still. I took a deep breath and moaned as Thomas began fucking me harder. Mark took his queue and slowly withdrew his cock, then drove it back deeply down my throat. I didn’t even think about gagging as I was full of both of these wonderful cocks. Thomas picked up his pace even more and I felt him stiffen against me. Suddenly my insides were warm where his cock head was. The temperature of his eruption, captured by the condom, was not diminished as his seed pumped out of his cock.

Mark stopped fucking my throat and just rested his cockhead inside my mouth as Thomas’ breathing came back to normal. In a minute or so, Thomas slowly withdrew his shrinking cock from my well lubricated ass and stepped off the table. He must have moved right under the table, because the next thing I knew his lips were wrapped around my neglected erection.

As he took me in his mouth, Mark stepped away and to the rear of the table. Again I heard the paper-tearing sound and then felt Mark climb on the table with me. I tensed slightly as he placed his cockhead against my new stretched asshole.

Thomas took my cock deep into his throat as Mark slowly slid his cock in me. Thomas kept my cock buried in the back of his throat as Mark worked his cock in and out of my ass, entering me deeper than anybody ever had. In just a minute Mark’s cock was all the way in as I felt his balls rest gently against mine.

Thomas resumed his mouth work on my cock, as Mark slowly withdrew about half of his cock, then entered me fully again. He continued his half-out, all-in cycle until I was squirming and moaning on the table.

“Oh, yes, fuck me, fuck me with that long dick,” I exclaimed between moans.

“I’m going to fuck you real good Richard,” Mark said between gasps of breath.

“I’m putting all my cock deep in your ass, Richard,” he chided. “Do you like my cock, Richard?” “Do you like it deep in your ass?”

“Gawd, yes, I love your cock in my ass, fuck me hard, fuck me hard now,” I said. I couldn’t believe that was me saying those words, but his cock felt so good deep in me.

Mark leaned slightly up and began fucking me with longer, deeper strokes, no longer afraid of hurting me. As Mark got his rhythm, Thomas began taking my cock fully in his mouth with the same rhythm. It was like Mark would push his cock deep in my ass, driving my cock deep in Thomas’ mouth. Mark would withdraw from my ass and my cock would withdraw from Thomas’ mouth.

Mark’s breath started coming faster as he neared his eruption. I was doing the same as Thomas took my full length with each stroke. Finally I couldn’t hold back and longer and with a long moan, I shot my load deep into his throat. One, two, three, four large spurts of cum shot out as Thomas tried to keep it all in his throat and mouth.

As I began my orgasm, Mark laid fully down on me and whispered in my ear, “I’m coming in your ass.” “I’m coming in your sweet, tight ass.”

Like Thomas’ orgasm, I could feel Mark fill his condom with his cum deep inside me. He continued slow strokes with his hard cock as his orgasm subsided.

Thomas continued to keep me in his mouth, making sure he sucked every last drop of passion from my now satisfied cock. He washed my cock up and down with his tongue and licked the sweat from my balls.

Finally Mark withdrew his now withering cock, and sat between my still outstretched legs.

“Gawd, you have a hot body, Richard,” he exclaimed.

“Damn, Mark, thanks,” I replied, “so do you and your friend.

“And thanks for making this the hottest fantasy I’ve ever lived out,” I said.

“Oh, man,” Mark said, winking at me and Thomas, “I can’t wait for the next one.”

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