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The Carpet Layer Loved And Laid

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I’d called to a friend’s house to lay a carpet and found everything ready which was a good start, the floor was clear and ready for the underlay which went down quite easily on the rectangular floor which measured about fourteen by eighteen feet.

My friend Peter helped me carry and drag the new carpet in from the hallway which had a pattern that lined up with walls without any problems and after an hour of squaring up and cutting the job was done.

Peter went for a shower while I sat down with a refreshing cup of tea, the smell of the new deep pile carpet gave the room a feeling of freshness and as I looked out through the patio doors and across the sun filled green and leafy garden with trees which bordered it I thought that things were finally coming together for Peter.

He’d bought the house with the large rambling garden a few years ago with his then girlfriend who had left him after changes took place between them, he’d struggled to buy her share of the house and keep up with the mortgage payments but had now turned a corner and at last had enough money to start bringing the house up to the standards so deserving of it.

Peter walked into the just carpeted room and began picking up the off cuts and small pieces I’d trimmed where required and placing them in a large clear polythene bag, I was pleasantly relaxed and watched Peter as he knelt down to pick the various pieces of carpet up, he was just past thirty very willowy with his blonde hair styled in a soft way which went well with his feminine grace, Peter was gay.

As he straightened up I looked at his lower legs, lightly tanned and hairless, he wore only a towel around his waist which ended at his knees and from the waist up he was equally hairless and lightly tanned; Peter got down on his hands and knees to scratch at small trimmings with his finger tips and manicured nails then slowly made his way along the wall and past me.

His left knee brushed against my outstretched left foot and as he moved forward and the towel fell slowly from around his waist, my gaze immediately upon his arse, I looked intently at the curve of his buttocks which like the rest of his body was free of hair, Peter obviously knew that I could see everything but continued to pick up errant pieces of carpet while my eyes drank in what was in front of me.

Peter turned to a little to the right which meant I was looking at his smooth rounded arse which I was finding rather attractive, without looking back at me he began talking, almost to himself it seemed.

“This fluff will get everywhere, sticks to wool, nylon, denim and cotton, damn stuff sticks to everything, best take your socks off and brush them before you take it everywhere you go…”

He shuffled back slowly until his right knee was level with my left foot, then he lifted and swung his right leg over my feet until he was straddling my legs and I was looking along his smooth back and over his head.

Gentle fingers slowly found their way into the top of my black cotton ankle socks, I gasped involuntarily as the sensation of caring hands filled me with excitement and a feeling of well being and as a result I momentarily closed my eyes and then as the first sock was sensually rolled off I once again opened my eyes and found myself staring at this wonderful feminine looking arse.

As the same deft fingers and hands began to remove my right sock I watched my hands as they rose and slowly reached out for the wonderful arse only a few feet away from my face, it was as if an unknown force controlled my hands and arms as they ever so gently floated over the hot soft silky smooth skin, dreamily my head lolled forward as the last sock came off.

I didn’t notice Peter’s head dip slowly down to my feet so it was an almost electrical sensation that sparked on my big toes and coursed through my feet and legs as Peter kissed and kneaded my toes.

It was as if I was in a hypnotic state, I was aware of hitherto unknown and powerful sensations flowing throughout my body and limbs whilst not being in control of my situation, but the softness and sweet fragrance of Peter’s body carried me forward in this dreamy journey of peace.

My hands were now on Peter’s hips weakly pulling his warm arse closer to my face as he nuzzled my toes and feet, he arched his back as he shuffled back closer to me and then I was in kissing distance of his rounded cheeks.

I looked at the fleshy slit, it was quite thick with a welcoming pout as it flexed while my hot breath covered it in almost ragged gasps of desire; my tongue seemed to pull my head forward as it made contact with Peter’s desirable bottom.

My tongue laid a moist trail the length of his slit and around it, I began to lap away whilst cupping his bum in my hands, my tongue probing the salty pouting flesh as I sucked, licked, lapped and kissed my friend’s very lovely arse.

I knew I had a hard on like I’d never had before and I became very much aware of it when one of Peter’s hands began to squeeze it through my cargo pants.

Without speaking he got up off his knees and pushed his bum into my face, he bent his knees lowered himself to what he found to be a suitable position then held his cheeks apart for me to bury my face between, he pushed back forcefully, my head pressed against the contoured wallpaper as he writhed on my face, then he was sliding up and down, up and down, slowly, again and again, writhing against my mouth then up and down, there was no let up, he was moaning and groaning as pleasure ran across and into his wet and not so tight arse.

Peter moved forward turned around and pulled me by my ankles until I lay flat on the new carpet, he quickly straddled me and began to unbutton my shirt, then he was kissing me, soft pliable lips flowed over mine and seemed to bond us, a passion I had never experienced before overcame me as we kissed deeply and lustily on the new carpet.

I felt experienced but gentle hands unfasten my belt and waistband button and then jerkily tug down the zip as I pressed my backside into the carpet to try and ease the operation, Peter grasped my trousers by the bottom of the legs and pulled them off me smoothly and quickly which left only my pants to contain my bulging erection.

A hand snaked its way under the waistband of my pants and eager fingers curled around my throbbing cock in such a way I thought I would faint with pleasure just as the other hand cradled my head and our lips met once again.

The hand stroking my iron hard cock continued to make me sigh and gasp while the other one unbuttoned my shirt until it fell open and my firm belly and hairy chest were exposed; without thinking I raised my backside off the soft carpet so Peter could remove my pants with ease and I could then freely stretch out and feel his hands and mouth explore me.

His right knee pressed against my tight balls as he tugged my shirt from my shoulders, I raised my legs and wrapped them around his slim waist and as I pulled him in closely I became aware of the heat and softness of his lovely clear skinned body.

Peter lay down next to me and his gentle hands encouraged me to roll onto my side and face him, I pushed my left arm under him and pulled him in closer as my right hand began caressing his back, his head, his shoulders and his pliable arse.

My fingers traced the curve of his waist and up to his ribs, along his spine and across his shoulder blades and then combed their way through his soft silky hair and back down to fondle his soft warm arse.

Our lips met and we kissed lovingly our cocks pressed together and the kiss became deeper, Peter’s tongue was on mine in my mouth, I had never felt such feelings of sexual excitement as we kissed and caressed, not rushing but savouring each second of the ecstasy that we shared, the fingers of my right hand were now between Peter’s cheeks gently stroking his pouting hole.

My middle finger found his slit which was still wet from the tonguing I’d given it, a little teasing and tickling and my finger tip was inside his asshole which was pulsing and gripping my finger, not wanting me to take it out.

I was in up to my knuckle and he loved it as I rotated it and touched him inside, Peter pulled me in to him and kissed me as his hands roamed over my face and body.

We lay there kissing and caressing each other for a long time, not wanting to stop or lose a second of the passion that electrified the two of us until we lay there just holding each other.

Peter’s left hand began floating over my hard shaft, his thumb sliding along in the precum with was oozing from my cock, he brought his hand up in front of my face and licked the precum from it and then he licked my lips while squeezing my stiffness.

He pushed me over onto my back and pulled my feet together then straddled them as he rocked back and forth rubbing his hole on my feet before leaning forward and taking my cock in his mouth.

Someone once said a ‘blowjob is a blowjob’ but this was certainly not the case, my cock is about 8″ long and something like half of it was in Peter’s very attentive mouth where his tongue seemed to be wrapping its way around it.

His tongue ran up and down my shaft as his hot wet mouth and lips kept up a constant contact and suction around my throbbing knob, as his lips and mouth slid down the end and quite a way along the shaft I pressed my arse into the carpet in an attempt to get away from the intense pleasure which was taking my breath away and causing my eyes to roll into the back of my head.

Fingers were now kneading and squeezing my balls as some others pinched my nipples while my head was pressing into the carpet in conjunction with my arse as my back arched then relaxed while a strong tingling flowed from my balls and through my belly and arse, I couldn’t take much more and Peter knew it.

He got up and turned around, lowering his arse onto my face, gasping and panting I weakly licked at his salty asshole, running my tongue over and around it, probing my way into it and then Peter was up, he lay belly down with his face on the right side as he looked out of the patio doors at the green tranquil leafy garden.

He spread his legs then raised them from the knees while holding his ankles, his hands were then on his arse and spreading his cheeks, I looked at his asshole and began to lick it but Peter had other ideas.

Without placing all my weight upon him I lay on him using my knees and left hand to support myself while my right hand held my twitching cock and slowly rubbed it over Peter’s soft hole as he continued to hold his cheeks apart.

His lovely asshole was wet due to my eager licking and sucking of it and my cock was wet thanks to his awesome mouth and the precum which seemed to be running from it, I kept making circular probing movements until I felt my end sink into the wet warmth.

I pushed in and pulled back until I knew it was just one firm push was all that was needed to enter him.

I pulled back and squeezed some precum from my cock and rubbed it into Peter’s asshole just to make sure and then I pushed my way gently but deliberately into him.

He gasped as my end entered him and his ring closed around it, muscles throughout my body trembled through the effort of keeping my weight off my lover as well as being caused by the adrenaline coursing through me.

I touched my shaft where it entered Peter and found that it was slippery with precum and saliva so I pulled back fractionally and then pushed in a little more, Peter’s asshole was accepting the girth of my shaft so I slowly moved back and forth until I was slipping in and out of his wonderful bum, slippery, grippy, willing and wet.

My cock was inside the arse of another man, an arse that seemed to have thousands of tiny hands inside it stroking smoothing and teasing me, it was warm to the touch on the entrance but oh so hot inside, Peter lowered his legs and told me to roll onto my side whilst remaining inside him – there was not a thing that could have tempted me to slide my very contented cock out of his oh so desirable arse.

Peter positioned himself on his left side on the soft and warmth generating carpet and by way of hooking his right leg around mine and pulling me with his right arm and hand he got us into a spooning position where he could get maximum pleasure from my cock stroking against his prostrate, his boy pussy G-spot as we made sweet love.

I knew without a doubt that Peter had made love with or at least been fucked by other men, men with big cocks judging by the way his asshole had slackened around my cock which like me was thoroughly loving its introduction to homosexual intercourse.

Thinking of other men enjoying the exquisite pleasures that were currently mine caused me to thrust with more determination, pushing in as far into Peter’s wanting arse as my cock would go, my end twitching with more precum oozing out of it as the intense feelings of well being filled every fibre of my sex charged body.

Knowing that he had kissed other men and sucked their cocks before letting them enter him resulted in my shaft becoming as stiff as an iron bar, an iron bar that was being loved and wooed by this amazing love tube, the body of another man was giving me feelings of well being and fulfilment the like of which I’d never felt or known before.

I was pumping in and out of Peter with speed now, so fast that my end was completely out him for a second or two before plunging back into the hot wet depths of his fantastic arse, Peter would squeeze and release, squeeze and release then pull his cheeks apart and I would bang in and out of him, then he would squeeze me and we’d both gasp, I’d push right into him and feel my end expand and twitch as homosexual ecstasy flooded my cock and balls then through my belly and limbs taking my breath away and making me gasp as I buried my face in his back.

Sometimes Peter would push back onto my cock, gripping it and pulling it forward with his tightened arse which was such a contrast to the slackness I felt when he gave himself to me when I would plunge into him and feel every soft wet ridge in the muscles of his bum which brushed across the rim of my helmet and brought a tingle to every nerve ending in my shaft.

We were wet with perspiration and glowing with that inner warmth that passionate love making brings about but Peter was tapping my inner thigh with the palm of one hand, did he want me to stop?

I withdrew my slippery cock from Peter’s rather slack tunnel of love and found my eyes were drawn to his asshole, it was gaping open and seemed to be pulsating, Peter rolled onto his left side and then onto his back, he raised his legs and beckoned me to go between them, Peter hooked his heels over my shoulders and lifted his arse up off the floor.

My slippery cock homed in on his asshole and without any assistance cock and ass made hands free contact I lunged forward into the wet welcoming heat, our balls mashed together but not painfully as we pleasured each other face to face.

Peter found the position he wanted as I pumped my swollen cock against his boy pussy G-spot.

I kissed his ankles and lower legs, I tweaked his nipples, my fingers traced the shape of his lips and for the first time I held his cock, it was about 6″ long and had the same proportions as mine.

I kneaded the end as he had done with mine but I could see that Peter derived far more pleasure from being shagged than being wanked but suddenly he was bucking his arse up and down, his eyes were rolling as the beginning of orgasm began to well up inside him.

His arse was slack and I pumped my cock in and out of it giving him all 8″ before pulling out and thrusting the full length back in, Peter’s not so tight asshole brushed the surface of my helmet causing a ball tingling sensation and which made me bury my full length in Peter and stop shafting him while he would squeezed and constricted my firm erection until it settled and then we continued to making love.

We both knew that our orgasms were simmering away nicely under the surface but my arms and lower back were becoming weak through keeping my weight off Peter, I wanted us to lie on our sides again so without pulling my cock out of Peter we managed to position ourselves on our left sides and carry on pleasuring each other.

My cock was buried deeply inside Peter and it was stimulating his prostrate G-spot just the way he wanted it to as it stroked back and forth, never coming more than half way out I slid back in as far I could, his bum filled my lap and the backs of his thighs were as one with the front of my thighs, my knees pressed into the back of his and our feet and toes interlinked.

My belly and chest were flat to Peter’s back as I sucked a lovebite into his neck, his arse seemed tighter as his legs were together while the soft wet and gripping sensation his asshole was creating around the rim of my cock started the first waves of the incoming orgasmic tide to build up; I kissed Peter’s neck as I began to twitch the end of my cock which was buried in his magnificent arse, short deliberate strokes caused us both to moan and gasp, my balls were almost aching as they seemed to pulsate with the semen releasing orgasm that was about to wash through every fibre of my body.

I found Peter’s hand on his cock as I caressed his flat soft belly, my index finger was exploring his belly button as the first waves of my orgasm began flowing out through my pulsating cock generated by the almost electrical sensation that was making my balls dance up and down while my semen began to flood Peter’s boy pussy.

Peter pushed himself onto my twitching shaft squeezed and kneaded the end of his own cock and began to cum, Peter’s arse began grip my cock quite tightly with each semen releasing pulsation of his orgasm; as his cum spurted from his stiff shaft my cum was being ejaculated deep into his lovely homosexual bum.

“Cum inside me, cum inside me, cum cum cum….cum in my bum, fuck me, cum in me, fuck me……”

Peter made lots of low moaning howls and other powerful orgasm related sounds of appreciation and pleasure while I called his name and made the sounds of someone who has never experienced such sexual ecstasy.

“Oh Peter, sweet Peter, oh my Peter, sweet love, oh my love, sweet love my Peter, oh my sweet love…”

My ass balls cock and belly were awash waves of pleasure which left a lovely warm tingling glow flowing through me while the last of my semen left my cock and coated Peter’s arse, semen which washed around my cock deep in his arse, a wonderful arse which was giving us both such blissful sexual release and fulfilment, an arse I didn’t want to withdraw my cock from.

We lay on our sides, my arms were wrapped around Peter and I held him tightly while we pressed against one and other basking in the after glow of our love making.

I moved my face from side to side across his slender shoulders, my nose and mouth absorbing the scent and taste of his hot clear skin; I felt a wandering finger investigating the amount of semen which was leaking past my softening cock, I didn’t think it would soften completely due to the very erotic situation we were in, hooked up together on a very expensive and high quality carpet with a luxurious almost bed like soft feel to it after having had the most intense sexual experience of my life – with another man!

“Okay sweet meat it’s damage limitation time, we don’t want to get any more cum on my new carpet so we’ll get up with your lovely cock staying in my hot spunky ass and walk out of here to the kitchen with your cock plugging me, whaddaya say sexy?”

I didn’t say much at all, I couldn’t say much at all if I had wanted to, I felt pleasantly drained but too euphoric to speak, I whispered a few words of agreement, sighed and cooed then closed my eyes for a few seconds of anticipation.

The thought of the gyrations involved in my stiffening cock remaining in this spunky ass as we walked into another room caused my pulse rate to increase and my hardness to return.

I kissed Peter’s shoulders and neck and carefully began to get on ‘all fours’ in unison with him, Peter used the wall to steady himself as my hands held his rounded hips and kept us together as we rose with Peter walking his way up the wall with his hands.

Once we were upright Peter bent forward to give me greater access to the depths of his hot cumfilled bottom, his asshole tightened, gripping my now stiff again shaft and causing the last of the semen from my recent ejaculation to dribble from my once more eager cock.

“I’m the drill sergeant.”

Peter informed me in a soft sexy voice,

“And you’re going to have to drill me into the kitchen, slowly marine cadet spunk pumper, slowly…”

My legs were outside Peter’s as he squeezed his buttocks together crimping my very contented shaft as his left leg moved slowly forward with mine following and my groin pressed firmly against his spermy arse.

“Steady marine cadet spunk pumper, keep in step or you’ll be licking the carpet clean…”

My lover said in tones so sex charged that I stumbled due the heady feeling of just having been seduced.

Peter’s hands were now on mine as I held his hips as we slowly but smoothly made our way across the new carpet while bathed in the sunshine that was intensified by the energy efficient glass in the patio doors.

Peter made the sound like that of someone shivering having just been caught out doing something naughty.

“What’s up with you sexyass?”

I asked purring at his lovely smooth back,

“Can you imagine what any visitors would see if they came around the back way?”

Peter asked in mock horror,

“Yeah, me doing you in the back door.”

Was my answer to my drill sergeant’s question.

“You wouldn’t laugh if anybody were to call.”

Peter said with a trace of seriousness in his voice,

” I really wouldn’t care, honestly, I feel so happy and turned on it wouldn’t worry me in the slightest, I think everyone should know what a sexbomb you are – sweetheart…”

At my last remark Peter’s arse tightened even further,

“Sweetheart? My my my, I hope I don’t let you down my dear, sweetheart? Now that really is sweet of you, kisses for you in the kitchen you naughty boy.”

I felt more attracted to him than any woman I’d been with, his voice bathed me in warm balmy waves while his personality drew me magnetically to him and to be perfectly honest I was not worried in the slightest about any unexpected visitors appearing at the window, I was far too excited and falling in love.

Peter giggled in a very feminine way as we thought of various scenarios involving visiting mutual friends but I continued to hold him firmly but gently as we moved as one out of the living room, our legs pressed together, rubbing and keeping us very aroused; as light hearted as the atmosphere was with me stepping partly on Peter’s feet we were both very sexually charged as a result of the highly erotic friction being generated as we moved as one through the room and into the kitchen.

I had never fancied other guys although I had always looked keenly at Peter even before he discovered that he was gay probably because he had such subtle feminine mannerisms which were apparent in the way that he would run his fingers through his hair and keeping his knees together as he sat down sideways.

There were so many things he did with classic feminine grace in my company whereas in the company of most others he probably came across as A-sexual, he certainly knew what buttons to push with me and he must have planned my seduction before he even thought of replacing the carpet.

Thinking of myself as a once straight guy just having had anal sex with a gay man excited me, I hadn’t just crossed a line, I’d rubbed it out, I’d had homosexual intercourse with a homosexual man, my cock was in the spunky ass of the homosexual man who had so sweetly seduced me, I was having a lovely homosexual experience and I felt very horny and fulfilled as I rolled these thoughts around in my heart and head as my lover and I gently rubbed and bumped against each other as we entered the kitchen with my hard cock being gripped by his wonderful gay arse.

The cool tiles of the kitchen floor were a complete contrast to the carpet we had just left behind replete with drops of semen, Peter’s in particular.

The kitchen was equally as large as the living room and just as bright and airy, the varnished light pine woodwork and the biscuit coloured tiles went well together and the red and white small check curtains with their tie backs gave it a warm cosy feeling; on our left was the breakfast table which Peter was heading for as he shuffled forward feet together, knees and back slightly bent his hands holding mine and his asshole still squeezing my shaft which was being fucked by the writhing way in which we moved forward.

Peter leaned forward and steadied himself by placing his hands on the table, he raised his left leg and placed his knee and lower leg on the very comfortable padding of the chair which matched the red and white check curtains and leaned forward resting his chest on the table and his face in his folded arms.

Peter’s hot gay arse relaxed it’s tight grip on my eager cock as he arched his back and pushed back onto my rigid erection allowing me to fully enter him; my fingers hooked around his hips and my thumbs reached into the crack of his arse and pulled his cheeks apart which made Peter moan and his asshole seemingly suck my cock into him as he pulse gripped my shaft.

I looked down at his asshole which was a slippery shiny pinky purple with a mildly puckered look to it but didn’t seem very tight when he relaxed although it never relinquished it’s dragging squeezing grip which sent magnificent feelings of unbridled sexual pleasure coursing through my shaft that began in my tingling balls which were swinging and gyrating just behind Peter’s.

As I withdrew my hard cock by a few inches from between the hot cheeks of his deliciously gay arse I gasped as I saw his asshole stretched outwardly as it hung on to my swollen shaft; the heat inside his wonderful bum kept me stiff and full of desire for my end to remain deep in him where the source of our mutual pleasure began.

I pulled most of my cock out of Peter until only the tip remained in the soft sweet grip of his ring, I pulled my tight foreskin fully back until my shaft was a solid unyielding length which I pushed back into him while still keeping the skin of my cock taught by holding it tightly at the base with my finger and thumb.

Peter’s arse tightened as he realised what I was doing, I continued to squeeze the base of my shaft thereby keeping the skin taught which heightened the strong sensations of ecstasy that were beginning as a tingle in the rim of my helmet and then spreading through it and down to the sensitive underside and saddle area behind it; every ridge in the soft though muscular insides of his arse brushed the entire surface of my very firm erection creating sharp waves of pleasure that would soon become an orgasmic torrent of lust filled bliss.

My thighs were pressed firmly into the backs of Peter’s legs and my thumbs were now holding his cheeks apart again while stretching his asshole open as my sperm laden cock slid in and out of his wonderful opening and then back deep inside of him.

My thumbs were wet from the semen I had spurted into him only a very short while ago and which had been leaking out around my cock but maintaining a lovely liquid bond between us, my fingers dug into his hip bones as I began thrusting deeper and harder, Peter began his low moaning howl as my erection continued to stroke back and forth along his prostrate, my hands were now on his shoulders and then his sides as they caressed him on their journey back to his waist, his lovely feminine waist, lovely Peter, sexy Peter, boy pussy Peter…

“Oh my love, my sweet Peter, my baby, my sexbomb oh Peter, sweet Peter I’m cumming, gonna fill you up, oh my sweet love….Peter Peter Peter…”

I could feel my cock grow as it expanded when my sperm began spurting into Peter, splashing and coating the inside of his lovely wanting and willing arse.

“Go on hot cock, spunk in me, fill my arse up with your spunk, get your cock right in me, love me fuck me and cum in me…”

Peter’s words of encouragement made my cock twitch and tingle even more as I pushed my way deep into him as the last of my sperm flowed from my very hard shaft and into his hot spunky asshole.

The tingling in the end of my cock and the underside of it went along my shaft and into my balls while I held onto Peter, I was moaning panting and sighing as I twitched and pulsated my cock inside him feeling the last of my cum ooze lazily from the end.

My left knee was now also on the chair with Peter’s left leg as I lay over him caressing him and kissing his head neck and shoulders but Peter wanted to straighten up.

“Let me stand up babes, please…”

Peter said with a satisfied tone in his voice, he called me babes, wow, I must have made an impression.

I stood up and moved ever so slightly backwards not wanting my very happy cock to leave the wet spunky heavenly asshole it had found so much pleasure in but knowing a separation of these two such compatible bodies had to come at some time.

Peter moved forward and my softening cock flopped sloppily out of his magnificent arse, out from between his lovely round buttocks, from between the two pink orbs that contained the sweetest love slot my cock had ever been in and I watched my cum run out between his cheeks and onto the floor, some ran down the back and the insides of his thighs and there was a lot of it too, I’ve always shot big loads but this was an exceptional amount due to the fact I’d been so aroused and turned on.

Peter made no attempt to staunch the flow of my semen which dripped freely from him as he wandered feet wide apart around the kitchen leaving small pools on the biscuit coloured tiles.

He picked up a freshly washed pair of his pants from the basket near the washing machine and turned to face me, he held my pleasantly relaxed cock in his left hand and stretched my foreskin back while he wrapped his pants around my shaft and squeezed as he twisted the cotton briefs around it absorbing my semen which hung in a long wet string from the slit in the end.

My head lolled forward to rest in the clavicle of his right shoulder before Peter steered me into the chair which his knee had been resting on a few minutes earlier.

My naked backside settled nicely into the soft cotton cushion just as my back did against the upright matching padding, it was nice to sit down.

Peter had the pants in his hand which he’d used to wipe and dry my cock and I looked on as he opened his legs, bent forward slightly and pressed them in between the cheeks of his arse before tensing and relaxing them then smiling at me, the fingers of his left hand brushed lightly across my back and shoulders as he sat across my thighs, his right hand caressed my face and we kissed softly and then my arms were around him with my face buried in his chest.

Peter kissed the top of my head and said –

“Fancy taking a shower with me babe?”

“After that I’ll make us some coffee and something to eat before you have to go.”

I really fancied having a shower with Peter and it pleased me to think that he wanted to make me coffee and something to eat before I left but the problem was that I didn’t want to leave and I couldn’t think of any excuses I would be able to offer my girlfriend as to why I hadn’t come home that evening.

I would have to cross that bridge when I arrived at it in the morning……

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